1791/Good Luck via Bad Luck

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Good Luck via Bad Luck
Date of Scene: 22 May 2020
Location: Apartment in NYC
Synopsis: A stroke of luck saves Alex from having to break out of jail, which is a bit harder then climbing out of the wreckage of a crashed police van. He escapes to a nearby apartment building only to stumble upon the apartment of Felicity Felix. Someone how the luck plague has become his lucky charm!
Cast of Characters: Alex Hayden, Felicity Felix

Alex Hayden has posed:
There was a showdown down at a warehouse on the docks, and Alex had the short-end of the stick as far as luck went. He gave as good as he got, everyone walked around with ones, but he was the one that got stomped in the head until he was unconscious. Fortunately for him, he has a very advanced healing factor. The shrapnel wound in his arm has already healed. Though his right butt cheek itches from the round that's buried into his gluteus maximus.

He wakes up in the back of a police van, his hands hand-cuffed to a rail. His backpack deposited in a bin off to the side out of arms reach. He groans and shakes his head, "That girl has a nasty stomp. I'll have to pay her back one of these days for giving me a rough nap."

He wiggles and strains for a moment, the handcuff chains break. He rubs his wrists and looks around the back of the van. He's still locked in.

Meanwhile, the van continues along a main street at a moderate pace. The destination is a holding cell for Agent X.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Air bags are pretty nice, honestly. They save thousands of lives each year. Like those of the driver and escort in the front of the police van.

A stoplight momentarily turns green both ways, and a Wayne Waste Management garbage truck rumbles out into the intersection. There's almost no warning when Alex is thrown clear across the back of the van to the front wall, nor when he is thrown to the floor when the van flips upwards. The vehicle lands on its nose on top of the edge of the garbage truck, balances for a moment, and then topples forward onto its roof, knocking the back doors open and leaving the two policemen completely incapacitated.

Alex Hayden has posed:
"Alright, now time to figure-" THUNK. "A way-" FLOP. "...out?"

Alex rag dolls around the interior of the van caught completely be surprise by the sudden lurch from the accident. Fortunately for him, the thick slates of muscle that make up his physique, combined with his healing factor, and probably a few years of calcified bone from repeated breaks manage to keep him whole. He maintains his sense enough to grab a bench and brace himself before the whole van goes nose down. He manages to get his feet above him before it rolls forward onto its roof. "Well, this is pretty convenient. Thank you New York. For having shitty drivers!"

He goes to the bin containing his confiscated gear and notices some of its missing. Frowning, he notices a locker nearby with a padlock, though the thing has busted a hinge from the accident. He kicks it the rest of the way open and retrieves his weapons, offering the chamber of each pistol a kiss. He recomposes his holsters and slings his backpack then walks toward the back of the van, where he begins to repeatedly kick the already damaged doors.

Felicity Felix has posed:
There was already screaming and panicking, especially from the enormous driver of the WWM truck. When the doors are kicked open, the guy runs off with half a dozen other onlookers, and two people who were rushing up to help the police driver and her partner instead about-face and run off like they suddenly landed in a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Which is appropriate, since one of those people falls into an open manhole that got dislodged with the accident. Down the street, the cop cars that had been following the van but got separated by traffic turn on their lights. Directly ahead is a brick apartment building, flanked by two abandoned store fronts.

Alex Hayden has posed:
The apartment building looks good to him! Part of him wishes he could lend a hand, but he knows he'd only be thanked and then cuffed. So it's a good time to make use of his incredibly good fortune from their terrible fortune. He hops up to walk across the roof of a car on his way to the apartment building. He hops over a planter and then scales the stairs leading up to a security gate. He tosses his bag over it and very deftly scales it to land on the other side. Picking his bag back up, he starts inside offering a wave to a startled resident and a little kid who murmurs to his mom, "Whoa that guy looks cool! Did you see all the scars?"

