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Karaoke Night
Date of Scene: 16 July 2020
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: Songs were sang, good times were had
Cast of Characters: Piotr Rasputin, Lorna Dane, Laura Kinney, Henry McCoy, Julio Richter, Douglas Ramsey, Carrie Kelley, Emma Frost, Alex Summers

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
It is Wednesday, and that means three things at Harry's. Two dollar tall boys, six dollar pitchers, and karaoke. It has been mildly interesting so far, no one standing out super poorly or spectacularly, but everybody seems to be having fun. The system seems to be straight forward, you sign up with your name and your song and are called up in the order you sign up.

Piotr is at a table with a large coke and some pretzels, seeming to enjoy himself so far. He is casually attired, t-shirt and cargo shorts, since it is mid-July in upstate New York.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna wore a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt, her flip flops smacking lightly against the floor as she hung back and sipped at a cider. She was legally of age after all, and if she was going to get up and sing //anything// in front of people she was going to be at least tipsy. Which might be a bit, as she nursed the drink she had in her grip slowly.

A glance was spared for Piotr and his pretzels, "Can I steal one?" She asked, leaning toward him and arching a brow.

Another sip of her drink followed.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Times like these are meant to be fun, happy times, aren't they? Not by the expression, rather dour, on Laura's face as two small but disctinctive hands push her through the door firmly. Laura sighs, and says, "Fine, Gabby. I will have 'fun'." She does not finger quote, but one can hear the fingerquotes as she says the word which she still does not understand the actual meaning of.

She trudges in with her boots in her comfortable streetwear, looking for a place to sit or familiar face. She sees one, in Piotr and Lorna and begins to gravitate towards him while unconsciously broadcasting enough of a dark menace vibe that ensures nobody is going to try and hit on her.

She says, by way of greeting both of them, "I was told this is 'fun'. And I should come here." So here she is. Feet firmly planted on the ground, arms crossed, looking extremely doubtful.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Entering into the bar, hand in hand, are Hank and Carrie. The Beast is all smiles, giving a wave to Harry, then to Piotr and Lorna once they're spotted. "Piotr! Lorna!" He calls over, heading in their direction. Looking to Carrie and smiling. "Piotr, Lorna - I think you've both met Carrie Kelley? Carrie, this is Lorna and Piotr." Just in case, bases are covered.

As Laura arrives, he grins nodding to her. "Welcome, Laura. Laura, this is Carrie." More introductions. "Did anyone want more food? I am ... as usual, hungry."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio shows up in a pair of torn-up jeans and a secondhand teal V-neck. He flashes an ID at the door guy, which might draw the attention of some people from the school -- not just the teachers, who might sternly note that he is just shy of a year underage, but even friends, who are mostly in on the fact that Julio is undocumented as hell. He skips the bar as he enters, at least, heading for Piotr's table but avoiding the bulk of the crowd by plopping down at one just next to it.

"Next time I get kidnapped to another dimension, could it please be in the late afternoon?" he mutters, looking exhausted. "A half-hour warning on my phone so I can get dressed wouldn't hurt, either."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Well. Being back among the not mind controlled has been a rude awakening, but Doug is - present. With it. He's just drinking a diet coke tonight, feet up on an unused chair, leaning back and completely at ease -- he looks up at Julio and then gets up to jot down his music selection in a neat hand, before he goes to the bar and orders Julio - a 7-Up. With ice. We live in a society with rules, Rictor... He puts it down in front of him. "Walk it off."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley was visiting from Gotham, but she had good reason to. Namely the company that she had when in New York, and specifically the Beast she walks in with. She's dressed in accordance with the desire to not melt in the Summer heat in a yellow floral sun dress along with some strappy sandals that thankfully weren't heeled even though she could have.

When Hank enthusiastically introduces her around she chuckles, and lifts her free hand to give a minute wave. "I've met Piotr. It's good to meet you Lorna, and Laura," she offers to the other two unfamiliar faces. Or at least unintroduced faces: She did recognize Lorna from the Hellfire Club charity event for Genosha.

