2268/Genosha Burns! Plan and Scan

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Genosha Burns! Plan and Scan
Date of Scene: 29 June 2020
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: A SHIELD team investigates the Bushwick crater using scanning tech from Tony Stark and Dr. Jane Foster, and locates a city bus that was shrunk to just a couple of centimeters in length.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Sam Wilson, Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, Jane Foster, Dane Whitman

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The Avengers Mansion - a locked door is opened and Bobbi says, "Thank you Jarvis." Her eyes fall upon Nadia and she smiles and offers her hand, "Hello there. I'm Bobbi Morse. I work at SHIELD." She places down on the table a large stack of legal documents. "I've been assigned to interview you, but something has come up that we could use your expertise in."

That expertise, of course, being a point of interest and contention right now. Is she lying? well, this is one very easy way to find out. "You may have heard of Brainiac. He up and stole a whole neighbourhood from New York City and more from Genosha. We believe he is using some kind of shrink ray technology." A click of a pen exposing its point is placed on top of the stack of papers, "If you're willing we'd like you to come study the location where the abduction took place."

There's a great many questions on Bobbi's mind about Nadia 'Pym' but given that Hank Pym is afk and the true nature of Nadia's purpose here is as yet unknown, she's going to be keeping a very watchful eye on this one - not the least because she rarely sees Natasha so phased by anything and that is cause enough for Bobbi's alarm bells to be ringing.

"If you're not interested, that's fine, you are under no obligation to help." This is Bobbi's usual approach when trying to ascertain the true intentions of someone - give them enough rope.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia looks up when the door is opened. She had been sitting on her bed reading a book on new theories in photonic entanglement and quantum computing when Bobbi entered.

"Hello! My name is Nadia! Nice to meet you." Very polite for a teenager. The page she had been reading is dog eared and the book is set down as she hops off of the bed reaching out her hand to offer Bobbi a handshake. She seems to be turning Bobbi's name over in her head a few time saying it quietly under her breath to herself but can't seem to place it just yet.

The papers earn a couple of blinks, "Oh right, the interview to make sure I'm not trying to single handedly bring down the United States in the middle of an extinction level crisis." a beat "That was a joke!" she gives Bobbi a bright smile.

She listens carefully as Bobbi explains the situation before jumping to her feet, "A SCIENCE ADVENTURE! Where I can help defeat this Brainiac everyone is talking about, that's such a weird name, of course I will help!" a regular ray of sunshine.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi smiles at her enthusiasm and then places a finger on to the stack of paper, "Great. I will be your chaperone. We will need your autograph here, here, here, and here.. and here.. and here... here.. also here..." She sits down to witness it.

<Fade out of the Avengers Mansion>

Sam Wilson has posed:
There's a hole in New York City. Bed-Stuy to the southwest, Williamsburg to the north, and Ridgewood to the northeast now just extend to a ragged bluff that slopes away into the Brooklyn bedrock. The Bushwick Crater, where Mutant Town used to exist, is now an irregular bowl shape, ringed with concrete cliffs, storm drain caves, and the bent ends of sewer pipes.

The short caravan of SHIELD trucks approach the area along the Jackie Robinson Parkway, passing through Highland Park and finally stopping in the Evergreens Cemetery, which abuts the crater's southeastern side. The SHIELD team will have to pass through rows of stone monuments on foot to reach the edge of the crater.

Seconds after the vehicles come to a stop, the back gate of the frontmost van opens and Sam Wilson steps out, holding up one end of a large, gunmetal-gray case. He's wearing his Falcon flight harness with a tactical outfit in olive drab, in case direct aerial recon is necessary, but if all goes according to plan, the drones will be doing the heavy lifting today. He drops carefully to the ground, making sure not to disturb the case he's helping to carry too much -- the drone fleet is on loan from Tony Stark, so you have to assume it's expensive -- and starts toward the edge of the crater to help set up.

Maria Hill has posed:
The Deputy Director steps out of the SUV, in SHIELD tactical blacks and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She crosses her arms and watches the agents at work-- she may be itching to do something herself, but years of experience at getting used to her position has the knowledge that when the boss 'helps' it tends to make folks antsy. And she needs them not to be antsy.

