1725/Introducing Robins and Donuts.

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Introducing Robins and Donuts.
Date of Scene: 18 May 2020
Location: Boardwalk - St Martin's Island
Synopsis: Donna takes short jokes are off the menu, Robin gets a sugar high, Cassie is introduced to the team, Kate is called an Amazon, Terry says things about mouth sizes he really shouldn't, and Gar eats ALL the donuts (that last part is totally true).
Cast of Characters: Donna Troy, Gar Logan, Terry O'Neil, Damian Wayne, Kate Bishop, Cassie Sandsmark

Donna Troy has posed:
    Although a few of the Titans had already discovered that they'd unknowingly recruited a Robin, there were others who still only knew about Red X. That would change fast, but Donna had decided that for two in particular of the younger Titans, it would change right now. Over coffee and donuts.

    There were good reasons for it. Gar's age made him the bridge between old Titans and new, and Vorpal was the first of the new Titans. If Damian was going to live up to the potential that had been seen in him, perhaps the most important first step would be winning these two over. Thus Gar and Vorp had been told they were going out for a coffee with Red X, while Damian had been given something a little more detailed, if a bit short of an actual briefing.

    Just north of the bridge linking Titans Tower to St. Martin's Island is the start of the famous St. Martin's boardwalk, and that's where Donna's leading the group. The walk is mostly occupied with the rather big elephant in the room that Red X is no longer Red X, but seems to have morphed into a Robin overnight. Yes, that's a Robin outfit. Yes, he really is the new Robin. Yes, Nightwing has confirmed it.

    All this has barely subsided when Donna stops the group outside a place called 'Donut Destruction'. Three years ago, this was the location of one of the Titan's most infamous defeats: The Destruction Challenge. It's true the Titans, largely thanks to Gar and Vic, did win the challenge and finish the entire tray. It's also true that every single one of them regretted it.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan regrets nothing, for the most part. At least, he'd say that in an attempt to be silly, but that particular day? Yeah, maybe in secret there was a small amount of regret. A smidge.

Due to various reasons, there had not yet been a face-to-face meeting with this Red X, or this Robin, or whatever his name was. There had only been a little conversation prior to the guy joining up, and most of it came with a heaping helping of skepticism over the circumstances as they appeared to be. Sooner or later, there was going to have to be a feeling-out process, and it appears now will be that time, courtesy of Donna setting things up.

Gar arrived a few minutes ahead of time, a longing look had at the donut selection. As long as he had his appetite - and he rarely doesn't - he could probably do with one of just about everything there. He was dressed casually. Being green was already enough to stand out. No need to add the costume in just for this.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Titan business doesn't always require a Titan cat. Terry has spent a good chunk of the week in feline form, in order to heal from his injury. Now he needs to spend time in human form to heal from the injury he received from a Mouser in the undercity. So, the redhead is the one who shows up, surprised to find Gar there (Gar? Early? What reality is this again?)

Dressed in a simple hoodie and jeans, he sidles up to Gar, trying to catch him by surprise, and gives his shoulder a little nudge with his right arm (his left one sports a bandage).

"What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" he says playfully, a line as old as time.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin has been in and out of the Tower most of the day today. But he had been in Metropolis, and of course, he had his motorcycle with him. A red electric bike with a golden R on the fairings, less Harley Davidson and more Akira.

  As he approaches, the motors whine with electricity and surprisingly little noise. There was no emergency, so the piece of kit was not loud at all. Though even now, it pulls more attention to himself than any normal mode of transport.

  He did not ride with a helmet, that was just his style. His uniform had been updated to fit his style, yet still retaining that Robinesque style, green, red, gold, and black. The R on his chest was even changed, less italic, more classic, with a point on the top hoop. His mask as well was just a little different than the last one to don the mantle of Robin. But it was filled with BatTech.

  After getting off of his bike, he looks to the others in attendance. "Hello." He says, very matter of factly. Less of a genuine greeting and more of just a necessity.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Like Robin, Donna has come along in full Troia outfit. It's not like Gar can exactly blend in what with the whole green thing anyway, but he might almost get away with it if there weren't obviously costumed people with him. Oddly it's Terry who sticks out, with his entirely civilian appearance.

    There are curious looks. Many of them. Nobody has come up asking for autographs yet - it's still a little too early in the year for the boardwalk to fill up with tourists, and the locals are used to the sight of wandering Titans. Most of them prefer to keep it low key and act cool around the Titans. For Gar and Donna it's business as usual. For Damian it's a radical departure from the way the Bats do things, but as a Wayne he's had time to adjust to the attention. It may still be a bit of a shock to Terry though.

    "I decided you three need to talk," Donna declares. "Four, when Hawkeye arrives. " She pushes the door to Donut Destruction open and holding it for everyone to enter. "Away from the madhouse. Let's grab a table. Order whatever you like."

Gar Logan has posed:
When Terry nudges him, Gar raises a brow and simply gestures toward all of the donuts, as if to let that serve as an explanation. There's food, and where there's food, there's often Gar.

"What's your favorite donut, dude? I'm good with glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, old-fashioned, Boston Cream, donut holes of course, cinnamon, powdered sugar..." He trails off as Donna and Robin catch more of his attention, and he asides to Terry, "Did we miss a memo about this being a costumed meeting or what?"

Donna receives a grin and a wave. "S'up?" Robin? More of a muted response in the form of a nod and a neutral, "Hey."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate was really thinking of a nap after the lab encounter with various Titans, prospects, and such earlier. That brunch with her family in New York City this morning was a lot.

Which is why she is a bit groggy when her t-com beeps with the invite from Donna. "Okay... donuts it is..." she mutters to herself and does do the quick back and forth of trying to figure out if this is a uniform or not a uniform outing. Like is it a blending in moment or will there be potential paparazzi wondering why Kate Bishop is hanging out with the Titans.

