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Titans Tower Social
Date of Scene: 09 June 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: A gathering of Titans where the drinks aren't poisoned, the Amazons don't do Sports Illustrated and swords are waved around but nobody's stabbed.
Cast of Characters: Kian, Samuel Morgan, Kate Bishop, Heather Danielson, Donna Troy, Mary Bromfield, Cassie Sandsmark, Damian Wayne

Kian has posed:
    Kían… has qokh well had it with Ing-lis for the evening.  If he ever meets whoever invented this obscenity of a language, he'll… say something sharp, and not translate it.  He certainly wouldn't smack them, even though they've certainly earned it for this travesty of communication.
    Oblivious to his surroundings, he makes his way to the refrigerator, in hopes of Kool-Ade.  Kool-Ade is the best evidence he has that Earth is not entirely uncivilized.  Especially the purple flavor.
    Heavy sigh.  "c'Rhys'yw," he mutters, and starts poking through the fridge in search of sugary goodness.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Today, it would so happen that Sam is on com monitoring duty.  This is not great surprise, as lately the new prospect has drawn that duty a lot.  So much so, in fact, that some might begin to suspect that he actually likes it.  They wouldn't be too far wrong.  For the mutant, sifting through streams of data is more of a casual browse, and right now he has his feet up on another chair, leaning back quite casually in his own chair, while reading something on one tablet while mentally typing something on another tablet nearby.  The end of year school essays aren't going to write themselves… oh wait, technically they are…
    Eyebrows go up when he sees Kían entering the room and going straight for the fridge, the tablet lowered fractionally so he can peer over the top at the birdman/alien.  He makes a note of getting his feet off the chair, making some noise before saying anything, not wanting to startle someone who, he suspects, might already be fairly highly strung. "Bad day?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate is curled up in one of the many chairs, lounging, laptop in her lap as she works on something.  Then again. Maybe she is just watching videos on the internet. She reaches up and taps an earpiece. "The Kool-ade is behind the cottage cheese tub, Hummingbird."
    I mean, it is helpful, but then again it is also a new nickname.  Still he is the one hitting the sugar water really hard it seems.
    She closes her laptop and sets it aside before giving an almost feline stretch before just sprawling bonelessly in her chair.  "Mnngmg I don't want to go work out…."  But she will.  She always does.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    As if intended to make some folks jealous, some feel guilty, and others just plain hate her, Heather steps off of the elevator in workout clothes.  She has that post workout glow.  (Hint, girls don't sweat, they glow, or glisten, or any number of other verbs that allude to sweating without actually saying it.)
    But she has her Titans teeshirt, cut off to show the tummy, and biking spandex short on as she steps off the elevator.  In one hand is a towel she drapes about her neck.  In the other, she has what can only be called a sandwich style calzone.  Half gone, by the way.  "Hey guys!" she calls out after swallowing the most recent bite.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "No, Mister Peston, you cannot."  Donna drifts up the open elevator shaft at a casual floating pace, talking into a phone.  "No, not even if the entire film crew is made up of women, you're missing the point.  Because it's a crass, commercial and frankly very stupid idea, Mister Peston… and because I say so.  No, I'm not prepared to discuss it any further, Mister Peston.  Good day, Mister Peston."
    Donna flicks her phone off and shakes her head in disbelief.  "Some people," she declares.  "Just… some people."  She's dressed rather formally, in black slacks and a red silk blouse.  As this is neither workout gear nor Titaning gear, she's probably been spending the day at the Embassy in New York.  "Anything happening out there that needs our attention, Techno?  Bank robberies, robots going berserk, invasions from parallel dimensions?" she calls out as she heads to the fridge.  She sounds almost hopeful. 
    Donna reaches a hand in and fishes out a Kool-ade for Kian, and a bottle of water for herself.  "Hey everyone, how's life?  Enjoying yourselves as Titans?"

Mary Bromfield has posed:
    Thunderbolt has been a rare sight in the HQ, but she's been showing up more and more lately, mainly because she's not used to the whole "team" thing.  And some of the more observant would probably notice she's a bit new to the whole "hero" thing for that matter.
    Currently she walks in, then waves over at Donna.  "Hi Donna."  She gives a smile to the other Titans too, then blinks at Donna's questions, as she caught the tail end of them.  "Wait, do those things happen often?"

