2251/Freeze Frames in Mutant Town

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Freeze Frames in Mutant Town
Date of Scene: 27 June 2020
Location: Event Hall, Manhattan, NY
Synopsis: Wanda Maximoff helps host a charity event, crossing paths with a Black Cat and connecting with a Spider.
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Felicia Hardy, Peter Parker

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Most charity galas are more about the high society crowd getting a chance to hobnob, show off, and have the excuse of it being for a good cause. But there can come times when events are tragic enough that the cause takes central focus and the rest of the event takes on a more serious and subdued nature as a result.

So is the case with the event thrown by the Urban Betterment Society. A charity that focuses on inner city issues, they have always treated mutants equally as a minority frequently in need of extra help. The crowd that showed up were no less wealthy than other such events, but things were slightly more muted. The dresses were more tame, the women wanting to look good while not looking like they cared TOO much about how they looked.

Really, many of the people came hoping to be put at ease. Several heroes had taken time from their preparations to come to the event, hoping to do just that. Spread ease among those who themselves are listened to by others. And also gather resources to help Mutant Town, and everyone who might be affected by the impending return of the alien who had abducted a section of the city.

Wanda Maximoff had likely turned to her teammate and fashion expert, who no doubt managed to provide Wanda with the right dress for the occasion. Scarlet silk, because it's expected she'll be in red at such events, but cut to be the perfect mix of elegant yet avoiding excess.

THe event has been underway for some time already, though people continue to make their way up the red carpet and into the event. Wanda has been on her feet, meeting people, thanking them for donations. And when the inevitable questions about the alien's return come up, helping to bolster people's spirits and try to give them a sense of optimism. Though she tries to not let on, the night takes its toll on her Wanda as well.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy is here wearing bandages. And a black t-shirt with the mutant-friendly X-Helix symbol on her chest, each upper arm of the *X* framing the deep v-neck of her shirt. Cleavage on display, hair a wild mane of liquid silver waves, and movie-star brand blue jeans on, Ms. Hardy is off talking to a couple reporters at the side of the red carpet. "--but we all have to face this together, or we won't stand a chance. People have to understand that. We can't just let the Supers shoulder all of the burden!"

The major bandage wraps around her face diagonally, holding a pad over her right eye, and she has another couple pads around her right arm.

Peter Parker has posed:
The young man steps out of the alley and nods, shouldering his backpack, a beat-up green-and-black off-brand type, and he begins jogging towards the event. As he does, he powers up the digital camera, the lens cover clicking open as he does.
No drones this time, because he's On the Clock. The BUGLE wants pictures, and worked out some kind of deal with the organizers to give their photographer full access to the event. The laminated card on the lanyard bobs and jumps as he approaches the red carpet, moving to find a good placement to get maximum effect while minimizing glare from various light sources, with a nice wall to provide muted light reflection.

He did get noticed by some woman wearing Vera Wang, who sniffed at the sight of him. "The paparazzi are here," she remarked casually to her companion. "Hope they count the silverware."

Peter smiled pleasantly. 532nd verse, same as the 531 that came before it. Just another working-class peasant gazing upon the Good People.
He raised his camera to his eye and began shooting...

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff finishes talking to a small group of people, which started as two others but grew to six before it was done. Their faces had revealed what Wanda has seen on many. Worry lines and tension, and if she was unable to allay all of their fears, when she leaves the small group they at least look a little bolstered compared to before they spoke with the Avenger.

Wanda moves over to a passing server, getting a drink. To soothe her throat after all of the talking she's done tonight, but if she admits it to herself, a little dose of the alcohol it contains won't bother her tonight either. She could use steeling her own nerves before something of this magnitude.

Needing a little break, Wanda moves over towards the entrance, pausing in the doorway where there's a bit of a breeze that stirs her auburn hair. She looks out at the entrance and the obligatory red carpet leading up to it, seeing Felicia over talking to some reporters, while another photographer seems to be hurrying up towards the event. Wanda steps outside to clear the entrance, taking a sip of her drink and giving Felicia a smile and nod should their eyes meet.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Paparazzi? Felicia looks a little weary just from the idea, and she glances around with her good eye with a tired frown and slump of head and shoulders. She's been here a while. She's tired and sore. She does *not* need--

"--Oh." Ms. Hardy blinks in surprise, seeing Pete snapping pictures further down the row. She blinks again, lightly touches the side of her face where the bandage wraps up toward her eye, and quickly turns away.

