2224/Genosha Burns, Titans Fiddle.

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Genosha Burns, Titans Fiddle.
Date of Scene: 25 June 2020
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: In the aftermath of the assault on DC and the capture of Mutant Town, the Titans get together for a planning session.
Cast of Characters: Donna Troy, Samuel Morgan, Victor Stone, Kian, Kate Bishop, Damian Wayne, Terry O'Neil

Donna Troy has posed:
    The news reports have been rolling in for a few hours - first the attack on the capital, then the disappearance of mutant town. A high alert had gone out on the T-coms as soon as the first reports from DC came in, but the two Titans present at the tower hadn't waited around. Techno and Troia left straight away in the T-Jet, and by the time anyone else had enough time to respond, it was all over.

    For now, at least. Brainiac's promise to destroy the planet makes it clear it won't be quiet for long.

    As the T-Jet enters Metropolis air-space, Troia sends word for any Titans available to make their way to the main room for a brainstorming and briefing session. Within minutes the T-Jet has landed on the roof and been lowered into the storage hanger just above the main room, and shortly afterwards, the two somewhat battle-ravaged Titans make their way into the main room.

    Troia is carrying a body bag. She slings it down rather unceremoniously on the table, and it lands with an unexpected clanking sound. She heads to the fridge, pulls out a couple of bottles of water, and tosses one over to Techno. Then she walks over to the sofa, and drops down into a seat, exhaling.

    "Well. That was a thing."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    For the past half hour, the energy warning has been sounding inside Techno's helmet. Honestly, he'd put the suit on charge, but the charge port has been crushed along with a good portion of the plate that was protecting it. To say that the suit doesn't look its best is an understatement... it's practically falling apart. Plates have been dented, which is worrying enough for armor that has been designed to survive a glancing hit from a twenty millimeter anti tank weapon, but far more worryingly are the plates that have been actually *cracked*. Some fragments are missing, exposing servos and wiring over the internal skeleton, there are occasional sparks, and one of Techno's three camera lenses is cracked and flickering.

    So far he can just about walk, but Techno is limping when he leaves the jet and enters the common room. As soon as he's inside, he does something nobody has seen Techno do before... he actually starts to pull off the armor that's too damaged to operate, removes his helmet and finally disembarks, the carapace sliding up and away to let him exit the armored exoskeleton. It's a pair of human hands that catch the bottle.

    "A thing and a half. First Genosha, now Bushwick?! Can't mutants ever catch a break?"

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic is already perched at the computer bank well before Troia and Techno return. It would be reassuring to say his fingers have been flying over the keyboard as he combs through tactical readouts, pulls up intel reports on their enemies, and pores over technical schematics, but the truth is that for much of the past quarter hour he has just been staring numbly at the news feeds, like half of the people on the planet.

The clank from Donna's bag might be unexpected to some, but to Cyborg it's as predictable as the sunrise. He knows his compatriot well enough to be sure that even after the hellish defeat she's just been through -- maybe even moreso in that situation -- she would have her wits well enough about her to gather whatever she could on their foes.

So for the first time in a while, he levers himself out of the computer seat and heads over to unzip the body bag and have a look at the goodies (or, rather, baddies) she's brought him.

He doesn't say a word about the salvage, he just looks from one to the other and asks, "Are you two okay?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían still hasn't really gotten used to alerts coming over the T-com, but he does respond to them, cutting short an exercise flight high above the Tower.  It's scant moments before he pops out of the elevator shaft and drops to a gentle landing, perched atop the back of a couch.  "I haf hear'd the aler't?"
    And then he takes a second look at Donna and Sam.  "/c'Rhys'yw/... hwat hap-pan? Are hyu all right?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate managed to miss ... everything... being stuck on the hyperloop between New York and Metropolis heading for the tower from visiting her dad and sister in the city. Yet again impacted by the bane of not having any transport outside a motorbike or a Titan vehicle. The later of which she certainly can't take to brunch with her family.

She definitely went to the tower though because another leg over to DC seemed pointless with the whole thing already having gone down by the time she got to Metropolis.