She looks over the crater, a grim look on her face. She usually looks grim, but she's particularly grim today.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "This is a mistake." Natasha had made her opinion very clear on multiple occasions leading up to now. Not about the mission, no; just... Nadia. But orders are orders, and the mission is the mission. There's nothing for it but to get it done. Though she keeps one eye on Nadia whenever possible.
    She exits the caravan with two smaller cases weighing her arms down by her sides as she follows after Sam for a few paces before diverging to a nearby spot where she kneels down on one knee and begins to open one of them to set up one of the smaller drones. Her eyes constantly glance upward distractedly.
    The surreal location is not helping her focus, but it's more or less the least of her worries.

Jane Foster has posed:
"I never figured I would actually see the bedrock underlying Long Island. Much less cut with that mathematical precision." Enter Doctor Jane Foster, expert in a quagmire of dimensional physical so far beyond the cutting edge it pretty much bleeds spatial matter. Craters are definitely in her field, though planetary science compared to astrophysics, but she still looks at the topographic relief printed onto her tablet screen with fine detail.

Anomalies projected into that scraped out space leave historical strata beyond empty foundations, hints of the seventeenth century Dutch farms and Revolutionary settlement there. "Close enough to mathematical precision. How you take every person and building up is a feat causing me a few headaches, we'll say that." A few taps of her fingertips finetunes their location onto a grid, contour lines on the margins measuring the steep slope punched down into the basin. "Public Works must be squirrelly over all of this, considering the number of gas and sewer mains disrupted here. I hope they've prepared measures to avoid any brownsite creation. Until we can get them back. The city back."

This latter bit in an aside to Dane. "I'm still having trouble determining how we put an entire chunk of neighbourhood back the way we found it. That is getting ahead of myself, though, isn't it?" A wan smile for her fellow SHIELD agent fades away by the time she faces forward, watching the Deputy Director, Agent Wilson, Agent Romanoff, and others prepare to depart the vehicle procession. Unbuckling, she's soon out there to join them. Feet on the ground.

Dane Whitman has posed:
"Stands to reason that the kind of science that carved it out should be able to put it back. We're bordering on that whole "Technology as Magic" level here." Dane Whitman replies to Jane, his own expression grim as he climbs out of the driver's seat of one of those trucks and moves around back to open the tailgate so equipment can start to be off-loaded. "Ruggedized" plastic crates are the order of the day, packed with foam, which contains the sensitive instruments and sensors they'll be deploying along with Sam's drones. He's more or less plainclothes, though it's a sturdy pair of hiking boots on his feet and generally rugged clothing. He doesn't expect climbing around in the crater is going to be a clean business. "Last I heard Public Works was still working on capping things off and rerouting, so there's a decent chance we might see or run into some of them around." He assumes SHIELD did their due diligence on coordinating with the City.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia hops out of the vehicle that had been ferrying her to the mission site. Not your typical SHIELD consultant, she looks like she is maybe sixteen years old and dressed in reds and blacks, a fashionable skirt and bomber jacket.

Looking around she waves at Sam smiling brightly "Hello again Mr. Falcon!" her eyes pan across the others present while she waits for Bobbi. She seems just as wary of Natasha as Natasha is of her but tries to give her a weak smile all the same. When she spies Jane Foster though her eyes get a bit wide and her expression lights up as she practically bounds over to her, her chaperone seemingly forgotten in the moment. "Oh wow, oh wow, are you Dr. Jane Foster? THE Dr. Jane Foster?! Most brilliant astrophysicist on the planet?! I am a huge fan! Your work re-mapping cosmological theory is foundational, has rewritten the foundation!"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The vehicle Bobbi is driving is a black SUV, SHIELD logo on the top, bonnet, doors, .. it's one of those "don't mistake us for not being official" cars. The red and blue lights are on as she drives too, just to make it doubly certain that SHIELD is in charge. Parking next to the other vehicles, her ward is already out and bounding over to Jane, "Oh great."

Getting out of the SUV she's wearing her combat uniform underneath normal looking suit pants and jacket. She's wearing shades, because when she's out and about being an official SHIELD person, shades always help with the intimidation factor. Not that anyone will be bothering them.