Kian has posed:
    The birdman is actually slightly chagrined that he was so wrapped up in himself that he didn't notice anyone else in the lounge area, but it's a measure of how settled-in Kían is that he reacts only by standing upright and looking around rather than a panicky jerk and a surprised squawk.  The blue-eyed blond is new to him—no.  Familiar from somewhere.  When he has the time later, he'll probe his own memory, if it doesn't come to him before then.  Likewise the blonde fresh from exercise, although she doesn't strike him as familiar from anywhere.  At least the alerts aren't going off, so the newcomers must belong here.
    Well, okay, he stiffens a little in surprise, but there's no squawk, no jerk upright.  "Kié, tavár'h'yw," he says by way of greeting, then a happy "Ai!" as he spots the Kool-Ade behind the… uh… white gloppy stuff, whatever that is—although Donna extracts it before he can.  "Qién'p," he says to her, then shakes his head clear.  "Sor-ry.  Than' hyu."  Taking the pitcher, he then collects a large tumbler and some ice.  As he pours out a large portion for himself, he grins at Mary.  "Weir'd thin's?  Hap-pen here all the time."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "You could skip your workout tonight and join me on my morning run tomorrow.  Bright and early, six miles, I set off at five AM sharp," Sam comments over to Kate, smiling the smile of the innocent.  Given that people are starting to arrive, he finally puts down his tablet next to the other one and stretches where he sits, giving Heather a wave in greeting.  "Good session?"
    He sits bolt upright when the elevator starts to arrive, as if already knowing who's on it, and turns to face the monitors he's supposed to be monitoring.  Not that he hasn't, he just didn't look like he was.  "No ma'am.  I was getting hopeful about a report near the First Reserve Bank, but it turns out they actually were a clown convention on their way to a photo op.  No bank robberies, no emergent AI, no high speed chases.  But the night is still young, and we're close to a full moon, so…."  Yup.  Anything could happen.  Weird, esoteric, non-Euclidean and anything in between.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate still doing her best cat impersonation, which is no where near as good as Vorpal's, in the chair chuckles.  "Well… I mean… I've been involved in all three of those things in the last couple of months.  So yeah, what Kian said… those sort of weird things happen here all the time."
    She stretches a bit again and peers at Techno now.  "But then I would be skipping my morning routines to go running with you… and then that would cascade into my afternoon run… then my evening workout…."  She just sprawls again.  "Man, that sounds like a robbery… clown convention… it could be… but this isn't Gotham…."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "If it would help, I could go put a freakish suit on and pretend to be a bad guy so you had someone to kick around," Heather suggests towards Donna.  "But… if that's the Mister Peston I heard about… he's slimy enough to gel his own hair just by running fingers through his hair."
    She shakes her head and takes a bite of her calzandwich before spotting the Kool-Ade.  She grins then… swallows, and says, "Oh Yeah!" in as deep a voice as she can possibly manage, while striding over to grab a glass to fill with Kool-Ade.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    Just a few steps behind Heather, Cassie pops off the elevator as well, and in a similar manner of dress and state of totally not a sweaty mess that may suggest a group workout session.  The main difference is that she swaps the Titans tee for a Wonder Woman themed one, of which people might begin to suspect she has a very large number in near-identical designs.  She's like Mark Zuckerberg, but way cuter.  Either way she follows more or less the same ritual, although she doesn't have her own sandwich, and instead heads for the fridge for some post-workout recovery fuel.  Well, or, just to eat some junk food, whatever really happens to be on hand (and let's be honest, it's probably day old pizza).
    Of course there's always a bit of a traffic jam at the Titans fridge.  "Hey sis," she greets Donna.  "Anything good in there?  I'm totally beat!"  She waits for some space to open up before practically sticking her head inside to root around to see what's on offer, leftover wise.  Kool-Ade is always a good score, though.  "Ugh, I am so sore after all that," she complains, looking to Heather for some sympathetic commiseration, no doubt.  Then, after taking a nice long drink, she wonders, "So what's up?  Any villainy afoot?"  'Afoot?'  Obviously she doesn't actually talk that way, and it turns the whole thing slightly more joke-y.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Not often enough, Thunderbolt!" Donna replies, giving her a wink.  "Well, honestly not that often.  I mean there's something to do any time you've got time to do it, but the actual world-shaking stuff, aliens invading or whatever?  Not that often.  If your T-Com starts buzzing madly and a red ring starts glowing on the face, then please do drop everything though."  She gives Mary a wink.  "Kian and Hawkeye are right though, weird things do happen a lot.
    Donna briefly rests a hand on Kian's shoulder, and he can hear her voice in his head. <<Your English is coming on great, Kian. I know it's frustrating. I had to learn it myself before coming to America, what a silly language.>>
    "Clown convention, really."  Donna gives a smirk and a shake of her head.  "But please no 'ma'am', Techno.  Call me Troia, or Donna.  I know you're used to ranks and heirarchy, but we don't do that here."  She smiles over to the young technopath.  "We're friends, not an army, remember?  Equals."
    Cassie is greeted with a smile and one-armed hug before Donna makes space at the fridge and leans against the table to take a swig of her water.  "Plenty of drinks, Cassie.  Help yourself.  Knockout?  If you know the guy, I pity you.  He wants to do some kind of photo shoot on Themyscira and I think he's really missing the point.  I've been trying to be nice to him, but that's the third time he called the Embassy today.  In fact I'm gonna tell them not to route any more calls from him."  She pulls out her phone and starts texting.
    "You two been working out, or training?  Cassie knows a lot of tricks, if anyone needs their combat skills honed.  Which everyone does.  I'm going to be running classes, but maybe we should partner people up a bit, you know.  Different skill sets. So we can all learn a little from someone else."

Mary Bromfield has posed:
    Thunderbolt chuckles softly at Donna's exclamation.  "Well, I would think calling lightning bolts from Jupiter to blow up a Death Star cannon would be cool enough…."  She grins.  "But I'll keep an eye out for that, since I wouldn't want you to just have me around to push things."  She winks back at Donna, then looks over at, "Techno, then?  Cool name."  She gives him a grin, then turns her gaze to Cassie and…
    "Heather!  Hey, how have you been?  Haven't seen you since that day in the park.  Feels like that was ages ago."  She smiles warmly, looking curiously at Cassie as she hasn't seen her before either, though she does note the others and gives everyone a wave of greetings.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Well, all I know is that he tried to talk my agent into signing me up for some sort of 'arthouse project involving what he called… 'tasteful presentation of nudity'…."  And Heather shakes her head.  "I'd watch out that he's not trying to get naked shots of your sisters," she says seriously to Donna.
    But she exaggerates a roll of one shoulders.  "Yeah.  So sore," she says, lying badly before she turns to face Mary with a smile.  "Well, last time I went to the park… a few days ago.  This time in New York… I got shot and stabbed repeatedly.  I think parks are dangerous to me now."