When Techno and Troia come into the main room she starts up to her feet and looks them over alarmed. Not Troia so much a Techno because damn that suit looks like it is beat to shit. "Holy shit Sam..." yeah she is aware who is in the Techno suit. "Are you okay..." she walks over to look the suit over now up much closser. "Holy shit..." yeah well Caitlin isn't here. "You do know the whole goal is to not be shot or crushed or hit.." okay there is some sass but then again Sam seems intact. Physically at least.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin had been on duty in Gotham during the DC attack, but circumstances were such that he arrived for the debrief.

  Up through the empty shaft, Robin's grapple thrust him up past the floor, landing on the floor with a hefty step.

  "Status report, Cyborg." He asks, his tone serious but lacking the scathing nature he normally has.

  It wasn't until he sat down next to Sam that he reached over and grasped Techno's hand under the table. A small, but big gesture for the young hero.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Rabbit Hole opens, and a haggard-looking Vorpal walks into the room. The usually unflappable, cheerful Cheshire cat looks absolutely serious, completely focused and as grim as the reaper. His eyes flit from Donna to Techno and widen in alarm.

He doesn't need to say anything, Robin, Kate and co. have asked all the questions that need to be asked at this point. He simply stands by because information needs to be exchanged right now.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Eventually, Sam. When they are no longer the minority of choice to oppress, then it'll be someone else's turn." Cynical much? It has been that kind of day. Troia stares into infinity for a moment, then gathers herself and turns her head towards Sam. "You're new to the team, but you did us proud today. The attitude, dedication and skill you showed today his how we will win this, and how we will go on fighting for justice for /all/ of humankind. "

    Donna nods her head to Cyborg, and then to Hawkeye, then to Kian, acknowledging their questions after the health of the two. "Nothing a good night's sleep won't fix I think," she tells them. "Though both of us are going to do a take a full medical checkup after this meeting - okay, Sam? It was pretty tough out there."

    She takes a swig from her bottle. "Okay. You've all seen the news. We have no intelligence on this new threat except what's in that body bag. Technology level we're dealing with is... well, look for yourself, Vic. Once we dealt with the Sentinels, those things started appearing in large numbers. Hundreds of them. They are seriously tough. They are part biological. It's a good bet the reason why our alien invader went after mutant town is because he wants to give his army an x-gene power-up. This isn't just the Earth we have to worry about here, an army like that out there in the galaxy does not bear thinking about. Thoughts, ideas, questions?"

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Fingers refuse to wrap around the top of the bottle, and with a grunt of frustration Sam uses his teeth to open it before sitting down, spitting the cap out on the table. He looks about as bad as the suit, except without it he probably wouldn't have been here to tell the tale. "Those things..." he starts, gulps down some water, and then continues. "When I say those things punch like a cannon, I want you to understand that it's the literal truth. Don't let them get close unless you're indestructible." Not, as it is now clear, semi-indestructible like Techno.

    A hand squeezes a hand under the table, and Sam seems to regain his composure, even through the rapidly accelerating bruising now that he's out of the suit that was providing much of the cooling to keep the swelling down. There's a nod towards Donna when she mentions a medical... it only make sense.

    "I think we found out what happened to the mutants of Genosha." Sam mentions slightly ominously, nodding towards the body bag. "There weren't enough bodies, people were missing, some people were reportedly stolen after the attack. Eyewitness accounts." Another nod, implying that Sam had actually been to Genosha, or had once had access to intel from Genosha. No points for guessing which. "The Sentinels we saw today were... they didn't have any power canceling tech on board. My guess is they were the shock troops, the obvious threat to lure us in, and the mutant zombie cyborgs only came out because this alien needed more time to grab Bushwick, and hadn't counted on us being able to tackle them that quickly. Bad tactical habit, but my gut feeling is that we were underestimated. Doubt that'll happen again."

    And then, perhaps, the bombshell. Sam takes another sip of water, taking a deep breath. "They adapt. I could shut down one, was harder with the second, third was nearly immune. After that, it was a straight up brawl. Not sure if that's because these things have anti-mutant tech on board, or if that's a function of their design."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic glances at Kian, eyebrows rising, and then mutely points to the video feeds that are still playing on the multi-screen computer he was just operating. Footage of the carnage in D.C., the crater in New York, and the grim visage of Brainiac's ship are all the news channels are showing, and will be for weeks, at least. The voices of the commentators are muted, but closed captions flash past as they try to make sense of the alien attack.

