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War of Worlds Part 2
Date of Scene: 26 May 2020
Location: Metropolis
Synopsis: The Battle of Metropolis is on in full. Heroes from all over the World assemble in the City of Tomorrow to hold back Mongul's forces while Superman engages Zod in the air above. While the heroes have created enough space to begin a pushback, the threat of Zod and Mongul still looms over the planet as they move to Phase two.
This continues in Heroes Assembled issue #1913 
Cast of Characters: Clark Kent, Oliver Queen, Negasonic, Clint Barton, Cole Cash, Hal Jordan, Vanessa Carlysle, Dane Whitman, Carol Danvers, Clea, Jon Kent, Zora Vukovic, Karen Starr

Clark Kent has posed:
Yesterday, long range scans of the Sol System alerted Earth to an invasion fleet commanded by Mongul aboard the planetoid Warworld entering just beyond Pluto. A group of heroes flew out to Jupiter to meet this force and attempt to stop it before it ever reaches the planet.

The mission was a mixed success.

The particle weapon, able to destory planets by draining energy from the storm fronts of the nearby gas giant, was destoryed by a combined efforts of the Champions of Shazam and Thor, but the Prince of Asgard was rendered unconscious in the process.

Power Girl disappeared into the planetoid to fight Mongul and communications were lost, while Superman, attempting to protect his cousin from the dreadnought flagship of the invasion force.. was intercepted by the true mastermind behind this menace:

General Zod.

With two Kryptonians unaccounted for, Warworld has ventured closer to Earth. Sending drop ships full of Warzoon and armored behemoths of war. The Heroes of Earth have amassed in Metropolis, the target of the invasion, to hold the line.

With the omenous presence of Warworld hovering in Space like a second moon and thousands of alien soldiers flooding into the streets, the citizens of the city are in a panic..

Oliver Queen has posed:
With the call having been sent for heroes to gather up on Metropolis to defend it Ollie had made sure to answer. Sure, he may be the guy with a bow, but damn if he'd let an invasion start on Metropolis without him doing what he could do. So it was time to suit up, go get those special arrows he keeps just for these occasions.., the more destructive ones. He truly hoped he'd not need to use them but ....

And with a look to Vanessa he says with grim determination. "Better stock up and bring as most ammo as we can. We should focus on saving people but there will undoubtedly be fight to be done." And then it was time to go. Just before he sends a message to an old friend, the OTHER archer, 'Could use your bow out in Metropolis. Meet up?'

Arriving at Metropolis Ollie looks up at the bleak sky. The odds did not bode well for them today..

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie was saved by the X-Men. That was great. But they brought her to nerd school. That wasn't so awesome. Though she was cared for, and had a place to stay, she didn't dig the preaching and lack of empathy. Too much lecturing, not enough understanding. So she took every chance she had to get away, but today she outdone herself, grabbing a ride to Metropolis. She's yet to travel there, and who knows, maybe there was a good underground music store she hasn't heard of...but then why is everyone in panic...and what the...did she stumble on a movie set?

Ellie stands in complete disbelief staring at the mayhem going on as she wonders if perhaps hitching a ride to Metropolis was a mistake. She looks behind her, but whoever gave her the ride has barely even stopped after dropping her off. Likely doing the smart thing of getting the hell out of there. She decides to do the practical thing first, and pulls out her phone to grab some shots for her instagram account.

Clint Barton has posed:
As an Avenger and an agent of SHIELD, of course Hawkeye would be on site ready to face the invasion. He is not alone however in the face of this invasion, SHIELD has gathered as many agents as they could bring from around the globe to fight the invasion and help evacuate the citizens of Metropolis. Tac Teams set up fields of fire around high value targets and Quinjets fly overhead ready to help intercept in coming dropships. Though it's clear SHIELD is only able to fill in the cracks of the city's defenses, the real fight would be on the shoulders of the heroes.

That's where Hawkeye can be found, with them, situated on a rooftop looking up at the WarWorld above. "Wew," the Archer breathes, and looks back over his supply of arrows, besides what he had on his back he had another two quivvers here and several more set up around the area. Still, it felt like it wasn't going to be enough.

His suit's wrist computer pings and he looks down at the message and fires off a reply:

> Already here man, on the roof of the Metropolis building. Hope you brought arrows, lots of arrows.

Cole Cash has posed:
Guess who had no idea aliens were going to attack Metropolis? Right, Cole Cash.

It is not he doesn't know aliens are real. He dated one for ten years, you know? And he has some experience fighting Daemonites. But he had a busy night, okay? With ninjas and stuff. So, he woke up with the sounds of dropships landing and blaster fire. Also, hungover.

A glance at the streets reveals his usual handguns are not going to be enough, so he ran to his truck and opened the hidden storage space under the driver seat, pulling out weapons he has not used in years. The VAD PP30, particle pulse handguns, aka 'blasters', two marvels of engineering built 30 years ago using alien tech.

When he has to recharge them, the power company bill pretty much wipes his bank account. Which is one of the reasons he rarely uses them, but at least now he feels armed.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Speaking of people returning from space...that battle actually took a lot out of him, so he makes a quick pit stop to recharge the ring.

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night
No Evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

Then it's right back to fighting. A quick flight later, and he's back, hovering over the invasion site, and serving as a green beacon for all who stand against Mongul and Zod. Now that he knows about Zod, he can warn people about that, and does so. "Alright. That's Warworld up there. General Zod of Krypton teamed up with Mongul the conqueror, and they've come after Earth. We're gonna make them both regret that decision. Let's do this!"

For his own part, the Lantern finds the biggest, nastiest, not yellow thing he can deal with personally, and goes to take that on.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle climbs out of the vehicle, in a costume that looks much like the Green Arrow's. Except slashed with a bit more black, and styled to fit a decidedly different physique than the blocky, muscular archer. She checks her mask and voice modulator and then pulls out quiver after quiver of arrows from the vehicle.

"There's something ironic about this," says Quiver as she passes some of the loads of arrows over to Green Arrow. Enough he can still move freely but to have as many at hand as possible.

Quiver looks at her communicator and gives a soft chuckle. "I'll position a couple of bundles of them," she says, looking around the area. "That building, and that building," she says, using the tactical knowledge absorbed from Green Arrow to pick good spots for refitting.

Quiver leans over to Green Arrow and smooches his cheek. "Give them hell. Catch back up to you soon." And then laden with the heavy loads, she trots off.

Dane Whitman has posed:
<<Last cache is in place, Hawkeye.>> The Black Knight cues his comms from the roof of another building about four blocks Southwest of where Hawkeye presently is positioned. For those that might have a view there is the oddity of a large, winged white stallion beside the chainmail-clad fellow who's setting down a set of another four quivers and a spare bow, as well as a grapnel launcher and some first-aid gear. He's been dropping these on rooftops in virtually every direction for the last hour or two. He's even ferried SHIELD snipers to watch over some of them. But now he's bereft of any extra gear to distribute, so he climbs back onto Strider and takes to the air, actually moving to join a formation of Quinjets in a holding pattern around the center of the city. <<If or when you need a pickup, just buzz me on this channel.>>

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol was.... well she was under orders to stay at Earth in case the mission out to intercept Warworld failed.

It didn't sit entirely well honestly with her to be out of the immediate fray but she understood why the order came down from the Director. Do not put all your eggs in one basket after all.

Which turned out to be a good thing since the Kryptonians are MIA and Thor is out for the count.

Captain Marvel is on comms with any Avengers or SHIELD assets deployed to deal with this in Metropolis.

