1838/A Sinister Plot: Malicious

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A Sinister Plot: Malicious
Date of Scene: 25 May 2020
Location: North side entry, Marauder's Hideout, Upstate New York
Synopsis: The X-Men fight the Marauders to search for their missing friends! Side One
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, James Proudstar, Scott Summers, Betsy Braddock, Clarice Ferguson, Lorna Dane, Tabitha Smith

Emma Frost has posed:
The cavern system is not particularly a deep or complex one, it seems to be just enough to be a good hiding place for the entryway to a villianous lair. A lair they only know is there because of the work of one Julio Richter, who is on the other team coming in through the south entry.

The north side, however, is in these caves, hidden from view. Somewhere.

A trickling stream runs through the central passageway, supplemented by dripping water from above. The stone walls are cold and dark, mostly granite but with streaks of other minerals.

After the entryway into the cavern system from the hillside (hidden by underbrush), the pathway goes inwards a dozen yards or so before splitting off.

James Proudstar has posed:
There are a whole host of reasons for Warpath to be on point here. Low-light vision, generally enhanced senses, and tough enough that he can take a lot of punishment if he runs into something troublesome. Then again, the Marauders are a group that has a distinct tendency to hit a lot harder than many of the X-Men's foes. Still, despite his large frame, the Apache mutant proves remarkably stealthy as he moves forward ahead of the group, keeping all his senses alert, both for signs of ambush or trap, and the hidden path into the facility they seek.

<<Nothing yet...>> He "thinks" back at the others. <<Moving forward.>>

Scott Summers has posed:
"Scan for minds, and look for alarms or cameras," he turns to Betsy and nods. "Mindlink us, Psylocke. Try to keep contact with Jean. Radio silence, everyone." He sighs. "For those who don't know yet. The Marauders are not your typical supervillains. They don't want loot, they don't have a political agenda. Each of them is a very dangerous murdered with dozens if not hundreds of kills. Most of them are superb fighters and they have good tactical sense. For this reason, if we meet them, I am recommending you to fight with all you have. Usual rules of restrain do not apply unless it is obvious we have overwhelming advantage."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The look Betsy gives Scott borders on insubordinate, but she refrains from the urge to roll her eyes. She glances around, gives a light shrug, before everyone will feel that light, barely there presence of her power to link their minds.

She's dressed for stealth, in a close fitting long sleeved top, and belted pants that have a few hidden pockets. She has weaponry, her katana strapped to her back, and of course her psi-weapons and training to fall back on. Purple hair is braided back neatly, to keep it out of the way. << Jean, darling, Scott wants me to keep in touch with you. >>

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
For Blink to be here it wasn't too hard. Just having to let her know of a meeting point and there she was! That telltale sound of a portal opening and she stepping out, hair up in a warrior's knot, couple of daggers on her belt and a few of her teleporting javelins on a quiver. Yes, she was coming ready to fight. Though in truth she was just about ready to unleash some fury after what had happened in Genosha. It was about time.

So she followed on quietly, all those memories of her training as an assassin coming to the fore and she moving without much of a sound at all, a grim expression upon her features, eyes open for any kind of traps or cameras.

She kept, as always, close by to Lorna. She had a duty afterall, now more than ever.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna couldn't see well in the dark, she couldn't take a direct hit well either. She was to put it simply, the glass cannon that could level a street but only at a distance. She itched to do more, to be less of an issue in enclosed spaces.. but she also knew better than to argue with the tactical sense it made to have her toward the middle back of the group.

Even encased in plate metal magnetized to move with her every breath, she knew to be careful. Her steps were lighter than was possible, as she glided through the fields rather than trip over something and fall unceremoniously on her face... And for all that she couldn't physically //see// with her magnetic senses she could sense where people were through the sparks their nervous systems and the tiny bursts that they put off. But she was blind when it came to the cave and its systems unless there were particularly magnetic compounds it in.. or electrical wiring, for her to follow.

A nodd was spared for Clarice, but otherwise, Lorna was following orders.

Emma Frost has posed:
The cavern system is dark, save whatever light the X-Men brought with them. And quiet. Perhaps too quiet: no animal life can be heard, not bats or bears or anything.

