2236/Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE!

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Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE!
Date of Scene: 26 June 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Meeting Room
Synopsis: Various Brainiac info is shared, and plans are made!
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Karen Starr, Sam Wilson, Carol Danvers, Thor, Wanda Maximoff, Janet van Dyne

Tony Stark has posed:
"Hey gang," Tony greets the room, sweeping into the gathering quickly. He's only a little late: which is sort of a feat in and of itself.

The center console and walls adjust as if to greet the inventor, switching to displays for his agenda to go over.

Tony himself has looked better; he's clearly been lacking in sleep; his energey is more of a sort that has had a lot of coffee, but he does seem sober. It's a start.

"We've got a bunch to go over, I know a lot of you have stuff to contribute, too. This can't be too long for me, I've got a window here to talk at you before I need to keep going in crazy-AI-hacking land," Tony winks. "Can we get a brief summary of who has something, and we'll go from there? Let's go around the table." He cues whoever is directly to his right with a finger-gun as he sits. Trigger pulled.

Tony takes over the seat at the head of the table, setting his coffee mug down in front of him with one hand, the other carrying a tablet.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "There he is." Natasha notes evenly as Tony enters the room; seated with her fingers steepled on the table; though she doesn't dig into the tardiness anymore than that. Like the man says, short time table, so in the interest of keeping things moving, she looks to the person indicated by Tony patiently.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl is seated and leaning forward, her elbows on the table. Her expression is intense, and it's difficult to tell whether or not she's slept since DC. What is easy enough to tell, is that she's -pissed.- When Tony arrives, there's little reaction. Instead, Power Girl only moves when he asks for that informational roll call.

    It's then that she unfurls her hands from one another and sits up in her seat. Her frown is evident and deep. Her palms lay flat on the table and it looks for a moment like she's about to stand, but in the moments following, she seems to think better of it, staring down at the table for this pregnant moment.

    "I have a lot. It's a lot of good news, but not entirely."

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam leans forward, one forearm laid on the table, the other elbow propped up next to it. He looks exhausted, but lifts one finger when Tony sits. "I was at the attack in D.C., so I've faced the Brainiac drones. If you can even call what we did 'facing' them." He sits back a bit, then shrugs. "I also set up kind of a brainshare between the Wakandans and SHIELD, although they haven't delivered anything tangible yet."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is on time, which means she was waiting on Stark.

Which honestly is not at all unusual and her experience and she seems reasonably tolerant of. She has a flat glass tablet in her hands and is reading up on a variety of ARRs and research reports about the drones, the missing chunk of New York, and SHIELD efforts with the satellites.

I mean it isn't like SHIELD is asleep during a global threat like this, but she is really hoping Tony has been able to do some sort of synthesis with the data from everywhere he has his hands dirty and do someething with all of it.

Her real pet project has been trying to use the Kree database and find a pattern, something that has not paid off yet but she is still hopeful.

"I like good news." she notes looking up and over to Karen. "I really do like good news." she flicks her tablet and makes sure to flag a couple of files for Tony in the Avengers system. "I'm trying to figure out how many alien species went extinct ... other than the three I am sure are due to Brainiac. See if there is any predictable pattern in the extinctions paths or if there is anything useful in the systems I have access too that may lead to indicate what kind of other toys he has in his toybox to throw at us..."

Thor has posed:
    Settled against the wall with arms folded over his chest, Thor looks on between Tony and the others, gaze lighting upon Power Girl and her words offered. His eyebrows incline and he looks curious but then when Tony's gaze flits towards him he'll just shake his head slightly as he offers, "I have naught to offer of this Brainiac save perhaps that others think ill of his name."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff sits in one of the chairs. She's been stuck doing public relations mostly, trying to reassure people, but also involved in helping those from Bushwick who were out of the area when the event happened. A charity event the other night raised a lot of money, but kept her up far later than she'd have liked.

She sits now with a burgundy coffee mug emblazoned with an old photo that if someone looks close, looks like a picture of herself and Pietro as children with a woman who is likely their mother.

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony's rapt, intelligent gaze flows over each of those that voice that they will need the floor. He's organizing, as well as leading the meeting, to keep the trade of information short and sweet.

