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Asgardians on Midgard
Date of Scene: 06 June 2020
Location: Asgardian Embassy
Synopsis: The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!
Cast of Characters: Heidi Ingerdottir, Diana Prince, Felicity Felix, Thor, Spencer Smythe, Ben Reilly, Ella Normandy, Morrigan MacIntyre, Sera, Julie Yan, Cassie Sandsmark, Achilles, Sara Pezzini, Koriand'r, Carol Danvers, Victor Stone, Bart Allen, Wally West

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Few know how to party better than the Asgardians. That, of course, means that as an official showing of Asgardian hospitality they have to go all out. While the building is classicly New York, the decorations are lush and beautiful with greenery and fabrics draped. Several areas include comfortable seating and an overabundance of food. Waitstaff, dressed in what looks like traditional Asgardian clothing offer mugs and wine glasses.

There's plenty of room to sit, an area to dance, and giant kegs of alcohol being dispensed. Don't worry, there's more. There's always more. Heidi is prominently in the front because she's self-appointed herself to greet people. Really, she just wants new friends.

"HAIL AND WELL MET!" It's not a stereotype. That's how she greets people.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had come early to the event tonight, to help with what she could help with and to be there for her friend in the Thunder God. The new Asgardian Embassy was a fun addition to the Manhattan experience, one she was excited to see develop and take off. Tonight, the Princess from Themyscira is dressed quite nicely in a unique styled number. A white dress that is both backless and lacking in a left sleeve. It does however, have a right sleeve that goes up around Diana's neck and loops down over her torso where it fans out and covers her down to her waistline where it then swirls around her waist and provides a nice dress that fades from white into black down at her feet.

Wearing heeled shooes, the Princess is smiling and mingling with those around her. Her lips are painted a deep red, her dark hair is done up in fine curls that favor the her right shoulder, and her eyes are circled by dark makeup that make her stare sparkle along with her good mood tonight. She's currently welcoming new arrivals within the Embassy. Sharing smiles and small quick conversations with them as they arrive and disperse within the room.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Wide-eyed and amazed, the humble mortal Felicity Felix has a joyous, awed smile on her face as she's shuffled in with the crowd of people eager to see the inside of the embassy. She's wearing a black blazer, a white blouse, a little black tie, and a pencil skirt, along with dark stockings *and* stilettos! Looking around in wonder, her high-heels clack across the polished tiles, clanging gently against the metal plates that mark the official threshold of the embassy...

Then she jerks with a look of shock, *bzzzrts* with a wide-eyed jolt, and finally stumbles across the threshold into the embassy, looking like someone just tasered her. "O-ow?" she asks no-one in particular, looking and sounding a little hurt and really confused as to what just happened. A few whisps of barely-visible smoke flutter away from her and she looks around furtively, seemingly a little embarrassed as she tries to shuffle off out of the way of the incoming crowd.

Thor has posed:
    As for Prince Thor he is in the off side room where the food is gathered on those elaborate tables and the wondrous spreads. Dressed in what one would consider traditional Asgardian garb, though not the armor that so often graces his tall form, no. But more the light robes that seem to flow easily around him and are tucked properly with an elaborate series of folds and knots, granting him an appearance of having a long jacket with several layers beneath, all the color of silver and black as is fitting with his wishes. It would be perhaps a regal affair, were it not ruined by what tasks him there in that beverage and refreshment area.
    For it is there, observed by two Einherjar that do wear their armor, that Thor is seeking their advice.
    "Here... or more over here?" There's a scrraaappe of wood upon wooden floor as the giant keg is lifted partially by the Thunderer, both hands tilting it in its place to face more toward the doorway. "Which looks best, Bjarke?"
    The Einherjar, for his part, blinks and holds up his hands, then gestures the other way. "A touch to the left, My Lord. No your left."
    Another scraaape is heard as he shifts that key the other way now.

Spencer Smythe has posed:
Spencer Smythe was not expecting to be at the newly built Asgardian Embassy tonight. Originally, he had been planning on working on his creations in his Bronx Lab, but his current benefactor, "Wacky Jack Toys", had insisted that the creator of the very popular Dragon Buddy toys arrive at the Embassy tonight, with a Dragon Buddy of his own.

Spencer walked into the Embassy wearing a neatly pressed blue suit, brown lofas, and a blue hat with a white band. His face had a expression of amazement, which was tempered with a highly calculated gaze, is if he were studying the room, and all in it. Perched on his shoulder was a what appeared to be a green dragon the size of a house cat. It observed the room with it's cold, reptillian eyes as Spencer scratched it's head.

As the dragon purred from this contact, Spencer briefly nodded at Heidi, but didn't talk to her as he walked into the crowd. His dragon caught many gazes from the crowd as Spencer walked through the crowd, grabbing a mug of mead as he did.

Ben Reilly has posed:
You can't have a huge selection of food in New York and not have pizza. it would be downright sacreligious. You might find yourself run out of the city for an offense like that. So Ben finds himself delivering pizza to the history building, not having any real clue what is going on inside only that he's got a LOT of pizzas. The stack of pizzas in his hands is only half of the order, the other half still out in the vehicle, but this stack alone is high enough that he can't actually see over it and is having to peek around the sides to navigate through the crowd.

Getting inside is a bit trickier, balancing pizzas while trying to open a door and step inside without losing any of the pies. It's managed if only barely. But only a couple of steps in and he stops in his tracks, eyes wide as he looks around at the inside of the building. "You okay miss?" He asks, a concerned look on his features when he glances over to Felicity and her moment of pain. Static shock? Those bite. Hate when that happens. This place is crazy." He shakes his head a little bit before looking around, looking for someone in charge. "Anyone know where I should put these pizzas?" He calls out to the crowd in general, waiting to see if someone responds, shifting his weight from foot to foot, lifting a knee to balance the pizzas so he can adjust the hat on his head that says Tony's Pizza.

Ella Normandy has posed:
    Vampirella is among the crowd, but not mingling. That would be unprofessional. She's carrying a tray of drinks in one hand and wearing a caterer's uniform; a white button-down with black vest and slacks. None of her coworkers recognize her, but the boss, besotted on Vampirella's powers of persuasion, would swear on a stack of Bibles (or bags of runestones or whatever Asgardians swear on) that Ella Normandy has been a valued employee for months.

    Vampirella's mission? Recon. Asgard has never really been her or her mother's concern, but just because they're not enemies doesn't mean they're allies. It never hurts to surreptitiously learn a little bit about neighboring religions. Posing as a caterer was probably not the single best way to do that, but Vampirella's MO has always been to blend in among those she hunts.

    Also, she is inordinately proud of how hard she's rocking the catering uniform. Two solid reasons to be unnecessarily devious as far as she's concerned.

    So, with a smile strapped onto her face, Vampirella moves through the crowd doing her best American accent (which consists mostly of her speaking through her nose) and politely murmuring to people nearby, "Can I interest you in some refreshment?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Doctor Morrigan MacIntyre actually hadn't been a regular face at some of the openings these last few months due to various reasons, but, Duncan had reminded her that the Asgardian Embassy was opening and that it might be a good way to get out and take a break. Good assistants were worth the money if you found them.

So Morrigan arrives, dressed in a sleek black business dress and black heels. Her fiery red curls are tamed just enough for her not to look like an understand for Merida. Duncan has opted to mingle with her this evening, his charcoal suit looking freshly pressed and brown hair neatly cut. "This is a beautiful place." the Irish woman murmurs to her assistant as they enter.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Felicity is still composing herself when she's addressed by Ben, blinking over at him with a look of confusion. "Am I...? Oh!" She forces a laugh with an upheld hand, the other on her chest, "Yes! Thank you. Just...something weird happened." She shakes her head a bit, arched bangs rocking a little, as she shoots a glance back at the entrance to the Embassy.

Returning a smile to Ben Reilly, Felicity adds, "So, um, that's a lot of pizza. OH HEY!" Her eyes light up suddenly, "Tony's! I delivered pizza for them! For...a week. 5 days. Technically 4. But!" She offers hands out, "I could help if you want?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks over to Thor to see him stacking the kegs, something she swears he'd already done, but... he must be nervous, wanting things to go just perfectly. She shows a smile in his direction before she looks back to some of the guests arriving and offers them a handshake as they do so. The question about Pizza's is heard, and Diana looks over there to see Ben with the pies, and Felicity swooping in to assist. She looks to Spencer then with his dragon and offers him a soft nod as well, the Dragon getting a curious look... but she's seen stranger things in Manhattan before! Quite regularly really.

Morrigan's vocalized critique of the Embassy draws Diana's eyes and she smiles to her. "Yes it is, isn't it?" She replies to the Doctor. She offers her a hand as well. "I am Diana, a friend of the Asgardians. There are drinks just over there."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi has no problem giving everyone an overly exuberant hello. While she's no Thor, she's a little hard to miss with her height and the "WELCOME FRIENDS" she seems to be offering to almost literally everyone as they make their way in. Spencer only gives her a nod, so she nods back twice as enthusiasticly. "Please enjoy yourselves!" She calls. Is she even supposed to be doing this? Well, no one's stopping her. "Do not get /too/ drunk!" Though depending on you ask the level of 'too drunk' is variable. Especially to an Asgardian.

Ella Normandy has posed:
    Drinks are mentioned, so Vampirella drifts toward Diana and Morrigan with her tray of sparkling yellow stuff held at about temple level. Both women smell interesting, neither one quite human, but she keeps that off her face in preference of her professional, don't-mind-me-I'm-just-a-servant smile. "Can I offer either of you a drink?" she offers, approaching the pair from the side, glancing between them and then dropping her gaze deferentially like a good servant should.

Sera has posed:
Sera didn't intend to make an entrance, but her intensely glowing magical wings and glowing white eyes can't help but light up the entrance way as she swoops in for a landing. Carrying a confused, perhaps bemused chicken under one arm and a magical book under the other. The magical glow around Julie Yan fades too as she is set down behind her. The wings collapsed down over her back like a long white glowing cloak, trailing behind her. It fizzes and sparks a little as it drags along the ground.

Wearing her Angelic armor from Elysium, the afterlife of the Angels, she looks sort of Asgardian to a non-Asgardian at least. She's not as tall or muscular as Asgardians, but she's just as well built. "Now it's time to dine with my peoples greatest enemy, Asgard." She gives Julie a thumbs up and a wink at that, having not mentioned that tidbit of knowledge before she gave her a lift here. "Booya Asgard, the Angels have arrived.. well, one of us." Angela is no where to be seen at the moment - perhaps she'll turn up later.

Spencer Smythe has posed:
Spencer takes a sip of the Asgardian Mead, and slightly cringes at the taste. He should've known it was going to be very strong. Darn Asgardians and their hight tolerance of alcohol. He looks to his right and sees who else but Wonder Woman herself looking at him with curiosity. He turns towards his Dragon Buddy, and realizes he was staring at it.

With a smile, he walks over to Wonder Woman and says to her,

" You must be Wonder Woman herself. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. My name is Dr. Spencer Smythe, and this, is Atlas, my first Dragon Buddy."

As Smythe offers his hand for a hand shake, the Dragon buddy gives WW a curious, but adorable look. If one kept up with the toy market, they would've of heard about Dragon Buddies, the newest toy craze to sweep America, and their inventor, Dr. Spencer Smythe.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives Diana a smile and takes the offered hand to give a warm shake, "It's nice to meet you, Diana. I'm Morrigan and this is my assistant Duncan." she offers in greeting. "It looks like the opening had a good turn out and I'm glad to see people wanting to learn more about the Asgardian's and others that might be visiting the planet." she admits to that. Morrigan's violet gaze goes to Ella when she approaches and there's a soft smile, "Nothing for me at the moment, thank you though." she tells the woman.

Then she notices there's a tiny shoulder dragon and there's a bit of a smile, "Were those something we pick up at the door? I have always wanted a small dragon to help me toast things." she whispers quietly to Diana.

Then the good doctor is approaching, "Doctor Smythe. It is nice to meet you." she gives a nod of greeting and a smile to him.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly lets his eyes wander around a little further, when he spots the dragon on Spencer's shoulder he huhs softly. "See something new every day in this city." There's a quick laugh before his attention is grabbed back over to Felicity. "Maybe metal detectors or something in the doors? I swear I can feel those things when I walk through them." He shifts the pizzas from one hand to the other, letting the weight of the stack of boxes settle back against his chest. "Yeah? I've only been delivering for them for a few months myself. Not a bad place though. When did you work there? And nah I got it, it's okay. Thank you for the offer though. Just gotta find someone... nominally in charge to tell me where to put it." He looks around the place again, seeing if there's anyone that tells him where to put it down. "Okay... maybe I do need help." He flashes a quick grin to Felicity. "This place is impressive and I also have no idea where I'm going. Do you?" He asks before looking around again. "Looks like there's a clear spot on that table over there where the rest of the food is piled up?" He quirks a brow at her before he starts that way. "If you could play handler and stop me from smacking into anyone that'd be awesome."

Julie Yan has posed:
    There was a party at the new embassy Sera mentioned, and Julie was pretty quick to invite herself along. Sounds like it was public and there was plenty of attendance, why not show up and see what was up? "Hey, politics ammirite? Sometimes you gotta break bread with the enemy." She grins to Sera as they arrive, smoothing out her qipao. It's essentially her 'superhero outfit', so it pays to look presentable even if she and Sera just got done clobbering some gargoyles.

    She grabs herself a flagon of mead and takes a sip, then another. Before long she spies the Amazon princess herself, quite possibly the world's most beautiful woman, and her jaw -drops-. "...oh my god." Julie blushes scarlet, hiding behind anybody she can to avoid being spotted just yet, and she tries to build up her courage as she begins approaching the Amazon.

    "Uh..." She nervously holds up a hand, unsure how to really say anything to Diana, words failing her.

    Eventually, she squeaks out a "H-hi."

Felicity Felix has posed:
Felicity winces a bit at the question of when she worked at Tony's. "A...few weeks ago. There was a small fire. And my scooter broke down. Twice. And a bird stole my Tony's hat." She shrugs a bit, changing the subject, "Um, supposedly there's magical god-aliens here. Like her!" She points at Heidi. "I thought Thor himself might be here too--oh my GOD!" Felicity stumbles backwards a bit when a woman with *glowing angel wings* arrives!