Once confirmed this is more of a bring your uniform moment she gets dressed and takes the badass motorcycle out to the doughnuts. Parking it near the red robin bike. She is suddenly really glad she chose her gear for sure now. Sunglasses still on, which do wonders for her identity along with the Hawkeye outfit really. "Donuts huh... well all the reason to hit the gym later before bed today... just full of reasons..." she does smile a smile to the other four though.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I don't /have/ your crazy metabolism, Gar, I can't eat the contents of a candy truck and then keep trim by changing into the New Jersey Zoo. One chocolate glazed is good for me. Especially since I'm not doing any parkour or working out for a while," he nods towards his bandaged arm. Then, he adds an explanation, since he hasn't had a chance to tell Gar yet, "April took me to an underground skateboarding exhibition in the sewers. Got my arm bitten by a robot."

Just a regular day being Terry. He stops for a second and grins at Donna, "Hey Dee," and then Robin gets a puzzled look for a few seconds, before he says "Aren't you a little short for a bat trooper?" he says, the hint of a smile showing. When Hawkeye arrives, he addds, "And here's Legolas. Now we can go on the proper quest for the donut rings, I guess."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin looked to those who showed up, Gar, he recognizes, Terry, not so much. But he figured that was a form change or something akin to one.

  "Talk about what, exactly?" Feeling like he is being set up for something. Robin steps in and almost immediately the smell of sugar is on the air, which...is not Damian's favorite. "And will anything here not give me diabetes?"

  Second short joke of the day, great. Damian already has his fist clenched, his cheeks growing red. "Aren't you a little insane to be in public?" He snaps back, slight scowl on his face, eyes narrowing to slits. The smallest dog is always the fiercest one.

  Hawkeye at least does get a nod. "Hawkeye." He says in greeting, very to the point. Professional. He had nothing against her, from their first encounter in the lab.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Just bring us the Destruction Assortment Tray please?" Donna says to the guy behind the counter. "And I'll have an espresso."

    Gar gets a big smile and a one-armed hug from Donna before she finds a table and takes a seat. "Just a casual meeting, costumes optional. Come and join us, Hawkeye. I wanted you three to meet up properly with /Robin/ here. Properly, without the distractions of the tower. Titans kind of needs a Robin, and we've got one." She flashes Damian a grin.

    "Gar, the way I see it, a lot of what's happening here with the new guys is your gift to us. The old Garfield charm doing its magic. And you're closer in age to them. Hawkeye, Vorp, you two were the first of the newbies I believe. In my opinion you two are the most 'ready'. I think it's important you guys get an understanding here. Ideally without antagonizing each other, hmm?"

    Donna pulls her phone out and checks the time on it. "The coffee, Robin. They only add sugar if you ask. The rest... well try a donut or two, just don't take the Challenge. We managed it without actually becoming diabetic once, but your stomach will not thank you. Another thing is I wanted you guys to meet a friend of mine. I've been working on a few things behind the scenes, want to ensure the younger side of the team has plenty of firepower. I think she'll be a good addition to the team. She's late. That's kinda normal for her though. Me too, to be fair. It must be an Amazon thing."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar leans into the Donna hug for a moment before he just eyes Terry. "A robot in the sewers, and skateboarding? How is it you always seem to find these kinds of things?" Does he really need to ask, still?

Kate also gets a wave, but the initial exchange between Terry and Robin leads to him rubbing his temples wearily. "Could we maybe not do this until we've at least had a chance to talk a little first? I didn't come back to all of this just to have people sniping at each other." This is the part where he looks toward Donna when she brings up his role in the Titans rebirth. "I wanted to feel like I belonged to something again, something that's good and fun and a big family and a thing where everybody's got each other's backs."

Then /Superman/ returned and he hugged Superman and that was extra special, like the cherry on top of the recovery sundae. It was almost enough to forget there could be frayed nerves or contrasting personalities amid these new ranks.

Regardless, he plants himself in one of the seats and folds his arms across the tabletop, resting his chin atop it. "So we have a Robin. What does that mean right now? And we've got another prospect coming over?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
The line between 'casual' and 'uniform' is one that Cassie irreverently straddles, so she doesn't think about it too much when Donna calls her up. She tosses on one of her 'WW' tees (black and gold vs. red this time around), but the blue jeans, hoodie, and sneakers are all something any teenager might wear. Really, even the t-shirt is. But she does add the 'official business' jewelry. The bracers, and even the throwing star earings. The lasso gets positioned so that one might mistake it for a wallet chain or something. 90s fashion is in again!

With all that done, her mom gets an excuse about meeting friends (post HS, and post Amazon training camp, she's back living at home - how lame), and then she's off. Flying most of the way to the coffee shop is an act of freedom, a statement of rebellion as much as anything else. Plus she doesn't have a car or a cool motorcycle. At least she has the sense to land in an alley nearby.

So it's a mostly-normal looking teenager who comes into the place, late, scoping it out curiously and picking out Donna first among the gathering. "Hey, big sis." They don't look like actual sisters, not with that hair! "Sorry it took me a bit, had to come up with a story for my mom. These your friends? Woah, cool costumes!" She ambles a little closer, leaning one way as if to scope out Kate's duds. "So you really did mean THOSE kind of friends. Like, the ones you fight crime with and stuff." And then without missing a beat: "Did you order? I'm starving."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate gives a bit of a shrug, still a friendly enough smile there. "I'm good with donuts. I just will need to work harder later." to which she adds to the guy behind the counter "Expresso for me too." then she moves over to join the others at a table satisfied that whatever Donna just ordered will be good for the table and not kill all of them at the same time. At least not near term right. "I don't think I even want to know what the Challenge is.. I mean I do it sounds like a good story.. but I don't think I want to tackle it at a donut shop."

