2422/Meet'n'Greet At Angelo's.

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Meet'n'Greet At Angelo's.
Date of Scene: 11 July 2020
Location: Angelo's Pizza
Synopsis: Michelangelo and Beast Boy meet and discuss all things green at Angelo's pizzeria.
Cast of Characters: Michelangelo, Gar Logan

Michelangelo has posed:
It's DINNER time, baby! And you know what that means? You damned right. Pizza time.

As the clock strikes a bit past seven in the evening, Angelo's really starts to thrive. The local pizza diner is loud and boisterous, filled with patrons of all sizes, shapes and... colours? Yep, even colours. For right there at the front counter, having a chat to one of the waitresses, is a five foot five turtle. There's no other way to describe him. He's a turtle, as sure as anything is. Wearing some slightly torn black and orange sweats and a grey hoodie, Michelangelo's ensemble is complete with some fashionable looking orange-tinted sunglasses across his eyes. Despite clearly not being a human, most of the crowd doesn't seem to care too much. They were just probably happy to be out and about and trying to return to some normality with Braniac now defeated.

"Yo Angelo," Mikey calls, attention drifting to the main man in the kitchen. "How we lookin', dude?" Poor Angelo. Whenever Michelangelo comes in to pick up an order, it's always something MAMMOTH. A dozen pizzas, typically. All different and customised. There's naught but a grunt in effort in reply, which is met by a wry chuckle in response. "You just take your time, man. I'm enjoying being out of the dungeon for a while anyway."

Gar Logan has posed:
When you're a Titan and a celebrity even if it's not on the level of a truly big movie star, you end up doing various appearances from time to time. Today there was one in New York City, but with that all said and done it was time to grab a bite to eat.

Knowing he was close to Mutant Town, or rather Mutant Town as it'd been, he glances in that general direction with a solemn expression. Fortunately, it sounded like that section of the city had been saved, but there was a question remaining about the citizens that had been caught up in everything. Still, it was progress. Someone would find a way to fix things.

Thumbing through his phone, he searched out local food spots. That is how a certain Beast Boy steps into Angelo's, complete in his purple and black costume. Must not have had the time to change yet. "Mmmm, something smells goooood," the green teen voices.

Michelangelo has posed:
Beast Boy doesn't draw any immediate attention as he breezes in through the front door, but the longer he remains the longer some people start to whisper amongst themselves. "Hey, isn't that one of the Titans?" -- "Beast Boy, right?" -- "What's he doing here?" -- "Is there trouble at Angelo's? He's in his uniform!"

For his part, Michelangelo remains at the front counter, chattering away to the store employees with short laughs and chuckles. He's much like the others, not having noticed Gar upon his arrival, but soon turning to look at him with a curious tilt of his head. "Oh, dude!" Standing up straight and with some surprise, Mikey waves Beast Boy over with a frantic gesture. "Beast Boy! Over here, man! I'm a huge fan. HUGE fan." Beaming a toothy smile, he gestures to himself. "What are you doing all the way over here in New York? And Brooklyn? I thought you guys were based elsewhere." By 'you guys' he clearly means the Titan in general. "Oh! Oh! Did you just finish fighting some bad guys around the 'hood, maybe?"

A 'ding' from the counter signals that an order is complete. The waitress delivers the pizzas to a table, the smell of them doubtless delicious. "...can't blame you for swingin' around here anyway, man. This place has the best pies in the whole borough. Probably the whole city."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan hams it up for a few of the patrons, holding up his hands. "It's cool, guys. No trouble. I'm just hungry for a few slices and I heard this place was pretty good so I had to see for myself." A few selfies follow with him by the time the notably mutated guy at the counter has spotted him, recognizing him as well.

In that moment, there's a sign of surprise in his expression. He didn't appear to be expecting to see what he does there, just hanging out like it's the most normal thing imaginable. And, he's very green, just like Beast Boy. "Whoa, dude. Are you a..?" Headtilt. "..like, some mutant toad dude or something?" He ought to know better. There's a definite shell shape beneath the clothing. Maybe he's just surprised. It probably shouldn't be a shock that someone else who's green knows of him and the Titans, though. "Actually, I was at this place doing some pub, and it ran a bit late so.." He gestures to the pizza place, as if to let that explain his presence.

Michelangelo has posed:
"What? Toad?" Oh man - it's a good thing he hasn't got Raph's disposition for these things. "Dude, look at the huge shell on my back. You think I'm a toad?" The goofy smile that lingers on his expression shows that he doesn't appear too bothered by the mix-up, at least. "Eh heh heh. Turtle, man. Turtle. And don't you dare say tortoise! Turtle. I'm Mikey. Supreme local of this sweet joint we call Angelo's." The turtle offers a fist forward to bump Beast Boy's own in introductions. "I dig your tinge of green, man. Not to be too creepy about it, but me and my brothers follow you guys pretty closely. To be real? I'm a bit jelly that you guys can get out and about so much to bust up the bad guys. Or... y'know, do pub shots." Catching himself from spilling out TOO much more, Michelangelo straightens again as he gives way to let Gar make his order. He really needed to learn to be 'cool' in these situations.

"You lookin' for any recommendations, my man?" Leaning on the counter, Michelangelo gestures to the chalk board that lists what is available to purchase. "You know, the eternal pizza gods say that you can tell a lot about someone by his choice in pie. It's an old proverb."