...Right into Wanda's space. Backpedaling with a quick, "Ah, sorry!" Felicia blinks again, suddenly bristling with a very wide eye as her memory makes the instinctive connection of 'AVENGER, RUN' before she can get a hold on the sensation. Her heart is hammering, but the adrenaline is already dying away as she offers a forced smile, "Hi! Scarlet Witch, r-right? Big fan."

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter gets a lot of good shots here. A lot of people, with smiles ranging from polite to warm to almost apologetic, as if what they could give didn't seem to be enough.

Well, enough of the prelude. Time to get in a little closer, get some candids, maybe even get inside...
A hand fell on his shoulder. The guy in the suit with the earbud smiles coldly. "Lost?"

Peter fished for the press pass and held it up. The security guy examined it, scanned it, then handed it back. "Sorry, Mr. Parker. We get a lot of freelancers here trying to sneak in. I've been instructed to escort you in."
Well, this is a bit of a change from the usual treatment, but gift horses... "Uhm, thank you, sir."
"Thorn." He begins walking forward, a human icebreaker carving a path towards the entrance.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff has the benefit of being aware of Felicia's presence. So when the other woman backpedals unexpectedly, Wanda is able to lift her hands to gently ward off the two bumping into each other. The soft smile that Wanda gives is reassuring as she senses Felicia's nervousness. "No worries," the woman says in her very softly accented English. "And yes, but please, call me Wanda," she offers to Felicia.

The smile being given to the silver-haired younger woman brightens a bit. "It's a nice event. Thank you for coming out and being part of it," Wanda says. She glances down the carpet, perhaps having noticed the bit of anxiety in Felicia. Just a reporter, and a blocky member of security, so probably something else, Wanda surmises.

"I thought for a bit of air, but it's warmer out here than I thought it would be at this hour," she comments. "Would you like to come back inside with me? The chilled beverages are hitting the spot," she says, motioning with her glass, trying to make the other woman feel more comfortable. Wanda glances down the walkway again. Maybe it's the security guard. He does look a little stalwart at that.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
A brief, sidelong glance from Felicia. Parker, huh? She starts to turn just a bit to try to sneak a peek behind her, but runs into the Nick Fury problem of no longer having peripheral vision on that side. So she ends up just kind of awkwardly almost-turned, looking around in front of her a bit while trying to play off the motion. "At this hour? Must be later than I thought..."

There's a cold sweat threatening to form as /Wanda Maximoff/ stands right in front of her. Talking to her. But... "S-sure." She offers a warm, easy smile, sliding on a persona mask. "Sure, sounds good to me. Felicia Hardy, of the Hardy Foundation." She steps forward, now having no idea where Peter actually is in relation to her.

That makes her nervous too, and she self-consciously touches her face bandage again, clearly wanting to adjust it.

Peter Parker has posed:
The security guy stops in front of Wanda and Felicia. "Miss, Maximoff, the photographer for the event is here. Mr. Parker from the DAILY BUGLE?" He steps aside to reveal a rather thin young man with short brown hair, brown eyes, and an apologetic look. "I spotted him at the entrance and felt it would be advantageous to make sure he was able to get to the right place for best results?"

"Uhm...hi, Miss Maximoff. I'm Parker Peter..."
Network error, try again.
"Peter Porker..."
Wow, is that even a NAME?
"Peter Parker!" he blurted out, then covered his mouth. "Sorry!"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
There's a warm demeanor from the Avenger as she gives Felicia a smile as the other woman accepts the offer to come find a drink. "Very nice to meet you, Miss Hardy," Wanda tells her. "I think it's good work they are doing here. Very nice of you to come and be a part of it," she says.