Ahead, though, the magnetokinetic can feel it: wiring. Junction boxes. Signs of humanoid life, at least, deeper within the cavern structure.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna paused in her steps for a moment as she concentrated on what she sensed deeper ahead. She tangled her powers through the wires and the alike, following them as far down as she could and picking up the faint sparks that meant 'life' moving deep within. She blinked after a moment, withdrawing as she continued forward.

<<I've got a read on the electrical grid inside, there's processed metal, and I'm picking up signs of life down there.>> She mentally shared with Betsy what she sensed in a vague run down of it. <<Do you want me to fry the electrical grid down there or not?>> She thought, waiting for orders before she acted.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Jean Grey smiles in the link, << Of course, Betsy. How's it going over there? We're just moving on the diner now. >>

<<We're fine, just getting in...>> She pauses in talking to Jean as Lorna speaks up. She will share Lorna's mental imagery with the team. << Lorna's found some electrical grid. So they have that, at least.>> She passes on to Jean.

To her team, a glance meeting Lorna's. << They may have alarms or security running on that power. Just my vote to fry it. >>

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott manages to move forward quietly. At least for someone who lacks ninja training or have enhanced agility and balance. He is letting James to take point, as he is the toughest, and also has the sharpest senses, but he is right behind.

He is pleased is it Lorna who picks the first signs of habitation. <<Can you identify what you are detecting? If it is an alarm system we can't disable...>> but they need to be closer, too. Frying it with a magnetic attack from here might cause an alarm to fire off.

<<Very well, destroy the systems>> decides Scott. <<Even if it causes an alarm, that means the enemy will be focusing on us, and leave the way open for Jean's group. Get ready.>>

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The pause from Lorna makes Clarice stop, glancing over a shoulder at the green-haired one and then that mind-share... It makes her draw out a couple of her javelins, one in each hand, assuming a defensive position a touch to the side and in front of the other woman.

Not exactly as stealthy as before but she had her tricks in case they were ambushed. << If we come across any locks I should be able to bypass them. >> because how does one teleport into places they haven't yet seen? By being a filthy thief that's how!

At the order to destroy the systems she tenses up, preparing herself for what most likely will be oncoming combat, hands squeezing about the javelins she is holding.

James Proudstar has posed:
Warpath starts to tilt down the pathway that Lorna leads, then carefully places a hand on her shoulder to halt her moving further forward.

<<There are others down the other branch. Neither are scents I recognize. Two people.>> So not among Roberto's attackers, not that this means much. Either way though, Jimmy mentally prepares himself for a fight.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's a small whirring sound down the secondary branch of the tunnel, faint at first, and then suddenly getting louder as a rounded ceramic and metal shell hurtles down the passageway towards the group.

If interfered with, or when it hits the wall or floor, it explodes into a loud audio bomb, the noise hitting at high decible on many frequencies. Even someone with normal senses might be taken aback.

A bright light flashes down the corridor, and an earthquake like shockwave ripples through the ground-- for those off balance, enough to throw them off their feet.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The moment Betsy realized that thing was hurtling towards them, there's a faint magenta shimmer, as she throws up a telekinetic shield to stop the incoming object. Of course, her shield doesn't stop light or sound.

Psylocke cries out, eyes shutting tight as hands go to her ears, as if she can stop that horrible sound and ringing. The shockwave, fortunately, makes her rock but not fall over.

She will stand, with an angry sounding snarl. She's so ready to do battle.

James Proudstar has posed:
Under ordinary circumstances, Warpath may have been agile and stable enough to keep his feet when that shockwave hits, but the flash-screamer device hits at least two of his senses a half moment before, causing both hands to reach for his head, seemingly unsure if he's covering his eyes or ears because both are equally disrupted, and so the shockwave bowls the big man right onto his back. The fall won't do any damage in and of itself, but for the moment he's down and heavily dazed, trying to blink out the big dark spot and hoping that ringing in his ears stops before he gets himself killed.

Lorna Dane has posed:
<<Roger that.>> She thought briefly to Scott's command.

