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On Top of the World
Date of Scene: 18 July 2020
Location: Roof - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Titans welcome Garth back to the tower. Exchange some childhood tales of strange days or normal ones. Also space rock.
Cast of Characters: Donna Troy, Garth, Kian, Kara Danvers, Samuel Morgan, Kate Bishop, Cassie Sandsmark

Donna Troy has posed:
    Six years ago the tower had only existed on a computer screen in the 3D models of the architects, and the island had been empty but for the ruins of an old long-abandoned hospital. To the Titans though it had seemed full of promise, of a new future. All but one, at least, who had decided that his future was not with the Titans.

    The group had been a long time forming. Some of the Titans had known each other for years before they became an official group. That had happened in the aftermath of the Alien Alliance invasion, when that group of young heroes decided that if the JLA wouldn't take them because of thier age, they'd just have to start their own group. The early years had their struggles, and it took until the tower opened for the Titans to really seem like big players. The presitge of the tower, the toys that came with it - it had all made a difference, made the experience of being a Titan very different. Garth had missed that part.

    Now the Atlantean has returned, and the Amazon has been showing him what he missed out on with his early departure from the team. The tower is, to say the least, impressive. A marvel of architecture and technology. From the submarine launch bay in the sub-basement all the way up to the roof.

    "Stand back Garth," Donna says with a grin as she steps to a small pedestal-mounted control panel near the middle of the roof and presses a button. A large rectangle of lights switch on, delineating the retractable area of the roof, and an electronic voice warns "Roof retracting. Please stand back." Once sensors have determined that nobody is standing on the retracting section, that part of the roof folds back and a heavy elevator platfom rises slowly up until it's flush with the roof. On the platform the T-Jet sits ready for action, sleek and black.

    "Not everyone can fly on their own after all," Donna says with a shrug. "So we have this. Pretty neat, huh?"

Garth has posed:
Garth strokes his chin with one hand, cocking his head, "Damn. The budget's definitely gone up, that's for sure. Dick getting his old man to pull the purse strings or did somebody win the lottery?" he asks.

He takes a few steps around. Not that he knows anything about planes, but it's appropriate in these circumstances to look thoughtful and pretend to inspect it as if you did. There's a weird mixture of nostalgia and newness at the same time, this old friend in this world so changed. And yet somehow Donna is still Donna.

"Who gets to fly the thing?"

Kian has posed:
    Really, that no one would notice a speck far above flitting around is completely understandable.  Someone with sufficiently sharp vision might pick out that it's not a large bird, but a small birdman.
    Kían pivots on a wing tip--again, assuming there is anyone with sufficiently sharp vision--and then dives full-speed downwards...
    ...which breaks off with a startled "/Kya/!" when the roof starts to open; the little birdman peels off to the side, loops down below one arm of the 'T', and comes up the other side.  As far as he knows, someone's about to take the T-Jet out, and he doesn't care to be in its way when it takes off.
    So he loops around and lands not far from Troia--and a stranger?  Well, the alarms aren't going off and Donna seems to know him, so he's able to set aside any concerns.  He bows to both, spreading his wings slightly.  "/Kié/, Dón-na an'... I am not know hyu f'rien'."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Hackles raised, Supergirl is tense in the shoulders and her arms are crossed tightly as she lands quietly on to the roof top. She lets out a sigh and does her best to try and relax, release the tension. Between Banner and the DEO, it's been a frustrating day. Hopefully, she has some time to decompress - no one driving a train off a cliff, or a plane crashing in to the ocean or a skyscraper on fire or a satellite crashing down. Nope, just some peace and quiet with friends.

