2282/Mojo's Arcade Legend: Butcher's Bridge

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Mojo's Arcade Legend: Butcher's Bridge
Date of Scene: 30 June 2020
Location: Butcher's Bridge
Synopsis: Mojo and Arcade drop a few heroes(?) into Butcher's Bridge. They smash their way to the other side.
Cast of Characters: Maria Hill, Malcolm Merlyn, Skara Spark, Floyd Lawton, Jane Foster, Leena Danvers

Maria Hill has posed:
"HELLO SUMMONERS!" The cheery announcers voice echoes across Butcher's Bridge.

"You may find yourself a little confused, but I assure you, this will be fun for all! Especially ME!"

The 'summoners' awaken around a large, glowing mound of crystals in the middle of a flat, cobblestone area. Nearby are two stone turrents, facing an (currently closed with a gate) opening in a tall stone wall; between the turrets and the gate are two smaller glowing crystals. Behind the summoners is a mountainous cliff, blocking them into the cobblestoned area.

"The rules are simple! Knock down your opponents turrents. Destroy their inhibitors. Capture their base. Oh, and DON'T DIE, because I haven't quite worked out this whole RESPAWN thing quite yet." There's some grumbling from the announcer. "Also, Arcade wouldn't let me." That's a bit whiny.



A seperate, annoyed voice takes over. "For those of you UNAWARE of the GAME, the GAME is the LEAGUE. Of. LEGENDS. I want to see if you are worthy champions, of course. But in more detail: every so often, your enemies base will release a spawn of minions who will make their way down the lanes to damage your towers and eventually your base. At the same time, your base will do the same for against the enemy. Sadly, these minions are merely constructs. My 'dear friend' wouldn't allow me to bring in additional fools to serve in that role. Please kill them, and your enemies, with great relish."

Arcade hmms. "Ah yes. The enemy. Another team just like you... CHANGED. It's really what Mojo is best at. They'll be trying to destroy your towers and claim your base as well, so pip pip. Murder them first. You know the drill."

Mojo's voice cuts back in. "...I didn't agree to this murdering thing, Arcade. It's really no fun if all our new friends die."

"That is PRECISELY what makes it fun." Arcade chuckles.

There is silence, but the announcers line stays open.

Then. "If you say so," Mojo sulks. "I feel the ratings on this will not be so great with so much murder." Oh. Did we mention that Mojo is televising this? On all channel 7s, across all cities? Because Mojo. "Anyways! The challenge will begin in five minutes! GOOD LUCK, SUMMONERS!"

Then the line goes silent.

Dead silent.

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
     A dark form stirs as the announcers' voices ring out in the din.  A mass of purple and black that slowly gains form as the figure awakens, shaking the head as if to clear any cobwebs free.  "Someone is going to answer for thisâ?¦"

     The voice?  Definitely masculine.  The figure slowly gaining his feet?  Most certainly male.  The ensemble he is currently wearing?  Thatâ?¦.is questionable.  A purple sweater, seeming a turtleneck, but open for no apparently good reason just below the throat provides a window to flesh...which would have been provocative if a female, but on a man is rather ridiculous.  Some sort of armor, consisting of leather, covers the lower half, from the bottom of the rib cage to the waist.  There might be evidence of purple leggings, but mostly hidden by the thigh-high leather boots.  At least the boots are a flat heel, otherwise there might be balance issues.  Fingerless gloves adorn each hand, with the upper body, arms included, covered by what appears to be a black leather trenchcoat, very form fitting with the collar seemingly floating right around the figure's blue eyes.

     But, it is the extra equipment that draws the eye.  Upon the right hand rests a gauntlet, looking to be for all the world like a wrist-mounted crossbow.  And, upon his back, a rather large crossbow.  The left hand reaches up to tap the weapon, while the right hand is inspected.  "Well, it is rather apparent that I am a ranged fighter of some sort.  That should proveâ?¦.intriguing."

     Finally, Malcolm takes his time to look around his environs.  "I am not sure why this is happening,  but I assure you that I plan on getting out of this alive.  You can follow if you want, but I suggest we either work together...or you can get out of the way." 