"Since I have basically entirely good news, I'm going to go first; then let's have Carol, and then Power Girl with her mysterious good news for a happy-news sandwich," Tony determines. "Appreciate you coming out, PG, to give us Avengers what you have. Feel free to share what you learn here with your other heroic contacts," Tony offers, with a smile.

Tony then clears his throat. "For mine, I also need somebody willing to ferry information with the folks directly on the ground in Genosha...." There's a look towards Wanda but it isn't pushy, "As well as the X-Men in particular. So if you think that's you, prepare to raise your hand after I tell you what I've got."

Tony clears his throat. "I'm predictably wading in tech. I want to start with Satellites -- I have the Stark ones back and I'm freeing the others as we speak, which means a few major things. Most specifically, I've got a big chunk of the code Brainiac uses - essentially deconstructing how he works and his 'mind'," Tony begins. "So, the coding language. That's my main focus."

"I've also got more of the message from Magneto, which I can play now," Tony says, and gestures to one of the consoles. The message plays:

    "They have been taking individuals from the cities and putting them back here. His drones...been modified with our DNA. *fuzz* Jupiter from the window."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's brow raises slowly as the message plays. "... So we might have Mutant drones to deal with. If not Masters of Magnetism." she says while leaning back, arms folded, "Sounds like a range to search, at least... a *wide* range, but..." she notes, not oblivious to the challenge just getting out to that part of space may represent. Then again, they have Karen. She looks to Carol expectantly.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
There is a slight nod from the Scarlet Witch at the mention of conveying news to Genosha and to the X-men. Though other than that she sits quietly and listens.

Until she hears the voice of her father as Tony plays the cleaned up and enhanced broadcast. Wanda sits up on her seat, her hand tightening slightly on the mug. Her expression is intense, but there's also a small turning up of her lips at one corner. Confirmation he's alive, most likely.

Thor has posed:
    A small exhalation of breath is all that Thor offers as he shifts his weight to the other boot, his arms still settled tight across his chest as he listens to the message with his brow beetling over his nose. Shaking his head slightly, he turns to look first to Tony for whatever expression the man is wearing, then towards Carol and Power Girl, awaiting their tales.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Oh great I get to be the bad parts in the middle of a happy sandwhich.. that seems completely unfair but okay sure." she shakes her head with bemusement and a touch of a roll of her eyes. "We definitely likely have empowered drones not just the drones that were dealt with in DC.. or maybe part of why they seemed to hit people so hard was the empowered part." she just sighs shaking her head.

"The bit about the Satellites is excellent news Tony... " then she listens quietly to the recording. "So.. he may be hiding in our solar system. With control of our sensory satellites back now or soon to be back do you think we can pinpoint where he is and run an intercept on him then?"

Yeah she has some news but mostly she has questionss for what Tony said right there.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet's sitting at one of the seats near Wanda; she looks a little worn down, though she's dressed informally in a white denim miniskirt and a yoke-collar sleeveless shirt in teal. A tall glass of diet soda burbles near-silently in her fingertips. She's quietly observant of the information until Wanda tenses at the voice of her father; Janet leans over, pulls a little steel flask from her purse, and offers it to Wanda in a show of silent support.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Falcon crosses his arms and takes a slow breath. He finds it difficult to get too excited about the satellites, and AI programming or countermeasures or whatever Tony is getting at is well beyond him, so he simply mutters, "The drones were practically unstoppable already. If he's not coming back until they've gotten an upgrade, that's a very, very serious problem." His lip twists, and he continues, "I guess the one silver lining there is that a new version is always buggy when it first launches. Maybe that will work in our favor?"

He doesn't sound optimistic, in spite of his words. He casts a sidelong glance at Wanda, the corners of his mouth tightening. He can understand she's just received good news on a personal level, but as far as the fate of the planet is concerned, he can't pretend to be confident that a living Magneto is an unalloyed good.

Tony Stark has posed:
"I am often very unfair," Tony agrees smoothly with Carol, with a hook of sly, charismatic amusement, but it's tempered by how tired Tony is pretending he isn't. Lots of work on the Satellites and code, for damn sure.

"I wish I could say 'yeah I know exactly where he is to intercept,' but he's doing some interference I can't promise about breaking in a reasonable time frame."

Tony does add, "But I can track his ship. So there's that. Should have that..." Tony checks his device. "An hour. If that works for you. Assuming I'm not multitasking eight other things. Which isn't always a good assumption."