Bobbi has only seen aerial photos of the site until now. She looks out over the crater and shakes her head. "Unbelievable," she says more to herself than anyone else, then gives a nod to Maria, "Deputy Director, come to make sure we don't break the multimillion dollar Stark toys?." But she keeps on walking to follow after Nadia. The team is here to check out the crater, but Nadia is what Bobbi is studying.

Sam Wilson has posed:
It's a somber procession through the headstones for the team, and likely a reminder of just how much is at stake for the people who were abducted along with their neighborhood. After finally judging that they're close enough to the crater to start, Sam and the tech specialist who's helping him lug the case crouch in unison to set the equipment down, just a few paces from Agent Romanoff. Sam sidles around to pop the catches on the case and then flips the top open, revealing a dozen quadcopter drones -- cherry red with chrome detailing. He glances over at Agent Morse and shakes his head slightly, rolling his eyes and mouthing the name, 'Stark.' The man never does take a break from his personal brand.

Natasha's cases contain most of the control surfaces for the drones, as well as a stack of tablets tied into their sensors so that the science team can take readings in real time. Sam heads over that way to grab a controller for himself. He's well aware of Natasha's objections, so once there, he whispers as encouragingly as he can without being overheard, "Hey, look on the bright side. If she is somebody else's asset, she'll probably help us save the world to gain our trust, right?"

Without any further delay, he activates his own drone, and it buzzes up out of its foam packing to head out over the crater. The control setup isn't quite as intuitive as his gauntlet-and-goggles setup, but he's adaptable. "I wouldn't trust my flying either, after that mess at the college," he calls out to Bobbi, his tone self-deprecating. He waves to Nadia, then, but she's already off like a shot toward the bigger brains present. No surprise there.

Maria Hill has posed:
Hill nods to Bobbi once, curtly. "He can afford it if it happens," she says bluntly, but then goes back to her observation of the area. Yes, coordination has happened with Public Works. As the drones come out, her eyes flick to them and begin being activated.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha seems to consider this, staring blankly ahead for several seconds. There is sort of a point there. The Red Room likely has a vested interest in their home planet not being obliterated.
    Natasha takes a readout devices and stands, speaking with an initial gentle grunt of effort from the motion. "That's what I like about you, Wilson." She says dryly, "Unerring optimism amidst enemies and extinction." She fiddles with the controller a bit, and doesn't look away from it as she matter-of-factly adds: "It's going to get you killed."

Jane Foster has posed:
Jane gives a faint smile at the mention of magic and technology. "They may be practically indistinguishable, but I am told they are not at all the same. Not my forte to argue, and the person who told me that deserves a kick." The gentle glow of the screen on her face lends itself beautifully as a secondary source of illumination barring the sun, though she still has a protective shell around the device just in case. Tucking it into the bag she carries, she follows after Dane to lend any further assistance with the gear they packed. Grunt work, but someone has to do it, and she's on the lower end of the totem pole. "Best to worry about hookups and construction after we've solved for X."

She gets maybe halfway to a box before someone calls her name, and she lifts her head. A bright smile gathers in full force at the power of Nadia's enthusiasm, and everyone brace, because she reflects it right back. Her eyes brighten in outright delight. "That's me, I promise! If you read all that theory, we have to hide behind a box and talk about it in quiet voices to not distract anyone." A conspiratorial wink is totally for the benefit of disarming the tension that may or may not be around. "Or over a coffee, if you like. I don't think we have been properly introduced." See, Bobbi, nothing to worry about. She takes to the red-and-black-garbed teenager like nothing.

There is still work to be done, however, and she gestures to one of the boxes to open up and start taking out her favourite things ever: great long spikes with different sensors worked throughout, some that don't even have obvious functions. It'll go well with the rest of the Stark equipment. Drones in the air like they just don't care. "If they don't have other plans, you're welcome to work over here. I could use the help."

