2182/SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril

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SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril
Date of Scene: 21 June 2020
Location: Ready Room: Triskelion
Synopsis: Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Bobbi Morse, Melinda May, Achilles, Jennifer Walters, Tony Stark, Leopold Fitz, Jessica Drew

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is waiting for people to filter into the ready room, while she is leaning against the glass podium at the front of the room her expression is not casual or relaxed. Unlike usual she actually looks pretty irritiable and is fiddling with the holographic display on her sleeve reading something.

She probably isn't mad that she is waiting on people but something is definitely stuck in her craw. Might be the fact that dispatch sent her off on a wild goose chase on a humanitarian problem in Australia with wildfires. Yes there were wild fires. Yes it was a humanitarian problem.

The issue was they were started by a strategic lasering, dispatch didn't really route her to the problem it was a hack much like a certain previous hack, and while she was there she was cut off the comms for SHIELD while a lot of bad shit went down.

So yeah bad mood Danvers waiting and scowling at her wrist.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Extraction from Japan was harder than usual. She knew she was being watched which meant she had to take a civilian airline and couldn't jump on a military cargo flight. Because of the attack, all the flights got cancelled. So she took the shinkansen to fetch her SHIELD identification and gear, then shinkansen back to the southern tip of Japan, then took a boat to Okinawa where she knew Toshiro Mori's men weren't monitoring and finally got on a military cargo flight back to the USA.

Coming directly from the Griffis Airforce Base in upstate New York, then Quinjet back to the Triskelion. The bags under her eyes are a good indication of how little sleep she has gotten on the way home. She finished two coffees before this meeting and now that her body is being pushed to its limits, she is all professional and having spent time around the airforce, all military too.

So, her SHIELD uniform on, she enters the briefly room and takes a seat, her back straight and her attention on Agent Danvers. Steely eyed, tablet out, ready to go. This is important, she can nap later. It's typical of a SHIELD agent to burn the candle on both ends.

Melinda May has posed:
Having returned from a quick hop Quinjet flight to Griffiss AFB to pick up Morse, Agent May arrives quietly and with the same expressionlessness that is a given for anyone that has worked with her for more than five minutes. She opts to stand off to one side rather than claim one of the chairs likely available around the room and studies the woman at the podium silently.

Carol's far from chipper mood is noted, but she doesn't seem inclined to inquire about it or offer any sort of platitudes. Again, pretty much par for the course. Her eyes track Bobbi's arrival followed by Jessica, and then just as quickly return to regarding Carol in a manner somewhat like a combatant, sizing up their opponent but lacking the sense of imminent violence.

Achilles has posed:
    Respectfully silent is Angelo's default mode when it comes to briefings and intel sharing. He ends up in the back of the room, on his feet rather than sitting down. His green eyes observe intently as things begin to evolve.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Despite being only a provisional member of SHIELD, Jennifer did get the call in for the meeting, which means that whatever it is, it must be serious. Considering that a huge chunk of the city has been abducted, she can guess what the topic is about. She doesn't waste any time. She makes a few calls to last minute cancel a couple of her appointments, and locks up her office as she leaves.

When she arrives, she's still in her nice business suit, charcoal grey with a cream colored blouse. She nods to those who are already here, and finds her way to an open seat, remaining respectfully silent.

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony Stark isn't an agent. He's not a member of SHIELD. He wasn't actually /invited/ specifically.

That's not really an issue. He does have access as a consultant; he was just probably not /expected/. He may not overly have expected it, himself, though everything going on was something of a surprise, and having all hands on deck is important.

Stark comes in as if he does this all the time (he doesn't), greeting those on the way in, and taking a comfortable sprawl at a somewhat dominant position at the end of the chair next to him. He reclines back; the sunglasses in combination with an big expel of breath suggest exhaustion that is being hidden.

Still, Stark is confidently relaxed, and after tipping a two-fingered wave to Carol (not interrupting her prep), he pulls out something akin to a mobile device to fiddle with it.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
It is certainly no surprise that Leo Fitz would have garnered an invite to this particular briefing. He is certainly one of SHIELD's big brains when it comes to science and technology. Being in the loop on something like this is certainly key.