Thinking she may have jinxed it, she tilts her head and listens to the world a moment. So many things going wrong.. small, minor things, things humans don't need her help with. "Not me," she says to Garth even though she wasn't anywhere near the conversation to begin with. "I'm not even alluwed to tooch the microwave." She smirks a touch, it's a joke but there's some truth to it. Her ideas of how things should work do not match human ideas of how things should work.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    The roof is, usually, the ideal place to relax. Great views, plenty of space for exercise, great sun in summer and mostly silent enough that some solitude isn't too far away. Which is why, perhaps, it might be a bit strange to hear the semi-jocular "Hey, that was my sun" from a by now somewhat familiar voice. That was Sam. See Sam by the edge of the pool. See him relax there, short sleeved shirt and shorts, with a german shepherd curled up at the foot of his sun lounger. This is the Titan that famously never relaxes, and has been literally haunting the gym for the past few days.

    "Are we showing off, or is the next alien warlord here already? Did they finally make some work of that queuing system I suggested?" Not sounding his usual serious self either. But then he's on light duties right now after the incident under the Avenger's Mansion, and on enough painkillers that he's just not going to be talking much sense. "As long as we don't offer discounts. Invade once, double your loot..."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Just showing off, Techno" Donna calls out across the roof. "No alien warlords today." Then more quietly "Careful with the names," shemutters to Garth as the others start arriving. "Not everyone knows..."

    She raises a hand to wave to Kian as he circles in for a landing, and gestures Kara and Kian over. "Garth, these are some of the new members of the team. You already met Supergirl. The bird-man is Kian. The guy with the goodest boy is Techno. Guys, this is Tempest. He's... an old friend." She flashes Garth that familiar smile, as if six years had never happened.

    "He's a former Titan," Donna tells the new Titans. "Used to go by the name Aqualad, back before he left the team. When we all started getting back together..." she glances back to Garth. "Well, I don't think any of us were really expecting you to return. You seemed very - hmm. Frustrated, I guess." She's being a bit diplomatic.

    "As for who flies the plane, that depends. Cait is our main pilot, but several of us have checked out on the simulators and passed enough tests to be trusted with this incredibly expensive aircraft. Though 'aircraft' is a slight misnomer as it's capable of leaving the atmosphere."

Garth has posed:
Garth manages a small smile, "I drowned myself in self-pity. It's alright, I'm fully aware of who I had become. I was consumed by jealousy and obsessed with my own shortcomings. I needed the time away to...sort myself out," he says. "But I'm glad to see so many new faces. Hopefully you'll get used to mine around," he says to the others.

Supergirl he gives a friendly nod, having already met her, and his keen dark eyes quickly assess the others. "A language barrier?" he says in regards to Kian, "I know a few language spells that might help, although obviously only with permission.

Kian has posed:
    "Gar'f."  Yeah, language barrier still, but you should have heard him three months ago.  Kían has come a long way.  "Am p'leas to meet you."  Kára is also bowed to, and Sam.  Sam has a name that's very easy to pronounce.
    "Iss takin' tee-chet out?" he asks Donna, glancing over at the T-Jet.  "Did not know roof iss lan-din' pad.  Make sen's, though."
    And then Garth's comment fully lands.  "Iss can giff me Ing-liss?  I won' lose /Akiár'shak/, will I?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara smiles to Garth seeing his pret.. erm. Seeing him again. She nods to Donna and then becomes interested in the discussion about magic and languages. "How permanent is it? is it something you need to concentrate on for the rest of your life so that he can speak English, or is it just.. done once and then permanent?"

She has been trying to learn as many languages as possible. The best Earth language she has is English, the rest are kind of terrible. Kryptonian is just the way she thinks and approaches conversation. English is a real grammatical mind bender for her sometimes, not to mention her slightly alien accent which sounds kind of Swedish and kind of not.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Pleasure." Techno raises a hand from the lounger, slowly, and rocks himself forwards to start sitting upright. The smile on his face fades, replaced by an expression of pure concentration, and then he manages the feat of being perpendicular to the plane of the roof. 'Whurf!' "And my furry friend here is Bear." and the Shepherd is on his paws like a flash, looking intently first at Sam and then at Donna. Human! He's moving! He's not supposed to be moving so much!