Felicity Felix has posed:
The kid's mom looks horrified. Even if she does pause to check out the muscles. But then she's shooing her kid back inside and away from the Carved Man. The kid chatters excitedly at his mom, which doesn't stop until the door slams shut. Outside, sirens start to wail, but there are more and more cars piling into the intersection. An angry stockbroker trying to get home from work races into and around the intersection, only to slam into someone else who had the same idea. A car seems to lose its brakes and hits them both.

Soon, the intersection is a complete mess, and the thumping beat of a news helicopter can be heard.

But inside, the apartment complex is strangely quiet. Every door on ground level is closed and locked. The back door is firmly sealed, and if tested, would require enormous amounts of strength to open. It's decently clean, however, and there is almost no graffiti, vomit stains, loitering shadows, or trash. Almost as if such things just don't find purchase in this otherwise kind of run down apartment building.

But on the fourth floor, the door isn't completely latched, and inside a voice is saying, "Okay chat, that's it for me. I'll be back tomorrow with an update on the job search. Aw, thank you HeroDoge! Okay, night everyone!" Then there's a squeak of a chair.

Alex Hayden has posed:
Alex really needed some place to lay low especially with a helicopter on the scene. He kind sticks out like a sore thumb. A really sore thumb. Okay, maybe a thumb that's been slammed into a car door a few times. He doesn't bust in when he realizes the door opens. No, he very carefully cracks it open, peeks inside, and then tip does his way inside of the apartment. Just as gently, he turns around and closes the door until there is a soft click. He delicately locks the door and slides over the chain before he offers a sigh of relief. This should be easy, just some streamer's apartment. Those people usually were easy to deal with when life gave them a big dose of in person reality. He turns around and ventures toward the squeak.

Felicity Felix has posed:
There's a black, pink-trimmed gaming chair set up before a streaming camera and microphone. Two large monitors glow brilliantly white against the otherwise dim lighting of the apartment, with most extraneous light coming from the setting sun outside. At the click and rattle of the chain, the chair whirls around, and Felicity Felix blinks with wide eyes and a mute stare. She's wearing a maroon Ant Man t-shirt and black track shorts.

Alex Hayden has posed:
"Alright, so I don't mean you any harm... I'm just." He blinks as he suddenly recognizes the woman from the park. He points, his brow knitting and then laughs hard. He rubs the back of his scalp. "Wow.. This is a really small world. Of all the apartments in New York, I somehow end up in yours."

He holds his hands up in the air and tries to look as non-threatening as a scarred up goon like himself can. "Hey. I just need to lay low. I got kinda lucky with the accident outside. I was on the way to the pokey, when the police van flipped. If I could just... crash here for a bit. I promise I'll make it worth your while. Don't call the police. Don't scream for the neighbours, and I will put a fad wad in your lap, okay?"

He rummages around in his backpack and pulls out a decent roll of one hundred dollar bills. He removes the rubber band, licks a thumb, and starts peeling a bill off, one at a time.

Felicity Felix has posed:
At first, she just stares at him, completely mute. But then she lifts a finger to say something, only to stop when he keeps going. Then she tilts her head with a quizzical look and again opens her mouth to speak, but is stopped again when he keeps going. Then she furrows her eyebrows and looks annoyed, ready to finally say something to interrupt him.

Only, that's when he produces the bills and her expression changes, "Oh. Um... Alex, right?" She looks a little concerned, but she's also watching the money as much as she's watching him. "There's...ramen. And milk." She glances sidelong at the kitchenette nearby. "...Maybe."

She shakes her head suddenly, shirt rocking a bit as she stares up at him wide-eyed, "Oh my god, were you the one making all that noise outside?!" She hops up from her chair, suddenly looking alarmed. Outside, more and more police cars are piling in, along with rescue vehicles. There are definitely at least three helicopters in the sky, and a shape whizzes past the window. Supers.

Alex Hayden has posed:
"Not my fault!" He exclaims as he finishes counting out two grand. He walks over to her desk and slaps it on the surface turning to face her. "20 Benjamins. All I ask is you don't turn me in, and you let me lay low until things calm down outside."

