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Super Match Game Ep102
Date of Scene: 22 June 2020
Location: Channel Six studios!
Synopsis: Joan and Siobhan play Super Match Game with Bret, Damian, Natasha, Karen, April and Wade in a heck of a showdown, hosted by Greer!
Cast of Characters: Greer Grant, Bart Allen, Damian Wayne, Natasha Cranston, Siobhan Smythe, Karen Starr, April O'Neil, Wade Wilson, Joan Wright

Greer Grant has posed:
    The lights come up as the cameras begin to roll on the set of the revamped Super Match Game, the orange carpet and the treated wood beneath the perfect stage for such an antiquated game and concept and yet, here we go! The moving platform with the contestants faces away from the studio audience and the celebrity panelists all sit in their costumes (if they have one) with their (code)names before them with cupholders full of the person's requested drinks.

    The lights on the name board of the show flicker rapidly as the striped avenger walks onto the stage, her black carefully selected bikini showing off much of her fur, as she is one to do, with accent Chippendale pieces around her neck and wrists. Tigra wears white collar and cuffs floating from an invisible shirt as she holds the pencil thin microphone before her face and smiles. "Hello and welcome to Super Match Game." She says with the kindest smile and a curtsey of a dress she isn't wearing before she motions to the celebrities and blows a kiss in their direction. "Hello to you all and ... what a crew we have today..." She says, her face scrunching up feigning repulsion and playing it up for the camera before she steps up to the top left panelist and gives Bart a nod. "Heya kiddo, nice t'meetcha. Lets go around the room and introduce yourselves and give the camera and audience home some love."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen smiles and looks from one to the other and then the other camera quickly. He takes a moment before getting the right one and smiles "Hi, Am Impulse, some of you ma know me as Kid Flash, but I decided to go back to my old name, when I was part of a team with my friends. I m here today t have fun, and bring the plight of chickens stuck in small cages in restaurants to our attention, they should be comfortable till the end. " He will take a sip of a Red Bull and place the can on top of the other two already drunk "Oh and Hi Rob, SB, Wondergirl..." He is still saying hi to folks as the camera moves on.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin was seated next to Bart, full regalia, and looked simply...nonplussed.

  The boy's crew cut fade was sharp, much like his personality. "I am Robin." He says, before an awkward silence falls the set.

  His brow furrows before he balls up a fist on the table and looks directly to the camera. "That's it. Move on to the next one, cameramonger!"

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha flashes a professional smile at the cameras. "And a good evening to you, too, miss Greer," she replies to Tigra before turning to the audience. "I'm Natasha Cranston; by day I serve as the CEO of Cranston Multinational; after hours I'm known to occasionally accept unwise bets, which is how I wound up unable to refuse your host's most gracious invitation. Regardless, I look forward to what this evening may bring and hope you'll all enjoy the show."

Greer Grant has posed:
    The audience give applauds for Bart, "Whoo kidflash!" Someone shouts and then Robins reaction gets some applause, despite the lights above flashing and requesting the crowd to do so and then someone in the back coughs rather loudly into their fist. Then for Natasha people applause and cheer like they should as it is a game show and it's a happy fun time all around.

    "That's great you three, bird boy... play nice." Greer says with a motion of her finger towards Robin as she steps away and points at her eyes and then back at the teen.

    "Tonight our two contestants are playing for a chance to win 25,000 dollars! Woo yeah lets hope they get that far but, we'll have to play and find out.

    As Tigra introduces the duo, the platform they're seated at desks on begins to spin and turns towards the crowds and cameras. "Well fancy meeting you two here." Tigra says with a winning smile to Joan and Siobhan. Stepping closer to Siobhan and smiling, "Okay, you have one odd name and it took me forever to pronounce it correctly, tell us a bit about yourself and then tell me which question you want to go with. A, or B?"

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
It was not at all part of the plan. She hadn't been in America super long and she found herself getting into a game show and then getting told she could be a contestant and then she was back stage and then she was staring out in surprise at darkness just before the floor began to move. Honestly, she had expected her first time on stage to be with her guitar and in some bar somewhere. Either way, she grins brightly when she comes around to see the cameras, the celebrities and the host. She then can't help but chuckle a bit at the name comment and what comes next is an accent that gives no mistakes about where she's from.