     Confident in his (her?) abilities?  Certainly sounds that way.

appearance - http://lolwp.com/vayne/vayne_splash_1/

Skara Spark has posed:
    A spectre of vengeance, straight from the shadow isles! Though as Kalista wakes, it's clear she isn't at all herself. Rather, Skara Spark is waking in the world of Runeterra, completely bewildered by the fact she's here, she can see -Vayne-, in person, and her own hands aren't her own. ... That spear tells her everything. ".... Oh how wonderful.." her voice echoes, much like Kalista's own.

    The announcers speak, the bridge is looked down, the turrets are regarded, and she slowly climbs to her feet from the ground she was unceremoneously summoned to. Her eyes start to turn.. "Who else is here...?" She only played the game once or twice! She just liked the lore! She doesn't do MECHANICS. Especially not Kalista mechanics! ARGH!

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    "What the fuck..." Floyd wasn't sure what was put in his drink the night before. All he remembers is being in a cheap bar somewhere in Toronto when everything went dark. So much for celebrating a clean hit. The master hitman is bemused to find all his gear's gone, not even his headset is left. Floyd is also surprised to see his new outfit.

    "What the fuck do I have on me? This Comic-Con? Is this a fake mustache? What the fuck is this gun?" He's got too many questions to ask and a headache that won't quit, hammering away at the inside of his skull.

    The voices he hears are like nails on a chalkboard, which doesn't help him any. "HEY, WHO ARE YOU? If you wanted a show there's easier ways to get talent! More lucrative too, unless you want me to put bullets in the both of you!" He flips off the nearest camera, he -assumes- there's a camera anyways, his eyes full of scorn and distaste.

    At the very least, his equipment and outfit are well suited for a gunslinger, a cloak with rugged clothing and a big honking gun, and plenty of shells strapped to his body for ammo. Easy to figure that out. "Wonder if I get to keep the gun. Oh hell with it, I'll keep this anyways." He says with a little grin, popping his neck.

    He eyes the black clad archer and the kid, but doesn't say anything, for now he's just familiarizing himself with his new weapon of choice.

Jane Foster has posed:
Mojo's voice means nothing for the brunette caught in the circle of grass, surrounded by a wave of sparkling cyan motes swirling around her in languid detail. They flash and dance in a way sure to evoke warnings for sensitive audience members, but that hardly counts for the Hayden Planetarium director wobbling onto her knees. She raises her iridescent blue hand up to her face in hopes of blotting out that awful strobing radiance pulsating with a blue undertone. "Dane? The projector's malfunctioning," she murmurs through her teeth, trying and failing to swallow back a low moan of aching discomfort.

A heavy golden bracelet thumps against her brow and the metallic tiara framing loose white bangs. Thick, solid, a clank sends Jane staggering back a step and almost falling over the stylishly shredded skirt made of individual lapets dancing with the starry glory of the cosmos as so rarely seen from earth with its obscuring atmosphere. Snapping a look over sends the stream of her auroral hair in all its impossible glowing banners floating off like a wild ribbon around the broad, pointed sleeves of her gilt-trimmed dress, that amount of skin shown off a sin anywhere outside of Asgard or its dark sisterly realms on the World Tree. "Where are we?" Everything is completely gorgeous and cosmically impractical in violet, lapis, and cool silver tones, emanating a light from within that includes her skin, her hair, even her eyelashes.

Which leads to some frantic rubbing at her wrist above the glorious aureate bracelets. The dust doesn't come off. No, if anything, her bestirred motions practically intensify the glowing aura around her as playful specks of radiance coalesce into tiny stars popping and vanishing after mere seconds. Others seem to be there, others dressed as bizarrely as she is. "Did someone rig up the VR holographic projector and fail to tell me?" The bridge lies ahead, and she looks back at the rest of them. Getting her bearings, she can't be faulted for courage. Not when the golden bracelet seems to drip down her arm of its own accord and coalesce into a double-ended staff, both rounded circles broken by piercing edges and incongruously ablaze with bits of the Dark Bifrost. Close enough to count. It absolutely causes her to go to her knees, tripping over its sudden shifted center of gravity.

A muttered provocation is plainly audible. "Loki Odinson, I am going to *kill* you. And then I am going to feed you to Fafnir!"