She leans over and gives Gar's shoulder a squeeze when he rubs his temples. A hey it will work out sort of gesture before leaning back and noting agreably. "Yeah we need to at least get to the who stole whose Monster Energy Drink from the fridge level before we start sniping like siblings." a grin. "Also Gar you did great, I am grateful for what we've all managed to pull back together.. by acting together." pause "and also save Rae."

When Cassie shows up Kate will give her a once over, up down then back up even while she is being scoped out. "Well she is definitely an Amazon." she notes chipperly. Her weapons are still in the bike holsters for the most part, except the fighting sticks on her thigh. "She ordered something called the Destruction Assortment Tray." hooking a thumb at herself. "I'm Hawkeye."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's smile doesn't waver, but he does keep the reply that came to his mind about Robin having a short fuse to himself, to follow Gar's request. "Speaking of Rae, where is she? I would love to see the reaction industrial piles of sugar have on her. Why must you deprive us of that, Donny?" he says to the Amazon, with a wink.

When Cassie makes her arrival, he holds out his good arm to offer a handshake, "I'm Terry O'Neil, intern with the Daily Planet, sort of attached to the Titans," he grins, and then quietly to her, "Also sometimes I'm the Cheshire Cat as a part-time gig."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian remained looking at the menu, and what was on offer. "Coffee, Black." He said, exchanging money for a receipt. The roll he pulled that from was considerable, but who would ever try to mug a Robin?

  So, he made his transaction, got his coffee, and sat down. The steaming cup was hot, very hot, the kind of hot that would make most people scream. Even then, he took a hefty drink. Damian did not say anything for a while, not ignoring either, it was the same schtick he pulled off in Titans Tower as Red X. He observed, analyzing, every bit of information he could, he would take in. Luckily the Cheshire Cat comment was not privy to Damian. The peace is kept, for now.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I think we all wanted that feeling back, Gar. It's just the rest of us were too dumb and too focused on our own things to get it together. " There's definitely a hint of sisterly affection in the smile she gives to him. "You were the one who reminded us." She refrains from reaching over and scruffing Gar's hair, but only just.

    "What does it mean to have a Robin on the team again? Well it means there's someone who knows their stuff. Someone who understands tactics, who you can trust to make the tricky calls in a tight situation. Working with a team goes best if you're all on the same page, and that takes planning. Robins know how to plan. This one has convinced me of that, but it's up to him to convince you. I'll say this though. He wouldn't be wearing the 'R' if he hadn't convinced the Batman, too. Think about it."

    "When the donuts arrive, you'll understand why Rae stayed away," Donna says to Terry with a grin. "The challenge is four trays. Some of the team will never step foot in this place again, the trauma is too deep."

    "Cass!" Donna calls out when she arrives. Her fellow Amazon gets a huge happy grin, but Donna decides to forgo any huge hugs for now. Not in front of these potential new friends, not quite yet. "You'll be glad to know we have a huge tray of donuts on the way. Beast Boy, Vorpal, Hawkeye, Robin? I'd like to to meet... Wonder Girl. Yes, she's an Amazon. Like me. Just like me really, she wasn't born on Themyscira, but... well, she's an Amazon now. Come grab a seat, Cassie. Come meet the Titans. I was thinking maybe you might like to fight crime with them, too."

Gar Logan has posed:
Whether they call him Gar or Beast Boy in civvies or costume...it doesn't really matter. He is who he is, he looks the way he looks, and besides that, he has embraced both his given name and his codename. That is simply the way it is, given the things he's done in the acting world, the social media side as well, being in the public eye. For others, the separation is more of a necessity.

"Come on, Donna, you don't have to say that for me. I'm starting to feel a little self-conscious about all this 'Gar's why we're all back together' stuff. If you guys really wanted to come back, you would have sooner or later with me there or not. It's not all just me." But, what /if/ he's wrong?

Cass gets a nod of greeting, glancing toward Donna and back again following the dual names shared. "So..which should we use when we're doing the costume stuff? Is it a secret, or are you open about it? I don't really know how this Amazon stuff works, since I'm not one, but..that's cool. You two don't look anything alike though."

To Terry, he just says, "That is a /bad idea/ and I'm not even gonna tell you it sounded good at the time. Raven on a sugar high is not something I want to think about."

Robin is more the focus of his attention, however. "So how do you think this is all gonna work? No, you wouldn't be a Robin if Batman didn't allow it, and if Batman thinks you deserve to be a Robin, then you deserve to be a Robin. I know I'm not cut out to be a leader. I can be moral support and I can do stupid human or pet tricks for everybody and be whatever I can think of in a situation, but that's kind of it. Are you just coming in all like, 'I'm the boss. Kiss the 'R' or else,' or are you here to listen to people and work with them?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Like this, Cassie gets to meet everyone. Starting with Kate. "Oh. Right. Our hero names. I guess that makes me-" she starts to answer, and then grins as Donna fills in. "Right, Wonder Girl." The way she repeats it, half breathlessly excited and half giggly, makes it unclear if she thinks the name is a little silly or the ABSOLUTE COOLEST thing in the world. "Cassie's fine, though, or Cass," she quickly ammends, glancing only briefly back at Donna for confirmation. Still, she doesn't seem any more concerned than her counterpart on the whole super-secret identity thingamajig. When Wonder Woman sets a precedent, do you argue? No ma'am, you do not!

It doesn't hurt that Terry seems to follow this trend too. And Gar? She's less concerned by identities as: "OHMYGOD you're the dude from Space Trek, right!? Haha, that show was so corny, I love it."