Tony examines his device. "Uhhh, what else from me --? Before I forget. Thor and Carol, we had some heroines from 'heaven' or somewhere offering to help. Pepper has details. Magical warriors isn't my thing."

With a thumbs up, Tony appears to give the floor to Carol, and drinks his coffee.

Thor has posed:
    "Ah yes, that is..." Thor answers to Tony with a nod, his head bobbing a little as he ponders the exact words to conjure forth to explain exactly what that could be called. He seems to settle on one as he offers, "A thing."
    One hand uncurls from the top of a bicep and he gestures with a nod. "There may be a tenth realm of sorts, and several people have escaped from there. They call Midgard their home and likely would wish to help." But then he ahems and looks apologetic as he murmurs toward Carol, "Sorry."
    He clears his throat, refocuses, then watches Carol entirely. Now silent once again.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I think I met one off them and I think you are probably spelling the planet they are from wrong in your notes." okay it is Carol's turn to be sarcastic in return. "Still I am fine looking them up and sharing the information. I believe Thor is familiar with them as well, the one I met was at the opening of the Asgardian Embassy?" she glances over to Thor nodding to what he said. "They seem strong and magic.. well super science I assume but then I assume most magic is just really advanced science or such..." a wry smile to Wanda. "Sorry."

Then right the bad news. She sets the tablet down and actually touches her wrist, bringing up her suits holo-interface and working on it for a moment now. "I've managed to piece together a lot in my pet project I mentioned. The Kree were .. aware of this thing but I never really encountered it out there in space when I was shanghaied into Star Force. Which is probably good since.. well Brainiac has wiped out multiple space faring civilizations with technology more advanced than earth. Not super powers though.. but tech.. definitely. Which may explain why he has kept a wide berth from the Thanagarians, Kree, and Shi-ar I suppose."

She seems to realize she is on a tangent and flicks a finger through the holodisplay sending a feed to the displays in the room. "This information is not the most current but I do have information the multiple types of ships and drones that he has deployed in the past, as well as reports on the battles with them.. their capabilities and weaknesses. I don't think we can count that they don't have new capabilities and that some of the weaknesses haven't been made obsolete but this is a good start I think. I updated it with everything that was learned from DC too making some extrapolations."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha tilts her head forward but keeps her eyes turned upward to Thor before taking a very deep breath and looking down at her notepad, wherein she scribbles '10th realm' followed by two underlines, several question marks, and then a third underline.
    Lord love and save us all.
    She'd ask what kind of realm, what kind of person, and if Thor was *sure* it wasn't hell because it feels like that's where this summer is going, but then Carol has the floor. "... Do we know of anyone that's ever chased this thing off? Beaten it back?"

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam's brow crinkles, and his skeptical gaze sweeps back and forth between Tony and Thor, then over to Carol. "Angels from heaven are coming to help us," he paraphrases flatly, his expression deadened. Then, with a sudden grimace, he says, "Man -- I got enough of that crap from my dad when I was growing up."

He shakes his head and refocuses on Carol's threat assessments. "If they've got weaknesses, on the other hand, I would absolutely love to hear them," he says. "We're working on bigger guns, but we just don't have guns big enough, that we know of."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl is silent, for the most part. There's nothing about which she has questions, but there are statements that, over time, she can't help but make. She looks to Sam for a moment, and doesn't seem to be bothered by raining on his parade. "Software is patched at the pace of its creators. This thing... Doesn't work like that. By the time they've even been assembled they're probably on revision four, or six." She sighs.

    Her attention turns to Natasha at that comment. "Yeah. I'll get to that in a minute." she responds, but her attention is on Carol. "Any weaknesses that were noted but not exploited are going to be best. Anything that's been tried before won't work a second time." Her gaze shifts to Tony, upon whose shoulders a lot of that work is going to fall. Saying that one solution won't work more than just the once isn't going to be pleasant. She does look apologetic.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff takes the flask offered by Janet, with a grateful look to her. She takes a small sip of it without bothering to check what it is. Then a second, slightly longer sip before passing it back over.

She doesn't have anything to say, including at Carol's comment about magic. Just gives the other woman a gentle smile back and a nod. But Wanda mainly looks like her thoughts are somewhere else, even though she's paying attention.