Wanda turns as Peter and Thorn reach them and Thorn at least seems to be moving to address them. She greets him with a gentle nod. "Oh, very good," Wanda says to Thorn gratefully before turning her attention to Parker Peter. Peter Porker. The photographer.

"Hello Mr. Parker," Wanda says. "You're just in time. Lots of people mingling and talking. I hope that the Bugle will be supportive of the efforts that are underway," she says to him. Wanda turns to motion towards Felicia. "This is Miss Hardy, of the Hardy Foundation," she offers in introduction.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Okay, Peter Porker gets a giggle from Felicia. She suppresses it pretty quickly, but she can't help but look *really* amused as she turns to face him. "Hey, Pete." Her smile is still fighting against 'Peter Porker' but she plants a hand on her hip and tilts it aside, giving him a mock *look*. "You didn't tell me you were a reporter!"

Running a hand back through the side of her rich, moonlight hair, and floofing it back over her shoulder, she smirks a bit with eyes on Pete but answering Wanda's introduction, "Mr. Porker and I have met." Turning her one cerulean eye toward the Avenger, she asks with the first serious look she's had in the last minute or so, "Um, wanna get a picture together? Then you can have a go at Paparazzi Pete here. I'm sure he'd love to get some shots of a famous Avenger."

Peter Parker has posed:
The bandaged eye is cause for immediate worry, one he can't quite hide. A flare of guilt rises immediately. It is irrational, of course, but STILL...

"Uhm...geez, Miss Hardy, are you okay?" He misses the "Mr. Porker" line completely, and is only dimly aware of how they are moving together. "Uhm...Miss Hardy, would you like to arrange your hair over the right side of your face? It might draw less attention?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda's chin tips just slightly higher for a moment as she senses the change in demeanor from Felicia, though after it's clear they know each other it gives way to a soft smile. "Oh, lovely," Wanda replies of their acquaintance.

The woman gestures with her hand as she says of the idea of a picture of the two of them, "If Mr. Parker would like to, certainly," Wanda says.

She makes no comment about Felicia's bandages, nor had she really shown them any particular attention as she just focused on making sure the young woman was feeling comfortable. Though when it comes to arrange themselves for the photo, if Felicia is taking Peter's suggestion, then Wanda moves to take the side that would let Felicia best hide the bandages.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy's eye slowly widens at Peter's look, and the question about whether she's okay or not makes her look away, both hands already toying with the right side of her hair.

But then he says she should cover it, and she freezes a bit in place. Her eye slowly turns back the other way, looking right now. Her fingertips are still wound through her thick platinum-silver hair, and Felicia hesitates. She shifts uncomfortably as she thinks about the two bandages wound around her right arm as well, moving her shoulders and unintentionally adjusting cleavage. "Actually, it's pretty late." She steps aside swiftly. "...I should go." A couple quick steps, a lifted hand to avoid questions from a pair of indie reporters on the sidelines, and Felicia is beating a hasty retreat.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter blinks. Wow. how's that shoe leather tasting? You used to it by now?

Peter blinks and starts to speak, but she is moving quickly, and the moment is lost. "I just..."

He closes his eyes, then says, "...Some days I only open my mouth to CHANGE FEET..."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The reaction is swift enough that Wanda finds intervening difficult to do, even if she knew the right thing to say. "It was nice to meet you Miss Hardy. I'm very grateful you attended," she says quickly enough it will probably be caught by the retreating woman.

Wanda turns then towards Peter. "I'm sure it was well-meant," she offers to try to make the young man feel better. She glances towards Felicia's departing form and then back to Peter. "Perhaps a card for her might be a nice gestures," she suggests, trying to help make the matter better for Peter at least.

"Come, what's done is done for the moment, and there are plenty of photos for you inside," she offers, though with a last sympathetic glance towards Felicia.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter takes a deep breath, then nods. The Cat is gone, but the show goes on, and he has obligations to keep to.