"Aye, I've 'eard it is a toughy for folks not from Ireland but ya did pretty well." She then nods, "As ya said, I'm Siobhan and Ah came here from Ireland ta try ta make a name for mehself. I sing and play guitar." She nods and grins to the cameras for a moment before looking back at the options and then she hmms, "B sounds like a winner." She nods and then waits for Greer.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Question B sounds like a winner..." Tigra repeats with a sorrowful 'oh dear' kinda face on as she reaches over to the card and holds it up before her face and snorts before she can even read it.

    "Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, and Keanu Reeves are sent on a mission to save the world, but first they need - Blank." Tigra says and then steps closer to the celebrities and repeats.

    "Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, and Keanu Reeves are sent on a mission to save the world, but first they need - Blank. Take your time, there's no rush, it's not like we're filming a tv show or anything."

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer steps away from the celebs after they have all locked in and she turns to Siobhan and smiles, repeating one last time. "Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, and Keanu Reeves are sent on a mission to save the world, but first they need - Blank, what answer have you got for us today?" Tigra says with a smile.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A blink at that and Siobhan kinda stares for a moment to the side, watching the celebrities first to try to perhaps get a hint as to what they might say before she looks down at the table in front of her a moment before she looks up to Greer as she asks the question again and then she seems to think a moment. She considers things for a moment and then looks again to Greer and smiles, "A script." She nods her head and looks hopeful.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks around and now has five Red Bull cans beside him. He looks through the pieces of paper he hads in front of him, seems he drew on some of them while waiting for the others to get done. He holds his card up and it says "A dog sitter." "You know supposed to save it and not kill it and we seen what happens when ya mess with John Wick's dog."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     As Greer motions to her eyes then back to Robin, the Boy Wonder slips out a red and black batarang from his utility belt and points a finger to it, and back to Greer.

  As the question is asked, Robin wrote down his answer, thinking about who the people in the question actually were.

  "I said...they need to grow the hell up and get real jobs, Tigra." He says calmly, but enthusiastically.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha smiles apologetically at Siobhan as she turns over her card.


    "... I'm a big believer in that in a good movie, the hero is pushed out of their comfort zone, in order to cope with an unfamiliar challenge before the action can begin."

Karen Starr has posed:
    This whole time, Power Girl has been practically leaning back in her chair. Her arms folded (something the studio asked her politely not to do,) and her expression casual. When the order finally gets to her, Power Girl doesn't lift a card with her answer on it so much as she simply states it to the camera.

    "Two doses of amphetamines and a dog."

    There is a short pause, then, before she continues. "You might be thinking that you don't want to know what happens to the dog, but really, it's the amphetamines you should be worried about."

    The camera is quick to pan away from her, after that.

April O'Neil has posed:
Throughout it all, April O'Neil of Channel Six News (the same channel that airs this program conveniently, has been sitting in the middle bottom row just watching, listening and smiling. With a glass of some kind of pink liquid in front of her (likely liquored) April just grins at the various quips and comments from those all around her as she's immersed in the middle of all of this madness.

She glances over at Karen, on her right to laugh lightly at her comment before the camera makes its way to her. "Oh, right, uh. Yeah. So, based on those three actors - I think it's fairly obvious that what they need to pull that film off is what they've clearly been using for most of their film careers." She says before leaning down to put her lips up close to the mic on the table in front of her. "Some Columbian Nose Candy." She says with a smirk before leaning back again.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool's card has multiple different ideas written on it and scratched out intensely. Then he ran out of space, so the answer is sideways on one side edge of the card. "I really was thinking that they needed some other cast members, because there are so many GOOD people and I thought of all these great other people that should be there; could you imagine if they just brought Chuck Norris or like --- but then, I mean, they can't leave without a 90's catch phrase or one liner thing. So. I feel like I did okay for you since it's part of the script, right?"

Technically the card reads 'What is a one-liner?', but maybe some confusion can be acceptable considering the source of the answer. Deadpool starts to sip his grape-drink but he has a mask on, so he just puts it back down.

"The objective /is/ to match, right? Or did I have too much of April's answer? Maybe a bit from the far end, too."