She flashes Ben a quick grin, "Did you see that?! This place is so cool. Do you feel itchy? I feel itchy." She frowns and rolls her shoulders a bit, adjusts the collar of her shirt and her black tie, then trots in front of Ben, "Um, excuse us! Pizzas coming through!"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana smiles to that of the offered drink from Vampirella in her disguise. "Not yet for me, perhaps in a bit. But thank you very much." She tells her in a sincere voice before her eyes go back to Morgan, she nods to her and offers a smile to Duncan as well. "It is a pleasure to meet you both." A quick glance is given to the gathering and then her eyes return. "Yes, this is a big building, it can house very large parties such as this. I believe Thor made it a point to choose a building larger than the Themysciran Embassy... which is just his style." She flashes a quick grin then before she looks back to the man and his dragon.

"Well hello." She says. "I prefer 'Diana' over Wonder Woman, when in social situations such as this. But yes. And hello to you as well Atlas. He is very impressive." She holds her stare on the dragon for a moment before the nervous 'Hi' draws her eyes away.

"Hello there." Diana says to Julie, offering her a handshake as well. "Welcome to the Asgardian Embassy." The Princess tells her then, standing a little over six feet tall in her heeled shoes tonight.

Thor has posed:
    When Diana had given her smile Thor had returned it with a shrug of eyebrows and a twist of his gaze to the side as if to tell her such is his lot in life. But then it's straight back to locking his hands under the curve of the keg and /hefting/ with a faint grunt to shift it over one last smidge to the side. He steps back, two, three strides to stand beside the armored Einherjar and tilts his head to the side.
    "Hrm," He says succinctly, then offers a shrug to Bjarke.
    The shrug is returned by Bjarke and that's enough for the Thunderer.
    Waving a hand to the side, Thor turns away and murmurs succinctly. "Bah." He takes a few strides then emerges out into the foyer and the entry hall and suddenly the room is rather loud with greetings that might well match of even exceed the vibrance and boisterousness of Heidi's own.
    "Greetings! People of Midgard!" His hands spread out wide as he steps up beside the valkyrie in training and rests a hand upon her shoulder. "Enjoy our bounty, be our guests. Break bread and partake of salt for you are our guests this night and we seek only your enjoyment and satisfaction."

Ella Normandy has posed:
    Vampirella's eyes cut to the dragon and flicker with slightly resentful recognition: she had to confiscate her share of those things from her students during the school year. Her lips quirk in a little smirk at herself and her own foolishness at bothering to be annoyed at a toy, of all things, before getting back into character and nodding at Morrigan and Diana's refusals. She presents the tray of drinks to Spencer and Julie, silently, as not to distract from Thor's sudden speech. He doesn't smell human either, but she hadn't expected him to, so that's fine. The smell of ozone kind of makes her want to sneeze, though.

Sera has posed:
Sera calls out loudly with a fist in the air, "HAZAAH!," She grins with delight and motions to a mug. She sings a softly and the mug tips over and falls on to the floor. "Dangit. I will //have// satisfaction!" She walks over and picks it up, then gets some of the mead and pours it in.

The mug goes to her lips and her eyes search around the room. The magical cloak falls from her shoulders and sparks evaporate against the floor. Only the glow in her eyes remain - while she trusts Thor and presumes she can probably trust his cohort here on Midgard.. well, who knows what other types might be attracted to a place like this. She kinda owes him still, kinda sort.. may be. Possibly not. Her spare arm goes to the metal on her hips.

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie is fairly intimidated, in the sort of 'Oh my god she is even more radiant and gorgeous in person!' kind of way. She giggles shyly and takes the hand. "I-I'm Julie...I'm a big fan. In general, just so many famous faces here is all!" She says with another nervous laugh. "Kind of a super in my own right, I go by Fenghuang when I'm doing that sorta thing." Sipping her mead, Julie waves off the offered drinks, holding up the flagon.

    "So uh...I hear you and THor are pretty chummy, huh? No godly rivalry or anything like that?" She says, trying to make conversation.

    Vampi is recognized, and Julie nervously moves toward Diana, just in case.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
98% of the time, Cassie can reliably be spotted wearing a variation of the same outfit, namely very normal teen clothing and some sort of t-shirt with Wonder Woman branding (because even before she was a sidekick, she was a /fan/). But this is a FANCY PARTY that she gets to go to because of her /cool hero friends/. It is a rare opportunity! And thus, it is an excuse for fancy party adult clothes. So she is sporting a champagne colored cocktail dress that is probably both too expensive and a little too grown up for her. She does not care! This is exciting, and she looks totally thrilled as she comes in amidst all the other gliterrati who may be assembled for something as important as an Embassy function. She also shows off her 'affilliation,' as it were, to one of the official delegations to said embassy, with her standard Amazon 'accessories.'

Making it through all the crowd of people and toward the front is a bit of an efort. She resists the urge to shove anyone (or fly). But eventually, she does make it, and it's not hard to spot a certain super-tall lady:

"Diiiiiiiana," she calls, as she makes her way over. "This party is amazing!" This is about in time for Thor's grand greeting, which turns her head thataway, staring with rather open curiousity. "That's him, huh?"

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi is happily greeting people when she notes Thor headed in her direction. If there's anyone that could outdo her greetings, it's him. Thankfully this isn't a /competition/ (although she'd sure put up a fight) to see who can most heartily greet everyone. She raises her fist in the air in a bit of a cheer herself at Thor's 'welcome speech'. "Let us all be friends and treat each other as such!" She adds. After all, who is a better drinking companion than a friend? She beams at Thor... even if she's still slightly intimidated.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives another smile to Diana, not wanting to toss the Wonder Woman moniker around as sometimes, people just need a break. The violet eyed redhead does give a smile to Atlas and Spencer, "Atlas is pretty wonderful. I feel like I should look into some for the kids at school." she admits. She gives a look back to Julie and Diana and there's a reassuring smile to the shy young woman who is talking to Diana.

Then there is a loud voice and Morrigan almost jumps, but she manages not to. Duncan looks like he might faint, "Oh my god, there he is..." he whispers to his boss, smacking at her hand. That means Morrigan has to look in that direction and there's a bit of a sigh, "Duncan, really. You're going to break my hand if you squeeze any harder." she tells him with an amused shake of her head. "It'll be fine. I promise." she reassures her assistant.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana keeps her eyes on Julie throughout what the other says to her and throughout it she keeps a soft smile on her red hued lips. "We are good friends, yes. No rivalry." She confirms, glancing in Thor's direction as she hears his declaration to the gathered patrons of the evening's affair. With a larger grin, her stare goes back to Julie and she speaks a little softer. "None that I can speak of openly, mind you." A quick grin is shown to the other woman then before Cassie's voice draws Diana's stare away.

With a smile toward her young counterpart, Diana reaches her hands out to accept her arrival. "Cassie." She says in a warm voice, her acented English soothing to most people's ears. "It is so good to see you tonight." She looks her dress over and leans in to speak quieter. "You look /so/ lovely too!" She gives Cass a quick embrace. "Find yourself some good fun tonight, yes?"

Thor has posed:
    The Prince of Asgard's features are bright, and his smile is an open thing that is given to all those around even as his hand lightly thump thumps upon Heidi's shoulder when he looks to her with pride.
    "Now come, enjoy. There is food and mead to be had." At that moment he espies Ben Reilly and laughs, "And your prize creation of pizza gifted us by the good Antonio."
    He turns and gestures to the open rooms, to the extravagant spreads, to the gorgeous decor even as what seems like a string quartet begins playing a subtle tune to underly beneath the casual conversation given. It is then that he starts to move in and amongst the crowd his eyes passing over Morrigan and her friend, his smile widening a little at the gaze given by her friend Duncan. A hand is lifted in a wave. He continues on into the crowd and begins to shake hands with those that offer him words and there is always a friendly few given in reply.

Spencer Smythe has posed:
Spencer grins and nods at WW while saying, "Thank you very much, there is a reason I keep Atlas around."

He then turns to Morrigan and says,

It's a pleasure to meet you too Madame." Once Thor makes his appearance, Spencer tilts his head to look at Thor, his face neutral. Within however, Spencer mind is racing with one emotion, hate. There was one of the bastards who ruined his family, speaking and making merry while his son was on life support. How he wanted to strangle him himself. He had been trying to build a Slayer for that blowhard for 2 years, but his attempts never made past the first Beta test.

Once Cassie shows up, Spencer smiles and says,

"Hello young lady. I assume you are Wonder Girl. Saw that fight with Angle Man on TV, you doing alright?"

Suddenly, Spencer grins as he sees a portly man about to eat a roll. He looks to Atlas and says something in a hushed tone, and Atlas squacks and flies towards the fat man, and snatches the roll out of his hand. Spencer laughs as he says to the group,

The Dragon Buddy toys are programmed to learn tricks like that. It just takes time, and patience."

Ella Normandy has posed:
    Vampirella's eyebrows raise mildly at Julie's fear, but she drops her face back into a pleasantly neutral expression. She starts to offer the tray of drinks to the newcomer Cassie, then pauses. What are this city's laws about age and drinking, again? Wait, do New York laws apply in an embassy? She probably should have done some homework before trying to pose as a professional caterer. Oh well, the worst thing that can happen is she'll be reprimanded at a job she doesn't actually hold.

    Smiling, Ella turns the tray to Cassie. "Drink, miss?"

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie at least can attest to the soothing affect. She smiles brightly at that, "I bet you'd make a bundle on arm-wrestling if you streamed it." She offers with a wink, then spies Cassie joining the crowd. "She's not wrong, yowza. Should've brought my own if I knew it was -that- kinda party." The martial artist jokes, before offering a hand to Cassie. "Julie Yan, I'm new to the country. Figured I'd get a little more experience going abroad, y'know? The newspapers call me either Fenghuang or Firebird, depending on which end of the planet you go to." She introduces herself, beginning to get a bit more confident again with mingling now that the starstruck aura is wearing off.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Felicity Felix is clearing the way for Ben when she comes to Thor, "Excuse me, pizzas coming through--oh. Um." She looks up at the Asgardian, cowers a bit, and squeaks, "Hi, sorry." Then she's scooting aside, calling back to Ben, "Left! Left!"

Backing up a bit to try to make room for Ben to get through, she whips out her phone, spins about, and snaps a quick selfie with Thor's profile, like he was a monument or statue. Then she smiles down at the picture as it pops up for her. "Chat's going to love that."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
"Please don't faint." Morrigan whispers to Duncan as they stand there. Her hand gives his a squeeze and the brown haired man seems to calm down. The wave from Thor though makes her smile and she gives a wave in return, along with one of those bright smiles that people sometimes do when they are caught. She looks back to Duncan, "The only reason you got me out of the house is so you could oogle that blonde man for science." she mutters to him.

Duncan gives a bit of a 'sue me' look to his friend and boss. Then they are distracted by tiny dragon stealing bread, "Hmm. Wonder how it does with potatoes." Morrigan murmurs to Duncan.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
If there's anything that gets Heidi in a partying mood, it's positive affirmation from one of the three people she's written successful epic poetry about. She raises her fist to the air again, splitting off from her position by the door and instead heading for where she saw pizza. Because she's still trying to finish her quest of trying every 'flavor' of pizza. She's unaware of the undertaking she's begun.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Wonder Woman fashion approval is definitely a big deal! "You think so?" Cassie beams rather brightly, giving her mentor a good squeeze back. As for being encouraged to enjoy the party, she takes a longer moment to soak in the ambience at that point, looking around at all the interesting assortment of people. And a dragon. And an angel thing? Notably, she doesn't have a terribly shocked reaction to any of it, but it does seem to excite her a bit more. "So is this place an Embassy the same as ours? Or it for their gods? I'm not really sure I get how that all works. I can't imagine Olympus opening up an embassy, y'know? Gods, can you -imagine-?" Cue eyeroll for her family's shenanigans.

While pondering various divine diplomatic missions, she quickly finds that /she/ actually draws a bit of heroic recognition as well, from Spencer and Julie. It may only be because she's a lot more obvious when she happens to be standing there next to Diana and you can make the leap in logic: people don't usually stop her on the street the same way. Still? She'll TAKE IT.

"Haha, yeah I'm fine, that guy's kind of a joke, even supervillain wise... him and Count Vertigo. Totally lame! Get some better powers!" Immediately it's apparent she's not exactly the most mature branch of the Amazonian family. Then she turns to Julie. "Thanks! I only just got it, I don't uh, normally go to this kind of thing, but since Diana was going to be here... Anyway, Feng- oh, I get it, like the uh, Chinese phoenix right? That makes sense. So like, you do fire stuff? That's pretty sweet." Cassandra Sandsmark, mistress of the obvious. Her mother would be so proud. Or not. But it's probably the amount she's spent following her mom around that makes her more familiar with random bits of world mythology.

Ben Reilly has posed:
"Itchy? No. But I definitely feel uncomfortable. So much going on. Dragons ons houlders, people with glowing wings. Gods of Thunder. It's a lot to take in." Ben moves in Felicity's wake as she clears the way to the tables dodging around Thor when she says left. "Oh, that's... yeah that's Thor. And... yup." Ben heaves a sigh of relief as he puts down the stack of pizzas. "Ah. Well my hours are a little wonky. Sorry I didn't see you around there though. Okay. I'll be right back. Got another full stack of the pizzas." He flashes her a big grin before he turns and ducks back into the crowd, heading back outside and a few minutes later coming back in with a new stack of steaming pizzas as well. Hopefully with guidance and crowd clearing again, though if not he'll manage to find his way through the people and put them down on the table. "Wow this place is crazy. There's so many people here." His eyes are wide as he looks around slowly. "I'm not terribly great with crowds, but this was my last delivery, mind if I tag along behind you?" He asks Felicity quietly.

Sera has posed:
Sera likes the taste of the mead. There's something about the taste of it that echos in the memories of old angels whose lives she prayed about. It's like connecting an idea with the reality. "So this is Asgardian ale huh. Not bad. I like it." She wanders toward the aforementioned pizzas too and gives Ben an appreciative smile at the bounty of food he's delivering.

