2052/Operation: Prank Hank

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Operation: Prank Hank
Date of Scene: 11 June 2020
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: Pie. Jokes. Friends. Good times.
Cast of Characters: Carrie Kelley, Henry McCoy, Rogue

Carrie Kelley has posed:
In spite of everything that had gone on as of late, the rest of the world kept turning. It was just an average night at Harry's Hideaway. Perfect for a chance to try to get Hank out of the house, so to speak, and cheer him up. At least that's Carrie's plan for the most part as well as just spending some time with him after his unpleasant experience not so long ago.

in an effort to get something more going on than just boozing and playing pool she'd opted to swing by th diner on the way here picking up a veritable flight of pie selections. At least four are set out on a table with extra plates and utensils for consumption while having a drink or three. Cherry, Dutch Apple, Rhubarb-strawberry, and pecan. She also had a little bag by her feet which had who-knew-what in it.

Henry McCoy has posed:
It wasn't too difficult for Carrie to get him to agree to come out and visit with her, regardless of the location. He'd been penned up too long, and he knew he needed interaction to get his head right. Still, he was leery about leaving alone - so Rogue agreed to be his wingwoman tonight! Arriving together, he stepped into the formerly familiar watering-hole. He scanned the area, self-concious. He'd changed, it was nothing he could hide.

Spotting Carrie, Hank motioned to the table as he headed that way. A smile, hardly seen as of late, grew on his face. "Hey Carrie... thanks for getting me out of the house. You've met... Marie, yes? I think you may have met her?" A glance to Rogue. "This is Carrie Kelley, a friend from Gotham." If he could blush, he'd be purple.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been out in the driveway of the school when Hank had pulled out of the garage, seen her and grabbed her to help escort him. She'd been standing by her and Remy's new car when he'd talked her in to coming along. She had nothing going on tonight, so a trip to the bar sounded fun enough! It was just down the road anyway, so it's not like she couldn't just leave at any time and literally leap over the trees to get back to Xavier's property too..

Here and now, in the bar, Rogue is wearing her leather bomber jacket with the red X's on the shoulders, her hands stuffed into the side pockets and her sunglasses up on her brow line of snow white hair. Her eyes are looking around as she follows Hank to where Carrie is and she smiles at the lady. "We met, she was at the pool game where you were tryin' t'impress her'n such." She teases Hank, her favorite teacher from her half a year of attending Xavier's before graduating!

"Good t'see ya again, sugah." Rogue tells Carrie with a playful grin, ever the flirt that she is.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley stands from the table to offer the pair a warm smile in greeting. One hand swings out to gesture to the seats at the table. "Thanks for coming out. I know you've had a lot happen lately, and I figured a distraction might be nice. Good to see you again, too, Marie." Another grin comes as she nods in agreement as to how they'd met. "Yeah I remember that night. I also remember mention that a certain someone might have a--" Should she? It was mixed company. Oh, to heck with it.

"A HANKering for some pie."

The pun dropped she looks highly pleased with herself yet braced for the inevitable groans that may accompany such a remark.

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a groan of approval from Hank, always fond of puns and corny jokes. "I enjoy pie enough to dessert my abode in favor for meeting you here." A grin. "A real slice of sunshine, Carrie." He waggles his brows, looking then to Rogue. "Trying to impress? I believe I was successful." He puffs up his chest proudly, even though he's mostly teasing. He motions for the ladies to take a seat, with him taking the one next to Carrie.

"You really brought pie?" A grin. "It smells delicious. Thankfully, I've been getting my appetite back for real foods." The feline Beast chuckles. "Thank you... can I get drinks for anyone?"

Rogue has posed:
The pun exchanged between the two makes Rogue just grin all big and silly while she moves to take a seat at the table. Her hands come u p to pluck her sunglasses from her forehead, setting the designer aviators down near the table's center, then folding her forearms against one another back by her edge of said table's top too.

