2089/Bowlin' Night

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Bowlin' Night
Date of Scene: 12 June 2020
Location: Cosmic Bowling
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy go BOWLING!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
For Rogue, bowling was a return to her ... well it was like stepping back to Mississippi. Meridian, Mississippi to be exact. Her aunt, and her aunt's boyfriend, used to go once a week to one of TWO bowling alleys in Meridian where they'd battle it out in their epic (not really) league night. There'd be nachos and out of shape people in silly bowling shirts with silly bowling shoes, all duking it out in team matches.

Little Anna-Marie used to tag along for a lot of those nights up until she turned 13 and decided she was too cool for that kind of thing. She'd been an angry child, after her aunt took her in. Losing her parents at age 6 had made her that way. Bowling night was one of the few things young Anna-Marie did like doing though, because they had an arcade there and later around the ages of 10 to 12 she started liking to go to interact with the kids, the boys. She liked teasing them while they played video games.

Eventually that all went away. Bowling became a thing of her past. Until now.

Walking into the alleyway, Rogue looks around and pushes her sunglasses up to her forehead. "These places always look the same." She says with a sly grin. "Though this one looks a bit newer. Fuggin' Westchester, always with the best stuff."

The Belle looks over to the man she'd come with and smiles at him. Her two toned hair is brushed freshly and nicely laying down around her shoulders, she's wearing a light green tshirt under her leather jacket that goes down to her waistline - exposing a bit of her stomach and the small of her back before her low-rise jeans take over.

"I promise not t'throw a ball through the back wall'n get us kicked outta here." She says with a grin on her dusky red painted lips.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oh, we actually bowlin'? I just wanted one of dere hotdogs dey make here."

Remy has foregone his usual heavy coat as the weather now makes that untenable. Besides, he wouldn't be much of a thief if he needed a lot of voluminous pockets to hide things. Instead, he wears a sleeveless white tank-top and a pair of jeans. A long-sleeved red and black check button-down has been tied around his waist in a lazy knot. As ever, dark sunglasses mask his eyes completely.

"I guess I make de same promise, hein? No makin' explodin' bowlin' balls."

That said, he lazily moves towards the counter and pulls his wallet from his back pocket. Three crisp, folded notes are laid out flat on the counter as he speaks to the attendant.

"Dat extra twenty is so you make sure our shoes are clean, cher."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns to walk backwards for a few steps after he makes that hotdog comment. She just grins at him. "Only if ya wanna." She replies before sweeping back around and very nearly running into a man in his 40s who is the quintessential 'dad bod' type. She grins at him. "Sorry about that, Sugah. Nearly bowled ya right over." He laughs and dismisses it as he steps around to go join his family at their table.

Rogue looks to Remy then with a smile. "Bowlin' humor. Slays in places like this, not sure why..."

She stands close to the Cajun as he orders their stuff up, her hands in her jacket pocket, though she does take her phone out to glance at the time and at her messages, but she stuffs it back away since she's a lady and lady's don't sit on their phone when they're out socializing like this.

When she's asked she tells the shoe-giver her size and then grins over at Remy. "Ya know you're probably gonna kill me at this. You throw like a Major League pitcher, I'm not sure I can compete with that kinda accuracy." She's being coy, he'll hear it in her voice, bu she's also sincere too!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dere's a lotta difference between a card an' a bowlin' ball, cher," Remy answers, taking both pairs of shoes from the counter when they're offered and walking over towards their lane. As he walks, he pauses for a moment to think over what Rogue has said before grinning and adding, "But yeah, you're prob'ly right. How 'bout winner pays for de movie after?"

He raises his eyebrows behind the glasses he wears as he steps down onto the lane, dropping into one of the seats and reaching out to take the Belle by the forearm and draw her down temporarily onto his lap. They've been together long enough now that he's almost unconsciously aware of touching her bare skin, and easily avoids it.

"Say, you're all graduated now, right?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue follows him down to the lane level via a few stairs, then lets her eyes roam around those already playing. It's Friday so they're going to go full Cosmic bowling soon, and that's usually when the younger bowlers show up. When he comes up with terms for their winnings tonight, she shows a grin at him as he flops down into a seat.

