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Tears from a clown
Date of Scene: 02 March 2020
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Terry and Gar find out what happens when you pay a surprise visit and you're a Weirdness Magnet.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Harley Quinn, April O'Neil, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry finally made his way back to April's apartment the day after the interview with Captain Marvel. He would have done it the same day, but the toll of everything had finally caught up to him, and he needed to rest.

The next day, he called Gar up. "Hey, how do you feel like going to New York?" Because he wasn't supposed to drive for long periods of time still. It's ok, he offered to buy dinner.

After the ordeal of trying to find parking, the two teens make their way into April's apartment building. The readhead is talking to Gar as he approaches the door, "I hope she's home. Last time I was here she was at the channel. I really want to know what she thought of the interview..." he knocks on the door.

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's the sound of giggling yipping that greets someone knocking at the Alleyway door. It doesn't sound like dogs, it sounds like a live action reproduction of Lion King up in this mo-fo.

At what point Harley got out of prison and returned to April's apartment is still a mystery, but she's here! Probably hidden in a closet for the last few days until the exact appropriate time to leap out and scare someone...

In reality, she's leaning up against the back of the couch, rubbing her hand along the fabric, "Nah, baby.. yer the only love seat fer me... that'll be thread fifty, tho... bitch gotta eat."


Her hand pauses, "April! Ya got guests'er suh'en!" See? She's helpful. As if April couldn't hear Bud and Luo losing their whole shit.

April O'Neil has posed:
April spent the day Friday down in Sterling visiting The Real Vanessa and her new super wealthy manfriend Oliver Queen. Due to the fancy hyperloop system, it was easy to get down there and back up to Brooklyn in not that much time. So by the time she did get back, Harley was back!

The Hyenas were starting to like it here too, April thought at least, and after hearing that some gangsters are after Vanessa - and by proxy April too maybe - she wasn't that freaked out by having the wild Hyenas here to act as guardians.

In her office, having to do some work, April stood up and walked out to the living room. She eyed Harley and tilted her head at the other woman. "I..." April just resolves herself and nods once, then smiles. "You look like you're having a great time."

The reporter starts for the apartment front door, steps out but leaves it open and moves down the stairs to answer the door. She steps AROUND Bud & Lou to do so too, trying to wiggle her way in between their peering hyena heads to look out into the alley!

"Better not be solicitors! These wild animals are hungry!" She warns whomever is out there, because hey... she's a New York Girl.

Gar Logan has posed:
Things were quiet since the diner. Almost too quiet. There hadn't been much in the way of a response yet as far as Gar's efforts to reach out to the Titans, past and present, were concerned. Distracted thoughts were interrupted by the invitation to go over to NYC with Terry, and since he was just sort of staring at the big screen for the MMO he was playing, not actually doing much aside from customizing his avatar, getting away from that sounded like a good idea.

He ended up driving thanks to Terry's condition, though that Hyperloop would have been much faster, but it gave the two a chance to chat about a few things.

I haven't been able to listen to it yet," he says of the interview. "Super busy, you know." Even if he wasn't. Then, he pauses. "What are hyenas doing in there?" he asks Terry, brows scrunching closer together. His head tilts, as if trying to listen to someone...or something. It's the hyenas, his empathy toward animals kicking in.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry pauses. "That's April's voice, though..." he comments to Gar as his cousin's warning comes through loud and clear. Gar quickly identified hyenas, so it clearly threw that storry about little people in hyena suits out the window.

There's something about the giggiling of the Hyenas gives him goosebumps. Without really noticing it, he steps closer to Gar.

"Hey Ape, stop fooling around, it's your cousin! And guest." He calls back.

Harley Quinn has posed:
BUD: I know your powers of retention, are as thick as a warthogs backside...
LOU: But as thick as you are, PAY THE RENT CHECK.
BUD: Do you really think those are the words?
LOU: They're not?
BUD: How are we brothers?


