2168/A tale of Two Kitties

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A tale of Two Kitties
Date of Scene: 20 June 2020
Location: Tribeca
Synopsis: Spider-Man meets up with Tigra, crosses the Black Cat's path, and gets close to a Singularity.
Cast of Characters: Peter Parker, Felicia Hardy, Greer Grant, Singularity

Peter Parker has posed:
It's a hot night in the City That Never Sleeps. The stars are shining, people are gravitating towards ice cream shops, iced lattes, and public pools.

Spider-Man, on the other hand, is doing his usual thing. Which is getting stuck in trouble up to his eye-lenses.

Right now, he's "skiing" behind a Wells Fargo armored truck. He's snagged a discarded plastic garbage-can lid, so he's weaving to keep from getting wiped out by traffic. Also, not worrying about gunfire. Armored trucks do have windows, but they are bulletproof plexiglass, so good luck knocking them out to shoot at him.

He is trying to sort out options while bouncing off walls as the fifty-ton truck takes a corner at speed...

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy was actually just having a night out for herself. Blue jeans. Black blouse. All prim and buttoned and not showing any unnecessary skin whatsoever. She'd be uncomfortably hot if she didn't have a chocolate ice cream cone in hand, freshly bought and twice licked.

And if she wasn't wearing her Black Cat suit underneath. Enhanced climate control is the best purchase she ever made.

Another lick, and the armored truck wheels around the intersection. Felicia just kind of stares as it goes by, followed by a Spider-Ski. "...Well, okay." A fourth lick and she turns, trotting off into an alleyway. A muffled grunt as a would-be mugger is laid out cold, twenty seconds of silence, and then a grapple line shoots out of the alleyway, up to the rooftops. Black Cat is in pursuit!

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer has found herself a nice perch on top of a bus, her back against the cool metal roof and the Avenger has her hands clasped behind the back of her head when a call comes in.

    "It's where?" Greer asks, sitting up straight with a hand still on the roof keeping her proped up. "Oh. There." She says as the armored car comes zooming past. "I'm on it." She says before she leaps off the bus and lands on top of the Armored Car. Looking over the back, her tail and hair flap wildly in the wind as she spies spiderman on the back and smirks at him. "Room for two?" She calls to the smaller hero.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man is working out the logistics of the best way to stop an armored car....

And then a humanoid tigress lands on the roof of the truck, looking back at him, and he is momentarily flummoxed by the flamboyant feline. Then the Spider-Sense kicks in and he realizes he is about to crash into a fire hydrant.

He does an odd kind of forward-flip, vaulting over the hydrant to land on the lid again.

"Uh...HI. Uhm, maybe you can distract the driver?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Black Cat vaults, flips, and lands on a rooftop, quickly padding to the edge. "Okay, just need to cause a little..." She narrows her eyes *focuses*, and tries to will something terrible on the driver of the van. But then she blinks, startled. Is that a...tiger?

A nearly naked tiger. And she's working with Mr. Spider.

Felicia's eyes narrow further, and her focus shifts, "Only room for two kitties here, Ms. Tiger." Her white teeth suddenly gleam in the night, "And you're not one of them. Off."

Singularity has posed:
    Meanwhile, above the city is a blue dot, floating along. Not really a blue dot if you get close of course. More of a blue girl, as Singularity has finished her job for the day and is doing what she often does...which is just people watch and get used to the interesting things in this world! She finds that being at ground level seems to distract people a lot, so she tries not to overdo that. But then, seeing the truck out of control, that attracts her attention as she seems to fall into herself with a *poink* noise, then reappears about twenty feet in the air above the developing chase, blinking a bit. Well. That looks dangerous! She zooms ahead of the truck quickly, trying to quickly teleport any people or vehicles in the way out of the way as quickly as she can!