Like that, she gets around to making introductions to everyone. Well... Everyone but Damian. Still, she SEES him back there.

"Woah, so that's Robin? Like, THE BATMAN's Robin? That's so cool." Although she does scooch over a little closer to Donna to whisper (though, sadly, hardly quietly enough to evade Bat-Hearing): "I kinda thought he'd be taller." Seems everyone makes that joke.

She orders some frappe sort of thing (MOAR SUGAR?!) and then goes to sit in easy reach of the donuts where she can get to the know the group. "You bet I want to!" she answers Donna about the 'crime fighting' bit. "So you all work together? Is this one of those team-up things?" More excitement.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate glances over at the counter, she could definitely use the coffee sooner than later really so she is keeping an eye out for when that expresso may be coming.

"I've kind of got the vibe that all Amazons are sisters but some of them are Sisters." she asides softly to Gar when he calls out that Cassie and Donna don't really look at all alike.

"Batman is a legend and has a lot of credibility and respect from like everyone. Avengers. The League when it was still around. Everyone. So I imagine his judgement is pretty good about whether or not someone should wear the R as it were or not." just confirming what Donna said, because that part is at least not in dispute right.

"But like Gar said.. sure we definitely need to probably work a bit on our teamwork and some on tactics but there are two roads something like this could go down. The team road and the wow why did this all explode and not go well road. Because it isn't like some of us haven't been studying tactics and the art of war for a while now.." a light shrug from the young woman. She does seem open minded about the Robin, but then she has no reason to not give the young man that opportunity.

Hell to a large degree Kate is just happy to be working with a team. That was her goal and she is really headstrong when it comes to accomplishing those goals.

To the younger Amazon "I'll give you my other name sometime not in a donut shop." there is a sheepish shrug there because yeah Kate definitely doesn't want to deal with her dad's freakout. Not the least bit. "Awesome to meetcha Cass, are those bracers like Wonder Woman's?" and to that last question from Cassie. "We are all Titans."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's eyebrows shoot up and his cheeks gain a little color when Cassie identifies herself by her moniker. "Oh!" he says, and then "That's- that's cool! You work with Wonder Woman then?" it's a good thing his eyes are already green, right?

Gar's aw-shucks moment gives him an excuse to change the topic, "Yeah, well, I don't recall anyone making the motions to get back to the tower until you came around. And you were the first to try to help Raven. To this day I am amazed that she didn't swallow your soul whole when you gave her that hug."

An arm comes around, as if to drape his arm over Gar's shoulders, but then he realizes they're in public and instead he gives him the hair-ruffling that Donna neglected. He hasn't ordered anything for himself, but he is assured that a delivery of doomsday sugar is on its way.

To what Kate says, he adds, "We're the Titans, the next generation. No Patrick Stewart, though."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Another short joke. Another. ANOTHER. Robin's face goes back to that shade of red before his frown grows. The young Bat stands, and with all of height he brings down a hand to the table, not slamming, but the armored knuckles make a distinct clicking sound. "At this height I am able to topple people and maintain stealth in a way that is in dispensable to the team. Nor is my height a factor in my ability to lead a group." His words are clear, not yelled but loud enough for all to hear. "I made an oath to pick up this mantle and try to not be exactly who I was." It was as much an ultimatum as he could muster, while trying to keep cool and collected. But his patience was wearing thin.

Donna Troy has posed:
"C'mon Cassie, it's the Titans," Donna says with a laugh. "The ones I told you about. Not the... you know. My team. We're back together, and we're recruiting generation two. You always seemed so interested when I talked about them back on Themyscira. Well, I thought you might want to experience it for yourself."

    Donna turns to Gar with a smile and a slight shake of the head. "If we didn't all want to come back we wouldn't have," she agrees. "But sometimes it needs someone willing to take the first step. I hear you had a little help though," she adds, nodding her head slightly towards Terry.

    As she's speaking with Gar, she lets a forearm hit the table in front of Kate. It lands with a solid, metal clunk. "Not just like Wonder Woman's. We all have them. It's kind of a thing. I'm not going to spoil Cassie's fun by telling you her story, she can do that herself. But if any of you want to learn more about Themysciran culture, I'll take you over to the embassy and give you the tour. Unless it's the fighting arts part of our culture, then we can do it in the Tower gym.

    Donna raises an eyebrow at Robin's reaction, but that's the moment the tray arrives. There's a pyramid of donuts of all types stacked neatly on it, donuts by the dozen. Donna's mind goes momentarily back to /that day/ when the team finished off four of these, but she quickly rallies and picks up a glazed donut. "Okay, we have discovered Robin's soft spot. Try a donut Robin, and let's all lay off the height jokes, hmm? Nobody's being asked to kiss the 'R', but being a team means trying to get on with each other. Working together. Antagonizing each other isn't exactly helping."

Gar Logan has posed:
"So am I," Gar admits as he's reminded about the Raven hug. "I didn't think she'd go that far. I was hoping she wouldn't." His eyes squint at the messing up of his hair, as if it was in any other condition anyhow.

"So /you're/ the fan," he tells Cass, injecting a moment of self-deprecation into the mix, or at least just making light of the overall panning the show took.

There comes a low sigh as Robin's height, or lack thereof, is brought up again, as if he's already guessed what's about to happen next. And, there it is. His eyes flit between the female contingent here, then he gives Terry an apologetic look that's mixed with an uncomfortable, 'I don't want to be here right now' sort of expression, and begins to stand up just as the donuts arrive. "Sorry, guys. I lost my appetite. I didn't come here just to have people getting upset with each other. Let me know when we can have a talk that doesn't start falling apart five seconds in, okay?"