"I am." Harley is laid across the back cushions. I'm not saying she's hunching on the cushion, but I'm not saying she's not either... At least, she wasn't not until the Hyena's keep yipping.

Throwing one leg over the back she moves with April, carrying a mallet up on her shoulder. Two blonde pink/blue died pig tails peeking out from around the much normaller of the two womenz. "Yeh! We aint' buyin' non'ya facial products!" Shoutted, quieter to April, "Even tho I could prolly use a new moisturiz'uh... My face feels like sand paper."

Oh it's the other O'Neil. "Ya got face moisturiz'uh? I'll def buy some."

April O'Neil has posed:
April has admittedly gotten a lot better at working with the Hyenas, even in just a few short days. But with Harley back, its a load off her shoulders, Harley works with them like they're on a telepathic link or some such.

"If its face moisturizer salesman, I mean... yeah I'll check an--" When she hears Terry's voice though she pulls the door open and smiles brightly at him. "Terry! Sorry about the warning! I uh---" April looks back at the animals, and Harley (Harley isn't an animal! No!).

"I got some company, but uh... I mean, you're welcome to come in! With your friend too!" April looks back to Harley and her mallet. "Its my cousin. They're good people. Don't let Bud and Lou chew on'em, okay?"

April will look back to the two guests then and step back to let them inside if they so daaaaare. "Whats with the surprise visit?" She teases Terry. No but seriously, it could get them killed!

Gar Logan has posed:
And someone else's I'm pretty sure I've heard before," Gar says to Terry, his voice a little hushed as the come more into view. "Because those are definitely hyenas, and they're.."

Suddenly there's a third hyena in the area, this one of course green. "They're doing a Lion King bit but it's all wrong," the green one speaks back to Terry, and he is in fact speaking normally before he approaches the others with a few yips.

GARYENA: S'up, dudes?

He'll be looking that way for the moment, April just able to see him in the process of making the change as his casual attire seems to just go away in the process.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Trust his life to become even more interesting by inviting Gar over. It is now, of course, unquestionable who is in April's apartment. He suspected it the moment he saw the Clown Princess had gone to Wonder Woman not long after he had suggested it to 'Vanessa.'

"I brought Gar Logan with me- Beast Boy." He gestures to the green hyena witth a 'tadaaa' type of gesture as he walks into. the apartmentt at April's invitation.

"Well hello there, stranger," Terry says with a grin aimed at April, and her sticom partner. "I get the impression I walked halfway into this story."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Bud: DO WUT M8?!
Lou: Imma sniff its butt.

The two hyenas are inbound on Gar when he turns back into a person.

Bud & Lou: NOPE!

YIP YIP YIP YIPPING right up the stairs and into April's apartment away from this sorcerery.

Hyena's are notoriously skittish around witchcraft.

Harley waves from behind April, "Yo." Mallet laid up on her shoulder in a way that seems totally natural and comfortable. She doesn't introduce herself, but turns on a dime and starts heading back up after her hyenas, "Come back an' apologize ya big babies! He wus jus' bein' friendly!" Bouncing up the stairs three at a time.

She's wearing hello kitty pajama pants and a tanktop.

Totally looks like a slumber party!

And definitely not like a crazy woman what just escaped Arkham... again... cus she didn't!

Totally free this time!

April O'Neil has posed:
April takes note of Gar's transformation and though it surprises - visibly so - she's... well, look at the world they live in... four of her best friends live in a sewer a few blocks over, her current house-mate Shawshanked her way through the Arkham Sewer systems to get here a week ago. April's seen some shit.

A hug is insisted upon Terry when he comes in, while Harley races up the stairs after Bud and Lou and then a /look/ is given to Terry. She then grins to Gar and welcomes him in as well. "Everyone, come in, come in... upstairs, lets go! Sorry about the mess down here." The Hyenas have turned the stair well in to tehir bathroom and it hasn't been picked up / cleaned up yet today. "Plug your noses. Step over it. Step over it. Oop! Right there too." April points stuff out as she gets up onto the staircase and starts up it.

