186/Plans Are Set In Motion

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Plans Are Set In Motion
Date of Scene: 29 February 2020
Location: Situation Room, Castle Doom
Synopsis: Doom and Zora finalize plans to go to Genosha to aid the survivors... and determine who did this act.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Zora Vukovic

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The Situation Room, a masterpiece of holographic technology that might be rivaled by Wakanda or perhaps the Shi'ar Empire, but equaled? None would equal the genius that is DOOM. Since his rightful return to power, he has restored Latveria's greatness and made it the shining beacon of Europe, as it should be.

For now, Doctor Doom stands in the center of the Situation Room, studying one particular spot on the holographic Earth. That spot?


Doom has no animosity to mutantkind, but ever since the nation was attacked... he has been incessantly studying that spot on the map. Even to the point that other typical meetings have been backlogged, rescheduled, or handled by his assistants and aides. Which, well, has caused a few whispers to eventually reach the ears of the most trusted servitors...

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    There are few who can walk into the situation room freely...only Doom's most trusted servants, and those can be counted on perhap one armored hand. Thus, after days of delay and rescheduling the door opens, as a tall figure, only inches below Doom's own height, steps inside in her golden armor, letting the door shut and dropping to one knee as she enters, her head bowed. "My Lord...forgive my intrusion."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom doesn't turn around, doesn't even move or visibly acknowledge her presence. He does, however, speak, "Zora. A dutiful servant does not need to apologize for concern about her master's status. However, I assure you, Doom is well... or rather, as well as he could be considering the circumstances."

He gestures to the globe, where Genosha is highlighted. A text window shows the casualty/fatality count from the attack, the numbers escalating dramatically as if it were a perverse slot machine game. "You have seen the reports coming in about Genosha." Even though it is technically a question, he knows his minions well, and is aware of the answer.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    After being acknoweldged, Zora lifts her head, rising back to her feet, then walks over to stand just to the right and behind, her blue eyes running over the display. "Yes. It is everywhere in the media, especially with their so-called royalty making their statements. And Wakanda, of all places." she responds.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom chuckles faintly, "Ah, T'Challa, of course. One wonder how much of Wakanda's actual progress he will let the world see as he balances being a hero with being a king. Folly. A leader must lead, heroism is not a coin that a just ruler can afford. Vainglorious."

Doom then glances at Victorious, "Certainly not //Victorious//, Zora. No, we must determine who perpetrated this attack on Genosha. Magneto might be foolishly focused on random genome sequences, but his power is considerable. To strike at his home with this level of power shows someone that has no fear. And they could then strike elsewhere, if they so choose. Another reason why Doom is certain T'Challa is sending aid... and investigators, no doubt." The unspoken implication is quite clear there. These attackers might hit another small, powerful nation again. Like Wakanda...

Or Latveria...

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora inclines her head in acknowledgement, one of her long braids slipping over her left pauldron as she does. "This...machine, that was reported? The giant Sentinel with the many heads. Was it truly Sentinels who struck the island?" The news on this has been...mixed. Live coverage has certainly show something that looks like an enormous Sentinel, and Zora does not believe that they were ever truly "destroyed." More stored away in bunkers and hidden areas, in case there was a need for them. "I could travel to Genosha and investigate as well." Of course, no one has seen Victorious as of yet...but then again, perhaps it is a good place to debut her?

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom smiles, "Ah yes, ever faithful, ever vigilant." Doctor Doom strides over, placing a hand on Zora's shoulder, "And the one that woke Doom from his exile to resume his rightful place. This is something that would never be forgotten, Zora." Gesturing for her to rise, Doom then turns back to the globe.

"No, Doom shall not send you alone, for Doom shall go with you. We are sending a humanitarian mission of our own, and that is the primary task. The secondary task... we shall discover who was behind this atrocity, and we shall make sure they are no threat to Latveria." He then glances over at Zora, "Doom also wishes for you to take the measure of the other metahumans there. Gauge their strengths, and their weaknesses. Being prepared for future conflicts is the key to winning them, after all."

