1846/Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party

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Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party
Date of Scene: 26 May 2020
Location: Roof - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: New faces and old friends alike meet on the Titans rooftop for summer fun and hero talk.
Cast of Characters: Victor Stone, Kate Bishop, Heather Danielson, Dick Grayson, Mary Bromfield, Caitlin Fairchild, Kyani Kohanna, Kian, Donna Troy

Victor Stone has posed:
It might not be the first annual Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party, but it's the first for several years, and the members involved in preparing it went all out to make sure the tradition wouldn't fade: there are multiple grills, picnic tables sagging under the weight of cookout staples, coolers full of drinks, boxes of sparklers, racks of kites, even stacks of clean towels in case the attendees forgot theirs. Pool chairs have been set up all around the Eastern end of the Tower roof, and there's a volleyball net stretched over a large box of sand that some half-robotic sap undoubtedly lugged up here one bag at a time. Notifications went out over T-Com to the whole crew, including provisional members -- it's traditionally a great time to mingle and build up strong team relationships.

The aforementioned half-robot is currently standing at a large gas grill, getting the char marks just right on enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed at least a dozen hungry superheroes. He's wearing a big novelty "kiss the cook" apron, because he lost a bet, presumably. "So, who's hungry?" he calls out.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate is enjoying this whole sense of team and the opportunity to relax with everyone.


It is a perfect way to celebrate making it thourgh her Junior year of High School and not having to deal with her father checking in on her school work randomly. As far as family knows she is staying in the expensive condo she is actually AirBnBing to random tourists on St. Martin's Island. Getting away from New York this direction instead of at the family estate in the Hamptons.

Right now though the young woman is floating on a rainbow unicorn float on the pool sunning. Hawkeye purple swimsuit, expensive looking two piece, and her trademark Hawkeye purple glasses.

She is trusting the defense system of the tower to keep press drones from filming them up here and honestly if any of the probbies she hasn't revealed herself to figure it out from Page 6 gossip news, she is past caring at this point.

Blissful sunshine and a cool soda in the cupholder.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    True to form, Heather shows up with extra food because... Heather. She has a bag containing four racks of ribs slung over one shoulder, and a bottle of her daddy's homemade sweet and smoky barbecue sauce in her other hand. She has a sarong wrapped about her waist but up top it's just the white bikini top. After all, pool party barbecue cookout is something that seems custom made for the bikini model to attend.
    She's in good spirits, and is moving more like she is dancing to a tune in her head as she steps out onto the roof and bee-lines towards the grills to deposit her donation to the meat-supply. "Hi!" she calls out to the gathered group before stepping over and picking up a bottle of soda of some sort that is laid out nearby.
    But then to Cyborg, she leans in and says, "Not to sound critical, but... do we have charcoal too?" as she gestures to the ribs. "Preferably with water soaked hickory wood chips in it."

Dick Grayson has posed:
It is a good day, and he did not have to to work at his day job, fortunately, but Nightwing is here, in full costume to preserve his identity. He has since gotten a can of coke for himself and is sipping it casually as he relaxes in one of the chairs near the pool. It is good to relax and be with friends. Occasionally, he takes a bite from the burger, which rests on a plate that itself is resting on his chest like an otter, because work smarter, not harder.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary did hear about the Titan's barbeque, but this is the awkward bit where they don't know her as Mary, just as Thunderbolt. Also there's the manner of family stuff to do too.

So, after spending lunch with her family, Mary packed the cooler up full of leftover drinks as well as a pair of Mrs. Vasquez's apple pies!

And with that, Thunderbolt shows up, waving down as she descends, "Hey, sorry I'm late, but I had another thing going on. But, I brought pie!" Because //everything// is better with pie, right? Right!

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's sunning on the rooftop, propped up by a chaise lounge that looks like it was welded together and built with high-tensile nylon straps. Mostly because between her and Victor, there isn't a whole lot of furniture that can support the two most towering Titans.

It's a rare occassion when Caitlin doesn't have to cook. Granted, she did a fair amount of baking earlier in the day so there would be plenty of fresh bread and some sweets for people.

She's facing away from the crew to catch the sun; as more folks show up, she turns to look over her shoulder, pulling large shades away from her face. "Oh hey guys, glad you could make it! I don't know where the charcoal grill is," she apologizes. "That might have been a victim of Gar's incident with the fire extinguishers. Caitlin rolls to her feet; she's wearing a modest two-piece bikini herself, in green, and wraps a matching sarong around her hips also.

"Aiee! I love it!" she tells Heather, and points at the accidental mirroed outfit with a smile. "I guess you're the only other one who got the dress code memo."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Today Kyani has a day off and honestly he was going to enjoy it, coming to the Tower to join in the festivities. Kyani is wearing a pair of long baggy shorts and a basketball jersey. He stretches as he makes it up to the roof, "Yo, what up!" he calls out ot everyone as he smiles. He takes a moment to see who all is here that he's not met yet and there are a few faces he's not seen until now. "What's that smelling all good, I'm hungry and ready to do some swimming." he chuckles as he makes his way over to everyone.

Kian has posed:
    Kían has no idea what's going on, but far be it from him to allow a celebration to go past without at least finding out what it's all about.  So he's stretched out on his side on one of the deck chairs, watching all the activity, understanding none of it...
    ...but Gods, whatever's going on over that fire smells good.  "Hwat iss celeb-ra-tion for?" he asks in that innocent way of his.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic grins at Heather and points just to his left, where another grill is set up for the more traditional fuel. "I'll be honest," he admits, "I did not check into the charcoal that closely, but it should be nice stuff." Believe it or not, the team actually has a budget for social events like this, and they make sure to spend it. "Me, I'm more of an engineer than an artist, so I stick to gas."

As Thunderbolt comes into their airspace, he sets down his tongs for a second, extends glowing cones from his hands, and directs her toward the dessert picnic table like an aircraft marshal. "Pie coming in hot!" he calls out. Then, as Kyani arrives, he adds, "If you're hungry, you came to the right place."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Then let -me- man the other grill." says Heather. She turns to set down her bag of food, grins over towards Caitlin and lifts a hand in a mock salute before saying, "Vic. Is it just me or is that girl super tall?" about Caitlin.
    Either way, she grins and pauses before leaning in to press her lips to Victor's cheek. "Kiss the cook, right?" she asks huskily in a teasing joke before she turns to approach the charcoal grill.
    To the crowd, she announces, "Before I fire this up, does anyone have heat or fire powers and want to light this matchstick for me?"

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt comes in for a landing, wearing her costume since, like Nightwing, she has a secret identity. "Thanks for the landing lights Vic." She grins, "Pie is hot, but I didn't bring ice cream... not sure how people felt about a la mode, but figured we had it here."

