1803/Wagon'o Burrito

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Wagon'o Burrito
Date of Scene: 23 May 2020
Location: Burrito Wagon
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy enjoy an evening together at the Burrito Wagon! They talk about what's to come for the summer vacation.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
It's a lovely sunny afternoon in the middle of the month of May in upstate New York. The weather is in the mid 70s and the skies are blue. With the golden rays of sunshine still sparkling across the sky and glimmer off of the hoods of the cars parked in this large commercial lot, there's the smell of good food being cooked in the bright red Burrito Hagon parked on the edge of the lot.

Rogue had been in line at the wagon to get some food and instead of choosing to eat it at the sitting area she's on her way back to the car where she'd last seen Remy. She'd gotten them both some stuff and has it in a plastic bag with a couple drinks in aholder too. The wind is a little busy today, her two-tone hair is whipping around in it over her shoulders. She's wearing a green tshirt and a pair of short blue jeans with leather flip-flops on her feet, short gloves on her hands that only go up to her wrists and an Apple iWatch on her wrist that is tapped into the X-Men computers.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is taking in the pleasant weather in the best way he knows how. He's laying on the hood of their car, back against the windshield with his arms behind his head. He's eschewed the usual heavy coat he wears, replacing it instead with a simply black t-shirt and jeans. It's a case of rather substantial dressing down for him, but if anything he's gotten more comfortable in the weeks, now months, he's been living with (or at least in close proximity to) Rogue.

"Voici la belle fille avec la nourriture savoureuse!" he calls as he sees her crossing the parking lot towards him, grinning broadly behind his dark sunglasses.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hears his words as she steps up toward the Porsche and she just grins at him while she sets the bag of their food down on to the car's side beside where he's lounging. "Je suis devenu beaucoup plus savoureux que la nourriture.." She teases him, about having a lot more than just food that's tasty, being the ever-self-enthusiast that she is. With a big smile, Rogue peers at him from behind her designer Aviators that she got as a gift for her graduating classes.

With her white bangs flowing around her face, the sun shining on her, she smiles at him and then reaches for the basket inside the bag with his food. "Here, don't say I never gave ya nothin'." She smiles at him as she offers it over and then pushes the drink holder toward him too.

After that she's settlign in to eat her food while standing beside the car with him. "Feels weird not havin' any responsibilities. I think I should get a job or somethin'." She says with a grin then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I'll bet," Remy chuckles, reaching out to take the drinks and settling them next to him on the hood, "Tasty."

As he picks them up one at a time and takes a sip from each to see which is his (rather than reading what is written on the top in black marker), his eyes flick up to look at Rogue over the top of his glasses. He nods his head a little, finding the drink he ordered and putting Rogue's one back in the holder for her.

"You want a job? Doin' what?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shrugs her shoulders at his question and reaches inside the plastic bag to get a chip after having removed one of her gloves so she doesn't get it all smooged with food. She shakes her head then, the sunlight glinting off of her glasses lenses. "I dunno. Just somethin' t'keep me from goin' stir crazy. I suppose I could do more around the School though, but... I'd rather get out'n about. There's a buncha stuff here in town, but they're probably all stockin' up on people who're in the same boat now that summer's startin'."

She indulges in another chip then and crunches on half of it. Her eyes go across the parking lot and she nods toward one of the store fronts. "That flower shop is hirin'." She says with a little grin as her gaze goes back to him.

"I could sell flowers t'people, ya think?" She asks him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Like a l'il flower girl?" Remy asks, taking another noisy sip of his drink, "Cher, I don't doubt you could sell anyt'ing to anyone. All you gotta do is shake your hips a l'il bit and dey'll suddenly remember dey need fifty bouquets of roses or whatever you're selling."

He's still grinning as he takes another, long sip. Drinking in the atmosphere and the tasty food. That's when a thoughtful look comes across his face, his eyebrows raise a little and he asks:

"Why you gotta stay in town, anyway? You graduated. You don't have to go to college right away. Why not see de world a little?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue ordered a plate of three whole tacos and she has them in front of her as he replies and her eyes are down on them. She smiles at his crass compliment directed at her and it makes her shake her head side to side. "Maybe." She quietly replies, taking her other glove off as well and stuff them both in to the front of her pants so that they dangle over the button the keeps them sealed shut.