He steps away from the table, and it really seems as if he's going to leave, his hands plunging into his jeans pockets.

That brighter mood from encountering Superman is already taking a hit, as if bickering and short tempers is killing his enthusiasm. It might have been good to find out what Robin meant about trying not to be who he was, but it remains to be seen if that will come up right here.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Yeah its kind of our official uniform," Cassie adds after Donna, as she does likewise with her forearms, pulling back the sleeves of her hoodie from her wrists before setting them on the table with an echo of that heavy sound. "We all wear them. And we all know how to -use- them," she adds, with a grin, promptly lifting her arms again to mime what is presumably some classic 'bullets and bracelets' action. "But yeah I... well, yeah I didn't start an Amazon. My mom's an archeologist and she did some work with Wonder Woman and then uh... well, it turned into this whole THING." Maybe she is taking Kate's 'there are better places to share than a coffee shop' to heart. "I'll tell you later."

"Oh!" Cassie is, indeed, far more interested in the Titans angle, and brightens a little as Kate explains who exactly they are. "I'm definitely interested in it," she declares, looking back and forth between Kate and Donna when it becomes clear this is something a bit more than a random hero meet up at the local donut shop. "I don't really know too much about the old team or whatever, but I always really thought the idea sounded cool. We have to learn somewhere, right? And uh, don't tell Diana I said this," woah, WOAH, insurrection, here! "But there's only so much I can do on the island. It's uh, pretty different from the real world, you know?"

There's also a rather abrupt shift at Robin's reaction. First, she didn't realize Bats could hear like that, clearly. Second, though, she starts waving her hands back and forth criss-cross as if trying to deny something. "Oh no, nono. I didn't you mean you couldn't... I just mean, erm, I thought..." How can she explain this without it sounding insulting? "Is there... more than one of you?" Because she really DID think he was taller! No one explained the Robin Recycling Program. Donna gets a sheepish look as well. OOPS.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Well that is a bit explosive. She reserves judgeent still though, because well her eyes are hidden by those shades. Her internal monologue is she gets explosive too sometimes when she is focused on something. Still he will need to control that temper on the team just like others need to control their mouths.

Verbally though there is a sigh and then she states "I'm with Troia on this one, we need to make sure we have ... yah know actual friendship and all before we start teasing each other. Otherwise it is really hard to determine if someone is good natured joking or being mean." she pauses to select a chocolate donut, cake, going for broke here. "And I am on of the most sarcastic people I know and my love language is sarcasm .. seriously... but still got to build a foundation." pause "Also yes I gather this is the latest person to wear the mantle of Robin. It is like a legacy?"

She looks after BB. "Come on Gar... everyone will behave and all. Every start of a trip has some bumps and often turning around and asking directions in a gas station when you get lost... " she pauses "Okay that metaphor is both really out dated with smartphones and I am not even sure where I am going with it. Other than .. fuck it will work out so have a donut BB... don't make us haul all of these back in boxes for the common room."

"Also totally count me in on Themyscira culture field trip and bootcamp. Can only make me better. I'll teach you more bow stuff and you can teach me more sword stuff." stuff which well if nothing else Kate has confidence on the bow stuff. "How hard are those bracers to use?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"No, no, that metaphor works. Mom and I once were driving through the Swannannoa valley just before getting to Asheville and we got lost. No cell reception. We finally found a Shell station and got directions, so yeah." Terry stands up and walks over to Gar, reaching out to grab his wrist, though not forcefully.

"Hey..." he says, and then he leans forward to say something so quiet that only Gar could hear. He squeezes the Titan's wrist once and then turns around, heading for his seat.

"I don't know about this. If I've learned anything from books, it is that all pyramids should be mistrusted because they carry doom within."

He looks over his shoulder at Gar, "What do you think? A little courage is needed, perhaps?"

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian's head rears as Cassie asks if there was more than one Robin. Almost immediately his red recedes, letting show more of his olive skin tone. "You did not know?" He was honestly surprised at that, then Kate's admission as well. "I am the fifth Robin." He offers up, very plainly. "I had thought it was common knowledge the first became Nightwing. So it is a mantle. Picked up by four before me."

  Robin takes his seat again, drinking the rest of the coffee and sniffing at a donut, taking a big bite, almost immediately he looks like he's made a big mistake. His eyelets go wide, the face, his mouth forms a small 'o' as he takes a moment. He swallows the donut and you could swear his face turned just a little green.

  The mixture of caffeine and sugar, he starts bouncing his leg, for no reason. "I do not feel right." He says, in a very hushed tone.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna intercepts Gar with a hand on his arm, but it's just rested there momentarily, not an attempt to restrain him. "Gar, please? Listen, when you came to the Titans, there was already a togetherness. But that didn't appear over night. You should have seen how me and Nightwing were when we first met. This is different - a whole bunch of new guys coming in at the same time. Given them time, please?"

    Donna acknowledges Kate's contribution with a nod, and turns to include everyone in what she's saying. "Listen. Just because you're all suddenly on a team with people doesn't mean you're going to respect them straight away. You need to know someone as a person, to see what they are like and what they can do before you'll truly respect them, or they will truly respect you. What takes the place of that respect until it's learned is /politeness/. En was making height jokes at Robin's expense earlier today, and I know you guys don't all know that, but think about it. If I was hearing jokes about my accent every five minutes, my patience would be wearing thin too. So please, try to be polite to each other and give everyone a bit of time, okay? Agreed?"

    She looks to Gar again, and nods her head in the direction of his seat, with a questioning expression. "Please?" she repeats. She's not going to press him any more than that though.