Dane Whitman has posed:
"You're just finding all kinds of fans these last couple days, aren't you?" Dane chides Jane with a bit of a grin, albeit one that's more subdued than he normally might give off, given the seriousness of the situation they're investigating. He does open up one of the cases and move to start setting up one of Jane's "spikes" in a manner that speaks of having some familiarity with this particular equipment by now. "I want to take a look at the edge in a bit. I'm curious about how precisely it got cut away. Might give us some info that could be handy for replacing it when the time comes."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia claps her hands and is practically bouncing up and down at Jane's reaction. She looks towards the suggested boxes for hiding and nods enthusiastically. At the suggestion of coffee she beams, "Trimethylxanthine is one of my favorite chemicals! I would love to!" and then a pause as she is reminded that Jane has no idea who she actually is, "Oh right, sorry I tend to get a bit excited. My name is Nadia. I am Hank Pym's daughter, but he doesn't actually know I exist yet, it's complicated, I haven't been able to find him anywhere. But I am very familiar with his research and a lot of other research, which is why I was asked to come here to advise on the shrinking properties of Brainiac's rays. Did you know Dr. Victor Von Doom also created his own shrink ray tech?"

She looks down at the boxes of equipment, apparently expecting all of that to just be taken in stride, "How do these rods function? I would be happy to help you!" and she proceeds to begin doing just that.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi fiddles with her smart watch for a moment and then just smirks at Jane as she's given the Bruce Banner treatment. She watched the security recording from the Avengers Mansion up real close and was highly amused when Bruce found himself at a complete loss for words. Whoever this young lady is, she sure knows her scientists.

"Ms. Nadia, you can get autographs later but for now put your mind to the problem at hand." It's not ever day you get to be the buzzkill adult in the room. Hill must think it's very amusing. Fury would be having a (eye) ball. "Agent Foster this is our consulting expert today on miniaturisation."

They come younger every year, although if she really did grow up in the Red Room then she's an exception to the rule - also possibly here to assassinate someone. She'll get to the bottom of it one way or another.

Then of course there's Hill's theory of time travel. No matter how unlikely, once someone throws out the "may be it's time travel" theory you have to get the tachyon meter and rule it out as a possibility. Either way, she is still waiting on the biometrics of Hank Pym to be fetched from storage. There's the latest ones, but to be sure she needs to check every sample they have. Nadia wouldn't be the first clone to surface.

"You can help set up the sensors while we wait for the data if you like." Bobbi, no stranger to work, grabs one to help set up too. She does have an ICER at her hip, just in case.. though, if she really can shrink down super tiny like Antman and The Wasp, she'll be hitting speed dial for Janet.

Maria Hill has posed:
Hill watches the teenager with mild disdain. She theoretically was a teenager, once. Decades ago. Maybe then she was bouncy and excitabl--


Sam Wilson has posed:
"Better that than bird flu," Sam quips back to Natasha, flashing her a grin. Tony isn't the only one who gets to have a personal brand.

The drone fleet lifts off together, their pilots widening their formation to follow a search pattern that was mapped out in the planning session earlier. Inside jokes aside, even Hill should be satisfied by the precise and efficient flying, and Dr. Foster's tablet will have no trouble syncing up to the data feed from the search fleet alongside the one from her own instruments.

Public Works teams have cleared the area, per Hill's deal with the city, but very quickly the agents who have synced up with the readouts are going to notice something's up: there appear to be people moving around in the crater, along its western edge, about a dozen north-south blocks distant from the SHIELD team's location. They read as human and juvenile.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha lets out a very slow breath as she works very hard to let that line just sort of roll off of her, wrangling bemusement off of her face because by god she is NOT going to incourage this madness!
    Natasha's eyes wander to Nadia, though, narrowing faintly as she so eagerly introduces and explains herself like before. She shakes her head faintly. "... She's too nice." She says, and gets about as far in elaborating as "She-" before the readouts catch her attention. She furrows her brow and says "We have motion near the western edge. They look human."

Jane Foster has posed:
Enthusiasm is infectious, laughter a symptom of the plague. Look out for it, because danger comes that way. Jane extends her hand to Nadia, and she says, "It's wonderful to meet you, Ms. Pym. Nadia? Do you prefer I call you that, either way?" Clearly Hank Pym is a name she does know, since not doing so means she somehow slept through ten years of science classes, failed to pay attention in university, and lived under a rock on the Venusian surface the whole time. "No, your excitement is fine. We may see a few difficult things tonight, and when we do, sometimes we need a reminder why we perform the hard work. You have foundations in his quantum physics work? That would be an invaluable asset in trying to understand where the blocks around here went, much less their condition. Mm, I put very little past Doctor von Doom's understanding for science. His achievements are almost scientific journal unto himself, disregarding the three in Europe that already exist." Of human lives, and mutant, the less said the better. Hope will endure.