He walks over to her and peeks over her shoulder at all the commotion. "I was just a passenger and then the damn van flipped. I swear, I've seen a half dozen accents lately. I had some pretty bad luck at a warehouse earlier today too, but finally, something good happened. Maybe you are just my good luck charm!"

He offers a laugh and then gazes toward her kitchenette area. "Uh, I don't want to eat what you've got. I can spare another forty if you want to order some pizza. My treat! Assuming you let me stay as a guest."

He steps away from the window, the silhouettes making him just a touch nervous. He winces and then reaches down to feel his own backside, his slip a finger into a hole in his pants, frowning. "Uh.. do you have pliers or something? I need to do something about a bullet."

Felicity Felix has posed:
Scowling when he gets close, she ducks and maneuvers away, wheeling her chair off to the side. "Hey...HEY!" But she's left pouting with arms folded under her chest as he gazes out her window. Her gaze strays to the stack of cash on the desk, and her eyebrows slowly lift. "Um...pizza sounds good..."

But she suddenly blinks and looks up at him, "Wait, what? No you can't stay here!" She hops up from her chair again and she motions about the place, "This apartment is barely bigger than I am!" She frowns, hands on her hips, "And...pliers?" Her eyes widen, her frown fading. "A *bullet*?! You've been shot??"

Alex Hayden has posed:
Alex doesn't really seem to pay her protests any mind. He waves his hand in dismissal. "Look look.. I can crash on your couch or sleep on the floor, maybe in your bathtub. As long as its not a police cell, I'm going to be a very happy guy who will more then happily spring for a pizza feast."

He counts out a few more 20's and walks, semi-limps, since he doesn't have adrenaline to dull the pain receptors and sets them on her counter. "You order. I'm a bottom-less pit, so here's enough for a few larges, soda, whatever you want. Your place, your rules."

He leans against the counter, and nods. "Yea, I got jumped by some chick with fox ears, a tail, and really big ass gun. She blew a chunk out of my thigh, but that's mostly healed. I'm more concerned about the bullet in my ass. Damn think was a ricochet, so it lodged in my right cheek. Not a good time, I tell ya. So if you've got some pliers or some other tool to pry the damn thing out. I'll be your friend for life."

Felicity Felix has posed:
Felicity gawks. She looks at his thigh, then his backside, and then his thigh again. Then she suddenly shakes her head, looking a little disbelieving. "A fox shot you in the butt?" She asks it very plainly and matter-of-factly, like it's trivia that couldn't possibly be true. "...I should have left the stream going."

A shadow whisks by the window again and Felicity scowls, storming over to it. She throws it open with a bit of effort and leans out at the waist, her backside rounding out behind her against the tight press of checkered black-on-black track shorts. "Go away!"

There's a humming sound and a powerful voice exclaims, "CITIZEN, HAVE YOU SEEN--"

"I said go away!" She lifts a foot behind her, wearing little white socks. "I keep trying to get ready for bed and each time you buzz my window! JERK!"


"Shoo!" The humming sound thrums away and Felicity shuts the window with a slam, but not before saying loudly (supposedly to herself), "Oh my god."

Alex Hayden has posed:
Alex is not beneath enjoying a show. He continues to lean against the counter and enjoy the view as she shoos away whatever cape is out about buzzing around likely looking for him. He offers a big grin of appreciation. His body might be scarred to hell and back, but his teeth are pearly white and straight. They are about the only thing not marred on the poor merc. He hobbles over to her refrigerator and notices a bill hung by a refrigerator magnet. He notes the address on it then pulls out his smart phone. He uses an app to put in the address. "You know what.. I'll save you the trouble of ordering."

He puts in an order for pepperoni and a few other pizzas, along with some breadsticks, some soda, and whatever deserts they have on the menu. It's all junk food in the grand scheme of things, but its a feast. One might assumes he has a very healthy appetite, but also maybe he wants to leave some food in the girl's kitchen, cause she just did him a huge solid.