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony feels Power Girl's gaze on him and his shoulders and gives her an immediate confident smile, hiding his exhaustion. Sometimes his confidence can be really useful, to give others hope, and now might be one of those times. "Yep, the weaknesses should come through his code more and more, as I follow his patterns. Everything's got it's signature." No pressure. Really.

Tony drinks his coffee as if things were fine, though those that know him well might see other small signals. "Actually on the weaknesses front, I want to block that giant town-stealing ray he used, or even make a reversal, and I need some test equipment dragged around on the Mutant Town site based on my newest data from what the satellites saw. Maybe SHIELD wants to pitch in there." Tony actually pauses, and rubs his palm up his cheek and eye socket. There's just a lot, and he's spread thin.

"Sorry, derailed a little. Any thing in your logs about Brainiac using that beam weapon before he used it on us, Carol? Or anything else from you before we move to Power Girl's report?"

Thor has posed:
    Shifting away from the wall a little, Thor pushes off and takes a few steps toward the table proper, pulling out a chair and then settling into it with a /crreeak/ that perhaps cuts across the room in that small hint of silence when the conversation is handed from one to the other. He smiles easil enough but then settles back into the chair, refolding his arms and now resting a boot upon his knee.

Sam Wilson has posed:
If Sam is throwing the proverbial parade, it is already a funeral march. Rain seems only appropriate. He lifts his shoulders maybe one grim inch in response to Peej's comment about software versioning. "Yeah, sounds about right for the week we're having," he answers.

Tony's request for SHIELD help with a scan of Bushwick catches his attention, though, and he leans forward again. "Obviously Nat's higher in the pecking order there than I am," he offers, "but I'd be happy to put a team together for that."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol flicks all the files and stuff she was able to get into the Avengers systems, therefore Tony's, from her suit. She will be packaging it all up for SHIELD as well.

"Nothing to add there. I figure there are species he has avoided because the probablities are he would have been pushed away.. and he avoided them. Anything he actually set his sights on.. well the Android got it."

"As for the beam... yeah he likes stealing cities and populations.. probably does this everywhere he goes. As for weaknesses or fighting Sam.. or big guns.. honestly we need to be really smart here because if you aren't punching at Thor or Superman or Hulk.... it is going to be a slog. Magic. Superpowers. Kryptonians. Great. Not those things and best be very careful and use tricksy smarts."

Yeah Carol just said Tricksy.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods slowly to Tony, and then to Sam, saying, "I doubt brass will have a problem with that, considering. I'll run it by them."
    Natasha frowns to Carol and says, "... Whatever we use, we'd better be sure it kills him the first time. The last thing we need is him building up a counter for everything we have."

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony orients on Natasha and Sam and flashes a thumbs up. "Great. I'll prep the gear for you, and the data dump from what the satellites saw of the site: we can mesh it with what you guys find. Ask JARVIS for it later today.

Tony gets a bit of an evil look. "....Maybe take Pym with you for some fresh air, too; this stuff seems like it'd be up his alley: things in other phases, or whatever this ended up being."

Tony then puts attention on Power Girl.

Karen Starr has posed:
    When Carol gives her last, Power Girl takes a moment. Her hands finally push off of the table, and it budges just a touch when she does- as if she used just a tiny fraction more force than she really needed.

    "I've dealt with... This thing before." she comments- leaving it at that, despite that the way she says it leaves evidence that there is probably an immense amount of context to that statement that she's leaving on the cutting room floor. "Some of this might be different, but there's no way to tell what is and isn't applicable, so I'm just going to give you all of it. The bad thing is that you can't rest on any of this like a crutch. As soon as you do, it could be deadly."

    She only lets that linger for a moment before pressing on.

    "Brainiac is one of the most dangerous things in the universe. It was... Created by a very, very advanced species for purposes we never really figured out, because one of the first things it did was wipe them out... After a fashion. Its design is to preserve. Anything unique, anything it finds interesting, it wants to preserve. The problem comes in that if it is going to preserve something, say a culture... It has to make sure that if it leaves, that culture doesn't change. So, it collects... And then it destroys. The good news is that on that ship there may be dozens or hundreds of remnant civilizations thought extinct. That's good. The... Bad news is that it has some of what it wants from Earth. Probably not all of it because it hasn't obliterated the planet yet, but some. The most interesting and unique things. The cities he's taken... In my experience those are being kept in... Bottles. Like model ships. Again, that might not be completely accurate, but that's what I'm used to. Everything is shrunken down. This means that the actual casualties in Genosha and Mutant Town were minimal. Chances are those populations are going to be intact, for the most part. Wouldn't be surprised if its experiments have made a dent, but still, more than the one survivor we've heard from is a good thing."

