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Camping Is a Good Idea
Date of Scene: 28 June 2020
Location: Wilderness Campsites
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy have a camout. The wild Drop Bear makes a cameo appearance!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Gabby Kinney

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Remy had gathered up some food and drinks, along with camping equipment pilfered from the storage room in the garage, and decided to head out to the lake to spend the night. They'd told anyone they'd met along the way to stop on by for some freshly grilled food as there's a nice charcoal grill out by the fire pit, so plenty of cooking options.

With the tent pitched and the fires going, the sun is barely able to keep the sky a dim blue hue - but the scent of food is strong in the air. Rogue's phone is sitting on a log stump playing music out of a bluetooth water proof speaker, some nice Credence Clearwater Revival!

She's seated on one of the other stumps in front of the fire and is holding a hotdog on a stick over the flames. On her head is a straw cwogirl hat, whilst also wearing a green tshirt, some jeans shorts and a pair of black gloves on her hands.

"This is the best part'a summer, I say." The Belle announces to those around. "Bein' outside on a nice night like this."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I dunno," Remy muses, not seated on a stump but instead laying on his back in the tall grass just outside the circle that surrounds the campfire, "I kinda miss it where I come from, hein? Night time. De sound comin' off de bayou made it seem like de whole world was up an' talkin' in ya ear."

The Cajun lets out a sigh, staring up at the sky and the embers trailing up towards it on gusts of hot air. His eyes aren't concealed behind his glasses out here, instead staring black-and-red.

"Toss me one a' dem cans, cher."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Food? Grilled? Campsite? That's all up Gabby's alley really and after her day of sneaking out to Harry's and back she was staaaarving. Though not enough that she didn't first stop by the school kitchen to liberate a bag or two of marshmallows to add to the stack of goodies here. That was one thing she found she really liked; campfire marshmallows.

The approaching scrunch of grass beneath feet likely gives her away, along with the occasional stumbling until she gets more into the light. Unlike Logan and Laura she didn't have those nifty heightened senses to help guide her along. Though it wasn't hard to sniff out a fire in the woods.

Breaking from the trees she grins at the pair, and holds aloft the bag of Stay-Puft she'd plundered. "Hi! I brought snacks!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just looks over at Remy with the firelight illuminating the left side of her face now. She smiles at him lounging like that. "The Bayou, huh?" She starts. "Ain't that where all the crocodiles live? I dunno if I wanna think about a place that has giant lizards in it that wanna eat me. Even if they couldn't, it'd still scere the bejeezus outta me if a huge mouth suddenly emerged from the water and snapped onta one'a my arms."

With her hotdog cooked, Rogue pulls it out of the flames, then leans over to reach into the cooler to get one of the cans of beer Gambit had gotten from town. She raises it up and is about to toss it when Gabby arrives. Rogue's face lights up at seeing her. "Well heya, Spitfire. Glad t'see ya stopped by." She notes the bag of Marshmallows. "Uh oh, you got the Ghostbuster mallows. Lets hope ya don't summon him to stomp all over us."

Rogue tosses the beer lightly to Remy and then motions to the stump beside her. "Got some sticks here, to roast those puppies on. Have at it. Want some hotdogs or burgers?" she asks then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dey not de only ones who wanna eat - "

Remy is in the midst of saying something to Rogue when he hears Gabby's voice. His eyebrows raise and he gazes off down the path, immediately cutting himself off as he leans back on his elbows and half-sits up to watch her approach.

"'eyyy, it's de l'il bear. Send dose snacks dis way, petit carcajou!"

As the beer can sails through the air, the Cajun's hand deftly lifts to catch it without looking. The tip of his thumb flexes to pop the tab and he lifts it to his lips to take a sip.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I know, right? I didn't know these were for real a brand!" Gabby gushes as she looks at the bag with clear adoration. Whether it's of the fan reference, or the sweet itself was entirely up for grabs. Remy's greeting earns a wave as she bounds over to the stump that Rogue gestured to. "Gotta cook them first otherwise they're just raw and yucky. Toasted is the way to go," she advises with a solemn nod as she bestows all of her teen wisdom on the Cajun.

To Rogue she grins again with an eager nod. "Either's good for me! Though I guess I can toast a hotdog over the fire that way." One of the sticks is picked up to regard thoughtfully over this before unconsidered possibility. Hm. Either way, she's quickly tearing open the bag of marshmallows to plop them within easy reach of both herself and Rogue as she starts to load up a stick. "Yeah, I heard you guys were out here and thought it'd be neat to stop by. Hope you don't mind," she adds to the pair looking between them.

"I mean, I already kind of went where I wasn't supposed to earlier when I was at Harry's. But I won a round of poker! I don't even know how to play! Domino said I got lucky."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shoots a quick grin back over to Remy - along with a shake of her head, cause she's just gotta do that too. But at Gabby she smiles to her as she settles in on the other stump by the raging fire. "Here, you can have this first before you get your mallow cooked." Rogue reaches for the bag of buns beside her and pulls the hotdog off of the stick she'd just cooked with the gun, then offers it to the girl, along with a basket that is loaded with toppings. "We got water and soda in the cooler too, t'wet your whistle."