Lorna stopped again to hold her hands out before her. She slowed her breathing, entirely putting her faith that if something should happen the others would be able to cover her. She lost herself back into the magnetic fields, tracing the electrical wirings and other equipment. If she spent more time with it, she would know exactly what it was and maybe guess what it could or couldn't do. But now was not the time.

<<There's.. something shaped.. it's person shaped.. but it's made of metal.>> She thought just as Jimmy thought about the persons down that way. Her lips thinned into a line. And she went for whatever electronics it was that she could feel and sent out one concentrated, powerful EMP meant to take them out... Which is exactly when things start going haywire. She was gasped as the sound hit her, and threw her off as she broke her concentration and slammed her hands against her ears.. But her magnetic fields were up already, and if there was metal it in, it was going to hit those first.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott's eyes are protected by the visor, so the flash does little to him, and although the sound deafens him, as long as Betsy is conscious, they have the mind-link and the hindrance is minor.

The shockwave, however, makes him fall. Or rather, he rolls with it and behind some cover. <<Arclight>> he guesses, sending a force blast towards the far end of the cave. More to make the enemy want to duck for cover than to hit them outright.

<<Can you sense her, Psylocke? If so guide warpath to her>> pause, <<she won't be alone, watch the flanks.>>

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The shockwave catches Blink by surprise, along with the audio bomb that makes her wince and take a step back. It's enough to make her drop down to a knee as she attempts to find her balance again..

Hard enough when your ears are ringing like hell and your eyes are bleary though. She shakes her head a few times so she isn't seeing double and slides closer to where James is to help the big apache up, hand up and prepared to create a portal if there's more incoming danger.

<<Can anyone see them now?>> She looks around, her frown growing.

Emma Frost has posed:
And where Arclight goes, Scalphunter follows. The big man fires his current gun, filled with tracer rounds, down towards the X-Men in the tunnel, even as he nods towards his... friend. Yes, friend... as she cracks her knuckles, preparing for another shockwave. Those tracer rounds are bright as they fly through the dark, each honing in on the various X-Men!

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<< I can't see anything but spots.>> Betsy's annoyed by that, and it's clear in the link. Those tracers will be met with another telekinetic shield to fill the hallway and protect them all. Well, except for two. Those Betsy will try to snag with her powers and throw back with force towards those from whence they came.

<< Jean, taking fire. Arclight is here, shaking things up - and not in a fun way. Be alert.>>

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna's head might still be ringing, and her eyes seeing stars from the flashbang, but she didn't particularly need those senses to use her magnetic ones. Rather than try to strain her eyes and ears, she fell fully into the electromagnetic spectrum again. Her eyes flickering with her power and her fingertips ablaze as she threw up her hands and expanded the bubble of magnetic power around them. A shove and she backed up Betsy's shields with her own.

<<Tracer rounds, steel ball in the tip. I've got 'em!>> She thought as she gritted her teeth.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
With the tracer fire lighting up the corridor it makes Clarice sorta see where it's coming from. Sorta... But enough that she opens up a portal, hoping that Lorna and Betsy's shields will be enough to hold the tracers.

As one opens up right near them another appears above the source of those tracer fires. "Go on at 'em." she says to those more keen to going into melee with their foes.

For her part she for now stays near Lorna. Priorities.

Scott Summers has posed:
<<Excellent. Lower the shield in 3, 2... nevermind>> This time Scott fires a much strongest blast through Blink's portal, towards the source of the tracer rounds. They work both ways.

<<Are they shielded from telepathy? If not guide James to Arclight, please,>> he adds for Betsy. Because if Arclight reaches anyone else, she will snap them in two light twigs. He is also quite worried there might be more of them, so he spares a few seconds to look around the cavern, and then tosses a flare behind them.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy looks at Lorna, blinking against the colored spots in her eyes. There's a hint of a smile. << Nice to have backup.>>

Then she's relaying : There's a distinct impression of a mental conflict happening, as Jean sends, << Lady Mastermind... Regan... is here, locking her down right //now//. >>

Betsy will fling out telepathic support to Jean for a moment to help, before she's curling her hands tight, before she flings her mind out to latch onto Arclight. She'll try to lightly psi-blast the other mutant to disorient her, before Warpath will see something like a shining magenta thread from him to Arclight.