She glances up at him then, big warm smile directed at him. "Money, mostly. Illyana offered t'port me around to Paris, but I dunno if she'd send me on a world-wide tour. Not that I'd say no a'course, but isn't the old sayin' 'The journey is the experience'?"

The Belle sample-bites a taco and then dabs at her chin with the side of her hand and smiles past the foody-bits that she spills out of the hard shelled food. "Messy." She mutters from behind her hand, trying not to laugh at herself.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oh, you planning to flit off with Illyana?"

Remy dons a mock frown, taking another sip of his drink and setting it down on top of a paper napkin to his side.

"You know money isn't a problem," he offers cryptically, since he's never seemed to have trouble making cash appear when they've needed it (and even when they haven't), "You wanna go somewhere, I can get us there, mon catin. We don't need no teleportals."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins after improving her taco-consuming skills a little more and then shakes her head at him. "Probably not runnin' off with Illy. Probably." She says as she smirks back up at him then, the dimples her her perfectly smooth cheeks showing off a little more in the sunlit expression.

The Belle leans forward so that her hips are pressing against the car and her feet cross at the ankles. She just grins at him. "You wanna go t'Paris then?" She asks him. "I can't ever tell what kinda money ceiling you got, ya know that, Cajun?" She glances back down at her food. "Don't like takin' advantage'a that either. Feels like I should make my own way in the world. I dunno, maybe I'm just bashful or somethin', though nobody's ever accused me'a bein' that before."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I got some ideas 'round that," Remy admits with a shrug of his shoulders, "And don't worry 'bout my money ceiling. I learned long ago dat nothings outta reach if you want it enough. I don't mean dat like a motivational poster means it, neither."

Once more he takes a sip of his drink, nodding his head decisively: "Paris sounds good as anywhere else. Let's take a trip. See if you get any inspiration, hein?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue presses her right hand middle two finger tips to her lips and kisses them, then tips her hand forward and pouty-lips as she blows the kiss to Remy. She lowers her hand again, with a grin on those lips now, and shakes her head slowly. "My mother always wanted t'visit Paris. My real mother that is. She dreamed of it. She's the reason I can speak French. She taught it t'me since I was born, for... six or so years that we were t'gether. Then she, vanished, and well... I kept it up. It was the only class that I consistently got an A grade in throughout my days in school."

She smirks and glances down again. "I used t'read books in French, watch French content creators on Youtube and do whatever it took t'keep my skills up at it. So t'go there someday, would be like carryin' part'a her with me. Like I was bringin' her there t'fulfill her dream."

After a sip from her drink she looks back up at him and pulls the whites of her bangs out of her face, staring at him from behind those dark lenses. "So be careful, Cajun. Ya might end up makin' me be all dramatic'n stuff."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat sounds like convincing enough for me," Remy offers airily, finishing off his drink with another noisy sip and setting the cup down partly-squashed, "I'll take you to Paris and you can practice dat French. Je peux te tripoter sous la tour Eiffel."

The last words in French make him grin before he reaches into the bag to pull out his own meal, crossing his legs and setting it before him on the hood of the car. When he glances back towards Rogue, the look on his face is a more serious one.

"I mean it, doe. We should go."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at the Cajun-French he speaks and shakes her head at it. "Fiddlin' with me underneath one'a the seven wonders'a the world. How classy you are, Mistah LeBeau." She says back at him then before she glances over at a car that is pulling up to unload a bunch of teenagers who all plan to go get some food from the Salem Center famous Burrito Wagon!

She watches them unload from the vehicle and then looks back to Remy with a little smile. "I look forward t'it then. I'll drag ya all around the city, and maybe even under it. They got those spooky tunnels, down there, ya know? I watched a movie about them once, it was... it wasn't very good."

That makes her eyes open up a little wider then. "We should go t'the drive-in t'night. It's down past the golf club. They're showin' that big sci fi movie everyone's talkin' about." That'll get him! Sci Fi movie! Remy's weakness!