1654/A Doomed View of Metropolis

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A Doomed View of Metropolis
Date of Scene: 13 May 2020
Location: Centennial Park - New Troy
Synopsis: Political viewpoints exchanged peacefully. The EU could learn a few things!
Cast of Characters: Clea, Victor Von Doom

Clea has posed:
"They say Superman is alive." Reason enough for a girl to drag out her complicated-title-person-here, and go visit Metropolis. Now that it's no longer shrouded in darkness, talk about a missed opportunity to show her prowess, the pale-haired Faltine effectively insists on flying over. What's the fun of being able to float and fly if you drive or take the subway everywhere? Centennial Park unrolls before her as she drops to the ground, probably startling a dozen pigeons and unconcerned about a child pointing at her as soon as she pops into visible range.

Whether Doom meets her there, chases after her, or ends up riding tandem somehow is irrelevant, only that they are here. She already has a basket for a picnic with admittedly an unremarkable spread of delectables: first berries of the season, light brioche buns stuffed with spiced meats in a reference to Baltic cuisine and Ottoman influences, and such. Sweet disposition aside, there is an opportunity to see the giant Man of Steel statue in front of them.

Which is precise why she asks, "Why is it made of bronze, darling?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor is, as usual, using magic to cast an illusion over his appearance. No need to have Superman drop in for a visit now that he's alive to disrupt the picnic, after all. Nor any other would be "heroes" who'd think Doom would bother stealing cakes from other park residents or something inane.

Seriously, stealing cakes? Who would DO such a thing?

He did, however, fly over with her, taking advantage of Doombots allowing him to be everywhere he needs to be at once. Looking at the statue, he hmms, "Bronze is a typical choice for statues of this kind, lasts very well. And yes, Superman is alive... I'm certain some people are very vexed by this fact." A hint of amusement in his tone, as Doom never feared nor concerned himself with the Man of Steel that much.

Clea has posed:
More than likely, Doom would steal their tea and then spit it out in disgust at their choices. Sweet tea? Never. Abominable. Hot tea alone, bunch of heathens.

Metropolis nonetheless shines with that weary fatigue of a place most recently devoured by a giant shadow monster. Their wariness of Clea is likely next to null; for the man at her side, a little less than null and a bit more than none. He still might set off the residual awareness of a predator in the city.

"But he is the Man of Steel. I do not see why this is not made from a steel statue? Or steel carbide? Bronze is not really related, though the metal is pretty." Pragmatic? Yes. The sorceress tips her head slightly. "Eagle, an interesting choice for falconry. Though most people think their sound is very majestic, when in fact they hear the red-tailed hawk. I wonder than there might be eagles even here? Likely not, too loud or large a space for them."

A bit of mischief there as she discreetly leans over and brushes her lips to Doom's cheek. "Lead the way."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom smiles a little, "An eagle, well, Superman has always been considered a 'patriotic' hero by the masses, so the eagle makes sense in that regard. But as you say, a bronze statue is far prettier than steel. And less prone to rusting. Though eagles do frequent the city sometimes, typically they soar higher and out of the way of most."

He smiles slightly at the kiss on his cheek, perhaps a predator himself, but one at ease right now. He's not hunting anything, save a good spot to settle up for a picnic lunch.

Which, as it happens, he does manage to discover, set underneath a particularly wide-branched tree, providing ample but not excessive shade, and no others nearby. Which, frankly, Doom would prefer, as he is still rather much uncomfortable in too large of crowds.

Clea has posed:
"I would have thought perhaps an amalgam then. But it is a very hopeful statue, and kindling something like that is the point of art. Earning a reaction. Maybe to make you question what you see," Clea says. "I do not sculpt, but I understand the shaping of an image. For me, my happy little trees are enough. One day, maybe."

A predator she is not on the surface, unless one mistakes a calmly seated cat as anything less than a bird destroyer and dinosaur hunter. Nature answered, just a few million years late after the Yucatan event. She floats over the grass, not quite sullying her spotless shoes by getting dirty. Doom absolutely does not have a violet balloon, though, for she still 'walks,' but it's simply on unseen landing.

The oaks and elms coming into leaf offer intense greenery, and it's a shade she admires from the ground while setting down the basket. Inside, the contents are handpicked as she would have, packed the same. So first, the sandwiches, though she might be tempted to scarf a strawberry or a slice of cheese first. It's an eclectic mix; his tastes she is still learning. Human food's interesting, after all. "What projects am I keeping you away from now?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor laughs very softly, "At the moment, a meeting with my ministers regarding trade agreements with the European Union, as they would like Latveria to join their confederation." He hrms, "The problem with that is that the European Union is... too random, too many variables in their decisions. I would rather not see Latveria anchored down by such obligations, but we'll see what they have to offer."