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy's made it back to his feet, and his recuperative powers are clearing his senses far more quickly than an ordinary human...but is it quick enough? The tracer rounds aren't so much of a problem for him, and he's able to see Clarice's portal, waiting for Cyclops to open his blast, and once it's through he leaps through the portal behind it to see what there is to mop up.

But he doesn't get the chance to assay the situation, because a very familiar ruby beam of concussive force slams into him before he even reaches the ground, sending him flying back to the far end of the cave wall, slamming into it hard enough that he leaves a crater in it, and flops forward onto his hands and knees, groaning.

Jimmy is really shaping up to have a no-good very bad day.

Emma Frost has posed:
Scott is wise to be wary, as he shoots through the portal, ruby beams of light and energy brightening the stone walls before fading into the distance.

There's a ruby light down the corridor. It's roughly the size and shape of a human, glowing a pretty red light.

For a second. Then Prism dumps the reflected eyebeams into one Warpath as the poor sucker didn't even see what hit him.

Speaking of not seeing what hit them...

There's a brief flash behind Clarice, as another teleporter pops into existance behind her and Lorna, accompanied by a smarmy-looking friend.

Scrambler grabs the back of Lorna's neck. "Night night, princess." And flexes his powers, scrambling Lorna's ability to be awaketimes for a bit.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
<< And the Marauders have shown up. Harpoon, Blockbuster, and Riptide. Vertigo was just removed by Magik. Regan will be... /dealt with/ shortly. >> - Betsy will let everyone in the link 'hear' Jean's words.

<< Arclight and Scalphunter here, so far. And Jimmy just went splat. Excuse me, lovely. Time to get nasty. >> Not that Betsy has been looking forward to it, or anything. There's that magenta glow, forming a bow and arrow so Psylocke can send a psi-arrow down the tunnel, before she feels the presences suddenly behind her. She will turn and fire, using her awareness of them mentally versus true vision from her eyes.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Guard duty isn't her usual position in things, but for whatever reason, Tabby drew the straw to stay outside the caves and keep an eye out. Youngest? Less capable of bouncing back of exploded? Less likely to follow orders? Pick a reason.

But with the commotion that erupts she doesn't stay put, see above about following orders. Abandoning her post she heads into the caverns to rush towards the source of the noise, a hand starting to glow as she summons up a timebomb in case she runs face first into trouble.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott grunts when James seems to take his blast... wait, that wasn't his blast exactly! Someone else forward and... just as he expected, behind too.

Vanisher was not expected, though. He is just a thief, why is he with the Marauders? Something to find out later. He shoots at the teleporter without almost thinking about it. Teleporters give a totally unfair tactical advantage and need to be knocked out first.

Unless they are on his side, of course. Blink and Magik are okay.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was so very much focused on their forward assault, blocking bullets and readying for the next attack. She could deflect a lot, and given that her offensive capabilities in a narrow confined space were limited.. she was okay with that. Mostly. But then the red beam came back and blasted Jimmy, and then--

There was someone grabbing her from behind. She swore, "Mother--" And was out just like that, going limp, her magnetic fields cutting out entirely as she did so.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
When Clarice hears those sounds behind her and the attack on Lorna her eyes squint in a dangerous manner. No hesitation either when she springs into action, launching herself towards the source of this attack, in this case Scrambler..

She hits him with a vicious knee on the chest, putting all those martial arts training to work but then flips back, not wanting the man to get his grubby hands on her. She knows how deadly they can be.. But she doesn't want Vanisher to teleport the guy away so in mid-flight back she tosses one of those javelins at Scrambler, making the guy disappear and appear right in front of Psylocke's arrow..

"It's your Majesty now." Not Princess. People need to be aware! Her tone is rather unpleasant though.

And of course, now her gaze goes to Vanisher...

James Proudstar has posed:
Warpath pushes himself back to his feet a lot too slowly, pretty sure his bone marrow cells are all broken from that impact. He's lucky Prism didn't hit him with the FULL blast because that probably would have meant no more Jimmy.