Greer Grant has posed:
    For the last part Greer steps over towards Wade and looks to the judges off screen and the last panelist matches the other panelists with a red LED and a buzzing negative sound. "Aww, well... tough cookies Siobhan, but you'll have a chance to catch up next round." Greer says with a soft frown before stepping over towards Joan. "And you're name, is SO much easier to pronounce." Tigra notes, pausing to give the other contestant to introduce herself.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A small smirk at some of the answers but an utlimately defeated look comes to Siobhan and she sighs and shakes her head, "Well, ah can't say ah would have thought of some of those answers, that's for sure." She laughs a little and looks to Joan now for her response.

Joan Wright has posed:
Seated in the seat next to Siobhan, a mostly average looking woman sits. Average height, average weight. Brown eyes, brown hair cut to shoulder length and based from her general glance to everywhere BUT the cameras during Siobhan's round, she's not apparently here for the 15 minutes of fame. That or based from the wide eyed expression, she is still processing the answers given for the past round.

She reaches a hand up to her hair only to stop as she seems to remember the trouble the department backstage put into her appearance. Her hair is NOT going to be moving anytime soon. So, the attempt to tuck some of it behind the ear is aborted. She frowns slightly, lowering her hand. Folding her arms to keep her hands from messing with the hair.

Hearing her name, she blinks turning her head to look over to Greer, giving the friendliest of smiles. "Yes it is. So uh -Hi! I'm-" She pauses as someone off stage catches her eye and gestures over to a camera. She turns her head slightly, still facing Greer but also not looking completely away from the camera, "I'm Joan. I moved to New York about a decade ago. And I'm now working as a Restoration Architect at Damage Control. " She pauses, trying to think of an interesting tidbit, "Oh! When I'm not restoring things, I like to build with LEGOs or tour buildings with interesting designs."

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Fascinating, I can't imagine that being a boring day ever, but we must go on with the show and I guess you want question A huh." The woman says with a smirk before she reaches over to the card and plucks it off the podium and starts to read it aloud. "Wonder Woman's lasso compells you to tell the truth, but her armor compells you to blank." Tigra says with a smirk as she steps towards the celebs and then starts to bounce back towards Joan as she repeats.

    "Wonder Woman's lasso compells you to tell the truth, but her armor compells you to blank."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's smile dies away quickly, looking to Greer as she walks away. Head tilting down a bit, giving just a nod to the inquiry about question A. She bites her lip, thinking about the question while waiting for the others to lock in their answers.

Once they are in and she's prompted she glances up, looking to the celebrity panel. Eyes wide. "Um- Well. You guys had some interesting answers with the first round so I have no idea how this is going to turn out but..."

Her facial expression shifts, giving a bit of an impish grin, "To put on sunglasses. That's a lot of bright primary colors."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen seems to actually have to think about this one he taps the marker against the side of his head a bit and probably leaves a black splotch there. From his drawing earlier and the splotches it seems to have run out of ink, and he zooms over to the prop guy "Pardon me need some of these." He takes a stack of markers and has them in front of him again. He goes back to tapping and then smiles and writes something down and puts his answer down, and then he is off again. A moment later he is back with a the pyramid of Red bull making it up to ten. He looks over and smiles lifting his card and says "It makes me wonder if Wonder Girl will have to wear one like it, I mean, her in the armor, SB with the crest, me in Red, and Rob with the Bat." He hmms softly and when he says Rob, he does not look to the Robin beside him.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian almost immediately writes down his answer, and in perfect penmanship. As Impulse answers though, he looks up and stares at the speedster. "Who the hell is this Rob you talk about?" Luckily he was not allowed to bring his sword with him, or else he would have removed it!

  He Shakes his head and looks to Greer. "Tigra, I respect Wonder Woman as a warrior. She is my favorite in the League." He flips his card. "Her armor makes you get down on your knees and grovel for your misdeeds." He says, clenching his fist and smiling.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
Natasha laughs with the audience and her fellow panelists at Bart's answer, and then nods at Robin as she flips over her own card.


    "I haven't had the opportunity to see her fight in person, but I must agree -- if I ever found myself facing her, I like to think I'd be wise enough to give up right away and spare myself some pain.."

Karen Starr has posed:
    By now, PG has completely reversed her stance. Instead of leaning back, PG is leaning forward, her gloved hands idly moving the marker around. When it comes to her turn, she pulls the marker into one hand, and holds up the card- Simple, elegant handwriting make out the words:

    "Wear pants."

