208/Breakstone Stroll

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Breakstone Stroll
Date of Scene: 01 March 2020
Location: Backyard - Xavier's School
Synopsis: A nice little stroll along the lake.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Its about 55 degrees out in NY tonight, and a few of the students had setup a fire out by the lake. Rogue had been invited out with them and she was eager to go. She, in turn, invited Remy to go with her and whether he went (or showed up at the same time as she) she'd showed up and was eager to sit and enjoy the time with others at the school out by the fire. With the evening rolling onward though, Rogue had stood up from her seat by the fire and walked down to the water's edge to pull her coat around herself and stare out at the water that had thawed out some since last week when it was frozen over by ice and snow.

Rogue sucks in a deep breath of air and she lets it slowly out from between her lips, causing waves puffs of steamy breath to roll out in front of her face. Her eyelids blink a few times as she sweeps her right hand in front of her face to brush her white bangs out of the way.

Behind her, the fire is going, some of the students are sitting together, some of them romantically involved while the rest just kids having a good time.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey, you be careful dancin' round dat fire, cher," a Cajun voice calls to one of the students telling a very animated story near the bonfire, "You catch fire you not gonna like havin' to jump in de ice water to put youself out."

As he says it, Remy moves up to a chair next to Rogue that had been occupied by one of the students a moment ago but who had gotten up to go and find a bathroom. Remy looks down at the phone and sweatshirt folded up neatly on the seat and, with a brush of his arm, pushes them down onto the sand. Satisfied, he sets the seat a little closer to Rogue and flops down into it.

"Hey, mon catin," he murmurs, tipping to look over his glasses at her, "You nice an' toasty?"

Rogue has posed:
Remy's words draw Rogue's eyes over on to him and with it a smile shows upon her lips. One side of her face bathed in the orange glow of the fire's light and the other covered in the darkness of the rest of the yard. "I'm better than toasty." She says to the man she'd invited here to Xavier's. There's music playing on one of the student's phones and it adds to a quiet and calm ambiance. Rogue leans forward and rests her elbows on top of her knees as she sips from her cup of non alcoholic beverage. She sets it to the side then and moves to stand up.

Her arms wrap her jacket around her midsection and she walks over to Remy's chair to look down at him, then offer him a gloved hand to take it and stand up with her. "Wanna go on a walk?" She asks him then. "And I do not mean that like you're my dog and I'm worried you're about t'pee on my rug." She adds with a sly grin down to the Cajun. Up high above the moon is bright and high in the sky casting a white glow down upon the otherwise dark yard of Xavier's back grounds and the edges of Breakstone Forest.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dat's okay, mon catin," Remy says, taking the offered hand and rising smoothly to his feet, "I was gonna pee on the rug, so probably best you stop me before I do, non?"

There's a broad grin on his face still as he settles in alongside her, crooking his elbow so she can loop her arm through it like some old chivalric gentleman. That done, he sets the pace strolling amiably off along the lakeshore.

"You stealin' me out to de woods to ravage me? I should worn you, you still got dat coma skin."

Rogue has posed:
With him at her side, Rogue just takes his arm and holds him close... or rather, stands close to his side as she looks over and up at him. She grins, big. "I wouldn't dream'a doin' nothin' to you that you didn't ask for, sugah." She says, softly no less.

They walk down one of the stone pathways that starts toward the woods and around the lake that eventually turns into dirty pathways that lead to the campsites. "Besides." Rogue interjects in the otherwise silence that settled in. "The Breakstone Slasher lives out here, ya know?" She grins to Remy again, referring to Logan... the man she'd come to Xavier's with. The X-Men who'd stumbled across her by happenstance. "But don't worry... I'll protect ya."

She says this with a sassy sultry undertone to her words. Some of the students at the fire behind them shout out to them. "Don't make out with her, Cajun! We don't want to have to haul your dead body back to the school!" Seniors. They're a-holes. Fun, but a-holes.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You better," Remy tells Rogue, reaching out to prod her in the shoulder with one long finger, "You're de one with all the super-strength and bein' able to fly. What good a few firecracker playin' cards do against a genuine Jason Vorhees, hein?"

When he hears the seniors shout out, he glances back over his shoulder towards them and calls back: "Y'all don't worry about me. I got dis full body condom I bought. Never felt safer!"