It's Julio's arrival and statement that causes her smile to falter just a moment. A quick glance is cast to him, and then to Hank and the others. "More kidnapping or... Ah, I suppose if you don't want to talk about it that's quite all right though. We can all let off some steam here. And of course, eat as well," she adds with a chuckle. "I can call UberEats if we want something more substantial than bar fare?" She offers to the group.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr nods to the new arrivals, though he does note Julio's ID situation, but does not comment on it for the time being. "Hank, Lorna, Carrie, Julio, Laura, Doug, good to see you all here. I hope you are having fun?" He slides the pretzels over to Lorna, the basket is fairly full of them. He blinks at the comment of extra-dimensional travel, but yeah, it was a thing, and probably not the first time for the group. "Anyone planning on singing?"

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio lifts up the glass of clear, fizzy liquid Doug passes him and stares at it with a jaundiced eye. "Does this even have caffeine in it?" he asks warily. "I will put in the loudest punk song I can find, if that's what I have to do to stay awake."

Carrie's question, however, seems to wake him up pretty effectively; he shoots her a worried look, but settles a little as his eyes turn to Dr. McCoy. The two are obviously familiar, so it would make sense that she would know /something/ about the Sinister attacks. Still, cover should probably be maintained until he's clear on who knows what, so he stammers out, "Lo siento, I just meant I was, uh... getting... hazed." The perfect cover, you see, is one that invites tons more questions. Leaping eagerly on from that topic (if the others will let him), he waves and introduces himself: "I'm Julio. Nice to meet you, Carrie."

He turns to raise one eyebrow at Laura and slowly ask her, "Do you ... /like/ music?" It's a ridiculous question in almost any context, and yet.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura takes a threat-assessment of Carrie, briefly, before looking to Doug and Julio sidelong, mostly due to Julio's statement. Such is, afterall, not something one expects to hear when one goes to a bar. And Laura has been to, and in, several bars. Just none of them had karaoke at the time.

She looks again to Carrie, nods. "Hello," she greets in a flat tone that might seem almost dismissive if it weren't for the intensity of her green eyes entirely focused on the other woman now, if only for a few moments.

Then, Laura nods to Hank. "I will have two burgers, and a fry." There is a small span of silence before she remembers, "Please. Thank you, Hank." The man is given a nod.

"I do not sing," she tells Piotr, flatly. "Gabby stated I should come here to have 'fun'. I do not believe I am having it, yet." The latter statement more a self-assessment than a declaration of boredom.

She shrugs at Julio. "I find music tolerable. Some forms of it are better than others."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna happily leaned over to snag a handful of the salt covered pretzels to go with her cider. She leaned back in her seat, arching a brow as the various others filed into the bar. She eyed Julio with twitch of her lips, but didn't comment either. Not yet at least. She did look on in amusement as Doug came over with a soda though, and a soft snicker escaped her as Laura mentioned 'fun'.

"I'm not drunk enough to butcher a song in front of people yet." She drawled, and offered a wave of her fingers to Carrie, vaguely remembering the other woman. The reintroduction was a good idea.

"Well it's supposed to be fun Laura, come sit over here and watch others mess up first and you'll at least get that amusement." She offered, nodding to the chair at her table.

"Also, hey Doug. Good to see you again."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast grins, nodding. "I intend on giving it a whirl..." He waggles his brows. "Might even try a duet, if Carrie is up for it?" He grins, leaning in to sneak a kiss to Carrie's cheek. "Anyone else singing?" He wonders, looking over the crowd.

A nod is given to Roberto. "It's all good." He says, smiling to the other man. To Laura, he nods. "Right. Two burgers and an order of fries... that sounds good, actually." He flips over the menu for Carrie to look at.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Well," Doug says, "I'll go first." He swings out of his seat and gets up, before he grabs the mic - and he stands in front of it, looking like the world's whitest boy - then he calls out, "Te están buscando matador!"

Then he starts to, ahem, put some sway into it, as he marches around the room with the mic.