    She raises a brow, then, and continues. "I can understand the breastplate, right, but I feel like people severely underrate pants, and honestly, it shows."

April O'Neil has posed:
April has been nursing her drink while the show went on, she'd laughed pretty good at quite a few of the jokes, especially to that of Deadpool's answer in the last round. She looks between her two row-partners then and grins at Karen's response. "Lots of agility in those skirts, I imagine." She replies to Power Girl's answer, still grinning as she looks to the show host again.

April's hands come up to sweep her auburn hair back out of her face as it's her turn, she drops her hands to the table and pats them lightly upon its surface. "Workout More, is my answer." She says. "I mean, god, look at that figure. You gotta feel a little more pressure to go to the gym when you see her flying around roping people up, right?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool has melted way down in his seat, arms hanging over his podium. "How am I supposed to match that answerrrr," he laments in complete dismay. "Like how it goes, I was so /sure/, is that if one thing always tells the truth, then the other one always lies. So her armor is armor of sexy lies. Which is fine. I mean, Wonder Woman, //lie// to me. Tie me up anytime."

Deadpool does show his card, 'LIE'.


"I'm trrrrrying," Deadpool insists to the contestants dejectedly. He also turns to look up at Natasha, "I liked yours. Maybe let's confer," Deadpool loudly stage whispers up at her, and gives her two thumbs up? Yes?

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan looks blankly to the group as her chances just grow smaller and smaller with each answer given. When the round is over. She gives a slight nod before taking a deep breath, leaning back in her chair, lifting a hand up to brush at her hair "Well, I can't say I'm surprised how that t-." CRUNCH. "-dammit!" She yanks her hand from the stiff hair that is extremely resistant to being relocated.

She sits on her hands, "...Sorry."

Greer Grant has posed:
    The camera cuts to Tigra after all the answers have been buzzed incorrect and she's got her jaw slack and she looks dumbfounded. "Geeze um, ahem... I'm sorry Joan... but it's anybody's game... sorta." She shrugs her furry shoulders and keeps jiving. "Will it be Joan, or Siobhan in our Super match finale? Stick around, it's gotta get better than this. Right?"

    After a few commercails to keep the lights on, Tigra steps back out and smiles for the camera, "Welcome back to this train wreck of a game today. We got Joan with zero points and Siobhan with also Zero points on the board. Lets talk to our final three panelists and find out what the **** is going on?" A quack sound and a blur bubble appears over Tigra's face when she cusses as she steps over to Powergirl. "What is going on Power Girl?" She asks, smiling and giving the floor to the bottom three celebrities.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl is still leaned forward, resting on her elbows when the camera lights on her, and Greer yields the floor. There is a calm shrug, the crimson half-cape draping lightly over her bare shoulder, before she speaks.

    "Not a lot, Tigra. How many questions do we have left? I'm pretty sure I have to go hit somebody with a car, but the police will probably catch him first."

    Her expression remains somewhat stony, and her delivery is dry- if the studio had a police scanner, there's an ill-fated bankrobber fleeing on foot, with police units closing in swiftly. Sadly, when this episode is aired, her statement won't make a whole -lot- of sense.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is in the process of taking a sip from her drink when the camera light comes on in her direction causing her to spittle up some of the strawberry lemonade vodka she's enjoying. As she lowers her drink down she touches her chin with her free hand and then smiles at the camera all professionally like nothing had just happened.

"Hello." She says in a happy voice to go with the smile. "I'm April O'Neil, and when I'm not out on the streets doing fluff pieces for my ungrateful boss at Channel Six 'Eyewitness' News, I'm in my studio in Brooklyn working on Podcasts to get the 'real truth' out on to the streets. That's right, it's 2020 and I have an internet show. How... original." She holds her smile then and sweeps her hands over toward Deadpool.

It's his turn now!

Wade Wilson has posed:
There's nobody in the last shot at first.

"I dropped my pen. I've got it! We're all good," Deadpool assures, as he sits back up, with a pink-feather-fluffy-ended long pen. Deadpool is in his usual red and black merc attire. Mostly. (We'll get to that.)

"Yay everyone! Your pal Deadpool here. The pal you didn't know you had, maybe. Unless you're one of the people I will probably definitely name drop during this experience..."