Over the Comms Carol will communicate to the various people she is patched in with <<Do all you can with the Warzoon's. Protect the civilians and take out the invaders. It looks like Thousands of them and more drop ships than I can count quick.>>

Hovering up above the city in the air taking a birds eye appraisal, and a powerful photon blast to tag and disable the engines of a drop ship.

<<I'm going after the second Dreadnaught... good luck everyone>> and Captain Marvel finally explodes into brilliant motion up towards the second dreadnought that is the size of a small Star Destroyer.

It is decidedly not the one that the Titans are dealing with as well.

Clea has posed:
A simple look at the sky confirms the danger descending upon Metropolis, even for someone not especially a fan or versed in certain space opera films involving light-up swords and X-wing battles scored by John Williams. Deep in Greenwich Village, the disturbance calls Clea out. Alerts soon are sent scudding across New York and further afield, with a particular call to the Avengers soon followed up by another. In the course of one minute, a chain of dominoes fall: she steps to a consulate to collect Zora, another from New York to Metropolis faster than the speed of thought.

Some arrivals are flashy; hers is not, except to the mystically sensitive. In that case, it's like a meteor crash landed out of nowhere once she and her companion step through an ultraviolet oval of sparks slitting open space for a heartbeat. They stand on a rooftop better view. "I regret to see this day," she says to Zora. Her grave eyes lift, and she awakens a commlink to Clint and Carol - another Avenger in action there. <Clea in position. Call for aid or transport as required.>

Her head tilts and that next swift set of precise hand gestures ignites a pair of illuminated disks around her hands. Shielding spells fall into place.

Clark Kent has posed:
It is rare indeed that Military Forces are overtly field on American soul, but the US Army reserves have come down from Fort Hamilton in New York to aid in evacuations and defense of Metropolis. Soldiers are armed and ready to assist with pitched urban battles taking place in civilian heavy engagement zones with forces largely protecting citizens who got caught in the attempted mass exodus of the city.

Like in Hurricane Hugo in 1989 that turned i95 into a parking lot for fifty miles, the second coming of Zod, at the head of a second Alien invasion force, has people terrified... but Earth is better prepared, for what it's worth. They've learned from past attempts and have mobilized to protect people. So there's always soldiers fighting, dying, and killing Warzoon moving in roving packs through the streets of Metropolis.

Including several massive beasts engineered for war, smashing through streets like runaway bulls. Screaming with their grotesquely large arms flexing as cars are heaved out of their path. The dreadnought itself? It is well defended.

Fighters flash out towards the colorful chemtrail left by Carol's approach, attempting to engage her before she can get in range of the battleship attempting to break into Orbit.

All at once there's a sudden stillness in the atmosphere.. an ionization of the ozone layer that leaves an electric charge running over the skin. With a CRACK-BOOM, a black haired, beared man hovers above the city with a look of disdain leveled upon the people beneath him. "People of EARTH! I have come here at the head of a machine of war.. your ability to fight me is meager, at best, and your defeat assured... but I am not a harsh ruler or a melevolent dictator. If you surrender, your life will be spared.. and you can serve out the rest of your days beneath your new ruler..."

His voice is booming, powered by Earth's yellow sun.

"Come, Terrans... KNEEL before Zod.."

Oliver Queen has posed:
> Brought a literal truckload of them. Me and Quiver are distributing a few on nearby buildings. Send me coords of your comms so we can talk.

Ollie sends a message to Hawkeye, then a glance to Quiver when she mentions this being ironic, the corner of his mouth turning up into a faint smile at her chuckling. "Play time is over. Time to join the big leagues, Quiver." and then at her assessment on where to put those quivers he nods. In fact, he couldn't had done any better. Yet his expression does turn somewhat more serious. "Be careful out there. Meet at the top of the metropolis building." a brief squeeze on her shoulder.

Watching her go for a moment Ollie then hoists all those damn quivers over his shoulder and starts making his way towards metropolis building to meet up with Clint and the rest of the SHIELD forces there.

<<Warzoon packs moving around. Better keep out of the main streets.>> He speaks on the comms to Vanessa while already shooting out with his bow. No broadheads this time, a couple shooting through a couple of roaming warzoon soldiers before he reaches the building. Then it's a matter of getting up there through the use of one of his special arrows. He arrives just in time for that Zod announcement...

"Oh, great..." he says to Clint once he's up there. And yes, he -does- put one knee down! But that's because he is near a ledge and kneeling is much better for his purposes! Which is to start shooting down at roaming Warzoon soldiers down on the streets. One shot, one kill.

Negasonic has posed:
The last thing Ellie expected to see today is pretty much everything she's seeing right now, from weird aliens in Metropolis, to Captain Marvel taking charge at some alien spacecraft...and of course it's all toppled by the sight of an alien spaceman making claims of ownership over the Earth.

It's stupendously doubtful that her meager voice can ever make it all the way up to Zod, but never the less, she still looks up and placing her hands open palmed at the sides of her mouth, cries out as loud as she can, "GET BENT!"

Clint Barton has posed:
Over the SHIELD channel, Clint says, << Thanks Dane, will give you a call if I need a lift and Dane, watch yourself up there>> on the Avengers one, << We'll make sure the people stay safe, Carol, take out that Dreadnaught, I haven't seen an alien ship explode before. >> He smiles grimly at that, before Clea joins them and he adds << Welcome to the party Clea.>> he adjusts something on his wrist computer linking the SHIELD and Avengers channels allowing everyone to coordinate. << SHIELD and Avengers assets you're linked up for coordination. Enjoy. >>

By then Zod has appeared in the sky and Ollie's on the roof. He gives his fellow archer a wave trying to look calmer than he felt, and tosses the Green Arrow a comm unit. "This will patch you in with SHIELD and the Avengers, see if you can link Quiver on it as well.

That done, Clint steps to the edge of the roof looks down and starts raining down arrows on the Warzoon soldiers below, these ones with explosive tips!

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver navigates through the streets, sticking to stealth to avoid a first two encounters with patrols while positioning their supplies of arrows. A third such encounter is announced loudly with the sound of concussive arrows, followed by a hissing sound.

<<Couple of explosions to make them gasp, followed by knockout gas, works on the little ones.>>

The female archer positions some quivers on a rooftop then runs and jumps off of it, shooting a grapnel arrow at a distant building and then swinging on the rope in a wide arc to cover a block, before landing on a rooftop and repeating the mode of travel.

Before long an arrow with a line hits the top of the Metropolis Building, and soon Quiver shoots up over the side, unfastening the winch in her glove to detach and land lightly. She looks over towards the other two archers and asks in those distorted tones of her voice modulator, "Seriously, what is it with guys and wanting others on their knees?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern...well, that's clearly where he needs to be. The Green Lantern quickly engages Zod directly, trying to put him on a green construct of binding chains. "Not so fast, Zod." Good thing he recharged the ring, he's gonna need every last percent to take a Kryptonian on. But...it's just possible he might slow Zod down...it's that invincibe might against his Willpower. And his Willpower...will hopefully overcome! Or at least slow Zod down.

The Lantern has to summon more and more willpower, just trying to slow down that kind of power. But he won't be giving up anytime soon! Overcoming great fear is what he does. "...gotta hold him, or he'll wipe everyone out..."

Cole Cash has posed:
Down on the streets Cole is trying to get out of the way of the invaders, but keeps getting sidetracked to pull civilians out of the way. No, you can't get a selfie with an alien murder machine. FFS. Kids nowadays.

Besides, Close shoot the Warzoon head off, so it wouldn't have been a good picture anyway.

It is quite a relief when he makes it to the SHIELD agents' position. At least SHIELD should have the hardware to slow the aliens down.

Facepalming happens when the first SHIELD agent Cole sees is armed with a bow.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol misses Zod's supersonic arrival and demands laying claim to Earth.

