1913/War of Worlds pt 3

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War of Worlds pt 3
Date of Scene: 31 May 2020
Location: Outside of Metropolis
Synopsis: The Worlds finest have come together to push Mongul's horde OUT of Metropolis and destroyed the weapon they were trying to construct in the country-side. Mongul was captured, but he's plenty of forces who eagerly attempt to free him from Green Lanterns traps... Zod faces off against Superman, Clea, and Zora on a mountain peak.

War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

Cast of Characters: Clark Kent, Karen Starr, Oliver Queen, Carol Danvers, Robbie Reyes, Victor Stone, Clea, Morrigan MacIntyre, Hal Jordan, Dane Whitman, Kian, Donna Troy, Freddy Freeman, Cassie Sandsmark, Zora Vukovic, Jason Blood, Terry O'Neil

Clark Kent has posed:
General Zod and Mongul have come to Earth and assaulted Metropolis. Due to the combined efforts of many of the worlds finest, the pair have begun a retreat out of the city proper into the surrounding area. With the help of Raven and Clea, portals have sprung up all across the City of Tomorrow to teleport forces further afield into the open country where the enemy can be more easily engaged without threatening the lives of fleeing and trapped civilians.

Superman and Zod are still engaged in a drag out fight in and above the mountains, while Mongul is regrouping with his soldiers to initiate what he has called phase 2. Nursing multiple injuries sustained at the hands of Power Girl, the warrior is no less prepared for a fight and his Warzoon forces are amazing resources from a massive carrier ship, constructing some kind of super weapon used for unknown intent.

Suffice that it cannot possibly be good.

Karen Starr has posed:
    On the ground, Power Girl takes a moment to rest.

    It is, in the literal sense, akin to a prolonged eternity. One second, becoming ten, becoming one hundred. The world looks, momentarily, as if it is in slow motion, and Karen's eyes close in silence. As the sunlight rinses over her form, it's the modern Kryptonian equivalent of taking a breath, or a knee. When finally seconds become seconds again, Power Girl's amazing lungs take in a long breath, before letting it out over the next few seconds.

    Her eyes open, and in that moment, she turns her head towards a noise heard from the mountains. Warworld is one thing- and with Mongul on the retreat and no clear sign of what Phase Two entails, there is nothing she'd enjoy more than hitting the Criminal Kryptonian at some-odd hundred times the speed of sound. Sometimes, though, you don't get what you want.

    Karen rises off of the ground at a snail's pace for a moment, before she becomes little more than a pink blur, shooting off like a bullet aimed right at the extraterrestrial threat, and its new superweapon.

Oliver Queen has posed:
The intense fight in the city has taken it's toll on the Green Arrow already. Most of the arrows are gone from where he had been perching up atop that strategic building along with the rest of his archer friends, taking shots at Mongul's forces about. And then part of their building got blasted away... Turns out Mongul doesn't like his weapons being destroyed...

But Oliver is the tenacious type. Quivers getting empty.., time to get more atop those buildings they left extra ammo waiting for them for refill. He picks up one of the extra bows as his last one was lost, nearing the edge of the building he was at and shooting one of his few remaining zipline arrows.

And then he is sliding across it to reach an adjacent building where hopefully he will be stocking back up to continue his defense of the city. With the Warzoons not giving up neither does he.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Danvers does not have Super Vision or Hearing.

She is just nearly binary after soaking up the Dreadnought's firepower and engines explosion.

<<SHIELD and Avengers, please chime in. Repeat Dreadnought is down. What needs a swift kick in the ass now down there. Need coordinates to deploy my foot.>>

Yeah okay even on official channels she is a smartass about things. Just toeing the line. Ah puns.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Robbie Reyes may be a little late to the party, but he's ready to fight with his fellow heroes. The Battle in the city had taken some minor tolls on Robbie, not feeling tired in his Ghost Rider form...but feeling a little tired in his human form. But, he also took care of any stragglers that escaped the heavy fighting. While he looks up to see Superman and Zod's godlike clash in the heavens, he deeply inhales and exhales.

Robbie sat in his car for a second before he revved the engine and became engulfed in flames.

The Ghost Rider was still on the prowl, and as he drove, a flaming trail marked his path before he leapt out of his vehicle to continue the fighting. Though he does notice the Superweapon and the Rider growls before entering the Charger once again and blasting off in that direction, driving across buildings and road alike as he moves en-route to the superweapon.

<<Have you tried Metropolis yet?>> Ghost Rider replies in equal amounts smartass.

Victor Stone has posed:
As amusing as it would be to have Cyborg spend this entire battle being lugged around on his teammate Caitlin's back, the half-robotic Titan has enough experience with heavy-hitting alien invaders to have packed emergency replacement prosthetics for the ones that got crushed during their boarding mission. One trip to the docking bay on the Titans' stolen dreadnought and one pit stop in the T-Jet later, Vic is, if not quite as loaded for bear as he was before, at least able to move and fight under his own power. There is some notable battle damage to his torso, but that's just going to have to remain until he can his hands on a decent power buffer.

"I'm gonna miss you, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers," he says wistfully over his indeed rocketless shoulder, descending the ramp back to the deck with a series of metal-on-metal clanks. Those familiar with some of his different body kits (heh) might recognize the smooth lines, extra-large flight thrusters, and arm ailerons on the one he's currently wearing as the set optimized for high-speed flight and dogfighting. He can still move around on the ground, to be sure, but in this setup he'll be able to offer a lot more air power and skybound mobility than usual.

Crouching at the ready to jet into the air, he clicks his integrated comms over to the Titans voice channel and asks, <<Alright Donna, where are we needed and what's our target?>>

Clea has posed:
    The task of shifting large volumes of manpower from one side of the city to the other takes effort and time. After all, people need transportation. Many heroes need a sudden trip through a shimmering circle dancing with soft firefly light. It may be easy to lose track of Clea's location. The patched-in comms travel from Carol to Dane and Ollie and Clint, everyone in between linked by the shared network. << SHIELD, Avengers, friends. I will return anon, but need something before enjoying Captain Marvel's booting. Don't let me miss it. >>
    For a few minutes she is gone. She vanishes through a smaller portal and ends up back in New York where the mighty leyline underscoring her home provides ample mystic energy. Her own reserves are great. Still, she offers prayers to the Vishanti, the holy magical trinity, and drinks deep of the mana to replenish that which she lost in the great displacement.
    Another flash signals the small teleportation echo when Clea returns to the battlefield where the Man of Steel and the Unwelcome Tyrant battle it out. << Back! Anyone care for a free ride? >>

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
More people are late to the party.

