165/Rescue on Genosha(1 hour after the attack)

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Rescue on Genosha(1 hour after the attack)
Date of Scene: 13 February 2020
Location: Carrion Cove
Synopsis: Hal and Pals destroy 2 Sentinels and save 100 people. Not all of them want to leave their home, though.
Cast of Characters: Hal Jordan, Maxima, Rachel Summers, Carson Deschain, Karen Starr, Arthur Curry

Hal Jordan has posed:
In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night
No Evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my Power, Green Lantern's Light!

When Hal heard of this attack, he was horrified. He also dropped what he was doing, ran out of the place he was having coffee, stepped into an alley, and a green light shot into the sky. ...All the way up into Orbit. Once out of the atmosphere, he spent a couple seconds in space, and then headed back down over the destruction in Genosha. As the Green Lantern beams down out of the sky, through the atmosphere once more, almost everyone is dead, everyone not dead is screaming, and merciless sentinels are attacking...2 of them are still left trying to kill more survivors. One of the two sentinels is about to blast some people on the ground when its blast runs into a green wall. "Oh no you don't. There's been enough blood spilled here today..."

"Desist, Lantern. We are performing our prime function of eliminating mutants..."

"You first."

Maxima has posed:
She was in New York City. For some, that'd mean there was no point. No reason to go there. For Maxima...it was near. Very near. In the space of the universe, this Genosha was nearer than most. She saw the news on TV. She had felt the shockwave of panic and terror around the world. Even she, with all of her talent for shielding herself from emotions was taken aback by the sheer power of it. She looks over to a TV Screen to see the news and then she has to get a hold of herself.

She closes her eyes, standing right in the middle of the sidewalk, taking a deep breath. A couple of people watching the TV with her blink and take a step back as the woman's outfit goes from its usual casual look to slowly ripple and change into a fully green bodysuit, complete with golden and red implements, and yellow cape. She looks up and then in the direction of Genosha before she shoots up above the buildings. A moment later there's the sound of someone breaking the sound barrier as she hits atmosphere at speeds that'd make space shuttles jealous. A moment later she is in space, eyes looking toward the destruction and she stares in disbelief for a moment. She can see the smoke and fire from space.

<So much for laying low.>

Her thought is practically left behind as she hits atmosphere at such speed that fire ripples off of her. A moment later she stops right above the ground, crouching in the air slightly as her cape whips around her and wind whips the ground. She then looks up and glares even as her mind starts to pinpoint every nearby mind.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    While some came here to respond to the distress, others have been here. While Rachel was not here when things happened, she did arrive shortly afterwards along with some of the X-Men. But when they took the blackbird back home, she stayed.
    One trait that she inherited for sure from both mother -and- father is the stubborn willfulness. The desire to press on beyond exhaustion.
    So she found herself stumbling through the rubble, telepathic senses searching for survivors under the debris. But the whole... Sentinel attacking folks thing comes into view. The fact is that she can sense survivors. Can sense mutants. But she can't sense Sentinels. At least not the way she senses everything else.
    But as she walks around a building in her filthy, semi-ruined outfit... her eyes go wide as she both sees the Sentinel and at the same time, hears the voice that drags her memories back to the future. To the time when mutants were rounded up and put into pens and executed and well... you get the idea.
    No comments. No words. No peace. Just a half dozen I-Beams that are telekinetically shoved -through- the Sentinel. They might not destroy it, but odds are it does have -some- effect. Rachel just stands there, shaking in rage and exhaustion as she stares at the effect of her work.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern finds himself with allies...one is an alien, that's clear. He's a little too busy saving lives to bother figuring out which one. The other? Hal watches both sentinel proceed to ignore him and focus all fire on Rachel, in a tag team effort...the one she didn't fire on fires a mutant nullification ray, and the other one, in sync, fires a blast designed to kill her.

The I beams certainly damage the Sentinel, as each one is shoved through its robotic body. It doesn't appear to drop...it's desgined to take quite a bit of damage, but it's definitely lost some structural integrity.

The beams never get to Rachel, though, as Green Lantern creates a Green Wall between her and the blasts. The mutant nullification ray is useless against Oan tech, and the actual killing shot...well, his construct is gonna have to eat that one, as he winces a bit. The construct holds for now, though.