She was zipping along towards the battleship trying to enter atmosphere and while she is many things and has a great spread of skills and abilities, superhearing like a Kryptonian is not at all one of them.

So unless someone alerts the bad situation eventually becomes with Zod she is focused on the target she called dibs on.

First though the wave of fighters that are zooming along to try to engage with her. Which she gives them what they want engaging them in return so she will be able to work her way to the Dreadnought. The arc of energy from her flight zips and twirls though moving both faster and more agile than any of the alien starfighters. It seems that Captain Marvel can turn on a literal dime at those speeds, who cares about physics when you have cosmic power right.

Still it is a beautiful display of high atmosphere fireworks as starfighters explode here and there.

Off comms <<WOooooooooah yeah>> off comms because it is a little unprofessional.

Dane Whitman has posed:
<<I'll do my best. You do the same down there.>> The Black Knight returns to Hawkeye, and then spotting the action heating up above him, the magnificent flying stallion shifts it's flight path upwards, accelerating to a speed that any sort of normal physics would say is impossible for a winged horse of that size to attain. It's not quite supersponic...at least at the moment, but it's close. In but a few moments he is coming up behind a couple of the fighters dogging one Captain Marvel.

He doesn't seem to be taking Clint's advice very well, swooping in literally just a few feet alongside one of the fighters, and lashing out with the night-black sword that appears in his hand just as he strikes...it effortly cuts into the side of the fighter and rakes across its' full length, sending sparks and smoke and small explosions in its' wake, with sword, bearer, and horse pulling away at the last moment, while the fighter lists to port and starts to spiral to the ground, though perhaps-thankfully it explodes partway down.

<<Keep heading for the big ship, Captain, We'll see if we can draw these pests off!>> Says the guy with a sword on a flying horse in the near-upper atmosphere. Doesn't seem to be having any difficulty breathing or problems with freezing to death, though.

Jon Kent has posed:
     The Phantom Zone is where Zod had escaped from, a Kryptonian dimension where dangerous offenders are sent to serve their sentences for their crimes. It is not a place for fun and games. Zod was not the only one to escape the Phantom Zone from the beacon on Mars. A boy had come through the portal as well, spending time gathering solar energy until he heard a voice from far away, 'KNEEL before Zod' jogs his memory, and he starts to wake.

  The boy dressed in a thick canvas jacket, an ushanka, done up around his head, and a set of jeans with red sneakers starts to fly for the source of the voice: Metropolis.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Victorious has stepped through the portal, before the golden-armored woman rises into the air, a purplish field of energy surrounding her and gleaming from her eyes as the power cosmic spills from her. "I will distract him while you work." she says calmly, her fingers tightening around her spear, before there's a crack of air as she accelerates, rising up until she's floating in the air across from Zod.

    "I bow to only one man!" her voice booms back in the open space. "HE who is your superior.!" The spear comes up, the head pointing at the Kryptonian general as it shimmers with energy. "I am Zora, last daughter of the Vukovics. I am the fist of Latveria. I am VICTORIOUS! THE HERALD of DOOM!"

    The power around here spear gathers. "You will find no cowards to bow to you HERE!"

    With a deafening *VOOOOORP* a scintillating tide of purple energy gouts from the tip of her spear, lancing towards Zod as she accelerates from a standing top behind it, her dark green cap swirling behind her.

    The Herald has never been one to shy from a fight, after all.

Clea has posed:
Pale flames emerge in a nimbus around Clea's waving hair as she takes to the air, drawn up of her own volition with a slight spark of fire gathering in her narrowed eyes when the atmosphere changes. The leveled disdain from Zod brings her focus his way, to the exclusion of the ships out of range. Another tyrant come to make a claim on Earth by force earns a mild frown out of her, but that incandescent flood of energy swirls around her hands, taking on a more distinctive form that increasingly shifts intense vermillion red out of the violet spectrum.

The Lantern's call from the sky is probably audible. At any rate, the sorceress of the Dark Dimension is already in motion, zigzagging through the debris tumbling from the sky. She moves with immediate agility, darting and correcting on a dime, closing the distance while exclusively ignoring anything not directly in her path proclaiming his benevolent dominion over the Earth.

"Earth has an answer," she calls out, the ringing answer of her voice lofted rather loudly. Her poised hands cross in front of her, energy streaming in bloody rivulets around her splayed fingers. A vast circle of floating red ^motes form around Zod himself at a distance. "No." Her arms sweep apart, the downward motion splaying a demented cat's cradle as the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak brought to life by the invocation.

Myriad red bonds woven from pure eldritch energy strike out, hitting limbs, torso, feet, hands, indiscriminately rotating to bind him within their grip.

Karen Starr has posed:
    There is, as it were, the noise of Thunder.

    This horrible, unspeakable cracking that echoes through the atmosphere, and it is immediately apparent from whence it's coming. Seated just -barely- in the atmosphere of the planet, just -so-, that sound can travel... The noise of thunder is coming from Warworld itself.

    There is a shape, then, in the sky- blazing through the atmosphere and coming down into Metropolis, this careening meteor arrests itself midair, twisting and writhing until it looks then like a person standing on ground that doesn't exist.

    The question of whom this is does not last long as another shape comes flying down at an alarming speed, igniting a burning trail of angry air and colliding with that standing form with a blow that echoes in the sky- coupled with this audible noise akin to glass shattering.

    The first arrival, the one struck, surges out of the sky and impacts the streets of Metropolis, digging a long trail in the asphalt. Any that are near might recognize this alien terror.

    Standing up from the ground, the hulking form of Mongul is a sight to terrify. Over seven feet tall, skin of mustard yellow. Ripped, purple suit showing numerous scorch marks and revealing several angry, black bruises. Yet, this does not look like a man teetering on the edge- nor does it seem at all like the fight is anywhere near leaving him.

    He is decked to the nines in belts and pouches made of alien materials, and worse still, there are no less than a dozen weapons with anatomy that is both familiar and not. Some look to have barrels and blades, and all of them, even those that are clearly -melee- weapons, glow with an otherworldly might.

    The man's head turns, and he spits a glob of congealed blood onto the ground next to him. Idly, the belt around his waist sizzles and cracks, its shield and flight generator having been overloaded by whatever that was that just hit him. With a press of a button, it falls from his waist and hits the ground.

    "I hate Kryptonians."

    It is all he gets to say before his pursuer lands with a resounding thud in front of him. Breathing heavily, bruised and cut in ways that Kryptonians should never be, the blonde form of Power Girl is revealed as the flames of her re-entry burn out on her flesh. Her gloves are gone, and so is the costume that is supposed to be covering her left leg. She takes a moment, straightening, and takes in a breath. The sun, still in the sky, provides her more fuel that she has been sorely lacking over the last day.

    "It's over." she declares, as simple as that.

    Mongul's response is to, simply, smirk, before firing back. "I'm honestly impressed. You've only had interstitial sunlight over the last day, and you've cost me two hundred soldiers, three of Warworld's armories, and six of my arena's champions. I honestly thought this would end differently."

    With speed that belies his life as a warrior, Mongul spins a large rifle on its sling from his back, and the tip of it explodes with a crimson beam. This strikes Power Girl in the stomach, and she is sent flying backwards, tumbling and rolling through a parked car, before landing on her front, motionless for several seconds. Only then does she put her fists under her, and start to rise... Very, very slowly.

    "I'll just have to remain single." Mongul taunts.