"Me dicen el matador, nací en barracas
Si hablamos de matar mis palabras matan
No hace mucho tiempo que cayó el León Santillan
Y ahora sé que en cualquier momento me las van a dar
¿Dónde estás, matador?!"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley sees the worry in Julio's eyes at her question, only to wink toward him with a slight incline of her head. She knew, but she wasn't about to go yammering about things, either. Taking in the change of topic quite readily she seems to consider what to do about the whole singing thing. "I might be able to belt out a tune or two," she agrees as she grins aside to Hank. The little kiss to her cheek had garnered a blush from her that likely wasn't helping her look any tougher to Laura's probing gaze. None the less she meets the others green gaze with her own unblinking, and without a hint of trepidation at being sized up.

The dress did do well to hide muscle. A bit.

But food is talked of. "Oh, burgers, yes. That sounds amazing right now. With extra pickles," she adds already considering as she takes the offered menu from Henry. It's only when Doug starts to tromp around the stage that she stares openly. "I am not doing that though."

Laura Kinney has posed:
As Doug takes up the mic and sings, Laura moves over to the invited seat at Lorna's table, and promptly falls into a chair to await her meal. Helpfully, she suggests to Lorna (because she's a helper), "If you desire to get inebriated I can reccomend several drinks that would, given your stature and physique, create the effect quite rapidly."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna cheered Doug as he stepped up to sing in front of the group and the wider bar. She laughed softly, as she clapped, and reached for her cider again. Her previous order of onion rings arrived, and she dug into them gleefully. A glance was spared toward Laura, and her eyebrows shot upward. "I went to college, so I am extremely well versed in what to get if I want to be completely drunk. But it's in general a bad idea." She mused, she typically got into trouble when she was drunk for starters.

"Woo! Go Doug! Good job!" She paused to cheer again, whooping for good measure too.

"Piotr, are you going to sing? Julio?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost and Alex Summers arrive a little late, the driver for tonight pulling around to find a place to park and wait for his charges. They are both dressed casually; Emma in a white summer sun dress with tiny light blue roses scattered on it and white sandals, Alex in jorts (!!!!), and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt over a white t-shirt. At least he's not wearing socks with sandals! Emma would have had to strangle him...

Waving to the others, they make their way over to the bar for drinks (beers for them both) before joining the Xavier's group.

"Hey everyone," Emma grins at the crowd. "I was promised horrific embarrassment and humiliation."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Ordering for himself, Laura and Carrie, he adds on a beer for himself and whichever drinks the ladies want. "All right..." As Doug gets up and does his number, Hank is all smiles. He claps, applauds and gives a whistle. "¡Bien hecho! ¡Buen trabajo!" He calls out, in perfect Spanish.

He waves to the newcomers, Alex and Emma. It seems the group is growing, taking up a few more tables. "Looks like we're quite the crowd tonight." He waves to Julio as well. "So, when you're ready Carrie..." He teases.

Julio Richter has posed:
The reassurances from Carrie and Hank seem to have the desired effect -- or at least, Julio is relieved enough at not being questioned about the 'hazing' that he lets it go. He settles back into his chair, but then sinks down nearly out of sight as Doug enthusiastically belts out the 90s Latin classic. The karaoke machine's synth brass can't hope to evoke the band's ska lineup, but Doug's rendition of the lyrics is, as expected, completely free of the white-boy accents that the rest of his presentation is practically caked in.

As the performance continues, Julio holds out his 7up toward Laura. "Hit me with the worst you've got," he tells her. Lorna might not be interested, but he never promised anyone restraint. Still, as Doug finishes, he slides back up and grudgingly joins in the applause.

"You just missed it," he jokes to Emma as she arrives. Then, turning to Lorna, he continues, "But I might try something, so there could still be more humiliation to come."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug walks over to the table, and then casually drops the mic - into Julio's hand. Mic drop. He leans back on his (gloved) right hand, and smirks. "Your turn, wild man. Show this crowd of skeptics what you've got." He picks up his coke, and sips it, a pleasant half-lidded look in his eyes.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr nods to the new arrivals, "Emma, Alex, glad to see you!" He testures to some open seats and then looks to Lorna and snorts at the drinking comment, "Da, drunk seldom goes well, though it has been a long while since I have been drunk." He gives a brief applause to Doug after his song to be polite, despite not knowing the song and then looks to Hank and Carrie "Oh you two are doing a duet?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna knew nothing of what Doug sang, much less a lick of Spanish. The only other languages she'd learned had been a smattering of German to and latin terms for her science classes. It simply wasn't her thing. She sipped at her drink, and as Emma and Alex entered she offered them a faint wave of her hand.