(Lux: https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Lux_18.jpg)

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
    There is a raise of an eyebrow over black-rimmed glasses as Malcolm regards the brunette threatening bodily harm upon what sounds like Nordic gods. The comments about VR projectors and the like is ignored as the black-clad archer takes a few tentative steps, judging on how well he can move. After all, his outfit looks a little stiff to him. "Hmm....I can move rather well. You wouldn't think it from how tight this outfit is, though." Maaaaybe a little TMI there, but he doesn't really seem to care.

    Then, those blue eyes shift to take in the others. A gunslinger and a woman with a really big polearm. There might be just a slight roll of the eyes as Malcolm's mind shifts into tactics mode, trying to figure a way out of this. "So. This is a game. And....one person has limited experience with it?" That...was definitely a roll of the eyes this time. "Oh, this is going to be a disaster..."

Skara Spark has posed:
    Oh. There's a couple more. That's good! "Sure is! But, I mean, if we're inside it, maybe it'll be different? I don't know.." She isn't sure because, well, Kalista has THIS THING she can do, and needs to do. It's why Skarista (name pedning!) pulls out a non-spectral lance that's entirely black. "If I remember right... I have to STAB someone with this so I can use them as my really strong ability. . . . Volunteers?"

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    "Pretty sure that asshole's the least of our worries right now, lady." Deadshot says, popping his neck. "Suck it up, arrowhead. We'll get a chance at payback at some point. Let's just focus on staying alive until then."

    Skarista gets a dubious look. "Uhhh, keep that thing pointed at the bad guys for now. I don't wanna try that."

Jane Foster has posed:
Threatening death to a god might be foolish, but surely it plays to ratings. If only Jane were less than serious. Taking stock of her surroundings requires a bit longer effort, but she can safely do that from the ground. A quick rearrangement of the lapets dangling to her ankles confirms what she feared. After assessing Vayne and Kalista, a slow breath bubbles out. "Risque design goes both ways," she chimes in that terribly bright, optimistic voice pitched an octave higher than usual. So exquisitely hopeful. Balancing the bulb of the staff to the ground, she uses it for a brace as she gets up with a flex of her knee.

Time to face the others, and it helps Skarista is so positive. A faint smile shows as she twists her wrist a little, learning the balance of her wand. "I remember the basics. We played League ages ago over pirated WiFi. Attack the towers and don't get hit if you can, they defend themselves too. " Reason overcomes sheer terror little by little, memories being scraped. "This appearance differs from the characters available then." The night sky is a little bit comforting, and she nods to Deadshot. "Well, standing here means we're probably dead. Kiting and shooting, is it?"

Maria Hill has posed:
Above the Nexus, a magically glowing set of numbers pops up.






On the 1, the gates crank open, revealing a jagged stone and wood bridge over dark waters, as well as outside of the gateway another tall tower with turrets on top.

GLHF noobs! blinks for a second before disappearing.

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    Deadshot narrows his eyes, now it's starting to feel familiar. He's seen Zoe playing on the computer before, hanging out with friends online. This might've been one of the games they played together. Floyd's an old man, though. Too old to really understand all this nonsense, but he knows tactics, and he knows taking out strategic targets.

    Cocking his double barreled rifle, he nods to the Valkyrie and takes off toward cover once the countdown commences. "You, light girl, on me! Arrow Guy, Spear Kid, together!" He calls out. "We split up and flank that tower."

Leena Danvers has posed:
It seems that Ballista was summoned, and turned into the blue haired gun-toting maniac from Zaun. At least it seems that she has a pretty good idea of what she's doing though. She has lots of guns, and guns are her forte.

She's not happy about being KIDNAPPED AGAINST HER WILL, but she will deal with that in due time. Once she gets out of here, she'll find Arcade and eat him. For now, she snaps the minigun Pow-Pow out into position, "So our job is to blow stuff up and kill people? That sounds easy enough!" She'll follow behind the other two groups, taking the path down the middle.

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
    "Terrific. Two of us have played before." At least, the odds are getting better.

    Malcolm-Vayne shifts as eyes regard the countdown, then turns to the gates as they drop. With a shrug, the left hand reaches out and indicates to move onward. Not even the gunslinger barking orders seems to deter him, though the moniker given leaves a bad taste in Merlyn's mouth.