    She sighs, then, leaning forward and placing the palms of her hands on the table.

    "That said, we have a fight ahead of us that is not going to be fun. There's no silver bullet for this, no shutdown button we have access to. Those drones are not drones in the sense of worker bees- They ARE Brainiac. Its consciousness extends through every one of them, however fractionally. If you're a threat, and one of them hits you with something that hurts you, they will ALL have it, and ALL know how to use it, in the blink of an eye. Any weakness you show will be exploited a thousandfold. Best defense is not to have any of those. If any of you figures that out, share it with the class."

    A tiny bit of levity goes a long way.

    "The technology is going to be a mix of several different alien cultures. It hasn't engaged the Kree not because it fears them but because it doesn't -care.- The Empire is huge. It's not unique or in need of preservation. This thing doesn't know what fear is. It doesn't know any enemies that it can't engage. If you've ever watched Star Trek... It's worse than that. Now... As to how to fight it off."

    She takes in a deep breath, and takes a seat again.

    "That's... Tricky. Essentially, we have to take out the head. At the core of this is one 'being', it has a body, but destroying that has... In my experience, only ever been just enough of a setback that it's just gone for a while. It has never been fully eradicated and, trust me, it's been reduced to constituent atoms before, locked away in places that there was no logical escape from, but it always returns. We have its attention, and if we win, we're not losing that attention. That's good for the rest of everywhere else. Silver lining. It is obsessive."

    A short pause.

    "Any questions?"

Thor has posed:
    No question, but an exultation as Thor lifts his voice and of course keys on the one part, the greatest part to him and likely to most others, the likelihood of those many lives not having been taken.
    "That is wondrous news!"
    He leans forwards animatedly, "The people, the cities... the bottles?" He cocks an eyebrow as if trying to puzzle it out as he lets his smile grow, "All we have to do is defeat this Brainiac and..."
    But then he looks around and ahems, clearing his throat again and affecting a more dour manner despite the warmth of the sentiment and the greatness of that possibility. He then nods again, affecting a more calm demeanour and he nods towards Power Girl, then towards Tony.
    "I mean. Excellent. Pardon."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's expression is completely blank. Naturally. There is far too much to process right now to devote energy to that particular social nicety. Her steepled fingers gradually pull each other more and more taut, until it looks like something's bound to break before she disengages them and puts her palms flat on the table. "... If we survive this..." she says finally, eyeing Karen sidelong, "... we really need to have a talk about how you know all this."
    Natasha eyes Thor for a moment and briefly considers focusing more on his perspective... but she can't muster it. Optimism isn't in her skillset. That said. "... Okay. So it's a rescue mission, on top of everything else."

Sam Wilson has posed:
"I have a question," Sam says, turning to look at Power Girl when she has finished. "All that ... was the /good/ news?"

He lets that hang in the air for a second, looking at her flatly, before continuing, "I mean, know your enemy, sure. It's important to know what's driving this thing, and the rest of that information is great to have. I won't argue with that. But what's our next move? Can we get on to the ship if we find it? Can we even get people out of these 'bottles' if we get to them?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol rubs her face a little. "Well that is chipper. I'm glad we have some first hand experience though instead of just files on it and reports from skirmishes on the frontier of the Kree Empire. It also tracks with all the data and everything I was able to share though. Many civilizations. Wipes them out. The fact there may be civilizations that can be rescued is a really solid though. It also means we can't just atomize the command ship. That is ... a lot of hostages that are the very last of their peoples too."

She frowns lost in thought there for a moment.

"You say it doesn't know fear. It may not. It is cautious and was smart enough to lure both myself and Superman away both times it struck. It did not want us in the fight. I assume it doesn't want any Kryptonians in a head to head match up if it doesn't want Superman in the fight. That means we have a chance that it would rather not deal with."

She is finding a silver lining. "If it has to do with shrinking things, it might be some sort of pym particle-esque effect.. I think we can unshrink them..."