At first, Robin's question only elicits a long sigh from the partly mechanical man, but then he gives a slow shrug and says, "Status is pretty fucked, Robin, I'm not gonna lie." It is, indeed, a good thing that Caitlin isn't within earshot, because Vic is obviously in no mood to sugarcoat his assessment. "Bushwick and everyone in it just got yanked out of the ground like a borough-sized weed, who knows how many people were killed in D.C., and the bad guys just blasted back off into space, scott free."

"I guess if there's a silver lining, it's that maybe the Genoshans survived and can still be saved." He lifts a twisted fusion of metal and flesh out of the body bag and holds it up, grimacing in disgust at the sadistic workmanship. "The dark cloud is maybe they and everyone in mutant town have been ground up into person slushie to make more of these things. Right now, we have no way of knowing."

He drops the alien limb back into the bag and leans on the table, heavily enough that it groans in metallic protest, startling him back upright. He reaches up with one hand to rub at his flesh-and-blood eye. "God, I wish I'd never played Mass Effect 2 right now." He glances over as Sam drops the bombshell about the adaptation, then throws his head back and moans, "Or seen the Borg seasons of Star Trek!!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate will shake her head at the suit and what Donna and Sam relay and then walks over and pulls down one of the first aid kits and rummages around in it before walking a couple of different bottles of painkillers over to Sam. "Trust me you are going to be so sore later if you don't take some NSAIDs now..."

Then she looks to body bag and frowns even more "Wait. So the troops in DC were former citizens of Genosha?" okay that has Kate just a bit pale ... or is it green ... around the gills. "Or is it just using genetics and like clone vat tanks to make these hybrid shock troops?" that sounds better to her than conversion or slurries.

Then the other thing from Sam "Were ... they just adapting to your power or were they adapting to everything being thrown at them?"

"Borg jokes right now are scary as fuck not funny Vic.."

Kian has posed:
    Kían /has/ seen the news -- it goes over his head.  He has no frame of reference for what's going on.  He's only gathered that bad things are happening, and probably going to get worse.
    He hops off the back of the couch and makes his way over to Vic and his bag of... stuff.  He stops when he realizes it's not all metal in there, and returns to the couch, looking pale and a little dizzy.
    "I do not... nnh.  Hyu haf hear'd me say too many time, I do not un-der's-tan'."  He glances back up at the monitors.  "I do not know, hwat to *do* about it...."  He doesn't sound despairing or despondent, but he doesn't sound optimistic.
    And if you want proof that magic requires more than will, Kían did not disappear in a puff of smoke and reappear on his homeworld just now.

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Robin took a look at the body bag before squeezing Sam's hand just once more before breaking off.

  The youngest Wayne approached the bag and grasped the zipper, pulling down. The stench was starting to set in, seems decay is a bit more pronounced in our atmosphere. The skull was mostly intact, apart from the missing jaw all of them seemed to have, as Robin pulled down further, his face starts to adopt a grimace. The torso was...juicy, to spare most the other details. "Yeesh."

  He took out a sharpened batarang, and scraped against the metal of the drone, the batarang had been blunted on that end. "I want this cadaver as soon as Cyborg is finished with his forensics. We will need a full physical analysis."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"We fight, Kian." Vorpal's voice is tight as he glances down at the cadaver. Revulsion and burning hatred playing across his features as Robin scrapes the drone. His green eyes settle on it for a few seconds before he speaks again.

"Advanced tech. I wonder how well it holds up against magic." He rubs one hand, very slight flashes of purple light coruscating across it for a second before vanishing. He frowns. "I'd have to get in close combat range with a functioning one to test it, though." He looks up at Donna, and adds "Maybe Raven will have some ideas on that."