    Still...he doesn't say anything. Not yet, anyways.

    "Beware. Evil lurks around every corner." The words are already out and spoken before Malcolm even realizes it. His own words prompt him to blink in surprise. "Why would I...? You know what, nevermind. Let's just do this."

    Shifting to the edges of the path before them, Malcolm walks along carefully. Let the rather chipper young lady with the exceptionally large spear draw the attention. He will just make sure that nothing gets close enough to harm her, and therefore himself, from the safety of the shadows.

Skara Spark has posed:
    No takers for the black spear? Sigh. "Well great," she grumbles, deciding she'll just .. force the issue. Later. Maybe. Depends on the enemy! She turns to head down the bridge as the gate opens, giving 'Jinx' a long look. "This team is weird.." she muses before heading down off the platform, deciding she'd rather just get out there and get it over with instead of being worried about it. It's a game. They'll respawn. Arcade and Mojo be damned. "Lets do this already!"

Jane Foster has posed:
A good, centering breath pushes out all the nerves as numbers and gates tumble away. Lux -- Jane -- holds the wand in her right hand, compensating for its length by folding it back against her forearm for at least a modicum of control. Running about in heeled boots is a matter unto itself. Once she starts moving, the excessive celestial ombre curtain of her hair and her split nebulous skirt at least seem to cooperate in and of themselves.

"The light banishes the darkness," she replies to Malcolm, and the sweetness of her voice echoes with ringing harmonics. Something she can worry about later. "I sound like... No, I don't want to think about that either." Especially not when even those sweet tones carry regal purpose.

She doesn't move straight up the path, rather tacking back and forth as they head away from the platform and into danger's maw. "We may be odd, but we have an objective to win. Creation depends on it."

The universe has a spokesperson! Why is she blushing?

Maria Hill has posed:
The bridge is empty, until about the halfway mark. A small white cat dances out into the center of the bridge, blasting a glowing magical ball of flames towards the group.

Behind the cat, a monkey-man spins a staff, laughing. "Bring me a //real// challenge." The wolfman beside him snarls, preparing to lunge; behind the wolfman a purple crystalline scorpion skitters.

A man with a large shield and a metal container of some sort on his back, glowing slightly greenishly, rounds out the guardians of the bridge.

Get past them to their nexus!

Leena Danvers has posed:
Jinx moves forward with the group, though she looks back at the spear lady, "You need to use that thing on somebody?" She looks around at the group and hrms. She's not sure who it should be used on, or what it does for that matter!

"Hey I see them!" She calls out, raising her minigun and realizing that, for some reason, she's not in range of them. She grumbles and moves a bit further forward, but then realizes she has other options! She grabs the blaster off her left hip, raises it and pulls the trigger, aiming it at the monkey man, since he seems to have a big staff and that looks super dangerous, "Say hello to my friends of varying sizes!"

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
    As the blaster fires, Vayne darts forward, sights upon the white cat with the pyrotechnic ability. The burst forward is quick...quicker than expected as the distance closes in. Somehow, Malcolm-Vayne just knows that he is close enough to attack...and that's when he springs into action.

    Or, rather, that is when Malcolm rolls into action. Seeing the champions behind the cat, he tumbles to the side, angling to place as many of the opposing champions between him and the cat. The action allows him to set up his shot, the right arm with the wrist crossbow up and aiming precisely at the white feline. It would appear that the archer is not fooled with the cutesy appearance...or he is just taking out anything in his way. "I bring swift death!"

    This time, the phrase is not even questioned. As Malcolm finishes his roll, the wrist crossbow fires...the bolt straight and true as it slams into the white form.

Skara Spark has posed:
    An infinite supply of spears, some spooky ghosts, the ability to YANK spears, and the fourth thing she isn't sure how she's gonna get to work. WHAT A PAIN. The ghosts aren't even going to be useful here! She thinks. She points one of them at the wolf-man before holding up a hand for a spectral spear to appear in it.

    "Huh? Ah, yeh, I think its important!" Skarista answers to Balistix before looking at the rest of the enemy champions. "Singed, Skarner, Warwick, Wukong and.. ... cat? I don't know the cat..." she smirks, "I'mma throw this at that cat!" Which she does, with gusto, a moment later, before hopping back. "Oh! I forgot about that.." agility! Lots of it. Useful, maybe.