A faint smile at that, "Despite my... reputation, quite a few in Europe remember the effort I made to rally my countrymen, and others, against the alien invasion of a decade ago. So there is some gratitude to be had, there."

Clea has posed:
"Yet you would gain the advantage of a currency to leverage against larger powers and a significant bulwark against German meddling because of the limited production capacity of other nations in the eastern side of Europe. It is not easy to align economic policy, but given the special relationship that some partners have -- or allies, as Norway is? -- might hold an incentive. The European Parliament is not a decision-making body like your own government. Their legal standards in particular, though, are very God. At the forefront of a people-first, corporation-second viewpoint. Not as far as I would think fit, but advantageous and superior to missions undertaken here."

She's a monarch. Her monarchy may involve far more magical people, and unquestionably entertains serious differences, but she knows something of the requirements behind it. "The issue of controls in passports may be of concern. Though you gain advantageous arrangements in other fashions, and unified support against the Russian Federation. That may be seen as a value, if you do not impart your own ideals and notions that find common ground and approval." Settling as gracefully as she may, kneeling as she has performed with long practice in Tibet, her manner is calm. "How terrifying the invasion must have been. To see beings of such power enter your skies, and not know what it is or why it is here. My people intimately recall it. Indeed, I suspect if my father had ever been honest with me, he might have shared very similar tales as many young people had here at the appearance of two burning lights in the sky. So war began. Yours ended far sooner, and they do not appreciate the value of that. Would they could /know/ it here. How fortunate a person is to live with unyoked shoulders."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor nods, "There are advantages to joining them, to be sure. But they seem very insistent on the fact that Latveria is many things... but a democracy is not one of them." He smiles very slightly at that, "And yes, a buffer against the threat of Russia is never a bad thing, though I feel that currently my endeavors with smaller, like-minded nations is more productive in the long run. Particularly with Genosha and their warm response to Latveria's assistance given their recent tragedy."

He glances over at Clea, "And yes, it was... most were not sure of what to do. There was panic, indecision, a hundred elected leaders going in a thousand different directions. But, in the end, there was order in Latveria's response, and other countries followed our example." He doesn't add, 'as it should be,' because, well, isn't it obvious?

Clea has posed:
Hers is a blithe grace. "Small nations individually seem poised to lose their voices unless raised collectively. The island nations in the Pacific daunted by the encroaching waves. Those in the middle portions of the Americas, dismissed as they struggle against a brew of difficult situations; economic disparity, resource limits. Genosha is special in its way, but even now I see in the wreckage an open question. Would it have happened with different allies? With a different composition? I just don't know, and how can I help protect people when we are left standing with open questions of who would dare to strike down that many lives? I fear my oaths and promises would be sorely tested if someone risked such against me. How do we limit such strikes? Is there nothing to be said for unifying against a broader cause of a threat beyond the momentary? I mean to say that we know the world should be free for the innocent people to live unobstructed. Yet they are afraid even in their very lives."

She gestures around them, the trees pretty. It would be suitable to dip in for that sandwich, but what Doom says is more interesting. "I have not answered this well. Not the way I wish, how to promote a culture of adaptability and hope, resilience and endurance. Uncharted territory lies ahead of us. How do we do it?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor smiles slightly, "Small steps are necessary, and... well, I fear the EU's designs are not suited for a long term solution. Hence why I take the approach that I have, by working with like-minded nations that have less... unpredictability. Considering the schizophrenic response you can get with some nations if a rival party takes power, it can make relying on them rather... difficult. Plus, too many of my people recall the subtle schadenfraude the EU took in the recent civil war that ravaged my nation while I was... elsewhere." No blame placed there at all, save at those that delighted in the chaos.

"But if Latveria does join in an alliance, be it the EU or something else, it will be on Latveria's terms, not theirs. That much has to be maintained, if we are to survive as a people."

Clea has posed:
Clea takes a bite of her sandwich, holding it in one hand. Soft brioche collapses under her lips. "Mm. As a consequence of nations trying to find their identity, they may have a less than perfect position. Nationalist viewpoints causes me to feel sorrow, for the choices there being made are not good. They spite themselves to pursue an agenda that devotes resources to harming those around them. Carving the community to pieces for their own gain is a distinction I will never champion." Another bite follows with thoughtful chewing, though her eyebrows scrunch together in concentrated thought. "Any alliance is genuinely adaptive when arranged as a healthy thing. I believe it needs to be a component on both sides, Victor. It yields benefits to Latveria and yields benefits to them, the idea of transparency to move freely and exchange ideas. To thrive when we are confronted by challenges or unknown things, this defines who we are. Setbacks do not become a source of helplessness."

The kiss of her fingertips casts a mote to the sky to dance along the sunlit paths swirling higher. "Are you so worried about Latveria not surviving? What concerns you that those millions would be eradicated as a culture, as a linguistic group or more? I do not doubt you. I want to see how you view this, and what becomes an issue of survival."