2207/Epicenter: Hunting for HYDRA

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Epicenter: Hunting for HYDRA
Date of Scene: 25 June 2020
Location: Rochester University - New York
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Achilles, Natasha Romanoff, Jessica Drew, Sam Wilson, Jack Nolan
Tinyplot: Epicenter

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Upstate New York. When people think of New York the city immediately comes to mind, but the state itself is quite beautiful. Sprawling forests and small houses. It even features Lake Ontario and Niagra Falls. Somewhere nestled in this state is a fully functional HYDRA base run by Daniel Whitehall where he is conducting experiments on Inhumans.

The mission briefing was simple enough: multiple teams will be traveling to known hot spots looking for anything out of the ordinary. This team lead by Bobbi was currently sitting in a surveillance at Rochester University. Different teams had been staking out road houses, night clubs, parks.. any where HYDRA might conduct recruitment efforts.

There's donuts, there's drinks, there's banks of SHIELD surveillance equipment. Bobbi is sitting deep in the van with head phones on watching a screen, flicking through images from the micro-drones they have up in the air. "I'm glad this isn't a two-person job, those get real boring real fast. Thanks everyone who volunteered and sorry everyone who was voluntold."

Achilles has posed:
    Donuts. Ubiquitous in all law enforcement angles since they were invented. Angelo smirks with a memory of the 1930's and Eliot Ness. But he shrugs and takes a donut and some coffee. "Where would you prefer I locate myself?" he asks. He's made sure to qualify with all of the SHIELD issue weapons, as well as demonstrating his ability to blades and bows as well. A real renaissance cop it seems.
    "I could play bait, or go for overwatch... as you see fit." he says to Bobbi.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "It's a living." Comes Natasha's soft but firm voice in a bland tone as she reclines in a seat with one leg crossed; distractedly running over her equipment once more. She finishes a quick once over of her pistol and clicks the last piece of it into place before flicking the safety one and off a few times, one eye kept on a screen in front of her at all times.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Sugar and stakeouts, let's not forget the caffeine, seem synonymous with long, dull periods of surveillance. The van got close so Agent Drew has moved herself to a nearby bench that is deeply shaded by the early summer foliage of an oak. She is deep in a book or seemingly so, the ear bead discreet under her long dark hair, legs crossed in jeans and high top tennis shoes. A late spring cold snap has made having a jacket on comfortable and convenient for covering an ICER.

"Couldn't ask for a nicer day for being on the lookout," she murmurs over coms as she looks up from her book.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam has contributed his Redwing drone to the effort, patching the gadget's surveillance scans into the SHIELD equipment, and for an extra set of eyes, he even brought the machine's namesake, a Red-tailed Hawk that can get a lot closer to anyone suspicious than the drones without raising the slightest bit of suspicion. After releasing the bird, Sam reentered the van, and is now perched over Bobbi's shoulder, watching the screens along with her.

With a sudden jerk of his head, he says, "Hang on, Redwing just saw someth-- oh. Never mind. Squirrel." His voice drops to a mutter and he chuckles under his breath, then a few seconds later, provides the requisite update: "Squirrel dealt with. Should we put that in the report?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"Hm where I want you. Hold on a moment." A finger strokes the hawk as she leans in to look at what one of the drones has picked up - a car with a SHIELD insignia on its side driving in to the university. Another drone is hovering over a large group of students gathering in the 'Eastman Quadrangle' while yet another drone catches sight of a big truck at one of the quadrangle featuring a big SHIELD logo on its side facing away from the area. The side of the truck facing the crowd has a projector facing it. Large speakers have been set up next to it. The students are gathering and there seems to be a few popup food trucks serving food and alcohol. It has a real party vibe to it. The screen flashes a big (10) with an image of Sam Wilson as Falcon swooping past in the background. The crowd cheers out 'Ten!'.