Maxima pinpoints about 100 souls in need of saving, and every last one of them is traumatized to hell and back. They've seen their friends and loved ones kill en masse, and all 100 are terrified of those two robots being fought by the Green Guy and the other girl.

Maxima has posed:
There's a frown on Maxima's lips as she feels all those souls and then she looks to Rachel and squints a little before noting her actions. She notes the Lantern and then turns her gaze directly for the untouched Sentinel and calls out with a voice enhanced by a super form, "You!" She floats over and idly whips her hand up, a large chunk of wall is taken up off of a spot where two people were trapped. She pulls it with her, gathering it above her head before she whips her left hand up and another chunk of stone and metal comes up. Another person revealed. They all might not be able to move on their own but they can breath even as she gathers both chunks to either side of her.

"I do not care what you are here for!" She calls out, "You now face MAXIMA!"

And with that she brings both her hands together in an attempt to crush the thing between the two pieces of rubble. This whole time, floating forward as she raises up to face level with the massive thing and then her eyes begin to glow, "Turn and face your end, machine."

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Not even thinking about the blasts that were coming in, Rachel is either too angry, too tired or both to even consider the danger to herself. Her fingers are clenched as she stares at the damaged Sentinel. It's a good thing for the Green shield because... that could have ended Rachel then and there. Maybe. Mutant nullification can do wonders. But the Phoenix Force is not exactly a mutant power. It's ... different.
    In fact, when she finally notices that she was targeted, she mutters aloud, "If you're there Phoenix. This would be a good time for..." and she doesn't even finish the words as the flames lick at her skin, ooze from her eyes... her body shielded as the power begins to grow, to augment itself. Senses such as Maxima's, and sensors like the ring -will- pick up the signature of one of the more dangerous entities in the cosmos. But... muted, fully bonded with a mortal human host, not at full cosmic power level. "ENOUGH!" She cries out, "NO MORE MUTANTS DIE! NOT AT YOUR HANDS AND NOT AT MINE!" she screams at the top of her lungs, the words echoing in minds of all around the place. But the sight of Maxima makes her pause, shock reaching through her senses. "Huh?" she asks in confusion.

Hal Jordan has posed:
The ring definitely picks Phoenix up. "Warning. Phoenix active in local sentient. Monitor for future follow up." Green Lantern doesn't have time for that right now, as this is kind of a 'not now Ring' sort of moment.

Maxima's Sentinel takes two massive piece of rubbles to its front and back, and takes significant damage. The Sentinel...scans Maxima for a moment. "Mutant not detected. Focusing fire on mutant." And it actually...fires on the people Maxima just saved from under rubble with its kill shot beams, ignoring her entirely. These murderbots are pretty damn murder happy, it seems. And all 3 survivors now have blasts coming at them.

Rachel's murderbot stays focused on her, and since it no longer has an assistant bot, because it found other mutants to kill, it fires a nullification beam from one hand, and a murder blast from the other hand.

But Green Lantern has to worry about the 3 mutants that clearly can't take care of themselves just now, and his green constructs eat those 3 beams. Hopefully the Phoenix is as advertised and can take care of herself just fine.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Go to Genosha! They're hard up for entertainment! Thirty grand up front, forty after the show! Huge money! Great idea. He'd been doing parkour all over the city, advertising various this and that about the island. Trick runs up buildings, bouncing around all over the place - a 'human' entertainer among mutants.

Until giant damn robot monsters show up and start killing everyone. When it started, when something exploded he was mid-air, leaping between buildings when the tire of an exploding car slammed into him. It's a good thing he'd had time to absorb or this might've been bad. It was still bad. But when he hit the ground he bounced and rolled feeling where he was going to bruise later as the kinetic forces soaked into his very bones.

"Gonna be sore tomorrow..." Pulling at a few rents in his shirt revealing thin ballistic cloth below. "Favorite show shirt too..." tearing the cloth away and pulling a shades of gray mask out of a cargo pant pouch to shove down over his head. He really didn't want to get outed. Not by sentinels. Carson Deschain needed to be kept separate.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Africa is a very, very long way from Metropolis. It is not, however, far enough from a certain person -in- Metropolis. At the desk of Karen Starr sits a woman who is altogether annoyed. As if something has been grating upon her for hours. In reality, it has only been the space of half a minute, but when you're hearing screams from halfway across the Earth and a second to you is unto eternity, well...