"So, Agent Whitman there is setting them up roughly three to five meters apart. They can measure for distortions, but they have to be set up where the signals triangulate off one another. To make that easier, I've created a little monitor," she points to a blue glass inset, "that lights up when they relay from the others. I've been refining their frequencies but their sensitivity would tell us of any problems with the spatial fabric around us down to a fairly fine measure. Not quite enough for the atomic without a dense curtain, but..." All this while she demonstrates how to plunge the stake in, using the long metal tube to balance the rest, and carefully twist and turn until it comes online once Dane has one in.

She is undoubtedly the dullest assassination target. Having her tablet online for the drones' feeds give her additional information to work with, and she almost eagerly takes a look at what visuals are online.

Dane Whitman has posed:
Dane does indeed finish getting the first "stake" set up, fiddling with it just a bit to get the screen activated, and pairing it up with Jane's once hers is in place. As he's moving back over to join her and Nadia he touches a hand to the earpiece he's wearing, and replies into the wrist-communicator, "Any idea how many we're looking at? Lot of subterranean throughways here. I'd imagine there would be plenty of folks curious to take a look, even given the circumstances."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi hmms to Natasha, "Let's check it out." She stabs her sensor in to the ground firmly and dusts her hands. To Nadia she turns and says, "Stay here with Dr. Foster." She nods to her looking her right in the eyes. Gosh, she has no idea if that kind of thing even works on teenagers.. well, may be she's about to find out.

She nods to Sam and Natasha, "Probably just some urban spelunkers and explorers. I know I'd be curious. Let's go give them the old shield badge scare." Bobbi starts trekking toward the indicated area. She really hopes this isn't going to turn in to a thing.. at least she can scare them with the prospect of 'If Mutant Town returns and you're here... squish.' concept.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Nadia is fine, I don't actually have a last name.. yet. It's complicated." she beams at Jane. She smiles at Dane too as she joins in helping. "Hello I'm Nadia! Nice to meet you!" she is certainly cheery enough. When Bobbi asks her to stay put she seems to have no problem with this, "Okay, I will stay and help Dr. Foster!"

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam throws Natasha a concerned look as she raises the alert, then gives Bobbi a quick nod when she calls the redheaded spy to check it out with her. "Call if you need backup," he says, but if there's anything those two women need help with, the best option might be a full-on airstrike.

The fact is, the heart of Brooklyn might not be most people's idea of nature, but the vibrant daily life of the city certainly abhors a vacuum like the Bushwick crater. New York has plenty of parks, but those aren't nearly as full of dangerous wreckage, rats, and the tetanus bacterium, so as a few members of the team have predicted, some of the neighborhood youth have begun sneaking into the crater when no one's looking. They have to slip past barricades, fences, and the NYPD, but for some, that's part of the fun.

With the Public Works teams out of the way, the SHIELD investigation created what looked like a perfect opportunity for such an expedition. When Natasha and Bobbi come into view of the interlopers, however, it's clear that this particular group -- of five teenagers, to answer Dane's question -- wasn't coming in for a covert exploration mission alone. They've brought art supplies. And far from one of the epic street art murals some boroughs are known for, these kids are working minimally, in the medium of the spraypainted word. "Bye bye muties" is among the more PG-rated messages they've scrawled in spidery capitals on the exposed concrete.