She sets down the cooler. Or in this case, 'warmer'. Then she glances over at Heather, "Don't look at me, my lightning would probably wreck it pretty good though..." She grins cheerfully, waving at everyone present since... well, she's still feeling a bit new and all.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Having spent some time (and apparently, if unsurprisingly) failing to persuade Raven to join the party, Donna makes her way up to the tower to greet the assembled. She first heads over to join Vic, who gets a broad grin and then a kiss on the cheek because that's what the apron says.

    Her own contribution to the feast is placed on the table beside the grill for anyone to help themselves to. A layered spanakopita pie of phyllo pastry with a filling of egg, salted cheese, spinach, pine nuts and mint. It's a traditional Themysciran recipe, it's delicious, and everyone is going to ignore it in favor of the ribs and burgers, and that's /FINE/.

    Donna's next port of call is Caitlin, or more accurately Caitlin's hair, which she scruffs up with a smirk. This takes some reaching, but it's totally worth the reaching. It's revenge for something. Who knows what, not even Donna. Caitlin and Donna have been messing around with each other for so long now that the idea of there being an original /casus belli/ is pretty much irrelevant by now. She looks around, taking in the crowd.

    "Uh, we really have been recruiting, haven't we Cait? I mean who even are half these people?" she whispers to the redhead.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate notes mildly from the pool. "I got the memo on memorial day BBQ and pool party. I'll happily hold to theme and do my purple thanks.. also white before labor day.. pschaw..." okay that has her grinning and she is totally just teasing.

She reaches down and paddles with one hand lightly to turn her rainbow unicorn raft she is floating on and sunning so she can see the newer arrivals. "Some new faces .. well new to me..." she studies Heather and Mary then looks over to Kían and ponders a moment. "It is a holiday weekend ... it kind of marks the start of summer a season but only unofficially. Officially it is a weekend where we remember our fallen warriors." that seems like it may translate okay. Honestly Kate isn't positive either way.

"As for grill lighting .. I could get a thermite arrow but that would probably just melt the grill... " she waves to Heather and then to Mary. "Hawkeye. Who are you two?" not judgy at all, just curious as she has made no move to get out of the pool.

Kian has posed:
    "I can b'low it up it for you, but I thin' that iss not hwat hyu wan', yis?" Kían remarks to Heather with a grin.  the birdman looks... well, relaxed, really, which is kind of unusual for him.  He must be settling in emotionally as well as physically and intellectually.
    He blinks at Kate in obvious incomprehension.  "War-yor?" he asks mildly.  Apparently he hasn't gotten to that word in his studies... or they just don't have the equivalent, where he's from.
    He sits up a little, and adds, "Nnh.  P'lease war'n if any-thin' has bir'd or egg in it.  May not haff."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Awrk!" Caitlin splutters and shoos Donna's hands off and then tries to thump her forehead with her index finger. "Rude." She sticks her tongue out at Donna, then gigles and hugs her anyway.

"I think you met Heather, right?" she asks Donna. "And Kyani's new. That's Miss Marvel," Caitlin says, smiling at Mary. "Who I think brought pie, right?"

She ends up near Vic and gives him a baffled once-over. "I don't know who this giant robot is, but I guess he can stick around," she says with a feigned nonchalance. "Hopefully he doesn't set anything on fire. Again."

Brows dance pointedly in Vic's direction. "And what did we learn about chemical accelerants?" she asks of Vic, in the sweet voice of a preschool teacher addressing an unruly pupil.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing finishes his burger and his Coke, and rises to dispose of both before giving Thunderbolt a brief wave. He then walks over to Donna and Caitlin and says, "Good turnout," he says before grabbing another can and cracks it, "Happy this time we got good weather, hope you two have been doing all right?" Nightwing takes the time to scan over the area, processing the new faces, which takes a moment.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Mary smiles, "Call me Thunderbolt, actually..." She smiles over at Donna, offering her a hand, "But yes, I brought pie. Apple pie. Wait, what are /those/?" She looks over at the pastries that Donna brought, "Those look amazing! I mean, I was thinking it would just be burgers and hot dogs, and those look really great. Nice change of pace." She glances over at Nightwing and gives him a friendly nod.

Victor Stone has posed:
"Happy to help, T-Bolt." Vic's face warms as he is kissed on one side, then the other, by Knockout and Donna. If he had known the apron actually worked, he would have worn it more often! Then Cait is giving him grief, and he plays along, rocking his head back as though he's never seen her before. "Tall?" he asks Heather airily, giving his fellow grillmaster a puzzled look. "Is she? I never noticed." OK, he might be a big guy, but he's definitely teasing.

He grins and picks his tongs back up to flip a few more patties, then sets a few franks on buns on the table beside him, ready for pickup by hungry teammates. "These are cow," he reassures Kian, gesturing at his own grill. "There's barbecue chicken over there, though -- not for you."

Without even turning around, he lifts one finger behind him, warding off any foolishness from the pool unicorn set. "Speaking of chemical accelerants, if you detonate thermite anywhere near my grill, Kate, there will be hell to pay. This I can promise."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani walks over to the grill, he starts getting food, "Thanks for cooking all of this Vic." he says as he looks to his fellow team members. He has a few burgers and some fries. He walks over to find a place to sit down and eat, he looks up when Cait mentions his name and he turns around and looks over to Caitlin and Donna, "Hello." he says too them.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Right, so lighter fluid and matches it is." says heather as she reaches down, bending over to light a match after squirting a bit of fluid onto the charcoal. She lights it and then turns to face the crowd, "Well, I'm one of the new potential recruits. So let me say thanks for the chance. My name is Heather Danielson.." Yeah, the one in the tabloids and all.... and on magazine covers. It can be annoying, sure.
    "Reporters called me Knockout when my powers kicked in... on set." She shrugs, "So I've decided to embrace the moniker and just go with it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get wet." she says.
    The charcoal will take a few minutes to burn down to coals.. so she removes the sarong and sets it gently aside before stepping over and just jumping right into the water.
    She might splash Hawkeye a bit too but... hey, that's just bonus.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna returns Caitlin's hug with a laugh and turns back to look at the crowd. "No... Nope. I don't think I met Heather. Or half these people. I know Vic though, and I'm pretty sure I've seen you somewhere before," she jokes. "Hi Heather, hi Kyani, Hi Miss Marvel.

    Dick's next in line for a hug from Donna, the price he must pay for getting too close. "Good to see you... Nightwing. How's things in Bludhaven? You know if you want to combine a bit of prospect training with regular patrols, I'm sure a handful of these guys could help you flatten the Bludhaven crime statistics. If you follow the Batman's policy on powers, I'm sure we can sort out a few of the less... obvious ones for you."

