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Rupert's Raid!
Date of Scene: 21 June 2020
Location: Rupert's Pizzeria, NYC
Synopsis: After a gang of robbers rob Rupert's, the turtle family gets a whole lot bigger. Pizza is shared, communications are (soon to be) setup.
Cast of Characters: Alopex, Raphael, Kainashi, Casey Jones, Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Leena Danvers, Sally Pride

Alopex has posed:
        Time: 7:00, June 18, 2020
        Location: Rupert's Pizzeria

It wasn't the cities biggest, nor greatest, pizza place, but it was one the locals kept afloat through loyalty, word of mouth, and a little bit of generousity for the shelled-folk that loved the place. The very thought of such a beloved local shop being robbed was unheard of, and yet, at least 6 men were marching into the place, masks of various well known super heroes covering their faces, as they demand all the money in the register... as well as every ready pizza that was in the kitche. THE UTTER AUDACITY OF IT ALL.

    They were an .. odd lot. A Superman Mask, Iron Man, Thor, Batman, and Hulk, all being lead by a guy in a Joker mask. Well, they aren't ALL heroes, are they? That's the thought Alopex is having as she spies from a fair distance, scowling. While she actually prefered other foods, Pizza was a reliable staple. One she was actually hungry for tonight, and now her prefered pie was possibly being pilfered! "Oh, this won't do at all..."

Raphael has posed:
"No, it won't."

It's the voice of Raphael, suddenly mere feet away from the spot Alopex is watching from. It seems a group outing was in the cards for the turtles as well, with clothing to help with disguises. The trouble when it's warm and muggy is baggy clothes don't make the most sense, but it's what they've got to work with. The normally red-banded turtle has a baseball cap tugged low over his head, the clothing mostly hiding those turtle features. How did he get so close? Ninja doing ninja things.

He gestures toward the brothers with him, adding, "Leo's taking it from another direction in case we need a surprise. Pretty sure none of us are cool with these losers knocking off Rupert's. Thinking we should teach 'em a little lesson."

Kainashi has posed:
    Preferred pies pilfered? Pitiable, a pituitarily progressed pitbull poised for pouncing pretending perpitrators and phony protagonists, pathological punks pirating pepperoni and parmesean pizza, possibly prowling patiently for a piece!

    Well, that simply won't do, will it?

    Alongside Alopex, clad in her normal black shirt, Kainashi narrows her eyes, shifting her weight slightly behind and below the fox -- and her tail gives a wag as she turns, spotting Raphael as she gives a bit of a wag.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones wasn't invited, but he does live in the neighborhood. He pulls up in his beater old pick up truck, slapping the Chevy logo as he hops out and heads inside, planning to grab a pie and some wings to go. He can't miss the little gathering, though. He's not the world's greatest detective, heck, he's never even been to Gotham, but even he knows who that is. He's wearing his garage jumpsuit, with a few grease stains and the words CASEY JONES PROPRIETOR on the left breast in an iron on patch.

"DUDES! What is up, these are my boys right here, sweet masks, man, and you've made some, uh, new friends," he grins, "How you doin' ladies, Casey Jones, at your service. Sheeh, 'bout time you guys put an end to the sausage fest, am I right?"

Donatello has posed:
    There's a trickle of motion masked by a convenient shadow just over Raphael's shoulder. A form begins to become more obvious as a pile of clothes steps forward. It's an uncomfortable outfit for the weather: an over-sized brown trench coat with a long history told in stains and a wrinkled, tattered fedora. As the pile moves out of the shadow entirely, a bo staff can be seen strapped to the back of the coat.

    The clothes drape loosely over an embarrassed, awkward Donatello. He moves to get the hat out of his eyes, again, and steps closer to Raphael. Donnie peers, curiously, at his brother's friend. His curiosity is short, though, as he notices his own friend.

    The pile of clothes suddenly becomes more aware of how bad of an outfit it is.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Not cool, dude. Totally not cool." Michelangelo's baby-brother chimes follow that of Raphael, his normally ever-present smile thinned out into a crease as the idea of a local PIZZA SHOP getting robbed starts to marinate in his brain. Like his brothers, he's also dressed in 'civilian' attire. Or, well, what could maybe be classified as such. The turtle wears black sweats on his legs, with a bright orange strip along the sides. A grey hoodie can be seen on his body, though it looks old and worn with many holes and rips in the thing. On his face he wears a pair of sunglasses (despite it being night), which are tinted heavily with a similar colour of orange as seen on his pants.

"I'm all about teachin' lessons, bro. You know me." Yeah. That's not really true. "I say we get all ninja flame shadow dragon on these bums."

Naturally, he leans to the side to take in the form of Alopex, his head tilting. "...'sup. I'm Mikey. I dig your tail." Then he looks to Kainashi, that grin returning. "Your tail's cool too."

"Wha--?" Casey's sudden arrival and entry earns a visible recoil of surprise from Michelangelo, who very nearly stands up. "Looks like this is about to get messy. What do we do?"

Leonardo has posed:
The perimeter was secure...hence the 'other angle' Leo had insisted on dealing with. Unwanted intruders would not interrupt, as the area was reasonably secure, and this meeting could happen without unwanted interruptions. So it was the 4th Turtle, with his blue bandana, dropped into the middle of the scene.

Leo's outfit for this particular excursion was a long black trenchcoat. Under that trenchcoat was more black, very baggy clothing. He wore a black widebrimmed hat to shield his face from being seen, since he typically kept the brim down, looking slightly down.