Doctor Morrigan MacIntyre isn't SHIELD or an Avenger, but she is highly skilled in the Mystics Arts. Being a Master of it was something she'd spent most of her life attaining. That meant that one minute the redhead was sitting at home in Happy Harbor and the next she'd walked through a portal to stand on a nearby roof in Metropolis to get a look over the situation. There's a soft sigh, "Why is it always my off days?" she mutters.

Then the woman closes her eyes and moves her fingers in a way before there's a surge of magical energy that runs through her, "That should do while we get things going." she states. "Now to see where help is needed the most." the Irish woman states as she heads down to the street.

Hal Jordan has posed:
When dealing with a sustained effort like this, Green Lantern must constantly keep an eye on the old battery life of that power ring. A brief break in the action is all it takes for him to bug out long enough to get a ring recharge in.

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night
No Evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my Power, Green Lantern's Light!

The Lantern isn't gone long at all, maybe a minute or two, before he's back with a 100 percent ring and ready to go for the next wave of Mongul's forces. But that transport lurking around the superweapon he'd fought in space is entirely too suspicious. <<Don't like the activity around the Superweapon. Heading after it.>> GL heads up to that part of the activity...he'll arrive after PG does, but close enough to help.

Dane Whitman has posed:
The Black Knight is, for the moment, on the ground, in a hastily assembled forward-base that's mostly the back of a SHIELD communication truck surrounded by some sandbags and traffic barricades. For a few moments he was bewildered at the part where a bunch of higher-ranking agents were treating him like he was supposed to be in charge, but he decided it was war and he'd just roll with it. War was something he wished he didn't know as well as he did.

<<Black Knight here, Captain. Looks like the enemy's got another card up their sleeve that they're trying to deploy now. Hawkeye is coordinating SHIELD fire teams in the city to flush out stragglers, I've got the remaining Skyhawk units running close air support to help throw back any pushes from the aliens back towards the city, and our fast-movers are trying to keep air superiority. They're keeping up the pressure but they're running low on fuel and ammo. So my suggestion would be either go for that weapon, or strafe the hordes. I'll be back out in the field shortly.>>

Dane closes the comms, putting his helmet back on and moving to climb back on Strider, pointing toward the far end of one of the bridges out of Metropolis, "Try to get a barrier with some firepower behind it set up there, Agent Corning. Hopefully the Fire Teams will be able to move out of the city to reinforce you soon." And so SHIELD's non-meta forces now mostly forms the "backstop" for the allied superheroes...a thin, last line of defense for Warzoon trying to get back into the city, even as they work to clean out the remnants still within.

"Thanks, but I've got my own." Dane replies to Clea with a smile, reaching down and patting Strider's neck, before the steed takes to the air once more.

Kian has posed:
    Kían is... really, *really* confused.
    His voice floats uncertainly over the T-comm shortly after Vic's.  "Yis, iss also need di-rec-tion.  Am not sure hwat I am doing."
    There's an understatement.
    He keeps to the air.  That's where he feels safest.  "Iss more to do then, yis?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    On the Gateway bridge that connects Metropolis to Gotham, a group of Titans has been holding the bridge against the invaders, to allow the citizens a safe route out of the war-torn city.

    Elsewhere the rest of the Titans had boarded one of the enemy Dreadnoughts. It was a tough and bloody battle, but it is now in the control of the Titans. The attackers assailing the Titans back down at Gateway bridge were shocked to find one of their own Dreadnoughts turning its weapons on them, and when the tide of battle there was turned, the Dreadnought's force field was redirected to cover the bridge, securing a safe evacuation route. For a few minutes at leasts, all of the Titans had a little time to breathe - except for Raven who had teleporting duty, and Caitlin who had to help Cyborg pull himself together - literally. Troia and Robin had spent the time in deep tactical discussion.

    The door to the Dreadnought's bridge opens, and Troia walks through. "We have a plan," she announces to the Titans present. She points to the viewscreen, where the distant form of Warworld is visible. "That's the key. This ship is too small to dent it, but I think we can give it a scare. Stage one is we're going to fake some battle damage to all the fighters left on this ship and rig them up to remote control, then send them over to the docking bays there. With their Friend-or-Foe codes, they should be able to dock without incident. When we've got a bunch of them scattered around the docking bays of that monstrosity, we move on to stage two. That's going to involve tricking them into thinking we're taking control of their systems. Smoke and mirrors, accompanied by a series of explosions in docking bays all over. Let's see if we can get them panicking."

    "While Caitlin's preparing the fighters, Robin will be prepping the smoke and mirrors part. This is going to take a little time. As Vorpal can open a Rabbit Hole between here and the ground, I think those of us who aren't needed should link up with the Titans on the ground and help out there. Vorpal, Rabbit Hole please. You, me, Cyborg and Kian will go hook up with the others and help out below until we're needed back here. Let's go!"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Vorpal nods and focuses, "One Rabbit Hole coming up..."

    It didn't take long, but he's starting to develop a slight throb in the temples- tension or exhaustion? He doesn't know, so he keeps it to himself for now. He stands back for a moment to gesture to the portal, "After you!"

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    A blur of blue, red and gold passes through the Metropolis skyline, headed towards the massive cruiser and the superweapon on board. Of course, those that function at such speeds can see the figure clearly.

    A champion of Shazam if the crackling golden bolt on blue is anything to go by. Behind Pantheon (as Freddy has taken to calling himself), a billowing red cape bordered in gold with a dramatic upturned collar but shredded, indicating some level of participation in the past fights.

    This is bigger than anything he's ever faced before. Like waaay bigger. He's hoping by the end of the day he gets a selfie with Superman for his efforts, though.

Clark Kent has posed:
The lines have been drawn, everyone is setting to their tasks on both sides of it. Titans have a plan, but so does Mongul and Zod. Superman is keeping the latter busy, hurling him towards one of the snow caps after a aerial punch. The Kryptonian invader hits the caps of the mountain and sends up a cloud of white high enough that it can almost be seen for miles. Like the SNAP CRACK of the two super powers colliding mid-air, sounding like distant thunder in the clear blue sky.