    Donna returns Mary's hand shake and gives her a big smile. "Thunderbolt, not Miss Marvel? You got it. Nice to meet you. I'm Troia. Or Donna is fine too. It's called a spanakopita, it's a traditional Greek... well this version is Themysciran. Give it a try. Oh and..."

    Donna turns to Kian and points out her contribution. "That one? Has eggs. Stick to the burgers and ribs, that stuff is pure mammal."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin lifts a hand to guard her face from the errant droplets sent flying by Heather's entrance into the pool. "Eat plenty, Kyani, there's a lot to go around," Caitlin suggests to the younger fellow, and flashes a smile at him.

She looks back to Dick, Vic, and Donna, glances over at Heather, then looks back to the older Titans with a frustrated expression and a flap of her hand in Heather's way.

"See, how is that fair? She got an awesome codename right out the gate," Caitlin complains. "The best you guys ever came up with was 'Big Red', and then we almost got sued by that Texas soda maker."

She turns towards Heather and cups one hand to her mouth. "Hey Heather! Can I buy your codename off of you?" she calls.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt smiles warmly at Donna, "Troia? That's gorgeous... wait, you're from Themiscrya? That's //so// cool! I've always wanted to meet someone from there." With that, she goes over to take some spanakopita, putting that on her plate as she comes back with that in hand.

"I mean, I admit I'm still learning how all this works... it's why I wanted to sign on with the Titans in the first place. And Caitlin? I feel that pain a lot... Miss Marvel, 'Lady Shazam'... it took me a while to figure one out. But I'm sure you'll get there!" Confidence and optimism, that's Thunderbolt!

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing is caught off-guard by the hug before he can say anything else and nods to her, "Perhaps, though as you note, I'd prefer the lower-powered ones for obvious reasons." He takes a drink and inches closer to the spanakopita. Caitlin gets a shrug, "I am not the chair of the codename committee, you got to take that up with them or the committee on committees." The eldest Robin gives a grin, "Honestly, I do not know. Sometimes they just click. And trust me, sometimes they are duds, better to not force it and find the /right/ one." He burgles some spanakopita for his plate.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I said it would probably melt the grill Vic.. hence not going it...." yeah she is full of sass. She paddles with her hand over to the edge of the pool. It is a slow leisurely voyage of the SS. SparkleHorn.

Once at the edge though she reaches up and snags the metal bar of the steps and pulls herself up and out of the pool without dunking herself off the float. Very good upper body strength on the archer. Also excellent balance and all that.

Barefoot Kate wanders over to the dessert table, because hell life is short, eat dessert first. "Oh hey thought you looked familiar. Knockout is a pretty good name.. maybe... what are your powers again?" she thinks she read about this in the paper but best be safe and ask Heather directly.

Meanwhile she helps herself to a slice of the pie Thunderbolt brought. "And you fly obviously.. what else T-B?"

At the back and forth about names. "I stole my codename fair and square.. but lemme tell you the bad guys and people on the internet insist on saddling me with a billion nicknames.. it is very annoying."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani gets up and brings a chair over too where Cait and Donna, he places his food on the chair and walks over like he has manners. "Nice to meet you Donna." he ays as he offers his hand to her. "I'm Kyani, but after some prodding I have a code name, I can be called Nitro." he says. If she shakes his hand, he will return it. Looking to Mary, "Nice seeing you again."

    When Heather splashes into thee water, he moves to cover his face but doesn't mind getting wet, "I will eat, though my tank is pretty full, haven't done a lot of running today for a change." he chuckles. Looking over to Mary as she continues speaking, he is queit as she speaks with Donna. He moves his food and sits down to eat.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Surfacing, Heather reaches hands up and slicks her blonde (now darker) locks back over her head and down her back. She grins up at folks and shrugs her shoulders to Caitlin, "Well, I'm rich so don't need money." She grins though and adds, "I can try to help you think of something if you want. Maybe... hrmmm.. Justice?" she asks. " A pause, "Legs?" she adds with a smirk before looking to Kate and inclining her head, "I won the power lotto it seems. I still have no idea what specifically did it, but.. I'm like strong. Not STRONG strong, but... I can lift a car. And I heal faster than I can usually be hurt."

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt smiles over at Kyani, "Hey, nice to see you again! Glad you could make it." She gives him a cheerful nod, then looks over towards Kate when she asks what she can do, "Well... kindof a lot of different things. I'm super strong, pretty fast, and mostly invulnerable? To be honest, I'm still learning exactly all that I can do... the wizard didn't really give us an instruction manual." She pauses, then adds, "Oh! And I can speak every language... well, every human language." She gives an apologetic look towards Kian at that correction.

Victor Stone has posed:
"Sure thing, Kyani. I don't get all the credit, though -- people brought lots of stuff, too," Vic answers over his shoulder, still busy grilling. Then Knockout's big splash heads his way, and water cascades across his back and legs. His head snaps back and his mouth gapes, lights flickering on and off all over his body as he emits a loud, rising wave of vocoded static, shuddering and then collapsing to his knees, then toppling to his side. With a low 'bwooo' noise, the lights all over his body slowly dim and shut off

He sits there for a full five seconds.

Then all his lights come back on and he heaves himself back to his feet. "Kidding!" he announces brightly. "Sorry, I only get to use that joke once per person, and with this many newbies here, how was I supposed to resist?"

He smiles sheepishly over at Caitlin, offering her a shrug. "I'm called 'Cyborg,' remember? You really want me helping with codenames?"

Kate gets a dismissive wave. "No worries. As you might have guessed from Caitlin's sass a second ago, we had. A bad. Experience. No more explosives near the grills. Never again."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Nitro," Donna repeats with a smile. "Welcome to the Titans, Nitro. It's ah... " she gives a small laugh. "Quite a crowd here, we're kind of growing fast. Hard to keep track of everyone.!"

    "Thank you," Donna says to Mary, obviously pleased at both the compliment and the enthusiasm. "I have to admit I'm lucky when it comes to codenames. I just used my actual name and only had to think up a normal name for myself. It's easier to come up with a name like 'Donna' than some clever code name. Poor Caitlin." She flashes Caitlin a grin. "I still think 'Big Red' is a good one, but honestly I think Cait really just resists the code names in the hope that one day the perfect one will come along. And yes, I'm from Themyscira. Troia of Themyscira. I'd be happy to tell you all about the place some time."