    A hand reaches out to stroke the dog's ears, a reassurance that all is well, a ploy for which the clever canine doesn't fall. Bonk goes the large head, nudging against Sam's shoulder, to try to get him to lay back down. This only earns him an earnest hug around the neck. "We're all entitled to a new name and a second chance from time to time." is Techno's one fifth of a dime's worth. "This is the place for second chances, I've been told." He has finally stopped trying to cover up the Scorpion tattoo on his arm.

    He does glance over to the T-jet, a conversation piece if ever there was one. "Don't care who flies, but I'm your flight engineer. See if I don't."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "You'll have to fight Vic for it," Donna tells Sam with a grin. "And I suggest you spend a bit more time recuperating from your recent travails before you try that." It's perhaps the verbal equivalent of Bear's head-bonk.

    "Second chances indeed." Donna gives Garth a sympathetic smile. "We've all done things in the past that we regret. You aren't the only one who decided they needed time away to sort themselves out. Maybe we all just... grew up too fast."

    Donna heads back to the console and taps away. The jet starts lowering back down into the roof cavity, and when it's far enough down the roof section rolls back into place. "Not taking it out today," she says to Kian. "Just showing off. It lands vertically, so it doesn't take much space to land. Most jets couldn't possibly land on a roof like this, but this one can - so it's a pretty good place for it. Just don't sunbathe on the retracting section if we're going to need the jet in a hurry."

Garth has posed:
Garth answers Kian cautiously, "I could certainly provide a short term solution. Atlantis has had to deal with language difficulties in the past and translation spells abound. Most of them, however, are short term. In order to make it longer term, I would need to enchant an item - a necklace, a ring, a diadem, something of that nature. And it's no substitute for actually learning the language," he says.

"Let me try a temporary one, though, just to see if it works," he says. Some creatures are just resistant to magick after all. He stands before Kian and mutters a few arcane words. His fingers begin to make complex movements, interweaving gestures that start to leave light-trails in the wake of his movements until he finally blows across his fingers and the energy plunges into Kian's throat.

"I think you speak English very well, Supergirl, but I'd be happy to help with your studies anytime you like. It took me a bit of time to learn English myself."

Kara Danvers has posed:
"Thank you Tempest. That's the name you'd prefer here isn't it?," she smiles to herself a little and then walks over to the edge of the roof to look out over the city of Metropolis. "This city may be my favourite in America, I think." She swivels back around and engages the group, "Hypothetically speaking, if one can travel faster than the US doppler radar system, should one be required to fly slow enough to be tracked like regular air traffic, or should the DEO stop being such a stick in the mud and let my fly at whatever speed I need to and not grill me about it ever time I break the rules?," Kara asks.. perhaps less hypothetical than she was suggesting. It seems the girl of steel needs to vent a little about her secret job life.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "You sound like... well, the doctor that saw me, so... " So, maybe there's something to be said for /heeding the advice/. "Maybe I'll just go..." Stand up, sway, blink, gasp for a moment, ascertain the correct degree of planar inclination to establish the concept of 'up'. And there he is. Now Bear is walking around him like a mother hen. No, scratch that, like a shepherd dog shepherding his flock of one human. Towards the stairs, and from thence almost certainly to bed. "Good to meet you Tempest. And Kara... yes if you're not carrying your own TCAS, no if you are." 'Whurrrrrrrf!' "Yes, yes, I'm going... who made you the boss of me? A fuzzy boss, a fuzzy wuzzy good boy boss you are. Yes you are..."

    Note for future reference: Sam on painkillers is a sight to behold.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate was laying on her bed listening to her music down a few floors in the residential area when she heard the hanger doors opening. "Okay... no alarms?" she rolls over and grabs her t-com and then peers at it before moving to check the roof cameras out quietly. "A stranger.. inteeerrrressting." she mutters to herself before rolling to her feet and slipping into some sandles before heading up. She decides she doesn't really need the whole jacket, it is a summer evening even if the ocean iss a bit windy.... well... she grabs a windbreaker.

Emerging from the elevator she glances around and starts to wander over "Hey all." wearing light workout pants and a windbreaker right now. "Someone just get backk or were you just showing off the toys to the new guy?" curious really.