"Hold the phone just one moment," Bobbi picks up her phone, "As far as I know we're the only SHIELD agents out here.. Hello Ops? Rochester University. All SHIELD assets in the area.. Mmhm. Right... okay thank you." She hangs up and turns to the team. "Well things just got interesting. We have a bunch of SHIELD imposters putting on some kind of a show at the university. I guess this counts as 'Unusual'."

She turns to the team, "We need some eyes in the sky and on the ground. Take your pick agents. Blend in, be stealthy, don't start a small war with whoever these people are on a campus filled with students." The loud rumble of a big bass system can be heard from the quadrangle, some sort of party is about to kick off it seems. "So spread out and radio back to me what you're seeing out there."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Thank you, Wilson." Natasha says dryly, squinting faintly as the squirrel's grim fate is reported on. Circle of life, and all that.
    The gathering draws Natasha's attention, however, and she straightens her legs out to stand up and hunch over to look at the screen with one eyebrow quirked, eye glancing towards Bobbi as she calls in to confirm. "I can be inconspicuous." She notes, and tilts her head. "... I might be a little old for their target demographic, though."
    She draws in a slow subtle hiss of breath as the bass begins to kick in, clearly disapproving as she says. "... Anyone want to draw straws on who has to get close to *that*, or should I just get moving?"

Achilles has posed:
    "I'll be subtle. I'm good at subtle." says Angelo. He grins a bit and shrugs. He can summon armor at will, and isn't worried about getting hurt. "Let me go mingle and see if I can get close to'em, eh?" he asks as he reaches up to remove his SHIELD windbreaker, revealing the tight white teeshirt he was wearing underneath.
    He rolls his neck and says over the earbud comm, "Comms check." Before stepping out of the van. "Eyes in the sky. Thanks for bein' there." Yeah, his voice has just the smallest tinge of an English accent as he speaks. "I could be a grad student. But I'm also a blonde so they might just mistake me for one of their zealous buggers."

Sam Wilson has posed:
Leaning closer to peer at screen showing the projected images, Sam has the decency to look a little bit embarrassed. He mutters, "At least they got my good side," but glances at the others, perplexed. "Is this like, an Avengers fan club meetup or something?"

His confusion only deepens as Bobbi announces that SHIELD impostors are running the party where he has apparently earned this perfect rating. Ah well, he'll have plenty of time to figure it out later. Or, possibly, sooner; as Bobbi sends them out of the van, he smirks at the question of what altitude he's going to approach from. He knows it's more of a general prompt, but he can't help but answer: "Oh come on. Like you've gotta ask."

He exits the van, takes a running jump, and seconds later is at a standard recon altitude, night vision overlay active, scanning the crowd.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
(9) Some footage of SHIELD agents dressed in all in black breaching a door from news footage. (8) A CGI rendering of The Hulk. It's a pretty good rendering. (7) A promo shot of Clint Barton drawing back his bow.

The music begins to play to the thrumming bass music and it's quickly identified by the SHIELD computers as "Can't stop that feeling" by Justin Timberlake. Bobbi stares in confusion. She controls one of the drones to get in closer and notices a bunch of people wandering around wearing caps with SHIELD logos on them and black shirts with embossed SHIELD logos on them too. They appear to be the 'crew' of this group. "I don't think age is going to be a problem Agent Romanoff."

The perplexing situation has Bobbi peeling her eyes over every screen trying to understand what this could possibly be. "Go.. figure out who the hell is behind this." She gets up and approaches the back of the an so the red-tailed eagle can take flight too. "I'll set the parameters - we want to know where these fools go after the party is over, but if we can figure out where they came from before the party ends, even better."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha stares at the screen for a single thoughtful moment after the command is given, and just says "Roger." without complaint before stepping out of the van and exposing Casual Nat to the light of the sun. Dressed in a sleeveless white blouse, tight fitting black shorts and a pair of sneakers, Natasha allows herself a split second to feel out of her element before she puts on a different body language as easily as others might put on clothes, seeming utterly at ease - even casual! - as she begins to wander towards the gathering as if intrigued and drawn in by the growing commotion.