    Dick's suggestion of lower powered prospects gets a thoughtful look from Donna. "Honestly, we seem to be getting a pretty high-powered crowd in here. I mean I'm not sure on everyone here, but I'm trying to bring another Amazon and a Kryptonian in, we're not going to be short of big hitters. But I think we can get a few together. Hawkeye, Techno and Vorpal might make a good crew for you to take along on a night in Bludhaven."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shaking her head at Cyborg's antics, after of course, a brief moment of eye-widening terror... Heather snorts, "Not funny Vic!" she calls out before she reaches for the edge and lifts herself up out of the water to stand dripping wet there. "Um, I forgot to grab a towel, there a spare anywhere?" she asks, eyes traversing to and fro.
    But then she looks to Donna, "Low powered you say. That's kinda where I am at. I mean Amazons and Kryptonians can bench press skyscrapers. I can lift a Volkswagon." She shrugs a bit before she grins, "Not that I feel left out of anything. Flawless health so long as I eat ten thousand calories a day is an awesome power."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin reaches for a plate of canapes and offers them to Dick and Donna, over Vic's prostrate form. "Hors d'ouevres? They're good, little stuffed olives," she murmurs in explanation. Then she pops one in her mouth also. Seems the Titans are a little used to this prank from Victor.

"Powers aren't everything, guys," Caitlin reminds the others, and shoots Donna a side-eyed look. "Nightwing doesn't have any superpowers as far as I know. Neither does Hawkeye." She takes a bite from a mini sandwich, then mid-chew covers her mouth and gestures at them with a pinkie. "Um, speaking of codenames, are we back to doing that all the time again? Because I'm not putting a coffee tin for codename fines back in the main room."

She looks at the platter, then offers it to Heather. "Eat up," she offers. "Food's our number one expenditure around here. Trust me," she remarks, dryly.

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Nitro," Dick says with a nod, "Not a bad name," he notes and then nibbles on the spanakopita. He gives Victor a wave, "Cyborg, good work on the grill!" The burger had been rather good.

When the topic shifts back to Bludhaven, Dick then ponders, "I will take that under consideration. Not sure I'd take all of them, but I will keep them in mind." Heather's remarks get a "Duly noted," from Dick as he processes more as people start talking, though Caitlin's remark gets a grin, "But how else do we fund stuff like this!" He gestures around, "But yeah, I am not going to be super stickler about it, except for the obvious ones." Like himself, only known to only the oldest Titans, and not entirely by choice.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate nods to Vic "I am an expert at sarcasm... speak it fluently even." she smiles and takes a bite of the pie she plated up. She mmms "This is really good apple pie." waving a fork towards Mary now. "Also where the hell are all these power lottos....throwing cars isn't low end of the power scale... " she shakes her head slowly. "also wizards... a wizard was involved?" to Mary.

No she doesn't sound incredulous. The world is crazy and she has been in Raven's head and fought demons right so yeah this. This sounds about par for super hero course.


She looks over at Donna. "Troia I need Artmeis's bow and Apollo's arrows.. or vice versa.. I won't be picky."

She looks sketchy and eats more pie "But no powers aren't everything." amused.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt blushes a little bit, "I... well, haven't really tested my upper limits yet. I mean, haven't really had a chance to try everything out." She then smiles warmly at Donna, "And I'd love to take a chance to hear about Themyscria, it just sounds so amazing. But yeah, you don't need the Wisdom of Athena to know that power isn't everything. It's not even the main thing. It's about heart."

She then grins over at Kate, "Yeah, a wizard did it. I know it sounds crazy but... that's how it happened. And my mother made the pie, I'll pass along the complement." She looks pretty pleased at that.

Victor Stone has posed:
His gag complete, Vic gets one hand blasting like a hair dryer so that he can dry himself off. He's waterproof, but that doesn't mean he wants to rust. "I don't have powers," he says, in defiance of all observable facts. "I mean, if you want to get technical, I just have hardware. Don't know where that puts me in Batman's book." He glances at Nightwing, then grins and flashes him a thumbs up. "But I bet he likes burgers! Put in a good word for me, buddy."

He reaches over to the nearby rack and grabs a spare towel for Heather, which he brings over to her. "Thought ahead on that one," he says, proudly. "People always forget a towel. Even me, and I've got google in my actual head."

Donna Troy has posed:
"Yeah, no power boasting. Anyone who boasts about their powers has to go three rounds with Nightwing AND Robin." Donna breaks into a huge grin, and gives Nightwing a wink. "Believe me, however tough you are, you don't want to experience that. Remember guys, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it."

    Donna arches an eyebrow at Heather, looking amused. "And most Amazons cannot bench press a skyscraper. For a start they'll fall apart if you try it, which is a bad thing. Only one or two could even try. Personally I could only manage a relatively small building, and I'm one of the stronger ones."

    Donna goes over to the table to fetch herself a bit of her own spanakopita and a burger. "Vic, apparently you have the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in your actual head too." Themysciran plus a dose of the pop culture of Man's World makes for an odd mix at times.

    "I'm sorry Kate, if you want Artemis' bow, you'll have to ask her yourself. Honestly though, you don't need it." Donna flashes Kate a smile. "You have talent. That is more important than equipment or powers."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    "Thanks." he says to Dick, "Nice to meet you, I think this is the first time we've met." With everyone talking, Kyani is able to strangely keep up with the conversations, though when he speaks he tries to address everyone. "Powers aren't the end all be all, but I know I need to train with mines more." he says. "I don't know what my limits are and the last few times I've used them, I felt like I was tapping into something. What that is, I don't know." he says to them.

    He looks with concern on his face at Cyborg when he powers down and he gets up and begins to move towards him, but Cyborg boots up. He blinks and laughs, "Dude, don't do that." he says shaking his head. He laughs and gives Cyborg a highfive. He walks back over to Donna and Cait and sits down, he watches as Kate gets out the pool and goes over to the food and looks to Heather, he is only gone a few seconds and comes back with a towel, "Here you go." he says handing her a towel. He looks over to Nightwing, "Honestly would you be willing to teach me hand to hand?" he asks. He then looks to the others, "I'm not here to boast about my abilities, I want to work hard and be as useful to the team as I can be." he states.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate finishes off the pie and then late still in hand heads over to look over the grilling offerings next. Start with dessert kids.

Kate should not do any PSAs as a Titan.

"Well.. thank you Troia.. heart too or so I am told." a grin at Mary there "Though I didn't get a ring or a monkey." ah call backs. "I suppose Gar could do in a pinch." she snags a burger and a hot dog. Variety.

"That said I will totally ask Artemis for her bow if I ever meet her. Maybe challenge her to an archery contest for it..." sass. So much sass.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Donna does okay," Caitlin says, with a nonchalant shrug. She picks up a cookie and nibbles on it insouciently, staring at Donna. "Y'know. For someone who slacks on her legs and core training." The shade Caitlin casts against her friend is less-than-oblique; then again, from the look of it, there isn't a workout routine in the world that Caitlin hasn't conquered.