It wouldn't hold up to thorough scrutiny, but Leo is doing his level best to not be revealed as a turtle, even if all this black more evokes Neo in the Matrix than an actual Shinobi. Well, he's trying.

Leena Danvers has posed:
For everyone observing the pizza place, the front door seems the least likely for someone new to enter. And yet there is a large figure that moves up to the door and opens it in one swift motion.

The massive raptor mutant practically slams the door open, "HEY!" She yells out, upon stepping inside, "I'm here to pick up an order for Danvers. It was supposed to be ready right now and.." She stops for a second as she looks around at the gathered group inside the resturant.

She takes a moment to pull her phone out and peers at it, and then back at the mask wearing goons, "You guys know it's like, June, right? Halloween's not for four more months." She blinks, "Oh wait unless you have some weird deformity. Let me see it!" She moves over to try to grab the mask off of the guy with the Iron Man one on, wanting to see what kind of hideous deformity he's hiding under the mask. He probably doesn't have a nose!

Sally Pride has posed:
Certain shellbacks weren't the only mutants with a taste for pizza pies. Especially when their usual option involved more bugs and worms than most of the crew cared for. Pete means well, but he just doesn't grasp that other mutants don't share bird tastes.

So pizzas were decided on, and being the one with a car Sally was sent to fetch the take-out order. It was a seemingly eternal work in process, but it ran more than well enough to go out for pizza.

And as luck would have it, a bit of crime on the side. The car parked on the other side of the street, but sharp eyes noted the mixmash of masked faces within the shop. And all too familiar raptor approaching. "Why is it so hard to just get some goddamn food in peace?" Sally growls under her breath. This is becoming a running gag or something.

She climbs out of her car, and darts across the street. Ballista is, well, being herself, so the lioness just sidles up behind her at the door. "Wow, rude girl. I see training hasn't done anything for your manners."

Alopex has posed:
    Ninjas do ninja things. Raphael proves it as much as his brothers do. "Fancy that, we're all craving the same thing. Those buffoons inside have no idea what's about to happen to them," she asides to Red before peering back at Orange. "Hey. ... Thanks." The compliment was taken well, but considering the situation, well, she's a little more concerned about the folks inside. Purple gets a look, Blue isn't around, and Jones just.. walked in. "Did he just.. " then Ballista does. "..." Then SALLY Does. "Oh for.." the fox just motions for the door, mostly for Kai's benefit, and then the fox is dropping to street level to head inside.

    INSIDE, the whole gang of 'heroes' just stares at the few that have come in the door. They're clearly armed, clearly dangerous, but the ones coming in seem to be freaks, naive, or just ... something else. Iron Man doesn't take well to his mask being snatched at, trying to throw a punch, before the others just charge. "This place is ours now! Get out!"

Raphael has posed:
Raphael rubs a hand across his face. "Did someone set up a beacon here or something?" What are the odds? While the canine with the fox gets a cursory glance from him, his focus has shifted directly to the entrance to Rupert's as Casey enters, Ballista shows up, /and/ then so does Sally.

Seriously, the odds. Someone should get a lottery ticket before the night is over.

As a few louder words emanate from within, the doors opening as people enter, a few are already rushing out. Raphael cracks his knuckles. "I dunno about the rest of you, but you can all hang around with your mouths wide open if you want. I'm gonna have me some fun."

He was watching Predator earlier. Then, he's vaulting down toward the street, moving swiftly to close the gap. Sai slide into both hands.

Kainashi has posed:
    Kainashi pauses, and looks to Alopex and asks "'Sausage fest' to wa nanidesu ka?" <What is a 'sausage fest'?> to the white fox, before Mikey pipes up, and her scarred-up face breaks into an uneasy smile to at the orange-bandana'd turtle complimenting her tail, which curls under slightly as her ears pin at him, and the black clad pitbull gives a little wave, snuffing the air and giving an easy smile to Donatello, and then points at the fox, and opens her mouth to introduce them when -- in goes Casey. In goes Ballista. Aaand Sally.

    "Um... we... should probably not let the angry lizard get at them... and Raph." she shrugs, and then vaults forwards, falling down with grace, rebounding off a fire escape and goes for the side door -- simply pulling it open, regardless of any locks as she dips inside to head 'em off at the pass!

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones snags a broom leaning agaainst the wall and pivots, spinning it around his head and then thrusting the filthy bristles right into Batman's mask, "Have a sniff of justice, BITCH," he says. He flicks the broom into a crossbar and hunches low, driving up into Batman's midsection and up into the air and over a table.

Casey vaults up onto a table with Batman in tow and just dives right through the front window of the pizzeria and out into the street, glass spattering around them, getting little cuts on his arms as he rides the would-be robber onto the sidewalk below with a whump, throwing a few punches downwards before popping back up again.


Sally Pride has posed:
Despite the casual snarking remarks at her of-sorts rival Sally was on tense alert. She was no ninja, but she was a trained soldier with feline reflexes and the predator's strength to go with them.

No sooner as the men charge one finds a clawed hand grabbing his head. Then a heel strikes to crack his knee, and the grip used to force down and slam his head into one of the tables. That would hurt on it's own, but wearing a mask means that plastic is dug into his skin from the impact as well. As he recoils back and collapses said mask is crunched enough you can't tell who it was suppose to be.

Sally leans out of another thug trying to punch her, and takes a moment to admire Casey's improvisation with the broom. "That's one way to sweep him off his feet," she cracks.