Her focus returning to Julio and Doug as Doug quite literally did a mike drop. "Oooh, that sounds like a challenge." She teased, and as Piotr spoke of how long it had been since he'd been drunk she arched a brow.

"I don't think I've ever seen you drunk, now that I think about it."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley folds the menu up that she'd still be perusing even if her meal was ordered. It never hurt to know what was on the menu for next time, or perhaps for taking home later. Depending just how hungry she was. A grin is cast toward Hank, and she lightly shifts to elbow him in the side playfully, "Ready whenever you are. Though I am not promising that I'm any good," she points out with a faintly nervous chuckle.

Glancing toward Julio she inclines her head toward him. "If you're going first, we've got next," she puts forth. "I promised him one song at the very least."

Alex Summers has posed:
    "Still feels weird having someone drive me around." Alex grumbles a bit, mostly just for Emma to hear as she walks with him, but waves to everyone as they arrive, smiling as he says. "I'm curious what songs she's going to pick yes." he adds.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"I would not know," Laura says honestly to both Lorna and Piotr. "It is extremely difficult for me to get inebriated. I tried, once, but did not have enough onhand to experience it. Even if I did manage to achieve it, I doubt the effects would last more than a few minutes at the extreme end. Likely much less."

To Julio, she answers, "Order yourself some Bacardi 151, then. Or some Absinthe if Harry's has it available."

However, Laura makes no bids on 'going' herself. She is still trying to figure all this out. "Hello," she greets to both Emma and Alex as the two join the small gathering of the Xavier's crowd in the bar. The young girl watches both of them with the intent mannerism for a few longer moments before turning her attention back to Julio, who, apparently, will be singing.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"It is expensive and I did not enjoy it, it was a bad evening," Piotr frowns, though he does snort in amusement at the joke, "But da, that would take a good deal of time and I do have a summer school class tomorrow, and explaining cubism with a hangover does not sound pleasant." He snorts.

Laura's comment gets a raised brow, "I would not advise getting drunk/hammered, either of you," he notes to both her and Julio, "Best to avoid trouble."

Julio Richter has posed:
When the mic is dropped into his hand, Julio looks around quickly, scrambling to think of something to sing. "Uh... do they have Los Monjo?" he says, desperately blurting out the first band that comes to mind. They do not have Los Monjo. Or probably half the bands he actively listens to, given that he's from another country and prefers a decidedly karaoke-unfriendly genre. But then an idea occurs to him. Doug wants to drop a 90s Latin hit? Two can play at that game. He's going to dial up the whitest whiteboy 90s music he can think of and absolutely /butcher/ it.

As soon as he's made his selection, a ringing, distinctive acoustic riff begins. He grabs the mic with both hands, brings it up to his lips, and starts shouting in a ragged, monotone punk wail:



He's not even trying to disguise his accent or approximate the lyrics. It's dreadful.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma takes a long swallow of her beer. "I will have to be at least a little tipsy before I'd be willing to embarrass myself quite this entirely," she points out, leaning a little on Alex's arm. "Hey Hank, Julio, Lorna, Piotr." She looks to Carrie. "Carrie, from the club." She gives her a wink. She looks at Laura, tilting her head. She recognizes the girl but has only really dealt with her in passing. "Gabby's sister. I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name, hon."

Then Julio begins his lyrical butchery and she visibly cringes. Annnnnd drains half her beer.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna snickered into her drink as Julio went up on stage, before she lost it into a full blown laugh. She shook her head, finishing off her cider as she picked at her onion rings and ordered another cider to sip at. She shrugged once at Laura as she spoke of how difficult it must be to get drunk for her.