"---I am not entirely sure where I am, I thought this was a game about dating, but I feel like maybe it /isn't/. I was really ready to describe my ideal date -- it involves Colossus -- but I can also swipe right. Or left. I think I'm on the right, based on how the camera's facing. So let's say I'm right. That's a little new for me, to be right. Maybe don't expect to match with me? But I will try. Maximum effort. Think like other people. I'm going for a resounding 'maybe'." Deadpool needs a breath, but only a quick one.

"---What else? More? ---I don't have pants on, I've been doing Work From Home, and I since the camera is gonna add 10 pounds, may as well take it back off in the costume area---" It's logical.

"After this can we play 'Floor is Lava' instead? I'd really be better at falling in lava than trying to read minds---" Deadpool waves his hands a little more as if still talking, but it seems his mic has turned off to end his chatter, and he orients to fiddle with it, distracted.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "You're not the only hero out there Power Girl. Let some of the others carry at incredible weight you burden yourself with from time to time. We're all in this together, yeah?" Tigra smiles and steals a napkin from Karen's desk to try and toss it at April, "Smooth like a frog..." Greer tries to tease but then is caught gawking at Wade. "I'm going to need to bleach my eyes... good lord."

    "Okay, Joan you went second last round, first this round. What card do you want?"

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan is still sitting on her hands and with the slight elevation causing her feet not to touch the floor completely, she's now shuffling her feet back and forth with little resistance. She watches the remaining celebrities go through their introductions quietly. Her brows, furrowed in thought as she considers the past two rounds of questions.

The quill pen does get a little giggle from Joan as she shakes her head, sitting back in her seat again. Despite ALL of the cameras in the studios she still manages to angle her head to where she's not facing any of them properly. That is, until a camera man's wave pulls her attention back to the mark. Yes, face THIS way. Don't touch the hair either.

The panel in front of her feet emits a large THUNK. Right. Might want to stop swinging the feet too.

"First off, I'm glad there are panels in front of the seats now. Even if I'm accidentally hitting them. As for the card, I think I'm going to go with 'A' because it sounds a lot like the confused sound we make when we hear some of these questions."

Greer Grant has posed:
    "She's going with card A. Alright." Tigra says with a grin as she reaches over to pluck the card off the pedastle and smirks as she reads it. "I think HBO is gonna sue. Ahem."

    "Westworld has robots that will kill you, Game of Thrones has dragons that will kill you, Powergirl has -Blank that will kill you..." Tigra smirks and nods to the panelists and takes a playful step away from Karen and then repeats.

    "Westworld has robots that will kill you, Game of Thrones has dragons that will kill you, Powergirl has -Blank that will kill you..."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's jaw drops slightly as the end of the question is posed before she looks over to Powergirl in concern. "Uh- a- g- " She glances over to Deadpool for a moment before she looks back to to Powergirl and then to Greer... Back to Powergirl, then Deadpool.

She looks back to Greer. "A Visual Distraction."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen hmms and thinks about it for a moment, and writes his answer down pretty quickly. He has now started to hang signs from his red bull pyramid "Save the chickens." Is one of them Hey with something scribbled out and XS written in." When it is answer time he listens to Joan and nods a bit and says "Well probably that too." But he reveals his answer "EVERYTHING!" He then leans over looking down to PG and offers her the card.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin rolls his eyes to the speedster at his answer. "Simpering oaf." He mutters under his breath.

  He manages to write something down however, after crossing off what he wrote on the card first. "Tigra, I was going to say nothing. For obvious reasons." Shrugging his shoulders though he reveals the card, sure enough 'nothing' was scratched off and underneath it said: 'thighs'.

  "From the view I have...they are monstrous."

Wade Wilson has posed:
Natasha isn't at her station. Instead, a white sock puppet pops up. It has sharpie features and a tuft of dark hair that might have come from the dark carpet under the podium, or someplace worse.

"Something sassy, something something," Says the sock puppet in a Pikachu-like falsetto, before reaching with it's 'mouth' to bite and show a card that reads '<3 MUSCULAR PECTORALS' hastily scrawled.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl's expression darkened somewhat, if only because this is going to be aired on national television. While not actively -angry- yet, she's a stage or three closer to it, and her dour expression is matched only by her intense, deep sigh. She looks up momentarily and registers Bart's offered card, but at that point she offers up her own, which merely says:

    "A lot of things."

