2233/Things really do go bump in the night

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Things really do go bump in the night
Date of Scene: 26 June 2020
Location: A crime scene
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Ariah Olivie, Sara Pezzini

Achilles has posed:
    So, three different things involving three different people happen by utter coincidence. But it's the comics. So why not? Either way, dark things are going down in New York. Children gone missing. Different departments have been approaching this from different angles.
    Ariah's sire told her about it, and told her that she worries it is other vampires who will make the rest of them look bad, and that it should be... handled delicately.
    Meanwhile, the NYPD has found -one- of the bodies... but no blood. Exsanguinated for sure. Which.. put it squarely on Detective Pezzini's desk. All the weirdo cases end up there eventually.
    And after a few days of investigating, it turns out one of the kids is the son of one of the rank and file agents of SHIELD... who put in a request that SHIELD investigate the case. So of course... this evening, Sara got a call from Agent Tampambulos, who asked for her help on a local case... and offered to share info... info she already had more of. So this is an odd case where the NYPD knows more than the feds, and so Angelo is happily deferring to the Detective's lead as they investigate. But.. in the end, all players in this case end up locating a house in Brooklyn that was built over the location that used to be a warehouse with a large basement. A basement still accessible via the house itself with just the smallest amount of sledgehammer demolition work.
    Ariah arrives on site however she would do so... and Angelo and Sara arrive in Sara's car this time...

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    The littlest vampire would certainly take time to run the investigation on her end, and by run, she'd ping contacts and poke around the few people she truly knows. It does lead her to the old house that night, rolling up in a rather unassuming white coupe. In fact, combined with the clean car and the casually dressed girl who steps out, one could almost assume she were a potential home buyer looking at the property. Of course, Ariah has no indication of the ownership status of this home, just that this place is going to give some further clues as to whomever or whatever is eating people.

    She eases the car door closed as quietly as possible, and stands there for a moment with her phone, fumbling a little with the interface and probably sending an update text.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
It's been a long damned day for Sara - hot and busy, plus traffic has been congested. She has not made the best of company driving Angelo who it seems, to her annoyance, to be even tempered most of the time. The chirp-chirp of the door lock sounds as she comes around the vehicle and stands on the sidewalk that still shimmers with heat as the sun goes down. Shirt sleeves rolled back to compensate for the heat, it's obvious that Sara is carrying her police issue weapon. A silver bracelet set with red stone winks on her arm under the streetlamp that blinks on as they walk toward the house that may or may not be the locale where the murderer has been working from.

"You ready for this? Exsanguinated, right?" She doesn't try to hide her sigh. "So SHIELD is on this. And you say, you have a good lead, someone who can set us right?"

Achilles has posed:
    "Well..." begins Angelo. "My superiors told me that they'd reach out to a.... how did they phrase it... a specialist in such matters." He shrugs and yeah, even tempered is about the best description of him most days. Much to the chagrin of people who enjoy being mad. Even if they hate it.
    But he lifts a hand to his earbud and says, "Can you at least either describe this contact, or give them -my- de... right, okay thanks."
    "They are relaying my contact info and description to our specialist."
    He shrugs, "Something always bothered me about these guys. They call themselves immortals, but.. they're dead. They're not alive, so how can they be immortal?" he asks Sara with a shrug.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara stares at Angelo like he has grown horns, her bright green eyes narrow, and her generous mouth flattens into a disgruntled frown. "You're kidding me, right?" Certain turns of phrase bring out Sara's Brooklyn accent. She shifts, looking up and down the street. "You /are/ kidding me, right? Please."

Rubbing an eyebrow with one finger, she clears her throat encouraging an answer. "It's not that...." Hands spread, embracing the increasing weirdness of her life, she nods, "Okay. My life just got stranger."

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    Ariah hadn't parked too far away, though she had come from the opposite end of the street. She leaves her car and starts walking down the sidewalk, not hurrying but not tarrying either. It isn't long at all before she comes upon Sara and Angelo. She peers up at the two investigators, then checks her phone, and then looks back up. Sara and Angelo tower above the four-foot-ten girl, and she just kind of blinks owlishly at them for a moment. Then she slips her phone into an inner fold of her long skirt. She looks more dressed for a night on the town than an investigation.