Warzoon, upon seeing Karen and Hal incoming, begin to open fire on them with mounted heavy weapons situated around the construction sight they've chosen for the massive gun. It's not nearly world destroying, and they're using some manner of camoflauge technology to keep it largely hidden, but it still requires a great deal of resources. Dozens of warzoon are moving quickly to get it put together while Mongul, with his arm wrapped in techno-bandage, is orechestrating the whole band.

At least until he sees the heroes..

"No!" Hefting a gun design specifically for the singular purpose of keeping Lanterns at bay, a thick yellow beam is shot out from it towards Hal while Warzoon swarm up towards Power Girl to keep her busy.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie is down with the Titans at the entrance to the bridge, engaged in a rather drawn-out slug fest with the seemingly endless alien hordes that have been sacking the place. She's tired, sweaty, bruised and bloodied (admittedly MOST of it not hers, which is even worse; alien blood, GROSS), and really not having a great time. While the average alien soldier isn't anything to write back to Themyscira about, there's a whole damn lot of them, plus the usual assortment of futuristic weapons and other nonsense. So the quippy, fun-loving teen heroine routine ended a WHILE ago, and all that's left by now is a very angry young woman who has no more patience for any of this.

"Why don't you go back where you came from, alien trash!" Pause. Er. "Wait, was that kinda racist?" OK maybe still a little quippy.

Still, the gloves are off (she doesn't actually wear gloves) and the lasso's out, crackling with sparks as she whips it around, creating space for the people that stream past them onto the bridge. At one point, a car gets lit up with several of the enemies standing on top of it, and it's a bit like bugs hitting a zapper. "You like THAT? Huh?" Yeah, less quippy there, more murderous rage. Somewhere, Ares is amused.

But they keep coming, in numbers that seem almost endless. Turning, the young woman looks grimly toward the next wave. "I don't have time for all of this, I'm supposed to be home for din-"

And then, boom!

The cavalry finally appears in the form of one of the alien vessels, decimating the horde with their own weaponry and then lowering down toward the bridge, its own shields suddenly blocking off the alien advance. For a moment, Cassie looks a little dubious about the whole thing, being that it's an alien warship and all, but who's she to look a gift laser in the mouth? "Alright, they're cut off, let's cream the rest of these creeps!"

Said creaming commences, and is just getting finished when a little tear in reality appears beside them. This is somehow less weird than the ship. "Oh, hey sis."

Oliver Queen has posed:
Having reached the top of one of the buildings where arrows had been stashed Ollie starts restocking. Two quivers worth of arrows. Heh, it will have to do for now. But he also gets an extra bow, just in case. And then he is ready to rumble..

He scans the streets below, the fights still going on but then on the comms comes the offer of a free ride. He is not the type to say no to those!

<<Green Arrow here. Would welcome that free ride.>> Because not everyone can have a flying horse! (But that damn flying bike is still in his mind).

He takes in a few good breaths while he waits, not exactly that young anymore are you Ollie?

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
"Well, that's something new." Morrigan states as she looks up, those violet eyes of hers glowing as she does. "Where do you guys need help at? Just pick a bad guy and start in or is there some heirarchy of things to go through?" she asks as she passes by the set up FOB. Everyone just gives the Doctor a weird look and someone hands her a comm, "Ah. Thank you." she states. <<Anyone need a portal to other areas, if so, I'm your Huckleberry.>> the Irish woman states over the comms.

She's also looking for hostiles to pull out of the sky when needed.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol doesn't really need to catch her breath or recharge, she needs the intel that some of the others and then SHIELD dispatch can provide to her wrist unit. <<Got it. Well some sort of alien death weapon is poor so I'll go kick the tires on it and see about it.>>

Captain Marvel does a little glowing loopy loop backfall into the lower atmosphere with a crack boom of speed. She will slow down to safer speeds when she gets towards the Weapon Site of course but way up here she can cut loose a bit more and have fun with flying.

When she finally (and pretty quickly) drops into view of the weapon site she watches Mongul shoot at Hal with that unusual gun. <<Take it that is the bad guy?>> after patching to the old JLA band as well, localized not sending it out to just everyone.

She isn't just hovering there (though yes she is just hovering not minding the energy weapons from the ground placements) she also starts to photon blast the emplacement near here... ZOT.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic wrinkles his nose and lets out a quiet huff. These rabbit holes feel like cheating, as far as he's concerned, and not just because they keep superseding his extensive line of merchandising-ready T-vehicles.

(Well, OK, mainly because of that. He worked hard to build that jet, damn it!)

In this case, though, with the teleportation portal on the bridge and him already down in the docking bay, he has a great excuse to get there the old-fashioned way. With a quick response of <<Got it. Meet you there!>> he springs off of the platform on a column of blue-violet fire. He executes a sharp circuit of the platform and tosses a salute to Caitlin below, who has already started working on the decoy fighters, then pitches downward and rockets toward the bridge of shielded civilians riding a blaze of plasma afterburn. <<TITANS TOGETHER!>>

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    With Clea having popped way to serve as transport and to recharge, and Superman re-entering the fight to punch Zod through a small mountain, Victorious has had enough time to recover from Zod's zapping, her aura of cosmic energy replenished as she pursues the two Kryptonians through one of Clea's portal It's obvious that Zod must fall, for this assault to falter. And it's equally obvious that the gauntlets the General is wearing are responsible for his current power levels...and must be destroyed. Others can handle the warship, or Mongol's plans.

    For the glory of Doom, she will not allow Zod to stand. Even if she must fight alongside those who would otherwise be her lord's enemies.

    When Zod hits the snow from Superman's punch, it's followed by a bolt of cosmic power that lances through the air from the Herald's spear, looking to drill him further into the mountainside. She's not quite where she can close to him yet...but she can certainly keep him off balance by double teaming him with the Man of Steel by letting him set up for the next hit.