Kainashi has posed:
    "Why does justice smell like bacon?!" Kainashi calls out from the side, interjectedly.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Dude, did a //dinosaur// just walk into Woody's?" Mikey asks, observing Ballista enter the store so casually. "...heh heh. Hey, hey Donny." He starts, rounding on his brother in the shadows. "What do dinosaurs put on their pizza?" Pause. "...tomato-saurus." His smile widens more into a snerking snicker, bemused by his own wit. Sally's subsequent arrival loosens his jaw. That's three people that have just gone in. "Yo, what's up with all the mutant animals running around topside now? And we're still stuck in the sewers." The quickly-made grumpy statement is quickly forgotten though as he stands up.

"Hey, wait up!" Impressionable and naive, Michelangelo follows Raphael down through the surrounding shrubbery, bounding across the wilderness and towards the street. "I got dibs on the Hulk!" Reaching behind his back, the orange-themed turtle grasps for his nunchaku.

Leena Danvers has posed:
The guy in the Iron Man mask swings at Ballista, and he finds himself punching a very large set of open teeth which clamp down around his arm at about the elbow. She doesn't FINISH the bite, but she does apply enough pressure to make sure he's going to need to go to the hospital at the very least.

A moment later she opens her mouth and rubs her tongue with her hand, "Ew ew ew. Gross. You taste disgusting. Bleeeah." She spits on the ground and then kicks the guy in the gut, keeping her talon from disemboweling him...For the most part.

She quickly moves over to the counter and grabs a beer from the fridge, despite the ongoing scuffle, because she needs something to wash that terrible taste out of her muzzle.

Leonardo has posed:
As quickly as he appears, the turtle in black disappeared. Poof, gone. However his brothers wanted to fight, Leo insisted on doing things 'the right way.' And the right way was what Splinter taught all 4 of them, which was 'don't be seen' if you can help it.

Shortly after Leo disappears, one of the thugs just...isn't there anymore. If people look around long enough, they'll find him unconscious in a trash bin. A now closed trash bin. Yeah, even Leo likes to 'take out the trash.' And also teach some hard lessons to whoever the unfortunate soul is who wakes up in a trash bin. So it goes for the poor unfortunate soul in a Thor mask. Bad luck to be him. Bad luck to be standing near an open window. The trash bin of a pizza joint...yes, well, this goon will have to shower for the next 5 days to get that stench off.

The Matrix looking dude in a wide brimmed hat is nowhere to be found, at least, not obviously. A ninja chooses his moment. Sooner or later a thug will step too close to a window or other entrypoint to the outside, and, well...

Such a disappearance is a little unnerving for the guy in a Hawkeye mask, and, "...Dude, where'd Frank go?"

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello can't help but smile at his brother's joke. "Good one, Mikey..." Donnie calls out. When Raphael moves in, Donnie raises his brow and nods at Michelangelo. Here we go again. Donnie vaults over the edge of the building and joins the action! The pile of clothes flutters from the roof to a fire escape and then drops towards the ground. Somewhere in the middle of all that, the bo staff got freed from its binding and found its rightful spot, clutched loosely in Donatello's hands.

    Once the outfit falls to the ground in a rumpled pile, Donnie stands up and looks left, then right. To the right, and towards the back door, went his new friend Kai. To the left, his brother Raphael. Donnie twirls his bo staff and begins to awkwardly chase after Raph, the oversized coat clearly getting in his way.

Alopex has posed:
    Thor is trashed, Iron Man is gashed, and Hulk is about to get smashed. All before Alopex even gets in the door! Bats has a broom in his face, Supes is making a face, and poor Joker, not being the real one, doesn't have an ace. In fact, the moment Alopex is through the door she has the crazy clown-masked-clown lunging at her with a fist. Rather than take a hit to the jaw, she does that thing ninjas, and most martial artists, do when a fist tries to forcefully introduces itself to their face. She sidesteps, snatches the arm, uses the weight and momentum, and tosses the man into the table right next to the door. "You picked the wrong restraunt," she growls out.

    The fox glances up, giving a shrug to Sally, "This starting to feel normal to you?" she asks before giving a glare at Ballista chugging. "... You know I can't blame her. Humans -do- taste -terrible-.." she muses before Joker stirs, earning him another swift shot to the chest. "Stay."

Kainashi has posed:
    Superman was backing away from everyone, stumbling, taking a few steps towards the back door when he hears the low, gutteral growling of one Kainashi -- who simply picks him up by the collar of his jacket, tosses him into a cabinet for dry goods, and bends the doors together so that they can't open.

    "Safer in there." she states dryly -- then turns to the rest of the assembled mutates and one random human.

    ... her tail wags slightly.

    "... does this mean I can get extra pepperoni on my pizza?"

Sally Pride has posed:
"Yeah. It kind of is." Despite that Sally smirks a bit more at Alopex's remark. "Especially when they probably ain't bathed lately," Sally says loud enough to be sure Ballista hears it.

And one of the other thugs goes abruptly absent, with no sign of how or where too. "... That also feels oddly familiar."

None the less she stoops down to grab the one she'd table-slammed by the front of his shirt and hoist him off the floor. "Don't want to be rude guests and leave a mess after the party though."

She tosses him towards the window that was already smashed by Casey. No sense in breaking more than necessary.

Leena Danvers has posed:
"Ugghhh. So gross." Ballista takes another drink from the beer, "So hey, uh. Can I still get my pizza?" She asks, as she tries to look towards the back for the guy who runs the place.

She turns to look back at the gathered group, "Okay look, I know I've tried to fight you guys in the past, but that's when I'm on the clock. Right now I'm off the clock and I just wanna eat pizza and drink some beer." For her it's literally just business.