    "The bracers are just really /good/ armor basically," Donna tells Hawkeye. "It's not just a skill. If you're not fast enough to essentially catch bullets, they're not going to do you any good. And Cass? I am so sneaking a satellite modem and dish back next time I go home. Don't tell mom, okay? She'll kill me." Cass gets a broad grin, it's all just a joke.

    Even if it's true. Hippolyta would kill her.

    Donna's attention is drawn to Robin. She gives him a concerned look, then a thoughtful one. "Would you like a glass of water, Robin?" She asks. "Maybe you should lay off the donuts for a while. Particularly the glazed ones."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan frowns. On some level, he probably knows he's being a certain way about this, but interactions can be difficult when someone just wants to be everyone's friend and it doesn't always go that way. "It's just..I mean, I know that, Donna, but.."

Terry's whispered words coax a brief nod out of him, but before he can respond to that it appears Robin is having some sort of brainfreeze or sugar high. Just from a coffee and a donut? Whoa.

"I, uh, don't know if I should call a doctor or take a video of this for my account," he admits, staring openly at Robin and what he's going through. "Dude, are you all right? Am I going to have to save the day by eating /all the donuts/ so nobody else meets this terrible fate?"

At least he hasn't completely forgotten his brand of humor.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie's defense/explanation to Damian for her lack of extensive Robinology knowledge: "Well I was always more of a Wonder Woman fan." Duh. "Even before all the... stuff happened." She's a very particular Superhero(ine) fangirl. "Of course I've heard a bit about Superman and Batman, the Avengers..." And, apparently, the very small minority who appeared on cult classic Sci-fi TV shows. If she gets in, Gar is definitely getting dragged to a marathon viewing. However, both new-shorter-Robin and Donna bring up Nightwing, and that DOES seem to ring a bell. "Oh, yeah I've heard of Nightwing! Right, you two worked together before. So he was a Robin too? Hmm. Maybe /he's/ the tall one I was thinking of." Does she briefly make teenage girl crush <3 eyes? Yes, she does. But it's Nightwing. It's unavoidable. <3 <3 <3

This daydreaming lasts a moment, there's a brief pause, and then a double take-like: "Wait, /five/? Uh, I hope they all just uh, outgrew it..." Cassie, unintentionally DARK.

But she does brighten up at the idea of satellite hookup for the next trip back to Themyscira. "Tell her?!" She makes the universal sign of zipping her own lips. "You have my oath, sister! There's only so much... lyre playing and pottery and ancient greek poetry recitation that a girl can take." Which makes her look over at Kate. "Not that it isn't amazing! Just uh, yeah, it's a little old-fashioned."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I think you will have to save us from ourselves Gar and eat the lionshare of these donuts." pause "Just don't turn into a lion to do it." it is said with such steady solemness.

Then she twists a bit to look at Donna. "Damn. I mean I can catch arrows but bullets are a bit beyond my training so far." hey it is impressive enough if she isn't full of it that she can catch arrows. Those bracers are interesting. Kate eyes them a moment longer then takes another bite of her donut.

Honestly this is just Kate's MO, steal Hawkeyes everything, Swordmasters sword, Mockingbird's staves. It is a wonder she hasn't got her hands on a Captain America shield yet.

She really should get one of those.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"A girl after my own heart," Terry says to Cassie on her Wonder Woman remark. "I'm a Wonder b-fan myself. Diana gave me her cloak!" he says, beaming, and then he looks wistful "Ancient greek poetry. The Kithara. All that history, those manuscripts. What would I give to set foot on /that/ shore." History nerds are going to nerd, no matter what.

Terry glances at Gar "Yes, save me Obi Gar Kenobi, you're my only hope of not having to eat all this by myself." He gestures towards the pile of donuts. "Think of the poor plumbers who would be called at the tower. The humanity. Think of the children."

He looks over at Robin and raises an eyebrow. "Uh oh. Get him some water. He looks like he's got the same expression as when my dad first tasted sugar in this world. High danger of horking."

Of all the memories he had to keep versus the ones that were gone...

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Donna's question only gives rise to a series of quick nods from Robin. Before long he grows perhaps a shade darker. But after a short look of much more unease, he powered through it.

  Robin would not be tossing cookies today. The water is delivered and the glass is swallowed down without pause, one continuous tip of the glass.

  He still looks ill, but it starts to subside, luckily enough. "I have not had sugar in such amount." Yup, there was much in this world he did not know. Refined sugar in American amounts was not one of those.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Not ALL the donuts, Gar!" Donna says with an expression of mock dismay. "Not again." She gives a dramatic sigh. "I'm not going to help you with the stomach pump this time!" She gives him quick wink. "Think you could manage say... half? C'mon Gar, I need you here. Without your help I'll have put half the newbies in a sugar coma and Rae will be so mad."

    Donna gestures to the guy behind the counter and calls out "Could you bring a glass of water please? My friend... I think a little went down the wrong way. Thank you very much." He nods his head and goes about fetching a glass for Robin. Thus the Titans are spared the vengeance of the Bat.

    "You can catch arrows, Hawkeye? That is very impressive. Few can manage it. But please, don't try with bullets. Part of it is a skill - when the bullet goes faster than sound, you can't rely on hearing the shot, you have to anticipate. With a machine gun, you have to watch the motion of the barrel, and follow the rate of fire. Kind of like following the beat of music when you dance. But mostly it takes extremely fast reactions. Not all Amazons can do it either. Some of us..." she glaces at Cassie. "Well, we have a kind of 'cheat mode'."

