25/Picking The Wrong Truck

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Picking The Wrong Truck
Date of Scene: 19 February 2020
Location: Starbucks, Soho
Synopsis: Carol and Jinny stop an ill-concieved carjacking.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Jinny Hex

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is intending to fly to the moon in a little bit to check for a crashed Kree starfighter.

No really.

Right now though she has ducked out of the Triskellion and is headed into SOHO to get herself some Starkbucks coffee before she has to go about half a million miles round trip. She is rocking her civies right now, jeans, a Panic at the Disco t-shirt, and a leather airforce flight jacket. Her phone in her hand as she studies it. "0-8-4 .. huh Clint wasn't kidding it is basically code for wierd shit sane people shouldn't touch..."

She isn't a good target for the group of thugs loitering by one of the bus stops, scoping out targets. I mean sure the phone looks expensive but it isn't necessarily a big enough score for these guys.

Jinny Hex has posed:
So who WOULD make a good target for the group of thugs?

A 1980 Ford F-150 rolls into a parking spot beside the Starbucks, and easily in sight of the group. The truck has just finish a trip across the country, but seems to be running pretty well, anyways. A tarp is laid over something in the back of it. The teen behind the wheel stifles a yawn before she climbs from the truck. She doesn't even bother to roll the windows up. She adjusts her vest over the jumpsuit she's wearing...which looks oddly like an X-Men costume, with the X belt and everything, though in a color and style that has never been seen. She plucks her stetson off and makes her way towards the Starbucks, flashing Carol a tired smile in the meantime.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol pauses at the door to the starkbucks opening it up and then nodding to the strangely dressed teenager. "You definitely look like you need the coffee more than I do. After you."

Meanwhile those thugs had wandered over to check out the relic of a pickup truck. One of them muses "This thing has to be what... thirty.. forty years old... bet it isn't worth much." and anothr of those thugs looks at the tarp covering the back of the truck. "Well.. I mean it looks like that girl is moving or something... so we maybe her stuff is valuable." reaching to look under the tarp now peeling a corner back "Hey a trunk... it looks like an antique.."

Carol frowns past Jinny. "Is that your truck?" it does look like a cowgirls truck after all.

Jinny Hex has posed:
"Long trip," she says with a lopsided grin. The teenager's Texan drawl is notable. She keeps her hat off while in the cafe, glancing about. "Didn't have one of these back home, but I hit a few on the way here. Gotten pretty familiar with those Matcha...things. Iced drinks are delightful."

She makes her way over to step into line for her drink, though she lets Carol step in front of her to go first.

"Mmn? Yeah. Well, it was my grandpa's, but he left it to me..."

She trails off when she glances back to point at it, likely to tell a story about it. That's when she spots the thugs climbing into the bed of her truck and peeking under the tarp. The words that leave her mouth are 'colorful', to say the least.

She breaks into a sprint, but the line already forming behind them slows her down. She tries to get outside! "Crap!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
One of the thugs has opened the driver's side door and slide in to start setting about hotwiring it. I mean one of this friends said that the thing was valuable. That was good enough for him.

"I.. just wanted coffee.." complains Carol now. as she turns to follow the sprinting.. walking teenager back towards the front. "MAKE A HOLE!" is said with the level of military authority that actually does make people jerk aside now.

One of those thugs hops into the passenger seat and the last two are opening the trunk to look inside.

Jinny Hex has posed:
And that is when they see the collection of insane, odd, otherworldly (And sometimes famous) things. Not only that, but the thugs in the cab likely find the shotgun stashed under the passenger seat. "Yougottabekiddingme--"

"HEY!," the girl cries out as she erupts through the front door of the Starbucks. "Get the hell away from my truck! You're gonna regret this! Close that lid! Now!"

Jinny closes the distance with the thug nearest to her, who is just beginning to climb into the bed of the truck, and she kicks out his foot to bring his head down on the side of the truck with a resounding sound. It's a skilled move. She begins to try to climb into the bed of the truck to try and get at the ones looking in the trunk.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol watches the thug get his head bounced off the side of the turck there "Ooh. Good form kid." she says to herself, still walking towards the scene as the teenager seems to be handling thigns for the moment.

One thug down on the pavement seeing stars there on the pavement. Two more in the back one of which is pulling out a futuristic ray gun "Do you think this is some sort of retro toy or something.. bet it would sell well on lexbay."

From in the cab "hey pay attention the girl just dropped Frankie.." passing the shotgun back to the thur who doesn't have his hands full through that slidey back window on most older trucks.

"Is that a Skrull plasma pistol.." muses Carol eyes narrowing which is when she starts to move faster.

Jinny Hex has posed:
"It might be!," replies Jinny. She is closing the distance with the man brandishing the ray gun when she sees the shotgun come into view! Being a squishy human, she leaps out of the side of the truck to put it between herself and the man with the firearm.

"It has a bit too much kick for me," she says. "I prefer the--nevermind!"

She ponders what to do before she suddenly moves forward, towards the cab. The shotgun AND the plasma pistol are currently being used in the bed of the truck, leaving the man hotwiring it alone. "Get outta my damn truck!"