Jessica Drew has posed:
The confusion in Bobbi's voice sets Jessica on high alert but she rises casually from the bench, puts her book into the back pack that was next to her and after a look around strolls to the van. She climbs into the back, barely rocking the boat, and leans over the monitors to get a look at the fake commercial.

"Holy hell-o," she mutters. "No way that is us. On it, Bobbi". With a quick look around at the perimeter monitors, she is back out of the van, walking in the direction of the so called SHIELD agents, conscious of the weight of her badge inside her jacket.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack is not really the stealthy type, but he's also present for the same reason you still bring a gun on a stake out: In case something goes wrong.

He looks past Bobbi at the footage on the screen, frowning, "I don't know how much blending I'll be able to do on a college campus. Anyone got a big ass trench coat and fedora?" He wonders, "Probably some company trying to make cash off our logo. Still, definitely need to have it checked out, I agree." He moves to the back of the van, and steps out, which would cause the van to noticiably shift upwards as its poor shocks were relieved of his bulk.

"I can get on a rooftop nearby though. I'll report in once I'm up there."

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam stays at altitude, but uses the feeds from the drone fleet to tag and track each of those SHIELD ballcaps on his overlay. <<I've been meaning to ask why a covert intelligence agency has such good branding,>> he says over the comms channel, seemingly as the start of some idle speculation. <<I would not have guessed that it was so we could throw on-campus keggers, not gonna lie.>>

Redwing (the hawk, not the drone) drops down and does a low flyby of the crowd, alert for any sudden aggression or conflict. He's just a bird, so it's not like he can check for weapons, but at the very least he can provide an early warning if things get heated.

Does Sam betray any disappointment that 10 was not a rating, but his placement in a Buzzfeed-style countdown list? Nahhh. He keeps that on the inside.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The counter down on the giant projected screen continues (6) Captain America posing with his SHIELD and that winning smile. The production values on this intro alone are impressive given the sources of the footage are recognisably from other sources. (5) A Giant SHIELD logo appears and spins around. (4) Iron Man and War Machine flying side by side in the sky in what appears to be well rendered footage, they peel off to either side of the screen. Each time the count down ticks down the crowd cheers."That's a good approach Agent Nolan. The high ground is always appreciated."

In the crowd there's a young woman wearing a SHIELD t-shirt. It's clear it has been printed, rather than real SHIELD merchandise. She offers Natasha an energised smile and a small black business card with an embossed SHIELD logo on one side and the other side a coded message. The woman doesn't stop to regard Natasha, she just keeps handing out the cards to anyone who wanders past. A serious looking guy in a leather jacket brightens up every time someone comes near him and he hands out the SHIELD caps to anyone who wants one.

From the air it has all the hallmarks of a recruitment rally of some kind. There's the big truck they're using as their projector screen, but also a few dark cars with flashing red and blue lights on their roof and SHIELD logos on their sides. From Jess's vantage point, the people hanging around another car at the back of the setup, without lights flashing on it have real guards stationed near it with ear pieces in and guns at their hips.

Some of the 'helpers' are setting up an impromptu stage in front of the van even as the count down plays. A youthful young man holding a t-shirt launcher calls out to Angelo, "Go long!" He angles the shooter up and *thomp* sends a bundled up SHIELD t-shirt flying toward the under cover agent. The smells from the food trucks are intoxicating, delicious Americana and Mexican and Asian smells enticing the students to buy up. They appear to be student run trucks, not affiliated with whatever this.. is.