"What brings the two of you here? Its good to see you, T. You too, Beast Boy, right? I think I've heard of you... have I heard of you? Its so hard to keep up with all the fancy names..."

April's apartment is hyena droppings-free at least, the TV is on - showing Disney+ of course.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's life as a hyena is short-lived, in the sense that he goes back to normal right around the time Lou is considering the sniffing action.

GARYENA: I'm gonna have to say no to that.

And off they go, fleeing into the apartment as Gar inspects a few knuckles. "Didn't mean to scare them off like that, but at least the coast is clear and DUDE THAT'S HARLEY QUINN!"

He points after the pajama-pantsed clown before stopping short of what's been left behind, pinching his nose. "Dude, that's rank." A biiiig step around, then over some of the..mess..follows, and he glances between Terry and April with an expression that suggests this is a bit outside of what he was prepared to see. "That's Harley Quinn, Terry. That's Harley Quinn, Miss O'Neil." A finger extends toward the stairs she took to follow her pets.

Almost absently, he adds, "Oh, yeah. The World-Famous Beast Boy, or at least known in a few dives in Hollywood."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Yeah, I sort of figured it was her." Terry adds, "Just now, actually. I mean, I had my suspicions but...". Terry hugs his cousin, "Side-hug only, 'cause I got shot."

Yep, someone shot at an O'Neil. This is a family thing.

He scrunches up his nose and pinches it, so as not to smell the Hyena dooks in the stairwell, finally making it into the apartment. He takes a good look at everything and then looks at Harley. There are many things he can say, but this is Harley Quinn. Better to start with a joke.

"See, you have your hyenas, I brought mine." He gestures to the green teen, and then he answers April's question.

"I wanted your feedback, d'uh, Ape. I interviewed Captain Marvel yesterday- please tell me you listened." He pauses, and he chuckles, "Actually, I just realized you're probably in the middle of a bigger story..." he looks at Harley "You went to see Wondder Woman..." yeah. There's a little lilt of fanboyism in his voice.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley grabs the back of the couch and flips over the cushions into a folded leg position in the center like the heathen she is. She was humping the love seat to the Little Mermaid. As you do. "Hai." Waving with a one handed clap motion to the pair of Terry and Beast Boy entering, so totally not having a clue who the aforementioned Beast Boy is. Which is unfair of her, she probably has heard of him, but it's been a busy week.

Plus, she was hob nobbing with Wonder Woman.

So now she's a big deal.

Nobodies gonna be able to tell her shit.

"I did! We're best frien's now." Her and Diana, big, psychotic smile over her shoulder with blonde hair brushing forward off her shoulder when she looks back. "Not as good as me'n Aps are, mind ya. She's lettin' me stay here." Technically, she didn't ask. She just showed up and brought her Hyenas and some of her shit. Which probably acounts for the shoulder holster hanging from a standing lamp with a big ass pistol in it. A .44 with gold and black enlay that has words that someone is still too lazy to describe.

Also her mallet leaning against the wall just inside the doorway.

Her leather jacket with the chains and the spikes and the big Pink Smiley face draped over a chair. Plus her clothes. "We're roomies, aint we Aps?" This is your life now O'Neil.

April O'Neil has posed:
April smiles to Gar and offers him a tilt of her head. "Hollywood, huh? Are you an actor then? That kind of power you got, you can probably save on some CGI expenses, I'd think." She grins at him then before her eyes have to go to Terry now that they're in the apartment. "You were /shot/" April asks. "I'm gonna have to hear all about that. Her hands go to the back of her hips, she's wearing jeans and a tshirt so she's not quite as slumber-party as the Mallet Wielding Ballerina of Pigtails over there.

"I uh... missed your Captain Marvel interview. Thats a big 'get' though, damn, Terry. You're gonna beat me to being the most famous O'Neil." She grins at him then before starting toward the kitchen, walking backward. "Anybody want some drinks. Got just about everything..." She'd loaded up with Harley here.