Clark Kent has posed:
Whether Ellie's voice carries or Zod's enhanced abilities allows him to hear the young woman's shout, his eyes turn downward in her direction. There are thousands, hundreds of even, of people screaming obsenities, but Ellie... he narrows his eyes at her and grins sadistically, "No, girl... You get bent.. Bend the knee to your new Benevolent rul-" The word sare cut off, green chains looping around his arms holding them to his sides while Clea's magical bindings of cytorrak errupts from dark spheres to hold further keep him from his intended target.. Zod turns his eyes upon the source- Hal Jordan, unaware of Clea, but aware that he's no real ability to break free of those magical bindings, of yet... they're physical, so eventually he will snap them. "-Oh, you foolish child. You think these can hold General Zod? Your feeb-"

Zora's spear hits him and he jerks backwards from the powered lance of energy running through him.. With a might shout, he snaps all the bindings and snaps forward towards the incoming Vukovic, but those chains had done precisely what they were intended, slow the General down.

A bright blue streak flashes clear across the sky like a red/blue bullet and slams bodily into his side. Folding his black suit clad body over a powerful shoulder, Kal spins and hurls the General in the oposite direction.

Bleeding from the corner of his mouth, blue suit torn and cape tattered from his space battle with Zod, Superman hovers just over Ellie. "I've got Zod, Lantern... Go get those behemoths!" Pointing at one of the many massive creatures storming through the streets full of parked, mostly and thankfully empty, cars.

Are you okay, Miss?" Turning, just a fraction, to look down at Ellie as he speaks. "I have to go stop him..." Pointing to Zod, who is starting to break loose of his chains and eldritch powered bands lacing through those green chains to hold the Kryptonian in place, "But can you do me a favor and help those people?" Nodding towards a family struggling to stay ahead of one of the monsterously large beasts of war as it bull-charges after them.

Then he's gone, straight up, both fists pointed directly at the Kryptonian General. The strike to the black symbol upon his chest so hard that the shockwave shatters windows and sets off car alarms for two blocks. Shards fall into the streets like a crystalized rain glittering in the afternoon sun. Each blow is like thunder cracking, each throw covers a block or more before the other recovers and comes back. At the speeds the two are engaging, there's only the snap of thunder and the brief visual of a blue or black streak, above Metropolis, while Power Girl fights Mongul down IN the streets...

Warzoon storm to fill the void Zod left, one of them a Behemoth that swats at the Green Lantern, attempting to slap him out of air, and a dozen warzoon moving like ants towards Zora and Clea. More still climbing directly up the side of the wall where Quiver, Hawkeye, and Green Arrow are sniping.. with winged beasts flying AFTER Dane trying to engage him in aerial combat.

NOW the invasion is on.

Oliver Queen has posed:
It's just arrow after arrow for a while, his first quiver getting emptied in near record time. So many targets afterall! The last couple are explosive arrows, sending one of those large behemoths tumbling briefly but not falling. "Tough bastards.., they should have a weak spot somewhere.."

But then Ollie catches that comm device from Clint, grunting his thanks. A nod is given and then he syncs his own comm to it, just in time for Vanessa's arrival. The snort he gives her at those words is one of amusement. "Right..?" Perhaps a much needed relief from all the tension that was out here. The attack, Zod's presence here on earth, but then he tosses her the shield commlink. "Here, link up. This will get us into SHIELD and Avengers comms."

And yes, Cole just walked into an archer convention. Green Arrow gestures towards the various quivers and a few extra bows. "There's an extra bow if you want it, bud." because yes, he noticed the facepalm!

Mongul and Power Girl's arrival don't go unnoticed. The building does shake briefly at that not-so-hero-landing so yes, very much noticeable! "Shall we give a hand?" he brings out one of his 'special' arrows, in this case an highly explosive one. He shoots it, but he knows better than to attempt to damage a being that can go toe to toe with a kryptonian. Mongul's weapons though are fair game! Or so he hopes. And that's where he points. To that damn rifle he carries.

Though with a glimpse down a wall he frowns. "Incoming enemies up the walls." he warns.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Switching focus to Behemoths, including the one trying to swat him, a green shield blocks the Behemoth's mighty claw. For all that the behemoths are much bigger than Zod...they're actually easier to deal with, and don't drain anywhere near as much of his ring as a Kryptonian would. After the initial attack, green behemoths pop up in front of each of the real ones...yes, all of them. And the green ones, each powered by the Lantern's will, engage all of them simultaneously.

The Lantern can't actually keep track of that many battles simultaneously, so he programs most of them to a default 'attack pattern' against their real duplicate, and then concentrates on the one that just attacked him, giving that green duplicate more direct orders. Better guided, it will drive it back, while the others at least stalemate their real counterparts.

As for Zod, he'll trust his friend's judgment on that one. He'd like to help Power Girl, but Mongul's yellow skin makes that problematic.

Clint Barton has posed:
<< Thanks >> Clint says to Dane as the Black Knight flies above on his winged horse "Definitely need one of those," he remarks off-hand to Ollie as he fires a trio of arrows at a group of Warzoons, chasing a group of civilians, the explosions stop them in their tracks giving a SHIELD team time to grab the civilians and hustle them down into the subway tunnel bellow under the cover of heavy weapons fire.

Clint wipes his brow takes aim at the Warzoons but they've fallen back.

That's when Cole shows up with blasters and that bandana like mask over his face, Clint turns, arrow pointed Cole's way for a heartbeat before he lowers it. "If you're here to rob a 7-11 or something they're closed for the invasion, if not, there's lots of room up here if those things have some range."

Over the streets, Dane starts his equine rendition of the trench run, "Or you can give the guy on the horse cover," he shouts to Cole. A glance down the side of the building. Shit that was a lot of Warzoons climbing up towards them. "Or you can shoot those guys," Clint says firing off a trio of arrows sending Warzoons tumbling down. More take their place. "Actually, definitely shoot the guys on the building," Clint says, drawing more arrows, firing one after the next as quick as a pistol shot. "Hal, keep the big guy busy," meaning Mongul who sets the building to shaking, sending one of his Warzoons tumbling off the side. "Me and Old Tyme Bank Robber here will keep these guys off your back for now."

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Arrow after arrow fly out of Quiver's bow. Mostly taking out the little guys, but spotting some cops with a large war creature bearing down on them, she fires pyrotechnic arrows to startle it and then a smoke arrow to give the police cover to get away. "Just remember that next time you want to give me a parking ticket," she mutters while nocking the next arrow fluidly.

As Cole arrives on the rooftop, the female archer in green glances over to him. "Hey. New guy. With the red mask. Red Mask. Yeah, plenty of arrows if they're your thing," she says in greeting, turning back and firing an arrow. It hits a Warzoon in the head and then little darts fire out of it, taking down several more.

She glances over towards Green Arrow. "Unless there already is a Red Mask. Can't keep all these names straight." Another arrow launches out from the rooftop to take down an adversary. As she's nocking the next arrow, she notices a couple of the enemy setting up what looks like some kind of tripod-mounted weapon. "Uh, I think they are pointing that this way!" she says loudly.

Cole Cash has posed:
Grifter actually has met Green Arrow before. And yes, he will admit a bow is a cool weapon to fight ninjas. But not alien invaders, man!

"You sure you don't want an assault rifle instead?" Replies Cole. "I think I'll pass," he adds, spinning to shoot at the incoming red-skinned aliens. Ollie has seen what he can do with regular handguns. But bullets are not very good against the alien's armor and do even less to the warbeasts.

The energy burst of Grifter's energy weapons, however, punch through alien armor and flesh easily enough. And the red-masked mercenary shoots very quickly and very accurately, clearing the street behind him and giving the SHIELD agents some breathing room.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is honestly a bit surprised at the whole.... flying Black Knight with a pegasus business fighting starfighters. <<Right. On it.>> because well she is at that point. She breaks off leaving the starfighters to the ... Knight... and heading up to engage that Dreadnought.