Kian has posed:
    Kían's eyes widen, but he holds his ground, and more on reflex than anything else grips the pendant he always wears in his right hand.  He saw Mórigan /q'miríth/ do something like this, to herself, when he was at that school.
    He lets slip a startled "Ai?!' when the light trails flit from Garth's fingers into his own neck... and then he coughs violently.  There's the taste of ocean air in the back of his throat, and without thinking, he says, quite clearly, "Is there any water up here?"
    And then his eyes go very, *very* wide.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Fortunately it doesn't require any kind of weird coincidental reasoning for Cassie to run across people on the roof, cuz she usually flies to the tower and comes in that way anyhow. So, incoming, one aerial teenager, possibly retreading some of those very same concerns that Kara is presently voicing. There's no sonic boom and it doesn't seem like she's being chased like fighter jets, at least, so maybe everything is OK. Regardless, she swoops in at a normal heroic flight angle (no supermanning it, though) and then draws up as she nears, rotating back upright and bringing herself to a sneakers-first landing.

"Sup dorks." So casual. Much cool.

However, it doesn't take her more than a moment or two to notice that people are not just casually hanging out and that there seems to be some sort of 'fuss' going. "Uh. Everything OK? Oh hey. Sup." That toward Tempest, a moment before she gives into the fact she has no idea what's going on. "Who's this dude?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    "My advice, Supergirl? Worry about people's windows but not the rules. Keep the sonic booms up high and away from cities. Other than that..." Donna gives the Kryptonian a wink. "Tell them not to be so nosy!"

    "Hi Hawk. Hi Cass. Just showing off, no invasions from Mars to worry about today. He's not a new guy though, he's one of the original Titans. He used to go by the name Aqualad back in the day, but now he goes by Tempest. He left the team before the tower was built, so I thought I would give him the tour. "

    "Garth, this is Hawkeye, who's an archer, and Wonder Girl, who's..." Donna gives Cassie an affectionate grin. "Wonderful. She's my sister's protege, and kind of my new kid sister too. "

    As she's talking, Donna wanders over to the pool area and grabs a bottle of water from the cooler to pass to Kian. "Guess it worked, huh?"

Garth has posed:
Garth smiles, pleased that his spell worked, "Should last for about three days. I'm going to be around, so you can find me if you want it renewed. I'll look into finding a proper piece to enchant so I can give you something more permanent," he says.

He raies a hand in greeting, "Tempest, but you can call me Garth," he says. "Definitely a lot more Titans around than when I was a member. Well, I mean, the first time around. I'm joining up again," he says.

"I don't much about flying, I only started doing it myself recently."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate brightens spotting Cassie touching down, shooting her a half salute "Hey Nerd." then she glances to Kara and laughs "Like they can give you a speeding ticket or anything.. seriously whatever."

When Troia and then Garth cover off on who the new guy is she oohs "Okay Aqualad.. that makes sense. I read some of the files on you but yeah you look a good deal older now." is that sass. It may be sass. That or the truth. Why not both. "Welcome back... also what did you do to bird buddy because I swear I just heard him talk english... also how does one just start flying?" of course Kate would be curious.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara looks to Kian as he suddenly speaks perfectly English, "Wow!" An eyebrow raised she glances over to Garth and then back to Kian. "That's a bit of a change." There is a momentary pause as she listens to the sounds in the air. "I could have sworn I just heard my name.." she stares off in to the distance thoughtfully, listening as best she can. She still hasn't gotten the hang of filtering the world like Kal somehow does.

A tilt of her head, "There it is again." She looks back to the gathering group of Titans, "I need to go check this out." She smiles to Donna and nods, "That's how I feel too. The DEO likes feel like they're in charge, in control though."

Kara jumps up high in the air, getting enough height that she won't disrupt any windows and then ~pff~ has launched away at high speed to find out who is calling for Supergirl.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"'Aqualad?'" Cassie stifles a half giggle-snicker. "Smart move there. Tempest is /way/ cooler. Like very cool." And no, she doesn't seem to see any sort of contradiction in poking fun at someone else's codename!