Clea has posed:
    Clea counts more on the Avenger side of the fight, but that hardly means exclusively. She orients on the Herald of Doom, finding Victorious in the sky and triangulating off of her.
    << That alien has a pair of bracers that absorb energy. For maximum effect, we need them damaged or destroyed. I can get you there or give you an advantage, but do we have any way to wreck them. Beware. >> The last bit probably isn't necessary to say since Zod fighting Superman demonstrates admirably in the western sky why someone shouldn't take up the task lightly.
    While flying heroes take to the air or the SHIELD cavalry swivels on the wind, her airborne path skims lower among the buildings. The vaguely Tibetan robes in lush plum, marking her to the knowledge as a high master of the mystic arts, swirl around her as she lands to the ground, holding out her hands in a defensive glimmer as she lands before Ollie. "Master archer!" Far enough he can certainly see her coming and she will not shock him into putting an arrow through her. Turns out that might be a good party joke, but not so much fun. "Would you permit me to assist you? I can give you an advantage against your quarry, as long as you don't mind your fingers becoming a bit warm." To demonstrate, she draws a straight line in the air between her pinched fingers and forms a shimmering replica of his arrow, albeit one that's translucent violet rather like a barb of rich amethyst. It falls across her palms after the formation, and she holds it out. "Take it should you find it of use. I can give you a near endless supply so you need not leave your post for a cache. Aim true and strike swift." Should he accept, weaving the enchantment takes moments of weaving quick gestures and a chant. A second incantation sung up for him is much easier, calling down the wind to ruffle around the rooftop and churn around them both. Fingers craft a pair of vibrant mandalas to bloom under his boots, the wind willing to carry the man at speed.
    Once the gift is delivered, she will be off again to join the fight with Zora.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna looks like she's been through the wars, which she has. She was already looking fairly beaten up after the initial battle in space where she'd been hit my a missile, but now her armor looks so damaged it's barely staying on, and she's got a lot of blood on her.

    Alien blood admittedly, but when it comes to looking like you've been through the wars, it doesn't really matter whether its yours or theirs.

    "Hey Cassie," she says casually. "I wasn't worried about you at all." She gives the other Amazon a wink. She was totally worrying about Cassie. "The ship is ours. You probably guessed. Let's finish this lot off and see where else we can help. TITANS TOG... oh."

    Vic beat her too it. Oh well. Donna gives shrug and winks at Cassie. "Kian! That machine over there," she says pointing to a battle tank approaching the end of the bridge. "Deal with it. Vorpal, cover him!"

    With that, Donna's a blur of motion. Lasso whirling, she charges a detachment of Warzoon soldiers. Lasers bounce from her bracers, deflected back at those firing, and then she's amongst them, wreaking havoc.

    Vorpal grin his Cheshire grin, and turns to the bird-man. "Ready, Kian?" he asks. Tail thrashing slightly like a cat thinking about mice, Vorpal opens up a portal between where they stand and right behind the oncoming battle tank.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Ghost Rider uses his car's mystical ability to teleport from one place to another, suddenly in seeing range of the superweapon.

eyeholes of the skull widen as he sees the weapon that Mongul wields fire off before he realizes its not aimed for him. Instead, he goes for a group of Warzoon soldiers, soon joining Donna on the field by just being at the right place at the right time.

He exits the car, wielding the Hellfire chain, and cleanly slicing through two members of the enemy before it roars a roar of hellish fury.

Fight's on, though it does notice the Titans apparently present in force. Namely Donna, whom he nods to before getting back in the fight.

Kian has posed:
    Kían follows through the Rabbit Hole -- strangely enough, those are familiar enough by now that he's not weirded out by holes in reality being casually opened anymore, and he's a little worried that that doesn't worry him.
    Regardless of where the Hole opens, he's going to remain in the air.  "I am s'till not know dif-fer-ence bet-ween f'rien' an' dik-hed," he radios.  Vic has a lot to answer for, with regard to Kían's education.
    Donna is at least there to help, in regard to directions at least.  He regards Vorpal somewhat blankly.  "Iss woul' not hel'p if I say no, yis?"  And the birdman flits through, reaching out with his /rhy'thar/ to depower the tank.  Action is at least possible, even when comprehension isn't total.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen can hear Hal coming, and more than welcomes the assistance- despite that she's not exactly able to hear him on any communications. Hers were fried hours ago, when Warworld was still out near Saturn. She's been too busy punching ever since- and for a moment, it looks like she might be homing back in on Mongul to finish it off... Yet, at the last moment, she breaks off somewhat.

    Her eyes narrow, and she focuses in on various portions of the scenery that don't make complete logical sense. For a moment, looking through various portions of the ship carrying its parts, and the weapon itself. Her hands clench in front of her, pressed together at the thumbs as she bears down. Sound ends up outpaced several times over. There is a loud, almost deafening crack as she collides with the cloud of Warzoon.

    In some ways, it's the result of Power Girl colliding with them directly. Others are taken out by the shockwave of her hitting the others, and still more are knocked out of the sky by their flying breathren. Punching through them and coming out the other side, leaving in her wake a large number of collapsed Warzoon.

    Oh body, does she look -pissed.-

Jason Blood has posed:
Jason has just sat down for afternoon tea in the comfort of his luxurious Gotham home. It's been a quiet day, and previously, he'd been looking forward to spending it with a good book or two. People complain about never finding the time to read any more, but it's not really an excuse he can get away with. Today, though, it proves true. He's just finishing the cup when it all starts, and the timing is not coincidental. Maybe he knew what was coming, or at least felt something. Visions, flashes, that sort of thing. Is it cruel, not to warn anyone? After a thousand years, give or take a couple centuries, he's learned one thing: there's no changing what he sees.

With the tea dispensed with, the man quietly goes about fetching his coat from the closet and sword from the mantle. Not the usual accessory for most, but such is life. Then he heads for the door. The magical pulse of the large scale teleportations isn't hard to pick up on. That sort of magic is far beyond him- well, this half of him, anyway -but tagging along? That he can do. And so he makes a few gestures, opens a door out into the hall-

-and appears somewhere entirely different, near where one of Clea's portals has been depositing people. He didn't really bother to check where it was going. "Well, isn't this all a fine mess?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern sees the yellow beam coming....and the proper response for that is, <<PG, Castle>> As he tries to veer off to protect her from the bad guys that were ganging up on her even as he would leave the yellow beam to her. ...but her communicator was down, and so GL gets blasted pretty hard. His ring doesn't help at all against that beam, so it's Hal Jordan vs. Alien gun, and that doesn't end well for Hal.