Greer Grant has posed:
    "You got it spidey." Tigra says, lifting two fingers up to the temple and then casting them down before turning to moves towards the front of the armored vehicle and using her multiple claws to get strong purchase on the roof so she can lean forward and appear upside down at the driver. As she's about to bend fully over, her tail keeps her balance and she pauses. "Well excuse me. I was here first... um... you." She says towards Felicia with a lift of a black eyebrow.

    Stripes looks back at the surfing spider and asks, "Friend of yours, does she know I'm an avenger?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey glanced up to see...hoo, boy, the felonious feline on the rooftop. He looks back to Tigra, then says, "I dunno. But that's the Black Cat, and she's a cat burglar. Kinda successfull, leave us not gild the LAHHHHH!"

The armored car wabbles slightly as the driver tries to shake off both Tigra and the Spider, and then they barrel through an intersection, narrowly missing two cars and five pedestrians, who escape certain death by...not being where they were, appearing on the sidewalk in an eyeblink. They all look stunned, with one of them saying, "Whu hoppen?" as the truck careens along the road.

"Okay. Cat now, chat later!"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Suddenly cowering a bit, Felicia's eyes go wide, "Did she *hear* me?!" Ducking down behind the rise of the rooftop's wall with her back to it, she says, "I really need to stop monologuing..." She pauses, and glances aside. "Like I'm doing right now."

She bristles a bit at 'kinda successful', and looks like she's about to monologue again when she instead starts to shuffle quickly behind the rooftop's edge on hands and knees, grumbling quietly to herself. She manages to hold it in for about 20 feet, just in case someone decided she was a bigger threat than a multi-ton armored car.

"What's he doing linking up with another cat anyway?" she mutters quietly to herself as she risks peeking down below to see if the armored car is still there or zooming out of view.

Singularity has posed:
    The floating blue girl darts back and forth as she flickers in and out of existence, narrowing avoiding people getting run down byt he runaway truck, before she blinks back in front of it. Well. This will not do. Someone might get HURT! Oh! The Spiderperson!

    She pauses to wave to Spider-Man where he's skiing along behind the truck! Then regards the tigery person on the front of the vehicle with a bit of concern as she crawls out, moving up a bit closer in case she falls off, as she tries to keep an eye on what's in front of the truck as it moves along, flying at the same speed in front of it. "Hi!" she says to Tigra.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "I'm doing cat now! Stop tryin' to boss me around Spidey." Tigra says before turning around and moving back towards the front of the armored car and spying with her enhanced vision a fourth force here helping out today. "It's cool, we got help! Keep it up whoever you are." Tigra shouts praise towards the Singularity.

    Greer whips the hair behind her head with a wave of her chin and the wind certainly keeps it back there as she couches on all four and then leans forwards and over to "Surprise." At the driver. "You gonna stop this thing or do you wanna deal with me and the spandex kid back there?" She motions towards the rear of the truck.

Peter Parker has posed:
Any comment about "the spandex kid" is lost as the driver tries to maneuver around JEEZUM-IT'S A TIGER!

And with that, he makes a critical error in judgment. He yanks the wheel to the left.
The truck begins to skid sideways, which isn't too bad...if it wasn't for the concrete divider. The rear wheel hits that, and the truck stability goes out the window. It jumps the divider, tilting to land on its side with a horrendous SCREECH of metal against asphalt. Spider-Man jumps up as he finds himself moving faster than the truck is, letting go of the webline and landing on the left side of the truck, which has now become the TOP of the truck. He looks to Singularity, having caught a glimpse of the "magic trick" Singularity did, and recognizing her after a moment. "Hey there...thanks for helping."

He looks back to Tigra. "Nice job."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Peeking over the edge of the roof, Black Cat watches the car start to careen. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon..."

It hits the divider and her eyes widen. It falls on its side and she clenches her fists, waiting...! And then the truck just flops over, the rear doors staying firmly shut.

If she had movable ears, they'd flatten. But her expression says it well enough and she sighs. "Oh well." Eyeing the tiger person one more time, and the curious zippy/fly-y super she can't identify, she shakes her head with a fluff of white fur down her chest. Not worth the risk.