Michelangelo has posed:
The scene is quite the spectacle. With Casey so loudly ripping up the interior, along with Ballista and Sally adding their own flavours to the encounter, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello bust in through the door not long afterwards. Not to mention Alopex and Kai!

"COWWWWA-//BUNGAAAAA//!" Cries the baby brother, nunchucks spinning wildly as he twists in the air, smashing both of his weapons into the goon wearing the Hulk mask. CRUNCH. His foe is brought down in one fell swoop, the mask cracking under the extreme force that the twisting turtle generates. Safe to say it's a slightly different approach than that of Leonardo.

"There's a special spot in prison for guys that try to rob Woody's, amigos. Y'feel me?" With a flashy twirl of his nunchucks, Mikey pockets the weapons and puts a hand on his hip. The other hand comes up to take his sunglasses off, revealing the baby blues beneath.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones wipes his shoe on Batman's mask, "Punks came to the wrong damn neighborhood," he says, "You're lucky I didn't have my gear, your butt would be, like, way more whupped. 200 percent extra whupped."

He spots the turtles among the other mutants, holding up the rock and roll horns, "Dudes, I knew you had to be lurkin' around anywhere there's pizza AND crime."

Raphael has posed:
By the time Raphael gets inside, clothing still worn, Casey and one guy flying through the window nearby, he shouts, "All right, who's ready for a..." Except, everyone who looked like they were ready to get thrown down with...is already down.

He simply swears, turning a half circle as he takes in the sight of Ballista, and Sally as well, and he fumes. "There's too many damned good guys here!" Ballista, at least, gets a dangerous-looking glare.

Alopex has posed:
    Alas, poor Raph, the one that wanted to punch the most, but ended up totally hosed. Weird how that happened. As Alopex takes in the rest of the room, the people, the prompt dunking of Supes and smashing of Hulk, she just pulls out a chair and sets her self in it. "Well. That was... far easier than I really thought it'd be. Bad luck for those guys," she muses.

    Woody sloooowly peeks out from behind the kitchen. He spots Mikey and looks just.. utterly relieved. Then he starts taking count of all the folks that ordered... that are all here, that just saved the restraunt.

        "Pizza's free tonight! I'll bring them all out in just a minute! ... And yes that means you get extra pepperoni, um... dog?"

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride dusts her gloved hands off after chucking the half-concious thug out the broken window. Then kind of shrugs at Raphael, both for his remark and being the one here other than the fox she actually recognizes. "I was just here to pick up an order. They picked a shitty night to try and rob the place." And now that order is free? Don't feel so bad about the food run being interrupted now.

"... Though there are a few more here than I'd expect." She eyes the other (visible) turtles for a moment. Then Casey. Jabs a clawed thumb in his direction. "I don't know who that one is but I do like his style."

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello comes in a few moments after Raphael, his over-sized trench coat making his otherwise stealthy movements nothing more than a series of shambles. As he turns the corner, Donnie's bo staff is brought up to the ready...and then relaxed. He tips his floppy hat up and out of his eyes using the tip of his staff.

    "Oh, hey, Casey!" he calls over, waving with his hand. "I've been working on the van's side panels a bit and I was thinking that you could---"

    Donnie stops talking as soon as Woody announces free pizza. Suddenly, anything he might want to say to Casey about the turtle van becomes secondary to making sure he's not standing between Michelangelo and the pizza counter.

Kainashi has posed:
    ".... I still don't know what a sausage-fest is." Kainashi states, her head tilting a moment as she reaches to scratch the back of her head, her white tattooed ear flicking a moment, the kanji within seen with her name.

    "Ah... s-so... OH! Donatello, Alopex, Alopex, Donatello, Alopex, Raphael, Raphael Alopex, Sally Donatello Donatello Sally Raphael Sally Sally Raphael Donatello Ballista-- BALLISTA!"

    Hackles rise up, and the short mutant pitbull gives a low growl, ears pinning back, lips tightening a moment.

Leonardo has posed:
Leo ghosts back in, as all crooks are down or disabled or whatever. He still hasn't revealed himself to be anything beyond a dude who likes the Matrix too much wearing a very large dark brimmed hat.

Since introductions are being made, Leo simply states, "Leonardo." Despite clinging to at least the facade of doing what Splinter wants them to do, even he will not turn down free pizza, and, "Pepperoni and Sausage!" As far as he knows, that's all a sausage fest is to him. More sausage on a pizza. Other meanings, well, he hasn't studied human slang enough. Too busy training.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Case!" Mikey blurts out, beaming wide at the devil horns that the human wields. "Where've you been, man? We haven't seen you in ages. How come you don't come visit or somethin'? We get lonely, y'know." A casual punch goes towards Casey's arm, the orange-themed turtle clearly happy to see one of the few humans he has met. Attention soon shifts to Woody however, his arms raising in a show of praise for the store-owner. "We are not worthy. We are not worthy. Glad to see you're ok, man." Donatello is a wise turtle to get out of the way, because he practically BARRELS forward to get an order in first. "Hey, can you make mine with that little special somethin' you do? Put that extra bit of spin on it?"

So distracted about the free pizza is he that he misses Kai raising her hackles.

Leo does earn a look though, his arrival causing Mikey to twist. "Bro, are you wearing an //akubra//? Where the shell did you get that?"

Sally Pride has posed:
"Y'know, as much as I enjoy going a few rounds with her, she did just help kick a bunch of creeps out." Sally totally gets the on/off the clock thing. And as often as they come to blows, knows it's more Ballista's employers using her than actual personal animosity. "At least let her have her pizza first."