"Anyway, nice to meetcha. And Cassie's fine," she adds, since they seem to be doing full introductions. "One of the originals, huh? That's cool. So was Donna still a hardass back then or did she just kinda grow into it with age?" Obviously, she's in a bit of, well, of a mood, zinging this way and that, although all with a bright grin. She also makes her may over closer to the group as she's chatting, nearer to Kate. "I think, technically, they *can* give you a ticket for it. Except it's like, an FAA violation and they may or may not call out the Air Force to enforce it. It's super lame."

She's about to say something to Kara next when... up, up and away she goes! Welp.

"Woah! Kian! You can talk English!" Talk English. Like she should talk!

Kian has posed:
    Kían takes the bottle and drains half of it.  "I... this... it worked?"  For a change, it's hesitation due to bafflement rather than unfamiliarity, although there's still a musical sibilance to his tone.  "Garth--" pronounced correctly this time, "--I can't thank you enough... that's been my greatest frustration, trying to communicate without resorting to telepathy.  Gods, I even understand you all clearly without having to concentrate on every single word...."
    Awkwardly, he sits down on a deck chair, with a look of pure amazement.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Wait, you can  fly now?" Donna widens her eyes with surprise. She has very big eyes anyway, and it's always a sight when she does that. "Magic and flying. And stunning alien bird-men into silence, which is an impressive power in itself. Anything else we should know about, Garth?" She's not going to be the first person to make a 'flying fish' joke. No way.

    Donna just about has time to start waving before Kara is gone. "Quick exits. I wonder if that's a Kryptonian thing or if it just runs in the family," she muses.

    Eyes still on the retreating dot that is Kara, Donna replies to Cassie for Garth. "Always been a hardass, Cass. When your sisters are all thousands of years older than you, you have to be a hardass just to stand still." She lowers her gaze from the skies to give the younger Amazon a grin and a wink. "Less of a brat than I used to be though. Back in the day I was as bad as you."

Garth has posed:
Garth smiles at Kate, 'You learn Atlantean sorcery," he says simply enough. "The flying's part of the magick. Simple levitation spell. Took a while to learn, though, because the spell was ancient. Not much call for flying through the air deep under the ocean," he says.

He's pleased to have been able to help Kian, even in a modest way, giving the bird-being a bow. "Pleased to be of service," he says, then grins at Donna's remark, "I don't know if you were ever quite a brat. You had your moments, I think because you wanted to impress Wonder Woman that you were on your best behavior around her. So with us, you cut loose a bit."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks down at Kian for a long moment there and then nods "You sound great bird buddy." then she looks uo to Garth "Good job.. I am only vaguely familiar with Atlantean anything but this is pretty darn cool though." she smiles and then notes dryly. "I mean of course he flies Troia.. everyone here either flies or has a jet pack or Giant Bat or something..."

She glances back to Cassie "I mean yeah sure... but like.. what are the airforce or FAA or anyone goin to actually do to Supergirl... admit she hurt their pilots fee-fees and send a stern letter for flying too fast?" she must be feeling better, even if she is a bit bruised and still wearing a bandage on her left arm. Sass.

"Okay young Troia sounds like someone to party with..."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl streaks through the sky and hovers over the Titan's Tower, then slowly descends back down. She pants a moment and wipes her forehead. Hooked in her other arm is a rock, smoking a little in the air and still very warm. "Would any body like a meteor? Fresh from a burning farmhouse."

She smiles, looking quite pleased with herself and also broke the flying speed rule again. She'll have to listen to another lecture from the DEO about that. But, the rock is proffered to whomever wants it. She places it on a table top and says, "Careful, it's still a bit warm."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"As bad as me?" Cassie looks a little dubious, and Garth's defense seems to reinforce whatever she was thinking about Donna. "Now THAT sounds about right. Perfectionist until Diana was out of sigh, huh?"