Kian has posed:
    Kían meeps as the Kool-Ade is liberated from him… oh well, at least he got some before the sugary goodness went away.  "Weir'd iss not weir'd here.  Iss nor-mal, yis?  Iss nor-mal woul' be weir'd," he remarks with a small smile.
    He nods up at Donna.  "I am t'ry.  Ing-lis make not much sen's, but I am t'ry.  I am coul' lear'n hyu lan-guage some day?  Iss shoul' make more sen's than Ing-lis."
    He leans on a counter, and sips his drink.
    He peers at Sam.  "I am haf see hyu before, some-hwere," he says, quite matter-of-factly, tilting his head inquisitively.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Sounds like a guy that needs either punching or having his credit score deleted.  Say the word, either word.  Both words, don't care."  Sam grins like a Cheshire cat, although Vorpal still does it better, and gives Mary a thumbs up.  "Sam, for when we're not in the field.  Techno's just short for one of my previous job titles, but I like it better than my old code name.  I've… gone off Scorpio."
    There is a whole lot of post-workout energy in the room, and that gets the technopath smiling even more.  "You know what I like about this place, Donna?"  A slight hesitation on that appellation….  "I've spent more time in the gym here than I've ever done in any other organisation, and this team works out more than any other I've ever worked with.  Another week of this, and I'll be back up to operational standard."
    The comment from Kían earns the birdperson alien a sudden and fairly sharp look.  "I think I'd have remembered that."

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate unsprawls, moving to sit up and then bounce up to her feet, leaving her laptop near her chair now.  "That does remind me, we need to work on weapons sometime soon Cassie… archery and hand to hand."  Which well one of those two Kate needs to work on much more than the other really.
    "Be careful taking the hummingbird's Kool-Ade… I've been keeping an eye on him to see if he ends up vibrating to another dimension and sparks an invasion with all that sugar."
    She looks to Sam.  "Well… working out and practicing makes sense when you are dealing with the crap we deal with.  Doubly so if you are human and not durable or super powered… missing gym day can lead to early retirement."  The way she says retirement is morbid.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    "Oh, it was a whole thing, the workout, but we did a good bit of sparring too.  Nice having someone who can keep up with me!" Cassie declares with both a beaming smile toward Heather and an otherwise rather shameless lack of humility.  Though, as Donna suggests training with the rest of the team, she takes it more seriously.  "You bet."  She bobs her head in assent and then looks around the rest of the bunch.  "So yeah, uh, hey there people I don't know, and people I've met briefly, and other cool folks and folk-ettes.  I'm Cassie, aka Wonder Girl, and if any of you want to do some sparring, weapons work, any of that stuff, I'm your gal."
    Indeed, Kate and her have a date for that already.  "Yes!  You owe me some arrows to the face."  Oddly she treats this as something to look forward to.  However, it's the other half of the conversation between Donna and Heather that really kind of snaps her out of the idle sparring talk, and she does an actual spit-take with her Kool-Ade.
    "Waitwait.  Someone wants to do a photoshoot on the island?  A, like, sports illustrated swimsuit kind of pinup thing?"  At first, she looks… well, some combination of horrified and maybe just a little bit curious.  Then she promptly doubles over laughing.  "'Tasetful nudity?'  Hahahahahaha.  Are you serious?  You—you should TOTALLY let him do it.  Some sleazeball tries to perv it up around there and they will LITERALLY freaking murder him.  Like, that's their whole THING, stabbing misogynist dickwads who dare to invade their 'no dudes allowed' island TO DEATH."

Damian Wayne has posed:
    From the men's dorms comes Robin, in his full uniform of crimson, green, black, and gold.  He holds a sword in a scabbard, in his hand.
    His mask his his eyes just like the Red X one did.  Allowing him to give a glance around to everyone without his pupils pointing directly at everyone as he assessed who was around.
    A water bottle is grabbed and inspected for a broken seal.  One that was satisfactory then cracked open before taking a drink.
    His face was pretty stone-like.  And of course, topped off with a slight frown that always seemed to be on his face.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna gives a pleasant laugh at Kian's suggestion.  "It makes much more sense than English, Kian.  Far fewer irregularities.  But only a few thousand people speak it, there are more useful languages to learn.  There is more Kool-AdE, you two don't have to share now."
    Donna looks around to include the others in this next statement.  "There's a tablet built into the fridge door, if there's anything you want included on the shopping list just write it there and we'll make sure it gets stocked, okay?  No need to be fighting over your favorite drinks."
    "I think it was a 'tasteful presentation of beachwear' he was angling for, Knockout."  Donna hops up onto the edge of the table to sit and drink her mineral water.  "Really I'm doing him a huge favor."  She beams a knowing grin at Cassie.  "My mother would be more… definitive in saying no, wouldn't she?"  She's not actually confirming Cassie's bloody interpretation of how things would go, but she's hardly denying it either.
    "Hawkeye's right, Tech… Sam.  A few weeks with the Titans and people learn that there's no amount of effort that isn't worth it.  Besides, the real reason we have pizza all the time is that it guilts people into working out."
    She takes another gulp of water, then gestures with the bottle towards Robin.  "Don't worry there Robin.  I'm drinking some from the same batch, I'd warn you if it was poisoned," she tells him with a wink.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
    Thunderbolt looks at Cassie.  "Okay, now I really want to visit the Island, because that sounds incredibly cool."  She grins at the blonde, then glances at Donna.  "I'm not saying that this guy could be accidentally struck by lightning, but I'm not not saying that."  When Damian shows up, she gives him a curious glance, then looks back to Cassie.
    "Anyway, Caitlin offered me a probationary spot after helping out with the whole ape and dinosaur problem.  I'm Thunderbolt."  She grins, then says, "I'm just happy to be here, and I hope I can help the ball club.  And yeah, English doesn't so much borrow from other languages as mug them in dark alleys and rifle through their pockets."