Achilles has posed:
    Okay, sports. Angelo is good at being an athlete. He's been in the States long enough to get the football reference. So he puts a smile on his face and does indeed 'go long'. He takes a few steps and then leaps to catch the bundle like it was his pride and joy.
    When he comes down, he pumps a fist in celebration and examines the package. "This is awesome!" he exclaims, no accent in his voice at all this time.
    But he mutters softly, "I've got merch in hand." over comms and turns to regard the area some more, still smiling like a goofball.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha takes the card with the breezy smile of someone who just blundered in out of curiosity to see what all the fuss is about. "Ooo, hey..." She says with well feigned interest as she looks over the card, and waves "Love your wooork!" Gently after the card giver's moved as if she thought their was an actual association with Shield going on here. Natasha mills about, keeping an eye out for anything of interest while feigning a pleasant aura that will probably make her cheeks hurt later from unused smile-muscles being put to work.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Doing his best to move around the perimeter, Jack climbs up the side of one of the buildings using his claws, trying his best to not make TOO much noise, not that it'd be really easy to hear over the pounding base of the truck.

Once he's on the rooftop, he makes like a gargoyle and positions himself on the edge of the roof, overlooking the whole party. He keeps his eyes on the truck in particular, as well as the stage they're setting up in front of it.

<<"I'm in position. Should blend in well enough up here, nobody ever looks up.">>

Jessica Drew has posed:
Pretending to admire the long toss and the catch made by Angelo, Jessica does her best to look excited by the air of pep rally, recruitment drive being generated by the fake SHIELD operatives. She deliberately walks toward the boy handing out T-shirts with a hopeful smile and her hand out. Ingeniously, she admires the rally. "Wow, you guys are looking for more agents? That is sooooo coool."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
<<Someone get me some radiological tags on all those vehicles. This is a flattering nightmare,>> Bobbi says over the comms.

(3) quinjet taking off from a park in New York City surrounded by news. It cloaks as it lifts up in to the air. (2) Quake flying over a crowd of protesters in New York City. (1) A giant robot walking down a built up area shooting a laser from its eyes as an unidentifable SHIELD agent dives heroicly off the top of a building holding two staves to land on the head of the robot.

At that last bit of footage Bobbi mutters over comms, <<Sunnova b->>

<<Agent Wilson what are the thermals on that truck. And who are in those cars..,>> Bobbi asks the agents in general over comms.

There is certainly the smell of weed in the air. Some students are doing a fire twirling display. Throw a little bit of a bash and students are there with all their gimmicks and fun. A hackisack circle has somehow claimed space within the crowd gathering in front of the big projection. Some people in the darker clothes have headsets on like a stage production crew. They are setting up fireworks and big halogenic lights that aren't on yet. The stage has been assembled. <<Who the hell are these people?,>> Bobbi exclaims.

On the ground there are a few leaflets with a SHIELD logo on them titled 'SHIELD recruitment rally, 6pm Thursday at the Quad. Come be a super spy.' A group of students are playing secret agent with water pistols and long dark trench coats, sunglasses. It's a fun game but a little distracting when it becomes apparent moving through the crowd are people carrying real fire arms. They seem to just be observing, taking in the vibe and making sure things are going their way. They've dressed like the others running the event, with fake SHIELD cap and fake SHIELD t-shirt or jacket. But, their comms are ear pieces.

The guy with the t-shirt launcher lowers it and offers his hand to Jess, "Hey yeah totally right? Oh.. OH right I'm meant to hand these out too." He offers Jess a black card, embossed with the shield logo and a code on the back. "Crack the code, you could be the next Agent of SHIELD. Right on. I'm Chase, digging your vibe." He offers her a high five.

Sam Wilson has posed:
From above, Sam watches the real SHIELD group infiltrate the fake SHIELD group tensely. Not that he'd ever let on: <<Man, forget what I said about good branding. These guys are showing us up at our own game,>> he comments. Nothing like a total lack of comms discipline to keep things light, right?

For a second, he's not sure where he'd actually be useful, but then he makes a snap call: the cars with lights are attention-getters. Look for the cars without lights. So it is that he angles toward the car in the back, and his scanners, unlike Redwing, pick up some worrisome shapes. <<I've spotted a couple of armed guards moving from the back and advancing through the crowd. Nothing too scary yet, but I'm flagging them for you.>> That done, he starts to execute the thermal scans Agent Morse asked for.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha gently clears her throat and politely looks away as an indistinct heroic figure goes robot hopping on the screen. <<If you're going for quantity over quality, sure.>> Is her response to Sam, though her friendly, casual expression doesn't change, even when Sam reports the armed guards. She scans the crowd for them as discreetly as feasible.