    "...so you're here for the murder, too?" she asks, her voice icy and clear like a winter wind, accent thickly French.

Achilles has posed:
    Used to appearances being deceiving, Angelo shrugs his shoulders, "I am guessing you're the specialist?" he asks as his hands slide into the pockets of his trousers. He gestures towards Sara with an elbow and says, "Might wanna show the specialist your badge. She knows who I am."
    But he seems laid back and laconic about all of this. "What?" he asks, seeing Sara's bewildered expression. "You did say exsanguinated, right? You did know that Vampires -are- real, right?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Young though she is, Sara is a NPYD detective, and though long from having seen it all, has learned a certain amount of laconic diplomacy with suspects and informants. If she evidences any surprise at the compact size of the woman, who if she understands Angelo, is a vampire then she doesn't show what is racing through her mind. Life has so definitely turned to the weird since the Witchblade chose her.

"We are here for the murder, too. Angelo told me that you will be a great help in helping us trace leads. This is the place you indicated to us, correct?" She nods toward the house they are standing in front of.

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    Ariah turns her head, gazing absently at the house while Angelo converses at Sara. At the mention of exsanguination, she gazes back up at Angelo. "Specialist?" a blink, then another slow nod. "Of a sort, yes..." she confirms. She takes a slow breath, and doesn't seem to indicate a reaction on Angelo's talk of vampires aside from a simple, "They're very real."

    At Sara's question, the white-haired girl nods and starts to move forward. "All of our contacts point to here. This house, or something inside of it. If the dead walk, the night is their playground... have care."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding to Ariah, the man says, "I'm Agent Tampambulos, investigator on site. This is Detective Pezzini." he adds, introductions made. "What can you tell us about the killers. I am assuming by their choice of prey, and their method of killing them that they either believe they are vampires, or they really -are- vampires. Either way, I was told that I should defer to you about the... disposition of them if they really -are-." That said, he gestures towards the house, "Shall I take point?" he asks.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The Witchblade positively pulses on her wrist as the white-haired woman blinks and answers Angelo. While Angelo introduces her, Sara reaches into her pocket and pulls out a flat wallet that she flips open to show her badge. "Pleased to meet you. I didn't catch your name."

Unsmiling, Sara shrugs, "Feds don't have jurisdiction on this, Angelo but be my guest."

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    "Ariah," states the girl, eyes drifting between the two people again. Her eyes seem to be focused on their wrists, however, and they linger for longer than, well, several seconds and without any real reason. "The killers..." she considers aloud, looking back to the house. "...their nature will become apparent to us when we know their true forms. Speculation will avail us not, but if we are to expect the worst..."

    She sighs, shoulders lifting, then slumping momentarily. "...monsters that eat children need to be destroyed. They will be strong, if they are not pretenders, but we must reduce them to ash and scatter them to the winds."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding to Sara, Angelo begins moving towards the house. Along the way, he hefts his sidearm in his hand. It's an ICER, so might not be the most useful thing to shoot at a vampire. Dendrotoxins might not have any effect on dead flesh. Hey, it's worth a shot, and if it turns out these are people.... he would rather not kill them if he can avoid it.
    But hey, he has other options too. But the usual routine is for him to play bait. So he walks up to the door and lifts a hand. Before knocking, he looks back to see if both women agree or disagree with the option of a knock on the door.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
If anyone is in the house and wary then they will be well aware of their little triumvirate of different powers and agencies. Sara catches Ariah's gaze but doesn't react. Each of them carries secrets that would be the joy of any sensational journalism.

"Ariah is right. We won't know till we see them and even then we might not know."

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    The smol one moves up with Angelo, but not getting on the porch. She respects his point-taking, and looks at the front of the building again. She sniffs at the air then wrinkles her nose. "...nothing smells right here..." Ariah expresses quietly. It might be a nod to the oddities her two companions are carrying, but it could also stem from who or whatever is in the house. By the way she has her gaze fixed on the house, her normally impassive expression shifted into a frown, it's likely the latter.

Achilles has posed:
    "Right then." Says Angelo in his faint British accent. He steps back and lifts one heavy foot which is used to expertly kick just near the door handle and shove the latch out of its slot. But there are multiple locks, and the door doesn't give. "Well bollux." he mutters, "Anyone else want to give it a try?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The Witchblade and Sara have yet to make peace with one another yet. It stubbornly refuses to form into a lock pick for her. "Hmmm," she hums. "I've got stuff in the car that might get us in but let's try the obvious." She looks up and down the street.