Kian has posed:
    Kían shakes his head at Sam.  "I am not say haf met.  I am say haf seen.  Not same," he says, without judgment.  Then he claps his hands once, happily.  "Yis, iss f'rom that school!  Haf seen there, yis, before I come here!  Nnnh, can not remem-ber hwere, or hwen."  He shrugs, and feathers rustle.  "Am remem-ber soon," he says, almost indifferently, and drains and refills his cup.  The question of where and when is interesting, not actually vital.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Okay.  May I have some Kool-Ade?" asks Heather with a smile.  She looks over to Cassie and Donna and just freezes.  "You're not seriously going to let this guy hang himself… and then skin him alive while he's hanging, are you?" she asks.
    But she shrugs, "I mean… oh hey, is that Robin?!" she exclaims.  Maybe she's a fangirl.  Maybe she is happy to be here.  Either way, she just pushes off of the counter and bounces her way over in a totally girly way.  "It is an honor to meet you Mister Robin," she says.  Then she pauses.  "Is Mister Robin right or is it just… oh skip it.  I'm Knockout, or Heather.  Whatever… nice t'meetcha."  She offers with a hand held out.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Fitness is life."  It sounds like Sam agrees with Kate quite wholeheartedly, but then he is one of those people that needs to worry about staying in shape to keep up with the heavy hitters.  Speaking of….
    His eyes track Robin as he enters, and once again he sits slightly straighter in his chair.  "Going out looking for trouble, Robin?  Or already found some, and are we going to have a fun evening dealing with some evil?"  It seems he's more comfortable around the stony faced teenager than most… except maybe Heather, it seems.
    For now, he gives Kían a nod.  "It's possible.  If you're talking about Happy Harbor, that is."

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate grins at Cassie, then laughs when she spit takes.  "Paper towels are on the by the sink…."  Yeah well, she just spit Kool-Ade, right.
    Her attention flits to Heather.  "I think it is just Robin."  Amusement at the bouncey girly way Heather approaches the Robin in the room.  A shake of her head though before looking to Sam and nodding.  "Fitness is life," she agrees.  "Practice hones skill.  Skill is life too.  We should right some sort of poster series… can have kittens on it."  She carefully heads to the Kitchen.
    "Does Themyscara have a spa?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    "Like, don't get me wrong, I toootally get it.  The island is beautiful, the beaches, the architecture, the clothes—my insta blew up like crazy when I finally got back and had internet again to post some of my selfies."  Teenagers.  "It would be great to have a professional shoot.  Just for… National Geographic, or whatever?  Not that the Amazons aren't a bunch of sexy boss-bitch queens who could rock anything you put them in, but it kinda seems like it's missing the point, to show up there and try and dress them up like it was Spring Break?"
    It's telling that Cassie, even as the newest generation, someone used to all that crass Man's World stuff, has already developed such a deep appreciation for the culture.  "Like, why not show off their clothes.  It's beautiful, cultural, and let's be real, it's not like they're exactly prudish, so it'd still sell to your garden variety mouthbreather."  She rolls her eyes a little at the last.  Being cynical is one of the marks of being a genuine Cool Kid, duh.
    After that bit of ranty grumbling, she turns back to Mary and grins.  "Thunderbolt?  So you do thunder and lightning stuff?  That's cool, I've sorta got something like that too.  You should TOTALLY visit."  Of course, leave it to Cassie, and she'd invite just about every female hero she met to come chill on the island, because why NOT invite your cool hero friends to hang out on a tropical paradise where you can sunbathe free of unwelcome dude-oggling (while also engaging in the occasional warrior tournament)?  Kate got invited the last time!  And she's still invited, as far as Cassie is concerned: "Spas?  They've got something similar.  And the oceans are beautiful."
    As for what would actually happen, she gives Heather a shrug and then a semi-whispered answer: "I don't really know, I'm only like, Amazon junior-grade.  But I definitely wouldn't worry.  My sisters can absolutely take care of themselves.  They'd have your back too."  Though she can't help but notice the attention Robin draws, and grins a bit.  "He's the 5th Robin," she declares, authoritatively, even if she only learned this fact some odd week ago.

Mary Bromfield has posed:
    Thunderbolt gives Cassie a warm smile.  "That would be super cool, I'd love to visit if it was okay.  And yeah, I bring the thunder, though it's a bit more complicated than that, I…."  She pauses, as she actually pulls out a regular looking cellphone.
    "Oh, shoot, I have to go take care of something.  But it was nice meeting you!"  She also gives Donna a grin, then waves to everyone else.  "Sorry about that, but I'll be back later!  Let me know when you want to do some training sessions!"  And like that, she's gone!