Achilles has posed:
    And now Angelo approaches the basic 'recruiters' and asks, "So.. you guys want to explain to me how super spies recruit out in the open? That doesn't seem very Double-Oh Seven to me." But he's grinning as he points out the absolute paradox in the logic. I mean come on, he can't have been the first person to ask that. Also, it's not like he is armed. He left his weapons behind too. But that long sleeved teeshirt at least covers the bracers that carry all his old magic gear. He's ready, prepared and almost enthusiastic to showcase some unarmed takedown techniques if the situation calls for me.

Jack Nolan has posed:
<<Most of these kids seem like just that, kids. But I'm seeing firearms on several people in the crowd.>> Jack chimes in over the radio. The mention of the cars gets his attention, and he shifts position, moving away from the ledge so he can try to get a better view of them along with Sam.

<<Eyes on the cars. Most look like props...But there's a couple in the back that don't look like they're supposed to be part of the show. Two tangos with ear pieces, appear armed. If you're headed that way, approach with caution. They don't look like they're here to "recruit" anyone.>>

Jessica Drew has posed:
Careful to keep the inner dialogue from her face, Jessica who is very much not digging the vibe accepts a t-shirt like she has won a prize, examines the back of the card and gives the guy an enthusiastic high five.

Tucking the shirt under her arm, she reads the card with a puzzled look. "Like some kind of cipher that we have to crack so you can, like, filter candidates or something?" She listens to Jack's commentary over coms, saying aloud as though talking to herself with her eyes down on the card, "Yep, got eyes on those."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The fireworks go off, lighting up the sky brightly. Everyone looks up and cheers. The screen changes in to an animation of the SHIELD logo spinning and then words flash up on the screen as the Timberlake song ends -- SUPER SHIELD WANTS YOU ---

The truck's side collapses down and a man in a tight fitting black uniform with a SHIELD logo on the front in bright white and no sleeves showing off his muscles. He flies out hovering with his hands facing down just like Quake does. He lands on the stage as the halogen lights beam bright spot lights on to him.

The crowd is LOVING it and cheering wildly. The charismatic looking man, couldn't be more than 25 years old, short black hair and sparkling blue eyes. He begins waving to the crowd to simmer down. He's wearing a stage headset like an evangelical presenter.

Once the crowd has calmed down enough he revves them back up again, "SUPER.. SHIELD.. WANTS.. !!YOU!!" He lifts his arms up in to the air and lightning bursts from them.

The young woman Angelo has approached actually laughs and says, "Pretty funny isn't it? Hey I'm Heather," she says offering him a handshake. "We were surprised too. Great gig for us too. Usually we just do improv shows and community theatre, but we're actually getting paid for this."

Bobbi sees three of her micro-drones go dead in the sky and fall harmless in to the trees. Their video signal is white noise. <<AH, Agents.. do not engage that hostile. If you haven't kept up on the mission reports, HYDRA has been trying to combine Inhuman abilities. They almost succeeded but it caused heart attack. It looks like they may have pulled it off with this guy, whoever he is. Running facial.>>

He walks the length of the stage pointing a finger out at the crowd, "I used to be a regular person just like you, but now I am: EPICENTER." There's an intense tremor under the ground and the gathering isn't sure if that was deliberate or not for a moment, but then it becomes apparent to enough of them that it was part of the show and they all cheer again. He returns to the center of the stage and switches to 'sell' mode, "Do you have the brains and guts to be a SUPER SHIELD Agent. Solve the puzzle on the back of our black card. You too could have super powers like me, like the Avengers, like all those super heroes you see on TV. Serve Uncle SAM as a SUPER SHIELD Agent!"

