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Date of Scene: 14 May 2020
Location: Lobby - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Thea and Alex talk about something or other, I don't know!
Cast of Characters: Alexander Aaron, Thea Queen, Alanna Lyons

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    This scene takes place before the events of scene 1571.

    Early evening at the Hellfire Club, just past dinner and when the main club area starts to pick up. People are now drifting in and out as the staff tend to the final last minute preparations to the requirements of the club for the nightly gatherings. No line yet, no cover charge quite yet, but in the main foyer area where the hosts wait to direct people to their points of interest... at least one person has settled there on one of the wrought iron and wood bench seats.
    For it is here, as some might have started to notice now and again, that Alexander Aaron will sometimes arrive and indulge his sense of the sardonic by spending time in the Hellfire Club. Not to enjoy the Michelin star level food. Not to enjoy the exquisite offerings of drink and comestibles. Not even to indulge in the rather comely individuals who frequent the place.
    No, he comes here to take up a place against one of the walls with a book in his lap and a notebook as well and... does his homework.

Thea Queen has posed:
There are some places, believe it or not, that Miss Thea Queen hasn't been. The Hellfire Club is actually one of them, which really is a shame, given her name, her reputation and, well, the fact her brother has a (potentially unused) membership there. Not that she's aware of it, however.

So, when the address is given post-phonecall, Thea does do a quick GPS check to make sure she is indeed going to the right place before taking out of the cars from the stable (she'll return it without a scratch, really!), and makes the 20 mile drive into the city, leaving the castle behind. Oh.. and with a note left for her brother, 'Meeting with business consultant. Don't wait up. T'

It's a low-riding sports car that rumbles down the wide, heavily trafficked streets of the city, the radio pumping tunes from the high (overpriced) stereo systems. Meeting or no, Thea is in the city!

Pulling the car into a valet parking spot, she exits the car theatrically, shuts the door again and hands off the keys. "Be nice to it."

The young woman is fashionably dressed; mid-length skirt outfit in deference to a meeting, with a light jacket atop. Her bobbed hair looks properly mussed, thanks to the wind, and she's got her purse bag slung under her shoulder as she heads to the address.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
For Alanna, the Hellfire Club is a familiar haunt. Not because she's the clubbing type most of the time, but because it's an incredibly useful spot for business. Exclusivity, privacy, luxury... it meant that there was a certain calibur and security offered to business meetings. While it was a location she /might/ consider going for a night out, mixing business and pleasure wasn't always a good idea. There were, of course, always exceptions.

While she's dressed in a fashionable business casual of a knee-length black skirt and lavender ruffled blouse, everything seems to be less form-fitting and more comfortable than something meant just for fashion. It's also meant for movement. Her hair is down around her shoulders, a bit wind-tousled as she heads inside. Her gaze sweeps the lobby quickly, trying to determine if she'd beat Thea there or if it was the opposite.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    From his place on that bench seat with a glass on the table next to him, Alexander seems entirely comfortable and somewhat even at home as he fiddles with his pencil, chewing a little on the eraser thoughtfully. But half the reason he comes here is to people watch, and to be fair... the people you see in the Hellfire Club are often terribly interesting.
    Especially when Alanna strolls by, her stride that purposeful one she has when she's terribly busy and focused on certain matters. He'd seen her around a few times, even spoke to her once. Shared a table and everything. So he doesn't feel too impolite to lift his voice.
    "Hello, Ms. Lyons." He says in that casual calm though perhaps a little chipper tone of voice. Using her name in a way that might carry enough to gain the attention of a particular Queen in her travels.
    "You look nice this evening."

Thea Queen has posed:
Thea isn't quite yet in the building; she's one of those that actually decides if she's going to be noticed or not. For the most part, anyway. In this case, when she comes through the doors, only scant moments after Alanna's quick search for her, she's in the 'I'm here' mode. Her posture is equestrian perfect; standing straight without a hint of slouch, and her expression bright and open. It's going to be a good night!