    She speaks, too. "Specifically, you. You know who you are, and you're not getting away. You can't even hide."

April O'Neil has posed:
April just has her chin in the palm of her hands and her fingertips on the sides of her face throughout all of this round, waiting and listening, smiling and groaning at the answers. Her eyes are on Siobhan and Joan though, waiting for the turn to come to her. "I can't believe we've gotten this far, this clean. We're all doing so great, I'm so proud of us." She says once the lights are on her again.

A quick glance is given over to Karen on her right though, then April turns to face her entirely and tilts her head to the side - being a bit vague about what precisely she's looking at, beyond the whole package....

"Hmm..." She ponders before turning back to the mic and leaning over it to say. "Her arms. She'd kill us all with her arms. Yes."

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool's card is just a pixelated blur of censoring as he shows it. It might be a drawing.

"So mine," Deadpool says, considering the card, and then everyone else.

"Is <Bleep>." Nuff 'said.

And then looking towards the man with the hand on whether his light should be green or red gets a look. "That's close enough, you gotta admit." Deadpool drops a hand to one of his guns. "MAAAAAAAAAAAATCH."

Greer Grant has posed:
    There's a lot of wailing and groaning as even Deadpool's card is given the red, and no one matches for Joan in round two. Tigra puts two fingers between her neck and her collar and tugs at it while stretching her mouth to one side. "Goodness. Okay Siobhan... it's been one hell of a ******* night." Tigra says bluntly and steps back over to pick up the card. "All you need is ONE single match and you go on to our finale." The avenger says as she picks up the last card and wipes her brow as a show. "Here's the last question, Thor, the god of thunder wields his mighty hammer, but blank is his favorite tool."

    Tigra paces around slowly and repeats it slowly so everyone hears the same thing. "Thor, the god of thunder wields his mighty hammer, but blank is his favorite tool."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
Having sat beside her and listened to that question, Siobhan couldn't help but laugh before she heard her own and she stifled her own laughter again. She then considers, "These questions are gettin' down right interestin' if you ask me." She laughs and looks at the others before she considers and looks to Greer, "But based on what happened not too long ago, his favorite tool..." She considers, "I bet his favorite tool is his brother, Loki." She nods her head and then nods.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen hmms and sits back in his chair wiggling a bit and then there is a blur as he if off again and back a moment later drying his hands on a paper towel. He hmms a bit and smiles as it dawns on him that the answers are supposed to be funny and he moves his finger in the air at a high speed enny inny miney mo, and writes down something. He waits a bit and sighs as Siobhan thought of a better one and turns his card over and it says "Antman."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     "Yes, this has been a ****ing night." Robin says out loud.

  The question is weighed, but Robin only has one thing left for this situation. "Loki is a good answer. But...Thor's favorite tool is."

  He flips the card around, and with a small sad face, the card reads:


Wade Wilson has posed:
The sock puppet is back for Natasha! A little weirdly winded from climbing between the two podiums maybe. Which makes NO SENSE for a sock puppet to actually be gasping, if one realizes the puppeteer's hand is doing the gasping motions...

And yet here we are.

The answer from the puppet stand-in for Natasha reads:


Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl clicks her tongue momentarily, setting down the marker she'd been playing with again and looking momentarily- and genuinely- sympathetic. There's a little sigh as she reaches forward and plucks up her card, which is revealed to say:

    "The Hammer."

    "No, really." she responds, setting the card down. "You never really know until you meet the guy, but it really, really -is- the hammer." she states, leaning back again in her chair.

April O'Neil has posed:
April glances back over her shoulder at the other row behind her, back at Damian who gets a smile, then over to the sock puppet version of the panelist who got called away. "Marvelous." She says before turning back to her seat when she hears Karen's answer. "That probably is the most likely truth there..." She agrees, but when it's her turn to shine she shakes her head. "But, I had the honor of reporting on the recent Asgardian Embassy opening - and though I didn't get a chance to speak to him - I did watch others interact with him, so I'd say that his greatest tool is his Wit." She gives a slight nod then. "Though now that I think about it, I maybe should've said arms for him too." She glances over to Karen. "You both have really nice arms, after all."