"But yeah, strength isn't everything," Caitlin agrees for Mary and Heather. "You can only lift so much before the structure collapses. You have to pick up vehicles by the frame to really chuck them around, otherwise you just end up ripping off the fascia and shrouding. Takes some practice, but small cars really do make for convenient projectiles," she says, and wags her chin in agreement with her own ppoint.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shaking her head, Heather reaches for the towel, which she wipes her face off with before dabbing down at neck and chest. She then wraps it about her waist like a fluffy sarong and steps barefoot towards the grill. "When I say lifting a small car isn't that impressive, I am speaking in regards to..." And she gestures to donna. "Yeah. That." she adds before she smirks. "Either way, give me a little time and we'll have some falling off the bone ribs." she adds.
    Then she takes the tongs and begins separating the coals into two piles.
    That done, she lays a rack of ribs across between the coals, closes the lid, and opens the vent, "There we are." she says as she says, "By the way, do we have an Alexa or other reminder computer thingee? If so, could it set an alarm for one hour, five minutes?"

Mary Bromfield has posed:
Thunderbolt blushes a bit at the mention of power boasting, "Gosh, I wouldn't ever want to brag... sorry if I came across that way." She looks almost as bright red as her outfit, as she looks rather sheepish, "I'd much rather talk about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, honestly. Such a great series. Though I like Good Omens better."

She then quiets a bit, taking time to devour the spanakopita that she's collected. At least before Dick takes all the rest, anyway...

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Maybe," Dick says to Kyani, "Depends on scheduling and availability," the joy of a real job, "Really dpeends on what you already know, because depending on your skillset, what I will teach will not complement it well enough as something else that might fit better." He grins at Donna after her commentary, "Yeah, if you want power-comparison Olympics, you're in the wrong group." Dick takes a drink after finishing his spanakopita and says, "Never underestimate someone who wants to win more than you. And is prepared." He snorts in amusement.

Vic gets a nod, "Good food is always welcome," though Dick is presently full at the moment, so no more food for the time being.

Victor Stone has posed:
Making the connection, Vic grins at Donna after a second. "Oh, the towels?" he says with a laugh. "Yeah, just because the book's funny doesn't mean it isn't good advice!" He returns Kyani's high five, and assures him, "Like I said, I know it only works once on each person. In reality, I'm so waterproof I've got a fishbowl helmet I can clamp onto my head to go SCUBA diving. I look like a Jetson when I use it -- it's great."

He cocks his head at Kate and suggests, "I don't know about any of the mythical stuff, but I could fabricate a really nice compound bow for you, if you're looking for an upgrade. Or gimmick arrows -- unless that's more the older Hawkeye's thing." He rolls his eyes.

At Heather's request, he taps quickly on one forearm. "Oven timer set," he announces. "I'd use one of those female computer assistant voices, but I always thought that was kind of sexist. Guys can be useful robots, too!"

He shakes his head over at Mary. "Don't worry about it, T-Bolt -- we're learning what each other can do, it's not coming off as bragging," he assures her.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Lifting her hands then, Heather turns to face the group, "Hey, I wasn't trying to go into a brag-a-thon. Donna said we needed some more low-end types. I was just pointing out that I'm not fit to be on the same sort of team that has planet-pushers on it. That's all. I wasn't trying to get into some sort of contest or whatever." Her Midwest accent combines with earnestness that makes it obvious that she is not used to having to defend such things.
    But then.. bless Vic. He talks about the computer voices and her face slowly slides into a teasing grin, "Are you -sure- you wouldn't want me to record my voice for it?" she asks, sliding her voice into husky mode once more.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks up from a bite of hot dog there. "I asked because I was curious what people did, like Vic said no one was boasting or anything . I was teasing a bit about the whole wizard business perhaps." yeah she doesn't say she is sorry but she does admit it at least right.

The offer from Vic though gets a nod from "That would be great... I designed my current bow but I would love to show you what I did. It cost a... lot.. to have it made. I can't make it myself so I'd be happy to see what you can do with it." pause "also I am bumming trick arrows off Old Man Hawkeye... I think Stark has been footing his arrow budget. Evidently you can hide a lot in the arrow budget.... but yeah maybe we can brainstorm trick arrows too and produce more of what he has been giving me to use."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna sticks her tongue out at Caitlin. "You sound just like my mother. There's nothing wrong with my training. I was training ten hours a day before you..." she pauses a moment, then rather lamely ends "Even started training."

    Quuuuick change of subject. "Actually the tower has both male and female voiced assistants built into the tower systems. "Marvin?" she says loudly. "Timer for one hour and five minutes please."

    "Oh, absolutely," replies a voice that sounds distinctly like a cartoon martian. "That sounds lovely. "

    "If you want a reply with a female voice, ask for Wendy instead."

    Donna's quite a few moments as she deals with a mouthful of burger. She gives Dick's shoulder a friendly squeeze. The lesson about powers is one she had to learn herself nine years ago when she first met up with the Titans. She had the disadvantage of being brought up on an island where /everyone/ has a degree of powers. Unlike many of the superstrength crowd, Donna actually had a ridiculous amount of training too, as aforementioned. The capability of a certain young mister Grayson had been quite a surprise to her, and she's confident that the older Nightwing will be even more of a surprise to the Titan's newcomers.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Mm." Caitlin covers her mouth with the back of her hand at Kate's response, and she's nodding enthusiastically at Victor and Kate over the topic. "You know, I bet we could come up with something interesting," she murmurs at Cyborg. Then Heather slides over and gives him a dose of that husky voice, and Caitlin snerks once and shakes her head before looking back at Kate. She palms Donna's face away from her at the objections. "Whatever, chicken legs," she tells the raven-haired Grecian woman.

"Kate I could probably come up with something at work," she offers. "We've got some high-tensile carbone fibers, and I've got an idea or two about mechanical advantage with..." She looks to Vic, then back to Kate. "Maybe cobalt-nickel alloy springs and braided monofilament line?" she hazards. "It might be a bit exotic, but if I tell the boss it's for a Titan, he might be OK with it. I can't make any guarantees," she adds, hastily. "I'm not sure there's a lot of money in ultramaterial compound bows."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic raises his eyebrows and smirks at Heather. "I mean, it's a hell of a voice; I'm not promising I won't sample it," he admits before raising one hand and waggling his fingers. "But I'm thinking more along the lines of modulating it up into something I could load into my sonic cannon. A little less Cortana, a little more BFG." He winks at her before turning to Kate and Cait.