He starts pacing around the group, remembering something. "Garfield and I ran into Aqualad yesterday, He's back and he's considering coming back to the team, if you'll have him. He, too, has learned to do magic of a sort. I expect he may be coming by the tower sooner than later now."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I concur with Techno's assessment," Troia says. "We were underestimated. There was a telepath present who linked us together, and that enabled us to work seamlessly with some other heroes. Not quite sure what happened over by the White House where there were a couple of other Sentinels, but there was a Kryptonian there, Power Girl. Our enemy wanted a distraction and thought five mega-sentinels would be enough, but we dealt with them rapidly. I believe he showed his hand earlier than he would like with those..." she gestures towards the body bag. "...Things. And yes, they are fast and they hit hard. Nobody take one on alone please."

    "Techno, they were adapting tactically too. Learning my moves. I'd guess it was a function of their design."

    "Good question Hawkeye." Troia nods her head to Kate, then winces slightly. She puts her bottle down and flexes her shoulder, finding a bruised muscle she hadn't quite noticed yet, eliciting another wince. Ice pack ;ater. "Unknown at present. The uh... remains in that bag should be DNA tested. We don't know if they are even human. However they were not using any obvious mutant powers - that may be his next step rather than Given the level of technology involved here, let's keep our fingers crossed that our enemy isn't busily converting the residents of Bushwick as we speak, but instead is just examining their genomes. "

    Troia recovers her bottle and takes another swig of water. Fighting is thirsty work, and so is debriefing. "Kian. None of us really understand. An unknown alien visitor has kidnapped an entire town full of people with... what do you call it, reethors? Powers. Best guess, he's trying to create a slave army with powers. We're going to stop him, we just need to figure out how."

    "Robin, we have plenty more samples back up in the T-Jet. That's just the most uh... complete one. Anything you science guys can do to figure out how these things can be counteracted would be... incredibly useful. You, Vic and Caitlin should co-ordinate on that. Maybe there's some way to interfere with their control circuits or something. Talking of which, if the enemy /is/ planning to integrate x-genes into his army, we should look into that nullifier technology some of these sentinels have. It may turn out that his power up introduces a weakness we already know how to exploit."

    She slumps back, lost in thought for a few moments, then her forehead creases up as Terry's words filter through. "Wait. Vorpal. Say that again. Aqualad?" She stares at him blinking, then turns to Victor wide-eyed. "He hasn't been around since... what. Six years?"

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Give me a bit, and I'll write a report about what I could sense from them." With some difficulty, Sam liberates a few capsules from the bottle and swallows them down, chasing it with a swig of water. "I'll try to trace out some of the cybernetics I could feel. No variation between drones as far as I could tell, so if they've been Borg'd, it's on a standard template."

    It's roughly that moment when there's a rush down the stairs, a thumping of someone hurrying into the room, and moments later Bear leaps up into Sam's lap. No hesitation, there is an immediate doggie hug, cheek to furry cheek, and Sam wraps his arms around his companion.

    "They just started killing. Beamed down, didn't even bother shouting or hissing or anything. Just picked a target and killed them. Soldiers, civilians... men, women... children. So many... too many, couldn't stop them all in time." There are no tears. Just... nothingness. The anger will come later, but for now, now that the danger is over and the information has been shared, the shock is starting to set in.

    "This is too big for us. We need to get talking to other teams. And if we get our hands on anti-mutant tech, I want us to be the only ones to have it. I do NOT...." a deep breath, following a sudden whine and lick from Bear. "... I don't trust anyone else with it."

Victor Stone has posed:
Vic lets out a rumbling 'hmf' noise. "I wasn't joking, Kate. Our best guesses for what to expect from these guys are pure sci-fi, at this point. We don't know how, exactly, Brainiac plans to integrate mutant genes into his troops. We're going to have to run tests on this guy to even make educated guesses."

He watches as Robin unzips the bag further, and his artificial eye glows red as he gives the fallen Brainiac trooper the best visual once-over he can. "Just from looking at it, I'd say the cloning and genetic engineering theory is a little more likely -- what's left doesn't seem to be structurally human to me. But I'm no doctor."

