1776/Hellfire Additions

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Hellfire Additions
Date of Scene: 21 May 2020
Location: Conference Rooms - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: The Board of the Hellfire Club discusses a new addition to the Club with Maxwell Wave
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Maxwell Wave

Emma Frost has posed:
The small conference room of the Hellfire Club has been set up with light refreshments (water, sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea) for the meeting this afternoon. The owner of the building, a Mr. Sebastian Shaw, is present, of course, as are a couple other members of the Board of the Hellfire Club, including Ms. Emma Frost, the youngest and newest member of the Hellfire Board.

Building plans for the second floor are already laying out on the table, as well as the building plans for the fifth and seventh floors, all three of which currently have a single bar on each floor, but ample room beside that is either unfinished, or semi-finished and otherwise unused at the moment.

It's those building plans Emma had been pouring over in her off hours from Frost International this week, while also prepping for her vacation she is leaving on tomorrow evening. Workaholic? Quite, actually. A glass of sparkling water is already at her left hand, a tablet computer with detailed notes at her right.

Sadly, the whole board isn't present, though besides Sebastian Shaw at the head of the table and Emma Frost at his right, Malcolm Merlyn sits silently in his own seat next to Emma, skimming a tablet computer with a considering look. The opposite head seat that would normally seat Lex Luthor is, for the moment, empty, though who knows if he might not swing by mid meeting. Running for President is taxing and time-consuming, after all, and he often isn't always able to make these sorts of discussions. Selene lounges in her chair at the near-opposite end of the table from Shaw, looking incredibly bored.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw studies his own tablet, scrolling through cost-benefit analyses meticulously prepared and provided by the ever-faithful Tessa. Occasionally he glances up to the building plans themselves, occasionally shifting them to get a better look at some particular detail or another. He leans over and murmurs something quietly to Malcolm, who nods to whatever it is and murmurs back quietly.

And then Sebastian stills himself, setting the tablet down and looking towards Maxwell, placing his hands on the table, "So far this is looking good, Mr. Wave. You're certain we'll be able to maintain proper soundproofing between the second and third floors despite the raised ceilings in the Club area?"

Maxwell Wave has posed:
One might find it surprising, but Maxwell does own a suit. It's not an expensive suit, and those with an ultra tier sense for fashion and money may find it worse then if Max has arrived in shorts and flipflops. The garment is at least tailored likely by someone at Men's warehouse and is Max's one good suit, something he relied on for more formal academic events and now for the occasional interview.

The look ruined by the pair of goggles obscuring his eyes and wrapped around his head, Max can only appear so dignified. However, he had run a comb through his messy brown hair after slipping them on. It was an honest effort.

However, his education and unique ability to directly perceive and intuit the application of forces -are- impressive. As a result, his work is of the highest caliber and lightly to impress the most scientifically inclined, maybe even Mister Luthor would be pleased.

While he would generally be a touch nervous about addressing such a prestigious group of people, his knowledge serves as nigh impenetrable armor, as long as they stay on subject. He wraps himself in armor as he speaks, "Absolutely, Mister Shaw. Even with the raised cleaning, we have room for floor underlayment. A combination of cork, polymer, and MLV will provide complete soundproofing, short of an explosion that directly impacts the ceiling itself."

Emma Frost has posed:
"I do like this combined barback area to service both the new teen club as well as Algernon's," Emma points out on the plans. "The only concern I have here is potential for accidental misservice with someone bringing alcholic beverages over to the new club, but I think that's something that can be mitigated, largely, with good practices." She taps the dance floor area. "This is being reinforced? I'm assuming its due to the potential for a large number of people in this area stomping around." She tilts her head, considering. She's definitely NOT a building engineer. "Seeing that this area is directly over the Dungeon below, I don't think noise going down will be an issue, but I am equally worried about it going up into the third. We have living apartments there, after all." She hms.

Merlyn shakes his head. "It all looks fine to me, structurally. I'd like to discuss some of the finer details, of course. It needs to //feel// like a Hellfire Club property, and that means from ceiling to floor, it needs to be perfection."

Emma glances to the side, to the older, more experienced board member, and nods. "Absolutely. But Maybe in a few moments. I think the structure issues need to be addressed before the aesthetics."

Merlyn makes a brief gesture of agreement. "Absolutely, Ms. Frost. Mr. Wave, as such, a secondary concern of mine on a structural level: obviously, given the clientele, we do not want the 'Faraday Cage' effect in the new youth club. They'll simply lose their minds without their phones working. Have you made sure to allow for this, so there is not service interruption?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Emma's right, we'll worry about the window dressings once we've got windows to dress, so to speak. Not to minimize the concern, of course, Malcolm." Sebastian gives Malcolm an apologetic smile, "And I've some ideas in that direction we can discuss once we determine our collective opinion on Mr. Wave's proposals."