Then there's a massive *BOOM* and a bullet wings Jimmy's shoulder. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but this one actually carves a shallow groove in it, surprising Jimmy but not seriously injuring him.

Scalphunter stands, still laying down suppressive fire towards the X-Men with an assault rifle in one hand, and in the other, leveled at Jimmy is a MASSIVE revolver. The /evil/ Native American Mutant laughs scornfully as he sees he didn't quite hit the target. "You should feel honored Kid, I had these ready for Colossus. Adamantium bullets...probably would be about a million apiece on the open market. The perks of working for a mad scientist!" He starts to squeeze the trigger once more, more carefully taking aim at the large target Warpath presents.

But then Jimmy lunges, moving far faster than one would think his frame allows, grabbing Scalphunter's wrist with a sickening "Crunch" and wrenching it aside.

*BOOM* goes the pistol.

And Prism shatters into a thousand little pieces as the bullet hits him center-mass.

Despite the pain in his arm, though, Scalphunter reacts quickly and with well-honed combat skills, bringing the assault rifle back around and firing off a burst right towards Warpath's face. Thankfully, it doesn't connect, but it does cause Jimmy to release him and jerk away to avoid getting a very inconvenient faceful of assault rifle fire. Might not kill him, but it'd be painful and annoying and he's rapidly learning both of those are serious liabilities against the Marauders.

On the plus side, for one moment Scalphunter isn't really looking back towards the other X-Men.

Emma Frost has posed:
And where is Arclight in this? Dodging Betsy's psibolts and making her way back down the corridor towards the X-Men proper. She uses the cave wall to boost off of, diving towards Cyclops's back as it's turned, her hands glowing...

Vanisher takes a ZRT! of ruby blast, thankfully for him not directly, but the cowardly sneakthief takes this moment to vanish away from the fight. He's a thiefer, not a fighter, after all.

Which leaves Scrambler all alone to take on a very, very annoyed Blink. He lefts out a long "oof!" as he's kicked and tossed and teleported around, right into the line of sight of Psylocke's arrows...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Rushing headlong into danger is sort of a thing, but not always one that works out in quite the way that she expects it to. The bomb that she's growing builds until it is roughly basketball size, and as she scrambles down towards where al the noise is she comes face to face with ....Arclight?

Tabby doesn't know who or what this lady is, even though she probably should have been paying attention. What she does know is one thing, and that she isn't on HER side. She skids to a stop, and lifts her arm up to throw the timebomb in her direction, "Hey, LADY!"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna groaned as she found herself on the ground and not where she was the last moment she was awake and aware. Everything was still blurry, and head was pounding as she shifted on the cave floor's ground. She was slow to recover and reorient herself as the sound of combat echoed through the cavernous walls about her.

"Get a number on that bus...?" She grumbled, half way up to getting herself on her hands and knees. Yep. Once her head stopped spinning for a moment and she could center herself again.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy will fire several times in rapid succession at Scrambler, before she's turning to look towards where they were originally aiming. <<Tabby! >> Psylocke will exclaim in the mental link, her surprise a little ripple through it. << Just don't bring everything down on us! >>

The bow vanishes, only to be replaced in her hands with her psi katana. << I need to go help Warpath.>>

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott eyes look for Vanisher, but he has done what vanishers do. Again. Then he sees Tabitha coming and throwing a bomb. Behind him.

Uh oh. Three possibilities flash through his mind:

A) Malice got her.

B) She is still angry about failing English Lit.

C) She is actually throwing the bomb at someone about to tackle -him-.

Regardless, it seems a good moment to dive into the ground. Which he does.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Now that Vanisher has .., vanished (rather wisely), it means Blink can focus back on defense. In this case her attention goes to Lorna, watching her start to get back up with a sigh of relief. "It's been handled." the bus she means.

And while she is eager to join in the fight she knows better than to leave her side right now. Doesn't mean she can't support.., which she does opening up a portal for Betsy to jump through if she wants.

It opens right above Scalphunter. She is always happy to provide deaths from above afterall.