Of course his expertise is not really in alien science and technology, mind you. But then again, experts like that are somewhat few and far between. Besides, he can get up to speed. It's what he does. No problems. Riiiight.

Either way, with tablet in hand Fitz slips into the room, glancing around at those already gathered and does his best to make himself rather scarce at the back, quickly finding a seat, listening intently, and trying to keep up.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Sleeping at the Triskelion has put circles under Jessica's eyes that certainly don't rival Bobbi's but might make them a matched pair. Sliding into a chair at the end of the table, Jessica nods silently to the others in the room, folds her hands on top of her tablet and waits expectantly for something that will help them face the current state of affair.s

Carol Danvers has posed:
Honestly Carol put out the briefing notice to Agents above a certain grade and Agents with special powers that will likely come into play as this thing sorts itself out. She didn't put a lot of details into the briefing notice though, mostly because she is having trust issues with the systems right now.

Carol glances up, eyes flicking from her holo display now and then as people filter in. She has May and Bobbi and .. oh look Stark. She gives Tony a nod but doesn't call out his presence. That said the sour expression fades a little with Tony here, it is noticable.

"Okay good enough, I figure anyone else can share this out as needed" she turns her wrist and the display fades. "Okay so a Mea Culpa first, I fucked up after Genosha and didn't chase down a stupid lead that seemed extremely remote and now it has come back to bite us all in the ass..."

Okay that is an unusual admission, but with Carol's usual bluntness.

"Superman and I were both drawn away into space before Genosha. Different red herrings. The .. probe that faked a very particular distress call that lured Superman away though was exceedingly high tech."

Few things here to note for wily agents. One, some hostile force knew Superman was alive. Two, Carol knew but then again that is in a highly classified report from Nat.

"The probe's technology matched only a handful of species capabilities though, the Maltusians, the Bolovax, and the Yod. Two of those three have been extinct for quite some time and the Maltusians.. well they are the Guardians behind the Green Lantern Corps... we did chase down that lead but they are peace keepers and were obviously not behind Genosha."

"I didn't chase the extinct aliens down though, we figured someone stole Maltusian technology. ... .. I don't think they did now."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi's fingers stroke over the tablet as she flicks through the information and photographs. She pinch zooms in on a few things here and there. The threat that Brianiac brings is apparently no joke, not if two advanced civilisations had already been wiped out by him, or at least one anyway.

"It's a good thing this threat felt the need to lure some of our most powerful heroes away from the planet. That suggests they can't handle you." The //you// perhaps directed more at Carol than Superman who isn't in the room. But, for all she knows he could be listening anyway.

"Has anything made a dent in these robots yet. Is the ship that abducted Mutant Town more vulnerable?" Bobbi has a million more questions but starting with any capability to defeat this monster is paramount. If their only weapon are super powered beings or.. blech.. magic.. then so be it, that means reserving their regular military might for when it'll count rather than wasting it.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer listens attentively to the briefing, her lips pulling down into a scowl. This is a bad situation and she isn't sure what good she can do, other than punching things hard. She's good at that, at least. Still, you never know when something is going to need a good punching.

Melinda May has posed:
May continues to stand quietly as Carol gives them the initial rundown of their reason for this meeting. Her expression, or lack thereof, doesn't give away any of her feelings or thoughts about Carol's culplability, or the fact that both she and Superman were lured away simultaneously. She does, though, glance across the others in the room as Mutant Town is mentioned. And her eyes land on Stark for a split second longer than the others before she again returns her attention to Carol.

"Do we have telemetry data on the location of the ship Morse has mentioned?"

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony lifts his hand a little, interjecting as well. After all, Carol asked about robots. Tony knows things about robots.

"I've got mountains of things being done - shockingly all tech related - and some others that still need doing, really. My personal resources - and that of a new AI - are aimed primarily at the robots, getting those out of this, and and yanking control back of our statellites. So you could say I'm mostly putting out /current/ fires," Tony says with a grumpy deep breath but then a grin. "We've had a while with the robots, some 'quality' research time, and there's some back doors on /my/ satellites, but it's a big mess."