"And yes... that is Harley Quinn. The one and only. She's out free now, so its okay that she's here. I promise. Plus if you're nice to her she won't feed you to her hyenas!" Cheesey jokes are April's thing. "I think... anyway, my new room mate is difficult to predict." She smiles to Harley. Having spent so many hours with her now she thinks she better understands how to talk to the Clownette. She hopes.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan squints at Terry, then reaches out to smack him, if lightly, on the shoulder. It happens to be the one that had been shot. "/Your/ hyena?" he asks, both brows shooting upward.

With the door to the hallway closed, it not only begins to diminish the odor from out there, it leaves him to pay closer attention to everything Harley Quinn is doing right now. There's the holstered gun, the mallet, the pigtails, the voice and its distinct accent, and much of what she says leaves him staring at April as if struggling to believe what he's hearing.

"I've done a few movies and TV shows, but that's not really important right now. You're perfectly fine with all of..this?" he asks, gesturing around him. "Isn't she, you know, /wanted?/" He remembers Harley is right there, turning to her. "Aren't you, you know, /wanted?/" His head shakes to the question of a drink.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Ooow... watch the shoulder, watch the shoulder...." Terry winces. He adds, "She was wanted, but she went and met Wonder Woman, and went back to Arkham... which you'd know if you watched the news now and again bettween gaming sessions, Gar!" And this is where the O'Neil gene kicks in as he hypothesizes, "And now she's out nd April doesn't look like she hasn't slept in the last three days, so I am assuming Wonder Woman or someone else spoke to someone... and Harley's out. So it look like my tip to speak to Wonder Woman may have paid off, no?" He asks Harley, hopefully.

Right. Getting shot. "I was in Suicide Slum trying to catch footage of a drug deal... I got spotted. Gar here saved me, so you can thank him. He's a good egg, when he's not making terrible jokes."

"So you two are roomies now... well, considering how much trouble Ape can get into, I'm glad someone with the skills to put the fear of Dog into people will be close at hand."

That's one way to find a silver lining.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I was." Harley has a bag of potato chips somewhere.. at least she thought she did before the couch started making fucking me eyes at her. So she's leaning over kind of awkwardly, but bendy!, to find them. Her voices is slightly muffled, whole body angled over her knees as if her spine is super flexible, "AH HA! Doriiiitoooos..." Crunch. Bag in her lap, she's eating them by the finger full and talking with her mouth full.

"I ain't no more tho. Cus this fat black woman came by in a super fancy sedan an' said Ms. Quinzel... an' I said, Please call me Ha'lee an' she said, Ms. Ha'Lee but she said it more like HAR-LEEE...-" She pronounces it more appropriately, "an' I said, there ya go, tha's how ya do it. An' then she said, we've done some stuff wit yer record- but I'd honestly stop't listenin' cus I was starin' at this big mole she has on her neck."

Wiggling a dorito orange finger at her neck at roughly the place.

"But /THEN/ she says, we're gonna put a bomb in yer skull so ya- but I stop't listenin' again cus I had ta fart, but I aint wanna blow out situation... so I was bitin' my lip real hard an' focusin' on my sphincter control.. WHAT I GATHER THO-" Crunchy crunchy.

"I'm a secret agent an' Imma get sent ta Paru to engage in clandestine guv'ment spycraft fer the good'uh the 'Mericas an' their 'Merican frien's." Bobbing head nod, pigtails dancing around in little jumping hopy wiggles.

April O'Neil has posed:
Nobody seemed to want any drinks, and all eyes and attention seemed to be on Ha'lee, so April slowly saunters back into the living room while the talking goes down... the questions are asked and Ha'lee makes her replies. April ends up on the arm of one of her sofa chairs and she just... listens, then motions to the Clownette with both of her hands as she then looks to Terry and Gar.

April smiles.

"There you go." She states, now that they have the whole story. "Farts and all. Meanwhile, if all of this is as our good Dorito loving friend says... I plan to nag her for all the inside scoop information on any and all... spy missions... in paru... that she's sent on."