Then she rounds back on Kate. "Well, no. They couldn't shoot her down. I think they'd have a pretty hard time shooting me down. But that's still, like, a federal offense or treason or something, and so some higher up is sure to make a stink about it and either go tattling to the 'grownups' in the League or..." Cassie gives a vague shrug. "I don't know, call out whatever secret government weapons they've got. Remember, she's an -alien-, they might try and Roswell her. I'm an adopted citizen of a sovereign magic island, so it could be an actual act of war." Don't look too much like you'd relish the idea or anything, girl!

Finally, she shrugs. "It's not good, is the point. I got a /lot/ of lectures about how I was to use my powers, or mostly, not use them, before I cam back from the island the first time." Indeed, the dourness of her tone by the end conjures the overbearing dullness of said lectures. But- spacerock! "Woah cool! Hey we were just talking about you, though I guess you probably heard." Clearly, she wants to see, hustling over toward Kara to peer at the chunk of whatever it is.

Kian has posed:
    Kían beams at Kate.  "I think I still have an accent?  But not like before."
    He gets back up again, and bows low to Garth.  "/H'qién'p, Gar't tavár'h/," he says in his own language.  "I think for the duration it lasts, I'm going to spend a lot of time trying to fix this into my own mind, telepathically... nnh.  Too bad I don't have any redactor training."  He seems to be talking half to himself, half to just hear the strange sound of normal English coming out of his own mouth.
    Cultural awareness, alas, does not come with fluency, and he tilts his head inquisitively at Cassie.  "I'm an alien... what's Roswell?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna glares at Garth then tosses her head with a "Hmph!" It's obviously all in play though, and she can't quite hide her smirk. "You're just guessing that," she says, folding her arms and pretending to sulk.

    Donna is brought out of her faux sulk by the reappearance of Kara with asteroid chunks. "Hey, cool. Is this your hobby, collecting bits of meteorite? You seem to be making a habit of it. So when you heard someone calling I'm assuming it wasn't the meteor. Hey Kian, come take a look at some pieces of space rock. They may have followed you down." As an aside, she explains to the others that "Kian fell to Earth from space. So he's kind of a meteorite too."

    As she's studying the bits of space rock, Donna objects to Kate's assessment: "What do you mean 'young Troia'? I'm still young. My sister's almost forty times older than me and I bet you never met anyone else who can say that. " The smirk continues.

    On the subject of diplomatic incidents and acts of war, Donna is resolutely silent. She has no intention of putting ideas like 'diplomatic immunity' into Cassie's head.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate nods to Kian "Not nearly the same accent as before for sure Kían" she smiles brightly and then she blinks "What on earth is redactor training Kían?"

When he asks about Roswell, well Kate just blinks and looks at him then at Cassie then back.

"Oh look, space rock." she notes chipperly and makes her wat to look at it as well. "Hopefully not full of a Blob or Thing or such though Supes?"

"Pretty sure he is a UFO not a meteorite." she teases Donna. "Also Valid... I forgot.. you and Diana are ancient crones... thank you for reminding me." she grins.

Looking over the space rock she notes to Kara "For the record, don't let anyone give you crap, you are awesome."

Garth has posed:
Garth nods, "I'm familiar with lectures on the use of your abilities. Aquaman's quite a tough cookie as a mentor in his own right," he says. "If anything, I think he's tougher now than he was when I was a kid."

He goes to take a closer look at the rock himself, peering at it, "Pretty impressive speed there, Supergirl. I almost didn't have time to miss you," he says with a sideways grin.

"I'm not sure what my diplomatic status is. Namor isn't particularly keen on me or Aquaman, but we're too popular for him to get rid of us, so it's something of an uneasy truce."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara chuckles nervously at the mention that may be she heard the conversation, which she did, about Roswell. The last thing in the world she'd want is to be locked up somewhere. The very thought sends goosebumps over her body. The particular topic is perhaps not the most politically sensitive thing they could be talking about. Locking up aliens is part of her job too, but those are the aliens who murder and steal.