"Yeah...I'll try to make it up to her later." As well and find out what the Hell happened to her. "But you're right. We both have a job to do, don't we?"
He looked around, then said, "You've got a lot of movers and shakers here, Miss Maximoff. I'm getting the feeling it's shaping up to be a success. What are your plans for what to do with the donations?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda gestures towards the door for Peter to walk with her, and then heads inside. The JVD-designed scarlet dress doesn't just look good, it is made to move with the wearer. Having been designed after a 3D scan of not just the wearer, but analyzing her posture and gait.

"The foundation hosting it will take care of that," Wanda says, "Though I believe the immediate priority is assisting with housing for those whose homes were gone but were gone from the area at the time. Helping with care for children separated for parents. Finding employment for those whose places of employment has been displaced," the Avenger explains to Peter.

She doesn't mention what funds might be set aside for fallout from the future battle to come, but then her goal is to bolster spirits rather than point attention towards what looms ahead. Even if it is a frequent topic brought up by others looking for assurance. "Do you cover many events like this, Mr. Parker?" she asks.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter smiles slightly. "I usually do for the Bugle. But I also work the crime beat for the paper. I provide photos for a few well-known sources. You might have seen some of the pics of Spider-Man I shoot for the Bugle. There are a lot more of them on the BUGLE's website. Just...remember that the editorials by the chief editor are his opinion, okay?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Peter's giving the disclaimer about the opinions draws a soft smile from Wanda. "I have not had the opportunity to meet Spider-Man, but I have to say, most of what I've heard of him outside of the Bugle has been of a more positive nature. It leaves me unsure to know quite what to believe," she says. One who read her tone and expression might suspect she shades away from the Bugle's editorialized renditions.

Wanda finishes her drink and it isn't long before a passing server takes it away on a tray. The woman turns to look around the charity event. It is definitely of a more muted tone than most of these affairs. "Appreciate you getting the word out though," Wanda says, making sure to add some positive to Peter's job duties at the event. "I've been mingling for awhile, I think I might go find a spot to get off my feet for a little bit, if you want to capture a few moments," she says, gesturing to the party.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter nods. "Look...I'm not a real reporter. I take pictures, it's what I'm here to do. But if you might like, maybe we can avoid the puff-piece pictures people expect to see from these events..."

He takes a deep breath.

"How would you feel about some pictures where you're not playing to some grand audience? Something a little more honest and real? I'll take them, but I'll give you final approval on whether you want them sent to the BUGLE or not. I had thought about taking candid shots without your knowledge...but I guess I'm still too new at this kind of work to do something so...unethical."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks out across the crowd and then back to Peter, fingers moving to brush through her hair. An unconscious movement that Clint would probably recognize as a sign of her own stress, that she's otherwise trying to conceal. She looks back to Peter, giving a nod at first but then looking unsure. "I'm not quite sure what you have in mind, but yes, that sounds fine to me. What is it you want me to do for them?" she asks him.

A couple come by, on their way towards the bar but stopping to say hello. "Mr. Burnhardt, Mrs. Burnhardt, so nice of you to come out," she says to them. He's a venture capitalist and she has her own chain of fitness centers and organic health foods markets in the city. "Peter Parker of the Daily Bugle," she offers, motioning to Peter. They'll greet him, but move on then to not interrupt the conversation.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter smiles to them, but notice that they eye him a little speculatively, like he's there to fix the plumbing. The casual clothes in this gala event are most likely a factor.

As the couple walk off, Peter glanced around. "I believe there is a small outside area with a bench and a lawn. If you want, I'm pretty sure I know the way. You could relax there, and maybe some pictures in a less...active environment would look good as a nice counterpart to all this hulabaloo."

Yes, he used the word unironically.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff gives a slow nod of her head. "Certainly, if you think it would make for something that would help with the event," she offers, giving Peter a smile. She'll let him lead the way to the area he's referenced, only slowing to give nods here or offer a hello there on the way, but not letting anyone stop her.

"I'm far more used to comfortable boots and shoes than heels," she confides to him as they head outside. "Though certain events like this... well, it's a duty as much as any other, I suppose," the auburn-haired woman comments to Peter. "So how long have you been working at the Bugle?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter may have accident-prone lips, but he certainly knows his way around the place. He heads down the short hallway, then gives a slight bump to the handle before opening it into the small plot surrounded by the wrought-iron fence, the city laid out in a tableau of lights and muted noise.

