2245/Flaming skull, glowing bracelet, and demigod walk into an alley. No, this is not a joke.

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Flaming skull, glowing bracelet, and demigod walk into an alley. No, this is not a joke.
Date of Scene: 27 June 2020
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Sara Pezzini, Robbie Reyes

Achilles has posed:
    It was supposed to be a milk run, a simple job. Speak to an informant. Sara's commander called her while she was visiting Angelo's new house. What? They were starting to watch a new TV show on Netflix. Some sort of history channel thing that Angelo could heckle and explain how inaccurate it was. But the call came in and the Captain said that it was a case right up her alley. Something about someone claiming that his father had been possessed. The guy said he needed someone to come right away.
    Pause... so the show is on hold, and Angelo figured.. what the hell, he'd go for a ride-along.
    Robbie was following a case of a demonic spirit that's been trying to hide from him by body-jumping here and there to stay ahead of him. This one has a kid, and lives in Brooklyn. The trail is difficult for the Rider to lose really.... it's just not always 100% clear and quick. Fun times.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Pezzini, running in an unmarked car, can bend the rules the way she wants. SHIELD and the NYPD not exactly being friends, she omits to tell dispatch that she has him in the car. They had been working another case that involves exsanguinated corpses and a possible turf war between vampires.

Skirting the projects, she had popped the cherry on to the top of her car to get through traffic but as she approached her destination takes it down, "I want to go into this quietly. The 911 call said someone who might have been wearing a Halloween mask was seen on a fire escape down that alley there. Said there had been scuffle and that someone might be dead." She points across the street to where she parked her car in front of a fire hydrant.

Nobody would mark Pez for a cop in her purple high tops and tight jeans, summer time, she carries the MH45 in a holster under a light jacket. "Alright, Angelo. Here we go."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Robbie had not quite yet turned into the Ghost Rider, but he was tracking this demonic entity a long ways by now, and most likely getting frustrated. He was driving his car as far as he could make it, before he finally comes down to an alleyway.

Robbie gets out of the Hellcharger, makes sure the Chain is secured, before he's on the move, his eyes looking around then as he tracks this evil entity with every intention of sending it back to where it came: Hell. Of course, Robbie doesn't seem aware that this demon is already being pursued (by way of technicality) by Sara and Angelo.

He's currently wearing his leather jacket with simple jeans and running shoes.

Achilles has posed:
    "This is totally your gig. Your lead. I'm just here as an interested observer and backup if you need it. You know I'm not trying to make your job -harder-. I've done plenty of that already." offers Angelo with a shrug and a wry grin asthe car stops and he steps out in his own bluejeans and a longsleeve teeshirt type thingamajig with the New York Yankees logo on the upper left breast.
    It's untucked so it covers the paddle-holster in the right hip of his jeans. I mean sure, he has the badge in his pocket but he's hoping that this is just a case of someone overreacting and calling the detective-of-the-wyrd when she wasn't really needed. But better to have and not need than to need and not have, right?
    Either way, he follows Sara's lead and let's be honest, what red blooded male wouldn't want to be -behind- her? Right? Okay, so she'll slap him for that.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"Good call. My life is weird enough as it is without you making it worse. Why is weird sticking to me these days like a perfume I don't like?" These observations made in a low voice as they cross the street to enter the alley.

"Whoa. Check out that Charger. Jeez, you have to have balls to park something like that on the streets here." She raises a finger and points to the other side of the alley. The alley is particularly dark because of the streetlight that is not functioning. The outlines of two dumpsters barely discernable and what might be boxes where street people camp. Pezzini nods and takes the other side.

Robbie Reyes has posed:

That Charger also screams 'my owner will skin you alive if you try and steal me', which probably makes sense why its driver would just leave it there. Either way, As Angelo and Sara make their way through the alleyway, Robbie enters the apartment.

...only to be immediately tackled through the nearest window just moments later, flying directly past both Sara and Angelo as a demonic cry rings out.

"There you are." Robbie says with a grin.

Achilles has posed:
    Eyes pulled from where they had been looking, Angelo peers down the street and whistles, "Brave chap." he says in his hint of a British accent. But he shrugs, "It's almost like it's someone daring anyone to screw with it. Only time I ever see that is someone who everyone -knows- not to screw with. Usually someone who works for a big crime boss type. But.. my knowledge is a bit out of date sometimes."
    That said, he gives a quick smile and a shrug. Then he turns to follow into the alley before the window breaks and Angelo just mutters, "Well. There's something you don't see every day." as he stares with his hands in his pockets. So calm and casual.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Angelo's observation fits, the detective looks back over her shoulder at the car that says 'steal me at the risk of your life' and marks it for a little lookup on the police database. Which she'll forget for some time as the quiet alley suddenly becomes weirdly lively.

The scream raises the hackles on Sara's neck and elicits an immediate warning pulse from the silver bracelet around her wrist. The inset stone glows a dull red highlighting her hand reaching for her gun. A warning that Sara has begun to listen to but not is not always able to interpret. Glass tinkles down into the alley from up above.

"There up that fire escape. Follow me." The fire escape vibrates and rings hollowly as Sara starts to climb.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Its not so much that Robbie doesn't care that Angelo and Sara are there, more like the entirety of his focus is on the demon who is now on top of him and trying to rip his face off in the most literal interpretation. "You will not take me!" it hisses at Robbie, who just smiles at the demon.

"Oh don't worry, you won't have the choice." His eyes suddenly dance with Hellfire as he roars back at this monster, his entire body going up in flames, revealing a skull that happens to be blazing with fire, and an armored tracksuit version of his jacket covering his entire body.

"Time to pay for your sins." Ghost Rider speaks in its Ghastly voice.

No doubt, the fire can be seen by following the light. Its heat though, can be felt on the skin as Ghost Rider and this demon do battle....even if the demon is mostly just running like hell in Sara and Angelo's direction.