Tony crosses one leg over the other knee, resting ankle across raised knee. "Right now trying to organize who was in the town, who wasn't, the relief resources, and getting information to the families that are seeking their missing loved ones: all of that could use someone to lead that charge right now. Not all of us can have our big brains up in outer space, and forget who we're working to protect." Tony's matter of fact, itching next to his nose on one side.

Tony then directs to May and Carol, "The satellite thing has been a poke in the eye on lots of visibility. But as I said, getting those back. Any more on your end about the abduction ship: that telemetry or even /status,/ or if Superman or you can throw it into the sun, that sort of thing?"

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jessica's head swivels from speaker to speaker. She's opened her tablet, reading, trying to catch up on the latest among the lost and found. Lips pressed together in frustration, she doesn't voice the question that made her lose sleep last night: how can she possibly help. Stark's news on the satellites is the only glimmer of light she has heard this morning.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
In the back of the briefing room Fitz alternates between glancing towards the Carol as she presents the information and the briefing materials that were waiting at the seat that he grabbed. He flips through them, studying what limited information that is presented there. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of it appears to be more tactical in nature and while he certainly skims over it, the bulk of his attention unsurprisingly lingers with what there is of tech assessment, pursing his lips thoughtfully as he reads.

The mention of robots of AI by Tony grabs the young scientist's attention for a moment consideringly, but he is content to remain quiet, simply taking in the information for the time being.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Telemetry on the ship is proving really difficult when this, Brainiac, has control of our satellite systems. I would be very afraid that if I went chasing on what we thought was it's telemetry right now I would be lured away when something else bad was about to go down.. or into a trap. It is a mess." she sounds frustrated.

"Tony is right though, we need to get our eyes and ears back under control. I .. am not really useful unless you want a delivery up to the Satellite Systems that can't be tampered with or intercepted. So it is on the science types to help in this regard. Hopefully Tony and our teams" yeah she looks to Fitz "Can figure somethng out on that front. We can't fly blind."

She considers "I'm concerned that the reason the technology looked so similiar to the Yod and the Bolovax is that this.. Android may have done it to those civilizations. This is not a small threat. This is a very big problem. The Kree databases on Coulan are .. light on those two species and the Coulans. They aren't a current concern or viewed as a threat to the Kree Empire so not a lot of why they went extinct work was done. Probably a mistake in hindsight."

She looks out the glass window at the scenic upstate New York. "Also ... it sounded in Brainiac's message like he is harvesting the X-Gene and maybe the powers from the captured Mutants. Which ...hopefully means they are all still alive. So no we can't just blow up his ship or toss it into the sun." she isn't one of those maximum solutions no matter the cost in lives sort of woman.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
There's a nod as Bobbi considers. "It seems that there may be many weaknesses against this Brainiac that we're currently blind to. He presents a strong case for being a dominant aggressor, but has gone out of his way to make sure we cannot detect him properly, to our lure strongest fighters on wild goose chases and surprise attack national monuments to create fear and panic."

"If I were invading a world and I wasn't entirely sure what surprises they could pull out on me.. I'd be cautious too. The nature of the abduction beam too - Brainiac set up a distraction for our terrestrial forces in Washington DC so that no one was watching while this other ship came in and stole a whole neighbourhood. It's possible we understand more about their technology than we think. Some post-event readings at the abduction site, since it's literally in our backyard, might yield the exact nature of the abduction beam. We could, possible, scramble or block any further attempts to use it as a weapon."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jessica glances at Fitz when Bobbi mentions the subject of retro-engineering the beam. Another small light into the situation.

"Do we know if they wanted any and all mutants or specific ones? There are so many of us, well, a few of us, who don't follow the X-gene pattern." She shrugs, knowing it is the least important of concerns right now.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"I think that if they wanted specific mutants, they would have targeted them," Jennifer says, finally speaking up. "I mean, it certainly seems within their technology to do so, so it seems it was going for quantity, not quality." She scowls at a sudden thought. "Are there any other mutants reporting missing? Maybe taking Mutant Town is another ruse to hide it's true intentions."

Melinda May has posed:
May nods at Carol's reply and Stark's explanation about the satellites. So first order of business in her head is now get the satellites back from enemy control and secure them against being taken over again. After that, they can hopefully better trust the telemetry the devices can give them.