Sera smiles at Heidi when they reach the same box of pizza. "So.. Midgard eh?," her grin is a little wicked at the moment - she sees a tall Asgardian and wishes she had Angela here with her.. but she's only a little afraid. After all, they've all forgotten about her kind anyway.

Her hand is offered to Heidi, "I'm Sera, of Heven." She taps a finger on one of the pizza boxes, "And this one I believe houses the largest portion of meats." She opens it and takes out a slice. "How does an Asgardian come to Midgard anyway.. are you assigned here by Thor or.. _odin_," She doesn't seem to like that name very much. "Or do you just choose to be here on this weird fantasy planet?"

Julie Yan has posed:
    "Yep! Watch this." Julie snaps her fingers, and suddenly flame sprouts from her fingertips like a zippo lighter. "That's not everything either. I'd offer to show you the tattoo, but y'know, we just met. Maybe another time." She winks cheekily, before snuffing the flame and taking a chug from her flagon. "My soul was bound to a phoenix's at birth, I'm still working out how or why to this day." Julie explains, shaking firmly. "Angle Man, huh? Guess people are running out of the cool bad guy names, huh?" She laughs.

    Pizza sounds great right now, and Julie goes over to grab a slice and offers one to Cassie too, since why not? "Not exactly hors d'oeuvres, but I'm not complaining. Want some?" She says with a smile.

Thor has posed:
    There are handshakes given, selfies taken. Thor is there for each person who should wish a moment here or there. But the first wave is dealt with as he catches Felicity out of the corner of his eye and he gestures to her, "Greetings! Glad you could make it!" Perhaps remembering her from Tony's party for assuredly a friend of Tony's is a friend of his.
    But then he emerges from the other side of the crowd as the people near the entrance begin to break up. One of the Einherjar taking up place at the entrance to make ready for others wishing to wander in and join, letting Heidi circulate should she so wish.
    Yet it's an instant of respite, enough of one that brings Thor passing near the door to the chamber of comestibles when Ella passes near enough and he'll lift his chin, "Pardon, if I may?" His eyes will meet hers and he'll give a nod to accompany that smile as he takes a drink from the tray.
    "Please feel free to indulge should you so wish, young maiden." Casual words offered to one of perhaps several vampires running around. Yet the smile given to accompany them is a genuine thing, much like the others he's granted this night.

Felicity Felix has posed:
Felicity shrugs at Ben, "Sure!" Then she pauses and frowns a bit, adding quietly, "Pretty sure that's the first time anyone has ever actually asked to stick close to me..." Then she grins suddenly, seeing Heidi go straight for the pizzas. She glances over at Ben, "I think you might have a fan already!" But then she's trotting off, "So, I heard that in Asgard they have four-clawed lobsters and if they brought some, I want it."

Bouncing off, she dodges around someone with a cape, ducks under a thrust mug, and cheerfully makes her way to the more exotic foods. "Is that just...a roasted log? Like, a tree log?" She frowns, folding her arms under her chest as she observes the weird Asgardian foods.

About fifteen feet away, when Sera utters *Odin's* name under her breath, Felicity twitches and ows, as if something poked her sharply. She blinks when Thor calls out to her and suddenly smiles, waving, "Hey!" To Ben, she adds quickly, "He remembered me! I think. That's awesome!"

Ella Normandy has posed:
    Ella quirks a little smile at Thor. "I'll tell my boss you said you so," she promises, and starts making her way to the back with tray still in hand.

    She distantly wonders what a thunder god's blood tastes like. Probably tastes basically like blood.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi is distracted from pizza by something better. Friendship. Sera is offered a warm and bright smile, her hand taken in greeting. "Ah, no, not an assignment, really. I am here to fight a battle worthy of becoming a valkyrie. That hasn't happened yet, but it surely will. Midgard has a great many battles for me to participate in, I'm sure." She pauses. "That and the pegasi do well getting some practice in normally unfamiliar territory. Less likely to be startled if they know what a car looks like." She laughs loudly. "Cars!"

She then remembers that she hasn't introduced herself. "Ah! I am Heidi, daughter of Inger, Vakyrie-in-Training and Keeper of the Royal Stables of Asgard. I'm the one that has the honor of training all of the pegasi."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a soft smile to Duncan, "You go get a drink and mingle, have fun." she tells him. The redhead has taken up a spot to stand and speak with people that she knows from her job at Mount Sinai, but she does keep track of the hosts and things. She didn't want to be a rude guest.

She does grab a drink when another waiter passes by and sips from the glass. She's enjoying not worrying for a few minutes. And hopefully Duncan is behaving.

Sera has posed:
Sera nods her head slowly. "If I held my enslavement in Hel against every Valkyrie I met, I'd have a very sad life indeed. Though Angela feels more strongly about it than I do. I'm just glad to be out of that place and amongst the living once more." Could she be any more enigmatic. "I used to dislike the sight of a flying pegasis .. but I got over it. Time heals most wounds, but the aches and pains still try to warn us of danger." All the while shaking Heidi's hand.

There is a smile though. "Did you know our people are technically still at war? fun right?" The concept seems to amuse Sera - perhaps not the notion of being at war, but that no one seems to remember that fact. "But when I came to this realm Thor offered peace and I accepted it. It was a good trade. He is nothing like I imagined him to be. And you, Heidi, you seem to radiate pleasantness. A delight. I'm glad to have met you."

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly steps back from the spot with the pizzas to give people room to get in there and get some. "Yes well... I... wait did you say four clawed lobsters? I've never had lobster. I bet Asgardian lobster would ruin regular lobster for me. Not that... I'm likely to have lobster again. Ever. But hey! Worth trying right?" He asks as he follows behind Felicity in search of the now infamous four clawed lobster. "Thor remembered you." Ben blinks a time or two before letting out a quick laugh, then looking a bit more concerned. "You okay?" Yeah, he caught the subsequent ow, and after the ow at the door his concern is written across his expressive features.

"Pegasi? Pretty sure she just mentioned like... multiple pegasus. I didn't know it had a plural word." His eyes are wide as he moves around the tables, looking at all the different foods. "Soooo what is edible and what's not? Like...." He leans closer to the log? The log. Peering at it, trying to decide if it is indeed just a wodden log or if it's something more than it appears to be.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Woah! Hah, that's pretty sweet," Cassie declares as Julie shows off the party trick version of her powers. "Bet it's useful, too, like... if you're camping or something? I can't really do anything flashy like that without my lasso." Apparently standard super-punching does not count as flashy. The bit about the tattoo makes her tilt her head, and then rest of her torso as if she might be able to see it if she leaned over far enough. But she straightens back up after a moment with a grin, before she goes digging in her handbag for her phone. "Hmm. Gimme your info? The next time we have a team pool party," because those are an important tradition, "I'll see if you can come. Then you won't be able to hide it."

While they're sorting that out, she too is briefly distracted by passing pizza and the offer of a slice. "Huh. I kinda figured they'd have, I don't know, weird Asgard food, or something?" Not that she has any idea what that is. Maybe it IS pizza. "Well, whatever, that still looks good." She yoinks the offered slice and takes an immediate bite. It's basically the official team dish. And if she's learned anything, it's that you better eat while you can, or a Speedster will steal it.

As she eats, she watches the Angel-Valkyrie peace conference that is apparently playing out. "So I guess THAT'S a thing. You met Thor yet?" More openly curious yet at-a-distance staring.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"It is good that Prince Thor offered you peace. While I enjoy battle as much as the next person, I enjoy making friends just as much." Heidi eventually takes her hand back as she does remember that handshakes are supposed to be short gestures (these Midgardian customs!) and she offers Sera a smile. "Perhaps you disliked them, but if you were ever interested in meeting one or two up close I would be most honored to introduce you. I assure you they'd be on their best behavior."

Even if the talk of war and peace is serious, her bright expression and enthusiasm have not lessened. "Have you tried pizza? It is not quite as good as nachos, but there are so many different varieties that I am continually amazed at the culinary creativity of Midgardians."

Thor has posed:
    At the door, the Einherjar announces the arrival of another group of people, official looking individuals dressed well for the opening. Diplomats perhaps or other officials with government ties. But then they are followed by some of the city's elite as a famous hotelier wanders through with his most recent wife upon his arm.
    As for Thor he walks with drink in hand, a flute of champagne of all things. He wanders through the crowd with an easy step. One hand rests upon the lapel of the vest part of his robes even as he walks along. Nods are given, words of greeting. He pauses once near enough to Morrigan to gesture with his glass.
    "You are without beverage, good lady, shall I get you something to drink?"

Felicity Felix has posed:
Rubbing her side a bit, she flashes a weak smile at Ben, "Yeah, just...getting weird pains or something. And feeling kinda itchy. Um..." She glances aside, "I think I'm going to duck out for a short bit. Then return for Asgardian lobster claws. Or...like... a croissant. AFK!" She starts to trot away, stops, and sheepishly corrects, "Ah, I mean, I'll be back in a moment. Sorry." Then she's off toward the little witches' room.

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie excitably holds out her phone, sharing digits with Cassie. "Seriously? I'm in! Didn't know it was -this- easy to meet other heroes outside of fighting bad guys. I always thought you superteams were like a kind of exclusive club like the Freemasons or some shit." She giggles. "For what it's worth, I wish my scarf could make bad guys tell the truth. That'd be useful more often than you'd think."

    Julie can't resist herself, the urge is too great. "Can I get a get a picture while we're at it?" She asks, accessing the camera app on her phone, and grinning to Diana. "Not every day you meet Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, after all." She says.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana has continued to greet others, both coming and going, or simply mingling. She has now accepted a drink too, a tall glass of champagne that she's sipping from. When she sees the camera coming out, she knows what question is to follow and she offers Julie a smile and a nod. "I would be delighted to." She tells the woman before motioning to Cassie to put an arm around her and prepare to pose for the camera. "This has gotten a lot easier over the years, you know?" She says, glancing between them all here. "We do not have to stand here for an hour to wait for the picture to develop." She gives the punchline for her joke then, also playing off of her age! Yay Wonder Jokes!

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's thinking about something when Thor gets her attention and she actually looks over her shoulder and around her to see if he's talking to someone else. Oh crap he's talking to her. "A drink would be lovely, good sir." she states with the best curtsey she can muster in this dress. "I could get my own as well, if you need to tend to the rest of your guests." she gives a smile to that. She wasn't fussy.

Sera has posed:
Sera nods her head and says, "May be I should meet them, get over my fears. Exposure therapy, as the Midgardians call it." She grins playfully and begins to eat some of the pizza. "Mm. Some pizza yes, not all of the different kinds. I was thinking of trying one of every kind of food on this planet.. but I've already become attached to certain dishes that I simply cannot get enough of!"

Her eyes turn toward Thor and she twists her lips, "I should say hi shouldn't I. This is kinda his thing." She takes out a stark phone and awkwardly touches its screen to bring up contacts. "Heidi what is your linkage number. I will store it in this device the tall man at the Avengers mansion gave me. We can then discuss without the need for magic at great distances using the primitive technologies of this planet."

Spencer Smythe has posed:
As the Dragon landed back on Spencer's shoulder, the roll in it's mouth, Spencer suddenly let out a wince in pain, accidently dropping his mug in the process. As he pulled out a pill from his pocket, he let out a swear and muttered out to himself,

Dammned Skin Graft!"

As he took the pill, one could see a rather nasty skin graft scar on the center of his right cheek. He then looks at Diana, Morrigan, and Cassie and said,

"My apologies for the vulgar language. My skin graft still tends to act up years later, and now I have broken a mug."

Ben Reilly has posed:
"Oh. Uhh okay. Take... care of yourself mystery lady!" Ben calls out at Felicity's departing self, a hand going to his head, adjusting the delivery cap on it a little bit, fingers tucking his lengthening hair up under it, features scrunching up a little bit. "I should... probably leave." He comments to himself, but aloud as he moves back towards where the pizzas are. "Is there anyone here that can check the order to make sure it's right? Gotta head out. Didn't have an invite or anything." He's looking towards the Asgardians expectantly, or at least, who he thinks are Asgardians. Thor obviously, and maybe the woman talking about Pegasi? "Did you just say nachos were better than pizza? Better be careful, those would be fighting words to some people that live here." Ben smiling in Heidi's direction, amused though at her fascination with earth foods. "

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Well, normally it's kind of... you don't tend to meet other heroes at Starbucks. Or if you do, everyone's hush hush cuz like maybe Robin's there and he's uptight about that stuff. But in this kinda crowd..." Cassie waves a hand to nonchalantly indicate that there is weird crap all around them, and then shrugs. "This is more like back on Themyscira, when every other week there's a harpy or a chimera or a hydra or something, except this time everyone's come for the free food instead of to destroy the world." Which is way easier.

She's about as eager as any normal young woman her age to snap a bunch of pictures, especially at such a fancy party. Which means that after grabbing a couple with Julie, Diana is quickly assaulted for the group picture, where she makes a few heroic poses first, and then some more casual ones including the selfie-standard tongue-out 'we so crazy' look. Has Diana learned that one yet? "Haha, I can't even imagine," she commiserates as her mentor plays up her OLDNESS. "Man's World has come a long way, huh?"