Damian Wayne has posed:
    Robin turns his face to Donna, and gives a nod.  "Thank you Troia.  But checking my food and drink are second nature for me."
    Looking up at Heather approaching him, he looks at the hand for a second before returning the hand offered.  "Knockout."  Plain and simple, not much emotion placed behind the words.
    "Maintenance, Techno.  Unless anything is on the monitors right now," he states plainly.
    Not being one for so much attention, he walks away from those gathered around him, taking a seat on the couch and unsheathing his sword.
    The talks about an entire island of women seem to just go over his head.  It did not pertain to him.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "He's a Robin, Knockout."  There's a hint of warning in Donna's expression as she speaks.  "There are several.  This is the newest Robin.  Robins take a while to lighten up, but it's worth perservering.  It takes a special kind of person to get the 'Batman approved' stamp.
    "Perhaps not exactly the kind of spa you were thinking of Hawkeye.  But… I don't know where to start."  She laughs softly, shaking her head.  "Cassie… how do you describe Themyscira to people when they ask?  It must be as hard for you as it is for me to describe America to people back home.  We're just going to have to bring a few of them over, aren't we?  Poor Vorpal will be so jealous when he hears we've taken Hawkeye, Thunderbolt and Knockout.  He really wants to see the library."
    Well hey, lack of prudishness amongst the natives or not, ogglesome amongst the mouthbreathing fraternity maybe, but that's not really Vorpal's thing….
    "No professional shoots though, unless it's me doing it," Donna tells Cassie with a grin.  "I'm just trying to figure out how I can sell a story to National Geographic without mom killing me."
    Donna's eyes turn to Robin.  "Nightwing was never one for swords," she comments.  "Does the Batman approve?"  The question is pure curiosity—there can hardly be any question that Donna is rather pleased that Kate and Damian both seem to have a liking for swords.  She's definitely going to be dragging them both down to the gym for drills soon.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Suddenly, inspiration strikes.  Heather shakes Robin's hand and then whirls around.  "Oh my god!  What about making next year's SI Shoot a Themyscira themed thing!  I'd love to do that there!"
    She turns and points her index fingers at Donna.  "There you go!  You do the shoot for SI!  It would break records!" she announces.
    "We could make the suits reminiscent of ancient Greece!  We could use some Amazons if they wanted, but only if they wanted!"  Okay, she's on a roll now, and her enthusiasm is only building.  She's already forgotten Robin.  Odds are she forgot that she already ate as she's stepping over to grab a stack of coldcuts out of the fridge, and she starts assembling a Dagwood sized sandwich as she keeps going.  "One pieces, two pieces.  I'm not gonna suggest body paint shoots next year, but… I'm sure we could make it awesome."

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once at Sam.  "Iss that school, yis," he confirms.  "I am haf seen there.  I am… I was as'k to not be seen hwen I was there.  I am s'till not un-der-s'tan hwy."  He dismisses the thought with an indifferent shrug.  Happy Harbor's rules are no longer his worry.
    The birdman registers 'Robin' as a name he's heard around the tower, but not as anyone he's yet encountered.  And of course, he's encountered it as the name of a bird common on Earth.  Because of course he's prioritized learning about Terrestrial avians.  Again the inquisitive head-tilt.  "Iss Robin?  I am ek's-pec robin haf wing-s?"  The question is… well, puzzled.  Why would you name yourself after a bird if you don't have wings?  That's a perfectly reasonable expectation, right?

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Not at the moment, Robin."  Much like Donna, Sam seems to be a bit disappointed that nobody is doing anything to warrant attention of the team.  "Soon as it changes, I'll let you know."
    Speaking of missions… he turns back to the monitors, watching them properly now rather than just with his most unusual of senses.  "GAUSS is out of commission for a day or so.  Assisted a bounty hunter in getting hands on a mad inventor that had skipped bail, took a bit of a high speed trip along the asphalt to avoid slamming into a tanker.  Seems like just cosmetic damage, but I want to check the systems just to be on the safe side.  If it kicks off before then, I'll have to go in with just knife, pistol and rifle."  And, of course, hands, elbows, knees and feet, to round out his arsenal.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate nods to Donna.  "That sounds like the best trip… with the icing of making Vorpal jelly."  She snags a water bottle, the refillable kind from a shelf and then walks over to fill it up at the sink.  It is one of those big ones too.  Then again, she said she was going to go work out soon.
    Well she was bitching about having to.
    "Not sure the Amazons would do a shoot even with an all female camera crew… they seem kind of secretive by nature really.  We are just lucky to have a couple on the team right."
    Also yes, Kate does tend to like the sword.  Then again, she likes just about any weapon except guns so far from what people have seen that have watched her train.  She definitely seems prolific.  All she is missing is a Captain America shield… just wait until she gets her hands on one.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    "Well, when who asks?" Cassie wonders back at Donna.  "A lot of the time I just kind of leave it vague.  You know, tropical island with old greek buildings.  But, uh, to… you guys?"  Well, she sort of HAS been describing it.  "It's definitely Amazing.  I think beyond the obvious stuff, you know, it's… you get a sense of the history, you know, without the dust like the places where my mom used to take me.  The most amazing stuff to me isn't how badass they all are, but, I don't know, the culture of it?  The sisters all living together after so long, sharing their art and poetry.  It all feels really… deep?  Compared to life around here.  Even having to go slay the occasional mythical monster doesn't really spoil the vibe."
    "You SHOULD do a shoot," she'll also agree, though presumably on the former more scholarly idea.  Donna is the perfect person, after all!  As for Heather's suggestion, whether or not the Amazons would go for it, she laughs at the model's enthusiasm.  "I guess I wouldn't mind if it was Donna behind the camera.  But Kate's right, I don't know how eager they'd all be."
    "Anyway, sounds like the trip is decided!" she concludes, coming back to the most important thing.  Spa weekend with her new girlfriends in Amazon land.