Stopping inside the fashionably darkened entry, the youngest Queen does a quick search, the voice of a young man reaching her ears, '-- Ms. Lyons..'


A couple more steps brings Thea a little closer, and she spies not only the person who may very well be her contact but...


Pausing in her step, there's a fleeting feeling of 'stay or leave', but the former wins and another step is taken,

"Ms Lyons?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna's attention is drawn by her name, though it's not the voice she's expecting. "Alexander," she says, turning slightly to face him. "I appreciate the compliment. How's the homework?" She does certainly remember how out of place that seemed to her before. It's not something you forget. Her attention slides away, however, at her name once again. Ah, this was the expected voice.

"Ms. Queen?" She steps slightly more in the direction of the new speaker. "Ah, glad you could make it. Hope you found it alright."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Good, just about the last of it actually..." He starts to tell her.
    While speaking to Alanna, Alexander's features are calm and pleasant, the very image of the oh so courteous youth with his head tilted just so and those hazel eyes at ease behind the slow blink of his eyelids. His smile broadens a touch as he gives her a nod, but when Thea wanders up he'll glance over in her direction then looks away.
    And almost instantly looks back for that classic double-take moment. His lips part and then curve into a wry smile as he cocks his head to the side curiously. "Hello."
    A pause then he adds. "Ms. Queen."
    She likely can almost imagine the inner monologue that must be roiling through the young man's thoughts that she had seen that night in Central Park. Perhaps can see the hint of amusement there even as the face of Laszlo might surge to the fore, both the before and after his encounter with the shadow creature.
    Then he looks between the two of them and his smile broadens a bit, but he does not speak on the coincidence as if for some reason... he was used to such.

Thea Queen has posed:

Thea has a youthful face, and her smile rises, brightening it even more, making her look barely old enough to actually be allowed to enter the place. She takes one, two steps forward to extend her hand, "Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I'm just really excited about this project, and my brother and I want to see it through quickly."

There's that moment again when she's got Alexander in the corner of her eye, and when greeted, Thea turns fully and cants her head, "Alex.." The name holds a question before, "This is quieter than a library?" Her tones take a slightly wry, self-deprecating sound before she continues, "Wish I knew that before."

Still, work! Well, and play. "There's this warehouse. I can't really take you to it yet. All the details for purchase haven't been finalized yet."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna's gaze moves between the two in a quick motion. She doesn't question it, though, instead leaving it there if either of them decide to explain. Otherwise, she drops it entirely and continues on. She reaches her hand out to take Thea's as it's offered to her. "Please, short notices and quick projects are my specialty. I like to see things done at a pace that's /actually/ helpful to people."

The mention of the warehouse being not ready has her already in thought. "Well, there are certainly preparations that can be made in advance to be ready once the site is fully set for construction. I trust you'll let me know if there are any problems? Problem solving is also my specialty."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    For his part, the young incognito Olympian looks between the two of them and lets his smile slide towards the easily offered version he uses for company. To Alanna he murmurs, "Don't mind me, Ms. Lyons. Just Ms. Queen and I are acquainted through her younger brother who attends my school."
    That said he looks to the scion of the Queen clan and nods to her, "If I may inquire, what are your plans for a warehouse?" He sits up a little more, casually continuing to gather his books and paraphernalia, zipping up his backpack once reasonably settled.

Thea Queen has posed:
Thea offers a single squeeze of her hand in greeting and introduction before retrieving it and holding on to her purse/bag. She recovers sufficiently, finding that equilibrium, and the smile is easily in place. It moves to that lopsided to echo that apologetic, self-deprecating expression before she continues, "There shouldn't be too much problem with the acquisition," after she visits over night in the 'Hood! "I have the money allocated for it." She's Queen. Of //course// she does. "Which is why I looked for you. You're one of the best in the industry and the best for me."

Table.. Thea looks to where Alexander is sitting, and considers a spot nearby, at the very least.