He stands up a little straighter and takes a step back from the cadaver. "I guess what I can say, just from personal experience" -- he manages a slight, rueful smile -- "is that integrating machinery with a living body presents a really specific set of problems. Implant rejection, nerve interfaces, leverage and torsion problems... You can overcome them, obviously." He sweeps a hand to indicate his own mechanical half. "But they're never far below the surface. I might be able to work with Cait and anyone else with the right expertise to come up with a virus or a weapon or a technique that can use that as a wedge -- turn Brainiac's genetic tech against his mechanical tech. Disrupt these things somehow, so they're at least a little less dangerous, or easier to take down." He shrugs. "It's a starting point, at least."

Donna's question has him scratching at his chin. "Six years sounds about right, yeah. He was having issues with his powers, right?" Cyborg gives a gentle shrug, his expression open to whatever help is available. "If he's got something new going on to make up for that, I'd be more than happy to see what he's got up his -- gauntlets, I guess? Definitely not his sleeve. Atlanteans are allergic to shirts."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate just continues to stare in dismay at the body bag.

Honestly she wonders if this is what Hawkeye felt like in the battle of New York against Giants and Elves who go two to two with Asgardians.


Big girl pants time though.

"I need better armor and a lot more explosive arrows." she mutters and then picks up a tablet and heads over to a comfy chair and curls up in it a bit apart.

She starts to pull down all the media footage and feed it into a Danger Room scenario though. She is getting pretty good at building those after all.

Kian has posed:
    The birdman sits up attentively at mention of a telepath -- it may not be much, but it *is* something he's familiar with.  "/Rhy'thar/," Kían corrects gently.  "Hyu say iss someone with /ki'thar/, with min'd-touch?" he asks, exhibiting real interest.  Well, of course.  He's had something he understands dangled in front of him, and he leans forward, wings spreading a little.  "Hyu can fin'd this one again, yis?  I am thin-kin'... nnh.  I do not know yet hwat I am thin-kin'.  But min'd-touch an' team, yis, iss some-thin' I *do* un-der's-tan'."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     A small vial is produced from Robin's utility belt, and...rather unceremoniously, dipped into the...slurry that this torso had inside. The exposed vial is wafted to his nose, and pulled away from just as quickly. "Ugh. Decay is setting in. If you have more organic samples we need to get them on ice. Probably would not hurt to do that with this one too." The cap for the vial is flipped and sealed, and placed in his belt.

  "I agree with Cyborg and Techno. There are weaknesses we can exploit. And some that do not need to see the light of day outside eradicating these...drones.

  "I will be in the lab. After I get the rest of the samples." He offers.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"That Aqualad. He wears sleeves now. Full bodysuit in purple and black, in fact. Which is also what Gar wears. And his name is Garth. If his skin had been green I would have suspected someone spiked my water bottle." The Cheshire cat crosses his arms. That is about as much humor as comes out of him under these circumstances. He's about to say more, when suddenly his phone starts buzzing like crazy.

He sneaks a quick look and finds about ten calls and twenty text messages. From his mother. And Lois.

Of course. His mother would be worried sick and wondering why he wasn't in contact. Lois would assume a building fell on him or something like that, since he wasn't at the Planet following the attack.

He quickly taps a message that will be sent to his mother:

<<I'm okay. I'm with the Titans right now, they're briefing on the situation. I'll call you when they're done. Love you>> and he clicks send.

And then he copies and pastes the same text and sends one to Lois, absent-mindedly, as he pays attention to what is being said. Then he stops and watches in abject horror as the message to Lois reads 'sent' and he realizes he forgot to take out the 'I love you' that he sent to his mother.

He stares for a few seconds and mutters "... fuck."

He sets the phone down and then shakes his head. He'll try to explain when he gets to the Planet. If they all survive this, he realizes he has just given Lois more ammo to tease him through at least 2022. "I'm afraid I am useless analyzing tech." he glances across the table at the other Titans. He had no connection to any other teams that his team-mates didn't already have and surpass, unless it was a bunch of martial-arts practicing mutant turtles-

He pauses. He reaches for his phone again and fires of a very quick message to April, before he says "I'm probably not going to be of any use until it's time to fight. I'll provide whatever transportation I can in the meantime to cut traveling distances." That, at least, he knew he could do- Wally could run fast, but he made it so the distance between Point A and Point B wasn't a thing anymore.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Troia gives a short laugh. "Yeah, allergic to shirts is about right Vic," she says with a smile. "Wow. Aqualad. When I heard the team was getting back together... I really didn't think that would include him. He left before we really... uh... well, I hope he's mellowed a bit. But it will be good to see him again."