The guy talking to Jessi nods his head, "Yeah. Right on. I mean, I guess. Hey do you like improv? we do Improve every Wednesday and Sunday at the cafeteria if you're keen."

<<His name is David Keen, suspected HYDRA Agent.. I think we can make that confirmed now.. aka 'Epicenter'>>

Achilles has posed:
    Actors, freakin' actors. Angelo shrugs and shakes Heather's hand. "Jim." he replies, making up a name off the cuff. "You think they'd need some more folks for this? I've got some experience acting. Stage actually." he adds with a lopsided grin. Of course, -his- comm is broadcasting everything he says and hears.
    But then he looks up to the stage. "Boss." he says, referring to Morse. "You know what I can do, or more importantly, what can't happen to me. Send me in coach, if you need to." he subvocalizes after stepping back from Heather to watch the show.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha *stares* at Epicenter as he makes his entrance, and barely manages to wrangle some impressed 'oooos and 'ahhhhs' onto her face, valiantly resisting the urge to scowl instead. Good. Great. Thank you, lord, this is exactly what we all needed. Artificial Mutants with good PR.
    What *actually* comes out of her mouth is a vacant "*Super* Shield? Woooow...!" Followed by a grin as she tersely says through her teeth <<Are you *hearing* this?>>

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam only has to take a quick look at the truck in the IR band to get a break in the case: <<Good call, Morse. I'm seeing a ton of heat, seems to match the readings you had on file from last time. Watch for holograms, people. There's also a generator, if someone's feeling sabotagey.>>

That's pretty much all he gets out before... Oh Jesus are those FIREWORKS???

Falcon sends a mental bug-out signal to Redwing, who is NOT going to be happy, then snap-rolls to port and dives, hoping to get under detonation height, but no such luck. Pretty soon he's surrounded with incandescent bursts in all colors of the spectrum, not to mention burning shards of canisters, soot, and flaming phosphoric substances that he really does NOT want to think about.

Sam Wilson has posed:
He really does not have the attention to spare for noticing or caring about Epicenter or whatever he's doing. Self-preservation first.

Jack Nolan has posed:
<<I bet I could take him.>> Jack says, sneering from the rooftop, <<But there's too many civilians around, I wouldn't want to risk it. If he's HYDRA I have zero doubts he'd immediately start killing civvies.>> So for now he stays put, but his yellow eyes are locked onto Epicenter and if looks could kill, that guy would drop dead.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Wow, you all certainly /look/ like agents,"Jessica drawls with her best American accent. British English to Southern is just a question of slowing things down. She grins hoping it is not as painful looking as it feels when 'Epicenter' comes out on stage.

"Whooooo," she exclaims loudly when the ground quakes. In a low voice over coms, "They want a confrontation. Isn't that obvious? But why is this in public?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
<<That's a negative Agents, our mission is to find their base of operations. This Epicenter guy, you'll get your chance at him, just not today. We can't tip off Whitehall that we're so close to him. He'll tuck tail and run the moment he gets a whiff of us.>>

Epicenter struts back and forth on the stage as one of his assistants comes up with a baseball bat and hits him with it. The metal bat bends against him and he tosses up his hands like a pro-wrestler as if saying 'is that the best you've got'. Several other people in the crowd are selected to come up and hit him with bats. The crowd is eating it up.

Epicenter exits the stage as the holographic projector fires up. Standing 12 feet tall is Daniel Whitehall. "Greetings Rochester!," there's a few cheers that go up in the crowd. "I'm Supreme Director of SUPER SHIELD Eric Standgood. The world faces unprecedented threats from near and afar. Aliens rain from the sky, secret societies summon monsters and only people like you can stop them. So what are you waiting for, crack that code and come join us at SUPER SHIELD."

Epicenter rushes off behind the truck toward the unmarked car and gets inside. He's chatting with another person loudly for a few moment and then the car starts its engines. The team can see that slowly the different people with real guns are extracting themselves from crowd. The holographic projector shuts off and blue smoke rises from it. The music fires up again, this time playing "The Final Countdown".