Thor has posed:
    Answering Morrigan, Thor tells her simply. "Nonsense, you are my guest as well. I will be back but shortly." And as he says that Thor turns and starts to move back toward the bar where more tame beverages are served considering that the mead is held in reserve for those with the appropriate constitution to indulge in.
    Into that room and amongst some of those enjoying their conversations. Moving past Sera and Heidi he'll offer a smile and a nod to them both as he walks to the bar and gives the server there a nod, "A glass of your champagne, please." Asked appropriately of the man only for him to serve it rather quickly, smiling openly to the Asgardian prince.
    He takes the drink and walks in, just in time to see Ben asking about someone taking responsibility for the pizzas and so he answers. "I am sure the order is entirely sufficient, please stay for a time and enjoy yourself if you wish. For this event would not be as successful without your help."
    Which causes him to draw up short for a moment as he looks around, "Nor for the help of Lady Heidi." His voice lifts, "Heidi Ingersdottir!"
    Across the room Thor is seen looking around as he calls out that name. Should he see her he will gesture with the raised flute of champagne, "Revelers one and all, I would draw your attention to a valiant Asgardian Shield Maiden, whom without... this event would be not the fine success that it is. Spare you a moment to offer her thanks. To her and Princess Diana. They were both invaluable in these efforts! I would offer applause but I would not wish to spill this fine drink."
    That said he turns even as others take up the applause in lieu of him while he heads back to seek Morrigan.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a smile to Thor, "It's appreciated." she tells him with a smile as she stands there. For once she wasn't talking to a group of teens and she felt like she was half robotic due to not knowing how to act for a few moments. She does give a look after the Asgardian that heads off and there's a bit of a look to her phone, no, no pictures like a fangirl, Mo. Spencer's words make her give him an understanding look, "You're not offending me with the language." she states.

She gives applause when Heidi is called out by the Prince and there's a smile as she seems to stand there and look comfortable as she makes small talk with a few others while she waits on Thor.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:

Heidi had been fishing for her phone in an attempt to give Sera the means to contact her when she hears the potential nachos versus pizza debate and while she's distracted from the first by the second, it's the third that actually catches her off-guard. What? What?! Being thanked by Thor in front of people is not something she expected to happen. She also doesn't know how to handle large crowds of people suddenly appreciating her presense. What /is/ this madness? The normally unflustered Heidi is now quite flustered, turning a bit red.

Unsure of how she's supposed to take thanks or a compliment, she just returns with an excited fist to the air and a cry of, "And you're all great friends!" It's the best she can muster as she tries to figure out what her life is.

Julie Yan has posed:
    Selfies are taken, as Julie and Cassie both do the 'we're so wild and young' expression among other types of poses. "My sifu had one of those -super- old cameras you needed the flashy stick thingy for." Either she doens't know the term, or language fails her. Or both. "Thing sold for a good couple thousand when I auctioned it off for cash. Got me stateside."

    "So which superteams do you work with, usually? Titans, right?" She wonders. "I never really had much luck finding one in Hong Kong, seems like in the West you can't throw a stick without hitting one."

    In spite of the glee of being able to have said she took selfies with two big time superheroines, she does feel a little bit self-conscious as Spencer mentions skin grafts. "Yeesh. Bad time for me to talk about fire, huh? Sorry about that." She says with a nervous look.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly looks up as the Thunder god himself stops to talk to him. There's a bemused expression on Ben's face and his head shakes a little. "I'm just the pizza delivery guy your uhhh... godliness? Majesty? Your majestic godliness?" His features scrunch up a little in thought before he shakes his head again. "I appreciate the thought though. I'll stick around though since you said it's okay. What uhhh what Asgardian foods should I try?" Then he's off making toasts and leaving Ben to try to figure out what is edible for humans and what is not. And... for that matter what is edible period and what is not. Eyes scan all the people present. So many super heroes. And so many just... out in the open too. "Must be nice." He murmurs softly, eyes taking it all in as he gnaws on... something. He's not sure what it is. But it was on the tables with the food so... he gnaws on it trying to get to whatever is inside of it? Hopefully the outside isn't the food?

Achilles has posed:
    Sure, the Asgardians are rough and tumble types. But everyone respects when you dress up for formal meetings. The fact that for an Asgardian, armor and weapons are just more polished versions for formal occasions does -not- mean that Angelo is going to dress the same way. He is however, in one of his best tailored suits. Black with gray pinstripes and a vest underneath complete with a pocket watch on a chain. The shirt he wears is a pale blue color with a metallic blue tie. The tiepin is bronze colored, not gold. Most can't tell the difference. But the watch chain is also bronze. As are the metal bracelets peeking out from under his coat sleeves. His shoes are polished so that you could likely see your reflection in them if you tried.
    In one hand, he carries a package that is about four feet long and six inches wide. His other arm is being used to escort Sara Pezzini, his partner in crime, or at least his friend who he invited to attend this gathering with him. "I figured that you should meet some of these people, as you -are- a part of the local police force. I am sure they would want to cultivate a relationship with a detective after all." he explains, less for her benefit as for the benefit of the hosts.

Sera has posed:
Sera grins at the awkwardness of Heidi and thrusts her mug of mead up in to the air, "HAZZAH!" At least, culturally, the Angels and the Asgardians are closer than modern Midgardians... in some respects anyway. In others, not so much. "You are bad at this. Very entertaining Heidi."

When offered, she inputs the number in to her starkphone and then gives Heidi her number back. Now she has two numbers stored in there. A slowly growing list of extraordinary people. She nods to Thor as he goes past and then says, "I think that's his plan.. avoid too many social interactions by cheering other people as a distraction. A clever battle plan."

Sera's eyes turn to Diana Prince though, named as a Princess. Curious, she wanders over to her and offers her hand, "Hello Princess Diana. I'm Sera of Heven. It's lovely to meet you. You don't look Asgardian. Are you good friends then, to help set up this fun party?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie can no doubt imagine what the 'flashy stick thingy' is. She tilts her head, as if maybe searching for an official term, but comes up blank. Probably can't blame Julie's this one on Julie's English in this case! "I don't think I've ever seen one outside of a museum," she considers, after thinking about it. "I've seen plenty of old photos from them, though. My mom's an archeologist, that's actually how I met Diana in the first place. I totally fangirled it too, so don't worry about that." Wink.

Post selfie storm, she flicks through the pictures for a second just to see how they came out, but is distracted from the process by Thor's announcement and the subsequent toasting/applauding, which she joins in on. Doubly so since Diana gets a shout-out. "Woo!" Woo indeed. Joining in also means snatching up a champagne as those are going around. Adulting at the adult party! Cue cautious sidelong glance.

"I'm on the Titans now, yeah," she answers Julie, picking up on the conversation. "A while back I kind of had an informal thing with a couple other friends of mine, when we were all brand-new sidekicks, but that was kinda... it wasn't super serious and we mostly fought pretty goofy villains. But the Titans are a serious team, even if we're mostly pretty young. Its all about making sure we're ready to take on, well, anything we might have to." Yet she doesn't hesistate to add, lest it sound too bad: "Course, when we're not training, its all pizza and videogames and pool parties. It's a pretty chill bunch.

Oh and now one of the angel-people is coming over. "We're Amazons," she answer Sera, proudly, though she lets Diana explain the details.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Detectives, especially in homicide, see a lot of New York, mostly the underworld and the seamier side of the City. Walking up the steps of the Asgardian Embassy on the arm of an Olympian, albeit one who is not 'out' is an unexpected turn. Life since the Witchblade entered hers has been anything, but banal.

The high heels make her legs look great under the black cocktail dress, but Sara is regretting them already as they climb the steps. A silver bracelet with a red stone catches the light as she gestures toward the entrance hall. "They have gone all out. Look in full armor and robes, no less." More quietly, she adds, "They might want to know the Commissioner but not the rank and file like me, Angelo. But I wouldn't have turned down the invitation for the world."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is speaking to a few people who are passing her by when she catches Sera's approach and she turns toward her to smile toward her. "Asgardian? No, I am not." She says with a shake of her head. "I am merely an ally and friend. I joined the roster of the Avengers a little over a year go, to better organize my efforts as a public figure in the super hero field." She explains then. "Being an active Avenger, Thor and I have gotten to know one another a little bit better. We fight well together, similar styles and upbringings. Though... a certainly wide and varied history to how our lives have played out." She grins playfully then. She nods toward Sera. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Sera of Heven. What has brought you to the gala tonight?"

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie raises her hand and shouts when Thor gives praise to Diana. "Hear hear!" She says, before snatching some champagne and sipping it once her mead's done. "I want to get into studying mythology, funny how that works out. Might get me some answers about my past, and other affairs too." She offers, before clinking glasses with Cassie. "Hopefully that works out."

    She does perk up a bit, "So ex-sidekicks, huh? Not sure if I fit but it does sound like it's the right age for me. Being around all the big names just makes me feel self-conscious about the age gap, y'know?" Julie says. "How exactly does joining it work, anyway? I doubt it's just all about sending an application and a resume and all."

    Paying Angelo little mind, she does notice his companion's -immaculate- choice in attire. "Damn." She murmurs, admiring Sara shamelessly.

Spencer Smythe has posed:
Spencer nods and grins at both Morrigan and Julie, and, as he pops a second pill in his mouth, he says,

"It is quite all right young lady."

He then grabs a second flagon of mead from a passing server and starts to drink from it. He then says,

" Had my cheek nearly burned off during the Invasion of New York. But, what's a little "collateral damage" compared to the greater good i suppose."

This last bit was said through gritted teeth and with more than enough venom.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"I am better with people who are not thanking me!" Heidi protests. She does watch after Thor. "I think Prince Thor is just nice. And he likes seeing people happy at parties. I do not know him /that/ well. Only on a literary level." She does, at least, get the exchange of numbers down and the Asgardian looks entirely pleased to have made a new friend. Fetching a mug of mead as Sera moves to meet the Amazons, she carries it with her as she notices new arrivals by the door. "Hail new friends!" She calls in Angelo and Sara's direction. "Come and partake of the bounty of Asgard! ... and there's pizza too if you are entirely uncomfortable with learning about our culture!"

Thor has posed:
    With her drink in hand, Thor reaches Morrigan and delivers the champagne as he said he would. "There you are, my lady." He smiles and seems like for just a moment he might stop and have a conversation as he nods to her and his lips part...
    And then he notices the people entering through the door which causes him to step away, "I beg your pardon," Murmured to Morrigan.
    For it's when Angelo and Sara enter that the Thunderer lifts his voice again, "Ah, I know this man!" He calls out even as he advances on the old warrior and thrusts his hand out toward him even as the crowd parts around the Asgardian prince.
    Turning to the side to one of the Einherjar and Heidi there who is sharing greetings with the newly arrived couple. "There we were together, facing a great behemoth from the ocean attacking a ship. There were many people who had been lost in the river and this man..." He gestures with one hand to Angelo even as he flashes a wide grin to Sara there...

Sera has posed:
There is a nod from Sera to Cassie Sandsmark and she repeats, "Amazons." Her head tilts in consideration and then she gives another small little nod, "The realm of Midgard continues to unveil its secrets one by one, a place of true fantasies. It's hard to break the habit of calling it Midgard around these people though. Earth. I must remember to call it Earth." A smile of approval and then she listens to Diana's explanation.

"Oh I see. I am currently staying at the Avengers mansion, but I have a line on a brownstone in Brooklyn. So as not to take up too much time and space. I have yet to see much 'avenging' happening. A curiously named group that is. But, they have been quite kind to me. I have traded knowledge to Thor as he asks of it, for a room and food. Though I don't think Thor believes a word I tell him."

Sera motions around the hall, "Which is why I'm here. Heven and Asgard are meant to be at war, but in my first moments on Midgard Thor welcomed me and offered peace. So, I think I'm making friends instead. Not that I was ever treated well back home. What planet are the Amazons from?"

Achilles has posed:
    Seeing Heidi being so gregarious, Angelo grins and says to Sara, "That is the most polite Valkyrie I ever met." before turning to approach Heidi. "Good to see you again Mistress of the Pegasii." He grins and offers a hand in greeting. Then his voice goes softer, at least soft for this boisterous room as he attempts to conceal what he is saying from the general public, "Trying to keep the public from knowing me Heidi. Please continue to call me Angelo if you would."
    And then he turns to Sara with a shrug, "She knows." is all he says before he introduces Sara, "This is Detective Sara Pezzini of the New York Police Department. She works homicide. So, if you are ever needing a real detective for a case... you would do well to reach out to her. I am sure she has a card handy."
    Then he turns to face Thor and says, "Oh mighty Thor, all I did was swim down and try to save some bystanders. It was you and yours who did the real lion's share of the work."
    And he offers Thor a hand, "I never managed to introduce myself in all of the chaos. I am Angelo Tampambulos, and this is my friend, Detective Sara Pezzini of the New York Police Department, as I was just explaining to Heidi here." He grins and says, "I brought a gift for the host. It is the custom of my family to do so." And he leans a bit closer as he adds, "Please play along." more softly to Thor. Then he holds out the four foot by six inch box with an awkward smile, "I presume that the Prince of Asgard qualifies as our host?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a soft smile to Thor, "Thank you for that." she tells him as she looks up to him and accepts the drink. There's a soft shake of her head, "It's no problem. You have guests." she states with a completely understanding look on her face. She sips from her glass as she watches Thor head off. That means she doesn't see Duncan incoming.

He gives her arm a light swat, "You didn't even ask for a picture with him, Morrigan, where is your brain." he whispers to her. Morrigan gives a chuckle to her assistant, "You'd cut me out of the picture and put it on your desk." she teases him. With that she snakes her arm through his, "Come on, I saw Doctor Cameron so it'll be good to catch up and see how hematology is doing." she states as she heads off with her assistant.

Thor has posed:
    Confusion flickers over Thor's face as he accepts the gift even as Angelo leans close to murmur those quick quiet words to him. So he blinks a few times and then he says. "Yes."
    A pause then he says, "Indeed, yes! Angelo Tapampbulos!" Then he shakes the man's hand a little harder but no less gregariously even as Thor tries to maintain what could be considered a poker face. But he nods as he looks to Sara as well.
    "But to those people you saved. Angelo. You were the hero that day." There's a nod as the man claps Angelo on the shoulder with a /thwap!/ and then he turns away to gesture them towards the room proper and the serving area. "Please, enjoy yourself. You are our guests."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oh yeah? It's pretty interesting. I never really studied it or anything, but I used to go along with her on her digs sometimes, since it was just the two of us. I loved those old ruins... and then I got to see the living, breathing version when I went to Themyscira for the first time." Cassie naturally is quite enthusiastic when it comes to talk of Amazonian Lady Land, which segues into the conversation with Sera as well. "Planet? Uh, this one! We're still Earthlings! The Amazons are just a group of immortal warrior women hidden from the rest of the world by the Gods of Olympus, who they worship." She has to pause and think on the last bit. "I dunno if Olympus counts as a different planet or dimension or what. It's not really a mountain you can just walk up."