Green Lantern is effectively down, and the Ring, now in life support mode, broadcasts <<Green Lantern Sector 2814 in critical condition. Retrieve for medical attention immediately. Green Lantern Sector 2814 in critical condition. Retrieve for medical attention immediately>> In short, the mostly robotic voice that sounds as emotionless as the Guardians of Oa keeps repeating that.

Green Lantern floats there, as his ring desperately tries to keep his body together.

Dane Whitman has posed:
<<My sword can likely get rid of those bracers, but even this horse isn't fast enough to keep up with Superman and Zod.>> The Black Knight replies to Clea's radio message, frowning beneath his helm, but taking Strider higher into the air to get a good look at the battlefield and decide where he'd best intervene.

Admittedly, the Ebony Blade could probably kill Zod as well, but that's a whole lot easier to think and a whole lot less easy to do. And anyone else wielding it in that purpose would be...an extraordinarily bad idea.

<<Looks like a lot of fires on the East Side. If any Fireteams can spare themselves, might want to sweep for trapped and injured civilians.>>

And with that done, Dane urges Strider towards the Superweapon. At least he can work to clear some of the horde off of the big guns.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Good, I've got my mom for that," Cassie tells Donna, very seriously.She is a big girl and a grown-up superhero and does not need anyone fussing over her, thankyouvery much! Insert hands-on-hips defiant look. But... the 'cool chick' routine melts a bit as her gaze tilts upward with an increasingly awed expression at the hovering alien spaceship, because, y'know. Alien spaceship. She may be living that hero lifestyle, but this is still sort of a Big Deal. "So, like, what does it do? I guess lasers, shields, all the usual stuff?"

She isn't really sure what the plan is, but Donna charging in while Victor does his Death From Above routine is all the encouragement she needs and more. Frankly, a good old charge is something she can get behind! Following her Amazonian sister, she rushes forward, war cry and all.


... well, her version of one, anyway. Good thing Diana's not here to hear that one. But she puts on a good show anyway, fighting on the other side of her mentor. There's not an angle not covered by bracers to laser at, that's for sure, and the air is soon heavy with ozone as she electrocutes another small squad of troops in the loop of her lasso.

Clark Kent has posed:
The plan isn't going precisely as Mongul invisioned, but he doesn't yet realize he's the fodder for Zod's intent. That said, he is /very/ pleased with the effect of the new blaster on the critically injured Lantern, "HAH! Strike one more off the list, boys..." Grunting at his Warzoon, who are running... in the oposite direction of Power Girl. The yellow alien looks after them, then over towards the source of their distress. It sets him up for a surprise attack, should anyone be so inclined.

Zod, on the other hand, is thoroughly engaged.

Superman is breathing fairly hard, having taken very little time to recharge himself, and has multiple scraps and cuts bleeding fresh, but so does the Kryptonian General. Singed from where Zora hit him with her lance earlier, he's coming back at the Man of Steel with a deep growl when he's hit again.. this time in his flank. Knocking him over into a mile long roll that leaves a fresh slice of upturned earth in the ground.

When he's pushed himself up, he's greeted with a flying-dive punch to the solar plexus that knocks his body backwards and all four arms extended out ahead of him. "Give it up, Zod.. Whatever you're planning. It wont work."

But wont it? The weapon is starting to charge.

Everywhere, reserve forces are fighting Warzoon, a new behemoth has been field to crash into a line of humvees. The city is a disaster zone with people trying to help one another, and there's the rip-roar of jets soring over head to engage the fighters streaming down from Warworld in orbit.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol will call over the comms <<Hal is down, can someone get him clear of the fight please. Need to kick this yellow angry guy into Orbit.>>

She blasts another emplacement solidly with a couple more pulsar blasts.. ZOT ZOT. Then she twists and starts to fly at pretty high speed at Mongul. Ready to dodge at a moments notice with some serious precision flight control though if he fies some crazy weapon at her.

Honestly she is going for getting behind him and kicking him soundly in the back of his big bald yellow skull.

This seems critical with Karen breaking off and someone needing to make sure that the big yellow jerk doesn't shoot Hal with that crazily effective gun again.

She needs to look after her JLA peeps after all.

Karen also seems to be providing a very nice distraction, so with not quite super speed Captain Marvel introduces Mongul to her foot, literally kicking his head hard as she comes to a stop in the air just behind him. Momentum and a whole lot of super strength applied with maximum prejuduice. "Hi Mother (bleep bleep.. bleep..)." this Captain is not Captain America.

Of course the angle of the kick isn't really for orbit, that was mostly creative license on Carol's part.

Victor Stone has posed:
The dreadnought may have been taken, but the Warzoon still have flights of fighters establishing air superiority over the city. To help the military aircraft fighting back, Cyborg makes a slight detour on his way to the rest of the Titans, buzzing the rooftops of Metropolis to ambush and eliminate as many threats as he can. Short-duration locks with high-energy lasers seem to do the trick, and he cuts down five by sneaking up unexpectedly -- as it turns out, needing little more than a pressure helmet for high-altitude flights makes you really hard for most targeting systems to identify as an enemy aircraft.

The fourth such downed craft spirals toward the street not far from the rooftop where Green Arrow and Clea have convened, after which Vic does a flyby close enough to potentially ruffle the sorceress's robes. Before the Titan has a chance to do more than wave, he has to be off like a shot again, taking aim at the next target.

That pursuit takes him back over the bay, and concludes when Vic manages to clamp onto the fighter's hull, bash one of its engines wildly off-axis, and leap away as it corkscrews down to a water impact just past the bridge. After a second of weightless drift at the apex of his leap, he reengages thrust and loops down the length of the bridge, strafing away at the Warzoon ground troops, leaving dozens of laser burns scarring the pavement but managing to scatter the opposition enough for his fellow Titans to advance on the newly arrived behemoth.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    There's a flare of green and gold as Zora crosses the space as Ka-El pins Zora, leading with her spear...but rather than, you know, spearing him (because that would require running Superman through too and that's just not honorable), the split head of the spear widens before the cosmically charged weapon slams down with the tines pinning Zod's right arm to the mountainside under him, before Victorious grabs for the right gauntlet. "Defeat him, /then/ tell him how he has failed!" she suggests, gritting her teeth as she tries to pry the armored cauntlet free before Zod can recover. One less gauntlet will be better, right?