"Stark, get a game plan together for recovering those satellites, I'll get you to them." Because honestly, there's really not much else she can contribute to this entire situation. Except... yes, she's had an idea. It's something she'll need to follow up on before she can suggest it in any official manner, but if it pans out then SHIELD might possibly have an extra pair of hands to help with satellite recovery.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Right, the ship-discus throwing would be /post/ rescue," Tony says, descriptively using his hands to show that one thing definitely follows the other, not at the same time. Save the people, THEN throw. "I'm not a monster," Tony teases Carol, as if insulted: but he's not, he's smirking. "I'm not in politics anymore." So he's available to save the world.

He's then distracted by his own device, looking at some test results: not that it really derails him, Tony's a master of multi-tasking. "I'll see if I can't get Dr. Pym to share with SHIELD about the beam on the city, that's in his wheelhouse - though sharing sure isn't. I've never seen anyone hoard a kit-kat bar like that man."

Tony orients on Jessica's questions, and Jennifer's, and aims a finger gun at one, then the other. "Both lovely agents make a great point: /Another/ great reason to look at who was taken. And where this guy decided the city ended. Was it the same footprint as Genosha? Or was it just who happened to be there. Some boots to the ground on that one."

Tony gives May a curious sideways look as she directs him to do something - but he just smiles slyly. "Yep. Looks like I've got something on that now; 'scuse me, don't hold the meeting for me---" As if he had been invited in the first place? "...keep on keeping on, agents." Tony waggles his device some to indicate that it needs his focus, while moving to smoothly stand and excuse himself from the meeting, while some holograms flood up out of the surface of the device and Stark very clearly puts a lot more focus into whatever he's needing to attend to.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
Ah ha. There are some tech issues. Almost immediately Fitz gets a little more interested. This is right in his wheel-house. Issues with satellites being commandered. Check. Beams that need to be retro-engineered. Check. Flipping through the info packet that has been provided, the young scientist seeks out any actual technical details that might be listed, brow furrowing slightly in consideration as he reviews what is offered, rubbing a hand over his chin. Already he begins to consider all the various possibilities,

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol will spread her hands at this point. "That is all I got at the moment. I'll file an report with it, figure it can hub the findings other people have. If I get any useful updates from the Avengers or JLA I will funnel it here as well. Hopefully it is enough with the scans and other data that can be gathered to get us out of ahead of this mess and give us a fighting chance."

Not much of a pep talk.

"Thanks for coming to my TED Talk." okay there is the sass.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi nods to Carol and says, "Thank you for the briefing Agent Danvers." She glances around the room, "Say before everyone rushes off. Does any one know if any of the Wakandan weapons were effective against these robots? .. and another small thought. If Brainiac is harvesting X-genes, wouldn't that mean there'd be a biological component to some portion of their army - ie: not just giant robots?"

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Ah, good questions. They are trying to integrate us into their army, maybe? Disguised as ourselves? Plants among us." This said in an off-hand way as Jessica gathers her tablet up and pushes back her chair.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"I don't know," says Jennifer, as she collects her briefcase and stands up. "That seems a bit more subtle than how it's handled things so far. " She shakes her head. "I'll keep an ear out on the street and see if I hear anything from some of my clients. I already have a couple that I suspect were in Mutanttown when it got beamed up." She nods to Carol as she leaves, "Thanks for letting me in on the briefing. Let me know when the punching starts happening, and I'll be there to help."

Melinda May has posed:
May nods her thanks to Carol, then looks over at Bobbi's question. "Or perhaps the residents of Mutant Town posed enough of a viable threat that removing them from being able to protect the planet was their first order of business." Though that doesn't explain why they TOOK Mutant Town instead of just reducing it to its component atoms or some such. But, hey, it's a possibility.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
Gathering up the briefing details and counting on the fact that any additional relevent information has already been delivered to the lab, Fitz offers a nod to a few of the people that he knows -- at least more then just by sight -- and turns for the door. There is science to be done. He always appreciates a good challenge. This certainly sounds like it is likely to qualify. Alien technology. Geeez.