Damian Wayne has posed:
    "Nightwing couldn't use one.  I've used one for the last fourteen years," he mentions.  "Besides, it isn't used on normal street punks."  It is both a trust thing and a test for Robin, the constant temptation of being able to kill, without doing so.
    A moment later, right after Kate mentions the all female camera crew, Robin lays down his katana, and just stands, starting to walk back to his dorm.  "Sexist island more like it," he says, not loud, but not hushed either.
    His door is not slammed, but he does remain in there for a while.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "That school is where your English teacher is from, Kian?  The one who visits from time to time?"  Donna hasn't actually met Colette yet due to reasons that would break the fourth wall to explain, and doesn't have the situation entirely right, but she keeps track of comings and goings at the Tower.  "You were actually at the school a while?  I'd guess they wanted you to stay out of sight to avoid disrupting classes.  Aliens are not that common on Earth yet.  Far more sensible to have you with people who are more used to it."
    Heather gets a long stare from Donna.  Damian gets an only slightly shorter one.  There are whole realms of feminist theory, both from Themyscira and Man's World, she could go into here.  There are complicated lessons of history and explanations about the Amazon culture that could be addressed.  Entire essays as well as warnings of bloody murder could be composed about Hippolyta's likely attitude to such suggestions.  "Not going to happen," she concludes finally.
    Donna gulps down the rest of her water.  "Sam, if you're going out with a loadout like that, speak to Cyborg about some non-lethal rounds, okay?  He might have some good ideas for you."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Suddenly having her enthusiasm transform into disappointment, Heather just scowls.  It doesn't look good on her.  But she shakes her head.  "Fine.  You don't want the best, most killer bathing suit photo shoot in history shot on Themyscira?  I'll see if I can get'em to at least shoot in Greece.  Maybe near Sparta?" she asks.
    It seems that she is not giving up on he idea of doing something fun and exotic next year.  "Maybe get some armor…."  And she looks to Cassie then, "Hey, I don't suppose I could borrow something in my size?"

Kian has posed:
    "I was there, yis," Kían confirms, "an' Kólet iss hel'p with my s'tudy.  Iss good school, but I am not good fit for it.  I am hap-pi-er here."
    The birdman blinks, and realizes that Raven's brain, robot spiders, and miscellaneous… what was the word?  Oh, yes.  Miscellaneous 'dik-heds' notwithstanding, he actually is happier here.  "I am not haf to hide sel'f.  Can f'ly hwen I wan't.  Mus' not avoid other s'tu-den's."
    He claps his hands, and spins to face Sam.  "Yis!  Iss gath-er-ing in gym, iss hwere I see you!  Was ran-dom moving on f'loor an' Ear'th music!"

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    At the monitors, Sam just shakes his head at Robin's sudden departure, having watched the whole thing in the reflection of the tablet screens he had set up discreetly around his work space.  "Will do.  But going out with firearms is very much a backup solution, Donna.  Don't actually have any to hand right now, not like I can legally buy them."  Or afford them, but that's a different matter altogether, a matter he's going to have to deal with before the next academic year starts.  "But I found out the hard way that my suit isn't laser proof, only laser resistant.  Got some damage to repair, and I don't want to leave you guys without support while I'm trying to re-force a pauldron."
    He does look over his shoulder when Kían remembers where he was seen.  "You mean the prom?  Man, that was a good evening, one of the best evenings of my life.  But then I had the best date at the prom."  He leaves that last comment with a smile that almost makes him seem… normal.  Then his eyes fall on Robin's sword, and the expression fades, turning back to the monitors, before slowly standing up.  "Can someone spot me for half an hour?  I need a stretch, been at this for hours."

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate with her large water bottle in hand wanders out of the kitchen towards Robin's set down sword.  "Well laser resistent is a lot better than my suit," she notes with amusement.  "I try to just not be where people are pointing weapons…."  Which so far has mostly worked.  Also if you are talking knives and small caliber, well her suit is fairly proof for those.  Best money can buy.
    She pauses and then crouches to look over the sword, but very much does not touch it at all.  Heck she stays back far enough to not even really breath on it.  "I'm about to go work out Sam… maybe one of the post workout people who need a cool down?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    Seeing Heather's reaction, Cassie looks a bit more sympathetic, scooting over to her side.  "I think the point is that… like I was saying before, there's a lot of beauty there of their own.  They have their own clothes, styles, their own whole aesthetic.  And they don't really do 'swimsuits,'" she adds, with a laugh.  "Dressing them up like we dress, that's kind of missing an opportunity, to capture what beauty looks like in a place where Hugh Hefner wasn't setting the standards.  Y'know?"  She probably can't match Donna for academic deep dives on the subject, but her earlier 'just let the Amazons stab the dude' does reflect an rough-and-tumble intersection of teenage hashtag activism and being inducted into a tribe of immortal female separatists while also finding out your dad was one of the original arch-dickheads of history.
    "But that doesn't mean you couldn't do something fun for your own career.  Are you 'out' in public, superwise?  I am sure you could sell a fun shoot based on the idea."  She leans in closer before answering the other half of the question.  "I do have armor but it's, like, for SUPER emergencies…."  Such as when they need to fight a planet destroying menace beside an army of gorillas.  The usual.  "…but I can probably hook you up with something."
    After that, she looks over to Kate and Sam.  "I'm still kind of pooped, but you just need a spotter, I'm cool to help."  Especially if she only has to spot for a human-strength person!