"It's really not all it's cracked up to be. As Piotr said, hangovers suck. Not that I think that would be an issue for you." She added, and shrugged as she stole another pretzel from Piotr's basket of them.

"Good thing I don't teach."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
When Julio launches into 'Wonderwall' Doug kind of - collapses onto the table, in peals of laughter. He actually hugs himself. This must be one of the funniest things he's seen (or heard) in a long time. Touche, Julio. Well played.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"Laura," the young woman offers to Emma with a nod. "I am Gabby's sister. Yes." Older sister. But, in the oddest of ways. As if they were identical twins, but set two years apart. Or, as if looking at Laura were looking into the nearly exact future of Gabby. Different personalities, entirely. But, physically, the resemeblance goes to that uncanny mark, or past it. Though, Laura doesn't miss the hint at the end of Emma's opinon on drinking that she may well know of some of her abilities, if not her history already.

However, there's no time for further conversation just yet. When Julio goes into that dreadful rendition of whatever song it is he's singing, Laura covers her ears, wincing. This? This is most defintely not fun, despite Lorna and Doug's laughing.

Julio Richter has posed:
The question of getting a drink neatly sidestepped by his last-second war crime of a performance, Julio sets the mic back on top of the karaoke machine once he's done absolutely demolishing those quarrelsome English boys' wonderful wall. He heads back to his seat and plops down into it, runs a hand back through his hair, and then starts gulping the 7up, skipping the straw. After a few seconds, he sets it back down with an advertising actor's satisfied 'ahhh' and says, "Now /that/ does a number on the throat. Talent scouts to the left; I'll sign whichever contract has the most zeroes." Almost immediately, he hops back up. "I think I'm gonna get some hot wings. Anyone want some?"

Emma Frost has posed:
"Oh," Emma interrupts, "Alex and I have a party-sized thing of wings, the 40 count? I think? 10 hot, 10 garlic parm, 10 medium, and 10 five-alarm. You can help us with those if you want, Julio. We've got a thing of nachos coming too." Ever helpful. "We figured we'd share." She polishes off her first beer, however, and pulls away for a moment. "But I need a refill."

Alex Summers has posed:
    "We come with gifts of bar food." Alex adds wryly, having ordered a dark German ale that he's sipping from at this point. "I did add some teriyaki sweet too, because I didn't want to melt my esophagus." He hmms at Emma. "We can just get a pitcher?" he suggests at that point, grinning at Julio as he sings on stage, then glances over at Laura. I mean, he knows of her, because of Gabby, but not like he's really gotten to say anything to her previously. He offers a hand after Emma though. "Alex Summers, nice to meetcha."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank is awash with good-natured laughter at Julio's performance. He claps and applauds as the man finishes that epic rendition. A grin to Carrie, winking to her. "You picked the order, we're up." He offers a hand to her, even as he waves to Emma. "Good to see you out and about, Emma." He says, honestly, before heading up to the stage.

The song is selected, the familiar thrumming bass starting out.

Dum, dum dum, dum dum...

Hank does his best T-Bird pose, taking up the mic and belting out rather well... "Summer loving had me a blast..."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug sits back up and says, "...I'll have a couple?" His eyebrows shoot up, and then he mutters "I don't think I've ever heard anyone butcher Oasis quite like that. Was that to punish me for 'Matador'? I love that song-" He goes back to relaxing, tapping his foot to Beast's selection.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma nods at Alex as she slips off towards the bar, chatting with the bartender a few minutes before returning with a pitcher of the ale Alex was drinking, which she promptly tops off her own cup with. "Wings should be here anytime now," she chirps, and sure enough, she's barely settled into her seat when a pair of folks from the kitchen bring over two huge trays, one with wings (lots of wings), carrot sticks, celery, and bleu cheese and ranch... the other with two giant orders of nachos that get placed on the table before they scurry back to the kitchen.