"Sounds like a deal t'me." She says in a calm and casually sultry tone. At his leverage, she takes the chance to sit down on his lap and drape one arm around his shoulders. She's got her jacket on still, so there's not /too/ much skin showing yet to threaten his well being.

A smile spreads over her lips at him as she rests there on his leg, staring right at him. "I am all graduated..." She confirms his question, slowly nodding her head and reaching up to pull some of the white strands of hair out of her youthfully attractive facial features.

"Why, you got a corporation job that you're lookin' t'hire me for, Mistah LeBeau?" She asks now, raising that slim pointed chin of hers up juuuust a little defiantly to look down all judgey at him with her green eyed gaze. "It better pay well. My services don't come cheap, ya know?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Maybe not a corporate job, no," Remy says with a shrug, "But maybe a suggestion, hein? Why don't we go down into de city for a few days? Maybe even go see Metropolis? Get outta tiny-town for a little?"

Westchester really isn't that small. Comparatively the major cities dwarf it, yes, but it isn't like it lacks for the amenities Remy wants. All the same, he's been more or less living in the area for months and it became clear that its beginning to grate. He's used to moving around.

"Maybe see 'bout findin' somewhere to live down in de city?"

Rogue has posed:
Even weighing somewhere in the 110 lbs range, Rogue doesn't feel more than 5 lbs when seated on Remy's lap. That's the advantage of having a girl who can manipulate her own gravitational pull, which she's doing right now to make sitting on Remy's lap all the more easy for him - she's a very courteous girl, this southern belle!

At his question, suggestions and offer, she starts to grin at him. "You don't like Salem Center?" She asks then, glancing around their immediate area. "God, if you don't like this town, you'd hate Meridian within five or ten minutes." Her eyes go back to him and she leans a little closer. "And if ya didn't hate it that quickly, I'd think there was somthin' wrong with ya."

She leans back again and does that tightening of her jawline/chin tip again. "I'll take you up on this offer, though, cause it sounds ... Well it sounds like the kinda thing I used t'dream about doin' when I was little'n starin' at maps that I yoinked outta all the National Geographic's in my aunt's den."

For a second, she bites down on her bottom lip. "I gotta start lookin' at places t'go to school, and figurin' out how t'pay for it too. But, that's not very 'fun' stuff. I'm guessin' you wanna go focus on a bit more fun stuff than that." She leans her head over and lays it down on his shoulder then, the white bangs of her hair falling across her face then. "Let's just not get a place that's infested with rats, yeah?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy nods his head, reaching up a hand to grab Rogue's upper arm and giving it a light squeeze. It's then that he slips up from the seat, lightly setting her down on it in his place and moving towards the little control panel in the middle of the seating area. He types in their names onto the scoreboard, glancing up towards the overhead screen as he does so.

"I t'ink I can agree with dat," he answers after a moment, "No rats. I mean, you gotta find a college an' all but you don't have to find it right dis second. Let's jus' have fun a little bit, mon catin. You're a damn superhero - you don't need to rush'n get your bachelors in accountin' or whatever jus' yet."

Rogue has posed:
When Remy picks Rogue up and sets her down on the chair, he does so with little strain what so ever and when he moves over to type their names into the console she sees that a little blond boy behind her chair is now staring at her so she grins at him and waves. "He's very strong." She says to the kid who just witnessed him move her like she weighed as much as a balloon.

The kid just smiles and goes to throw his ball while his parents are eating nachos and talking to each other at their own table.

Rogue then looks back to Remy, her hands in her lap as she leans back against the chair. "You're right, a livin' space there would be a big deal. I dunno. I got so attached t'this place in the past six months. It's the first place I've ever lived that made me feel like I was 'home'. But you're right. I can't imagine all the fun we could have down in the city. I went down there last weekend t'hang out with a couple friends, and we just jumped from a few bars back to their apartment. It was... yeah, good times."