"Well, I'd have to see what I can do in terms of the materials budget, but that sounds like a great place to start. On the other hand, if you just want to add on to the existing core of the bow we can definitely get you some good stuff." He wrinkles his nose at the thought of Hawkeye having to use the older Hawkeye's hand-me-downs, and continues, "We can absolutely make trick arrows for you here. Anything Stark can build, I can reverse-engineer, don't worry. Just let us know what you need, and drop any samples off in the fab lab."

Donna's point about the Tower's voice assistants gets a quick snap-point, partly as he wants to help her move on from any awkward questions about her timeline. "See? I don't know why the commercial ones always have to be women. At least the old one-trick GPS navigators would let you load up Snoop Dogg."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani has been quiet, enjoying the food which is gone and well he's been up and back a few times already. "Well if people are up to making stuff, can someone help me with a costume or work clothes or whatever you call it when you go out to fight?" he asks. "I go through shoes and clothes quite a bit." he chuckles. "As for exercising and working out, let me know if any of you want to go running." he gives a goofy looking grin.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick nods to Donna, "Thanks," he says and takes another drink. He is used to being the weak one in the group, but he has his uses. Then a buzz catches his attention as he checks his comms. He has been summoned. "I had best get going, needed elsewhere." The joy of never being off the clock, "Thanks again everybody!" He drains his drink and grabs one for the road, "Stay safe, have fun, and try not to cause too much trouble!"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Smirking, Heather shrugs, "You wanna turn me into a screeching harpy, who am I to complain?" asks Heather as she shakes her head. "Long as folks are hearing it for a long time to come, right?" she asks as she steps over to sample the spanikopita... in two fisted style. She grabs one in each hand and eats them like cookies. Yum!

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate takes a testing bite of the hamburger as she watches Vic and Caitlin geek out about bow technology and arrows. "That sounds fantastic on all counts. I actually have some of the schematics from Hawkeye but yeah I'll drop those off along with the ones I don't have in the lab Vic."

To Caitlin "Maybe tell your boss that it is for the younger, cuter, better Hawkeye. That should get him on board with it if for no other reason than to tweak Clint a bit." she grins a bit devilishly.

Looking to Kyani "We definitely do need to get some costumes for the recruits who don't have them." she grins "Can make it like merit badges.. complete this training.. get a suit..." that last bit is directed to Donna.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic removes his apron, revealing a pair of red boardshorts with white piping, and levers himself down into one of the specially reinforced deck chairs that can actually take his weight. Once seated, he folds his hands behind his head and crosses his legs. "Of course, Kyani. If you know what you want to look like, we can crank out an outfit, no problem." He pauses as Kate suggests tying the costume to achievement milestones, looks at Donna, and then course corrects: "Or! We can craft it with great pomp and ceremony when you have proven yourself worthy, Grasshopper. Either way, we'll use the same materials Kid Flash uses -- the stuff will still wear out, but a lot slower than what you're using now."

He waves to Nightwing as he leaves, but turns to call after him, "Tell Batman that time off is important for your mental health!"

When Heather suggests she'll sound like a harpy, he squints and shakes his head. "No way, it's this big concussive boom. If anything, I'll be boosting the low frequencies so that you sound like a sea monster." Not necessarily an improvement, but from the sound of it, he might be teasing.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Apparently I have chicken legs, so I'm clearly not up to going running with you," Donna says to Nitro, while sticking her tongue out at Caitlin again. "Probably couldn't outpace a snail," she lies dramatically. Oh /maybe/ Caitlin has the edge on sheer strength, /maybe/. It's debatable. Donna's more than confident she can beat Caitlin in a foot race any day of the week.

    "You guys, if you're making bows, can I suggest you try... well, we've been making bows on Themyscira for a long time. And we're really good at it. Rather than carbon fibres, I'd suggest horn. There's a trick we do... well an enchantment really. If I get a couple of Amazonian bows sent over, you could strip one down and see what you can do with a blend of Amazonian and Man's World technology for the composites, what do you say? I say a couple of bows, because if Kate's getting one, I want one too." She gives Kate a grin.

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani throws away the paper plate he was eating off of, he goes back to his seat and looks to Kate. "Well there is quite a few of us Prospects at this point." Kyani thinks on this for a moment, "You are right though, I've been told too many times I need a uniform or some type if I'm going to be doing this and trying to go out and replace my clothes is a bottomless sink." he sighs.

    He quirks up a brow at Victor, "I've not met Kid Flash, though if that material works, maybe we can see what other alterations we can make so my suit can be unique and maybe a new pair of kicks I can wear on the daily so that I can stop burning out my current ones." he offers to Victor. "Just let me know what day is good and we can try to design this up and if anyone wants to help, I'm down."

When Donna mentions she can't run, "I don't see no damn chicken legs." he says as he looks to Donna, "Seriously if you want to run, let me know. Any of you really, I will match how you guys run." he grins. When the conversation goes back to making bows, he turns and waves to Heather and Dick, "See you all later."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"If I do that, Kate, he's gonna want your phone number," Caitlin tells Kate with a dry tone. "But if that's worth it to you, I can hand it over. He's... definitely not my type," she says, nose wrinkling.

Cait finds her beach chair again and sits on it, opting to stay sitting up. She crosses her legs and rests her plate on her knee. "Y'know Kyani, when I first got started, all I could afford were jumpsuits and spandex. I went through surplus army gear faster than I went through food. I had to share a walkup with four other people, I was living in Gotham and working in an iron yard at the time." She nibbles the spanikopita; it seems to be the big hit of the barbecue.

"I think I've got some of the fabric we used for Flash laying around. It's kind of old material, but if I remember right it's highly lubricious and friction resistant."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic sits bolt upright in his deck chair and swivels to stare at Donna with big eyes. There's a long pause before he says anything, though. "...Donna?" he finally ventures. "Donna." His head hangs forward, bobbing loosely. "DONNA." He holds up an open hand, thumb up, fingers pointed at her. "I need you to do something because I think I am having a sleep paralysis fever dream hallucination right now." He inhales sharply, then continues, "Did you just say. You are going. To get me... TWO. That's two, then (2) in parentheses, just to be extra official. Enchanted Themysciran-tech bows. And PUT them in my WORKSHOP. For me?" He points at the glowing lens in his chest. "Me! Victor "the Cyborg" Stone! To /TINKER WITH/???" He gives her the best puppy-dog eyes he can when one of them is red and robotic. "Girl, please don't be playing with my feelings right now."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate notes with amusement at the interchange between everyone "I'd love myself an Amazonian-Cyber bow with a blend of man's tech and Amazon tech." she notes helpfully.