    Donna's eyes return to Cassie, and narrow. "Careful, missy. That's my home you're talking about." She pouts jokily. "Come on, it's not that bad. There is lots to do on Themyscira!" Donna's an odd sort of half-way house between Diana and Cassie. She was raised on Themyscira, but she spent her later teenage years in America, and Cassie knows full well how much Donna /hates/ not being able to get the Internet back home. Queen Hippolyta is right, Patriarch's world is horribly corrupting for Amazons. "Still. If you promise /never/ to tell Diana, next time we go back I will show you where there's a bar, of sorts..."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Don't say I never do anything for you guys," Gar says, coming back over if for no other reason than to start cramming a variety of donuts into his mouth, which somehow seems capable of accommodating them without causing him to choke or otherwise look any greener than normal. "Thaf nvrr happ'n, D'na," he tells Troia. No pumping of stomachs then, or now.

He'll burn off the sugar soon enough.

Downing some water to go with the unhealthy but tasty snacks, he wipes the back of his mouth with a hand and definitely looks like there's more energy about him. "So Robin you wanna tell us about how you see things going with everyone and the Titans and you and we're all gonna be friends with no fighting and stuff like that right?"

His eyes are just a bit wider than usual and he begins to orbit Terry while he walks nearby.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
It's apparent that Cassie's found a bit of a kindred spirit in Terry, and she grins at his boast over that piece of memorabilia. "Oh that's really cool! That's actually kind of how I got started with the whole uh, superhero thing. Before I discovered my powers," again, there's a story there, but evidently one for a more proper hero venue, "I uh... 'borrowed' a couple of her artifacts, so that I could use them to help her fight crime." Not the brightest idea she ever had! "You'd think she would have been really angry, but..." But she's Wonder Woman! "They're kind of strict about men visiting, but... hrm, I think there are -some- exceptions."

Damian's ongoing chemical reaction is now watched with some curiousity, although she seems relieved he's not quite so mad at HER any more. When there's discussion of Gar eating ALL the donuts, and indeed, soon an apparent attempt at making this happen for REAL, she quickly reaches to snatch a last one before it vanishes into the green void. Newly adopted Amazonian family or no, sugar and artificial colorings are the birthright of every American child!

"You'd probably make a really good Amazon," she tells Kate as the topic meanders that way. "Sounds like you're basically one already." Then, again a little more sheepishly as Donna sticks up for her home: "Oh, its totally amazing, don't get me wrong. And you'd love it, Terry. I spent a lot of time around archeological sites as a kid, when my mom had to take me along. So it was cool seeing stuff like that but uh," and she gestures vaguely, "not all old, broken and dusty? To see it alive, I guess. Themyscira really is like paradise. But..." What could possibly challenge paradise? "I can't check my social media." Of course. But even this complaint is forgotten in light of Donna's clandestine promise. "Woah, really?" Yes, if there's any greater act of teenage rebellion than using divine powers to fight crime, it's illegal drinking. "I won't say anything!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate makes a very clear tactical decision, she goes in for a maple bacon donut before Gar decimates to many of the Donut Destruction Platter. Then she curls back in the chair and nibbles on it as she watches everyone interact. Really just observing, and keeping an eye on Robin to make sure he doesn't vibrate into another dimension. Honestly stranger things have happened.

That does seem to be how Wally taps into the speed force, refined sugar.

"Yeah arrows aren't too hard, pretty sure I would just end up bruised if I tried to catch a bullet thouh... even if it didn't pierce the armored gloves or sleeves...." she sounds sad about that too. Bullet catching or deflecting sounds fun. Definitely need to get a Cap Shield.

"I'd be honored. Also I want to see that place some day too." she quips to Cassie and then notes with a serious tone. "We should definitely practice together though. I'd love to see what you are focused on compared to Troia. I'm always ready to learn knew techniques." she means it too. Which is why she looks over to Robin. "I hope to see how you fight too and learn some tricks."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I'd love to see Themyscira, but I know men aren't allowed to go there." Terry ventures to take a donut, fully aware of its destructive power. "I gues you'll have to bring me postcards when you go."

Taking a bite of the donut, he looks as Gar begins to devour them and, after a few seconds, says, "That's the second widest I've seen your mouth get, Gar."

He glances at Robin, and says "Sugar is sort of terrible, but after a while you develop a taste for it. That's when you know the parasites have taken over your brain and are demanding more sustenance." He takes a bite out of his donut and grins, "Ah, yes..."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian was trying to hold back himself. But that was failing, he keeps shaking his leg, working off that excess energy, and trying to keep his mind on not his stomach.

  To the questions brought fourth to him, from Gar, he only shrugs. "It is a game of give and take. If y-you ask me how I want it to be, you would all be regimented. B-but that is not how it is." Brutally honest. "There will be fighting. There will be disharmony." Absolutely brutally honest. "But I have worked with less."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "And never will," Donna replies to Gar with a laugh. "I am sure the stomach pump has yet to be made that is equal to your stomach. And don't give up hope, Terry." Donna rests a hand gently on Terry's shoulder for a moment. "We do not entirely forbid men from visiting, it just requires... a rare exception. Queen Hippolyta might be persuaded if you do some great service to the Amazons." She smirks a little at him as she refers back to an earlier conversation. "Don't worry, I won't talk about 'sacrifices' this time..."

    "That's a good idea, Hawkeye," Donna says with a smile, half turning to Kate but keeping one eye on Robin, possibly to make sure he doesn't float away. "You guys should train together as much as possible. You all have something to learn from each other, and the effectiveness of a team is greatly increased by your ability to anticipate and complement each other. Only time and training will give you that. To be declared an Amazon, Cassie went through... I guess you could call it Amazonian basic training, though it is far from basic. It was extremely intensive and she was very dedicated. She could show you a lot of things..."