At what Gabby says about Harry's and poker, she has to point to Remy there. "You know he's the best damn card player in the whole wide world, right?" She asks. "If ya want any pointers, just ask him. When I first met him, in fact, he was hustlin' some fools in a game down in Manhattan." She smiles at this, proud of the Cajun's card skills, because she's seen them a number of times since then.

Rogue moves to cook another hotdog first, though now she's eyeing those Stay-Pufts in the bag between she and Gabby. "We got a plate'a burgers here beside the grill too, got a plastic cover over'em to keep'em safe from the pesky bugs out here." She gets the next hotdog ready and glances from Remy to Gabby. "How was Harry's?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"If you wanna win, l'il bear," Remy calls over between sips of the beer can he nurses in one hand, "You cheat. Only way to win ev'ry time. Maybe I teach you how t' hide a card up your sleeve, hein?"

Rogue may busy herself making sure everyone is fed and happy, but Remy seems content to just lay there and enjoy the atmosphere. The beer itself is already half-finished before he settles it down on his stomach, cradling it loosely with his free hand while tucking the other arm under his head as a pillow.

"Or you jus' make 'em t'ink you don't know anythin'. You still young, you might be more wily'n you look. I give you some pointers if you wanna take dose goons at Harry's to de cleaners again anytime soon."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney foregoes the marhsmallowy goodness for now in favor of hotdogs. "Ooh yes please," she gushes as she Rogue hooks her up with a cooked hotdog. She'd probably burn it if she tried to cook it herself anyway. A bite is taken of it immediately without toppings before they're mentioned causing her to twist around looking for the basket. It's found easily enough and she starts to load it up with a pickle, mustard, was that sour kraut? She tries a bit of it all.

"Really? You could teach me that?" The obvious interest in her voice is there, and she nods emphatically. "I'd like that! It was kinda fun. Oh, and Harry's was okay, just a bunch of us met up to chat a bit is all." Not about what. She doesn't say that, then again, she's got a mouth full of hotdog now and is humming happily.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just shaking her head as she hears Gambit talking about all the ways he could teach the young girl how to cheat at cards, whilst she gets the hotdog ready to cook and then starts to dangle it over the open flames. "I mean, that's one way t'go about it, I guess. I'd only employ such tactics against a-holes myself, but hey, if ya wanna win a game real bad. But still." She glances over to Gabby. "Anybody spots that card up your sleeve they'll probably not be too keen on ya, that's how old west bar fights start, right?"

Rogue glances over to the lounging Cajun and she tosses a wadded up napkin at him. "What do you want on your hotdog, homme beau?" She asks, calling him a handsome man in her well formed French, adding a sly smile at him there-after.

She glances back to Gabby then. "You're allowed in Harry's till nine or ten, I think. Can't recall which specifically, they try'n in throw me out around then, I know."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Gimme some of dat Dijonnaise," Remy asks, kipping up onto his feet without touching the ground with his hands in a show of preternatural grace, "Sounds good."

He lazily strolls across the campsite to drop down on a log next to Gabby, stroking his chin and looking thoughtful as she speaks.

"Trick is, you don't really gotta cheat to win. Helps if you t'ink dey cheatin' as well, but every fella has a tell. Like our Rogue over here? Her tell is she always smilin' ... so if she frownin' at her cards? She got a winner."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I am?" That news surprises Gabby. Allowed in there? Well dangit. A little stamp of her foot comes along with a huff. "And I spent SO LONG making that mustache to disguise myself!" No wonder Harry had looked amused. Then again it was an excellent mustache.

Another chomp of hotdog is taken, and she wipes the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand like any good teen without much manners would do. It just sort of swipes a bit of mustard off. But the quicker she eats that hotdog, the sooner she gets marshmallows.

When Remy joins her she focuses on him nodding thoughtfully as she listens. "Oh, that's good to know," she reasons with a hum. "So just look for the tells to figure out how their cards are. That's not too hard." Though it would take practice she figures. "I was just trying to make my cards match. I got all black of the little squigly one," she explains making a little drawing in the air with her fingertip that is vaguely like a spade.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes are on the fire as she's finishing up Remy's hotdog. They'd cooked a plate of burgers too, but these were the easier and smaller sides to enjoy before anything heavier like that. She's grinning as she hears Remy's words about /her/ tell, and as Gabby questions it she's shaking her head and thinking about this fake mustache approach. "I'll have t'try that next time I'm tryin' t'stay there later." She says on that.

"As for my 'tell', I'd argue it, but I know he's right. If I'm not smilin' then it probably means somethin's up, and someone's about t'get punched, or I'm tryin' t'hide somethin'. Definitely can't argue that..."

She goes about pulling the hotdog out of the flame after turning it over and over. She prepares it like he asked for and then stands up to step around Gabby and deliver it to the Cajun on a paper plate. "Here ya go, Mistah Charmer." She says in a teasing tone to the man.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Merci, souriant," Remy says distantly, taking the hotdog and looking down at it hungrily - as though he's only just now realized how much of an appetite he had. He doesn't wait to say anything further, taking a big old bite out of it and munching on it happily.