    Karen stands up rather suddenly, slamming a stylus down onto a glass-like ipad-adjacent thing so hard that she'll need a new desk, if the small cracking noise coming from the center of it is to be believed. She walks her way over to a balcony that almost seems superfluous, considering the height of Starrware's tower.

    The building shivers and quakes, its windows rattling harmlessly around what workers are left for the evening. Power Girl hit Mach XIII from a standstill. There is a fluttering in her ears as the air around her thins to nothing in the space of a few seconds. As soon as she registers the lack of any molecules against her skin, she goes superluminal. Africa isn't so far away.

    Blazing across the sky, she re-enters and decelerates to something a little more sane and a lot less relativistic. She arrives on scene at only six times the speed of sound, and judging by the pink blur that her cape and costume creates, she's only at one multiple when she hits the ground, landing on one knee, as if dropped frm a satellite.

    It's all very dramatic, to be fair. She stands without much hesitation, and takes the first few steps towards the sentinels. This is the part where she even gives the robots a chance.

    "This is over. You want a fight? Shoot -me.- See what happens."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima's eyes go wide as the robot simply ignores her. They go wider and anger kicks in when they attack those she was just trying to save. Luckily the Lantern is already dealing with the shielding. She will thank him later. For now she suddenly whips a hand out for one of the shoulders of the Sentinel and the other hand whips out for an arm. Her eyes glow brightly as thin, hyper speed telekinesis literaly shoots out of her eyes like a laser and she attempts to slice right through that arm before ripping it clean and then using that very arm to whip the thing across that mechanical face.

"That doesn't work!" She calls back to Karen, "I already tried it." She then floats back to Karen's position, "They only target mutants." She then looks to Karen, "Just destroy it before it has another chance to fire. I'm going for the legs."

And then she shoots off like a hypersonic missile aimed right for the left leg with her fist out forward in an attempt to rip another limb away from this thing.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Indeed, incoming fire infuriates the Phoenix. Rachel is almost in the back seat now. Sure, they are fully bonded.. but she is so tired, so worn out. She just kinda lets it take over out of exhaustion.
    Plus, that way she doesn't need to feel the rage and loss and grief for a few moments. But.. there is a side effect of that. That being that the Phoenix Force manifests in full.. at least visibly. A thirty foot wingspan of psionic flames spreads out from her and literally absorbs the incoming fire before reaching out and tearing at the Sentinel with a flaming beak. Tearing a hole in the chest of the Sentinel before the body of Rachel throws her hands forward, now floating a few feet off the ground... and as her hands go forward, the wings surge like extensions of the arms... flowing into the rent in the armor before they halfway solidify and rip in every direction telekinetically. The sound that comes from the Phoenix is less an intelligible formation of words, and more of an inarticulate roar of primal anger being released.

Stupid Sentinels.

Hal Jordan has posed:
The Sentinels are looking MUCH the worse for wear by this point. The one Karen flew in front of scans her, and says, "Mutant not detected." But then it sees Carson out of the corner of its eye, and, "Mutant Detected. Eliminating." These single minded murder robots do what they're programmed to do, and it fires, from both hands, a mutant nullification ray, and a murder beam designed to finish him off. It fires such that the nullification ray will get there first. And that's about when Maxima knocks the thing off its feet, and it ends up flat on its back. Well, foot. It only has one now.

The Sentinel Phoenix was fighting? Gets obliterated REAL Quick. It had no hope whatever against the Phoenix, and it gets pecked and wing slapped into oblivion. There's not even parts left, really. It's just GONE. Sentinels aren't built to fight things that eat stars for breakfast.

Elsewhere, Green Lantern gets a seperate warning. "Warning. Sentient in danger of immediate death." And Green Lantern splits away from the battle to find another mutant bleeding out. He has to create constructs on the fly to keep the poor woman from dying. It's not bandages, but it's the next best thing till real medical help arrives. At least she won't die now.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Let's be honest, this isn't Jean Grey power level Phoenix. It expended a large portion of its power traversing back into the past. Even just twenty seven years.. a temporal jump takes a LOT of power. Either way, Rachel has access to a large portion of the power.
    Victorious, she emits a psionic scream of elation before the Phoenix fades away and leaves Rachel on the ground.. unconscious. She did her part here, and now she's just... done.