She nods in Alexander's direction to underscore the degree of acquaintence. "He's more of a friend of the family, but we do tend to adopt.. lately." And Thea is a big sister, role model? No! Please God, no.

"I'm making a dance club. Hopeing to bring some money into the area where the warehouse is, and maybe some businesses will trickle in. You need traffic first, and what's better than a bunch of kids (which she is one!) spending money like water?"

Thea looks at Alanna and adds, "I did a break down of who would be going to the club," who her customers would be, "And distance. Parking. I have a list of what sort of people I'll need, but," here, Thea sighs a little resignedly in that she hates asking for help. Even hiring for help. "I hate numbers. Give me a week, and I'll be either overwhelmed, or just want to go out and do my own thing." Here, her smile rises a little self-deprecatingly again, "I know me."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna glances between the two again, then she looks to Thea. "Glad my family doesn't tend to adopt. Who knows how much of the city we'd take up." There's a mild assumption that it hasn't already happened. She does, however, focus on the actual business in hand. "The good thing is, I've got enough connections to gently nudge some other businesses to consider the area. That will at least get the ball rolling in terms of drawing people in."

For a moment, she takes a look at Thea as if to assess her. "I wasn't exactly fond of the numbers myself, but sometimes you find things worth doing. There's a learning curve, but once you get past that you're going to be great. It's just a matter of literally learning what you need. A mentor is great if you've got someone who could do that. Makes it a lot easier to stick to something like this."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    As Thea explains the connection with Alexander in a different way, he replies with that same smile and with his head turning slightly to the side as he offers, "Everyone loves me." As if such were simply the way with the world. But he does glance back at Thea and lets his smile broaden into a grin as if to let her know he realizes he's being a little bit of a brat.
    That said he moves to take a seat a little closer, but not presuming to join them yet, just staying on the social edge of their circle and interaction, "A dance club." He looks past Thea for a moment, then over toward Alanna before his attention flits back to the tiniest of all the Queen family.
    "A friend of mine has been working as a party promoter this last year and all, I could put in a word with him. He owes me a favor or so. Apparently there's all sorts of craziness trying to get things set up for that sort of thing."
    Not that he knows, but still.
    "Though sounds like Ms. Lyons has more expertise in that. I just have a plucky attitude." He nods slowly with that smile that seems anything but plucky.

Thea Queen has posed:
"I.." and Thea takes a softly hissed breath through teeth, "I'm sorta flying solo on this?" Ish? She lifts a hand to wave it in the air to dismiss the thought, adding, "It's complicated."

Instead, Thea does take a seat. Nothing too secretive; not as if she's going to blab about all the reasons for the nuances! "And, no. I don't have a mentor for this sort of thing. My big brother is Oliver Queen." She says that with a dose of sibling affection and wryness. "Not known for fiscal responsibility." Just in case it needs to be said.

Thea looks to Alexander, the thought of that plainly showing that she //hadn't// considered that. "That," and she sounds honestly appreciative if not a little hesitant, "would be awesome."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"It must be nice to be so widely recognized in a positive way," Alanna offers, an amused look on her face. "If only we were all so lucky." It's hard to tell if it's sarcasm, but the smile seems to soothe any potentially rough feelings there. "Party promoters are a good way to go as well, getting people in the door is important, but if they don't stay it's not worth coming back to."

She looks towards Alexander again. "Energy and attitude also goes a long way." It's Thea, though, that has most of her attention. "Oliver Queen. Yeah, I'm familiar with the name." There's almost a wince there. "Some people know how to throw money around." She looks serious for a moment. "Well, you've chosen the right consultant then. I am all too familiar with family not exactly being the most help when it comes to projects like these, so..." She flashes a smile.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    For some reason Alexander might actually get a flicker of reluctance that slices across his features, very quickly, very slightly. Just a crinkle of his nose as he considers it, but then he nods as he makes whatever peace he needs to with the situation and says, "Alright I'll give him a call, his name is Reggie Bentley. I'll give him your card or something?" He asks as he lowers his gaze looking at Thea as if a card might spontaneously appear somewhere on her person.
    But then he looks to Alanna, "Oh hey, you might actually already know him." His head tilts lightly, "Which makes me entirely superfluous, but nicely so. I can get all the kudos for trying to help without actually doing anything." His lips twist, amused for whatever reason.