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool made it back down to his podium. He really doesn't have pants, but the censors needed something to do. He doesn't have socks, either. Go figure.

"I didn't even have to read ahead or cheat. I was gonna, but then I didn't have to. I admit that Natasha and I worked as a team a little, though, even if she smells like feet for a reason I can't discern and is not as talkative as I could have liked," Wade says, to then reveal his answer for 'LOKI'.

Joan Wright has posed:
Grimacing as they go through the round and wincing as Power Girl's turn pops up she murmurs a quiet plea of 'Please don't kill me' under her breath as she sees the pre-livid look. As Greer indicates the lack of matches she just shrugs and sits back, listening to the 'B' question. "Good answer." She murmurs to Siobhan as the contestant bravely points out that Loki is a tool.

As the answers start matching up, Joan starts looking around, wondering if she's supposed to do a walk of shame off the stage after this or if she gets a consolation spin on the contestant seats again. She's also wondering if the catering she saw in the back is also meant for the contestants or just the celebrity panel. THESE ARE IMPORTANT THINGS.

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
As the answers are given, she still seems to be having a good time. As good a time as she had since she got here. She looks at Bart with a bit of confusion but then she laughs a little at Robin's answer. She then blinks at the puppet before pumping her arm. Siobhan then chuckles at Karen and then hmms at April before pumping her hand again at Deadpool. She looks over to Joan with a smile that has a hint of sadness but then she is back to Greer. Obviously waiting to see what comes next.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer walks over and whispers a few off air words to Joan as the other contestant takes the lead with Deadpool's answer and so the winner is asked to step off the stage and Joan is slowly turned back to the starting position where the game began originally. "Okay, Siobhan, it is time for you to pick a contestant that you will try to match one on one and win the 25,000 dollars if you can match each other correctly. Who do you pick?" Tigra asks, ushering Sioban closer.

Joan Wright has posed:
Consolation spin it is! Whee! And food is up for grabs. Yay!

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
As she steps up off the stage, the girl adjusts her jacket slightly before she looks at all the options, "I have to say, maybe it is the lack of pants or just the fact that we matched up but I'm choosin' Deapdool." She nods her head, "We matched up on this one and nearly on the first one." She then looks up to the top and then back to Greer, "The puppet was a rather temptin' choice though, ah have to say." She chuckles and grins before nodding to Deadpool.

April O'Neil has posed:
April raises her hands up to her mouth to give a good nice. "Woooo! Deadpool!" After hearing the choice, then going on to applaud said choice. She was picked last night, and she totally failed the contestant, so she's happy that the pressure is off of her this time!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Wait. //Really//?!" Deadpool is all over this. "My money was on Natasha. ---- I'll even put pants on for this. And at least one sock," promises the mercenary, ducking down behind his podium. It'll take a minute.

"Can you zip me," Wade asks of April. Awkward.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "You sho' bout dat?" Tigra asks, the invisible eyebrow cocked so high it might be lost in her wavey orange locks. "Eh, you do you kid." She smirks and turns Siobhan towards the screen that was on the back of the contestants turntable and points. "Guess the same word as Deadpool and you can win 25,000 dollars, if not you still get at 5,000 so there's that. Okay, match this phrase, Blank Ball." Tigra says and looks over Siobhan's back, making sure her and Wade can't see each other for this part. "Blank ball."

Siobhan Smythe has posed:
A hmm as she hears that and then she looks over at Deadpool before she considers and then she blinks, "Ah!" She looks over, "Basket ball." She nods her head and then looks to Deadpool before looking over at Greer and then to Deadpool again.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"You missed a merry mental spree through all kinds of Sports-balls and sexual connotations and all /sorts/ of things, this was really hard," Deadpool says, tapping the edges of his card with his fingers.

"But this was the type of ball closest to my heart and also my pen almost was out of ink."

The card?


He flings the card away and bursts into tears (maybe) inside the mask.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Oh that's ... not what you wanna see, but hey, you did, well, you didn't do completely awful and I hope you had fun Siobhan, and we hope to see you around New York more. I'm Tigra, thanks for watching Match Game tonight, and whoever has a silver prius, move ya dang car, you're blocking me in." Tigra says towards the camera with a wave and steps back to chat with the winning contestant and the celebs as the game wraps.