Carson Deschain has posed:
A leap, draining power, to where he might be able to help. But when the sentinel is facing him directly Carson starts to leap again... until the nullification beam strikes and something registers as he starts to come back down.

First... the second beam doesn't hit him. He's alive. But that's still something left up to chance yet.

"Ah... Crap." Curling up as the ground rushes towards him with a much less than normal sensation when he hits, breath forced out of him knocked flat and groaning as his back arches instinctively from the pain.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Rather swiftly, things are coming to an end. Maxima calls to Karen, and the tall blonde nods- at the same time, not too far from them, a cosmic firebird eats the second robot. Power Girl has to act quickly- not necessarily because the danger is mounting, but because the time to make a statement is rapidly dwindling.

    She books it in behind Maxima, and takes position in under the falling sentinel. Her hands shoot up, and and she aims to rip and tear at the sentinel: Pulling and clawing at the metal with digits made of something harder than steel. If the thing isn't durable enough to resist her, she'll eventually rip what remains of it in half, scattering the torso into pieces.

Maxima has posed:
With the sentinels down, Maxima takes a breath and blinks as she looks over at Rachel. She rushes over and looks down at the girl, she saw that display of power and frowns a little. She scans the girl for life and realizes she is alive and the danger has passed, so she turns instead to start looking around again, "I can mark the survivors under the rubble." She states and closes her eyes and starts carefully focusing, "I will raise small amounts of rubble over every single survivor. Look for those spots and start helping."

Hal Jordan has posed:
That one Sentinel that's lost a leg wasn't completely disabled, it just can't really stand anymore. But then...Power Girl just shreds the thing. Unlike Phoenix, she leaves parts behind, but those parts are scattering in random directions. Yep, that fight's done, and that robot will not be murdering anyone else ever again. Just as well. Its head was looking Carson's way even still as it falls to the ground and the lights go out of its eyes.

Maxima then acts as a map to survivors, with little rescue points over everyone who needs saving. It's good that she can find 100 people. It's downright depressing she finds 100 people in a city that had a population of several million. Still, one saves what one can.

Green Lantern also tells his ring to, "Keep scanning for sentients in critical condition." The ring guides him to the next person, who had his leg crushed. A green tourniquette is created, and at least he's not dying now. He might need a limb replacement though.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Getting slowly to his feet, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck, Carson is up, woozily, and trying to get his bearings again. When he takes a step he freezes and steps again. "Ah... Oh..." looking about himself with a look of growing confusion.

Boys never been hit by a sentinel before. But he sees people in trouble and he runs towards those who look visibly injured, pulling 'pocket' first aid kids from his cargos. A useful tool in his line of work.

But there are crazy non-mutants here, and the woman with the wings. "Go to Genosha, see the sights, have a few laughs... Jeeze." Every few steps he tries a stomp, or to smack into something shoulder first. Of course any of his facial expressions are lost behind the mask...

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Eventually, with everything going on... thoughts creep into Rachel's consciousness. Her eyes flicker open... green eyes peering up at the sky where she lies. She sits up and lifts a hand to her head. "Ow." she mutters, "God, I hate it -after- I lose control.... did I?" she surges to her feet, "Did I hurt anyone?" she asks aloud. She has no idea who she is speaking to, if anyone. But she -does- start to sense the locations of survivors much the way Maxima is doing. In fact, she looks upwards and cocks her head to one side, "Oh hey, another psychic. Cool." she mutters.

Arthur Curry has posed:
As usual these days, Arthur is a little late to the party, but isn't it natural to be fashionably late when a practically destroyed country could use some help? Emerging from the seas as high velocity, the figure in the Atlantean armor leaps out of the water and lands somewhere next to Green Lantern. "Sorry I'm late, was dealing with something in Atlantis. Whats the situation?" Of course, Arthur has his trident in his hand.

Yes, Ocean-Thor is on the scene.