Instead of engaging the starfighters, Carol just flies better than them to out manuever them in the air. They can deal with the Knight she guesses if they want.

The first bang into the serious shields of the Dreadnaught and Captain Marvel causes her to bounce off it at a funny angle. "Son of a bitch." she notes and then twists around mid air and with both fists forward unleashes a Photon Blast of exceptional proportions rocking the shielding around the large destroyer. Just zipping around testing it right now with blasts and taking energy fire from the ship. Which... well she is soaking it up like a sponge up there as the dreadnought unloads everything at her.

Captain Marvel's body starts to glow and erupt in corona-like energies at random as she solo engages the capital ship...

The longer this is going on the more the dreadnought's shields start to weaken and then flicker.

It is really pretty from way down below.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Victorious pulls up short as Superman comes out of nowhere and just bullrushes Zod practically out of the airspace, spinning to follow the charge and the rapid movements as she bares her teeth, looking for a moment like she's going to pursue, before she visibly pulls up short. The Kryptonian can handle it. And if he can't, better to let him soften Zod up first so she can kill him more easily later, she reasons. In her mind, you don't let would be alien dictators show up on your planet without making an example of them.

    AFter all, this world is Doom's.

    Instead, she withdraws closer to where Clea is, shifting to engage the oncoming invaders near her as she keeps them away to let her cast what spells she needs.

Dane Whitman has posed:
Well, the best plans of mice and men and all that...Dane only manages to down two more fighters before he's beset by flying beasties. The bad news is that there's a whole lot of them. The good news is that he clearly has some experience in these kinds of situations, and as noted, while on the back of this particular horse, he's not nearly as bound by things like physics. Strider proves fantastically maneuverable, easily equivalent or perhaps even beyond some modern jet fighters. While he cuts down a few of them, and Strider even kicks a few away mid-flight, but it proves to be more of a race as he dives back into the labyrinth of the city, darting around buildings and onto side-streets and leading the creatures on a not-so-merry chase. All the while talking on his comms.

<<Skyhawk 3, Skyhawk 4, this is Black Knight. I'm about to lead a bunch of bogies right into Fire Team Charlie's sights. If you'd care to meet me there, you can probably put a lot of hash marks on your noses when you're done.>>

And hoping that the aforementioned Quinjets are still flying, he banks around yet another building and then pours on the speed straight down the following street.

Most of the creatures follow, and as The Black Knight reaches the next intersection, two Quinjets in VTOL mode dip out from behind buildings on either side and erupt with a torrent of heavy machine gun fire and air-to-air mini-missiles, making mincemeat out of a great many of them, especially with supporting fire from the SHIELD fireteam stationed on the ground.

<<Thanks boys and girls. Think I can handle the rest.>> The Black Knight salutes as he passes overhead, then banks upward to go deal with the remaining winged beasts.

Clea has posed:
Clea remains suspended where the Herald of Doom is, at least for a heartbeat. Zod's bonds illuminate a lurid pathway, making him an exquisitely helpful target in infrared and ultraviolet spectra alike. Follow one of the countless strands connected to Clea's hands or the arcane circle, and eventually there he is. She adjusts on the fly, clenching her fists and hauling back as the eldritch charge snaps free with Zora's lance running him through.

Across the SHIELD-Avengers-Archer channel, a message: <Don't mind the butterflies. Harmless to you.> The failing spell transforms into countless swallowtail butterflies around her, rotating around in a huge storm of sparkling prismatic shards that reflect light off their mesmerizing wings, the better to make spotting her through them so much more dififcult. When hit by any debris falling from the shattering symbols above, the butterflies vanish away, taking bits of burnt-up ash with them.

The Warzoon closing on her might have to break through the sorceress' defensive measures, rather like the point of shrapnel and glitter discharged at once. She soars back to Zora, opting to remain in much closer proximity.

Her answer to the incoming forces is probably spectacularly bright, the fires dancing around her hair in a supernal halo racing down her arm. When they reach her open palm, she has a handful of flames that glow with holy brilliance, a near second sun when they end up. A distant echo for Captain Marvel's plasma bursts on high, and very likely as hot. It doesn't even scald the sorceress' skin or her clothing.

"Oshtur, forgive me," she murmurs. The Flames of the Faltine so self-generated form an explosive circle and then another ring bisecting that one, rushing out further, and another until there's nearly a rainbow of them washed from one side of the spectrum to the other. Very pretty. A nested mandala sweeps out and up in an enchanted, burning sphere around her and Victorious, fueled by her innate spellfire.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen is carefully, slowly, pulling herself from the ground. It takes her longer than she is comfortable with to get a leg under herself, and when she does, she mutters to herself. "Pretty sure that's a red sun gun. Putting that on my list of things I really, really hate. Who even makes a red sun gun..."

    Mongul's voice booms with yet more taunts. "This is a red sun rifle. It fires a concentrated beam of radiation harvested from the stars that drain you of your powers. I was planning on killing someone -else- with it, but honestly, your head will look prettier than his when mounted." Who he's talking about is unclear- because there are two others that are just as likely as targets.

    His confidence is unshakeable... At least until there's a soft thunk in the side of his rifle. "NO!" he shouts, before the explosion rips through the metal rifle, causing it to erupt in a crimson sphere of dispersing red sun energy, the empty shell that was once a weapon dropping from his hands. Power Girl rises to her feet right at that moment, and the clouds part for just a moment, illuminating their streetside battlefield in the light of the sun. She takes in a breath, and the scorchmarks that had graced her abdomen, her muscular flesh exposed in a hole that the red sun beam had left... Simply disappear. Exhaling softly, in that moment a look of genuine panic lights across Mongul's features.

    "YOU!" He -screams- in unmasked fury, holding out a fist from which erupts a yellow-tinted beam of energy, the bracers on his wrists themselves a deadly weapon, fired directly at the spot from which that life-saving arrow had been fired.

    Regardless of the success, Mongul's attention shifts directly to Power Girl. Beads of sweat form on his brow.

    "Smell that?" Power Girl responds. "Smells like Bitch."

    Then, she's gone- disappearing into a blur of movement and reappearing a fraction of a second later, her fist connecting with Mongul's jaw in a visceral uppercut, that is then immediately followed with a powerful right straight that pounds into his stomach and sends the yellow alien reeling end over end backwards, thudding multiple times and skipping on the asphalt like a stone. Not out- and already getting back to his feet, but now on his back foot in the fight against the blonde Kryptonian. Physically she is superior- but his technology has given him the edge... Until now.

Cole Cash has posed:
My name is Grifter!" Announces Cole. Pretty sure Red Mask is already taken. Probably by some nutjob from Gotham.

He shoots at few energy bolts to one of the flying monsters that escaped the machineguns. But his guns do not have a lot of range. The particle pulses lost energy with the distance, so he turns his attention back to the critters on the streets, getting behind some cover and taking single shoots to approaching Warzoons.

Clark Kent has posed:
Kal is still engaged with Zod, a straight kick thrown forward sends the General careening backwards to create just enough space for Superman to blast him with super heated beams of energy errupting from his blue eyes. The beams hit the other Kryptonian center-mass, pushing him further backwards, but it's a distance which Zod capitalizes on. Flashing towards the Last Son, throwing a punch that rolls a shockwave in every direction around it, red kryptonian blood spraying from the split in Kal's lip when his head is snapped to the side. Both of his unclad hands grabs the black symbol on Zod's chest and hurls him over his shoulder towards the street, then drops to add the weight of his downward momentum into a similar punch that rattles the buildings to either side of them.