She leans in, trying to deliver a very well-practiced boxing jab to the man's nose.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Which leaves Carol and the two men with the guns. Which honestly seems just about fair really.

Carol leaps easily onto the back of the truck, man she moved quickly to close the distance. The guy with the shotgun was trying to track Jinny but he turns wiht his friend and they both shoot at Carol. One shotgun blast and one gigantic BZAAP that knocks the guy over.

Meanwhile well... The guy looks up at the demand to get out of the truck right in time to be punched right in the face, nose shattering, blood and pain. "Ackrl.." he articulates so nicely and his hands come up to hold his face.

Carol.. well when the bzap dust settles it still there looking amused. "Yeah.. definitely a skrull plasma pistol.." she notes with a bit of wry amusement. She lifts a hand and gives thug one then thug two a photon blast at like.. what... tazer levels really causing a couple more flashes of light. "You okay up there?" she calls to Jinny.

Jinny Hex has posed:
She smirks when the blow connects, and she clambers into the passenger seat. She hunches in a bit to allow enough room to bring her knee up to connect it with the man's chin. She hopes to knock him back out of the car. "You opened the damn car up! I'm gona hafta fix this!"

She glances back over her shoulder towards Carol, having missed the weapons totally unphase her. She raises a hand to give her a thumbs-up!

Carol Danvers has posed:
Yeah her hair isn't even really disturbed. Carol steps up, hefts the two thugs and tosses them out onto the sidewalk, without the weapons which are still in the bed of the turck.

The thug well he gets a knee to the chin and goes trumbling out into the traffic side of the truck, exiting as Jinny had hoped with a satisfying cry of pain really laying there all laid out.

"Good form." Carol notes again dryly then returns the thumb up before pulling out a very expensive starkphone and calling for a police unit, which she is informed is already en route thanks to the light show.

Jinny Hex has posed:
"Thanks," she grunts in reply. She climbs out of the truck and then climbs up into the bed of the truck beside Carol. She crouches to quickly pick up the blaster, and she lifts the tarp to deposit it back into the trunk. She peers inside briefly, trying to keep it closed enough to hide the insides from the blonde. She then closes it.

"I swear this thing draws A-holes to it..."

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol glances at one of the thugs starting to getting up off the sidewalk, the one who was head bounced really, then points her hand at him and there is another photon blast downing him hard. "Mhm... okay thanks dispatch." flipping the phone in her hand and tucking it away in her jacket.

"I'm afraid I have some questions for you miss.... like how you got a Skrull plasma pistol?" she studies the teenager. "I'm Captain Marvel." which ... honestly she looks a lot like the JLA member Ms. Marvel really. Didn't she die or something.

Jinny Hex has posed:
She blinks at the photon blast, and then she nods a bit at the introduction. "Ah! Well, that explains it, then..." She trails off and sits on top of the trunk, parking herself there as she faces Carol and considers.

She reaches into her vest and withdraws a pack of Marlboros and a lighter, lighting one up. "Inherited it. Trunk belonged to my mom, and my dad before her...all the way back to my great-great-grandpa. He collected all kindsa stuff in his adventures. S'my job to protect it and...I don't know...use it?" She shrugs and offeres a rough hand.

"Name's Jinny Hex."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Can't say that name is ringing any bells, but don't take it personally ... I'm not having the best year for names." she reaches out shaking Jinny's hand with her own gloved hand now. "Ah, that sounds like some sort of heavy load." yeah she really did consider adopting a western accent for that line but managed to resist.

When the cop car pulls up Carol fishes out a SHIELD ID and waves generally at the unconcious and bleeding thugs there before turning back to Jinny.

"Look I really need to get up to the moon to check something fairly serious, but I want to talk to you about that pistol and this whole mess later. Where are you staying?"

Jinny Hex has posed:
"Nah, it's fine," she replies. "Just my name." She shrugs and takes a drag on her cigarette.

Jinny turns to watch the exchange with the cop, arching an eyebrow at the flashing of the SHIELD badge. It makes her sit down a bit harder on her trunk, as if the teen is worried that it is going to be confiscated. That wouldn't go well for anybody.

"...Get to the moon, huh? Sure thing. I dunno, yet. Kinda been sleeping in my truck on the trip here. I'm probably gonna grab a room at the motel just down the street I saw. So, you can find me there till I find somewhere else."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Yeah someone crashed a starfighter on it evidently..." she just sighs and shakes her head. She fishes out a small card case from a jacket pocket and hands Jinny a card. "call me and leave your details on my voicemail, don't make me find you Ms. Hex." then she is stepping off the truck.

By stepping really she is hovering midair. "Talk to you later... oh let the kid go." that is to the cops. Her civvies clothes are covered in a sheen of cosmic energy transforming into a much more superhero look and then Captain Marvel takes off to the sky. Look it's a shooting star.

Jinny Hex has posed:
The teen reaches out to snag the card, and she peers at it before tucking it into a pocket on her vest. She tips her stetson to the woman and takes another draf on her cigarette. She doesn't reply to the vague threat. Instead she glances over at the cops and nods. "Thanks, officers. Yeah, best to just let me go..."

She turns and blinks, glancing up to see the hero vanish into the sky.

"City is already given' me a headache..."