He looks around him. "...aside from it looks like total shit." NO BLOODY WONDER if there's injured and Sentinels about.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Oh, hey, there's Aquaman. "I don't suppose you can radio Atlantis for medical supplies? There's a LOT of people who are gonna need 'em." Green Lantern continues saving whoever he can, lifting rubble off of people, and targeting people in critical condition with the ring. Green Lantern can keep people from dying, temporarily, but he can't actually do any healing. So this is all about preserving life till actual doctors can save people. Cause a doctor Hal is not.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Maxima has the right idea, but Power Girl takes a moment of thought before she gets to rescuing. The indicators are a brilliant move- truly- and the Kryptonian makes full use of them. With her strength and durability, Power Girl can practically swim through the stone. She rescues everyone that's being indicated- some of whom she has to scan for with x-ray vision before she can devise a plan to get them out of the rubble that isn't 'lift things.' It occupies her, at the very least- because she can't do it at supersonic speeds.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Gauze and wrap bandages in place over sterilizing powders, Carson continues to do what he can. He is still stomping, even dropping hunks of stone the size of baseballs on his feet and wincing.

"Damnit..." looking up and around, trying to find someone else he can help, nodding when the mutant whom he'd just helped pats him on the shoulder before limping towards cover.

He stands up and jumps, blinking at something. "Ha! HAHA!!" he jumps again and looks around. "Hey!" must have only been 'grazed' by the beam when the sentinel was put down.

"Hey! Someone hit me! Like... Strong guy with a sledgehammer strength!" jumping up and down again.


Rachel Summers has posed:
    Lifting her brows as she watches the human(oid?) power drill (that's you Karen!), Rachel Summers inclines her head. She lifts off of the ground now that she has mostly recovered her wits, and she begins assisting. Into the minds of those she watches help folks, she projects..<<Forgive me for this intrusion. If you would like to allow me to facilitate communication... I will. If you prefer me to remove myself from your mind then I shall. Simply indicate one way or the other.
    Even as she begins noting locations of survivors and the like. But... then she looks down and notices Carson there. "Pardon?" she asks, scanning... yes, that is a mutant, so the odds are it has something to do with the mutation.
    She shrugs and sends a rock zinging his way, about as forcefully as he asked for.

Maxima has posed:
Looking over at Rachel, she simply nods to her at the moment before saying, "Keeping up this level of telekinetic concentration is difficult. You'll forgive me for not being more talkitive." She nods her head slightly before the mental voice comes in and then she simply allows it <<I Do not mind speaking this way, it is natural for me.>> She doesn't say much further though as she stands there with her eyes unfocused, mind on all the rubble she is keeping levitated to indicate that someone is below that point in need of help.

Arthur Curry has posed:
"Yeah, I can call something in. It'll take some time though, the current leadership of Atlantis and I arn't exactly sympatico at the moment." Thats right, Arthur isn't on the throne. Namor is. But Aquaman has many followers whocanhandle that part, certainly. Regardless, he can hear Rachel's thoughts in his mind and he lifts a hand to his head. <"Damn, I forgot that it isn't just Manhunter's Schtick.."> of course, he speaks of telepathy. <"Knock yourself out, It'll make things much easier.">

He starts pulling out some Atlantean tech to call in some help from the surface....if they choose to listen.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Thunked by the rock with a grunt, flung off of his feet to land on his back with a thud. But instead of groaning he laughs and slaps the ground bouncing him up into air and back to his feet.

Carson looks up at the floating woman, tipping a sloppy salute before he takes off, each jogging step carrying him forward almost a yard, throwing himself into a wall and then another. He even mounts a flight of steps throw himself over a ledge to slam shoulder first into the ground, roll, and then get to his feet, headed for rubble.

Just a minor leaguer, trying to do his part, skidding to a halt near where Maxima is lifting stones, calling out, "Under there?!"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern's thoughts are just suffused with green energy. It's like the Light of Willpower made every thought he thinks written in green highlighter. <<We are used to Martian Manhunter doing this, it is fine. And it's great for coordinating. My ring is scanning for critically wounded people, but we need to get all of them out quickly.>> And to that end...he finds another person who's been bleeding heavily. Green lantern first applies yet another bandage type construct...fortunately, constructs not under combat stress last a while...and...then finds this person also has a neck injury, so he has to create a green stretcher to stabilize the head and neck and get them into open space.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Nodding her head, Rachel Summers looks about. She observes the kid running off and ramming stuff. Then she shrugs. As she does so, she taps into the Phoenix Force a bit, and piles of rubble start to levitate all across the area. She is simultaneously lifting rubble off of about a dozen different survivor groups. The ones that are most in need of aid. But doing that taxes her to the limit. So she can't do anything more. <<Please move quickly. This is not easy.>> she intones. <<However... I have set it up so that you can all transmit to each other without needing me to act as ... telephone operator.>> she adds. However, the strain in her mental voice is perceivable...