April's hands drop down to the tops of her thighs and she shrugs her shoulders. "So here we all are, each with our own little stories. And--" April pauses. "Wait, you told her to go see Wonder Woman?" April asks Terry.

Gar Logan has posed:
It isn't too difficult to see the point where Gar's poor brain figuratively explodes from the overload of information coming at him rapidly. He just looks sort of shellshocked. It's so complete that he doesn't even fire back at Terry with an opportunistic joke or creature change when he's called a good egg.

"Soooo I'm just going to go sit down for a minute," he remarks, headed in the direction of the dining area. Bombs in skulls, Peru, missions, spy stuff, fat black women, girlfarts..it's a lot to process for someone just trying to get back into the swing of things.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
If Harley was going to be sent to Peru in a spy mission, chances were that she was going as the loud decoy that will draw all the attention while the actual spies got their mission done. That's Terry's guess. He's ot worried for Harley, though, because the Clown Princess can more than handle herself.

"Then allow me to offer congratulations, Harley. I can call you Harley, right? Congrats on a new leaf. We can toast to new beginnings and all that."

Terry grins and walks over to April, "Oh yeah. Indirectly. I thought she was Vanessa at the time, and we got to talking aboutt things, and I said Harley should see Wonder Woman if she was serious about changing tracks..." He chuckles, and walks over to Gar Logan.

"I have to say I feel rather honored that we're clearly too much for the Teen Titan who, assuredly, should have seen crazier stuff."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley glances over to April and beams a smile at the redhead, "You know it, toots. You'n me, writin' the best sellin' tell all novel:" Sweeping her hand in a half circle above her, "Ha'lee Quinn: Supah spy who stole muh shit... an' the loose adaptation film tie in series of the same name, where I'll be played by tha reencarnated actress of stage an' screen, Judy Garland." Double pointy fingers at April, "An' ya'll be played by Emma Watson." And double points at the confused brained Gar, "An' he'll be played by Kermit the frog."

Because he's all brain fried and an easy target.

The pair of hyenas, not to be left out, bound out of the bedroom... where they were no doubt up to no good with April's stuff.. and leap up onto the couch. Lou to lay his head in Harley's lap and Bud moving over towards April to brace himself against her thigh. While licking his nuts.

Because Hyenas are super gross.

And don't give a fuck.

"Oh! Beast Boy! I know you.. yer onna' the old Robin's pals? Er one of the new Robins? Onna the inbe-teen'ers tha' follow't tha one Mistah J killed an' the smarty pants one tha' talks like he's got a head injury?"

Grinning up at Terry, thumbs up for him!

April O'Neil has posed:
April has to reach over and pet Bud's shoulders while he does that thing that Bud does. She's grown a little more used to it in the past few days, even though she's never had a pet in her life and this is the longest she's been around anyone else's pet ever in all her 22'ish years on this planet.

"I uh... yeah." April adds on to Harley's speech. "All of that. But uh... yeah, Vanessa - the real one - is in Sterling City with a new boyfriend. Apparently she's gotten herself in to some trouble with a gang and its boss and they /might/ be after me too now. Or at least might come snooping around looking to ask me questions about Van and her new boy toy. So..."

Gud gets another few soft thudding pats from April's hand. "Emma Watson is glad to have her new furry friends here. And well, a woman with a large gun who's not afraid to blast some would-be criminals. Lord knows I'm sick of those already." She notoriously did battle with the resurgent Foot Clan last fall, those of her closest friends know about it anyway, Terry being one of them of course.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan just holds up his hands as Terry meanders closer. "No, it's just I'm having a bit of a hard time processing all of this, but if you're serious about changing," he says while looking toward Harley by the time he's saying it, "I'm a believer in second chances." No matter whether this is really a second chance for Harley Quinn or more like a tenth chance, somewhere in between perhaps.