To Cait though she adds "I'm like... way below his age range. I could be his jailbait daughter." she sets her empty plate aside. "I just figured he would want to tweak the older Hawkeye by helping the younger better Hawkeye get even better. He seems to the type."

To Kyani "Maybe no merit badge needed if you are burning through your clothes."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Vic. I'm going to get you a couple of Themysciran bows to take apart, yes." Donna smiles wide at his enthusiasm. "I mean it'll take a few weeks. Shipping things from Themyscira... well I mean ironically it's not as quick as getting a delivery from Amazon."

    Donna looks over to Kate with a knowing expression. "Me too, " she agrees. "I mean I'll probably ask Cy to keep mine more... you know. Traditional. In terms of design. More what I'm used to. But yeah, I'm excited to see what Vic can come up with given the materials.

    "As for costumes... well I'm sure there's a lot of fabrics and stuff down in the labs people could dig through. Personally I'd say just wear lots of metal. Sure there are some cool and clever fabrics around, but nothing says not to something hitting you like a sheet of metal. Of course that doesn't suit everyone..." She gives a shrug. There are very few supers who actually wear metal armor. "Am I right Vic?" Broad grin.

    A thoughtful expression crosses her face. "Lubricious, Cait?" she asks. "Is that really a word? English is a strange language."

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    He nods his head to Caitlin, he's heard from Victor, Caitlin. He rubs his head, he doesn't understand why Victor is so excited, but he guesses whatever Donna is offering is really good. "Umm...not to sound dumb, but is there any type of education I will be needing so that I don't feel like such a noob when you speak about tech bows and such?" he asks.

    WHen Donna mentions it would take a few weeks to get things delivered, he quirks a brow, "Why not tell me how to get to where the bows are and I can deliver it?" he asks, "Or do I need a passport or something. I've never been to Themyscira or any place outside the U.S. nor do I know....." he shakes his head, "I can run on water but that seems like a long trip but maybe I can do it." he grins.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"I'm a PE," Caitlin explains to Kyani, kindly. "Professional Engineer. I work for Tony Stark in Advanced Prototyping; it's a tiny lab we call the Ironworks." She sips a drink-- something non-alcoholic-- and adjusts her posture a little with a relaxed forward slouch of her shoulders.

"But Victor's just a jock with a built-in Google taskbar." She grins over at Victor affectionately. "Decent programmer, still. And he dominates Movie Trivia night."

She brushes some bangs back from her face and looks up at Donna. "Lubricious? It's a materials science term," she says with a puzzled expression. "Low inherent coefficient of friction. Otherwise he'd set his clothing on fire or it'd fray apart. If you want to ask your mom for magic bows, I'm not going to complain," she says, and spreads her hands with a gesture of compliance. "I hear that Hephaestus forges all the weaposn for the Amazons, so if we're taking a field trip, I will very happily come along and see how the Olympians make alloyed metals," she offers impishly.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic claps his hands together -- they clank -- and tilts them toward Donna. "You? Are the best," he says with a grin. Turning back to the others, he agrees, "Metal is such a good choice that I brought my own metal, then made sure the costume added even more metal to the metal I already had." And it's true -- with Vic dressed for the pool, the others can see that the border between skin and metal is angled from his left shoulder down past the sternum, then loops around his right side at about belly-button level. His legs and left arm are only artificial from a certain point. The outfit he wears on missions is designed to make his prosthetics appear more symmetrical and more extensive than they really are, making it hard to tell where he is or isn't vulnerable.

"Themyscira is the island of the Amazons," he explains to Kyani. "They've been perfecting magical and traditional weaponry since we were building Pyramids. And they don't exactly stock their work in your local bodega. I would give ANOTHER ARM, if I had one, for what she just offered."

Caitlin's teasing gets a grin, then a haughty tilt of his head. "You know, I am a hell of a jock. Thank you for noticing."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Ah Nitro, it kind of doesn't work that way," Donna says, glancing at Caitlin. "You wouldn't be able to find the place. Take my word on this. Your passport is no good for getting the Themyscira. You have to be invited."

    That's not exactly true Cait," Donna says, between mouthfulls of the burger she's polishing off. "He taught the Amazonian smiths certain techniques, and supplied a certain amount of metal that he had forged, yes. But we make our own stuff too. Next time you come to Themyscira, I'll introduce you to one of our metalworkers, get you a tour of a... forge is the word, right?"

    Donna licks burger juice from her fingers. So tasty. "I'm totally the best," she agrees with Vic. "You're absolutely correct." She gives him a wink.

    Donna turns to Kyani, jerking her head in Vic's direction. "Don't let him fool you. With all the 'I am a robot, listen to me clanking, kill all humans' stuff. Yeah he's plugged into Google 24/7, but Vic is one of the most... /human/ people you'll ever meet. "

Kyani Kohanna has posed:
    Kyani just watches the other three talk and joke back with one another, and seeing how open their friendship is. He nods to Caitlin as she explains lubricious is, and as she states she works with Stark his eyes widen a bit, "I had wanted to try to intern at Stark Industries back in high school, but my grades weren't up to par so I missed out on that." he states. He is looking at Cait as she continues speaking.

    When Cyborg speaks up, he laughs at the man as he speaks about metals, when he speaks about Themyscira, Kyani is paying close attention to what is being said. He smirks at the, 'I'm a helluva a jock.' comment.

    When Donna speaks up his attention shifts to her. As she explains about Themyscira he nods his head, honestly he hadn't thought he could get there at his current speed anyways. He's heard rummors about the Flashes being able to run far faster then he could. Still this is something he needs to test and maybe see about getting their help. Kyani nods to Donna, "Well I know I can't ask for that permission right now, seeing as we've only met and I'm sure I will have to prove myself. Right now i can honestly say I'm behind on the learning curve and is thankful to you all just giving me a shot right now." he chuckles.

    "With my job as a messenger for Mac's Delivery in Brooklyn, and some of my side hustle, that's what I've been doing since I woke up from my coma a few years ago." he states.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Don't cuss," Caitlin scolds Victor, and tuts indignantly.

She meets Donna's pointed eye contact, then blinks once before pouting. "I /tried/ to get into the forge last time," she complains. "Mellisandrus whipped a hammer at my head and told me to get out from underfoot. I was just looking around! I didn't know it was off limits,". She sounds a little grumpy, albeit not quite sullen.

Caitlin brushes her hair back from her face, shaking her head, and looks inquisitively at Kyani. "I can't guarantee anything with Mr. Stark, but I can ask Ms. Potts if she knows of any openings," Caitlin offers to Kyani. "Email me your CV and I'll bring it to HR. It might just be like... dock work or something menial, but the employee benefits package is pretty good," she offers.