Both of Zod's feet come up, smash into Kal's chest, then hands have hold of him. Spinning aerially, Zod throws Superman towards Earth like a missile, at a downward angle through a skyscrapper that lines Memorial Park where the Superman Memorial was errected. The kryptonian hero smashes out the other side near to ground level of the now destablized building. There, he bounces along the street, rolling through what remains of his cape end over end, until he crashes into and through the Memorial errecte din his own honor.

The Statue cracks along the Sybmol, one of the massive stone legs faulters and gives way, and it crumbles down around the man whose likeness it was created from. "You SEE, Kal-El?! You see now, boy?" One black boot, then another, touches down into a purposeful walk towards the ragged breathing form already starting to sit up amidst the rubble of the Memorial. Drawing his bar arm, costume ending just below his shoulder, Kal turns and spits blood upon the ground as he stands, "I see, Zod... I see a man so hell bent on killing me... he's not paying /any/ attention to her.." Pointing over the General's shoulder where Zora is poise ready, surrounded in the Eldritch fire Clea has created to burn the Warzoon attacking them.

Jon Kent has posed:
There was no red streak heading towards Earth, but in the sky there could be seen a flash of light heading this way as someone was entering the atmosphere. Enduring the heat of re-entry, the streak is headed to Metropolis proper.

  "DAAAAAAAD!" was yelled from him, definitely for those with higher senses could hear the teenage voice yelling. Not far from the fracas with Zod, the new arrival starts to move to intercept, leading with his bare fist, at full speed, towards General Zod.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Victorious has been batting aside invaders who come at Clea, keeping them at bay so she can cast unmolested. But at the same time...she's focused on the larger fight, particularly the one between Zod and Superman, as the two blaze across the sky, back and forth, the force of their blows shattering the air with *BOOMS* of impact and flashes of heat vision. The two are moving fast enough that intervening would be difficult without getting in the way.

    Then Superman hits the ground, and Zod follows him down to crow about his prowess.

    "I'll be back." Zora says, her Latverian accent tinging her words with all the latent menace of a certain Austrian actor.

    And then with a BOOM she's across the battlefield as she flips over and accelerates, her spear swinging as she brings int around into the small of Zod's back to send him airborn, barely pausing as she relentlessly batters him, her spear swinging from angles, twirling to slash with the head or slam the heavier butt into Zod as she says, in a voice dripping with distain. "He's right. You talk too MUCH!" The last is met with a tremendous overhand blow intended to smash the other Kryptonian straight across the city into a nearby mountainside, before a purple blur follows him again, brutal aggression making up somewhat for a lack of skill in using her powers.

Oliver Queen has posed:
"A flying horse..?" Ollie looks sideways at Clint. "Why not a flying bike..? And that's it, I am going to get one." give it to billionaire vigilantes to get fancy ideas about new toys on a whim, during an alien invasion, while being shot at by alien weapons. Priorities... Yet he -can- multitask, so his arrows continue flying.. A shot towards a straggler that was climbing up to their shooting position, then a few smokes to help cover some escapees.

"Grifter?" Then a glance towards Quiver and saying in a low tone to her. "Red Mask it is." much better name!

But that's right in time to get one of those Warzoons that skipped detection right on top of him.. Oh, great.. There is a scuffle for a small moment but then delivering a frontal kick that any spartan would be proud of he sends the Warzoon falling down the building to his doom.

The tripod cannon finishes getting stationed on a nearby building, Ollie only having time to toss himself behind a ledge before bolts of energy begin zipping near their position. He gets a couple of arrows out, rips a couple of feathers off to angle their flight and sets them on his bow. He peeks up and sends them flying simultaneously towards the two figures operating the tripod cannon. Score! They topple down.., even if there are more soldiers up there ready to take over..

He is sweating deeply right now, the exertion clearly taking it's toll, "Getting low on arrows." he tells the other two archers, frowning.

It is then that part of the building he was favoring gets hit with that powerful beam. There is an explosion that sends debris and a Green Arrow flying through the air.., only by a miracle does he find some support, hanging precariously on a crumbling part of the building, very close to falling to his doom now, just like his Warzoon friend he sent flying earlier! Ironic..

Clint Barton has posed:
"Not a bad idea," Clint replies to Ollie about the flying bike Though for the moment he's wrapped up in the battle shooting arrow after arrow down at the Warzoons climbing up the building. "You doing alright there Quivver?" he calls to Vanessa as he drops a quivver of his own and picks up a fresh one. "Down to my last batch," he calls out in response to Ollie saying they're low on arrows.

He puts another of that batch into a Warzoon sending it toppling only to be thrown to the roof by the explosion behind him.

"Green Arrow!" he calls out, trying to stand when a Warzoon grabs his leg and trying to yank him over the side.

Clea has posed:
"Go with his grace," Clea replies swiftly to Victorious through the clash of soulfire being used in a pivoting wave to burn up anything that tries to come near enough. Through the pegasus on the wing and the various spaceships engaged in an impressive display of aerial acrobatics, the guns spitting out huge quantities of ammunition and the arrows igniting the way, she requires something of a nearly singular focus to her magic.

The rapid speed of her guardian vanishing towards the Man of Steel and Zod brings a briefly clear line of attack. One that lengthens by the sheer force of the Latverian lance crashing into Zod's undefended back.

In a heartbeat she vanishes, falling into a circle of violet firefly sparks. The portal terminates further up the battlefield. The protective sphere of magical fire shifting between all shades of a living rainbow tips towards a deepening stain of a wine-dark sea. Maybe she spotted something in the combat with the Mongul below and those sparks or this is simply the hue of her offensive attack. The ball collapses.

She steps out, facing the mountainside, and throws her hands forth. A chant races over her people. A substantial chunk of the energy of her race, the Faltinian fire comes as a concentrated torrent that slams down in a roaring cascade of columns. Were it only fire, that might be a concern. It is not, and the raging flame is meant to serve as a pointy arrow for the others to focus upon.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern is still doing that that thing where he's taking on every single Behemoth by himself, mostly by creating duplicates of them to fight them. Finally, the first Behemoth goes down, defeated by its green duplicate. And that's where Green Lantern's plan starts going into effect. Because now the next Behemoth has 2 Green Behemoths on it. 2 to 1, the next one falls...and the one after that has 3 Green Behemoths on it...and so on. Each Behemoth actually takes less time to beat than the last, because there's more Behemoths being brought to bear against each one in succession.

Even so, there's a lot of Behemoths out there, but they're slowly becoming outnumbered by the green models.

Green Lantern has to continue to trust that Power Girl and Superman have their respective foes down pat...he's too busy to get any more side tasks done.

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Quiver fires off an arrow towards some of the troops who are chasing down a car of civilians trying to get out of the line of fire. It hits and exudes a sticky fluid which slows them enough to let the vehicle navigate through the abandoned cars on the street and get away.

The people saved, she looks back just in time to see the tripod-mounted gun opening fire. She hits the deck, hiding beneath the coping around the edge of the roof. But it's being destroyed at a worrisome pace, until Green Arrow manages to silence the gunners.

She's just hopping back to her feet, saying, "I'm going to head to one of the ca-" when the power beam weapon hits the building.

Quiver is blown off the building, her bow snapped in two. She grabs an arrow from her quiver, touches the arrow to the broken bow to secure the line to it and throws the arrow with all of her might. It loops around a support for an advertising sign and the line goes taught, swinging her down so her side hits the building hard. She dangles from there from the line, getting her wits back about her, while above her the advertising sign proclaims, "Not going anywhere for awhile? Have a Snickers."

Carol Danvers has posed:
The Dreadnoughts shields utterly fail it with a large flash of light up above for anyone keeping one eye on the upper atmosphere fireworks.