While all that is being revealed, the drone fleet is flagging a spatial distortion, much smaller and harder to detect, along Wyckoff Avenue to the north. If they cross-check this against the sensors that Dr. Foster, Agent Whitman, and Nadia are setting up, they'll see the same thing -- just a few square centimeters, along the inner wall of the crater, with very odd spatial properties.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Right." Natasha agrees, and gives Sam a short nod in affirmation of the backup warning before and moving towards the reading alongside Bobbi. She casts a glance backwards as they go, before looking to Bobbi and saying "You use the badge, huh?"
    Things sure are different outside of the old country.
    When they arrive on the scene, Natasha takes the gathering in with a look on her face that seems... unimpressed with the direction these promising youths haven taken in their lives. She looks to Bobbi. "... So is this a warning-shot situation, or a broken sternum situation? I've never worked street level misdemeanors."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"Oh yes, I use the badge. This is like.. crowd control for irrational monsters," Bobbi explains her approach to dealing with teenagers, not that it helps clarify. She lifts an eyebrow at the slurs they've been tagging on the ruined border of Mutant Town. She looks at the five kids and shakes her head, then puts fingers to mouth and whistles loudly.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have here is a failure of imagination," she says quite loudly, critiquing their work. "Statistics say that one in five people you know will be a mutant who hasn't discovered their powers yet -," she says making up the statistics since there's five of them, "So I'd guess one of you is going to be real embarrassed about this in a few days time.. I mean, the radiation in this area does bring out mutant traits. It is Mutant Town after all," she says bullshitting some more as she takes out her badge to make it harder for the irrational teens to argue.

"Of course, Mutant Town could reappear at any moment and then... squish, no one will ever dig up the remains." That's the best Bobbi has at intimidation without getting really manipulative or physical. A good opening salvo she hopes. Besides, she has Natasha who demonstrates intimidation with, as she says, broken sternums. "Time to move along kids, whichever way you came in, go back that way. Make better life choices, love thy neighbour, empathise with those who are different to you."

Jane Foster has posed:
Ordering teengers around rarely has a positive outcome, but one that sometimes turns out better than expected. At least where Jane is involved, guiding Nadia to help her with setup as the others prepare to deal with the crater-people will do quite well. Nodding to Bobbi to confirm her babysitting duties, she guides the younger woman as close as she dares. A salute to Sam: "We will!"

Back to checking for signs of activity in different forms from the drones. If there aren't any signs of warped space, then searching for unexpected electronic signatures in the craters would be an asset. Chips or hidden watchers doing sentry duty all count for the purposes of her sweeps, followed up with a few queries to flag later.

"Time to get moving. Let's head this way," she indicates Wyckoff Avenue on the tablet for Nadia, "and check whether our array throws out any false positives." Agent Whitman will be given the pleasure of climbing down first if he isn't preoccupied. If he is, then of course she is first over the lip and clambering down with care but that headstrong quality that got her in trouble with SHIELD or MIT in the first place.

Dane Whitman has posed:
Oh, Dane's far from preoccupied. In fact he's actually brought some rappelling gear, just to add an extra layer of safety to any clambering into craters they may want to do, It's a steep drop-off in some places! But whether he goes first or Jane goes first well...after a moment, when he's got an anchor line set around a handy lightpole, he hands the harness to her, "You're the spatial anomaly expert. Probably better off with you taking a look. I'll keep a hold of things up here."

Sam Wilson has posed:
The teens nearly jump out of their skins at the sound of Bobbi's whistle, spinning to see the two SHIELD agents. The jumpiest turns and bolts the moment a badge comes out, perhaps proving that he has a future as a speedster, if BS statistics are to be believed. Most of the rest just glare sullenly and start scooping up their spraypaint cans, although the biggest, who's still carrying his own canister, holds it overhead and takes a few rushing steps toward them, apparently assuming that the pair will flinch or be intimidated. Two of the others laugh and call out, egging him on, while the closest just rolls his eyes.

Wilson raises one hand from the drone controls to wave to Foster and Nadia as they head out to inspect the anomaly, but he'll stay behind to oversee the ongoing search pattern.

As the scientist makes her way into the crater, she and her younger companion will be greeted by treacherously uneven ground, piles of broken concrete and gravel, and muddy clumps of soil. Here and there, piles of shattered glass from thrown beer bottles provide an extra hazard, but the two also march past a number of large clusters of memorial flowers, placed against the fences at the lip of the crater above during vigils for the missing.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's eyes briefly follow the fleeing ne'er dowell. See? There's a kid sense; if only belatedly.
    One of them rushes exactly the wrong way, though. Directly towards Natasha and Bobbi.
    Natasha's shoulders slump very slightly, and she softly murmurs, "I weep for the future." before she turns in her heel, putting her back to the advancing man just as he bears down on her, and slams her boot into the side of his knee hard enough that he begins to drop forward. In the same motion, Natasha's arm loops under his shoulder and uses his moment to flip him forward and drop him on his back, leaving Natasha facing him on one knee.
    She stands up slowly and, looking down at him as she notes, "... I'm trying to be nice, because you didn't know I'm armed." She glares over her shoulder at the remaining men, "Consider your future carefully."