Thea Queen has posed:
"Well, you are. That's why I called you," Thea reminds with a touch of renewed lilt in her tones. "Only the best."

She's settling in to the conversation over business in a sort of 'this isn't as bad as a root canal' sort of way. She's enjoying it! "There is that. Which is why it can't only be a dance club. It's got to be a //dance club//. Good DJs, good theme." Heh.. "I know I go to places because," well.. okay, maybe not a good idea, and she follows up a little lamely, "because my friends go." Uh huh.


Thea'd be blind if she didn't catch a reaction when she mentions her brother's name. There's a hint of knowing behind those eyes, and even if there wasn't anything? The assumption is always there. After all, it's Ollie. "Yup. Yes they do." She's not one to talk, though.. with all the money thrown around FOR her. Bail. New car. *cough*

"Perfect!" And, Alexander?

"That would be cool. We'll all do burgers or something." There's that hint of a smile rising again, "I don't carry a calling card, sorry." Looks like working time!

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna seems pleased by the compliment, but she doesn't dwell on it. "So as much as you might not necessarily want to, you should consider throwing your name around." This is advice from personal experience. "The Queen name is something people have heard of. /Regardless/ of why they've heard of it, that means they'll be talking about it. It starts a conversation and you continue it with however you're luring them in."

She taps her chin. "Is this purely a dance club or are we talking a full on club? City Hall is notoriously slow with issuing liquor licenses but I've got a contact there... I still have to give them some time to organize things." Her gaze shifts over to Alexander. "Kind of sounds like you want to get out of helping in a polite way." She looks amused. "I get it. There's something up here. I just haven't figured out what."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Rolling to his feet, Alexander smiles and withdraws his phone from his backpocket, sliding it to life with the brush of a thumb over its surface. It'll flash on and he'll step toward their table, taking a seat at the edge of it and holding his phone out.
    "Here's his number." He flicks it over in Thea's direction, and if she has bluetooth she'll likely get a small notification that she has the information now at her disposal. "Tell him Alex sent you."
    But then his eyes slide over to Alanna and she'll see the smile returned to her with it twisting his features wryly, "Not so much something is up. More I'm just lazy." Even as they talk over Thea a little bit, she might not notice that little bit of impoliteness. But then he has to draw attention to it as he adds, "Ms. Queen is certainly cute, but perhaps not quite that cute to get me to like, /talk/ to people."
    Since with their last conversation Alanna might have a good bit of insight in his reluctance to do just that.

Thea Queen has posed:
"Oh, full on club," Thea answers quickly. "My experience? People charge a lot of money for 3 pieces of buffalo chicken. Then, beer." She's not a financial whizkid nor is she particularly good at money, but even she sees the profit potential of it. And if her club doesn't turn a profit?

One more failure.

Thea smiles prettily, theatrically, at the suggestion that the Queen name does open doors otherwise closed. It's an invitation to many, many things, both good and bad. "Tell me what you'd like me to sign," and to her, this deal is pretty much done. All but the signature. "I'll swing by, pick up your bill and make sure it's paid. Hopefully I'll have possession of the building at the end of next month, and we can walk it."

When Alexander rises to his feet and passes on the number, her phone does indeed ping an indication that she's received the information. "Gre-"

Ouch. Thea's face falls ever so slightly, before she raises it, holding that 'I'm having so much fun at this dinner party, thank you for making me come, mother' sort of look.

"Right. I'll call him."