Tail flicks as cat tails tend to do while waiting. "I go by Sally. Sally Pride." Then a pierced ear perks at the mention of a van and something? At least partially into it before Donatello is justifiably distracted by the free pizzas. "A van? Are you trying to modify something?"

Curiousity and possible common ground equally perked.

Alopex has posed:
    Introductions, there are many. Each of the turtles are given a nod as the fox comes to realize their naming scheme. "Heh.. I like it," she decides before beckoning Kai over. "It's alright. For once, tonight's just food and nothing more. I .. can understand the difference between orders and one's own needs. I think, after her help tonight, we can let things slide. ... for now.." two fingers at her own eyes, two fingers at Ballista. It will be their only warning.

    "So... there's a few more of you than introduced so.. I'm Alopex. This is Kainashi, and we both hate the Foot Clan. Just putting that out there, now, so there's no confusion for those that know who I used to work for." It isn't much of a secret, really. As for the pizzas being made, "Already ordered mine, Woody. Just look for 'Fox'." It's a meat lovers, obviously, and would be brought out a few moments later since it's already made. Everyone elses would be out shortly, or made promptly. Even Mikey's 'special'.

Leonardo has posed:
Leo doesn't make his face easy to see, but he's smiling. "...You'd be surprised what criminals wear these days. The likelihood of finding one wearing these was so low I couldn't pass up the chance to snag it. So the crook is down and now I've got it." I mean, a hat like that DOES help a criminal not be seen on cameras that are above and what not. It's not a terrible choice for crime wear.

He figures the pizza will be out soon all the same.

Raphael has posed:
Raphael acts a bit like a wild animal about to go off the leash, his eyes taking in everything, a twitch in one hand with the sai in it. The concept of what Ballista and Sally are thinking about is foreign to him. "What are you talking about? There's no clock for anyone like us." He's looking more at Ballista than anyone else, though even he instinctively extends an arm as if to keep Kainashi from attacking. "Maybe you oughta quit working for who you're working for, because your bosses are on the path to getting taken down by the rest of us if they ain't careful."

Everyone may just want their pizzas in peace, and a nice large personal favorite /would/ be pretty good right about now, but he's very much on edge with an enemy around, aggression running through the blood in his veins, and his attitude on display. The 'disguise' is still intact, as well.

Leena Danvers has posed:
"Shit!" Ballista jumps up when she spots Kainashi, "Hey look, I don't want any trouble okay. I'm off duty." Great she's getting glared at by Raph too, "No seriously, I work for a major corporation. I have a punch clock. They pay me. You guys should try it. Way better than hiding out in the dark and scrounging for food."

She looks at Woody, "Well I mean I guess you guys worked out a deal with him to get pizza because he's very clearly not freaking out." Speaking of Woody, she leans over the counter, "Hey so I had an order in for a large extra chicken and pineapple, but your other customers probably need to get their stuff first so they can go back to their sad hole they live in." Even when she's off duty she's still kind of a jerk.

Kainashi has posed:
    "A hole is better than a cage and a leash." Kainashi states to Ballista -- really, the first phrase she's said to her that wasn't broken up, but she gives a dismissive snuff, and looks to Raph.

    "It's fine. It's not like I have a dumpster in reach." she replies, pulling her hood further over her scarred face, and goes to sit next to Alopex and sulk.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Donnie is tricking out a van." Michelangelo confirms. "You should see the sweet paint job I gave it, too. Heh heh! The bad guys are gonna be trippin' when they see us rollin' down Fifth in that thing!" The turtle beams a proud smile at his handiwork, though that smile does fade a bit when Alopex suddenly brings up the Foot clan. "You used to work for the Foot clan? And you got out? Damn, that's cool. Good for you, Alopex. I thought no-one got outta the Foot clan." Rumours and gossip suggested so, maybe.

"You're lookin' //clean// with that hat, bruz. Good call." Mikey notes to Leo with a smirk, heading over to one of the available chairs and sitting down with a low exhale. Putting his sunglasses with the bright orange tint back on, he leans back to look at his older brother in Raph.

"Relax, man. It's cool. They're chill." Hopefully his words might help to settle him down. Ballista does get a wary look though, as if he's not sure about her. "...she DID order pineapple on pizza, Raph. I think that puts her in some rare air." Only the true connoisseurs of pizza appreciated such a topping, after all.

Leonardo has posed:
Leo cocks his head a little bit, and then asks, "...If a family is together, is any place really sad? If a family has enough to eat, and brotherhood and a father that cares for them, how much 'sadness' do you really expect to see? We do make a couple sacrifices in the name of stealth, but we make those choices together as a family. Not because we have to, or are forced to. We choose to. Just like we choose to live where we live. There is no sadness in making a choice."

"For this reason, a diner like this is happy too. Or did you not notice a whole band of brothers together here?" Leo still refuses to uncloak, but he's not going to let his home be called 'sad.' It straight up isn't. It's a warm and comforting place, at least for him and his brothers.

Alopex has posed:
    The fox manages a small grin for Mikey, "Well, yes. They lied to me. A lot. About a lot of things. I'll just leave it at that.." for now. Why? Because Woody is bringing out a whole slew of pies, passing them out, putting them on tables.. personally delivering Alopex's pie and a whole pepperoni stick for Kainashi. "So.. is this enough extra..?" he asks with a nervous, but thankful grin before he gives the window, and casey, a long look. "So about that window.."