    Of course, this leaves Zora open to attack while she's focused and unable to move during her attempt at grand theft gauntlet.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan is listening and trying to keep up with people, but she does notice that Green Lantern is suddenly down and the Mystic Arts Master murmurs something under her breath before she disappears and reappears on a roof top nearby and then the next time she's spotted she's near where the green suited man is floating. <<I got him, Agent Danvers.>> she tells her as she is floating there.

Mo brings her hand up to touch Hal's arm, but she has to reach up with the other to block an incoming energy bolt, because just because he's down doesn't mean people are going to quit firing. Amateurs!

Once that's done she focuses on grabbing the Green Lantern and focusing all her energy on healing the man. A neon violet energy wraps around him as she does. Hopefully she wouldn't get too singed up here!

Oliver Queen has posed:
If there's one thing that Ollie knows is that taking gifts from sorceresses always come with a price. But the situation is dire enough that he's willing to accept so. When Clea offers him the arrow he takes it with a solemn nod. "Thank you." he offers, tone earnest, even if the voice distorted by that modulator. He places it in his quiver but then his feet are getting off the ground, carried by the wind... That's new... So this is how it feels being able to fly! Instant jealousy!

Victor's passage receives a salute out of Green Arrow, but that's not long lived. There the cyborg goes again!

He begins flying out towards the source where the fight is going on, not too far from Clea yet then there is that call for help from Green Lantern's ring. A call he can't ignore! <<Green Arrow on the way.>> he answers Carol. So he starts flying out towards the fallen lantern, hoping to get there in time to help out Hal.

Because Justice Leaguers never let one of theirs down! He approaches Morrigan and the fallen Lantern, a nod and then he stands guard, prepared to shoot any stray warzoons that may attempt to take a shot at them.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen hears Hal over her regular ears rather than the communicator that's been molten for hours, and before she can do much to respond, the sound of the emerald guardian of the sector eating a blast that his ring can't defend him against hits her ears.

    Power Girl is a team player. Really. Honestly. The problem is, she's already surveyed the weapon, and the low hum of its charging tells her it won't take a whole lot of time before the thing is charged and ready, and she knows exactly how much it can destroy.

    That is why, when she hears the sound of a rescue from Hal's direction, she's grateful- because she hadn't even begun to head in that direction. It was Hal, or a city's worth of people.

    Karen arrives at the weapon moments before Carol does, and she doesn't linger to pay Mongul any attention- instead, she is burrowing, cleaving with her gloves hands through the steel and alien metal, looking for the power source.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    Pantheon flies into the fray, ducking under the slug of alien ammunition fired towards the approaching heroes and crashing into the construction site. The initial touchdown is a shockwave sending electrical blasts in currents before the Champion pushes forward, and using Power Girl as cover, tears at the foundations of one of the mounted turrets. Warzoon still situated in the cockpit, Pantheon hurls the thing at alien general like an athlete tossing a football, blood boiling as he has to watch one of his idols in Green Lantern go down.

    It's also a touch worrying, even horrifying, to witness for a kid like Freddy, but hey, that's what the relentless Courage of Achilles is for.

Clea has posed:
    << Understood. That means slowing him or speeding us. >> Clea's attention is tugged backward by reference to fires, a brief diversion. How not? The sorceress bears a halo of incandescent flames like a Byzantine saint. So too are Victor's impressive lasers a dazzling sight to be met with a smile in kind, beauty in the midst of utilitarian destruction. But greater dangers await, and having bestowed one blessing, she has others to concern herself with. Notably dealing with the problem of the source of that inferno in the first place.
    Balletic in the sky, she does not need jet speed to skip like a stone through the heavens, crossing space in teleportational skips, smoothly negotiating her way past larger projectiles when she appears. << Another has the healing done. >>
    The song at her lips is a fractured one, Tibetan clashing with her lilting accent. Words don't matter; like a Lantern, intent does. The spell taking shape doesn't come from her but leaps up from the earth itself underneath Zod and Zora and Kal-El. A conduit rises towards the bracer wrapped around his wrist, countless filaments trying to invade the structure or to peel it away while it's already under such stress.
    The articulated gestures of the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension carry flashes of inverted auroral fire, shades that don't belong there. Not only calling on the inherent magic of this dimension, but she summons her own, glowing like a nuclear blast to magical senses.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern is being healed by Morrigan...and the best part about healing a Lantern is...no, you aren't going to get singed doing it. As soon as the Lantern regains consciousness, he's able to put a bubble up to keep the riffraff off Morrigan while she finishes her work. "Thank you. I won't forget this." Still, Green Lantern's not going anywhere just yet...he's going to make sure she's finished healing as much as she can before he flies back into battle. "Hope your healing isn't the kind that usually requires rest afterwards, because I don't get time to rest just now."

Green Lantern is healed enough to return to action, at the very least. But before he does that, he points his ring at that Lantern Killing Gun that just nearly lived up to its name, again...and green hands bash the yellow gun with every available piece of debris. True, the Lantern Ring doesn't affect yellow, but it can still grab not yellow things to bash yellow things, and that's what he does now. He wants that weapon thoroughly destroyed...for the sake of the Corps. His fellow Lanterns who have less friends depend on it.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Well, while Carol takes the shot he wanted, Ghost Rider still manages to swing the Hellfire chain against one of the Carrier's ledges to hook onto it, before he pulls himself with intense strength to he is essentially giving himself an assisted leap into the air. As soon as Mongul (hopefully) recoils from Captain Marvel's hit, he tries to punch the alien in the other direction.

A war on two fronts.

Two Avengers against Mongul? Should work out just fine.

"Mind some help?" The demon says in a readied position, twirling the Hellfire chain in its hands as it stares Mongul down.

Clark Kent has posed:
Mongul really hadn't seen it coming and it shows.

Carol's kick catches him just as he's turning towards her and it sends him sailing backwards like a hurled baseball, smashing up against the side of the transport ship that was bringing in the parts for the super-weapon now thoroughly broken down by Power GIrl's powerful destructiveness.

In the city proper, police/Reservists are starting to fight back and gain ground, but there are so many Warzoon... While outside in the fields, one Justice Leauger is down with several heroes moving in to protect him from the soldiers trying to finish off the critically injured Lantern.