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    Floyd-Graves uses Ballista's attempt at showboating to try and dart to the side of the bridge, propping up with his massive double-rifle. Pumping it, he takes aim at the massive crystal scorpion, firing off an explosive shell.

Jane Foster has posed:
Cat, monkey, wolf, scorpion, glowing human. "Yuumi." Skarista's supplied most of the names, but Lux gives that one. She measures their distance on the fly, moving at relative speed with Kalista and Vayne firmly arrayed in front of her. The first rule of kiting is to keep moving, a rule she adheres to with committed determination to keep well away from the monkey-man or that flaming, charming feline who really has no business being so cute here.

"We can do this." Spying the huge insect, that seems to seal her certainty. "Don't you dare move!" Luminous spheres whip around her, intensifying their turquoise glow as she draws that golden staff back in a fluid arc. The top end glows, a starry nebula igniting strands of radiance into a tremendously bright ball too painful to look at for long. "/Held in orbit!/"

A lunge sends the ultraviolet star hurtling at the wolfman and the scorpion directly behind it. Light discharged in a helix behind the bee-lining arcane missile has all the qualities of the night sky floating in a veil around the summoner. With any luck it's sure to detonate in an impressive burst, and with any luck, hit the wolf and the bug in tandem. No matter what, Lux is still dashing. Dashingly lovely and dashing out of the way.

Maria Hill has posed:
"BOOK! What's happening to you!?" the white cat yelps as she and her glowing floating spellbook piff into nothingness after being attacked by Mervayne, Skarista, and Luxane.

One down, four left. Wukong takes a solid hit from Ballistix; Skarner skitters aside but still is hit by Flave's shots.

Warwick lunges forward at Graves, snarling and slashing. Skarner jabs at Skarista with his tail; as Singed darts into the middle of the group and begins pumping a slowing poison.

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    "Gah!" Deadshot-Grave cries out in surprise when the werewolf jumps him. He immediately doubles back, firing smoke rounds to try and cover his retreat. "My what big teeth you got!" He taunts, grinning as he begins to open fire at the greenish glowing wolfman.

Leena Danvers has posed:
Ballista-Jinx continues to advance, though she's wary of that tower that's hovering nearby. She doesn't want to get too close, lest she get blasted by the thing and that would hurt, and it would suck.

She swaps to Fishbones, letting the minigun fold up as she pulls the rocket launcher onto her shoulder, "Hey monkey man! Stay still! I'm trying to shoot you!" She indeed tries to shoot him, by firing a rocket in his direction, trying to keep him from getting close to her or any of her teammates.

The guy that's starting to spread poison is no good though, "Don't chase that guy, and stay out of the cloud!" She hurls a set of flame chompers into his path, hoping he's not paying attention and will walk into them.

Skara Spark has posed:
    Wow. Cat went down like a wet paper ... book? Yeah. That's right. The woman smirks, "HA! We are vengeance!" she barks out, not even knowing why it she said it as she holds up a more potent looking spear. With Singed coming in close, she hurls it his way, trying to follow up with a few more normal ones, before trying to just rip them violently back out. "Ha! This is fun!" she says, hopping all around as a result of her 'auto attacks'.

Jane Foster has posed:
Lux's shot doesn't seem to have slowed down the pair, but one is better than none. Those cosmic brows slant down in sharp concern, but she hasn't the time to linger long on ethical quandaries. She can adjust to this, though, cycling way back so that she isn't in direct reach of any of the main combatants.

Not with a scorpion in the way, which she runs back from. Another swing of her staff opens up a second burst of the same attack targeting Skarner and Skarner if he's directly adjacent. Hey, spam Q is a legitimate purpose. "/Starlight's embrace/!" The next wave of that binding attack goes flying, zipping like a demented, lethal firefly out for revenge. Her half-floating run leaves a trail of starry tendrils in her wake, and she might just /ride/ that staff like a witch on a broomstick or a Thor on Mjolnir to get around faster.

"Into battle with hearts aglow, Kalista!" Wait, that's supposed to be positive rally? Maybe it really works, for Lux pours out positivity.