He turns back to Rogue, lowering his voice back to it's normal volume, "Not really. Sorry to disappoint, cher."

Rogue has posed:
The comment about the body condom gets a few laughs from those back at the fire, Rogue just shakes her head and grins at Remy in the dark as they walk. "Its okay. I didn't really believe ya anyhow." She states before just looking up at him while they walk past one of the little dim pathway lights set into the ground beside the well manicured path. "I'm pretty sure that mutation'a yours is can do more than that too. In fact, here--" She starts to dig around into the pocket of her half-trench coat of dark charcoal wool. She pulls out a few wadded up pieces of paper receipts from earlier when they'd all gone out to buy supplies for the cook out and fire.

"Donnez-moi un spectacle de lumière?" She asks for a light show, with a sultry and playtful tone to her voice as she leans over against him while they walk down the pathway toward the darker edges of the lake further away from the school and its well cared-for sections.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I can do dat," Remy says with a half-smile, taking the receipts gingerly from Rogue and turning them all over in his hands, "You testin' me? T'inkin' we're gonna go fight crime together. Maybe be Avengers? You? I t'ink dey take you. Me? Not so much."

He plucks the first receipt out of his palm and holds it between his fingers. A moment later it begins to glow, rapidly taking on a brilliant purple glow in his hands. He tosses it away and ahead of them in the path, where it strikes the ground and explodes with all the force, sound, and light of a firecracker. He does the same for a few more, tossing them as they pop and bang on the ground before them.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes watch the purpley fireworks as the Cajun sets them off ahead of them along the pathway. She grins at the show and looks over to him, leaning over against him. "I wouldn't dream'a ever bein' on a team like the Avengers. I don't think they'd have any interest in me, especially after what I did t'Captain Marvel. In fact, if I ever even run across'em, they'll probably try'n throw me inta some kinda cell or somethin'."

Her eyes go back to the fancy fireworks that the Cajun is able to produced and it makes her grin while she walks past one of the explosive reactions on the path that just sizzles and sparks against the rocks and wet grass still recovering from last week's snowfall.

"I think you're probably capable'a more than you realize, Remy LeBeau." She tells him then. "I get the sense you don't even fully realize how much you /can/ do. Thats why I think its important for ya t'be here, for ya t'train with these guys. They seem t'be... if nothin' else... at least pushin' t'be the best that they can with their mutations."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Maybe," Remy muses, throwing another receipt onto the ground and watching it explode with a snap that reflects off the dark surface of the sunglasses he wears, "Though if they try to lock you up, I t'ink I prob'ly bust you out. They can't have you."

The words about his powers and training seem to fall on deaf ears for a moment. He throws one last receipt and, having gone through all of them now, slips his hands back into the pockets of his coat. He tilts his head slightly, as though he wants to rest it atop Rogue's but avoiding the actual contact.

"I stay an' learn for you, mon catin," he promises, "If that's what you want."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the next bit of power display from Gambit get exploded on the pathway that they're sharing. She then separates from him and starts to walk ahead of him but quickly turns around to look at him and walk backward, her shoes impacting against the gravel with quiet crunches of rubber over rock. She... has a smile on her face, a smile that is aimed right up at him as she walks backward aimlessly with her eyes on him.

"I'm glad." She says to him in a soft voice, adding a shake of her head. "I haven't had anyone that I liked havin' around. Not in a long time." As they pass by the pathway that leads up to Logan's cabin. "Aside from him." She says, noting his cabin up on the hill in the distance. "He helped me get here. I owe him for that." She states before looking back to Remy. "But... I'm glad t'have... somethin' more. Its makin' me happy, for the first time in a long time, Remy."

With a quick little grin the 18 year old girl then suddenly turns toward the lake and she runs out toward it, but rather than splash into cold water in 40-something degree weather, Rogue just extends her foot and sliiiiides out across the water as though it were ice, her boots only barely touching the surface of the water and leaving a wake barely expanding out behind her while her boots skim the surface of the water.

The Belle then lunges up into the air and sweeps up above the branches before eventually soaring around and coming back down to swoop past Remy on the path and drop down onto the gravel a few feet away, grinning. "Now, lets talk about these body condoms, yeah?" She tilts her head to the side and struts slowly toward him.