The bobbing bright light that is Captain Marvel with a corona of cosmic energy wrapped around her bobs there outside the shield for a moment.

Then Carol puts her fists together and leaving a trail of light flies very fast fist first at the Dreadnought...... punching through the front of it.... vanishing.

There is a moment or two when nothing happens then explosions start to cascade through the Star Destroyer sized ship going from the front all the way to the back now...

By the time Carol punches through the ship out the back it iss only a matter of moments before the entire Dreadnought explodes making the earlier lightshow pale by comparison. This is one of those Deathstar exploding above Endor moments really for the news crews.

Dane Whitman has posed:
Dane is still darting around on Strider, picking off straggling winged creatures that get too close. When the Dreadnaught goes off, though, he happens to be looking right in that direction and is momentarily flash-blinded.

"Ah!" He instinctively throws an arm over his eyes for a moment, and is raked by one of the flying monsters in his moment of distraction.

His armor keeps him from being torn open, but the strike still manages to knock him from the saddle, managing to overcome the enchantments that make that considerably more difficult than it ought to be.

He's in freefall for a few moments, blade still in hand, but it's the ever-faithful Strider that saves the day this time, quickly looping around and flying beneath Dane, where he lands relatively securely (and with the blade safely held away so as not to harm steed or rider, thanks to the link they share). Still, the landing takes the wind out of him, and they head towards the ground, hoping to find a moment of respite to recover both breath and senses.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl is left to her own devices, lowering herself to the ground in a purposeful stride towards Mongul, whose greatest weapon seems to have been stripped from him.

    He reaches for a large, tube-like longarm slung over his shoulder, and twin beams of red burst from Karen's eyes, hitting the weapon in the dead center of its opening. The thing explodes then, searing the side of Mongul's face that it had, moments ago, been braced against. The Mustard Bastard raises both arms, combining the power of both wrists, and the beams shoot forth, wrapping Power Girl's upper half in their powerful light, like a tide washing over her.

    For a moment, she isn't visible- but then that tide parts, and at the center of that parting sea, the blonde Kryptonian's stride is unbroken. As if it were merely water cascading around her, she walks through it as if it were not there- as if the beams were not devastating enough to melt cars into molten slag, to carve great lines in the asphalt around her.

    She is next physically seen when her hands, almost looking delicate and so far still perfectly manicured, breach the tide of weapons fire to wrap around the wrist-mounted weapons, and squeeze. The onslaught sputters to nothing as her fingers crush the things without, seemingly, any effort.

    When the light dies down, Power Girl stands there, none the worse for wear having weathered the assault. For a moment, Mongul looks something akin to terrified- mouth agape as he stares down at the blonde.

    Her movement is swift- she clutches at his chest and belt, and, screaming, he is hoisted off of the ground, and then up, above her head. In one smooth motion, she brings one knee up just as both of her arms slam him downward, the strike delivering so much power that the shockwave it elicits runs roughshod over the street around them, shattering the windows of storefronts and cars alike. Callously, she throws Mongul to the ground- and he begins clutching at a small object attached to his side.

Clark Kent has posed:
Several things happen all at once.

Jon Kent comes in shouting dad and lays a punch down on Zod that would make that father particularly proud, even though you should never sucker punch someone when they're not looking, okay son? The staggering blow knocks the General off balance, right into the twisting spear coming home to purchase him a ticket out to the mountains for an afternoon flying hike among the trees. What's worse? There's suddenly fire coming down atop him, wave after wave of heated magical fire that descends upon his arms crossed over his head to, mostly, be absord into the thick gauntlets he's wearing.

"No...." The General growls at the sudden rings of fire burning outward in the sky where Carol has destroyed one of the dreadnoughts... In a rush, he turns and flexes both fists back as he leans forward screaming with rage at Zora following after him. Both eyes blast out bright red beams towards the harold of Doom, she may have intent and determination on her side, but Zod is breed for war. Fighting is all he knows and he's mastered his own abilities. Scorched along his face, burnt black from the magical fire, the Kryptonian General steps from the flames after the angry red eye beams and slaps at a blaze still burning upon his charred symbol of Zod. "Is that all Earth has for me?!" He's staggered, but a wounded tiger isn't any less dangerous.

Possibly more so because he lacks any hint of restraint for others safety.

Kal turns sharply to the shout from the newly arrived young man... Dad? There's no time to think about it, at least not in the middle of a battle, when he hears Ollie's shout when Mongel's beam hits the roof where the archers had assembled to be their arrows in the sky. Where there was a Superman, there's nothing, more of the Monument falls in upon itself when he's no longer there to support its weight, because he's suddenly beside Ollie. One arm around his friends waist another around Vanessa, both of them set down on what remains of the roof. "We need a new strategy.. Zod is outside of Metropolis, but we have to get Mongul's forces to follow..."

Kal glances in the direction of the Gateway Bridge, "The Titans are holding the bridge-" Pointing in that direction, "So we need to start getting these monsters headed in the oposite direction.." Looking to Clint, "Can you have SHIELD lend a hand with that?" He's not bashful about it. He hears things that most people don't hear and right now isn't the time to play coy and act like he doesn't.

"I'm going to go talk to the Magical woman down there while those two hold Zod back.." Kal is extremely fast, able to move around a battlefield quicker than almost anyone besides the Flash. "Excuse me Ma'am.." Always polite, Superman asks, from a safe distance to Clea, but with his eyes on Mongul and Power Girl, "I saw your portals.. and I need your help with something. I'm going to have Raven, one of the Titans, work in conjunction with you to create a portal big enough to move this entire army /out/ of metropolis.. And too many civilians are in danger, we can't keep fighting them here. Can you do that?" Blue eyes on the Clea.

Mongul, clawing at his own side, gets hold of the teleportation device before Karen can visit anymore violence upon him, "This isn't over yet!" He threatens, despite having almost soundly been beaten by the blonde, but he's learned several valuable lessons... she does not fight like Kal at all.. And that is very important to know.

In a flash of white, he's gone, regrouping with his forces, shielding himself from direct vision, super or otherwise, with a crafty device hidden inside his unbroken gauntlet. "General Zod-..." The voice is crisp, strained, but still strong enough to fight.. despite the injury to his lower back, "My Warzoon are holding, it's time to move on to phase two."

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    The blast of heat vision catches Zora in the chest, arresting her flight and sending her flying back before she can catch herself, a growl of pain escaping her as she's pushed steadily back. The beams slice into her breastplate, leaving a smoking, ruined black line across it, before her left hand comes up, the purplish energy surrounding her coalescing into a force field that pushes back against the beam, the heat energy spilling around it as her eyes blaze with purple fire. But still...she's pushed steadily back, now on the defensive, before she shouts. "For Latveria! For DOOOM!" She digs in, trying to hold the beam as for a moment, there's stasis as her backwards movement ceases, even as cracks in the hastily constructed forcefield start to appear....

Jon Kent has posed:
     It's much hotter here than in Antarctica, to which the boy in the parka soon realizes. A quick moment to take off the ushanka concealing his head, a teenager with moderately shaggy hair and cobalt blue eyes is seen, following the parka which is also removed, revealing a zip-up sweater with a lower than waist height red cape. The sweater was red and blue, with the mark of the House of El on the chest in red and yellow. Superboy had arrived!

  Where Kal had been sent through a building had been seen by the young man, and with a small leap, Jon started to fly up and brace the building with his hands, slowly moving it back to rest on its structural columns, which is taking the young Kryptonian a good amount of time, and under a great deal of stress.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Someone might stop and wonder at the sheer loss of life. That Dreadnought went down all hands on it. Then again this is war and those aliens are not intending to show humanity any restraint in return with their invasion and conquest of Earth.