The wrought-iron bench is cool from the breeze moving through the area, but Peter doesn't sit. That's for Wanda.

As she goes to sit, he says, "About...two years. Mostly because they were the only ones who would buy my pictures..." At bargain-basement rates, thanks to that old skinflint of an editor... "...and we've developed something of a symbiotic relationship. They've always been able to show none of my pictures were 'Shopped, so I have a good relationship with them. J. Jonah Jameson..." The skinflint... "...has always been a supporter of mutant rights, his opinion of Spider-Man notwithstanding. I guess that's why this organization trusted the BUGLE above any other news source."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda steps outside with Peter, the evening breeze doing a better job of cooling here than it did out front where the building was blocking the majority of it. She looks around the area and gives a soft smile as if approving of the relaxing spot after having moved in and out of conversations at the party for the last two hours. "This is a good spot," she agrees with him.

The woman hesitates a moment and then moves over to the bench, dusting it even though it doesn't need it. She does take care of her dresses that Janet has made. Wanda takes a seat and after a moment's thought, slips her shoes off, wiggling her toes as if they are happy to be free.

"I'm appreciative of that, the paper's stance on mutant rights," Wanda says. "This has been a very difficult year as you can probably imagine," she says.

Though it took time, Wanda managed to not dwell on what happened to Genosha. Though not there is news that many of the people might have been abducted instead of destroyed, it is difficult to keep from her face. And it shows now in her expression, though mostly as the cumulative weight she's felt trying to save what remained of the people. Her eyes drift out into the distance, not really looking at her surroundings now.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter nods. His smile is sad, but he says encouragingly, "Miss Maximoff, I can't give you anything much beyond empty platitudes. I don't know what you are going through, and I *can't* know. So saying I sympathize or that I understand sounds trite and patronizing. What I can say is that there are people out there, GOOD people, and in places you'd never expect."

He lifts the camera, but doesn't take any pictures yet.

"Mr. Jameson may be a Spider-Man Hater, but he's one of the last of the old-school reporters. Never gives up a source, never prints a lie. It's been over ten years since the Bugle has had to print a retraction for ANY of its stories. His opinions about Spider-Man don't change the fact that he's one of the most principled men I've ever met. And if he says mutants are people like the rest of us and should be treated with the same decency, afforded the same rights, and protected from small-minded people like anyone else...then that is all him. That's almost a direct quote, by the way."

He smiled a little more encouragingly, but he is amazed he found it so easy to defend JJJ to ANYONE.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda listens with occasional glances towards Peter. "I wish more of the world saw it that way," she tells him. "Though I have easier than most because of being an Avenger, that's only a recent thing," she says, giving a little shake of her head as memories of what she and Pietro went through as children on the run flit through her head.

Wanda looks down at her hands and then back up again. "And some don't do much to help our cause," she says with a soft sigh. "My father." Though it was memories of what he's done that brought him to mind, her thoughts surely must be going to the radio transmission received while Brainiac's ship was over New York, seemingly from the famed master of magnetism.

Wanda clears her throat softly, trying to clear it of more emotions than she can count, or understand. "DO you have family here, Mr. Parker?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter looks to her, and she has that look of concern and care. She looks haunted, although that might be his imagination. He pauses, takes a picture, then lowers the camera.

"Well, I have my Aunt May. She and Uncle Ben took me in when my parents disappeared. I was only four then. My parents were Richard and Mary Parker. They worked for...Aunt May told me once, some government office in Brooklyn. I never found out what happened to them. So...it was me, Aunt May, and my Uncle Ben. I think I'm the person I am because of them."

He reaches into his back pocket, taking out his wallet. He extracts a folded photo, opening it before handing it to Wanda.
An elderly man and woman - they are more likely great-aunt and -uncle. The uncle is a white-haired man with a jovial smile, the woman a crickety old woman with a broad smile.
Between them and below them is a gangly kid with Coke-bottle lenses, making him look like an owl. The kind of earnest face that might as well have PUNCH ME HERE tattooed on his forehead.