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones makes sure his car is locked up and returns to join the group, "Hey, man, I have a job," he grins teasingly at Mikey. "Plus a thriving non-profit career as a late night kicker of butts. I'm booked! I'm glad to see you bros still out here whippin' tail, though. Speakin' of tails, hello, ladies," he says, making fingerguns.

"Yo, you got my order? Garlic, onion and sausage, side of Buffalo wings, triple extra ranch?"

Donatello has posed:
    "Totally!" Donatello says with a smile, nodding his head at Sally Pride as Michelangelo explains. "Trying to enhance the structural integrity of a derelict van. I'm working on a few alloys that will keep things strong while allowing UHF and VHF frequencies to pass through... It's slow going..." Donnie shrugs his shoulder before tugging on his oversized trenchcoat, trying to straighten it out and look cooler than he is. Then, there's a realization.

    Oh! /You're/ Alopex. I'm Donatello," he explains, pointing a wide thumb at himself. "Kai's told me a bunch abo---"

    He's momentarily distracted by the impending confrontation. Kai's there sulking. Raphael's ready to implode. And Leo's giving out free affirmations. Donnie raises a brow. "Guys, guys," he calls over. "C'mon, let's just enjoy the pizza. It's so rare for us to just be able to, you know, go out."

Kainashi has posed:
    ".... that is a whole stick of pepperoni. You're now my favorite human." Kainashi replies as she accepts the pepperoni stick and just takes a bite out of the end, chewing thoughtfully (and much less sulky than before as Donatello joins them). She straightens a bit, and motions to Donatello.

    "This is the one I told you about. We keep running into each other. He helped me against the... the trainer. They were looking for us. He's super brave and super smart even though Raphael says he's the handsome one." she chatters pleasantly, distracted by food.

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride pinchs the bridge of her muzzle briefly.... But that is pretty much the behavoir she expects out of Ballista and doesn't have anything to say about it. The raptor isn't dumb enough to start anything with this many other people around. Hopefully.

Her attention shifts back to more interesting things. "Sounds like a rad ride. I know a thing or two about vehicles myself." Sally drops herself into a seat once she's got her pizza. Meat lovers with extra meat, naturally. Lions have big appetites you know. She starts working on a slice while listening to Dontello explain. "How about the exterior? Certain structural lines and angles will help disperse wavelengths as well. That's what they do for stealth helicopters."

At the mention of having a job Sally glances towards Casey again, looking his jumpsuit over. "I take it you're some manner of mechanic?"

Raphael has posed:
Raphael reaches up to remove his hat, throwing it down on the floor. No mistaking what he is right now, the rest of the clothing or not. He deliberately checks the faces and moods of each and every one in here that he's crossed paths with, from brothers, to masked vigilante guy, to the fox and the hound, then the lioness, and finally the raptor.

"That's some real talk from someone who's stuck workin' for people who just want their /experiments/ back to do even more to. How can you even take yourself seriously, going after them like it's just a job, and you look the same as one of us? You sleep good knowin' you got a check comin' in?" He advances toward Ballista, and while the sai have at least been put away, he scoffs at Leonardo's attempt to play peacemaker. "Save it, bro. She ain't hearin' it. Thinks she's better than us, but she's the one stuck doing what she's told. Some life. Ain't got no idea what a real family's all about, looking after each other, protecting each other. Not a clue." He waves a hand at the dino, shaking his head. "Forget it. You ain't even worth wasting my time right now. But if I see you out there again and you ain't on the right side by then, we're gonna throw down, you an' me."

Mikey's appeal to pineapple only gets a grunt out of him. Donnie's attempt to get them all to just chill may or may not even matter. For now, rather than stomping out of here, Raphael just stomps over to an empty table and slams his sai down atop it, then he deposits himself roughly in a chair. They /do/ have a usual for him as well, and it doesn't feature pineapple. The eyes are still seething. "Can't believe I'm stayin' here right now," he mutters, mostly to himself. For just a moment, he looks toward Alopex and Kainashi, about the time he hears his name. They're two of the ones who would have the biggest reason to not be happy about Ballista.

Alopex has posed:
    After seeing Kai light up at the pepperoni stick, the fox pries open the box of her pizza, indulges in the amazing scent of it, and then she slowly draws out a slice. Extra cheese too? Wait, no, that's a meat lovers and 3 cheese pizza. The fox went -all the way- with her order tonight, and she's going to enjoy it. Once she manages to get all the strings of cheese pulled away from the other slices. She then nudges the box toward Kai, and begins to nom. ... Heavenly.

    This is what she likes. A whole bunch of similar people, mostly similarly minded, just enjoying some food. This is what she HOPED the Foot would be but.. no, not in the least. These folks here? This was more of a family than the Foot ever could hope to be. Even with black-sheep-raptor over there, getting some pizza and some defense from Sally and Pex. This just wasn't going to be a night of anger, anymore. Not with the thugs tossed out.

    Woody would eventually bring out a few two-liters and a bunch of water bottles for everyone to help themselves to as well. Sure, this was a lot to comp but everyone here was a regular on some level. It was nice to pay them back for the things they ofen did, not only for the restraunt, but across town.

Leena Danvers has posed:
Leo's response actually gets a somewhat interested sound out of Ballista. Not the reply she was expecting. Same goes for the other two. Although Raph gives her what she was looking for, the raptor really does enjoy pushing buttons, after all, "Easy Red. I'm just messing with you. If I wanted a fight I'd have way more guns and knives on me, trust me."

She grabs her pizza and sits at a table not necessarily next to the group, but not so far away that she's off on her own either, "Hey Sally." She motions at the lioness, "Look can I be real with you for a minute? I'm starting to think Null doesn't want you and Ray back. You guys have been causing a lot of trouble lately and it's eating into the profits, so to speak."