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna has spent the best part of a decade in Man's World, a good third of her life.  Not counting Cassie, she's probably the Amazon most open to the ways of the world outside.  She's spent a lot of time trying to persuade Hippolyta to lighten up and embrace the world outside more, as has her sister.  Yet even she's feeling a bit uneasy about the conversation.
    "Go ahead, Sam.  I can keep an eye on things from here.  Though we don't really need 24/7 cover.  The new learning routines Cait and Vic have been implementing will spot anything big."  She waves a hand vaguely in the direction Robin had headed, perhaps making assumptions as to what Sam's 'stretch' is about.
    "Knockout," she says finally addressing the issue.  "You're kind of… there are issues of cultural sensitivy here that you're not aware of.  As Cassie says, Themyscira has a lot to offer to you.  You would be welcome to come and learn about our people, train with some of the best fighters the world has ever seen, see probably the most beautiful place on Earth and…"  She smiles wide at Cassie, her big eyes alight with amusement.  "…maybe even fight a mythical monster.  Try on some Themysciran clothing and armor, sure.  But can we please drop the sexy swimsuit question?  A lot of my sisters would find the concept pretty offensive.  They've… been through a lot."
    Cassie's offer of taking on some monitor duty gives her an idea though.  "Actually… Hawkeye?  If Cassie's going to watch the screens, how about you and I go work out together?  And when I say work out, I mean hack at things in the Danger Room with swords.  There are a few pointers I'd like to give you.  Do you feel up to that now?"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Well, shit.  Heather had such enthusiasm.  She wasn't trying to be offensive.  She was just… well she was being herself.  "I suppose nothing of my culture makes much of a difference to them.  Yeah.  I'm just a part of the decadent Man's world."
    She doesn't sound bitter though.  "I get it.  But yeah, I'd love to visit and learn more about your people.  I really didn't mean any offense.  I just… I got carried away," she admits.  "But I would love to train with your people and maybe try on some of that smokin' armor."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Thank you." For once, it seems like Sam is pretty happy to step away from the monitors for a moment.  Pretty unusual.  But then he had been doing it for a while.  Quite a while.  A long while.
    Too long, according to Bear, who had traipsed into the main room and sat himself down in the corner of Sam's vision, very demonstrably carrying his own lead as if to suggest it's really high time for walkies.  Who will be walking whom will depend entirely on one's opinion of canine intellect, and is otherwise entirely unclear.  "C'mon boy, let's go chase some squirrels and chew some sticks."
    With a jangle of collar, leash and tag, Bear stands and happily pads over to the elevator, soon joined by his human.  "I'll be back in about half an hour…."
    "…I'll be back in an hour."  And then the elevator doors close, just as Sam glances down at Bear, who glances back up at him, mouthing the word 'Really?' at his furry friend.

Damian Wayne has posed:
    Robin comes back out of his room, carrying a clean rag and a small bottle.  By now, Techno has gone out and after a second, he emits a tsk of his tongue.  His face was now a bit more terse, as he sits back down and dabs the bottle onto the rag.  Damian's sword was a ninjato style sword, a hamon line on it swirled almost at peaks like waves on the ocean.  Despite his saying, the sword looked immaculate despite his usage of it either in combat, or in training.
    The rag was held in his left hand, and the spine of the sword faced forward as he rubbed the oil on the blade itself, meticulous and almost zen-like.

Kian has posed:
    Swords are well outside of Kían's frame of reference—as are really almost any weapon—but it's enough for him to gather that the Danger Room will be in use for a while, so no aerial obstacle course until later.  There is an alternative, of course.  He drains off the rest of his Kool-Ade (finally) and bows shortly to his teammates.  "An' I am go f'ly for a hwile," he says, making his way to the open elevator shaft.  "Mus' al-so s'tay in p'rac-tice, yis."  He bows again, and flits off with a graceful snap of his wings.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate straightens from the crouch she was examining the sword.  "Very nice sword," she notes to Robin.  It is an honest compliment there as she tucks her water bottle under her arm and walks over to Donna.  "That sounds swell.  Let me grab my gear and sword and I'll meet you down in the danger room?"
    She means this as well.  It does sound swell.  There are piles and piles Donna can teach her about sword fighting. 
    "Have fun flying, hummingbird," she calls after Kian.  It isn't mean either, it is one of those affectionate nicknames things.  That and she is sassy.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    "I do think we've got stuff to teach them," Cassie notes with some emphasis, when Heather hits on the cultural exchange going in the other direction.  "They had… there is a lot of history, behind why they've lived apart, like Donna said.  But because of that, while they've gotten to create a really wonderful place, they've missed out on some good things too.  Like, I dig on the sisterhood vibes, and having a place of our own, but by the end of the time I spent there training, I was pretty happy to ditch the 'no boys allowed' rule, not gonna lie."  She gives the other young woman a quick wink, before stepping away, presumably planning to join Donna and Kate as promised to assist with the session, if only on support.
    However, she can't help but pause and notice Damian with his sword.  Watching the whole ritual of it for a moment, she glances back at Donna.  "…is it weird that I think he'd probably fit in just fine with our sisters?  Phillipus would have a field day."