    Donna gives Cassie a nudge. "And sis? Hawkeye here is really good with a bow. I mean, she's a natural, but she also works at it very hard. You must get her to show you. I showed her the Feat of Teucer, and I think she'll have mastered it within a year." Cassie knows that's one of the toughest tricks in Amazonian archery - a way to fire very rapidly which requires a juggler's precision in handling the arrows. Donna herself is only passable at best with it.

Gar Logan has posed:
After eating enough donuts to put Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi to shame, Gar rests his hands atop the table, which brings him closer to Robin.

"That's cool but we don't really do the whole 'take orders from someone without thinking for ourselves' thing so that's definitely not how it is AND BE QUIET TERRY WE'RE TRYING TO HAVE A MATURE CONVERSATION HERE AND YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO MAKE ME SPIT UP ALL THOSE DONUTS AND THAT ISN'T GONNA HAPPEN SO PUT THE PHONE AWAY IF YOU HAVE IT OUT and anyway Robin we work best when we're equals and you might not think I'll ever be good enough to be your equal and that's okay but I know more about being a Titan than you do right now so if you're gonna have to learn to put up with us we're gonna have to learn to put up with you and I've worked with more and I've worked with less and I don't really know the point you're trying to make with that but what I'm just trying to say here is we all need to give each other a chance because I think we can make this work and help people who need it and maybe we won't all be friends but if we at least respect each other that's okay with me."

One take Gar?

Try one breath Gar.

"Okay I need to go burn off all this energy now bye."

Roadrunner Gar: exit stage outta here.


Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie has a pretty good idea how she differs from Donna, since Kate is curious: "Yeah, Amazon 'basic' is normal people 'freaking crazy.' And I'm nowhere near Donna yet. But I'm learning! Also, my trainers liked to tell me that I am 'quick to anger' and 'prone to overly aggressive and violent approaches,'" she reports, in a deadpan tone that is perhaps a satirical immitation of some Amazon taskmaster, real or archtypical. But she breaks into a grin by the end. "But assuming I get the OK to see the secret hideout, I'll definitely show you. Kinda goes with the whole 'origin story' thing, anyway." The bit Donna adds about her archery, Amazon gibberish or not, earns a suitably wide-eyed reaction. "Woah really? Archery was one of my poorer subjects, haha."

While leaning back with her donut, watching Gar inhale the rest, she ends up watching Damian again. The sugar reaction makes her giggle a little, but his serious approach to the team... not as much. Actually, her expression turns... understanding? Sympathetic? Maybe she just registers recognition, in his attitude. "You know, you actually sound a lot like some of the Amazon instructors did. They were pretty tough on us, so I'm sure I can take it, if that's what it'll take to get the group in shape." There's a bit of a provocation in her tone, a challenge for him, but it also seems to admit to the fact he might be /partly/ right. "My teachers have /always/ told me I need structure."

After finishing her donut, she crosses her arms over her chest. "Plus, if I don't get some rules to start with, then what's the point of goofing off?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I've been practicing that trick every day as part of my routines. It is going to take a good amount of time to get it smooth especially in a tense fight but I can safely say I am getting better at it." she pantomimes the finger positioning in the air. "Also Amazonian bootcamp sounds fun. I mean probably the same way Navy Seal bootcamp sounds fun if they taught archery." she takes another bite of that bacon maple donut. "Man this place has good donuts... this neeeds to be a team pow wow tradition. That or maybe waffles. there is a dessert waffle place in Metropolis that is amazing."

Then to Cassie "The hideout isn't very secret, seriously.." she leans and points "Over that way, giant building in the shape of a T." pause a beat. "Also you can be my guest though it sounds like Troia is all keen for you to hang with us anyhow. I can show you some archery techniques you can show me whatever you are good with. Win win."

Then well totally distracted by the green roadrunner.... okay that is amazing. "Wow."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry watches all this. He is the Cheshire cat. Nothing surprises him, but many things greatly amuse him. What /do/ you say after Gar basically turns sugar into a stream of consciousness? Apres donut, le deluge, as King Henry XIV once said (he did not) before he died of diabetes (he most certainly did not)? What utterance could man or beast under the celestial vault make that could compare?

"There goes my man," Terry says with a completely deadpan, serious demeanor. He lets that statement land squarely and revels in the silence that is sure to follow as he drinks his water, before changing the subject.

"I don't know what service I could possibly render the Amazons. I barely can get Lois' coffee right."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "If anyone needs a translation," Donna says as she watches the green bird fleeing, "I speak almost fluent Wally. Ah. Yeah, none of you really know about that yet. Never mind."

    Donna gives Terry a pat on the shoulder. "You never know what the future will bring. Now I'd normally say 'go after your man!' but I doubt you could catch him. He'll be back at the tower once he's had a chance to run off the sugar. Talking of which..."

    Donna joins Kate in pointing Cassie towards the giant T-shaped tower standing just offshore, not half a mile away. "Hardly secret, sis!" she says laughingly. Then, because she's right there and introductions have been made and it's a good excuse, she gives Cassie a quick hug. Because Cassie is great. Not least because until Cassie arrived on Themyscira, Donna did not have anyone there within about nine hundred years of her own age to talk to!

    "Don't worry Cass, they say the same thing about me about being overly aggressive" Donna says with a smile. Partly because it's true, partly because Amazon trainers consider anyone with less than a millennium of combat experience to be recklessly undisciplined, and partly because she has a touch of a blind spot about Cassie's quickness to anger. "What do you say, Cass, want to visit the tower and check out the training facilities?"

    Donna turns to the others. "And how about you guys? I'm not gonna pull a seniority thing here. How about we go back to the tower, show Cassie around, and let her show you why she deserves a T-Com? I think..." Donna grins in the direction roadrunner Gar meep meeped away. "We've probably all had enough donuts for now."