She takes a slice of her pizza and chows down on it, eating it all in a bite that tastes way better than goon. Once she swallows, she looks back to Sally, "So how about I cut you a deal. You guys just, I dunno, lay off for a bit, and I'll do what I can to try to make sure that the capture order doesn't turn into a kill order. Maybe even figure out a way to get you guys off the list entirely so I can do something other than follow you around the city every day. Sound good?"

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones grins at Sally, "Jones' Garage, owner and proprietor, Casey Jones, at your service," he says. "I'm also the accountant, publicity, webmaster and the only employee," he grins. He gets himself a beer and, when his own pizza comes, he just opens the box and digs in there. He'd been planning to take it home, but why pass up a chance to eat with friends, even new ones?

"And yeah, the Foot clan fuckin' suuuuuuuuuuuucks. Woot! They're not sticking their stinky behinds out of their holes again are they? I thought we kicked the ass of the Foot. Would that be the Heel?"

Kainashi has posed:
    At Casey's long words, dog pins her ears back a moment, and looks to Alopex as her shoulders draw up, and she curls one hand around the edge of her chair. She's perching on it now, like she's expecting to have to have to run, her weight shifting uncomfortably, her ears pinning back as the fur on the back of her neck stands up, and the scarred canine shifts to move a little further from the group.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Come on dude, don't use your lame job as an excuse not to come hit us up." Mikey replies to Casey, leaning over with a smirk. "And... you're just kicking butts on your own, Case?" Pause. "...that's sick." Definitely not dangerous. Or careless. //Sick//. "Hey, you're a human. Have you seen April lately? Been meaning to hit her up with all of this crazy stuff been going on recently topside." Picking up a slice of his pizza, Michelangelo starts to slurp it down.

"Hey Donnie, you're leaving room for the bar fridge, right? And for some sort of huge monitor? Maybe the Playstation, too?" Perhaps the orange-themed turtle got the wrong impression about what this bus is meant for. "...and a bean bag. Dude, gotta have a bean bag."

Raphael's outburst earns a silence that falls across the group. Michelangelo chews on his special pizza, watching him carefully.

"I love awkward silences."

Fortunately, Raph didn't leave entirely. The fact that he didn't and just plomps himself in the corner earns a heartfelt smile as he finishes off his extra-cheese pizza slice.

Alopex has posed:
    As she continues to treat herself to the pizza, the fox notices, and asides to Kai, "You are safe, here, I promise,". Given the chance to have a few bottles of water, Alopex nabs one, and passes the other to Kai should she want it. Then it's back to her heaven-sent pizza, though she has a thought just before resuming noms. "So, for most of us here," The exception obviously being Ballista, "Should we... have a way to stay in touch? Cellphones? Radios? Something else...?"

Leonardo has posed:
Leo is like that...sometimes, the greatest weapon is positivity, and he's got plenty of that. When Ballista makes an offer that sounds like peace...Leo considers that for a while. "...we can't leave corruption undealt with. However, if peace is what you are looking for...the easiest way to deal with that company is through you. If you are looking to get away from your current employers, we will help you with that. You don't have to make the decision to get out from evil's thumb alone."

"...If your goal is to be a double agent, that path will require more proof than what you are currently offering. Your honor and good will have yet to be proven." Leo is offering Ballista choices that all lead down the same path...which is the end of her employers. Or at the very least the end of the company, as Leo prefers not to kill if he can help it.

Donatello has posed:
    "For the last time, Michelangelo, they don't make bean bags anymore..." Donnie mutters. The empathy he normally leaves reserved for his younger brother is in short supply when one of his projects is concerned. "Hey, yeah, that's a good idea!" he replies to Sally. "I could figure out what lengths of wire are resonate on those frequencies and line the frame with them..."

    As Kainashi starts to attach compliments to his name, Donatello's face begins to slowly shift from that wonderful green color into a more cloudy, muddish brown. Turtles were never meant to blush. Brave. Smart. When Donnie looks around to see if his brothers are watching, he instead finds Michelangelo gushing over Casey and Raphael sitting by himself. And there's Leo doing his best Splinter impression.

    Donnie shifts his weight, as if to move towards Raphael, but stops. He notices the tension forming around Kainashi, tracing it back to Casey.

    "It's okay," Donnie calls over to Kainashi, nodding his head to Alopex. "Casey's a friend." Alopex's suggestion of communication gets a sudden grin from Donnie. "Shell Phones!" A hand slips into his trench coat and plucks a tiny device from his belt loop. It's shaped like a little turtle shell. "Check em out. I've got the whole network piggy-backing off the city's mesh net. Totally encrypted, end-to-end!" Donnie flicks his wrist and the shell opens up like a, well, a shell phone.

Raphael has posed:
"Let me translate what my Boy Scout brother is trying to tell you. If you're lying, we /will/ make you and Null pay, and there ain't enough guns or knives you could pack that will stop us," Raphael explains to Ballista, in no uncertain terms. Threat, promise, vow, whatever she wants to take it as. "So think real good and hard about what's more important to you, a paycheck or doing the right thing."

Soon, a meat lover's pizza makes its way over to him, and a slice is quickly gulped down. Big mouth, in more ways than one. Woody seems to be handling all of this like a champ.

From his corner, it gives him the benefit of being able to see everyone in the place, from brothers to maybe/maybe-not friends, to whatever the raptor ends up being. At least, his circle of protection seems to have expanded a little tonight. He...watches.