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora straightens, a faint smile. "Of course. We cannot let Wakanda pretend to eclipse the bounty of Latveria." She frowns in thought, inclining her head in acknowledgment again as she drops her eyes, then looks up again, meeting her master's gaze. "I will know the measure of your enemies, my lord, that I may strike them down when the time is right."

    She considers, then asks. "What forces shall I prepare in your name, Lord Doom? Our conventional forces? Or will we bring Doombots? With their sensors, we will learn much more than a simple human gaze might glean."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom smiles, "It is already prepared, Zora, as this is what Doom has been doing the past few days. A regiment of Doombots, modified so that their protocols have been replaced with medical and search-and-rescue routines. They still maintain their other functions, but they are secondary, and will only act in defense of themselves, or their patients."

He looks back at the holographic globe, "Doom shall send this humanitarian aid to the stricken nation, and we shall show the world Doom's benevolence. And while this is happening..." He chuckles softly, "We shall discover the cause of this attack, and deal with them accordingly."

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora's lips twitch in a faint smile as she inclines her head again. "Forgive me for presuming you had not already planned for such...your vision is always superior." she admits. "And of course, the would be heroes..." she says with a bit of disdain. "...who are already assisting can hardly turn away humanitarian aid. All will see firsthand the power that is Doom, to heal or destroy as you see fit."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom nods, "Indeed. The world must be made aware that Doom will, as destined, be its ruler. They will see the benevolence of Doom in one hand for these stricken mutants and then, when the perpetrators are revealed..." Doom slams his fist into his open palm, "The world will see how Doom deals with genocidal criminals. Doom shall show his mercy, as well as his justice." And if that gets Doom the gratitude of mutant heroes, so much the better. Makes things far easier that way.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora simply nods. While always faithful in the vision of Doom, she has never been one to be a lackey clapping and cheering his every word. It is his word that commands her; she has every confidence that his wisdom will choose the best path. "And if there must be conflict with such, let it be on land already ruined by this attack, instead of here, in your lands." She considers, frowning faintly. "What do you believe the would be king of the mutants will do?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom ponders, "Magneto knows that Doom has no animus against him, or mutantkind. Or at least, he should know this. Doom always has had some sympathy for Magneto..."

Doom pauses, and looks a bit reflective, "You know history, Zora. You know what the Nazis did to my people, the Romani. Magneto, he was a survivor of the Holocaust. Though I was too young to witness it, many of my family were not. There is... a reason, why my family name is scarce in the world." It is a rare occasion that Doom slips out of the third person, but his voice is soft enough, his guard lowered for one of those few occasions, "For this, Magneto is one that I... that Doom, always felt a kinship towards, even if occasionally circumstances forced us to be adversaries. He knows that Latveria would not strike at Genosha, much as he would never strike at Latveria without cause."

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    "Will he seek an alliance with you against this enemy, then? Or will pride compel him to hunt it with his fellow Genoshans alone to avenge his people.?" Zora is well aware that it is....rare, for her master to speak so...as a man, with just anyone. For he is DOOM, and more than a simple man. He is Latveria itself. She feels honored to hear it, that he would lower his mask in more ways than one, even briefly.

    But then, this is why she follows him with such fervent devotion.

"Or will he ally with all who come before him to hunt this monster, even those who have been his enemies in the past?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom hmms, "The other thing I have been pondering, these past few days, Zora. Will Magneto seek to ally with Doom, or will he strike out blindly without thinking?" He glances at Zora, "There is only one way to discover this, and Doom does not shirk from a task presented to him. You will be ready to depart in the morning." His gaze meets Zora's eyes, the normal filter from his mask missing there as he regards his most faithful servant.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora rests her fist against her breastplate, bowing. "As Doom commands!" she promises simply. Her mind is already pondering what else she might do to prepare. Since her transformation, she finds sleep to be often a waste of time she no longer has need for, after all. The troops will be readied, of course....but she will do her part to ensure Doom's glory is properly reflected in their arrival.

    She will need a flag, of course. A gloriously large one she can fly down with as she leads her lord's forces to their mission of mercy.

    She will ensure it is bigger than any other flag, so that it will be the one that the world remembers seeing most.