    "She was called Marvel Girl, Kian. One of the X-Men I think, but those guys are real secretive. But yeah, Techno is right, we need to co-ordinate. Robin, you and I have the best contacts with the other teams I think, we'll work on that, okay? Cy and Cait can head up the science efforts. Cait is our main biology expert. Kian, if you could work with them, maybe you can help determine if there's a psi component to their systems."

    Troia watches Kate for a few moments, then gives her an approving nod. "Good thought, Hawkeye. I'll work with you later to calibrate things. We want some realistic targets to train against. Vorpal, don't count out the importance of that transportation. We're fighting with someone who has teleportation technology, and probably doesn't have a clue we have our own sort. And all things considered, I'm going to suggest Techno heads up our efforts on the nullifier tech. Because I /do/ trust him with it."

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Ah. A mission.

    Exactly what he needed right now.

    As much as it's tempting to let the pieces go and pick them up later, Sam forces himself back into full coherence for the sake of the team. It's actually visible when it happens, his breathing steadies, his eyes flash a bright blue for a moment, and then he's back to being his usual unflappable self, idly petting Bear who's looking at him with a vague sense of bafflement.

    "Can do. I'll look into what we know about the old sentinels, and see how that correlates with the tech we've just stepped on. And then, once I know how they're doing it, I'll figure out a way to get around their blocker even while we fire our own. They're not the only ones who can adapt, dammit."

    Blink. Caution, the direction of up has shifted by six degrees to the side, adjust balance accordingly.

    "After I had a nap or something..."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Hey I figure it will be useful to figure out how out gunned I am.... and I like the danger room interface." she isn't sure who designed it but yeah she actually has fun with it. "I figure this is at least something I can handle and help everyone who wasn't there get an idea of what they are dealing with..."

"But yeah we will need to calibrate their punches with you and stuff since you felt how hard they swing."

"As for what this Brainiac dude does and doesn't know about our abilities... I would definitely not make any assumptions at all about that. He said he has our satellites... which means he has everything the pundits are talking about.. and our internet. Hell just go on Capes.com or Herowatch app and you can see huge threads debating public heroes power sets and limits.... just data mine that and boom... a damn good idea that we have teleporters and everything else right?"

Victor Stone has posed:
"Trick arrows are a done deal," Vic tells Kate. "Should already be a quiver or two's worth down in the armory. If we can come up with the kind of disruption tech I'm thinking of, it may be something you can fire from a bow, too. Armor shouldn't be too much of a problem, either; my personal favorite alloys are probably too heavy for anyone else, but there are lots of lighter materials we could use."

He listens to Donna's breakdown of their roles attentively, giving an affirmative nod at each stage, then answers with a simple, "You got it, boss." As for Aqualad? "Mellower would be nice, not gonna lie. Hell, a shirt would /also/ be a nice change. But if we're going up against Brainiac? I'll take any help we can get, mellow, shirtless, whatever."

He gives another nod in agreement with Robin's assertion that this cadaver should be fridged, although he's not damn fool enough to /sniff/ it on his way to that conclusion. He returns to the table, zips the bag back up with a distasteful expression, and carries it off to the lab's cold storage space.

Kian has posed:
    "An' trace inter-nal cir-cuit-ry," Kían offers, "may-be see how power'd, an' if I can b-lock."  Also, he'd rather not deal with the gross meaty bits, but he doesn't say so, mainly because his command of English does not encompass the phrase 'gross meaty bits' yet.
    He hops off the back of the couch and... just stands there irresolutely for a moment.  Slowly, he says to Donna, "Two telepat's wor-kin' together iss /very/ good for team wor-k.  I /know/."  There's a lot more certainty in his voice than usual.  "If she iss not there again, may not hap-pen, but if she iss, keep in min-d."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian looks back towards Donna for a moment, his mouth agape when the words 'They'll take point' hit...he is shocked. Then, with a toss he relinquishes the vial he took off of the corpse to Donna.