Maria Hill has posed:
The opposing enemies are slowed, but then again, so are the Champions. Though Singed and Warwick both take heavy damage quickly; Skarner skittering ever so slowly as he tries to avoid any incoming fire.

Wukong eats a rocket to the face. He piffs into pixels.

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    "C'mon, c'mon you little bastard. I got a little piggy for ya..." Grave-Deadshot says with a sinister chuckle. "This is gonna tickle." Oh damn it, now Floyd is doing it too. The mercenary opens fire on Warwick, not letting his slowness hold him back as he tries to finish off the werewolf. "We gotta take that tower or this'll be a big waste o'time!"

Skara Spark has posed:
Skarista slumps, wincing, coughing at Singed's purple haze as an arm comes up to cover her mouth, "Ugh, that stuff REEKS. More evidence that games don't need to have SMELL function, guh.." It earns the bald scientist a few spears as she tries to retreat with the following hops.

Leena Danvers has posed:
The rocket scores a direct hit on the monkey man, and Jinx grins, "Hell yeah, now we're talking!" She turns the rocket launcher onto the wolf guy, "Hey spear lady! Use your thing on me so you can use your big attack!" She yells at Skarista, while firing more rockets and Zap blasts in practically every direction, while laughing like crazy.

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
     "Time for reckoning!"

    The cry is clear as Mervayne reaches up to grab the big guns....in this case, the giant crossbow upon his back. As he does so, he dodges once more, falling into a tumble and....disappears. Only to reappear closer, oh so closer, to Skarner. How in the hell did he move so fast? Even with everyone seemingly slowed, it seems that the archer was having little to no difficulty in moving. And then...as the big crossbow is raised to shoot, another exclamation escapes from Malcolm's lips.

    "Purge with silver!"

    The crossbow fires, sending a large bolt flying...the glint of silver easily visible upon the arrowhead. And...another. And...once more. Each shot hitting true...and the third seemingly hitting for much more than expected as the third shot just *staggers* its target, giving Malcolm some time to try to get away...though moving considerably slower in disengaging than when attacking.

Jane Foster has posed:
That's so gross, -so- very gross. A rocket to the face leads to an implosion of pixels that has Lux titters at in the worst possible way, beautifully high-pitched and ominously resonant with the fury of the solar wind billowing her hair around her in slow motion.

Slower-motion too, because the entanglement impedes her motion rather substantially and it's safe to say she really doesn't like that. "Hello person who irrationally wants to kill me, it's so good to meet you," she chimes as the absolutely horrible werewolf simply will not stop snapping and harming her allies.

Teammates deserve some support and she hardly needs to move much with a straight line in front of her.

Taking the risk, she brings the staff up in an arc that protectively crosses her body as she practically stands on her tiptoes. With those heels, it's not much of a change but the elevation of both luminescent gems anchoring her staff throws her body into waves of blue light. "/Distortion erupt!/"

In the faintest heartbeat, a sphere of cosmic dust and microparticles coalesces in a wave around the werewolf and frankly anything in proximity. Friends not withstanding,a t least she can hope. A pair of neutron stars blaze strangely white around a tiny pinpoint of blackness, the void pulling the spiralling stars together on a fatal collision course as gravity inevitably attracts them. Spinning faster around a diminished point, the dueting pair eventually collide... and spatial collisions between heavenly bodies are a bad, bad thing, the kind of matter that leads to supernovas. Tiny supernovas.

In this, Lux -- and Jane -- knows the exact mechanics of science and soooomehow that power going off. Of course at any detonation she's practically blinding herself for a moment!

Maria Hill has posed:
Warwick also piffs into pixels as Graves shots connect. Wukong also explodes into tiny bits of nothingness! And between Lux and Vayne, Skarner shatters.

All that's left is fighting past the towers to the nexus!

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    About time, too. Deadshot barely pays Warwick any respect as he dashes past the remains of the wolfman, leaping over cover and making his way toward the bridge. Making his way across, he opens up on some of the minions, trying to press ahead. "Take the damn tower!" He calls out, pointing at it in between blasts from his massive revolver double-rifle.

    How DOES this thing operate? Floyd's just glad it works at all, and it works damn well at that, figuring it out can come later.