She looks sideways back at Diana: HALP?

Then she turns back to Julie, giving her a bit of a 'WTF?!' face. "Yeah most of us work alone, or well, on the team but not as sidekicks, any more." She stumbles over the phrasing a little but grins when she seems to have it sorted. "Or, well, obviously if Diana needs my help for something, I'd be there! But that's true of all the Amazons."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The Thunderer greeting Achilles is one for the books. Sara looks on pleased to be learning something about the man too modest to talk about his heroics, eschewing to put himself forward. More elegant than she would give herself credit for, the detective nods to Thor wondering if she should offer him her hand or curtsey. One look at that open face and she decides to offer him her hand. "Please call me, Sara, sir."

In the press of greetings, she nods and smiles at Heidi, "Did I understand that rightly? Mistress of Pegasus? Pleased to meet you, please call me Sara."

It's a whirl of faces and impressions, "Julie?" she asks Angelo quickly before turning to the woman and hiding her surprise at the manner of greeting with a smile, "Well, thank you. You look nice yourself."

"What do you think Angelo? Champagne. Perhaps for Julie, too?"

Koriand'r has posed:
    Tamaran never had much dealing with Asgard, but they were aware of the golden city at the end of the rainbow bridge. That's more than Starfire could have said of Earth before she landed on it, so, in a seven degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way, Asgard is close to home for her. Exiled or not, Starfire remains a princess of the blood, and as such feels perfectly welcome inviting herself to the embassy.
    So, she shows up in Tamaranean formalwear: her purple slingshot outfit with thick mantle, high boots and heavy bracelets, studded with green gems the size of hen's eggs. She wears a purple tiara that reaches down to her cheekbones, a decent approximation of her crown. Her hair flames orange-yellow at the tips. She walks in the front door rather than floating in, her stride regal, her chin high, her lips smiling graciously to everyone whose eyes meet her own flaming green gaze, which she's doing her best to mute down to a light smolder. She looks around for the thunderer, spots him, and subtly begins walking his way to make her introductions.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Now there's angels and talk of heaven, as well as Amazons and Asgardians and there's just soooo much going on. Ben kind of slinks towards the back, away from the big groups of people, trying to find a more quiet corner to stand and observe. He's just a pizza delivery guy and part time hobo spider. He's not big leagues like so many in this room. Friendly neighborhood knockoff. Not Avenger. So he takes his small plate of random stuff of the Asgardian table and starts sampling while he watches some of Earth's mightiest defenders... partying it up.

Sera has posed:
Sera helpfully adds to Cassie about Julie Yan, "She does excellent kicks and punches and twirls and flips and things and adapted quite well to wings when she had them, for the briefest moment this evening. Also, side kicks are fantastic, one might consider me a side kick to Angela for instance - she'd lead a very miserable life without me." There is a sly little grin to Julie.

A nod follows as she learns more about the history of Earth. "Ooh. More than one intelligent species on Earth. How very curious." Her attention moves between Diana and Cassie and then she nods. "I have not gotten to know the deities of this realm yet, the Goddess would not be impressed.. but then she never is of anything other than herself. Hush, a little blasphemy between friends."

"Do the avengers need magical aid? It's not something I've discussed with Thor and have only met a few of your number - but I get the distinct impression from Zatanna, a magical type person I met in a bar last week - that not many people understand magic on this world."

Achilles has posed:
    Grunting from the handclap to his shoulder, Angelo stumbles a half step but grins. "You always do throw the best parties." he says before glancing over and spying the Amazons.
    "If you will excuse me, I am sure you have other guests you must speak with. I have... other introductions to make."
    Then he looks to Sara and lifts his brows to indicate an utter lack of knowledge of anyone by the name Julie. Then... Julie speaks, and he shrugs his shoulders, "Learn something new every day." he says with a lopsided grin. "Detective, whenever you'd like, I have some other... old acquaintances that I would like you to meet." he says, gesturing towards the Amazonian contingent. Yes, that includes the adorable Cassie.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi flashes Angelo a winning smile. Of course she's going to keep it a secret. People and their secrets! She does look to Sara shortly after, giving her a nod. "Feel free to call me Heidi, as we are now friends and it is much better to address your friends in a familiar tone, so that everyone can know you are friends." Now Sara's offered the winning smile. She looks at the cluster of people, however, stepping back now that the conversation is picking up speed.

Julie Yan has posed:
    ?Julie comes back to earth, so to speak, and shrugs her shoulders with a shy grin. She's got no idea how to answer the Olympus planet argument at all. "Always wanted to see THemyscira for myself. Beautiful warrior women? Hard not to get intrigued with that." She says cheekily. Suddenly, hot cop alert. Julie can't help but grin at Sara. "Hi, officer! Nice to see one of New York's finest here. Julie Yan, how do you do?" She introduces herself, holding out a hand. "I could use a little more champagne, I can't get enough of it."

    It might be making her a little more confident, for sure. Especially as more esteemed guests arrive!

Thor has posed:
    Sara's words to Thor are greeted with a smile, "Very well then, Lady Sara. Good Angelo's compatriot." He lowers his eyes in the form of a bow as he sweeps a gesture forward for them to join the festivities. "Please, do be so kind as to partake. I would have neither of you want while you are here."
    That said he smiles and steps back to extend the box so given him by Angelo and hands it to one of the Einherjar nearby. The guardsman leans in and murmurs something to the Prince, and the Prince answers in quiet tones as well. That answer, whatever it is, has the Einherjar looking after Angelo with a gaze of appreciation.
    But then Thor turns away, and it is then his gaze falls upon the tall silhouette so approaching him. The statuesque Tamaranean parts her way through the crowd wit an ease of movement since the crowd likely clears from her path with ease. Not knowing her he tilts his head to the side, but gauging her style of dress...
    Thor lowers his eyes, "I bid you greetings. Princess?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan talks to a few more people that she finds and enjoys a few more drinks. She decides it's time to go when she gets a call, probably from the school or the hospital. No one else called her phone! She gives quiet good nights to folks and then makes her way towards the exit with Duncan.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oh it's beautiful, I'm sure you'd..." Thoughts of Themyscira are briefly dispelled as Starfire makes her very royal entrance, turning Cassie from her Titan-related chitchat with Julie, but then sort of inspiring more of it. "That's Starfire, she's uh, one of the founding members of the team." But she doesn't really say anything more, looking as vaguely awed of the alien woman as presumably much the rest of the crowd is. Which is something, because she wasn't too impressed by a God or a dragon flying around. Then it's back to the apparent madness that is explaining what an Amazon actually IS to Sera.

"I... don't know if you'd call us, them, er, the Amazons a different -species- really. They were normal human women once, a long time ago. Its a long story. Diana would tell it better than I would, for sure." And since she's teeter-tottered back and forth on that 'us' and 'them' bit, she adds: "I'm not actually from Themyscira, but I'm technically an Olympian, and I've joined the Amazons in sisterhood." It's important to her, not so much clarifying her own birthright, but being cautious that she's not unduly claiming one that isn't hers, as the more 'adopted kid sister' of the tribe.

The fact that several of them seem to know Julie earns a certain reflected curiousity. "Friends of yours?"

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire is a princess and a trained warrior and a Teen Titan and a famous model. She's also a teen who's being recognized by an intergalactic power. So yeah, she blushes, and her lumens pick up noticeably. "Prince Odinson," she greets, in a voice higher and lighter that her build would imply. She thrusts a hand out to shake. "I am Starfire of Tamaran. It is most pleasurable to meet you." She doesn't drop her own gaze, watching him closely, as a warrior would... or a survivor, maybe.
    "I have heard of your many adventures of thunder, even at my place of home. It is good you have used your storms for kindness here."
    Those sentences flow better if you speak Tamaranean.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Eyebrows raised high, Sara lowers her hand and nods her head formally to the Thunderer. She has gotten off to a good start with faux pas after faux pas. When Thor has swept on to his other guests, she lets Angelo guide her on towards the other people that he knows at the Embassy. Head tilted to his, "What did you give, Thor, if you don't mind my asking?"

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie looks confused, before she perks as Sera joins the conversation. "Aha! Yeah, Sera and I met earlier. THere was a weird wizard toddler guy, and some dude turned into a chicken. Met Pantheon again too, he's a nice dude." She explains, giving Sera a wink. As Starfire joins as well, she listens immensely. "Wow, she's gorgeous." She whispers to Cassie. "This party's really blowing up, huh?"

Achilles has posed:
    "Just a piece from my collection. It is polite to give a gift to the host. And I thought he might respect an old blade." Angelo states before he approaches Diana and the other Amazons. He doesn't intrude or speak up loudly. He just approaches and waits for attention to shift his way.
    When it does, he does his best to get the first word in, "Good evening to you Amazons." he says as he offers a hand to Diana, "You remember me, Angelo, right?" he asks her, trying to imply that she should also not out him. I mean he can't control that. But he -is- trying. Too many people here know entirely too many things.
    "I had hoped to introduce you to a friend of mine." he says, gesturing to Sara. "Detective Pezzini of the New York Police."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi has found her way back towards the pizza. Mostly because there were multiple /kinds/ of pizza and she had to be sure she'd tried them all. It is her most sacred duty. That and door-greeting. There is no greater impression someone has on a culture than how they're greeted at a party after all. She grabs a slice of pizza and works on eating it while giving a quick scan of the room to make sure everyone's enjoying themselves. They'd /better/ be.

Thor has posed:
    "Princess Starfire," His hand takes hers and is in turn covered by his other as well, a firm shake but given with heartfelt sentiment. "You grant a kindness by sharing your presence here with us. I am honored to welcome you here to the opening of our Embassy upon Midgard." He squeezes her hand once then turns to walk with her, gesturing with one hand expansively as he offers the bounty of the celebration to her.
    "Please, consider this manor yours. Enjoy yourself, share tales of your home and we shall regale you with some of the great stories of our people."
    He smiles openly, then steps back, "But for now..." And just as he's turning to look for champagne it is provided before him by a server with a distinct strength in the timing department.
    Two flutes of chapagne are taken off the tray and offered to her, "If you would join me in a drink?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana returns after speaking with some others close by who drew her attention, she hears some of Cassie's explanation and she comes to rest a hand on the back of the young Amazon. She smiles at her, and then to Sera. "It is a very long story." Diana confirms. "But one I might have more ability to answer in another moment. In fact, we have plans to establish a Themyscira Arts Center which will be a way to immerse yourself within the society of our people." Diana raises her drink, but pauses and smiles to them. "But, we are on Asgardian soil today. So I say we go and ask the good Prince Thor, all about his planet, and who he bullied to get this building to represent their people." She seems to be in good spirits and the smile across her red lips showcases that. She also indulges another drink of the champagne. Asgardian mead maybe later, maybe!

When Thor approaches, the Princess is lowering her glass again and now regarding /him/ with an open smile, and a returned hand in response to his offered own. "Of course I remember Angelo." She's fibbing, she doesn't know who he's talking about. Truth be told she knows several Angelo's!

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire's hand is very hot in Thor's, almost like she's got a fire burning in her skin, maybe the fire of a star or something. She smiles at the thunderer and nods. "Then we shall drink if it is well with your other guests," she agrees, nodding deferentially and almost apologetically to everyone gathered around the man of the hour. She accepts the flute of champagne and holds it at waist level as she considers, "What is the thing we shall drink in celebration of? New good friends on Earth?"

Sera has posed:
Sera raises her mead and grins, "To good friends on Earth." So far every day on this planet has been like a dream. Why not enjoy the moments while they last. These things never seem to last after all. Her eyes look over Angelo and then to Sara. She has a delighted smile on her face, her shoulders and loose, her posture is relaxed. It is genuine joy she is feeling. No place in the realms is quite like this planet.

Thor has posed:
    "A toast dear to myself, and to the good Heidi Ingersdottir." Thor says, loud enough to carry as he likely seeks the crowd for the aforementioned Valkyrie in training. He lifts his flute toward Sera as she offers her suggestion, "Aye, to good friends on this Earth. To the people of Midgard. To the stories that have brought us here. And to the ones we shall all share in the future."
    The champagne is lifted and he looks around trying to meet the eyes of each and every guest as his smile is a wide sincere thing given to those near. He nods again, then raises his voice louder.
    And with that, he shall drink.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"A chicken, huh? Well, that's... cool." Somehow, Julie mentioning someone turning into a chicken weirds Cassie out LESS than someone asking what planet she's from. Weird is... relative when your dad has a penchant for turning into a swan to pick up dates. She really has to hope that wasn't how it worked with her mom.

"Yeah it's a huge crowd." As Diana offers an explanation, or rather, a deflection that aims everyone back at Norse mythology and away from their own, she takes it as a window to relax a little and sip her semi-illicit glass of champagne. This is an Embassy, and she's probably legal to drink on Asgard, right? It's one of the things she likes about Themyscira, for sure! Oh, and there's a toast, so she has to drink. "To good friends on Earth, wherever they're from!" she agrees.

Which leaves the dude introducing himself. This causes her a little more curiousity, since he acts like he knows Diana. Not weird, as Diana, in her infinite oldness, knows everyone. So she scoots over to whisper to Diana, "Who's he?" Shame the avatar of truth is FIBBING OMG.

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie raises her glass, "I'll drink to that, too!" She says, and downs her champagne with a grin.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Grabbing two glasses one for herself and one for Angelo, Sara nudges him slightly and hands him a glass. Holding it up in a toast she nods to the Asgardians she was just introduced to and turns towards Thor with a smile. "To friends. Cheers!"

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly removes himself from his wall flowering as Heidi makes her way to the pizzas, a touch of mischief on the young man's features as he approaches closer. "You know, you never did get that rebuttal out about why nachos are better than pizza." His head bobs up and down a bit before he holds up a hard nugget of... somthing off one of the tables. "Is this a nut? I can't get into it, not sure if I'm supposed to eat it or just gnaw on it for five days straight." He peers at it a bit closer as if that's going to unlock it's mysteries. "Tried some of the other stuff but this one eludes me."