  "I see what you are doing." He says outright, before moving to wait on the rest. He knows what kind of contacts he has on other teams. They are not nearly as extensive as her own, he knew exactly what this exercise for, teamwork means you cannot do everything.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal looks at Kate, and then raises an eyebrow. "Capes.com and Herowatch, hmm? Say, I wonder... how hard could it be to flood those things with a whole bunch of false information? Vic, wo-" but Cyborg has already departed with the cadaver that he was no fool to sniff, for sure. "... food for thought- data mining is useless when the whole dataset is unreliable, so maybe Vic can whip up something to databomb those sites? Just in case, you know, Brainiac is doing that."

Not that he's worried that much of his information may be up there. The thought that anyone at all might want to discuss him or his powers is completely outlandish to him. Compared to the guy who could turn into every animal in existence, or a half-man half-robot, or an Amazon warrior princess, who the hell would waste time on an apparently frivolous feline whose biggest public appearance to date was Tigra's Match Game?

"Oh also, please let everybody we may be working with know that under no circumstances is a telepath to establish mental contact with me when I am in this form. Apparently whatever makes me up will make you trip balls if you even so much as touch my mind. I thought I might mention this because Marvel Girl linking all of our minds together might lead to the rest of you left drooling on the ground."

He pauses, and then an idea seems to form in his head. "... I wonder if that could be weaponized. If there's a psy component to these creatures, maybe we can see if plugging them into my mind causes them to BSOD?" He shrugs. "Food for thought."

"I... should head home." He rubs his forehead. "I need some rest so I can think clearly." The question now is whether he ever does, apparently.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Good point, Hawekeye. However he underestimated us once already," Troia points out. "He's got the database, but he needs to know what questions to ask to get anything useful out of it, and that means we need to be unpredictable." She flashes a grin in Vorpal's direction. "I think we have some experts on that here. However I'm going to advise that everyone spends a bit of time with Kate's program once it's calibrated, so there are no surprises for /us/, okay?"

    Donna catches the vial with a snap of her wrist and gives Damian an inscrutable smile. "Do you?" She asks. "Actually there's something else I'd like to ask you to do Robin. Would you mind being the ops lead on this? We've got people running around doing different tasks and I'd feel better if there was a strong co-ordinator... co-ordinating. That tends to be a strong suit for Robins." She gives him a wink before turning to Vorpal.

    "That is a very interesting idea. I think these... whatever they are..." she gestures towards the body bag with the vial. "... well, I think they would be easier to fight if they were.... /tripping balls/. If we discover a psi element to them, we'll have to give that some thought."

    Donna downs the last of her water and gets to her feet. "Right. I think we've got as much of a plan as it's possible to have until we actually know anything about this threat. No naps yet though, Techno. You and Bear come with me and I'll get you checked out in med bay. Then make it a full night's sleep rather than a nap. I suspect we're all going to need to be on top form for this one."

    She looks back, grinning at the others, her eyes finding the newcomers in particular. "It's good to be back with the Titans. That's one advantage we have yet. Capes dot com and Heronet are outdated. This guy has no idea what he's dealing with."

Damian Wayne has posed:
     Damian raises one eyebrow as he looks to Donna. Hit the nail on the head. "Very well." He says, bringing up his gauntlet computer. "I want updates every four hours we work on this. From what Brainiac has said, we have less than three weeks to be ready for his attack. Call the pizza place and get plenty of food. Coffee brewing fresh every two hours. Tea for me." He says, before taking out a bag of oolong.

  Before Donna can leave though, he approaches her, lightly bumping into her and whispers. "Keep me apprised on Techno's condition."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate is glad she can be useful.. she keeps working on the scenario. Especially now that it will be mandatory training materials once she gets a chance to have the prototype constructs hit Donna a few time to calibrate.

She does need to figure out how to have the program adapt to tactics or powers though.

That is harmless right.

Nothing for Cyborg to fear later or likely to become self-aware right?

"On it.." she does pop up now to go get caffiene, this is going to be an all nighter.