Emma grins, snatching a 5-Alarm wing and dunking it into the bleu cheese, watching Hank and Carrie with amusement. <<They're cute,>> she teeps over to Alex.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley grins in return at Emma's greeting, and nods to Alex as well. "Miss Frost, good to see you again. Seems we've some mutual friends," she adds with a chuckle before she finds herself laughing along with the others at the rather terrible rendition of that song. It was definitely one for the ages.

Laura's odd behaivor causes her to glance in the other girl's direction looking just a bit puzzled. Unlike Emma, and the others, she wasn't really aware of what Laura's abilities may be. She could however tell when someone was finding things too loud.

She pulls the small purse she carries up onto her lap flipping it open to dip into one of the many folded pockets inside. A paper package is pulled out and offered over to Laura which bore a picture of the contents inside: Foam ear plugs. "Here, it does get a bit loud at these things. I usually carry these if I need to grab a nap somewhere," she explains with a sympathetic smile. "And you may need them for what we're about to do," she adds with a grin toward Hank.

"Guess it's our turn." With that she slips away to join Hank on the stage grabbing the second microphone. Even as the music starts her face turns beet red knowing precisely what song this was... but hey, he loved his show tunes. And it wasn't that bad as far as musical numbers went. So with a deep breath she picks up along with the female lead. Thankfully she can carry a tune even if she's not the greatest voice.

"Summer lovin, happened so fast!" o/~

When she gets to "Met a boy cute as can be," she slide-steps closer to Hank to hip-bump against him playfully.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna ooo'ed over the offer of wings, "Oh yeah, I'll definitely help with that." She murmured and grinned as she sipped at her cider. She cheered as Carrie and Hank went up on stage, and quieted down after they started to sing. She glanced briefly at Laura, and offered a sympathetic look.

"Sorry about the noise."

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura sizes up Alex momentarily then grips his hand in hers; she has for a girl her age a fairly strong, tensile grip. She nods. "Laura Kinney," she responds back, as if Alex didn't already know. She informs him, as well as a few of the others here, "I will be asking Scott and Jean for permission to gain residency at the mansion. So, it is likely we will be seeing each other more often, Alex." Fair warning, afterall.

As her food comes, both burgers and fries she picks up one of the burgers with one hand and asks Alex, "Are you a teacher there as well? Or are you a resident, as Lorna?"

A brief pause, before Laura then turns to Lorna, telling the other woman, "I have been through far worse than that. You may share my fries, if you wish to."

If she's noticed Carrie's own assessment of her, Laura doesn't show it. She watches Hank and Carrie out of the corner of her eye, listening, but keeping tabs on everyone - and everything around her. Ingained habit, more than anything else.

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex nods slightly to Laura, looking curious. "So you're going to be a student there? I'm sort of a hanger on....Scott's my brother and they let me use the practice areas so I can safely train. My power isn't exactly subtle." he admits simply. "And I like having some safeguards in place so I don't break my damnfool neck." he admits ruefully. He steals one of the celery sticks to munch on absently for a start.

Henry McCoy has posed:
He's here to perform, clearly. Beast gives his best Danny Zuko dance moves, even hitting the high notes like Travolta. He's not bad at all, and certainly puts himself into the performance. He all but footscuffs as Carrie bumps his hip at that line. As the song comes to an end, he gives his partner-in-crime a hug, stepping down from the vocal arena.

"That was amazing." He offers to her. "Thank you for singing that with me."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio sits back down, flashing Emma a grateful thumbs-up. No points for guessing that her selections were a lot broader and more numerous than his would have been, and he's worked up quite an appetite.

As Hank and Carrie's duet begins, he grins, leans back, and says around laughter, "Oh my god. This is so cheesy." Even he can't deny that it's adorable, though, and their melodious singing is certainly a relief to the other patrons after his own performance.

After the wings arrive, he digs in without hesitation, proving himself partial to the spicier options as much as Emma is. He gets a few down quickly, but then turns to Doug with an innocent, offended look, one hand going to his chest. "Punishment? What punishment?" Then he drops the act with a snicker and replies, "Just thought I'd turn it around, I guess. It was funny, right?"