Heather speaking to Angelo says, "Oh heck yes every Wednesday and Sunday at the cafeteria we do improv. We'd love to have you along! We don't usually get to do something this big and crazy but you're more than welcome to join us."

<<Agent Drew, to see if they've been found and to find themselves new guinnea pigs to experiment on no doubt. Agents, we can't give them the satisfaction of either. Between the radiological tagging, number plates, vehicle tracking, perhaps cracking their little code game, and also the directional beam that hologram just received.. I think we might actually have them this time. Agents, make your exits.>>

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Roger that." Is Natasha's very soft response as she watches the vaguely obscene demonstration of what this 'Epicenter' can take before she disappears into - and back out of - the crowd.

Jack Nolan has posed:
"What an asshole." Jack mutters under his breath as Epicenter makes his grand departure. He pulls back off of the roof, climbs back down, and makes his way around the edge of the perimeter once again. He does stop, however, as he passes by a couple of the food trucks, <<Hey can one of you guys do me a favor and grab me something from that taco truck? I'll pay you back.>> He doesn't want to break cover but could really go for some asada tacos right now.

Eventually he makes it back to the van, climbing back inside and finding his seat once again.

Achilles has posed:
    "Wednesday and Saturday you say?" asks Angelo, figuring that just maybe, this improv group might have -some- infiltration by these people. That, or they are literally totally innocent. But you don't make that sort of assumption when doing an investigation. Rule out only what you can prove is ruled out.
    He nods, "I'll definitely be there someday. When I can make sure I have time to devote to it."
    But then he excuses himself and moves off to try to get a view on some of the enemy agents so he can trail behind. Basically at this point he is positioning himself to back up either Natasha or Jessica if either of them need it.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Exits. Exits?!?!? In a neighboring quad, Falcon bottoms out from his dive past the airborne inferno, burning shards of firework still grimly clinging to his flight suit, and hits the grass, bouncing back upward like a skipped stone. He's canting wildly on the roll axis, trying to stabilize, when he splats facefirst into a grand, dramatic wall of water that a decorative fountain is shooting several meters into the air. No more burning, at least? A fast roll onto his right wing and a high-G swoop takes him out of immediate danger of slamming directly into the building behind the fountain, but he's now soaked, covered in soot and mud, and undoubtedly bruised all to hell.

<<Uh... as far as exits go... I'm thinking I should just head out under my own power,>> he informs the others, trying to sound as casual as he can about it. <<See you all. Soon.>> He cuts the radio, mentally calls Redwing to his wing, and sighs at the bird's as-ever uncompromising expresssion. "At least you don't judge, buddy."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Staring at the screen as though bewitched and bedazzled by the prospect of becoming a member of the SHIELD, Jessica concentrates on coms. She tucks the card and t-shirt into her backpack and shoulders it before heading towards the food trucks. In line for the taco truck, "Roger that. Jack, green or red?"

Jack Nolan has posed:
<<Red. And asada if you can.>> Jack replies to Jess after her question over the radio.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
With Falcon taking the breezy way back to base, the rest in their surveillance van looking at the map of New York. A satellite is tracking an unmarked black car. It has attempted evasive driving a few times, but the wheel base gait of the vehicle is tracked by the SHIELD computers. A cone projection from the hologram indicates something to the west of their location. The map shows medical research facilities capable of supporting the work Whitehall has been doing. The car is heading west too.

Bobbi looks to the tacos hungrily and then addresses the group, "Good job Agents. We need to follow up with this improv group to see if they're in on it. I need to report back to HQ about what we've found. There's only a few places in that cone that they can be operating from. We're going to have their location by morning. We now also know what we're up against.. we're going to need to bring our best if we have a hope of taking out a small army of Epicenters."

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Put your orders in now, folks. I can carry them back to the truck," Jessica says as she moves up in the line.