"There, it's on its way.. So yea, I would greatly appreciate if you kept my ass off your stream. I might make for one hell of a show, but then things would get real messy when either the police or some vigilante showed up as a result." He decides to just lay down on the floor, crossing his arms and resting his head on the back of his broad forearms. "So yea.. pliers? Exacto-knife? Tweezers? You got to have something."

Felicity Felix has posed:
She looks startled when he mentions the pliers again, "Oh god, sorry, I forgot. One second." She starts rummaging through her desk drawers, then a smaller set of filing cabinets set off to the side. "So, um, don't take this the wrong way..." She produces a nice little toolkit in a sturdy cloth carrying case. She hands it down to him, frowning. "But...if you are sleeping here, I'm probably going to get a hotel room. Also, I really don't like green peppers, so you're taking those pizzas with you."

Alex Hayden has posed:
He takes the toolkit and opens it to pull out the pair of pliers. The next moment is mildly gruesome if a bit undignified. He reaches back with surprising confidence, stabs his backside with the pliers, clamps and yanks out a .308 round which has been deformed from first impacting concrete then lodging in his posterior. He sighs some relief and pockets the round, head slumping on the ground. "That's much better."

He slowly rises and walks over to her sink to wash off the pliers before neatly returning them to her toolkit. He then rests both hands on the counter and eyes her. "First off, not every pizza has peppers on it, there's at least one vanilla pepperoni on there, but well, you just have to have the classics... And I don't mean to be a bit assertive here, but you are kind of an insurance policy. If someone knocks on the door, you can shoo them away. Just like you did." He nods toward the window, "And if you stay here, I don't have to worry about you pocketing my dough and then ratting me out to the police for the lulz. I'm sure you can appreciate my situation here."

Felicity Felix has posed:
"Well that was kinda gross," she comments mostly to herself, head ducked forward a little. But when he makes his pitch, she simply makes a sound like "Mmm..." Her eyes look up, away, and suddenly snap back to him a moment later, delivering a very flat, "Nope. Really can't." She sighs and her shoulders slump a bit. "Look, if I wanted to rat you out, I just had some weird hummingbird-themed super outside with a metal face I could have asked to beat you up."

She beams, tilting her head with eyes briefly closed and a bright smile. "Have some faith! ...And yes, I know they aren't all green pepper. I'll keep all--" She pauses, "Half--" Pause. She holds up three fingers, "I'll keep three--two, two of the ones that remain. And a few breadsticks."

Alex Hayden has posed:
Alex crosses his arms over his chest and walks around the kitchenette to approach her. The merc really was a brusier. A wall of scarred but very solid muscle. The smile is gone, and he is frowning. He's clearly thinking it over. "You can keep whatever we don't eat, and yea, I suppose you could have ratted me out right there, but at the same time, it would be a lot cleaner for you to do it from the hotel."

He raises a finger, "And I'm not necessarily intended to stay the night. I'm sure things will calm down enough for me to slip out later tonight. So I would really appreciate it if you just stay put for now. If the night gets late, we can cross the bridge then okay? I think some free pizza and two grand is a pretty sweet deal when all I'm asking is to stick around, maybe watch some netflix, and not get arrested."

He offers his hand for a shake.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Thunder echoes outside, and rain starts to beat against the window pane. She's frowning up at him, and outside, the sound of helicopters drifts away. The lights in the apartment flicker uncertainly, but remain on. "...Fine. But you're gone by 11." She looks at her desktop's clock and blinks. 10:15. "Um, you're gone by 11:30. Okay?" She looks at his hand, looks at him, and offers an awkward little fist-bump. On her chest, Ant Man approves of this.

Alex Hayden has posed:
He's fine with converting the handshake to a fist bump gazing down at Ant Man in the process. He squints wondering how he feels about being watched by the Avenger, even if he's in t-shirt form. "Yea, yea, 11:30.. or until I finish my pizza. I mean, I'm starving, alright? And it's going to take awhile to get here, especially with that storm brewing. You know how it is."

He thumbs toward her window and grins, "Besides, a few minutes with my charming personality, and you won't want to get rid of me!"

He offers a big thumbs up and a chuckle.