Gar Logan has posed:
Beast Boy returns the fistbump, because who turns down a fistbump? "I was just messing with you. Of course I know you're a turtle. But..I didn't know there was anyone like you around. I mean, I sort of almost got eaten by a giant mutated turtle when I was doing a PSA on the beach a few months ago, but you don't look anything like that. But, you've been following us? And you have brothers too? That's pretty neat!" He's splitting attention between Michelangelo, the other patrons watching them, and the menu itself.

"I was kinda just thinking of a combo this time. I'm pretty good with almost any pizza," he explains, a hand settling at a hip as he lowers his voice. "You don't run into any trouble being out like this?" he asks.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Seriously? Giant mutated turtle nearly ate you? Man -- sorry about that. Normally we're pretty cool. I guess there are just some out there that give us a bad name, huh? Heh. Yeah, I got some brothers. They're back home, waiting for dinner. Which I'm supposed to be picking up for them."

Angelo and the other staff mutter something under their breaths.

"And of course, dude! The Titans are straight fire. Way more relatable than the Justice League, am I right? I mean, we follow all the super groups -- at least I do. They're awesome." The question posed to him earns a surprised sort of look, along with a sharp breath to perhaps add to that surprised expression. Then? A grimace. "Er... technically I'm probably supposed to be disguised a little better." The admittance is done as he rubs the back of his head in some embarrassment. "But I just wanted to get out so bad, and I thought Angelo's would be a bit emptier with all the stuff that's going on. My bad. Angelo and the crew here are okay with us, but... yeah. Didn't expect so many people to be here." Mikey shrugs earnestly.

"But in general? Yeah, we run into trouble. People can think we're monsters. If we were any further out from where Mutant Town was it'd be really rolling the dice. But even //I'm// not that bad."

Gar Logan has posed:
While Michelangelo has a need of secrecy from the look of it, Gar doesn't seem to entirely see why. "But doesn't that make it hard to go out and do stuff if you're stuck in your house or whatever most of the time?" he wonders, flashing the people at the counter a wide Gar grin before placing his order and turning away to wait after digging up some cash.

"And don't worry. The turtle..ahh, something happened to it to hurt it. I was just swimming when we were filming the thing and I guess it thought I was food. But it's better now. Someone helped it, but I think it got changed by something." Michelangelo wouldn't know a thing about /that/ sort of thing, would he?

Beast Boy mulls something over, adding, "I never really thought about others looking up to us. But you guys can take care of yourselves all right?"

Michelangelo has posed:
"Um. Yes." The answer to Beast Boy is a grim one, but plain as plain can be. "It SUCKS, dude. But we get by. It's pretty important that we stay... sort of secret for the moment. There's a few groups of bad guys that would love to get ahold of us. It's dangerous bein' a mutant turtle." As Gar places his order, Michelangelo checks to look at the dozen or so pizzas that are being made for him. Good pace is being made, but there's some time left until they are all complete. "Something changed it, huh? Any clue as to who did it?" Hey, he can be subtle when he needs to be. Any information that he can get about animals changing because of //something// seems useful to know.

"Yeah, we'll take care of ourselves. We're pretty good at that at least. Hey, tell me something. You can turn into ANYTHING? Like, any animal? That must be wild. And you don't get any flack or anything? No evil people trying to kidnap you and run... I dunno, lab experiments on you?" Seems like a crazy question to most, but Mikey knows better than most that it could be a real threat.

"And, uh, hey. If you ever need help around this 'hood, you just give me a ping, alright? You got a phone? I can hook you up with our number." Pause. "Speaking of numbers, if you wanted to give Donna my number, I'd be okay with that too." That goofy grin widens in spectacular fashion.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Nah, dude. I think it was in some kind of tube or something, but I didn't really get the whole story. It sounded like it was some kind of toxic waste, maybe," Gar explains, shaking his head. "There's some nasty stuff out there you have to watch out for."

The smells of the place are definitely hitting the right points for him, and he impulsively adds in an extra-large order of garlic knots to go with the pizza. There /is/ a brief pause as something Michelangelo asks him catches him off-guard, leading to him coughing once into a hand.

"Oh, ah..yeah, anything I can think of, I just have to focus enough and that's all it takes. Of course I'm gonna be green, but..go ahead. Say something and I'll turn into it. I haven't really had to deal with kidnapping." Evasive answer there? Maybe.

He does arch a brow when Mikey blatantly asks for Donna's number, leading to him snorting once as he digs up his phone from a small pocket. "Score."

Michelangelo has posed:
"Okay," Angelo calls out, stacking a bunch of pizzas evenly in several boxes. "I got... Three extra cheese specials. Three meat lovers. Three sausage. Two Pepperoni. One Pineapple. Mike? You gonna be okay bringing them home?"

"Don't sweat it, Angelo. I got this. Hell, I was BORN for this." Stacking the dozen pizzas on top of each other as he passes on his number to Gar, Michelangelo effortlessly lifts them up. Despite his strange body shape, it's clear he has an impressive level of dexterity. "Next time we meet up, I'll ask you to do a few party tricks or something. Heh heh. It was great meeting you, Beast Boy. Stay safe in these wild times, huh?"

Reaching out to fist-bump Gar again (leaving those pizzas precariously balanced on ONE hand for a moment), the mutant ninja turtle starts to make his leave of the area. Certainly there's a spring in his step as he goes. Not only did he get to meet Beast Boy, but he got him to pass Donna his number! HUGE VICTORY!