"I dunno if I can handle ya'lls humor for too long, but I'll give it my best." Rogue chides both of them then before she grins and looks between them. "I promise Hank I'd be his Secret Service t'night, t'help ease him back inta the social life. This means you two can just chill'n enjoy each other's company. If ya'll need some alone time, I can always shuffle over t'the pool tables too, see if anyone's playin' that I can hustle a bit, ya know? Girl's gotta get some action, right?" She specifically asks Carrie, still grinning of course.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley just breaks into a laugh in response to his own punnery in response, and she gives Rogue an apologetic shrug that wasn't really all THAT apologetic. Word games were always interesting. "Of course I brought pie. I was curious myself how good it was around here, so I got some basics and some with in-season fruit," she explains. "You're welcome to have some as well, Marie." As for drinks... "Just a Sprite for me tonight, please." Better than the Red Bull she normally chugs.

It's about then that Rogue suggests she get some action that her face turns a rather bright shade of red. That was the problem with redheads, as Rogue likely knew: Blushing was so darn easy!

"Uh, well I ... Just figured we'd hang out tonight... Company is fine," she assures with a slightly nervous laugh. Reaching out she lightly pats Hank's arm. "Let's get the drinks and then I've got a few little gifts for you."

Henry McCoy has posed:
No apologies from Hank regarding the wordplay - he's always doing that in class or around the mansion. "I'll have to get the location where you got them, it smells wonderful." Another nod. "Sprite, sounds good." A glance to Marie after. "And a drink for you?" He asks, slowly getting to his feet. He's not going to talk about the action comment. Nope. Not one bit. If he had a collar, he'd be loosening it to let air in.

He smiles over to Carrie, not mentioning the lovely shade of red she's turned. "Hanging out is just fine." He assures. "Though I might take a trip up to Gotham, if you've got a good resort to suggest? A vacation might be good." A glance to Marie again, waiting on her drink order.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to pull the gloves off of her hands and then rolls them up to lay them on the table. "Piece'a pie sounds mighty fine t'me." She replies with a soft smile before glancing to Hank when he stands up. "Tea'd be good. Can't imagine I can coax a beer outta you, big fella." She shows the hint of a grin then before her eyes sweep back over to Carrie.

"You got'im some presents, huh?" She asks then. "He's gonna start gettin' himself Hanknapped more often if'n you go about spoilin' him like this." She raises one hand up then to put her chin against her palm and her fingertips against the side of her face. "You came all the way up from Gotham? Is it dangerous there like everyone on the tv an' internet are always sayin' it is?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
The change of topic is almost a relief as it gives Carrie a moment to let that horrible blush die down. A hand scrubs over her face momentarily before she leans her chin into her hand propping her elbow on the table. "Well I think I might know a place or two. I'm not sure I'd call it a resort though," she adds with a chuckle. "Gotham's more old school city than anything. Still there's a few nice places I can show you around to."

Marie gets a grin as well as a nod. "Depends on the part of the city, and time of day, but ... yeah. It's pretty much got a crime problem. Seems to attract some real nutjobs. I mean, we've got a vigilante that runs around dressed as a bat fighting them so we've got that going for us. But if you don't like clowns? Gotham is not the place to be."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Tea, Sprite, and... a beer for Hank. He fetches the drink, bringing them back with the help of a tray. His hands are still not that nimble, getting used to his new form. Setting the glasses down on the table, he rejoins them. "So, a nice hotel then? Like an upper-scale one?" He guesses. "Something worthy of a vacation." Odd, vacationing in Gotham!

"Presents? Why presents?" He looks to Carrie, then Marie. "Or should I be fearful of the gifts?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to frown a bit at the explanation given as toward the safety of Gotham. She shakes her head right to left a little at it. "Well that's just not great. Clowns, that is. But yeah. I've heard'a the Batman, I'd like t'meet him someday. But maybe I should fly down there sometime, see if I can wrestle up a bit'a trouble myself. Criminals would be surprised t'find out just how much of a punch I'm packin'..." She smirks at herself and then averts her green eyed gaze to Hank when he returns with the drinks.

"Why thank ya." Rogue says cheerily, reaching over to pluck up Hank's beer and raise it up toward her lips for a sip! She's got bare hands mind you!!

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley reaches out to take her own drink from Hank to help lighten the load he's carrying. She knew he was having issues with the new form of his hands, but she doesn't want to dissuade him from trying either. When Rogue steals Hanks' beer though her eyes widen just a little with a laugh of amusement. "Well then. Someone's ready to pie-ty," she quips with a wry grin at the other woman. Still it was a good enough time to reach down beside her and hoist up a gift bag stuffed with crinkle paper to hide what was within. To Hank's perceptive nose it might have a unique smell... but at least it wasn't catnip.