Kate Bishop has posed:
"I am still angling for an invite next time you and Wonder Girl head there Troia." she notes with a smile before heading to get another hot dog. She will have to work this all off in the gym later. Without fail. But today is a good BBQ with her new team. Also the way she trains and works out.. well she eats a lot.

Not a flash amount of food. Still a lot.

Someday she wil be very sad about hitting a wall with her metabolism too.

"I imagine Stark would kill for a speedster courier though Caitlin."

Victor Stone has posed:
"The trick to staying human is to send them no tracking data," Vic opines with the gravitas of a sage, his eyes nearly closed. Then, like a priest giving a benediction: "Beep, my friends, and boop." When the others are distracted chatting about something else, though, he'll turn to Donna with a grateful smile, quieter and more personal than anything a magical weapon could earn.

When he rejoins the conversation, he shakes his head at something Kyani has said. "Man, if there's anything I learned in physical therapy -- and don't let my smooth moves now fool you, I did a LOT of physical therapy -- it's that you can't think about yourself as 'behind the curve.'" He makes a horizontal chopping motion with his hand, as if shoving the concept off the table. "There is no curve. Every person and power set is different. You want to know my curve? Two days after Dad put me back together, I could shoot petawatt lasers to within a millimeter at artillery range, but it took me nearly a year after that to reliably /walk/." He levels his gaze at the younger guy. "You're learning. You're improving. That's all the curve you need."

Immediately after that comment, he turns and sticks his tongue out at Caitlin. "Come /on/, Cait, did you hear how mature that just was? I'm twenty-five! I'm a little past my H-E-double-hockey-sticks years."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Mellisandrus is a bit... stern," Donna concendes with a distant, fond smile. "The metal-workers have a lot of ritual involved in their work. Some of it is very secretive... that's actually part of the ritual. Apparently if anyone else watches at a certain point in the process, it weakens the metal. If you ask in advance... " She tilts her head to Caitlin, smiling. "Well next time you're there, we'll arrange for you to get a tour. But yeah. When I was a kid, I used to try to sneak in to the forges all the time. Though..." She grins with the misty memories. "Half of that was just for the fun of knowing they'd chase me out."

    Donna blinks away the reverie. "I'll see, Kate. It's not something I could promise. If it was up to me I'd invite you straight away, but... well. Mom is kinda particular about things. It takes a lot of persuading to convince her to agree to anything. She's only allowed a handful of people to visit the island since I was born. And uh... no offense Kyani, but your gender kind of works against you on this one."

    Vic's smile is returned, quietly and without drawing attention to the exchange. This is not a subject that Donna's going to harp on, but it's a concern to her, with all the new faces around the tower. She wants to be sure that the newbies will get to see past the exterior toughness Vic erects around himself to echo his armored metal body. Anyone other than Vic making robot jokes is likely to discover an angry amazon.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate sneaks a slice of cheese from the burger area and wraps the hot dog in it making it a cheesy dog. She works quietly and then looks up and over at Donna. "Well I could challenge your sisters to an archery contest... not sure how they are on the whole pride thing." she is kidding right.

She may not be kidding.

"also man Vic.. so old." she shakes her head slow and sad now. "So so... old... like a Comodore 64 old..."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"You're the exact same age I am," Caitlin reminds Victor primly. It's a legally correct statement, if not a factually correct one. "You're smart enough not to need to cuss. Bad words are for people who can't think of good ones."

She grins at Victor suddenly, just enough to show she's mostly teasing him. The curse jar in the Titans living room was often as full as the 'Caitlin Outed Someone's Identity' jar.

"Maybe we should put a training routine together for the new guys," she says, thoughtfully. With Donna standing nearby, she looks up, then scoots over a few inches and pats the spot next to her so Donna can sit with her on the overbuilt furniture.

"It's the cross-training, is where it's at. More weights for the runners, running for the lifters. I can get some of those naval hawsers, the big chains they use for anchors? They'd make great battleropes for Thunderbolt. Maybe even Supergirl," she suggests. "Everyone can benefit from a good Crosstraining fitness program."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic gives Kyani a sympathetic shrug when Donna references Themyscira's no-men rule. "Yeah, we don't get to visit, unfortunately. But!" He points over at Caitlin and says, "I'm sure we can keep you busy enough that you won't have time to mind. You know I love a good workout plan, Cait. We'll have these kids in superhero shape in no time.

When Kate teases Vic about his age, he'll gape at her in exaggerated shock, clutching at his chest, and emit an accurate recreation of the spiraling chiptune lament Pac-Man makes when he dies. "Unbelievable. You've just pierced me deeper than any arrow ever could," he tells her before pointing sternly toward the pool. Voice full of emotion, he admonishes her, "You get back on your unicorn and you /ride away./"

He stands from his chair and heads back to the grill in a mock huff, ducking to access a cooler along the way. "I guess there's only one thing that can soothe the pain of this geriatric old wreck," he says, flipping the top off of the beer he just grabbed with one metal thumb and peering at the younger Titan. "A legal alcoholic beverage!"

With that, he goes back to working the grill, making sure there's plenty of food for everyone to enjoy.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "You are good," Donna concedes to Kate. "Very good. But there are some archers on Themyscira who have been practicing for literaly thousands of years." She gives the young archer a broad grin. "Sorry, but you wouldn't win."

    Donna joins Vic at the cooler to grab a beer herself. Ah the advantages of being the older Titans. She briefly rests her hand on Vic's arm, and gives him a smile. "Thanks for handling the grill, Vic. Cait's the expert cook, but hey. A grill's a machine, and you know how to tame machines."

    Donna gives Vic a wink before accepting Caitlin's invitation, and dropping down into the seat behind her. "A bit of everything for everyone, "Donna suggests. "Some of them seem to be pretty enthusiastic self-trainers, but there are others who could do with encouragement. I'm honestly a little more concerned with getting them all combat-ready. There's a lot to cover. Even the ones who do know their stuff like Kate here need to learn team tactics. Hera, you remember what we were like when we first started on all this."

    Donna takes a swig of her beer and shoulder-nudges Caitlin. "What say you take on the crosstraining routines, and I take on the combat training? I'm going to see if our new Robin might take a few sessions in group tactics too. Partly to see if he's as good as he seems to be."

    Donna looks thoughtfully in Vic's direction again. "Cait. How about instead of those hawsers, you ask Vic if he can rig something up with the danger room? It can generate force fields, they could probably be tuned for resistence training. In fact, if..."

    It starts with food, as it so often does with the Titans, but as the party begins to fade, it seems to be becoming a planning session.