Laura's comment about going to live at the mansion catches his attention, and he jumps in with, "I live at the school. Let me know if you need somebody to show you around. I promise, I won't sing."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug casually eats a death wing and doesn't betray much discomfort other than a rosy glow in the apples of his cheeks, before he murmurs, "You don't have to worry about getting lost looking for a bathroom in the middle of the night. You'll find somebody's bathroom, that's for certain." Then he glances back at Julio. "Duet? You pick the song, mi vato." He pushes the book at him.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shrugged once as Laura spoke of her presence at Xavier's as 'resident' it was as good a description as anything for her constant back and forth to the Mansion as anything else. She did crash there more often than not recently, and she certainly wasn't a teacher. She sipped at her drink, and as Laura offered her fries, she grinned. "Sure, I won't say no." She murmured.

A snicker escaping her as Doug spoke of a duet with Julio. "Do it!"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley finished the song with Hank a bit breathless: Singing was not something she was really practiced at darnit. Though it had been such fun watching him dance about as well. She knew he was having a blast. When it's over she heads back to the table pausing to snag up her glass of water to take a few gulps. "Oh that was a workout in itself," she has to admit with a grin.

At least until the talk starts of schools, which causes her eyebrows to lift a little. "Ah, yes, the mysterious school of which I know absolutely nothing at all." A solemn nod is given as she eyes her burger. Then with a shrug it's plucked up to take a huge bite which she wolfs down with as much enthusiasm as Hank himself likely ate a good portion of the time. And just as careful not to make a mess.

"I should probably be heading back to Gotham soon as it is, but it was great hanging out with you all for awhile."

Laura Kinney has posed:
"My sister is spending much of her time there, and considering transferring as a student. It is only prudent I take residency there to safeguard her, considering what has happened previously." Laura does not go into further details as she addresses Alex.

Polishing off the first hamburger rather quickly, then licking off her fingers Laura adds, "And it will enable me to find Logan more often as well." These, at least, are the logistical reasons as to why she's come to the decision.

There is a nod to Carrie, "Goodbye," as Hank's duet friend takes her departure. At least she's remembering her manners.

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex looks a bit suprised at Carrie's comment about knowing nothing about the school, then a bit guilty...he apparently was assuming she was another student! "Ah...wow, Gotham, long way to travel for karaoke night." he says after a moment, then offers a hand since he hasn't actually met her. "Well, you're on your way out, but Alex Summers. Nice to meet you." So he remembers for next time!

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley tips a nod toward Laura before she flashes Alex a grin. Reaching out she takes his hand to shake without more hesitation than it takes to make sure she doesn't have any burger juice on her hand. A quick swipe of a napkin solves that easily enough. "Carrie Kelley," she offers back with a grin. "Don't sweat it. I know Henry works at a school and I know there's certain details that are kept out of the public eye which I'm not going to pry over. If it's important to him to keep things quiet, then it's important to me too. But given what I know of some current events he's been through himself, I'm sure you could all use a nice evening of not having to worry about who hears what. So enjoy yourselves," she assures with another smile. "And thanks for humoring the showtunes."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna snatched another french fry from Laura's plate, before she shifted back in her seat to push back from the table to get up. "I'll be back, it was nice to see you again Carrie." She offered, and made her way to the bar to order another drink and then head further back toward the bathrooms.

Julio Richter has posed:
When Doug calls for a duet and Lorna starts egging him on, Julio rolls his eyes and slides the karaoke catalog book over to a spot between himself and the wings tray. He thumbs through it a little more seriously this time. A lot of the songs here aren't familiar, and a lot don't appeal, and as with seemingly every Karaoke machine ever built, more than half of them are Korean or Japanese, but there are a few old standards even he can get into.

Once he has picked something out and written it down, though, he holds onto the slip. "We should probably let other people have a turn, right?" he asks Doug. "Besides, if I get back up there again half the people here are gonna leave."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug raises his eyebrows at Julio and then says, "We can wait, sure. It's karaoke, it's not supposed to be good, even if my 'Matador' WAS amazing..." He leans his arm on the table, the veriest defintion of 'louche'.