Zod, crawls out of the hold burrowed into the side of the mountain, armor cracked and torn, half his face charred from Zora's cosmic powers, and bleeding from the fight with Kal. He was soon to capitalize on Kal when Zora steps in, again hitting him before he's properly gotten his wits about him. One of his gauntlets comes up, just as she likely intended, but the blast shatters it.. leaving him only partially shielded from her magic.

His hand flares backwards and he's on Superman again, grabbing the Boy Scout with both hands around his throat and hurling him like a projectile weapon at Zora. "ENOUGH of this.. You want to protect this world, then I'll just destroy it..."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Kian's rhy'thar disables the tank, and with Cyborg's air support, the troops remaining on the ground at the bridge are short work for the Titans. There's a brief lull, and Donna takes a moment to check in with the various groups. Once she's got an overview, she starts strategizing.

    "Guys, we need a little more time for the plan, but the first of our tricked up fighters are limping their way back to that Death Star. Vic! That big... whatever-it-is, that's going to occupy us too long to face it directly. Can you target paint it for Cait to bring down the thunder from the Dreadnought's heavy weapons? Vorpal! There's some kind of weapon being assembled, co-ords being sent to your T-Com. Can you stick a rabbit hole right down its barrel please? Cassie, Kian - we're getting a portal opening over the far side of the block, we're going to push the next wave of attackers right through it. Kian, can you redirect the vehicles? Cassie and me are going to force the guys on foot to retreat."

    And how do you force Warzoon soldiers to retreat? Amazon style.

    Donna draws her sword, and hefts her shield, and then she's off and a run. The shield isn't as effective against laser bolts as her bracers, but she's not wasting time on closing in, and within seconds she's in the middle of the oncoming Warzoon horde, too close for them to continue firing safely. She throws herself at one after another, ducking under blasts that end up hitting other Warzoon, hacking limbs, spinning and twisting through the forces like a high-speed tornado of destruction.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Right. That actually bloody hurt a little bit. Thankfully she can hover there and not walk on it right now because limping is not very badass. Still it was like kicking a bloody battlecruiser with her foot.

Not that she hasn't done that ind you but feeling pain or inconvienance is a novelty for some people..

<<That guy has a very hard head... is this the Mongul chap?>> she notes, just a smidge smug though because she did get a pretty goood kick for distance in and he did make a very satisfying crash noise into it.

"Give up yet?" she quips, though she is speeding in for another blow, a punch this time. Of course this time he knows that she is on the field of battle and she can deliver shots like that.

Dane Whitman has posed:
The Black Knight hears the radio chatter of the Behemoth attack, and dips Strider in that direction, pulling away from the Superweapon as several heroes have gathered there. With near-supersonic speed, the horse darts out over the landscape, then lifts to fly above the massive creature, right between it's shoulders and over it's head.

And once in position, Dane leaps off the flying stallion, blade drawn, and lands atop the creatures' head, and drops atop the Behemoth's head, driving the point of the Ebony Blade right into its' skull, and burying it all the way to the crossguard.

Kian has posed:
    "Re-di-rec... hyu mean move?  I do not know.  Can shut down... can not con-t'rol.  Can t'ry... I do not know.  Can t'ry some-thin'," Kían says dubiously.
    He can't control electronics.  He can overload them, or he can depower them.  The only thing he can think to try is what he did to the robot spider.  In the direction he doesn't want them to go, the ground explodes.  Not so near as to damage them (or worse, whatever sentients might be inside), just close enough to get their attention and (hopefully) make them go where he wants them to.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a grin to the Green Lantern, "No problem, it's what I'm here for. And no, you won't need rest, just avoid getting hit by big things!" the woman calls. That means she's focused on other things and not the blast that comes her way and there's a blurr of her vision as she tumbles down towards the ground, "I hate aerial fights!" she shrieks as she plummets, but, she manages to recoup herself falling and stops herself before she hits anything. Then she snaps her eyes back up to the sky, fangs bared as she lets out a growl, "Damn energy weapons." she mutters as she looks down to her side. She'd heal just fine. But she was still going to be an angry half vampire for the moment over it. She wanted to find a way to get that weapon out of their hair, but it might be a group effort.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Well, thankfully, Carol is not alone in fighting Mongul.

Namely because Ghost Rider has managed to leap at Mongul and hone in a punch right to Mongul's jaw to try and knock him -through- the transport ship. Unlike Carol, Ghost Rider's body can probably take the damage of punching something that Kryptonians have a hard time with due to his mystical empowerment, but Ghost Rider growls.

<< Your foot in one piece? >> The Rider asks of Carol as it spins its Hellfire Chain, not waisting a breath before it lunges at Mongul with the Hellfire Chain in hand, trying to literally take Mongul down while he's stunned. Granted, he might well fail if Mongul fights back hard.

Jason Blood has posed:
"Hello?" Jason has apparently teleported into the middle of a warzone, and while there are plenty of people flying through the air punching people into mountains, it seems there's little help nearby. "Well, that is a bother." An alien charges at him, and while he's able to sidestep it and cut it with his sword, several more appear nearby and start marching toward him. For -him-, those are poor odds. "Right. I suppose this is a little over my grade. Sorry, lads, hate to do it, but just realize I'm going to regret this /almost/ as much as you are. Gone, gone, the form of man, rise the demon-"

"...Etrigan!" There's a cough of brimstone as man stands replaced by demon. The surrounding aliens look confused for a moment. Only a moment, because after that, they are dead, as the creature lashes around with his claws. "Strange, strange, what foes are these? It matters not, I 'spose, their cries still please."

Then the creature LEAPS from the midst of whatever madness, landing on a convenient building. It gives him a vantage to survey the chaos and carnage, which causes him visibly delight. "Such chaos, such destruction, such carnage and woe!" Yet here he snaps around to catch a passerby flying toward the enemy. "Tell me kind fellows, where is our foe? These armies, this rabble, they're hardly a threat. To be called here the stakes are far larger I bet. Shall I slay them? Flambe them? Give me a clue. Surely, for Etrigan, there's better to do."

Because he has been summoned before a large battlefield of... well, whatever they are, Etrigan makes a show of his utter contempt for the average footsoldiers. Turning, the hellish creature takes an exaggeratedly deep breath... and then expels hellfire over a huge swathe of the battlefield. In an instant, hundreds burn. For Etrigan, this is a 'Tuesday.'