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire raises her glass and sips and definitely doesn't cough as the Earth alcohol burns her throat. She dabs her lips with her fingers to clear a few droplets of stray liquid from them (her light behind them was throwing off dim, tiny rainbows, like crystals hanging from a candle chandelier). She kisses the spare moisture off her fingertips and agrees, "Having friends is most enjoyable. I see the Wonder Girl is present among you? Please excuse me, for I wish to ask her questions which may be indiscreet." She grips Thor's forearm and squeezes it in farewell as if that's a perfectly normal thing to do, then floats over toward Cassie, only forgetting once to keep her feet on the ground. She beams at Cassie and offers, "Hello! I know you to be a Titan, yes? We have not yet met. I am Starfire. Is Thor of relation to you?" she asks frankly, head cocked with interest. "I am not acquainted well with your pantheons," she apologizes.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi thought the worst was over. And then Thor went and mentioned her name again. She turns red, her eyes fixing on Thor. She's embarassed as all heck, but she lifts her mug in agreement. "FRIENDS!" The prince is still getting a /look/ though. It's like he's trying to do this to her by being nice! Thankfully, Ben is there to save her. "Nachos are better because of the chip and the cheese being different textures." She nods. "And the spicier cheese." Thank god for food. She points at what Ben's holding up. "That's a table decoration."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gives a soft nod to Angelo and a raise of her glass to Thor's speech. She then smiles back to Angelo after sipping her drink. "I do recall our last meeting together, Angelo." She tells him. "I hope that you have been doing well too. we spoke on a great many subjects then, but it is good to see you still here and still seemingly doing quite well. I hope that things are as good as they seem." She looks over toward the mead kegs where someone is trying to put their head under one of the spouts to drink directly from it. She sighs softly, "You will have to excuse me." She tells those around her as she steps off and over to stop that kind of activity from starting. This is definitely not going to turn into that kind of public event! Not on her watch!

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Incoming alien! And outgoing Diana, for that matter, as she's off to spoil someone's fun/attempt to drown themselves in magically potent alcohol. Welp.

"Heya," she greets as Starfire arrives, inevitably smiling as a result of the Tamaranean's forcefully outgoing aproach to things. "Yeah, I know we haven't really gotten a chance to talk or anything yet. I'm Don- er, Troia's trainee officially," she explains. "I've only been on the team a couple weeks, since I got back from finishing my Amazon training on Themyscira." The Titan-related introduction is the easy part. The Godly relatives part is a little trickier.

"Uhhhhhh, I don't THINK so, but I don't know exactly, if... like if the different Pantheons are related. That's uh, I'd have to ask Di-" And oh shoot, she's gone. "But I'm not Asgardian, if that's what you mean. Technically I'm kind of part of the bunch of Gods that the Amazons honor."

Sera has posed:
Sera wanders back to where the pizza is and helps herself to another slice of a different kind. She also refills her tankard with mead. May be it's the alcohol doing its job, but this is a very nice party and she has been enjoying herself. If this is what parties are normally like on Earth then she's glad she's landed here safely.

She makes her way back over to Cassie and smiles to Starfire, offering her hand, "Hello. I'm Sera, from Heven. You are the other Princess that was mentioned?" She is a little amused at all the monarchies on different worlds and was very relieved to see that America didn't have one.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly blinks several times when he's told the thing he's had in his mouth is decoration. "But it... it was on one of the plates. With the food.... with the things you eat." His brows furrow as he peers at it, then looks back up to Heidi, suspicion on his features. "You pulling my leg right now miss Heidi Ingerdottir Shield Maiden of Asgard and apparently best friend of Thor?" His head shakes a little bit though at her assertion about nachos. "But see, you can make a nacho pizza. You can make almost anything a pizza. You can make dessert pizza, or nacho pizza, or barbecue pizza. I mean some of those might not go over well with most New Yorkers but you can do it. One of my favorites is Thai chicken pizza. Don't tell Tony that though." Ben's finger taps the hat on his head that bears Tony's name.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire nods at Cassie carefully, eyes open wide as if that will help her listen and understand better. "Ah, I am full of comprehension now," she says judiciously. "Is there an alliance between your people and those of Thor?" she asks with a gesture in the vague direction of the Asgardians.
    When Sera approaches, Starfire smiles at her kindly. A lot of her attempts at regal dignity have already melted away, leaving behind a more honest core of openness. "Hello, Sera. I am Starfire. I do not know this Heven, except that they say in Heven, love comes first? Does this mean Heven is a place on Earth?"

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"Have you never decorated a plate of food with one of those..." Heidi's trying to think of the correct term. "... the small green twig that I got told you could eat but that no one did because it was just there to be green." She looks seriously at Ben. "I am a terrible liar, you would know if I was lying." She does kind of turn red at the sudden title of 'best friend of Thor'. "I think he was trying to be nice because I helped with things. Now people are going to think I'm /important/!" She peers over at Ben for a long moment.

"... how many things can be a pizza?"

Sera has posed:
Sera's look of amusement grows immensely and her hands go to her hips. "Heven is most definitely not a place on Earth. Love almost never comes first there though. Transactions come first. A relationship is a transaction of love. Nothing for nothing, is what we say." She tilts her head and says, "Heven is the tenth realm. Much like Asgard and Midgard."
"Starfire, that's a nice name. Are you also from Earth or are you like me, another stranger in a strange land?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol will show up, very fashionably late at this point, but then she imagines that an Asgardian Opening the Embassy style party will probably be going to the wee hours of the morning.

She touches down right near the front doors, the glow of cosmic energy fading around her as the Avenger glances at any lines or people checking invites or anything of the sort. To be honest it is hard to miss who she is these days, between first the JLA and now the Avengers. She is polite though she definitely doesn't stand in line heading isnide. "Wasn't this a hotel at one point?" she sort of says to herself taking it all in as she heads into the gathering.

Her clothing is her iconic red blue and gold modified flight suit, sash hanging off her hip.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic Stone's ongoing lobbying efforts to get the T-Car reinstated as the team's official transportation over all this newfangled ~magical teleportation~ are going to suffer a real hit tonight, as the nightmarish NYC traffic left him stranded on the Brooklyn Bridge for over an hour. By the time he actually makes it over the threshold into the embassy, the extra coat of polish he put on for the occasion has been fretted away and he's looking uncharacteristically grumpy. He is, however, wearing a snazzy bow tie.

He makes a beeline for the familiar faces of his fellow Titans, stopping only for a marginal detour toward a tray of canapes. (He might be out of it, but he's not /that/ out of it.)

By the time he arrives at their side, he is shaking his head and muttering about superior Metropolitan traffic engineering, fluid dynamics, and "have you tried this sauce? The gray stuff? It's actually really good."

He lets out a quiet, slightly digitized huff, and finally offers a proper greeting. "Sorry. Enough about traffic. How are you both doing?" After a pause to glance around and notice the guests their circle includes, he adds by way of introduction, "Victor Stone, or Cyborg, if it's hero time." As there's never been a point in him worrying about a secret identity, he can be pretty casual in deferring to Cassie and Kori: "Which are we going with tonight?"

Ben Reilly has posed:
"Literally everything can be a pizza." Ben replies back to Heidi, a quick smile on his lips. "If it's food you can make a pizza out of it. I'll have to bring by a nacho pizza for you. Maybe tomorrow if I get the chance. I'll prove to you that pizza is the superior food." Ben's head turns to look around a little bit. "Gotta admit though. This is intimidating. So many people here of note. And little me lurking in the corner trying not to be noticed." He laughs softly. "I had no idea where I was delivering to until I got inside. You do throw a pretty good party though. Thunder god is right." Ben holds a hand out towards Heidi. "Ben Reilly."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Alliance? Mm. I guess Diana and Thor are allies, since they're on a team together? That's why she helped him out with this event. Beyond that, I'm not really sure. The Amazonians don't involve themselves in external politics much, and as far as the Pantheons go, I'm not sure they interact directly often, but..." Cassie has to ponder it a moment, but even without really being sure, she's willing to guess: "I suspect they'd probably be more like, uh, cordial peers?" She shrugs. "But we're all kind of 'of the mythic world' as most people on Earth are concerned, so maybe there's some common ground there."

Sera is back, but at least Sera has a new alien friend who IS from a different planet to talk to, which gets Cassie off the hook this time. "This -is- a pretty impressive party, huh? Everyone's a Prince or Princess or..." She makes a vague handwave but doesn't try and conjure up a title for herself. As it stands, she's with Starfire and Sera, drinking from a mostly-empty champagne glass, when Vic rolls in. Fortunately just short of literally. "Hey! Uh. I think it's not, well, its sort of open to the public, but it's not like Diana or Thor are very secretive, you know?" And she gets hit with hero-by-association with Diana.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire is taken aback by Sera's description of Heven. Belinda Carlisle lied to her? She recovers as best she can, though, lowering her widened eyes and closing her slightly open mouth to smile again. "My homeworld is far from here, called by name Tamaran," she informs her, and nods at Cassie sympathetically. "The web of politics is most glue-y," she opines with a sympathetic smile. "It is well that you are not tangled in it."
    When Victor approaches, Starfire lights up, rather literally. "Victor! Please, you must come to join with us. This person is named Sera and is from Heven, which is not on Earth." Her tone at the end is rather reproachful, though who knows of what. "Sera, this is a very good man to meet and know, as well as my friend!"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen came by and saw people were is fancy attire and zoomed off again. He comes back moments latter wearing a bright red Tux. It has yellow lightning bolts on it, with the bow tie looking like a sideways lightning bolt. He is wearing his normal mask with the bulbus yellow goggles. He zooms into the room and is all around the room looking at things here there and everywhere. He stops for a moment at refreshments and piles up a stack of them before zooming over to stand beside Cassie, and takes a moment to swallow the food he was eating and smiles "Hey Cassie, missed you at he dumpling place, they were good, but not very nice to the chickens."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"What?" Heidi stares at Ben in disbelief. "/Anything/ can be a pizza?" She looks simultaneously both amazed and terrified. "But I said I would eat /every/ kind of pizza. Is that even possible?" She certainly wanted to try. She does look determined either way. And then /excited/ at the mention of nacho pizza. "You can combine them? But..." She's thinking over this possibility. Clearly no one's ever introduced her to fusion cuisine, either. She takes the offered hand. "Heidi, of Asgard. Although you know that because Prince Thor speaks very loudly." She grins. "I can hide in the corner too, I'm not very notable."

Sera has posed:
A hand open lifts up in to the air and then clasps she as she pulls it down suddenly, "When I feel alone, I reach for you and you bring me home. When I'm lost at sea, I hear your voice and it calls to me. In this world we're just beginning, to understand the miracle of living. Baby, I was afraid before. But I'm not afraid - anymore." She can't help herself; and her singing voice is like beautiful crystal ringing in the air.

"Oooh baby do you know what that's worth? Oooh Heven is a place on Earth. They say in Heven, love comes first. We'll make Heven a place on Earth." She winks to Starfire and makes no apologies for the sudden burst of singing. Instead, she ups it one as her eyes glow white and glowing white miniature fireworks shoot out behind her as she takes a pose. They explode in to glittering little fizzles in the air.

She clears her throat and then offers her hand to Victor Stone, "Greetings technology person. I am Sera, of Heven."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol doesn't immediately spot anyone she half expected, like Thor, as she surveys. She does step over to where the refreshments are and helps herself to some mead before heading to the small group of Titans that are recognizable to the hero.

She isn't very shy either she just wanders up to group and says in a friendly tone. "Hope I am not interrupting. You're all Titans yes?"

There is a pause then she asks "Did I miss all the speeches and dedications do you think?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"'Glue-y.' Haha. Yeah, you've got that right." Trust an alien Princess to have a succinct, if linguistically unique way of summing up such troubles. And if she's satisfied, Cassie is definitely happy to leave the matter rest. "I bet you and Diana would have a lot to talk about, though. Princess stuff, right?" Not that she has much idea what Princess stuff actually amounts to, aside from a lot of tiaras and the occasional bloody war.

Leaving Star and Sera to work out Tamaranean-Heven...ian? relations, she's about to, well, maybe get something more to drink, or eat, or something, when a brief red and yellow blur arrives, departs, and arrives again. While she's a very smiley person in general, she definitely lights up in a different way when Bart appaers at her side, talking his usual mile a minute. "Next time grab me some take-out!" she teases him. "You missed the main event but there's still a lot of, well-" No, it's silly to actually /explain/ to Bart where the food is. He has scouted it all out, and unguarded, it will soon be gone. It is known.

Which sort of answers Carol's question: "That's us! And yeah, Thor and Diana left a little while ago. Now we're just eating the rest of his food."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic gives Cassie a quick thumbs-up as she confirms that it's OK to play it casual with the codenames. He snags a champagne flute of his own from a tray as it's carried by, and raises it toward her. "Not secretive I can do any time," he agrees with a half-smile. Then Starfire, with her usual enthusiasm, introduces him with what one might call a glowing character reference, if one wanted to be a bit on the nose.

As Sera launches into her impromptu performance, complete with lightshow conclusion, he crosses his arms to appreciate it, eyebrows going high. "Okay, I think can see why you two get along," he comments, finally shaking off his funk and putting on a broad, winning smile as he offers the woman a metallic handshake. "And thanks, Kori, hope I can live up to that."

When Carol approaches, he nods but then points to Sera and clarifies, "All except her, yeah. And you're Captain Marvel -- no introduction necessary there. Think we timed it to miss all the official stuff. Good job, us."

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire watches the musical number with an expression midway between enjoyment and bemusement, and she confirms at the end, "Yes, this is the misleading account of your home I have heard. I will not become angry over it, though. No doubt it is out of date and should be forgiven," she muses magnanimously. When Carol introduces herself to the group, or rather is introduced by Victor, she beams a smile and thrusts out a hand to shake. "Hello, Captain! I hope you and your veessel enjoy good, prosperous health." She glances at the retreating Cassie twice, disappointed, but puts her smile back in place. "I do not hope, Victor," she informs him firmly. "You are excellent and will continue to excel," she says in a 'that settles that' tone.