Skara Spark has posed:
    Oh, hey! Is that an ACE?! "Good work!" Skara calls out before moving for the tower, making sure there's some minions to take the tower shots before going in on the turret. With four marksmen they should be able to make short work of the turrets and beyond! "Onward!!"

Leena Danvers has posed:
"Ahahahahaha!" Ballistinx laughs heavily as the last of the enemy force vanish into pixels, "Lets go!" She moves towards the tower, though stops as she gets up close to it, "Hmmmm.." She realizes that she can't quite get up to it, and one of the minions is near her.

She hauls back and punts the minion into range of the turret, and then steps forward, so she can start to unload into the tower with Pow-Pow, cackling all the while as she unleashes a hail of bullets.

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
    A nasty look is shot over to Graves-shot, as Merlyn shifts back to the edge of the bridge, allowing some of the cannon-fodder minions to go in front of him to absorb some shots from the tower while he points that wrist crossbow at the tower to fire. The tower takes out his little minion shield....and does a couple shots upon Merlyn for good measure, but the archer doesn't move, taking the potshots in stride as he finishes taking down the turret in front of him. "Less talking and more shooting, if you please. I have no time for your nonsense" The phrase was polite. Perhaps a little too polite, but Malcolm seems to be concentrating on one thing at a time. For the moment

    There is little doubt that there is a method to Malcolm's actions. He has seem to caught on to the idea of letting the minions take the brunt of the attacks rather well...and the next turret is taken out in short order. It should not be long now for the fearsome quintet to take out the base and, hopefully, win their way out of this game.

Jane Foster has posed:
Given every opportunity to capitalize on the moment, they certainly do. Lux gleefully strikes a pose, thrusting her staff forward and leaving a dazzling array of stars shooting harmlessly forward. "Such beautiful complexity in the universe. The sublime beauty of creation, the awe-inspiring light of new stars. This is why we must prevail!"

Because all they need is a way to reach a set of towers, and at least the hope lies ahead. Respite is found in swirling stardust and radiant trails as she zips back and forth on the kiting track around the others. So much for a tower assault directly, though.

Protection, that's what clearly is missing. "Vayne, be safe!" Some kind of purposeful intent finds her pointing at him... and that motion in fact sends that double-belled staff hurling end over end his way. Whoops.

Breaking back onto her heels, Jane franctically waves her hands around as though that might actually do something, like possibly toss up a shield. And it -will-, if the gods are good, but not without the ethereal after-image of the staff clocking Merlyn. At least it doesn't hurt!

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    Minions make good target practice, a chance for Floyd to get his sights zeroed. Are there even sights on this thing? It feels like in the hands of someone NOT as inhumanly talented with guns as Deadshot, it'd be a nightmare for them to fire it. He launches an explosive round at a distant throng of minions before advancing toward the tower, dropping explosive rounds at the tower.

Skara Spark has posed:
    Some turrets down, more to go! "We've gotta get the big one with the gem at the end, get that Nexus and we win!" Skarista calls out, starting to get the hang of throwing, hopping, and throwing again. With no other champions to slow them down, she'd move from one turret to the next, blitzing them down until they see the end in sight.

Leena Danvers has posed:
Ballista gets a speed boost when she takes down a turret! She dashes ahead of the group once she gets her boost, getting in range of the inhibitor, and then begins to open fire on it as well. She's CLEARLY enjoying herself as she burns down the turrets and inhibitors. One should probably be worried about how well practiced she is with those weapons she's got.

Malcolm Merlyn has posed:
    Malcolm didn't have to be told twice. With what seems to be a shield (though, honestly, who hits someone to shield them?) in place for him, the fact that minions seem to not touch him, at least for the time being, is not lost on him. It is a fact he takes full advantage of as he immediately heads to the nexus as soon as the path to it opens up. The crossbow bolts come in hot and fast, over and over. Why, if it would let him, he would even take a swing at it. It seems that there might be just a bit of pent up aggression there. Just a little.

Maria Hill has posed:
As the Nexus explodes, the awareness of the Champions becomes fuzzy...

        GG wp

            no re

                k thx


The Champions will wake up in their own beds the next morning with memories of the match but no proof, besides the fact that it was televised nationwide, the night prior.

Damn Mojo. At least he put his toys away after he was done playing.

Arcade is probably ticked.