"There you see, they're all dead. Now we can put our effort to something better, instead."

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Victorious has the gauntlet...annnnd then it shatters, thank to Clea's magic. Zora glances over and nods to the sorceress. Well. There went the vague idea of wielding it against its former owner, which is further complicated by Superman slamming into her at high speed, knocking her flying to slam into the cliff opposite the fight with a grunt as the rock craters, cracking around her as she drops to a crouch, growling as she helps pull Superman to his feet.

    "No. This you will not do." she says, bitting out the words. "You will die first."

    She glances to Superman.

    "I. I will die first." she corrects herself.

    He'll glare at her otherwise. All that truth and justice.

    That said, she throws herself forward into the fray again, going for a low sweep of Zod's legs with the mace end of her sphere.

Hal Jordan has posed:
The Green Lantern, having disabled the gun that killed so many of his fellow Corp members...also flies down to Mongul now. "...You are thinking your yellow skin will protect you. Unfortunately for you, you're wearing clothes. And your clothes aren't yellow." Green Lantern's green aura flares up. "...this is for the Corp members you killed!"

And several green blunt objects appear around the conquerer, and all of them slam in his general direction. He is careful to aim those weapons to attack from behind, so Mongul has more trouble blocking his shots with yellow hands. He's also careful to make sure none of them cut or slice or otherwise expose more skin. That said...well, Lethal Force was not authorized. But it is Hal's intention to hit him so hard he wishes it were. And he's got plenty of willpower for just that. "...There's a sciencell waiting for you on Oa." A long awaited sciencell, given how long the Lanterns have been trying to capture this guy.

Freddy Freeman has posed:
    The battle continues, and Pantheon rips apart the hard metal of the transport carrier and the weapons around, bolts of lightning striking down where his fists and fingers meet the alien steel. In the chaos, he catches sight of Power Girl driving *into* the superweapon and blurs over to her.

    "Hey, need some help?" Even as the question is posed, he pulls back and slams into another section of the war machine, digging another point to the carrier's power source.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie is still with Donna, slogging through the masses of alien footsoldiers toward whatever goal. If she was being honest, the top-level tactics of this whole thing are pretty much beyond her, in part because she really can't see much of the battle from down there in the trenches. But she can appreciate a good old charge.

However, Cassie does not have a sword and shield. Well, she probably has some gear somewhere, as that stuff is part of the Amazonian standard training, and it's sort of useless without the gear to back it up. But on a daily basis, she doesn't lug a bunch of medieval weaponry around. So at first, this means she's left to a lot of alien face-punching and bacer-bashing, which is, if not as stylish, definitely SATISFYING in its own way. She gives one a punch in the gut, grabs it as it hunches over and hurls it into one of its friends, and then catches an incoming attack with her bracers crossed in front of her face.

"Donna this is gonna take- uh, nevermind, just watch out I'm gonna-"

How does she force alien soldiers to retreat? She slings the lasso up onto a hanging portion of a blasted-out building facade and gives it a yank, pulling some of the structure down onto another squad of the creatures.

-Timber!" Her expression is a little sheepish in the aftermath. There may be a lecture about property damage, later.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Receiving coords," Vorpal acknowledges. When they are received, he quickly brings up the coordinates on his phone app to get a visual, just to make sure he's close to accurate as possible.

"I've got it... on my way."

On his way? Yep. He opens a Rabbit Hole to the destination and appears right on target. The Cheshire pauses, and then taps his comm.

<<Um, it looks like the weapon has been damaged. Looks like Peej's signature, too!>> he says with an approving tone.

The Warzoon have been retreating from the wake of Power Girl's attack. <<But just in case...>>

Vorpal focuses, and starts generating a rabbit hole on the barrel of the superweapon... "Where oh where shall this little gun go? O where o where... hmm..." The sun? Maybe the sun. Wait, could he do that? He didn't know... "Something safer, maybe," sun-wards, perhaps. It wouldn't do to set the atmosphere on fire, or something like that....


Clea has posed:
    Doesn't matter how much energy Clea channels, she feels that burst of Etrigan flipping where Jason was a moment earlier. Just as the Hellfire chain calls her, and the flames around the Faltine intensify to an eye-watering glow. She cannot give him too much focus beyond that, though the gritting of her teeth might halt a future rejoinder.
    Demon on the loose, definite issue. Effective, though, no one would really deny that. Cleaning up house behind her, she bookmarks that thought and returns to the blurring collisions between Victorious herald, Superman, and the Man Who Won't Die Yet. (Again.)
    Zod's face is looking flambed thanks to her earlier efforts and now Zora's. Point for Latveria. All that raw energy of the Dark Dimension braiding with terrestrial mana rebounds in a cat's cradle whip with one enchanted manacle down, but it needs another target. She licks her cracked lips, and reaches out, widening the arc of the spell. << Herald, accept a gift in honour of your fearless defense of Earth, >> she calls over the comms. << Superman, may I offer the gratitude of Earth and my people? >>
    Should they wish it, the rippling surge of energy rolls up to envelope Superman and Victorious in a scintillating glow that dawns like the summer sun breaching the Eastern Seaboard.

    << Touch the light, it won't hurt you! >> Breathing harder, her eyes narrow as she directs a spiderweb of sunbright spell-gossamer to the combatants across the battlefield, sending mana-laced enchantments dropping to invigorate the superheroes against their deadly foes. So easy to simply find the spark ahead of them, touch it, and fight on perhaps.

Clark Kent has posed:
The weapon is destroyed, Mongul is captured, but Zod is still fighting strong. There are still thousands of Warzoon storming through Metropolis and the surrounding country side, with even more capable of storming down from Warworld to assist in Monguls' escape.

Superman slaps his hand into Zora's and pulls himself up from the crater the pair of him and Zod have created, staring at the battered General with Clea and Zora to either side of him. There's no more words to speak, only action to take.

They have to give the Titans time, buy them every possible second, keep Zod distracted long enough that whatever scheme the team has hatched can come to full fruit. With each heavy breath, Kal steps forward and leans into an eyebeam fired at Zod who fires one in response.

The classic struggle as the two powerful heat rays hit in the middle.