It's Thea's turn to return to her feet, and extending a hand to Alanna, she follows it with, "You'll be hearing from me. I'll have a basic timeline I'm looking at. A copy of the basic business plan for you to look over, and when I have the building, like I said, we'll walk it."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"I'll get on that liqour license then," Alanna replies, reaching into her purse for a folded set of documents neatly tucked inside. "This should outline everything we'll need to organize, you can sign the final copy at my office and we'll get the boring part over with so we can make this whole thing a success." She's doing business, but Alexander's assessment has her raising an eyebrow. "Fairly certain she doesn't need your approval anyway," she points out.

She turns back to Thea, reaching over to shake her hand once more. "I look forward to working with you, Ms. Queen. I have a good feeling about all of this."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Alexander had been looking across the way to Alanna and answers her first, "Well no," but he looks back in time to see that look in Thea's eyes and a breath exhales from him in a sort of half-laugh coupled with him biting his lower lip as he ahems and clears his throat, "Ms. Queen..."
    He sits in that seat and looks to her, "I'm teasing, I'm being silly. You're my friend's older sister. I'm sorry, I just felt comfortable enough to give you a little grief like how you were teasing with Roy. If anything I mistook the ease with our friendship I felt." Though he might have missed some of that subtext they had between them.
    "You are super cute, I swear. Like. I would totally make an effort if you just looked at me and waggled your eyelashes or whatever."
    But he grins again and opens his hands as he murmurs, "Soooo cute." Then he eases his head a little as if trying to sneak under her eyes if she lowers them and then adds in a way that might seem like he was trying to be cute himself, which he is.
    "So damn cute."

Thea Queen has posed:
Thea reaches out to take the documents, and she nods once, definitely, before she tucks them away into her purse/bag. Once in, she's there again to give the other woman's hand a squeeze, "I am too. And it's Thea. If we're going to be working together, you have to call me that." That is given with a warmer, genuine smile. //This is going to work out!//

As for Alexander, watching him backpedal is definitely... different? As he goes on with 'cute', using it in as many times a seconds, Thea relents and actually laughs, holding up that free hand now. "Okay, okay. Damned cute. All the cute of the world rolled into one tiny cute person." That laugh has easily reached her eyes and she offers through a grin, "Apology accepted. And I'm sorry, too."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Oh good, please call me Alanna. I'm not much a fan of being overly formal," Alanna admits, offering a wry smile. "I get that too much already. Not everyone I work with is the informal type." She's more than happy to be more relaxed about this. Then there's the matter of Alexander.

Alanna looks over in his direction, raising an eyebrow. She still looks amused, however, not annoyed as he carries on talking. 'Cute' is mentioned at least three or four times, which is more than enough for her. "Well, on that note it sounds like you need a minute..."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Yeah, I should probably get going too." Alexander says as he smiles sidelong toward Alanna and gives her a nod, crinkling his nose a little knowing that indeed he paid the price for good relations with the coin of his dignity, however funny it was. Because soooo cute.
    But then he looks over to Thea and he says, "Maybe you can take the time, Thea, and figure out how to get me back." He starts to push himself to his feet, hand resting upon the back of the chair as he slings his backpack over his shoulder. A breath is taken as he looks across the way then to her, "Though call my friend, he'll give you a hand."
    There's a tilt of his head, "Oh and if he starts talking sweetly with that British accent and all trying to talk up the price? Don't trust him. He's from Philly."
    That said he gains his feet and smiles to her.

Thea Queen has posed:
"On that note, I'm going go home, look this over, and bring it over. I'll be at your office later?" Thea can't promise times because, well, Thea. She can promise blocks of time, sort of like the cable company. "Or tomorrow, if that's better." She really is excited, and more animated than when she'd arrived.

The 'you need a moment' is much better than 'get a room', and Thea is appreciative of her new business consultant, hopefully one day friend. (They're so hard to find!) It is met with that wide smile, and it takes all of her being not to nudge Alexander with an elbow. "Philly, huh?" She nods her head slowly, her brows rising consideringly. "Might play him on that. And I will, thank you." She's good to go forward on this!