Damian Wayne has posed:
    Damian looks up from the sword, to Kate and nods.  "Thank you.  It was a gift on my thirteenth birthday."
    "Made by a master swordsmith who had served my family for almost one hundred years.  This is the last sword he ever made."  Did the bloke die of old age?  Or other nefarious means?  Who knows.
    The now well-oiled sword places back in the scabbard, a snug fit, but every inch of it was deadly, much like Damian used to think he was.
    Or rather, how he was before taking up the mantle of Robin.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "It's okay, Knockout."  Donna gives the young woman a smile, showing there's no offense taken.  "It's a complicated issue, but I can hardly take offense at something you say without understanding the context.  It's down to me to explain that to you, and if you would care to learn the history of Themyscira, I would be very pleased to teach you another time.  The short version though?  Most of my sisters have had very little experience of Man's World since three thousand years ago.  Back then it was not so much decadent as brutal.  Particularly to women.  I'll let you try my armor later, okay?"
    Donna gets to her feet and rests a hand on Cassie's arm.  "Yes, it should be a two-way thing.  Mother is… well.  A little old-fashioned."  She grins at Cassie.  "Maybe we'll persuade her to bend that rule a tiny little bit one of these days.  There have been a few very rare exceptions before.  I still say Internet first though."
    Donna looks at Robin curiously, then nods her head.  "She might at that," she replies to Cassie.  There's a sudden breeze through the room and Donna has vanished with a blur of speed.  She reappears as fast, and steps towards Damian, holding a sword of her own out for his inspection.  It's a very different style, double-edged and leaf-bladed.  The metal seems to shimmer slightly, and bears a faint grain, a little reminiscent of patterned steel.  "Forged by Pallas, an Amazonian smith who was taught by Hephaestus himself.  Our metallurgy is a little more advanced than that of Man's world.  Would you like to try it out?  You could join Hawkeye and myself for a little training, if you like."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Well, there is at least one Amazon that Heather will get along with.  And then Donna mentions the Internet.  "Noooooo no no no… you get them the Internet, Google, and they're going to see Facebook, internet trolls, political advertisements, and Hee Haw.  If we are lucky, they will choose to isolate themselves again rather than going to war to cleanse our souls," she says as she stands up.  "Or… am I overreacting?" she asks, eyes shifting from one Amazon to the other.  Swords?  She couldn't care less about a sword.  It's not something that has ever really entered her thoughts.  But Amazons discovering Keeping up with the Kardashians?  That's a problem.

Damian Wayne has posed:
    Damian's features seemed to soften somewhat at the approach of another sword.  He does not just look at it, he holds a finger to his temple, activating an augmented view, looking at the metal through magnification.
    He grasps the hilt, careful, but firm.  With as much respect as he had for any weapon, including his own.  He motions with it, feeling the balance, adapting a slight modification to his stance to better serve this style of sword.  "It is remarkable, to say the least."  He flips the sword back, grasping the flat side of the blade with his gloved hands, and offering the hilt back to Donna.  "May it serve you well."
    "I could join in on this training," he adds back, looking out to the other two.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate will wander back out, water bottle in hand, and her gear on.  Well, the sunglasses are tucked into her hair.  She does most of her weapon practice around the Tower in her fighting gear.
    She figures it is way better to fight like you will be out in the field to work out any hitches and all.
    "Are we comparing swords?"  She will reach back and draw the sword from the sheath and look hers over.  "Mine is definitely not as cool as either of yours."  It looks like a fairly normal longsword.  Expertly forged.  The best money can buy which is a theme.  No ancient techniques or aged weapon smiths though.  "I really need to get a better sword," she comments looking over Donna and Damian's swords again then sheathes hers.  "So down to the sword practice then?"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
    "You're totally not overreacting," answers Cassie, deadpan, shaking her head at Heather's vision of Kardashian-provoked war.  "They might seriously invade."  With bees, possibly.  "Although it really is kinda lame when I'm there and can't check my phone."  Hence delaying the sharing of her amazing Themyscira selfies and the deluge of likes they'd be sure to gain!  And that's the REAL horror.  Of course, all of this is less than totally serious, since it's Cassie, and she breaks whatever tension on the subject with a laugh.  "Mostly, yeah, we just gotta work on introducing some things slowly, because there really just isn't any context for a lot of it.  I think of myself as an ambassador on that count, getting to know them all, and showing them that you can grow up in man's world and still end up pretty awesome."  So modest!  "But it'd be good to have some of you visit so they can meet others."
    Despite her place in the warrior sorority, she does not show the great fondness the others do for their weaponry, or join in on the comparisons.  Though she chimes in, "Yeah, Amazon crafts are no joke.  That's something else you'll see, when you visit—they're ancient but uh, don't make the mistake of thinking that they're primitive just because they don't have the internet."  Grinning, she heads for the elevator.  And since she's apparently playing overseer, she gets into character: "Alright, let's move it!  Amazon school's in session, and that means no slacking!"