She stands, flicks her wrist off to the side, and a grapple line goes flying. "Next time, Mr. Spider." The grapple tinks into a building and she goes flying off into the darkness, swinging away.

Singularity has posed:
    As the heavy truck suddenly slews to the side and starts to roll, Singularity eyes widen in alarm as it starts to roll over and hits the concrete divider, sending pieces of stone flying as it shatters under the impact. She doesn't hesistate, zipping forward and snagging Greer around the middle, before there's a blue flash and suddenly she'sabout ten feet to the side, holding Greer with all the grace of a two year old attempting to carry the family cat around...but not seemingly bothered by Greer actually being a bit bigger than her as she carefuly sets her on her feet. "Safe." she says, in a satisfied tone. "Okay?" She looks between Greer and Spider-Man with concern as she settles to the ground herself.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer, not new to the superhero world, takes the whole thing in stride. "Safe..." She says, blinking at suddenly being on the sidewalk with a smaller girl holding her up in the air. Barely.

    Tigra allows herself to be held as if it was some punchline to a joke she didn't hear. "Heh, funny that. The doors didn't open, guess they're trapped huh spidey and ... you." She says twisting to pat Singularity on the top of her head and then looks back towards the Spider-Man. "You could have so handled that yourself." She winks playfully.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man chuckles. "Still glad you two were here. Hey there, Singularity. And..." He looks to Tigra. "So...what should I call you? I have a couple of ideas, but I don't want to start throwing out stuff, because fives of your...SIX ends get pointy."

Singularity has posed:
    The petite blue girl beams as she's patted. "Good." she says, peering up at her, then looking voer to Spider-Man, then furrows her brow, pausing to count on her fingers as she looks back at Greer, looking her over, even as she starts moving over towards the truck a little to peer inside. The people there might need help too! Car crashes are bad and criminals don't wear seatbelts enough.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "What do you mean 'what should you call me', You really don't know who I am." Tigra says with a sigh and a frown before she looks to Singularity as she walks away to examine the car crash. "I'm Tigra... the Avenger... Ugh. I swear they aren't giving me enough screen time anymore. This is bull. " The striped woman in a black bikini says with a frown as her tail begins to lash about against the nothingness, warning others of her annoyed attitude. "I mean... dang." She says as she steps over to the car on her bare padded feet to help get the door open to get the driver out of the toppled vehicle. "C'mon outta there. You doofus. You knwo we're in New York yeah? What did you expect?"

Peter Parker has posed:
The driver is trying to get away. No love for the two in the rear, who are probably already figuring out what to post on the walls of their jail cell.
The driver looks at the annoyed look on Tigra's face and just gives up. "Oughtta be a law against supes doing cop jobs," he mutters aggrievedly.

"Complain, coomplain, complain." Spider-Man shakes his head, then looks to Tigra. "Well...sorry I didn't recognize you earlier. Had to deal with a lot of stuff recently, even though that's no excuse." He looks around, then says, "I haven't seen you at work before, Tigra. You've got some seriously good moves."

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity floats over as Tigra busies herself with the driver, then vanishes again. She reappears a moment later with a pair of battered looking guys in masks, sans any weapons they had, as they settle to the grass as gently as she can manage. Probably a broken bone there or two! She then floats over to Tigra, then offers her hand. "Singularity." she offers, then points at the other woman. "Tigra!" She beams. Someone watches tv!    

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Single-arty got it." Greer says with a kindly smile. Names are hard, and so many people in her life lately it's been hard to keep up. Mistakes happen." She says, standing on top of the side of the truck, her hands falling to her sides as she poses for the noncameras all around (There's nothing around).

    "Spidey, don't sweat it, you don't have to play the hip and cool know it all with me. But thanks for the kindness. Now, I'm gonna go chase our burglar friend." She says, jumping off the car and running towards the building the white haired girl was on and she climbs up the wall, using her claws to find purchase and then vault herself upwards until she disappears over the roof and keeps working.