"I doubt anyone is going to be calling the police on us. The windows don't have bars. Let's do the obvious and jimmy one. You feeling strong, Angelo?"

Turning to Ariah, "You good with that?"

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    Ariah's gaze drifts down to the door after the sound of Angelo kicking it leaves the night more disturbed than before. She looks to Sara, then approaches the door. "He already went loud, so we go loud," she says simply. She steps past the Greek and eyeballs the door, still frowning, and steps to the side opposite the door handle. The smaller woman slides her hands over the surface of it, eyes closing, as if feeling out where the hinges might be, or listening for more noises inside.

    She takes a half step away, digs her feet into the ground, and pushes with her hands. With her arms bare, the sight of her muscles growing taut is a clear indicator how much effort she's putting into this. Too much, though, and she'll just put a hole in the door. So it's a slow, inexorable push, the screws in the hinges giving way to the effort she's putting in. Centimeters turn into the odd couple of inches the of the door's thickness, and then she gives it one more good, solid shove.

    With all of the locks and a couple of chains focused entirely on the more logical side, the door swings open rather drunkly, wood splintering some where it had not had been intended to bend or turn from, and as it slumps over, Ariah gestures to Angelo that he's free to take point again.

Achilles has posed:
    "Well, I see why -you- are here." says Angelo conversationally. He eyes Sara and gives her a cocky smile before he dashes in the front door. And... of course all hell breaks loose. His weapon fires once, twice, and then it hits the ground as his sword appears in his hand. Celestial Bronze is more than capable of making a vampire worry... and well, combat is difficult to mistake for -anything- else. There are several opponents in there, and Angelo is fully engaged.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Being behind the two, Sara has ample time to watch the muscles tauten on the diminutive women. "Impressive," she limits herself to the one word while making a long note to herself about not prejudging anyone, anytime.

Gun drawn, this is just a twist on certain domestic calls, Sara is behind the two but she is not as quick to fire being all too aware of police investigations into unnecessary use of force. They had already entered the house without a no-knock warrant. What confronts them doesn't react to the ICER bullets which would drop a normal human like a sack of concrete. She still doesn't fire until Angelo draws his Bronze Sword.

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    It's a good thing Ariah let the Greek go first, because even if she gets even more of a frown on her face when the gun drops, her eyes widen when the sword comes out. In fact, she stays still, letting Sara move past her and into a good firing position. "If you would be so kind, monsier, to keep that sword well away with me..." she states, dipping into French for a heartbeat, "...I would greatly appreciate it."

    Her own enhanced vision allows her to see the goings on without any real issue, and she sighs, because that's exactly the problem. "No matter what we do, your blade may have to finish the task..." and then she calls out to Sara, "Mademoiselle, do what you can to inapacitate these monsters..." she's still somehow quiet but clear all at once. And then one of the lost is upon her, coming from a different room of the house. Unfavorable sight and terrain with no prior intel.

    And then there's suddenly so much light. one of the girl's arms is up and bent, palm outward. A glowing, semi-transparent shield of blue-white energy has stopped the leaping ghoul with what sounds like a skull cracking against glass. Ariah's arm is lit up, runes pulsing that same color beneath her flesh. The shield fades as threads of light are shed from it, coalescing back into her palm before there's a 'FWOOMP!' A lance of that same energy burns a hole clear through her assailant and leaves a smoking gap in the wall behind it.

    The small vampire's eye twitches as she stares down the ruin and her fingers clench. "Reduce them to dust..." and she slips into French almost gutterally. <You are monsters but it is not your fault. Go in peace... Your Master will be rendered unto ashes.>