Jane Foster has posed:
Nadia, Dane, and Jane do a helpful little team make. They're not necessarily the fastest moving but they can easily enough be found scaling their way where once foundations sank into the earth. Care is used there to assess the webwork of pipes for water, sewage, and occasionally utilities brought to the surface, an exposure that somehow seems particularly odd. Safety in safe places, with Dane in the front and Jane dangling with said harness wrapped around her for safe purposes. Nadia is not given a chance to be totally endangered, after all. It means not working with a tablet directly when she needs both her hands, readings being taken on the way down at halt or tie-off points. Until.

Until, matters are most irksome. Mud and broken dirt, fallen flowers, these are part of her everyday existence to sort aside until coming up with something odd. She peers into the morass, carefully sifting among the bits and pieces left behind. There is something too human about this, too painful, and her expression shows a blend of sorrow, anger, and grit to slide her way down into the base bones of the world. It's a strain to reach into that pile of glass, to knock a wilted lily away.

Something to stare at, holding it in her palms. How it must look from the other side, a titan grasping a struggling beetle or a small lady bug, she can only guess. Because the colour in her skin fades, and her eyes widen to the point of dominating her face. Her voice dances over the comms.

<< We need a magnifying glass or a microscope. >> It's chilled, a tightness there aching with humanity. The tiny little car, some child's plaything, is held up to eye level. Easier ways to do this. << Hill? Morse? I have... >> She pauses. Holds a breath, continues. << I have people here, in a shrunken bus. I think they're distinctly moving but we need a higher resolution than the human eye to be sure. What's the average capacity of a bus? Forty to eighty? We have maximum that many people, hopefully much less. >>

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi looks down at the larger teenager on his back. She thumbs to Natasha, "Look she was being nice. I'm not going to repeat myself. Get up and get moving or I'll arrest you right here and now and you can try and explain to your parents and the judge why you attacked a SHIELD agent in a restricted zone while the world is under attack. Kapish?" She reaches for a zip tie to cement the threat.

The other kids watching let out a cry of "OOOoh daayamn!" and "Owned!" as well as laughter. A serious look to them from Bobbi has them grabbing up their stuff quickly enough. The larger youth scrambles to his feet and has that transformative look - despite being big, he's still just a kid and his emotions and welling up, tears forming at the edges of his eyes as he turns and starts running away too.

Bobbi taps on her comms, <<Triskelion this is Agent Morse, let the LEOs know there's a way through the various barriers and fencing somewhere near Kosciuszko street and the remains of Bushwick Avenue>> Her attention then turns to Natasha and she grins. "I love watching you fight, you're an inspiration." She motions back to the team and then pauses, listening to the report, "A bus?!," she picks up her pace to rejoin them.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha watches the young men - boys, really - retreat with an unreadable expression that only changes with a slight raising of the eyebrows as Bobbi compliments her. "... You don't want me for a rolemodel." She says blandly, then just as flatly adds, "You'll never take a day off again."
    The news, however, draws a short glance from Natasha before she begins hurrying back... at first, but she slows her pace a bit and notes, over the comms, <<... Everyone watch your step.>>
    If there's one, there could be more.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia hurries over to where Jane is. There is excitement in her eyes even as her mind wars with the seriousness of this situation, she is really excited and this is kind of one of her specialties. "Wait, Dr. Foster be very very careful, even the smallest movement is magnified greatly at that size and we don't know if Brainiac's technology is density condensing in the same way as Pym Particles. I am sure I can solve this given time and a lab... I could go in there and talk to them... try to calm them down while you get us all back to SHIELD? We'll want to sweep this entire area for life signs, even the faintest blips."