"Dere's more t' learn, l'il bear, but dat's de lion's share of it. You wanna get good at cards, I show you."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney starts yawning by the time she's through her hotdog. It wasn't that she wasn't excited to learn to play, or spend time with these two, but it had been a long day. Much as she might try not to be she was still young. And younguns needed their sleep. "Right, course. Yeah I want to learn," she agrees with a ready nod even as her eyes start to droop a bit. "Maybe later though. I should ... I think I should head back for now." Another yawn, and she covers it with her hand this time. "Thanks for the dog," she offers as she gets to her feet to shuffle off again. She should make it that far. Right? If not the Breakstone Slasher might get her. And tuck her in knowing him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps over to the grill to grab herself a burger from it along with her original drink she'd left there in a fancy yeti-cup to keep the ice nice and cold. When she comes back to see Gabby ready to head off she smiles and waves at her. "Send some'a the others if ya see any of'em, we got plenty'a food." She says to the wild girl.

She then moves to sit in Gabby's place next to Gambit to smile at him and to raise her eyebrows questioningly at him. "So tell me more about these 'tells' I got." She says to him, a sly grin showing on her face then as she takes her gloves off to enjoy her food more easily without them pesky skin blockers.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"If I tell you about dem, den you'll just go changin' them," Remy answers, watching Gabby depart for a moment before turning his attention back to Rogue, "And if you change, then I have to learn all new ones. No, no. It's better to keep dem a secret."

As though emphasizing his point, he takes the hotdog and bites another big mouthful out of it. He beams through it at her before putting it back down beside him, swallowing the mouthful and yawning.

"So, we're staying out here tonight?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at him whilst she enjoys the burger with the paper player on her lap, her legs held tightly closed together at the knees. She shakes her head at his initial words though before looking up at him, her face framed by her white locks draping out from under her cowgirl hat. "Oh no." She says. "I wouldn't change myself just cause'a that. I won't buy inta your reverse psychology ways'a tryin' t'shape me inta whatever woman ya want me t'be, Mistah LeBeau." She says, her voice laced with amusement and that playful joy she likes to try and spread. "No sir. I am who I am, and I ain't changin' for nobody!" She tips her chin up defiantly and stares down her nose at him, trying to have a serious face whilst still clearly smiling behind it.

A second or so later and she abandons all that and looks down at her food again as she drops one of the chips onto the ground at her feet. "If ya /wanna./" She says about sleeping out here, tearing off a piece of the burger she pops it in her mouth and glances back to him. "It's not exactly roughin' it with the house less than five minutes walk from here, but hey, still pretty and woodsy all the same..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I sleep wherever, cher," Remy answers with a shrug, "Doe honestly I got a preference for the Mansion over dirt an' rocks. But if you're sleepin' out here, then I'll make an exception, hein?"

He finishes off the remnants of his hot dog in record time, setting the paper plate somewhere so they don't forget to throw it out. Leaving trash in this 'wilderness' would probably piss off the Breakstone Slasher.

"Or we could go swimmin'?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gently nods her head with her eyes down on the food. "We can head back once we're done out here. I'll admit it, I've only been livin' in that place since February, but I ain't never had a bed more comfortable than that one in there." She glance sback in the direction of the mansion which is down the pathways, around a hill and past the tree line, can't see it, but it's there. "Memory foam, is magic."

She looks back over and grins at him as he speaks of swimming. "Lake's probably nice'n comfortable now. It's been hot all week after all. This mean it's a skinny dippin' night, Bayou Boy?" She asks him then as she slooowly pops a chip into her mouth and closes her lips around it to crunch on it, whilst staring at him, waiting for his response.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I don't t'ink neither of us brought swimsuits, so I s'pose it is."

In one motion, Remy rises to his feet and brings his beer can up with him. He tilts his head back, finishing the last remnants of it, and then crushes it in his palm. Slowly, the disk begins to glow purple-pink and he tosses it skyward like a frisbee. High above them it explodes in a colorful burst of kinetic energy, almost like a firework.

Looking back down, he's already shrugged out of his coat, shirt and shoes.

"Race ya!"

Then he's off, leaping over the log and bounding off through the trees towards the water.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks up from her mostly finished plate to watch him shoot that can up into the sky and blast it with his mutation. It makes her smile to watch it, her face illuminated by the pinkish purple light that fills the now night sky. "Pretty." She says afterward, now looking down in time to see him turn - shout that declaration of intention - and then run off toward the lake. "Hey!" She says as she drops her plate of mostly finished burger and a few chips on to the ground by Gabby's marshmallows. She jumps to her feet and starts to fly after him, able to fly faster than he can run, all whilst ditching clothes behind her on the way toward the lake!

As she sweeps past him, he'll catch a glimpse of a naked girl in the moonlight splashing down into the water and coming back up with a loud bit of laughter. "It's not warm at all!" She shouts, her laughter and voice echoing over the lake's water.