"I...lost Uncle Ben two years ago. He was killed by some thug trying to find a mobster's fortune buried under the house...only the silverfish got to it first. Since then, I'm sort-of the breadwinner of the house."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda takes the wallet and looks at the photo. "They both have very nice smiles," she says, getting a smile herself as she looks at the picture. She gives a small nod with the smile and passes it back, though the expression fades as one might expect as Peter explains what happened to Uncle Ben.

"I'm sorry for your loss. They may not be your parents, but I know what it means to have someone who raised you. May not have been your father, but was your dad," she comments to Peter in a sympathetic voice.

"My brother and I were raised by another couple. The Maximoffs whose name we keep. Though years later we would find out that Magneto was our father... I still think of them as Momma and Poppa," Wanda tells Peter.

She hesitates a moment and her fingers move in a precise fashion, as if pushing against some medium. One that glows around her hand in a swirl of scarlet from which her better known name comes. The color coalesces and then fades, and there is a picture left in her hand. She offers it over to Peter. "The only picture I have left from those days. Pietro and Momma and I," she tells him.


Peter Parker has posed:
Peter takes the picture, handling it almost delicately. "Your mother is very lovely, Miss Maximoff." he hands the picture back. "It is said that you are given the face you are born with, but you earn the one you die with. I think you have a lot of your mother in your face, Miss Maximoff. I think you earned that."

He lifts the camera again and takes her picture after he says this.

"What I do, I do to honor my Aunt and Uncle. They raised me to be who I am. That may not be genetics...but it is as much a part of me as my DNA."

He looks out to the city. "To paraphrase a restaurant-owner, the problems of one guy don't amount to a hill of beans in the face of the tragedy the people of Genosha are still dealing with. Genosha is a major story that needs to be told. I'm a human-interest story, Lifestyle section, page 16. Below the fold." He chuckles. "But there is one thing my uncle told me once. It had made me who I am. Would you like to hear it?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda rests her hands in her lap, fingers gently joined together. It's a moment of repose that Peter captures on film.

Of the first thing Peter tells her, Wanda looks over to him and gives a soft smile. "I do not think I have heard that before," she says in her slow, deliberate way of speaking. "I like it, that saying. Though, I imagine I ask myself a higher price to earn that, still," says the young woman who was once an active part of the Brotherhood of Mutants, including during some of their less noteworthy moments under her birth father.

She looks back to Peter again, "Yes, I'd like to hear it if you'd like to share," she tells him.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter leans against the fence, looking at Wanda. He seems to take a second or two to compose himself.

"Uncle Ben...thought I would be capable of great things. He said I was destined for it. But he said that I would be expected to use the gifts I had for the good of others. The three of us went to the Presbyterian church every Sunday. There was one verse, Luke 12:48. 'From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.' I was still young, and I asked Uncle Ben what it meant. He told me, 'With great power...must come great responsibility.'"

He looked down. "I never really got it until it was too late. But I promised him, at his funeral, that I'd never forget it again."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The Avengers sits quietly, listening to Peter's story. At the end she gives a slow nod along with a thoughtful look. "That's very wise advice," she tells him. "I wish more people in the world had an Uncle Ben to help guide them," she tells Peter quietly.

She lets the moment sit for a little longer before finally rising to her feet. Wanda slips her shoes back on, and then another small swirl of magic sends the photo of her brother and mother back to where it came from, the picture itself looking like it had been through hard times, but still clear enough to make out the contents.

"Well, Peter Parker, did you get a few photos that will work? If so, I should probably get back inside and see if I can't help calm people's worries about the coming days," she offers.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter nods. "My email address is KingOfGeeks2020@gmail.com. Drop me a line from whatever email you use, I'll send the pictures I have, and you get the final say on what the BUGLE gets. It's not the normal way things are done, but I think Mr. Jameson would understand."

He looks around, then says, "I'll step out first and get into position near the podium. Last thing we need is someone getting the wrong idea." He gives Wanda a lopsided smile, both apologetic and warm, before Peter Parker slips back into the event hall, leaving Wanda along with her thoughts.