"There's some nice hotels, yeah, we can set you up in one. Of course there's also dad's place. It's huge, and has an expansive grounds along with riding stable and a beautiful cliffside view. As an option. Or at least it'd be good for exploring the grounds," she offers back to Hank with a grin.

To Rogue she nods again. "You might meet him, I dunno. Some people still think he's a hoax but I'm pretty sure there's too much going on to fake him being real."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Crinkle paper. Hank's ear twitches. His eyes go to the bag, not being able to place the scent. "Of course she is." He looks to Carrie and motions to Marie. "I only travel with the top crust of my friends." He waggles his brows, ready to pun-duel all night! He does give Marie a glance, shaking his head. "Fool me once, Marie." He sticks out his tongue - an odd sight, considering the feline appearnce. Almost a mlem.

"I think... I mean, meeting your father would be nerve-wracking, I am sure." A laugh. "I am sure there would be many questions and such..." A snicker from Henry. "But I'll take your advice and suggestion into consideration, so long as it doesn't upset your family."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue only takes one sip of the beer glass before she sits it back down and slides it over to Hank with a grin on her lips. "Was just taste testin' it. Secret Service, remembah?" She asks before reaching for her own tea. She then leans back with tea in one hand and the other going to her jacket to fish out her phone. Jubilee was supposed to text her some time to tonight so ehe glances down at it before she looks back up after seeing no texts.

"Hank, you're a Doctor. You're covered in muscles and pretty blue hair. What dad wouldn't be proud t'have their daughter bring you home t'show off as their new man-toy? For serious. Don't sweat it--" She takes a sip of her tea then shakes her head. "No seriously, don't sweat it, cause then your tongue is out all the time and you sit and pant, that might make Miss Carrie's dad a /little/ uncomfortable." She's teasing of course, for fun!

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Oh... Oh, no! I mean, not that I'm against you meeting him," Carrie rushes to assure with a nervous laugh. "But I hadn't really meant it just YET. I mean, the manor is huge and expansive. It's one of those old world family sorts of places... Could house four or five families easily. He's usually at work, or at the penthouse in the city," she explains still looking a little sheepish.

Rogue's remarks do earn a tip of her head toward the redhead though. "That's also one way to look at it. Though I'm sure Bruce would be polite no matter what. I mean... It's not really like I've brought anyone home to meet him before," she mumbles quietly. Oh man. How would that even go?

As for the bag that's nudged in front of Hank, well. It just sits there. Enticingly.

Henry McCoy has posed:
He wasn't opposed, but it was clear he'd be nervous in that situation - especially after the trauma. "We'll sort it out, either way." A grin, the man taking up the bag with the dreaded crinkle papper. He reaches in carefully, first pulling out... a furminator brush. He glances it over, eyes narrowing as he peers over to Carrie. "I suppose it's better than getting hairballs." He snickers, amused. "I bet it actually feels good."

The brush is set aside, the next item in the bag pulled out. A CD, the soundtrack to Hamilton. A wide grin at that. "Fantastic! That... that means a lot, thank you Carrie." But there's still more.

One last thing, at it was the thing that had his nostrils flaring. What was that scent? A silvervine stick is pulled out next. "What is this?" He brings it in for a closer look, and sniff.

His eyes dilate.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley clasps her hands together in an innocent fashion offering him a shrug along with a grin when the brush is pulled out. "It might. At the least it might come in handy? Though hopefully you wouldn't need it to begin with," she adds with a little chuckle. The Hamilton CD though earns a brighter grin from her. THAT was the actual gift, the other just teasing though... Potentially useful? Perhaps.

"I'm glad you like it. The show was wonderful, and I thought it would be good for you to have a memento of it..." Then he's sniffing the vine. Aaand his eyes dialate.

With a quick wince of chagrin she reaches out to carefully try and take the little stick away from him. "Okay, I did not expect that to actually *work* and I apologize, that is Silvervine which is considered a catnip alternative. It's supposed to be more relaxing for cats than catnip..."