James Proudstar has posed:
Given his left forearm has been crushed, Scalphunter drops the pistol, still one-arming the assault rifle with ease, but now it's time for a bit of bad luck on the Marauders' side in a multitude of ways. Scalphunter's next burst hits Jimmy square, but the three or four bullets will leave painful bruises on top of the full-body bruise he's sporting from PrismScott's blast, and does make Jimmy stagger back a few steps, growling with pain and annoyance, but they don't penetrate, and where the further bullets would erupt there's only a "click click click" as the mechanisms of the rifle trying to work on an empty magazine. Scalphunter looks enraged, because he NEVER lets himself go empty. NEVER! He's better than this! He's one of the deadliest mutants alive for a reas- Oh hey who's that that just dropped in behind him?

Betsy Braddock has posed:
There's an unspoken thank you in the link for Blink, before Betsy is up and down through the portal to drop in on behind Scalphunter. Well, onto his back, actually, so she can drive her psi-katana down into his spine. It won't kill him, but it sure as hell should ring his bell and leave the mutant's brain scrambled enough that it will be struggling to just keep basic functions going.

Once Psylocke's feet hint the ground, one will lift to kick him in the back of the knee in hopes of knocking him flat on his face. Considering the work her psi-katana tends to do, it should work.

Emma Frost has posed:
Arclight's eyes widen as the bomb is thrown her way, while she's already in mid dive. All she can do is raise those glowing hands up to block...

As Arclight's hands hit the bomb...


Emma Frost has posed:
The entire cave system begins shaking. Rocks begin tumbling from above.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
This is...probably why Tabby was left outside. Let's be honest. Although "accidentally" throwing a bomb at Scott over that English grade is something that might cross her mind, the whole explosions inside cave systems doesn't.

Not a bit. And when it goes off....on Arclight's //hands//. Well, shit got real in a way that wasn't expected and Tabby gets thrown backwards, flying off her feet and away from the epicenter of the explosion. With a groan she starts to push herself up, "Too late..."

Scott Summers has posed:
Ears ringing from the bomb, Scott stands up without a pained grunt. Rocky floor is bad for sudden dives. There are bruises despite the tough cloth of his outfit. "Where is Arclight?" He expects that woman to be able to take a bomb or three, she is almost as tough as Colossus.

And the cave is not good. Damn. <<Blink, get everyone out! Marauders too if you can - prisoners are good.>>

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy's sight has recovered enough to spot that glowing bomb as it arcs through the air towards Arclight, a little ways past them. And with a last surge of effort, he slips past Betsy and turns about to brace his hands on the sides of the cave wall and shield her from the worst of the shockwave. Not that she isn't capable of a TK shield, but she's a little busy completely incapacitating Scalphunter (which she does with ruthless efficiency...the man flops unconscious to the floor).

"Ow...." He mutters after the shockwave passes, and shifts his hands towards the ceiling as things start coming down, trying to buy some time for Betsy to slip out (or Clarice to blink them away).

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The explosion makes Clarice bring one arm up to cover her eyes, grimacing at it and then ... uh oh, falling rocks? Hopefully not the 'you die' type. But she gets on it, which means prepping up portals to bring people out of the cave systems, while dodging out of the way of falling rocks..

She makes one pop up near where Warpath and Psylocke are with Scalphunter, then another close by to the group. <<On it.>>

And she tosses one of her javelins towards the unconscious Scrambler... She does hesitate on that one though.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna had just made it to her feet. She had finally managed to clear her scrambled mind of what well.. Scrambler had done to her systems. And then Tabby's explosion had gone off. Which is when she ended falling back onto her hands and knees as the after effects of the shockwave tumbled her down again.

"Seriously?!" She yelped as she caught herself, bruised up, but otherwise okay.. At least until the rocks above started to shake in a tell-tail sign of a cave-in. Something she had been trying //very// hard not to cause herself.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
It won't take Long for Betsy to pop up a TK shield overhead, a glance over her shoulder with a flash of a wicked smile. She will grab Scalphunter's arm, and with TK, move to shove him through the portal as she jumps into it. She trusts Jimmy to come along behind her.