Achilles has posed:
    Now that everyone has entered what amounts to a grand melee with baby vampires, Angelo's blade is catching starlight here and there, showing where he's at. But he is up against seven of those baby vamps in the larger dining room. He switches his sword from right hand to left hand, and then between the ticks of a second, without any flash or fanfare, there's a spear in his hand made from mostly divinely hardened wood and a spearhead of the same celestial bronze as his sword.
    It's no witchblade, but he has had literally thousands of years of experience using these weapons. So his sword is put to use defending him from attacks, slicing defensively at encroaching enemies while the spear is wielded in a single hand ... mostly thrusting through bodies... it's like some sort of choreographed ballet of death as his footwork... arguably more important than weapon work in a large battle... moves him into positions from which he strikes, blocks, evades and counterstrikes. There are still several others pouring out of side rooms towards the two women, so it's not like he's trying to be the one lone hero
    What he -is- doing however, is crowding the stairwell leading to the basement, so reinforcements run into him first. No one liners, no words at all. He is in war mode and war is his best talent.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The Witchblade hums with power reacting to the presence of the vampires. Sara is unsure if is it an inherent evil or magic that elicits the response. The bracelet melts forming plates that shape into a gauntlet of some unknown metal, sharp edged, clawed, a three-foot double edged blade extending from it like an extra finger. Sensing danger, the Witchblade becomes opera glove in length a precursor to full armor if the threat merits it.

The children, Sara shudders at the idea of the lives that have been stolen and distorted, throng on Achilles in his role as bait. Her initial reaction holds her back then she wades in, teeth bared in a rictus of disgust underlaid with sorrow. A child, no, a vampire at the back whose attention is on Achilles doesn't see her coming and she runs the blade through her which stills her long enough to let Sara withdraw it and cut off her head. The same arc of momentum obliquely lops a taller boy from collar bone to his opposite arm taking two out of the melee.

Ariah Olivie has posed:
     At the very least, the environment is more than target rich. It's a horrific slaughter, really. If she could read Sara's mind, she'd share the same sympathies. So many lives, so many wasted futures. To what end? Her obligations are clear, and any inner turmoil is hidden behind her impassive expression. She just looks determined, even if internally the sheer number she's facing down--of her own kind turned feral even--is painfully surprising.

    The shorter girl is unarmed, perhaps to her disadvantage, and with her arms glowing like spectral flames in the dark house, runes lit up, she's an easy target to hunt. She take a swipe to the face for her troubles after the first one is downed, thin lines of red tracing down her cheek as she grabs for the neck of her surprise friend. There's no sound from Ariah herself despite the wound, and anything further is drowned out by the screamms as her free hand digs fingers into her adversary's chest. Heat and light rush out from her palm, searing undead flesh and shredding an unbeating heart to ribbons and energy. tAs she magically cooks him from inside, she swings the twitching corpse at another bearing down on her, smashing the pair of them against a nearby wall.

Achilles has posed:
    That's when Angelo rushes the basement door and dismisses the sword as he leaps through the door, both hands on the spear. It's a speartip dive down the stairs... which turns into what amounts to a tumble and a crash at the base of the stairs. Several of the vampires have been dispatched, and Angelo's spear is nowhere to be seen. You see, he has a plan...
    He's currently being 'taken prisoner' so that he can find out where the other prisoners are. But also so that those downstairs might think he was the only one making all that racket upstairs, for at least a moment or three.
    But this leaves an opening as the warrior women find themselves now lacking targets... at least upstairs, but a whole underground warehouse to clear out down below.
    Butcher's work to be done.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The first melee leaves Sara breathless, eyes wide, darting left and right as she readies herself for another onslaught. She circles in place, having missed Achille's descent, but the noise rising below cues her into his whereabouts. The Witchblade has an affinity for the Greek warrior. She can feel it tracking him like he is a lodestone important to her universe.

"There are more below," she calls to Ariah before ripping the door back and staring down the blood slicked treads strewn with the newly mown down vampires. Down she goes in his wake, blade extended before her.

Ariah Olivie has posed:
    Ariah draws the magic from her dance partners' husks, pulling the energy back into her. "More...?" she exhales, looking at the carnage around her and hurrying into step behind Sara and the Witchblade. "...grim work..." she says with a momentary frown. "...the head must be removed from the snake, before any more are taken.." she mutters quietly, taking the role of Captain Obvious for the evening.

Achilles has posed:
    And from what it looks like down there, no sign of Angelo, and only the sounds of more of the monsters down the hallway ahead of you two. It's a brief reprieve from the violence for the moment. Either the guy Han Solo'd and chased an entire group of them by himself, snuck away, or was taken by them.
    Of course, it's just like him to play the 'I am your prisoner' card. As if he could be afraid of dying...