He nods slowly to the Robin question, though the way it's asked only leaves him looking more uncomfortable. It's probably the part about the killing. "If you're talking about Nightwing..yeah, but I wasn't around that long before everything kind of fell apart after..Doomsday." Not a topic he really wants to be going into with Harley around, so he shuts up rather quickly. That's uncommon. Now, he isn't even looking toward the hyenas.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry notices Gar gowing uncharacteristically quiet. Despite the fact that he believed Harley was Vanessa, the redhead is not completely clueless. Some of the things Gar has said has given him things to think about. He walks over to the green teen and approaches him from behind where he sits. He places his hands on the ex Titan's shoulders, a comforting gesture.

"Okay.... you've got gangsters coming after you again. It must be a day ending in -y," he says with a wink to April. "But really. Harley, can you let me know when you leave for, uh, Paru? Gar and I might drop by for sleepovers. You know, just in case."

He pats Gar's shoulder, "We should be going, though. I need to get to the Planet real quick to drop off some stuff for Miss Lane-- incidentally, Ape? She likes your podcast. I think I can get you to introduced, maybe you can collaborate, right"

He says nothing about the dead Robin, or the Robins... but he does wonder how on earth can de man go through so many Robins? Does he get them wholesale?

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley wwas in Arkham during Doomsday!

She's have totally helped.

"Oh... yeh, totes." When she goes to Paru, unawares that she's said anything to make anyone uncomfortable. She's busy lovey dovey eyeing with Lou, rubbing her hands on either side of his jowels to realize she may have just talked ill of one or both of their dead friend! Who knows! Those Robins get around more than Batman has Robins to get around!

When Terry indicates they are leaving, Harley clap waves over her shoulder, "Seeya! If'n ya see Nightbird tell'em I said... sup..." Up nodding in Gar's direction, "Don't fer'get the up nod.. it wont make any sense otherwise."

She also heard the thingy about the gangsters and the troubles and nods to April, "Don't worry yer head none, toots. If'n thugs come here-" Pointing down at the couch, "Imma regulate like Warren G.. It'll get downright grimey in here like 90s alternative metal... I'm talkin' man in a box, levels of retributionary vindictive fury.. Head like a hole, in it." She's doing a thing.

"My love is fallin' to piiiiieeeeCCEEeess... Somebody put meh together." Singing the last one because Faith No More or gtfo.

"It'd be dumb of'em, truly. Ha'lee don't take no backtalk from no roostah heads."

April O'Neil has posed:
April moves to stand up after Terry said that he and Gar had to get going. She only partly picked up on the insinuation that a topic about a dead Robin might be a terrible thing to steer the conversation toward with someone who might've been said Robin's friend or ally... mostly because the bit about Lois Lane redirects her focus.

April stands up then in front of the chair. "Seriously?" She asks with a smile. "You know she's like, my idol right?" Of course Terry knows that. "If you can do that... just text or... whatever, I'll go wherever I need t'be."

She glances over to Harley and Lou on the sofa, smirking at them both. She points to her. "Ha'lee here has uh... changed my life quite a bit already. That podcast in Arkham has several million views already in a week. I've never had a show take off that quick before. This lady's got quite the star power."

At Harley, April lowers her stare a bit. "But if we get attacked by thugs, do me a favor and aim for their knees or somethin', okay? We want to be able to ask them questions to help out Vanessa, and... well, stop whatever their prick boss is up to."

Back to the other two. "Thanks for coming, I know this is a bit of a surprise and make sure to watch your step on the way out."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Oh, yeah. We totally would have stayed longer, but.." Terry can feel that Gar's shoulders are tense, along with most of the muscles along his back. He's quick to add, "You know how it is with, uh, schedules. Can't be late for very important dates!"

Did he just..?

Terry is allowed to help guide him out of the apartment, adding, "We'll come by again sometime! Probably! Nice meeting you, Miss O'Neil, and..yeah. Be..good, Harley." He smiles a little too widely. If others could sense /his/ state of mind, it's all over the place.