Ben Reilly has posed:
"Yes you can. And it's nice to meet you Heidi. I gotta get going. Got an early shift tomorrow. But it was nice getting to see your party, and getting to meet you and your best friend Thor. I'll bring you a nacho pizza. Spicy and everything. Maybe tomorrow, but it might need to wait until Tuesday. Got some stuff I have to take care of after work tomorrow." Ben reaches up and adjusts the cap on his head with a quick smile for the host of the party. "Take care of yourself and go enjoy your party. You're a lot more noticeable than you think Miss Ingerdottir."

Sera has posed:
Sera grins to Starfire and says, "I do love the variety of music on Earth."

Smiling, she turns to Carol and offers her hand, "I'm Sera, of Heven. Nice to meet you Captain. What kind of ship do you captain?" Familiar enough with Earth ships, she guesses it probably couldn't be a space ship, thinking she must be part of the navy or something similar. The turn of phrase Starfire uses catches her interested - there were Angels back home who were economically married to their spaceships. Her eyes turn back to Victor and she says, "I overheard you have two names. You're one of the heroes of this realm then? I've met many interesting people tonight. Lots to consider later."

Carol Danvers has posed:
The hand is shook "Nice to meet you Sera, not familiar with Heven. Where is that?"

Then Carol will nod to the Titans that all said hello in one form or another. "Well no vessel at the moment, be it jet or spacecraft. Honestly I tend to just fly under my own power wherever I need to go really these days." it is said pleasantly enough, though she lets a glimmer of cosmic energy shimmer through her uniform.

Carol does study Starfire for a long moment then asks "You're Tamaranean yes?" she tilts her head thoughtful then says in Tamarean<<It is nice to meet you Starfire.>>

Her attention drifts back to Victor. "Well that is lucky and unlucky Mr. Stone. I may have to make it up to Thor later if he even noticed we were all in sparser attendance. Though maybe he was too caught up in the party." a smile.

Looking to Cassie and then Bart. "Flashy suit." to Bart but then asks the two of them. "Whom might you both be?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will look to her and says "Oh you want something?" He will finish his food in a moment, and then the lightning is all that is seen, and he is off. He is gone a full minute this time, before he comes back in with a burst of wind and a plate of Cassie's favorite Chinese food, complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies. He has a thin piece of bamboo he is chewing on and puts it on the plate he had left moments ago. "I don't see how the panda's do it." He looks to Starfire and Cyborg, and back to Cassie "So you hanging around with the Titans now? " He hmms and says "Talked to SB earlier today, he seems to be majoring in parties in college,. Jay and err. The people I live with have been telling me I should probably go to college."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi puts her hands on her face. Best friend Thor. Never going to live that down apparently. "I am only noticeable because Thor is loud!" She states. Loudly. Ahem. "If you bring nacho pizza I would be very grateful, friend Ben." She gives him a nod. "I shall get back to the party. There are more people who need very intense greetings. Everyone must feel the appreciation of Asgard."

Sera has posed:
Sera lifts an eyebrow as she pauses and looks between Starfire and Carol, then lifts a finger as if to say something she might regret, then lowers it and lets out a long hmmm. "You should meet Angela, she also likes to fly through space. I prefer to take the fast way, tap in to the dark energy and create my own bridge between worlds. It helps to know where one is going which is usually what Angela helps with."

She considers the question a little longer and says, "Heven is the 10th realm. Like Midgard and Asgard, though we were cut off from the other realms a long time ago. It is very rare for an Angel to make it to the other nine realms. As far as I know, in recent times, Angela and I are the only two."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic flashes a grin when Kori doubles down on her compliments. "See, how am I supposed to stay humble with you talking like that?" he asks. He watches the exchange between the Tamaranean and Sera with amusement, then chips in, "Well, the problem is that Earth singers have put out a lot of conflicting takes on Heven. Can you buy a stairway to it? When you're at the top, do you have to knock knock knock on its door? And when you get inside, will they be missing one angel?"

Through with his quick survey of the heavenly canon in pop music, he nods to Sera and confirms, "Yeah, I'm on the Titans, too. They call me Cyborg, which is just... what I am... because I never bothered to come up with a snappy name." He gives a self-deprecating laugh. "But most of my friends just call me Vic, since it's not like I can put a mask over this." He lifts his hands to show off his prosthetics, then taps the temple to the side of his artificial eye.

Carol's comment about their tardiness is met with more amusement. "I can't say I've met the guy, but hey -- I'm sure it's no big deal. If you want to hear him give a speech, he'll probably go into one before a fight, right? A lot of my teammates like to do that." He leans closer and adds, conspiratorially, "Me? I made sure we had a catchphrase so I'd never have to come up with one."

Koriand'r has posed:
    When she hears Tamaranean spoken to her, Starfire ignites with excitement, literally. Her previously hooded eyes become twin green stars, and the fire licking at the tips of her hair blazes scalpward. It's anyone's guess whether this effect is made more or less scary by the heart-in-her-throat grin splitting her face. She hurls herself like a missile into Carol, arms locking tightly around the other woman, her burning cheek pressed to Carol's relatively cooler one. In her joy, her feet are literally incapable of touching the ground; she floats a solid two feet above the floor as she jabbers excitedly in the lilting, lyrical language Carol addressed her with. The luck few who speak Tamaranean would still be hard-pressed to follow her speech with her excitement, but it's something to the effect of how much her heart hurts with joy to hear the language of her home and how Carol has given her the finest of gifts and how Starfire will swear a blood oath to her new sister and...

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie's attempt at a brief detour to grab a snack has now become, well... THIS. She should definitely know better but it's easy to forget not just how fast Bart goes, but how fast he thinks and the sort of hyperactivity that yields. So she can only laugh helplessly, instead of whatever she was going to pick up from the party leftovers, she has, well, a whole proper meal in her hands. "You know I only meant-" But this time she DOES stop herself, so she doesn't end up with a SECOND order of food in her arms. She just laughs and shakes her head. "Thanks." What else is there to say?

Since her trip to one of the tables to grab whatever she was going to is a little redundant now, she turns back to quickly rejoin the group. "There was some pizza earlier too, may still be some around if any of you are hungry."

"Yeah, I took a bit off after high school and went to finish training on the island, and Donna brought me on once I came back. Feels like forever since we had our own little team, huh?" She continues chatting with Bart, and can't help but smirk at the description of Conner's current activities. "Sounds about right. I'm thinking about school myself, now that I'm done with my year off Amazon'ing. You-" She looks hesistant. "It would be good but, do you think you could do it? Without, you know... getting bored?"

As for introductions to Carol, where normally 'Wonder Woman' brand attire and... lack of actually being Diana usually tips people off, she's left blinking in her party dress. "Oh. Wonder Girl, ma'am. Nice to meecha."

Sera has posed:
Sera lifts a finger, "Actually that last one is sort of true. They would highly prefer me back in my cell on Heven. I refuse. I will not be anyones slave ever again." She nods thusly, but doesn't lose her chipper mood with the declaration.

"Cyborg. I suppose that'd be like me calling myself Angel and turning up and saying.. never fear, Angel is here. Or something equally corny." She grins and says to Victor, "So Vic it is then."

Seeing the reaction Starfire's native tongue gets she side comments to Victor, "Remind me to learn Tamara.. nean.. some time." She chuckles and continues, "Well now that we've established that I'm not a Titan.. what is a Titan?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol wasn't really expecting Starfire to launch right at her like that. For a split second she is concerned that she may have said something that her universal translator didn't quite translate correctly. Still the excitement and body language despite the launch seem nonhostile.

Add to that her seventh sense not going off like alarm bells....

So she just braces a bit becoming an immovable object and absorbs what turns out to be a very enthusiastic hug. It takes a moment of course because it is surprising then Carol hugs Starfire back, giving her a pat on the back while she is at it. <<It is perfectly okay and you are very welcome. I'm glad I was able to make your ngiht a bit better." heckin Carol figures the poor teenager is just homesick based on this reaction. Understandable right.

She does make eyecontact with Vic and then Cassie though .. then Sera. "10th realm.. wasn't aware of that one." to Sera and then to Vic and Cassie, still being hugged. "How is <<Ki'an?>>" yes she pronounces the birds name he does thanks to the translator embedded in her skull. "Hope he is doing well with you all?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods to Cassie, and says "I made it through high school, could it be any worse than that?" He offers with a grin and to Carol's earlier comment he says "Thanks, I made, it, turns out that if you are going to sew something you need to make sure the thread is secured through the needle, was on my third try before I caught that one. First one burst into flame, and second try melted, this was my 7th try." He does the model poses seeming proud of his suit "And I am Impulse." He will tell them, seems he has decided to go back to his old code name. He looks back to Cassie, and says "I was evening talking to.. my cousin about trying to get a job, I mean, I want to show them I can take care of myself, That I am not just a kid." He admits, Plus all his friends are doing it.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire kisses Carol roundly on the cheek before finally withdrawing, albeit not out to proper personal space distance. Her face is the portrait of happiness even though she's switching to English again to explain cheerfully to Sera, "A titan is a mythological being considered a deceased or imprisoned precursor to the gods. In more common use, it refers to a being of great size. In particular use, it refers to a team of enhanced teenagers who are banded together for mutual support, bound by camaraderie and an ethos of justice." That explanation delivered like it's a normal thing, she beams at Carol and continues (in English; she doesn't want to exclude her friends), "I believe he is well. Have you heard of a cause for concern? Perhaps you should repeat your question to the others, who may own more timely intelligence than I have?" The possibility of Kian in distress should probably be troubling to her, but it just can't seem to dent her mood tonight.

Victor Stone has posed:
"Whoa, there, SF!" Victor moves with a quickness, despite his size, reaching out to try to gently pry his teammate off of the good Captain. "She gets the picture." He shoots Carol an apologetic look -- Kori is just like this, what can you do? "When she likes people, she just goes zero to sixty like that," he explains. "Not standoffish like us humans."

Speaking of which: "Kian is good, we've done some flight stuff in the training area, and even took him on a mission or two. He doesn't really seem to get what's going on when there's fighting, but he handles himself well enough."

"Gotta say, the 10th realm is a new one on me, too." He raises an eyebrow at Sera. "You're an actual angel? Wait, let me guess: a Seraph?" Someone either paid attention in Sunday school or has wikipedia on mental speed dial. "I would not have guessed that the old disco hit was the most accurate."

Sera has posed:
Sera raises an eyebrow to Victor, "Yes I'm an actual Angel. Are there figurative ones too?" She ponders the implications of a such a thing. "A... seraph? I'm sorry I don't know what you mean. That is a name, but it is not my name. My name is Sera. I was an Anchorite once, but not anymore.. if that helps." She gives a curious little shrug of confusion. "In another future I would have been the head of the Heirophant and I would have overthrown the Queen. But, I chose a much better path than that and now I'm just Sera.. here on Midga... Earth. I suppose if I were to give myself any kind of 'descriptive title' I suppose Angel Sorceress?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"I guess not," Cassie agrees with Bart, after thinking about it a moment. "Actually, it's supposed to be a lot more fun, at least if television and movies haven't totally lied to me." They wouldn't dare, would they?! She has to do a brief pause and bit of mental math on 'cousin.' "Oh! Yeah, he's on the team too, I guess. I am sure you could join. Even if the whole thing is a junior team, it's still kinda got, you know, the 'seniors' and 'freshmen' just like any school. Plenty of room." Repetitive powersets/codenames for all!

"Not necessarily so mythological," she then tacks on to Starfire's explanation, helpfully as she can manage, with a touch of warning ominousness to her tone. Yeah, the Titans are real and they are mostly dicks, but that is a conversation for another day. Angels are apparently real too so, you know, why should any of this suprise anyone?

"Oh, just remembered I needed to ask Diana something," she finally declares, snapping a look around to see where Wondy went. Presumably she's still off making sure no one drowns themself in Magic Mead. "Enjoy the party, guys." She tosses a parting grin and then goes off trucking after her mentor.

Wally West has posed:
So, despite being a Speedster of the highest caliber, Wally -still- manages to be late to this shindig. All the same, there is a blur of red and white as he quite literally runs into the Embassy, dressed in a snazzy suit with his red hair and green eyes maskless and exposed. He does wear a white tie however with a red undershirt, with otherwise standard black slacks and suit jacket. He straightens out his tie before he looks around, apparently letting al ittle whistle leave his lips as he approaches Bart, easily spotting him.

"Heeeyyy man." Managing to -quickly- slide a domino-style mask over his face to help hide his identity (even if it never does much).

He looks to everyone else. "Hope I didn't miss too much of the party."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is over chatting with the Titans, having been let go by Starfire. "Nothing is wrong with <<Kian>>" which is said in Kians tongue. "That I am aware of. I dropped him off with Beast Boy a few months ago and haven't gotten to stop by and check to see how he is doing recently is all. Glad to hear he is doing well with you all. I figured since you already have some aliens and you may be more his age.. better there then being housed in SHIELD or elsewhere really." a smirk "Was just doing a Foster Bird checkin."

She glances to Sera. "An Angel..." she well it is interesting. It may be in the same manner as the Asgardians are Gods or it may be something more Mystical. At this point well Carol won't be digging too deep into that right now.

She looks to Bart. "Well looks good, imagine you learn things fast." yeah she isn't above a quip.

Koriand'r has posed:
    With no concern for dignified or not the posture is, Starfire reaches out for Cassie while stretching her other arm toward Carol as if to remain anchored to Captain Marvel's aura, and she ropes Cassie into a one-armed hug. "I wish you success in your research, new friend Cassie!" she bids sincerely, then releases Cassie with a smile and cheers, "You can find your answers!" to the blonde's retreating back before drifting back into Carol's orbit. Her knees are bent, nearly tucked up to her butt so she can float at something closer to eye level for most of the women than her standing height allows. She nods at Carol and chirps agreeably, "That is a great relief to know! I will tell him of his benefactor's continued interest in his health."

Victor Stone has posed:
"There are figurative angels, yeah," Vic answers Sera with a puzzled look. He chuckles and continues, still a little disbelieving, "I can't be the first person to tell you this, can I? They figure in a set of religions that originated in the middle east and spread all over the place. The dominant religion in this country is one of them. They look and act a lot different depending on who wrote the story in question, but they're part of all three belief systems." The real question that this topic brings up, of course, is: "How long have you been on Earth, exactly?"