Tony Stark has posed:
"How reliable is the source for all of that?" Tony asks. It isn't skeptical, he's really asking about how much they can trust everything described. "I just have suspicions of what information this AI allowed to be discovered, that could mislead us on PURPOSE. We have had /multiple/ times now where the AI has deliberately misled us or pretended to be other things, so I don't want another time happening here. Still, it's something for sure."

"If it's shrinking, we'll be able to sort that out with the Mutant Town test I mentioned a minute ago. Just depends what we get out of that." Tony grins, "Even more reason to drag Pym out of his cave, if it's shrinking. I call 'not it'."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Though the others asked questions first, Karen's attention turns to Tony before anyone else. "Firsthand. There are bound to be some differences, but the truth of the matter is that nothing else has been all too different. Some of the neon might be a different color, but it likes giant skulls. That's the same. If we're lucky, it's also a little dumber than the last time. A few iterations less. That's good for us. It's probably not ready for a lot of the things we can throw at it."

    "Honestly Nat, I don't think you really want to have that conversation." It isn't said in any mean-spirited way, and it's not as threatening as it sounds. It's just that nobody wants a headache.

    Power Girl looks to Sam, though, and nods. "Yeah. There were some civilizations that stayed miniaturized because that was just better for everyone involved, but the methods it uses are reversible. It doesn't do its experiments- that I recall- on miniature lifeforms. It likes to put them back the way they were, before it dissects. It was also made by a humanoid race, so it has some inbuilt attachment to using humanoid forms, despite that it doesn't need them. That means that the ship is designed for these things to move around, and isn't just one big block of machinery. We can fit inside, we can fight inside. It's more like what we're used to than you might assume. I don't have a layout for you, but it doesn't design for machines, it designs for people."

    There's a short sigh, then. "Thor's right. The potential here is immense. Not just for us, but for other civilizations that it has on board. That's a very, very good thing. That's what we're doing this for."

    To Carol, she offers this mild shrug. "I don't know why exactly it drew you both away, but I can speculate that it did the math and figured that you could interfere. I wouldn't say it classifies any of us as a threat, not yet, but it probably figured that if it had to neutralize the both of you, the collateral would damage what it was there for. I don't want to sound insulting, so don't take this that way; But it probably saw any of us that could have been present as more of a hindrance. I wasn't here when it happened, but I should have known after the fact. All the signs were there, I just wasn't looking."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha softly says. "Doesn't matter what I want." Headaches are part of her job, after all. "But I'll concede the point for now."
    On... other matters, she stays silent for now. Everyone has a lot of work to do, and moral quandries can wait until our homeworld isn't on the chopping block. The threat assessment is... troubling however. "... If there's nothing else..." she says finally, "... we should all probably get some wheels turning."

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam nods slowly, letting himself come around to the idea that there might be a goal here beyond mere survival. "I'm all for saving civilizations," he finally says, brushing a hand over his goatee. "It's gonna be a hell of a thing if we can pull it off." Feeling at least a little bit more decisive, he pushes back and stands from his chair, already mentally composing a pitch to present to the higher ups at SHIELD. As he heads to the doorway, he shakes his head and adds, "I just hope we've got what it takes."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol stretches a little bit and pushes back her chair. "Bring me along with you when you brief other teams Tony? I'd like to keep the JLA looped in not just the Avengers and SHIELd in this case." yeah she is asking nicely. She has no idea where all Tony intends to head off to with all this information.

Global threat and all that.

"Thanks Powergirl." she means it too when she looks over to Karen, nodding to her. "I don't take it badly... I honestly don't mind if it underestimates how stubborn and threatening us humans and our allies will be. I'm determined for us to beat it.... as many times as it takes to find a way to make sure we are all safe."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Sure thing, Carol; you can be my date," Tony teases her flippantly, without any actual flirtation under it. Just lightweight. "I've got a meeting tomorrow; soon enough for ya?" He chuckles and then stretches and gets to his feet.

"I sent a request for what you need fabricated to JARVIS, Sam. Anytime after two hours from now I'd guess." Tony doesn't mask a yawn. "Back to the world of code and satellites for me. And maybe dinner. I'd kill for a cheeseburger," Tony comments, putting in a request on his mobile device.

"Alright, thanks everyone. Let's do this again soon."