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride would share that sentiment with Alopex, between this and her other crew. She does raise a bit of a brow at Leonardo's comment, once she's made sense of it in her head. It's clear which one is the sensible one. While Raphael, brash as it is, speaks more in Ballista's own language.

She turns to look over her shoulder at the raptor. "You know I can't give you a complete answer to that. The sentiment... is appreciated though." The cranky old bastard won't get over the chip on his shoulder, but maybe she can get some of the others to take more interest in tackling some of the street threats like. Get more crooks in jail and Null has no black market to sell weapons to, right?

Sally would rather turn her attention to the pizza and tinker talk right now. "Bet you could even make a shell pattern out of it if you tried. Keep the motiff." Then she grins to Casey. "Cool, cool." She bobs her head at the tuner car she drove up in on the other side of the street. "Then I know who to ask if I have any issues with my own baby there." Pauses, then admits, "Most of my training was for military vehicles. I've had to, ah... reacclimate. But the best way to learn is to do."

Donatello flicks out an example of his handiwork, and she lets out an appreciative whistle. "Now that is some sweet tech."

Michelangelo has posed:
"Aw man," Mikey whines. "Don't hit me with the 'no bueno' news, Donnie. Can't you MAKE a bean bag? You're smart."

"And yeah, what Leo said. We can totally help." Mikey, ever backing his brother up despite not really following what's happening, stands up as he finishes off his pie and heads back to the counter. "So Woody, I've been thinking about this new pizza..." He starts, voice lowering to a whisper to prevent his brothers from overhearing. "No, no, this is a good one this time, bro. It starts with whipped cream, right? Then..." The discussion with Woody continues. Dun dun dun...

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones holds up his hands, "I don't mean to piss anybody off. Anybody cool with the turtles be cool with me, you know what I'm sayin'? I sometimes got a habit o' makin' a fool o' myself, but at least I do it with style and good looks," he grins, chomping down a couple of buffalo wings.

To Sally, he adds, "Sure, I can fix just about anything. Even military stuff, I was doin' maintenance and mechanics in the Marines before they...y'know, before they kicked me out," he says. "Let's just say, no matter how big a dick he is, you probably shouldn't kick the crap out of your sergeant in front of the rest of the group."

Leena Danvers has posed:
The raptor figures that's probably the best answer she can get from Pride right now, though the talk from the Turtles makes her arch a brow, "I suppose we'll have to see, huh." She does get up, grab her pizza and then the rest of the six pack of beer she took one from earlier. Even though Woody said it was comped, she drops a Benjamin on the counter anyway, 'for the mess', and then heads out the door.

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride laughs. "It's probably not. But I like this one, hang onto him." She reachs over with the pizza-free hand to slap Casey on the shoulder. "Even if he is a big scruffy." But it was nice to talk to people on a familiar subject.

Sally will take her free pizza reward, but still insists on paying Woody for the rest of the order that's going back for the rest of the Mutanimal crew. She's not going to rudely take advantage of that charity. Not with how precious a place that isn't going to be picky over species is to have.

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo realizes he isn't getting an answer tonight. "...There are many paths set before that one. She will have to choose one of them. I hope she finds it in herself to choose a positive path."

After that, it's time for Leo to finish that pizza he was given. Cause even Mr. Responsible does love his pizza!

Kainashi has posed:
    "... I... are we, Pex? If the Foot's..." she trails off a moment, and rubs the back of her neck as she gives a snuff of breath through her nose. "You're better than me. I trust you." she states to the white fox, and then turns about, looking to Casey.

    "It's OK. I'm not Foot anymore. They were awful." she agrees, stammering a few moments.

Alopex has posed:
    The fox reaches out to just give Kai a pat, somewhere. Shoulder, head, wherever the pup feels comfortable. Or not at all. Alopex has always been rather careful with that. "We are," is repeated before the pizza box is given another nudge toward Kai. Either way, whatever isn't eaten will get taken back to the den. A lot of questions, for now, will be thought about. No real answers, not for now, at least. "Not a bad night... not at all.."

Donatello has posed:
    No more than a moment after Donatello proudly puts his Shell Phone on display in his hand, it begins to emit a noise. The turtle peers down at the device and closes it. "Oh!" he blurts out. "I totally forgot. April and I were going to..."

    Don't tell the truth, Donnie, don't! Don't tell them that you and April are supposed to do the latest raid in that MMORPG you play. Don't say it!

    "...something." Smooth. Donatello looks from brother to brother, mutant to mutant, to Casey.

Raphael has posed:
"Go do nerd things? Go on. We'll get home safe," Raphael snorts, amid another big cheesy, meaty slice.

Kainashi has posed:
    "Oh... well, it's good to do things." Kai states, and she stretches her arms up and gives one of those drawn-out, teeth-on-display, tongue-curling yawns. "... I should go - Peexx... worries but she's right here..." she states, rubbing the back of her neck again and then giving a huff. "M'tired."

Donatello has posed:
    Tonight's been a good night for Donatello. He was called brave. And smart. And he met some new friends. He was going to play his game with April. Everything was going so great. And then Raphael said it. Again. In front of everyone.

    The turtle's brow raises and he quickly looks from person to person, as if to gauge the likelihood that they heard what his brother called him. "I'll have you know that we're going to be engaging in some pretty dangerous stuff. Fierce combat!" he explains for everyone to hear. Little do they know that the combat is fierce and dangerous because both his and April's characters are slightly underleveled for the raid they're going to do.

    "Lots of danger awaits. Like, large quantities of it. For us both," Donatello goes on. He begins to move towards one of the exits.