He waves to Cassie as she heads away, then just adjusts the angle of the wave to greet Wally as he zips in, making him not the latest Titan of all. What a pal! "I was in traffic, man. And then I had to park. In New York! What's your excuse?"

"Yeah, I think it has been a good environment for him," he confirms for Carol. "Although he may have picked up a colorful word or two. Here or there." Vic doesn't look guilty. What? Why would he?

Sera has posed:
Sera looks a little disturbed and interested at the same time. "You are the first person to tell me this. But it does explain why there are so many incorrect songs about my kind. Perhaps Earth has had more contact with my people than I realised. We did used to hunt for the Asgardians, bringing to justice anyone who went against Odin's laws. He'd pay us because we are the greatest warriors in all the realms. Presumably at some point Angels visited Earth to collect on a bounty or three.. but that would have been a long time before I was born."

She holds up two fingers, "Two weeks. It's been an interesting time already. If we're talking about mythical things, I thought Midgard was a work of fiction growing up too. I was delighted to find out it was a real place. What are the angels of those religions ..like? let us see if there is any plausible link between your religions here and my people."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will hug Cassie and says "Maybe we can get together tomorrow or soon and talk about colleges." He looks up as Wally is coming in almost as if he could sense him before he was fully in the room "I know right, I saw everyone was dressed up so I made this so I would it in better." He tells him. To Carol, he will add "I don't know learning stuff here is so slow, I learned stuff much quicker in the future." He hmmms a bit and says "Me a titan? I don't know I still like Young Justice." He looks over to Sera, and says "If you have only been here 2 weeks, I suggest hitting the zoos, and state fairs."

Koriand'r has posed:
    With Kian's continued health settled, Starfire turns to face Carol, face glowing with excitement. "Please, you must tell me all of yourself. How is it you came to be present at this embassy?"

Wally West has posed:
Wally gives a peace sign to Victor. "Heeeeyyy Vic, how's it going, man?" He asks curiously. "Its been a bit! Sorry I haven't been around much, but you look great man." He offers the Cyborg a fist-bump before his attention shifts to Bart. "Well...not sure about 'fit in', but you definitely look sharp." he nods his approval.

His attention then shifts on over to Starfire. "Star!" His arms to up like he's celebrating. "Good to see you. You look great!" He also notices Captain Marvel, perhaps giving the more famous hero a bit of a more shy kind of wave.

Yes, he also notices Sera and he gives her a wave. "Hey there, don't think I've ever met you before. I'm Wally."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Might be similar to how the Asgardians prompted the whole Norse Mythos really." she offers to Vic as a bit of an aside. She has no problem with Starfire staying close it seems. Not made uncomfortable by the dent to her personal space. Probably helps that she can't sense any threats or things to be concerned about here right now.

"Two weeks is pretty short. You definitely have a lot of acclimating and learning to do it you intend to stay on earth. Do you have people that are helping you adapt to things?" that of course is for Sera.

She nods to Wally. "Flash." yes she knows who he is of course, she also knows Barry from the JLA after all. It is a pleasant greeting really.

To Starfire. "Oh, Thor is a member of the Avengers with myself so I thought it would be nice to stop by. Unfortunately an oil tanker issue derailed my plans to arrive on time. Still I'm glad I came even if I missed one of the hosts." a smile.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Certainly still around, Heidi is enjoying the party... especially since it seems like /most of them know her name/. Thanks Thor! There was at least a good outcome to being embarrassed. She does look around to make sure no one else is going to call attention to her in some weird embarrassing way. She can do that herself. Raising a flask of mead in the air she calls, "You are all lovely people!" ... she's not even drunk yet.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Delighted interest at Carol's explanation of friendship with Thor melts into immediate misery at the mention of an oil tanker. "Oh no!" she cries, waving half-heartedly but reflexively back to Wally. "Did its contents spill? You must tell me where so I can go clean the ducks and penguins!" she begs anxiously, eyes threatening to mist. When Heidi toasts the room, Starfire lifts an imaginary glass back and manages a sad, worried smile. She turns to Sera, belatedly and guiltily realizing how much she was ignoring the angel, and apologizes, "I am so sorry you came here during a time of such tragedies. The birds shall be sanitized with immediacy."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and says "I can go clean the birds." He will offer and looks over to Wally "Tag your it party man." And then the red and yellow lightning is gone. It might have been smart to ask where the tanker was, but well there is a reason he is called Impulse. He will end up running around and searching through rescue reports and files till he finds what happened and if they need help cleaning the birdies.

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic still seems to find it hard to believe that Sera hasn't been told about mythological angels -- until she says it has only been two weeks since she arrived on the planet. Okay, in that timeframe it seems plausible.

He gives her a slight shrug and says, "I'm not a religious scholar, so you might want to ask someone a little more knowledgeable, or see what you can dig up in a library or online. There's a lot of stuff that's in official religious holy books, but even more that's just myth or mystical tradition."

"Overall, they're powerful messengers who work for a monotheistic god, sometimes bringing visions or prophecy or punishments, or disguising themselves as people and testing human beings. The idea was that the god they worked for was so unbelievable that if you saw him you'd die immediately, so only angels could do his work on Earth. From what I know of it, some of the oldest ones just looked like people, but some were really abstract, like wheels of fire with wings sticking out in all directions and stuff. There was a complicated hierarchy, too."

He gives her an apologetic look. "Honestly? I'm more of a physics and tech guy." He gives Carol a nod and says, "Hopefully it's at least interesting to see what was inspired and what was totally off."

He returns Wally's fist bump with a grin, answering, "Thanks, man. I tried." He reaches up to adjust the snazzy bow tie that is basically the only modification to his usual uniform other than a bit of extra polish, and clearly he's got to be joking there.

When Kori offers to sanitize any oil-ridden ducks, his mouth thins to a line and he nods. "She will, too. Every last one. By hand."

Sera has posed:
Sera tilts her head to Bart's suggestion and then makes a short sharp nod, "Zoos and state fairs. It shall be done!" A bold declaration, backed up by her taking out her stark phone and slowly typing it in to her notes. When she looks up, there's another speedster greeting her. She waves back to him and says, "Hello Wally. I'm Sera, of Heven." Her eyes turn back to Starfire and she smiles to her once more, "Thank you. The escape from Hel was very intense. I'm glad to be here."

Ah, these kind vibes once more. Why are people on Earth so kind.. "Thank you yes I have been staying with the Avengers. Thor was kind enough to put me up there in exchange for knowledge of my people and where I'm from. Though I think given the kindness shown me, I should repay more. How.. I'm not quite sure about yet." she replies to Carol.

"Heven society is free market capitalist. All things are transactions. The population is in the hundreds of millions spread across many planets. We travel between them in spaceships. Some of us have mastered magic. Most of us learn to be warriors of varying kinds depending on what they're good at. About 90% of us are women. Most of us have wings. Our technology is far in advance of what I've seen on Earth. We worship the Goddess and have a Queen.. hmm, what is there to say without delving in to the horrible nasty parts of our society and bringing the mood of the party way down."

Perhaps as if to demonstrate better who she is, she shuts her eyes a moment and sings out a small song. Glowing bright light springs from her eyes and hands and gathers at her back before erupting in to glowing magical wings. "I am an Angel Soreceress. If somehow my people influenced or conflated beliefs on this planet, I'm not too surprised. It wouldn't be the first time a society has integrated us in to their mythology either through fascination or just similar sounding words. These things happen."

Wally West has posed:
Its the little things in life. Wally fist bumps Victor and looks quite happy about it. "I can tell! the Bowtie matches." he doesn't say - to what -, perhaps implying that Victor just looks sharp today. His attention shifts to Sera then, giving her a nod. "Nice to meetya, Sera. Wait, Heven as in...-Heaven-? Like the Almighty?" No, Wally did not exactly major in the history of the Nine Realms or mythology (as earth believes it).

His attention shifts on over to Bart with a smirk. "Wait, I'm it? Hah, you know I'm faster than you right? I'll give you a solid head start." he fingerguns at Bart before he watches him run around the place. "Ah, the energy that you have in youth." even though Wally was still young.

He looks then to Captain Marvel, giving her a two-finger salute, before he pauses. "Or should I not salute? I mean, the 'Captain' part says I should, right?"

To Starfire, he seems to just tilt his head at her. "Uhhh. I missed something somewhere."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"The integration into Mythology does seem to be the bingo square." she nods to Vic but looks to Sera as well. "I hadn't run into Heven or your people before I don't think. I'll have to check the Kree databases later on it that I still have access to and see what my onboard has to say about it. One thing for certain.. the sheer variety of aliens out there is staggering."

"No Saluting necessary." she says amused to Wally.

Then to Starfire. "I... mm I got there in time to prevent the spill this time. I'm glad you are willing to go help the birds and environment.. someone may want to tell your fast friend that there aren't any oil spill birds in immediate need of help. Though I am sure he will figure it out for himself pretty fast...." she looks at the spot he was just moments ago. "There is a reason I don't go that fast in atmosphere, just when I need to go interstaller in space... the whole speed force is strange physics." that lamenting is to Vic who mentioned physics earlier.

Koriand'r has posed:
    "My hands do not clean oil with efficacy," Starfire corrects Victor apologetically. "I am of the observation that some manner of soap and brush is traditional?"
    She's been watching Sarah Maclachlan commercials on YouTube.
    She melts with relief at Carol's explanation, bobbing a good eight inches lower before drifting back up to adult human eyelines again. To Wally, she explains, "I was holding the mistaken belief that my good friend Carol had been witness to a tragedy of ecology, which would require my assistance in the correction of. I should understood she would be adequate to the task singly," she says, beaming in open adoration at Captain Marvel. "Have you two acquainted? Carol, this is my friend Wally. Of all the men alive, he is the fastest. Wally, this is my sister Carol, whom I have not yet fully met but I know she is kind and generously noble."

Victor Stone has posed:
"I don't think you ever /have/ to salute someone unless you're in the military," Vic ventures when Wally asks. "But it's not like it's against the rules, if you want to. And you're definitely showing me up tonight, as far as the formalwear goes." Hard to get good tailoring with his frame at a reasonable price -- not that he usually has to worry about reasonable pricing, of course.

"Man, don't even get me started," he commiserates with Carol. "Like, their clothes experience friction, but not the right amount, and not evenly, and how do ANY of them still have hair?? Nothing relativistic seems to apply, only this sort of funhouse Newtonian stuff. And then there's just lightning freaking everywhere for no reason all the time. Every time I think about it for too long, I just..." He plays a synthy snippet of audio doom, descending into some sort of hardware crash.

Finally, he glances over at Kori, taps one finger against his chin, and answers, "Soap and brush, huh? I'll have to try that next time."

Sera has posed:
"Yes there are a lot of different kinds of life in every realm. So many in my realm alone - then to think that there are ten realms.. that we Angels knew of. It is an astonishing number," Sera replies to Carol. "I've never met a Kree but I have sung the songs of fallen Angels who did. Blue, yes? like to be in charge of all the things?"

"The speed force? so that's what it is called. I have now seen three people using that. It is very impressive and fast - I'd never seen anything like it before the other day." She nods and hmms. "A whole force dedicated to speed. My magic could not keep up with it.. this has me wondering if it's possible to tap in to it with magic." She flippantly waves a hand, "A thought for another time perhaps. I don't see any reason why I'd need something to go as fast as these three men. Buuut if I did, at least I now know I could talk to you Wally, or Impulse.. or try and track down that other guy whose name I have forgotten." She taps a finger against her jawline as she ponders puzzledly what he said his name was. Perhaps he never did. The glowing wings shimmer and fade like a million glowing whisps disappearing in the air.

Wally West has posed:
Wally just kind of shrugs at Victor when he talks about saluting. "I know, but I mean like...I'd salute Captain America because of the Captain part. Makes sense that I'd do it for her too, ya know? Respect the Captain." He gives a thumbs up to Victor before he looks at Carol. "Sweeeet. Just didn't want to offend!" He rubs the back of his neck and offers a kind smile to the cosmic hero.

As Kori makes introductions, he approaches Captain Marvel to offer a hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you properly, Carol." he's not even going to question the sister bit, since he's -well aware- that Kori is just an extremely friendly person.

When Victor starts talking about speed, he smiles. "Well, Victor, that has to do with a kinetic barrier that keeps me from breaking apart when I run at the speeds that I do. So, technically my hair isn't being affected by velocity or outside forces. Its pretty neat." SCIENCE SUCKA.

To Sera, he nods lightly. "Yeah. Speed Force. Basically helps me run SUPER fast."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol pays very close attention to Wally when he explains the bit about the speed force. She doesn't hide the interest. "Oh. So you have a barrier, sort of a speed bubble. That .. actually makes a lot of sense there." she considers "I can't really throw rocks at not messing up my suit I suppose with speed..." she waves her fingers over her sleeved arm and it glows lightly and changes with a pass of her hand into an AC/DC T-shirt and jeans as she gestures downwards towards her feet. "Just about everything is relative when you apply the right science to it."

Okay that was a groaner.

Still she seems cool with her own quip and moves on. She looks to Sera. "Yeah, well most of them are Blue. They are generally assholes whom I am more than happy to give a swift kick to the ass. They had best not come to Earth again." there are so many issues she has with them bottled up in her tone.

Koriand'r has posed:
    Starfire smiles at Victor with naked relief that he confirmed her understanding. "Thank you, Victor. I have gratification that you approve of my methods." Not a drop of irony in the statement. She blinks at Sera's wings disappearing, but takes it in stride; as best she can tell, Sera has some kind of illusion powers, so she's learning to adjust to those kinds of displays.
    Wally turning away from Carol means Starfire has a chance to converse seriously with Captain Marvel. She remembers, for the first time in a while, to touch down to ground again and does so. "I possess no wish to interrupt you, friend Carol, but would you willingly explain how you came to understand Tamaranean? I have a gift to know languages, but it often causes people to react," she explains modestly. "Have you seen a similar circumstance?" she asks, one hand unconsciously creeping into the crook of Carol's shoulder, its owner apparently prepared to natter the night away.