The flare of shimmering light spins back through the rings of energy from the explosion of the Dreadnought, flashes like a pulsar going off as photonic blasts disinigrate several very large chunks of ship before they can rain down on the city below.

Very aware of not putting the people below in unnecessary harm.

Over the comms <<Dreadnought Two off the board, any hard targets n particular down there need a swift kick in the ass?>> and Carol means it too, she is perfectly happy to come down and kick someone's ass right about now as she is brimming with enough cosmic energy that she is going all sunflare near binary but not quite. She can't hit the other Dreadnought, the Titans are all on that one.

While she waits for a reply on the comms she twists through the sky firing blasts and just decimating additional drop ships and star fighters.

Honestly this is the first time that anyone has really seen Captain Marvel cut the hell loose since she came back to earth having been presumed dead.

Oliver Queen has posed:
It's a good thing that Ollie invested in those suits as much as he has. Because even if it has been partially burned up, one sleeve torn off the arm at least he still has use of that arm even if it has some cuts and bruises here and there. But then he feels that strong of Clark's about him, hoisting him up before he falls, "Get Qui-" but then she is already there too.. Damn those super speed people!

He takes a good moment to catch his breath, "Thank you." he says, to the air most likely since Clark isn't there anymore, but he knows he can listen.

And then his gaze goes to both Vanessa and Clint. "Are you two ok?" his tone wary, getting back up to his feet. Gods, he is getting old ...

But the enemy is still out there, he will have time to rest when he dies.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern's policy of attrition mops up Behemoth after Behemoth with more green clones of same. Soon, the last one falls, and the green duplicate Behemoths wink out of existence. That was hell on the charge life, but it got the job done without civilian casualties or property damage. Well. Without /much/ property damage. Impossible to avoid it entirely with the size of these things. Still, he tried to minimize it for the sake of the people who have to move back into this mess. Good thing he thought to recharge before rejoining the battle, or he'd be shot drained by now. Long scale conflicts like this weren't too friendly to a Green Lantern's shelf life.

Well...if the enemy falls back, and it appears they're starting to with Zod and Mongul quitting the field, there's a good chance he just might be able to sneak another recharge in before the next wave. The battery's not too far away....

Clint Barton has posed:
"No, no, I've got this," Clint mutters to nobody as the Warzoon threatens to yank him off the roof. He turns quick arrow to bow string and fires, metal pierces flesh and bone and the Warzoon tumbles away to pancake on the street below.

He gets to his feet in time to meet Superman's eyes as he looks in his direction. "On it," he says. << Barton to all SHIELD units, we need to push the enemies away from Gateway bridge, ground forces I'll meet you at 32nd and Schuster, Dane, you want to coordinate the air units? >>

Then Clint turns to his fellow archers, "Doing great," Clint answers Oliver wryly as he checks his arrows. "How was your ride?" he pulls a grapple arrow as he moves to the edge of the building. "Hopefully good because it's time for another one down to the streets to lend a hand. Looks like this battle's on the move now."

Yep the fun never ends!

Clea has posed:
Scalding flame melts flesh and ripples into the gauntlets that wreath Zod's wrists. The outcome brings a ghastly sorrow into Clea's expression, for all that she holds the temperature to the pitch of what she dares within the atmosphere and so close to the ground. No point in igniting something if the flames would rupture the bedrock and melt a hole all the way down to the mantle, after all.

Sorrowed shadows flow through her gaze, the furious leap of the flames surrounding that would-be conquerer at odds with the softer, gentler twining of light around her pearl-white hair. She turns when Kal is no longer fighting on the field but at her side, startling her. The sorceress' eyes widen and for one harrowing instant, she might just be prone to hurting an eldritch missile through him, a comedic improvisation that the Herald of Doom brings to a halt with that cry.

The blanch tells all. A resolve steals in, and her shoulders tighten. "Yes. But I can banish him," she says, and the comms easily pick this up. "Long enough for her to remove the civilians." Torn in two by wrath and compassion, Zora and Superman, the choices are ruinously clear.

She raises her palm to the air, every vein alight with the effort to drag the energies of her home dimension into this one.

Dane Whitman has posed:
<<Yeah...I...think I can manage.>> Dane replies still somewhat breathlessly to Clint's message over the comms, having found something of a haven in a narrow alley that Strider barely fit himself into. But it was indeed only a few moments. A quick check gives him some reassurance nothing is broken, but he's pretty sure a few ribs are definitely bruised. So there's a bit of a grunt of pain when he re-seats himself properly in the saddle and takes to the air again, cuing his comms up once more.

<<Black Knight to all remaining Skyhawk units, we're trying to flush them out of the city. Close Air Support move to 32nd and Schuster and cover the ground advance. Fast movers keep on whatever fighters are left. And if any of those winged creepazoids are left, pick them off at your leisure. Sniper and Overwatch units, if any of you need pickup, now's a good time to let me know.>>

Vanessa Carlysle has posed:
Vanessa Carlysle gives a relieved look as Superman comes by to swoop her up along with Green Arrow and get them back to the roof. She grabs the spare bow as she listens to his plan for the battle. "Oh, sure thing," she tells him. Space monsters are our specialty," she says, giving the final word the English pronunciation so it sounds like speci-ali-ty.

Quiver moves over to grab up the last of the quivers, depositing it on her hip as she mutters under her breath, "I can't believe I just quoted Obi-Wan Kenobi to Superman." She straightens, saying, "Ok, take two. Heading over to one of the other arrow caches. I'll start bombing explosions to try to drive them the right direction," she says.

She shoots another grapnel arrow off but before swinging out into space on it, she moves over to Green Arrow. A quick peck to his lips. "For luck," she says, then jumps out into space, swinging across the city to reload and start bombing explosive arrows into the enemey-filled streets.

No way she was ending on a Phantom Menace line.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Not the civilians, the army.. Mongul nor Zod can have Metropolis. We'll move their forces out into the fields further west of here..." Kal nods in the direction of west, "I'll let Raven know.. when I return it'll be time." With that Said, Superman moves off towards Gateway Bridge, a moments conversation with Donna who leads the Titans on their own mission to protect the escape route of most civilians from the city.

Then back to the building he'd crashed through, down at the base level to use his heat vision to warp the steel beams supporting the massive structure where Superboy has righted it. Hovering upwards with a stare at the youngster who bares the symbol of his house... Cobolt blue eyes regard it, then flick up to the light colored stare likely leveled back upon him. "We'll have to talk when this is over." Never in the business of looking a gift horse in the mouth, Kal waits for the Agents of SHIELD, Power Girl, the Archers, and Dane to ready their various ends to move the army out of Metropolis. "Be right back."

Zod, fighting with Zora in the mountains, continues to burn upon her shields with screaming fury. Ignoring the words spoken to him by Mongul, the would-be Conqourer continues the ravenous onslaught. "DIE!" Again distracted, paying little attention to his surroundings, and no attention to Superman. The Man of Steel lands behind the Genearl, "Zod.. You wanted my attention, well know you've got it. You brought these minions here to put my Home in danger... again. So let's end this." The beams cut off, a charred General turns towards Kal, smirking in a way that has to be painful, and then rushes towards him.

Mongul has retreated to regroup with his forces to redouble their attack on Metropolis.

Carol has destroyed the orbiting Dreadnought and the reenforcements it promises.

The Titans continue to protect the bridge and the line of escape for civilians.

Archers, Green and Hawk alike, work with SHIELD agents to begin the counter offensive to drive Mongul's horde towards portals to be created by Raven and Clea.

Zora and Superman engage Zod in the mountains far North of City.

The heroes have a foothold against the invasion, but the battle is on.

To Be Continued...