She grins then when he calls her a super hero and he does it just as the little boy comes back who now heard /that/ too. Rogue looks to the kid and shakes her head. "Not one you've heard'a." She tells the kid who just grins and runs over to the table to get his soda.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"She punched a giant robot," Remy tells the kid with an earnest nod of his head, "If you haven't heard about her yet, you're gonna. Got a pen? You oughta get her autograph."

As though to answer his own question, Remy reaches into his pocket and produces a marker. Where did he even get it from? He's still grinning as he holds it out for the kid to take, nodding his head encouragingly towards Rogue. Once he's handed it off, he glances over to speak to her.

"De mansion is nice, cher, but it's a school. An' it's a hidin' place. You got a life waitin' to be lived."

Rogue has posed:
The exchange with the kid and the marker makes Rogue grin. She shakes her head at him and glances over to the kid who's run off to get something from his parents to have her sign. The parents glance over to Rogue, and the dad sits up and calls out. "Will you sign some stuff for me too?" Which gets the mother to backhand his shoulder. She waves at Remy and the Belle then reaches into her bag to pull out a comic book that was rolled up. It's an Avengers comic of all things. "He loves Superheroes!" She says over the fairly loud music playing in the lanes.

The kid rushes over to get it signed and Rogue smiles to him. "Here. I don't know if this'll ever matter much, but I'll give it a shot." She stylizes her name 'Rogue' across the upper right corner and then adds a message with the boys' name after her tells it to her.

The kid then asks her what she can do and Rogue leans over and says to him. "I can fly, and I can lift cars over my head." He asks her to 'PROVE IT!' and the Belle then goes on to explain that she can't do stuff like that here inside the building, but she does take a second to look around and then 'lifts up off of the chair a few inches' while still pretending to be sitting on it.

The kid sees her do it and his eyes get HUGE! Rogue grins at him and lowers back down once more. The kid is very impressed! He runs over to his parents - who appear to be in in their 30s - and after a moment the dad nods his head. "She definitely made me rise up a bit too." Aaaand he gets another backhand from his wife. They're drinking! Alcohol infused jokes!

Rogue looks back to Remy then, she stands up and walks over to him to brush up against him. "My first autograph." She syas with a grin. "What d'ya bet the dog chews that comic up within a week though?" A smile is given to Remy then though before Rogue moves to pick up the pink ball on the rack to start the game off.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"If it does, dat's his loss - dat's gonna be worth a bundle one day. Genuine Avengers comic signed by Rogue herself. He better keep it in a pressure sensitive safe with a vacuum seal."

Remy glances over to hear the father's comments and raises his eyebrows, grinning to himself but saying nothing. Once more her turns back around to Rogue, folding his hands on the console in front of himself and leaning forward.

"So, we got a deal? We head down dere and see if we can find a nice place? Given you can fly around, I don't t'ink commutin' back up here will be too much of a problem, hein?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes her first shot on the lane, ending up with two pins left on the far right corner. She's doing her best to keep her power level down so that she's just throwing the ball like a 'normal' person, but i nthe past six months she's gotten way better at controlling said power, and she's able to mostly hide herself from the world - with regard to what she's actually capable of. She also did that little butt-waggle thing before both of her throws, as it is - in her words - 'Gettin' ready to pounce like a cat'.

When she gets back and she hears his last words she smiles at him and sweeps over to raise her gloved hand up and press it against his cheek. She kisses the back of her hand to show a gesture of kissing his face if she were able.

"Sounds like a lovely time, Mistah LeBeau." She tells him then with a sultry lingering stare, then she passes by him and whacks his butt with the back of that same hand.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"If you ain't careful you're gonna make your older fan over dere die of envy," Remy replies, tilting his head back towards the dad seated behind them, "Den where'll dat leave you with your fan, huh?"

The Cajun lines up and bowls the ball down the lane. True to Rogue's speculation, there's an uncanny level of accuracy in the throw. It rolls right down the middle before peeling off to the side, wiping out the pins on one side and sending them skittling into the others to give him a strike. He turns about to face away from the lane and bows deeply before kissing the back of his hand in not-at-all-modest gesture.

"I'm lookin' forward to dat movie, cher."