Arthur Curry has posed:
Aquaman manages to get through to the Atlantean followers that he possesses, who immediately begin makingtheir way to the surface to begin offering advanced medical assistance. The cool thing about having an advanced civilization in the back pocket is specifically for these situations. <"Medical en route. Try and do your best everyone to keep as many people stabilized as you can.">

Carson Deschain has posed:
Charged up, moving faster, Carson moves to stones being levitated first, landing in a thud and shoving into the stone to help get it moved, assisted with the telekinesis, looking up at Rachel, eyes visibly narrowing with concern behind his mask, before he starts to shove again, heat building around his hands with the pressure building.

"I need someone to hit me! HARD!" Still weak, feeling the stored energy draining as he tries to get the people caught beneath free and clear. "I can take it! Just... I dunno. Small car doing fifteen to start!"

Karen Starr has posed:
    Like a swimming fish, Power Girl dives into rubble and pops out of it with startling ease. She, however, can't do it all alone. At least, not in the amount of time that's needed. More hands are better. Also... She's going to enjoy it a -little- bit. Bursting from the rubble, she calls out- "Sorry about this." before speeding past Carson. On the way, she delivers... One hell of a hit. It's quite literally like being hit by a blonde freight train, all of that level of might packed into her fist. Worse still... The kryptonian doesn't seem to put much effort into that hit. Before long, she's back in the rubble, digging under the lifted stone to find more survivors.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern was considering sending a green hand the mutant kid's way, but Power Girl got there first. Just as well, possibly. Good thing she held back a lot of her power, as there's no way of telling just how much the kid can take.

Green Lantern continues using the floating rocks to find people trapped...they've got most of them out by now, but Green Lantern comes on another severely injured person who needs a stretcher.

But then some less injured mutants actually start yelling at Green Lantern. "Where the hell were you a couple hours ago?"

"...We didn't know this happened till just now. I arrived a few minutes after I heard about it."

These two seem to be rather angry at the Lantern who wasn't there when he was truly needed a few hours ago.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Barely holding onto the stone when that punch slams into him the wind is knocked out of him and he -knows- that's going to be sore later. He skids and his feet dig into the ground as he fights the force that wants to send him flying yards. It's not going to happen. Points for trying. But even as the Kryptonian might feel her hand start to sink in she can also feel the force drop right out of the connection right before he is sent hurtling through the air to slam into a wall and then slide down to bounce off of his feet in a leap that lets him hit the hunk of stone being held up by Rachel with enough newtons of force to cause a flash of a cavitation at the point of impact before the stone is forced away and people can be retrieved.

"You're the best! I love you! I..." Carson stops, turning red (thank goodness for the mask...) "I mean I love... I. You hit..." he was about to yell at the people yelling at the Lantern, but now he's flustered, not risking moving people in case of spinal injuries.

"Hey can I get your number??"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern finally rounds up the last of the refugees. Opinion among the 100 rescued is actually split...while most of them, about 80 or so, gratefully accept Green Lantern's offer to take them off the island and into better medical care, 20 insist that this is their home and they don't wanna go anywhere. All of them are traumatized, and are clearly in a bad way from any point of view. Hal accepts the decisions, though. "Well, as they said in a bad Michael Bay movie, Freedom is the Right of all Sentient Beings. If you really wanna stay, we'll honor that. I'll come back in about 3 days to see if you still want to stay...I can't imagine there's much food or water around right now, but aid should be coming from other countries in a few hours.

For those who want to leave, though, Hal creates a large green bubble for all of them, including everyone he had to place on green stretchers...and will fly them off to Wakanda. Yes, South Africa's closer, but Wakanda has a much better chance of actually saving lives. Also, he's more confident in Wakanda being respectful to mutants. That is not garunteed at all in South Africa. And off they all go, in a ball of green light.