Henry McCoy has posed:
I mean, he doesn't really resist the taking of the stick, but his eyes track it's motion. "That... is wonderful." There's a slowness to his words, a bit of measured forming of each phrase. "Whoa." A shake of his head, a slight rumble of a purr. Poor Hank!

"I'd heard of that before, silvervine." Henry comments, with a goofy grin. "I suppose it would be good for me getting in the right frame of mind for sleep, yes?" A glance from Carrie, to Marie. He slides the beer to the later, taking the tea. "Best not to mix."

Rogue has posed:
For Rogue, she's just enjoying being the proverbial fly-on-the-wall as the gifts are opened. She grins at them, and at the reaction that it gets out of both of them. But as they swap words, she raises her phone up and starts to take multiple pics of Hank receiving his gifts. She tries to be sly about it at first to ensure she can get some pics off without the big Blue stopping her but eventually she becomes much less stealthy and just leans forward with her elbows on the table and snaps off another shot of him, and Carrie together!

"That's just the cutest thing I ever did see." The Belle says softly then before lowering her phone and raising her tea glass up for a sip from it. "Let me know if ya want me t'come see Daddy too, Miss Carrie. If he gets flustered, I'll distract him and bring'im back down t'earth." Whatever that means!

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley reaches into her purse to pull out the entire container of silvervine stick which was in a twist-cap bottle like some prescription. It was the branding of the item. It's plopped into the container along with the others already in there and twisted tight to hopefully seal the smell off from poor Hank. "If it helps that's great, but I'd rather you at least take it knowingly as opposed to me accidentally surprising you about it," she adds apologetically. The bottle is tucked down into the gift bag for his future use, if he so wishes.

Then Rogue is leaning forward catching them with goofy smiles together as she had been smiling at him watching his reactions and unexpecting of the pictures herself. "Oh! I.... Geeze," she mumbles blushing again with a laugh, and ducking her head just a bit. "No, I don't think that's a great idea. He's still the 'most eligible bachelor' in Gotham and my youngest brother would have a fit. He's fifteen, he's not used to Bruce being... Bruce." Marie is eyed before she adds, "He would definitely flirt with you."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Yup. Totally relaxed. Any tension he had was gone, the big man reaching for the drink in front of him. Clever Marie, taking back her tea! He takes a sip, not minding photos at all! He's never really been shy, honestly. "I mean, the most eligible bachelor and a newly graduated young lady of southern charm?" He grins, sipping again.

"How would your brothers react to me?" He wonders. "Aside from the Beauty and the Beast jokes?" He's well aware of how that will go, especially nowadays. A serious look to Carrie. "I ... it's ok." A grin and a shrug. "Who knew it'd affect me?" A smile to her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking over at the bar area when Carrie talks about the most eligible bachelor bit... this makes her shoot her green gaze right back over to the Gothamite. She's got those big huge 'interested' eyes at that, but she tries to settle her youthful facial expression back into a casual state. "You don't say? Rich'n powerful, huh?" She grins lightly then. "I wouldn't mind charmin' the socks'a off'a someone like that, among other clothin' pieces." After saying THAT, she hoists her tea up for another sip before lowering it again. "BUT, I cannot. For I have sworn myself to a mysterious Cajun man who is rather difficult to track down sometimes."

She gives another glance around the bar as if she's looking for that very same Cajun in question, but he's no where to be seen. "I'm kinda interested in seein' Gotham now though, after talkin' about it this much." She looks back to Hank and Carrie. "Maybe I will head down there some time, see if I can get myself inta any trouble. I'mma fan'a trouble after all..."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley gives Rogue a look. It's one of those looks that says she'll be watching her, carefully. "Honestly, Bruce is more focused on his work than he lets on... And ew. Don't want to think of him in that position," she adds with a little shuddering cringe and her own tongue sticking out in response.

Hank's apparent relaxation at least does earn a softer smile from her in response. Joke or not, perhaps it wouldn't hurt for him to have this on occasion to help him get some rest. "Maybe there'll be some use for it after all then." Reaching out she gives his forearm a little squeeze before clearing her throat. "So. Pie," she reminds and gestures to the assortment.

Drinks, pie, and jokes. Not a bad evening.