"I'm sure we can have the floor managers draw up a workflow for the renovated bar and kitchen space. I think we definitely want some assurances on the impact absorption of the dancefloor. We have some of the VES hardware for the Dungeon not far beneath it." Shaw adds, "I do appreciate your accommodation of our particular hardware needs despite our somewhat vague parameters, Mr. Wave." Proprietary information and all that.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
"In the appendix of the plan, there is a recommendation for a variety of equipment to be installed. In the manifest, a combination of internal and external antennas have been requested along with multiple amplifiers. This should provide optimal cell phone reception, and while it's more the domain of your interior designer, I recommend strategically placed charging surfaces to ensure everyone is amply charged." Max replies to Merlyn then looks to Emma.

"Structurally, the floor was already near spec to handle the maximum occupancy of the dance floor. Some additional reinforcement will be required to add an acceptable level of tolerance to prevent bowing." He nods to Emma and then looks toward Shaw.

"Accommodating hardware needs is critical in modern planning, Mister Shaw. Everyone seems to want a server room or two, and no one tolerates poor reception or network latency. As long as the provided weights and tolerances of your equipment are correct, the plan should account adequately with a sizable margin of error in case of future revisions." Max has been sure to leave room for expansion in the plan and avoided narrow margins with possible such decisions otherwise become one-way doors that can create regrets later.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma bites her lower lip, looking over the plans. "Assuming this is signed off on by the end of next week," she says, "How quickly can construction begin? And how much trouble will this construction pose to Algernon's next door? Will we need to close it while the new club is built, the entire time, or even just for a few days?" She flips through Tessa's numbers. "I'm assuming there will need to be a short term closing at least while the new barback and storage is being contructed, as whats in the current one will be moved out and stored elsewhere during that time."

Merlyn holds up a finger. "We're just talking about the build for the base structure, of course, the detail work being a separate issue, as we're still debating theme."

Emma shoots him a look. "I think the Roman theme would be stunning," she notes. Selene sits up, nodding in agreement with Emma, though she seems annoyed to be agreeing with the yougner woman.

"And I do think the more futuristic theme we've discussed would go over better with the Legacies," Malcolm argues.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"We may be able to find a middle ground on the design, but that's a discussion for later." Sebastian notes to his cohorts, before looking back to Maxwell, "Before you answer Emma's question, I understand you can get things done any two of cheaply, quickly, and well, but not all three. So while I would not suggest taking this as a blank check, understand that quickly and well are where my priorities lie, and cost is less of an object. So for purposes of your estimates...assume you will have all the funding you might require, with a reasonable buffer for unforseen costs."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell is silent for a moment as he considers Emma's question and Shaw's addition. He finally speaks, "Your opening and closing schedule is largely dependent on your tolerance for noise. While I can guarantee the finished product is sufficiently sound-proofed, the construction itself will be noisy. The reinforcement of the floor in particular will require a jackhammer and the construction crew will likely need to open up a wall to move in material. Your trade-offs will be schedule, cost, and temporary discomfort. Soundproofing panels can be leveraged to muffle some of the hustle, but when that floor is being reinforced, I would recommend a hard close for its duration. You will want to block a considerable amount of the HVAC system as well, to avoid particulates traveling to the rest of the building."
He takes a moment for the breath, "This stage and the soundproofing of the ceiling are the only significant structural changes to the building. Both stages can have considerable manpower thrown at them to accelerate their timeline. That will come with a multiplier cost on tools and equipment." He raises a hand, "I've provided my best estimates, however, work execution isn't my specialty. I'd recommend hiring a top-notch constructor expeditor to work with your construction manager. Give them ample budget and they should be able to develop a workforce plan and a materials schedule that minimize the discomfort."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma nods, typing in a few things. "A hard close is easier to stomach than a half-close where people are going to be grouchy from the noises and dust," she notes. "So it is what it is. I'll send the data to Tessa for her to tweak her calculations."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw says, "We have some companies that are familiar with working in the Club. We'll round up the usual suspects and let them see the proposals and make their estimates." Shaw replies, "The benefit of running nightclubs is that construction during the day isn't such an impediment." He grins, "I suspect Algernon's can survive a few weeks of closure if need be." He looks to Malcolm, Emma, and Selene, "I suspect that unless any of the rest of you have specific questions for Mr. Wave, we can let him be about his business and start the preliminary design and decoration discussion?"

And without further ado, Selene rises from her seat, a brief show of teeth indicating the closest thing to a smile that's appeared on her face thus far, "I am certain you can attend to such details yourselves. I have other matters to attend to, and you are well enough aware of my preference towards Classical stylings." There's a tinge of annoyance in her tone, but she gives the barest of nods, whether to Shaw directly or the group in general is difficult to discern, and then she's out of the room in a flash.

Shaw looks impassive beyond a lifting of his brows, but once Selene is gone he's all gracious smile again, "Well then, my apologies for Selene's abrupt exit. She doesn't have the same patience for fine detail the rest of us do.""

Maxwell Wave has posed:
"If that is all, I'll work with your people to setup an inspection schedule, so I can assure the build matches the agreed upon specification. At the risk of bragging, the city inspectors love my work. If they see my name attached to it, you are less likely to have some bureaucratic headaches down the line." Max offers a shrug, "We all have specializations, Mr. Shaw. Interior decoration makes my head spin."

He gathers up his things, leaving copies of the plan while keeping his own copy with a few notes scribbled in mechanical pencil. "It's a real pleasure working on this project. I thank you all for the opportunity."