Emma Frost has posed:
Arclight has been blasted back down the collapsing corridor, even as Betsy and Warpath make their escape, dragging Scalphunter behind. The shattered remains of Prism glitter in the glow of Blink's portal before it shuts. Scrambler groans where he lays on the floor near where Scott took his facedive.

Emma Frost has posed:
And suddenly...

The tunnel collapse stops, as if some outside force is holding the seismic collapse at bay.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is not quite as able to dodge falling debris as others, so he gets hit a couple times before he gets to the portal, dragging Lorna with him as the young greenette still seems quite out of it.

<<We failed to reach the underground area. I hope Jean's team got more luck with their 'door' or we are going to have to dig for a while.>> Bad news first. <<Good job with the Marauders, team. This time we got no serious wounded.>> Just a lot of bruises. Still a solid win compared with last time.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Once everyone is clear through the portals (she being a good trooper is always the last to go!), Blink will make sure to touch a javelin to Scrambler so he comes along for the ride too..

And then she winks back out to join with the rest of the gang outside, stepping out into the welcome sunlight. She takes in a breath. "Tunnel stopped collapsing. Someone on the other team?" she asks, looking around.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There is not an ounce of guilt showing for her part in messing up the tunnel. Even if she might have guilt eating away her soul, she doesn't let it show on her face. Tabby acts like a cat. She meant to do that. Meant to. Totally.

"Maybe." She offers with a shrug, "Or it wasn't collapsing, and just showing it was pissed off."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna grunted as Scott yanked her through a portal and she came out on the other side, only to hear that the thing had stopped collapsing. She shot Tabby a glare, and patted the metal of her armor off from cave dust and dirt in irritation. She'd always been a bit reckless herself...but..

"It was //very// much collapsing! Your explosion nearly took us out in the process!" She snapped, irritated and cranky from having her head scrambled and the new bruises that were forming. Her gaze swung back to Scott as she exhaled a breath, looking for the Marauders that had been teleported out with them.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Doesn't feel like my proudest moment." Warpath notes to Cyclops, leaning over with his hands on his knees, clearly still a good ways from 100 percent. But hey, at least the gash on his shoulder is already not bleeding. Yay for healing factors! He might not feel like a walking bruise in a day or two. Jimmy does reach over and put an arm across Tabby's shoulders after he straightens, smiling wearily but not offering any counterpoint to her speculation.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Wasn't just her bomb. It reacted with Arclight's powers. Couldn't have known it'd work that way." He does offer towards Lorna, "And we coulda had a pulped Scott if she hadn'tve done anything."

Scott Summers has posed:
"Perhaps Richter doing," guesses Scott. "Still, we need to be careful. Arclight and Vanisher might still be able and willing to fight." He turns to Betsy, "can you track them down, Psylocke?"

At least they got two of the Marauders. Which means Blink could teleport them to the restraining areas under the school. Except she probably has never been there. "Lorna, we need solid handcuffs for those two murderers. Are you up for going back, James?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy tips her head from one side to the other, letting her neck pop. There's a glance at the others as Jean speaks up. << Understood. We're fine here, Laura is a bit roughed up but healing fast. We'll continue ahead and see if there's anything more here. Illyana can get us out if necessary. >>

<< Do you want Illy to bring some of us in?>>

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna huffed a breath, irritation plain on her features. But she didn't argue further. She simply waved her hands over her armored figure, drawing metal from it and twisting it in the fields to create various cuffs for the Mauraders that they'd captured. "Yeah, I've got it." She muttered, approaching them to slap the newly created cuffs onto them.

"Dunno what good it'll do but.." She shrugged and made to follow orders.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There is a glare shot back in Lorna's direction, "Next time I'll just stand around and let you get knocked around." Tabby rolls her eyes before she wraps an arm around James' waist. And although he out weighs her and is far taller than her, she seems willing to take some of that weight off him if he needs a good leaning post. "You okay?"

Scott Summers has posed:
After a few hours of exploring and fine-combing, they can't find the missing mutants here. Scott is somewhat disappointed, but there are clues to investigate, and computer cores to decrypt. Douglass and Kitty have some work ahead.

They are in the right track, and Sinister will need to grow some new clones. Hopefully he won't have time before the X-Men reach him.