She taps a finger to the rock, "Highly condensed iron meteor. A little heavy, though I bet you could carry it if you wanted to keep it," she says to Cassie. To Donna and everyone in general, "It rudely fell on top of a house and this young girl was calling out my name for help. I'm glad I heard her, the fire was everywhere. I got her and the rest of her family out, put out the fire and ..well, I kept the meteor. But, now it's up for whoever wants a meteor."

On the topic of Troia's age she says, "Age is a weird thing. I used to bounce Kal El on my knee. He was adorable.. now he's so much older than me. It's... odd." There's no better way to put that, though she does add, "And I changed his diapers," with a coy little smirk on her face.

There is a kind smile to Kate and she nods her head, "Thank you." A nervous laugh erupts from her mouth at Garth's joke, "Oh. I didn't think I was that fast. It wasn't too far away."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Actually properly understanding Kian is something to get used to on its own, let alone the work that comes with actual communication. But hey, Cass is a trooper! "Oh! Right. Uh. Well, it's a place in New Mexico. But it's famous for people thinking they discovered a UFO - a suspected space ship - there. And then the government covering it up and probably hauling any evidence off to Area 51." Pause. "Which is a secret military base that I guess isn't very secret now. Although these days none of them are, with ARGUS, STAR Labs, the DEO, SHIELD..."

"Anyway point is I think we're not supposed to intentionally antagonize the US Government. They're kinda famous for not being super chill about that kind of stuff, historically." Beat. "Or now." There is a little more of that activist spunk. She's going to be -so much- fun once she starts college!

"Oh yeah," she echoes after Garth. "I guess Atlantis is kind of a similar deal to Themyiscra, in that way? Did you grow up there?" At the same time, she's happy to give the meteor a test-heft when Kara offers, and indeed ends up tossing it back and forth between her hands like she was playing hot potato, although it seems she can manage it, before tossing it back to Kara. "Very rude, messing with someone's house."

Kian has posed:
    Kían wanders over; space rocks are inherently interesting.  "Actually, I fell through a hole in spacetime, not from space," he corrects mildly, and holds his hand over the meteorite, not touching it, 'feeling' for any magnetic field embedded in it.  Just a curious bird.
    Still gazing at the meteorite, he comments to Kate, "Redactors are professional mental adjusters.  They can correct any number of psychological problems.  If I had the training, I might be able to permanently fix English in my mind."  He shrugs, and feathers rustle.  "Because of my meta or mutation or whatever it is, I spent most of my time studying physics."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate nods thoughtfully mostly looking over the rock as Cassie juggles it "Okay.. how heavy is that rock really?" she has no frame of references since Kara and Cassie are definitely absolutely not good bars to judge how heavy a rock might be just because they seem to have no trouble with it.

"Also no one is locking any Titans up in Area 51 or DOE or Star Labs or SHIELD or anything. No way. We would need to swoop the heck in and break them the hell out." why she used heck and hell in the same sentence is a mystery really.

Then something dawns on her. "Oh.. hey.. Garth. Can you enchant arrows or a bow?" she has this look all of a sudden. Because yeah she certainly hasn't had the nerve to ask Rae.

Donna Troy has posed:
"It's not just me, right? Hearing Kian talking like this is deeply weird. I mean hearing his mind-voice isn't the same. When he does the telepathy thing, he doesn't sound quite so... American!" Donna gives the alien a broad grin.

    "There are some similarities between Atlantis and Themyscira," Donna agrees. "Ancient realms that isolate themselves from the outside world, magical societies and all that. The two realms have traditionally had a certain amount of diplomatic contact, but keep out of each other's ways."

    Donna seems distracted while she's saying this, and that's because she can't get the image Kara had provided of baby Superman out of her head. Cute widdle Kal in his super-diapers. It takes her a moment to remember to be outraged by Kate's teasing. "Crone! Let's see if you look as good as Diana does when you're over nine hundred years old! Hmph!"

    She tosses her head again. "Right then. Well as you're all teasing me I'm not going to take any of you for a ride in the T-Jet! Screw you guys, I'm going home."

    She marches off in a fake huff, only stopping at the head of the elevator to call back "I'm going to go sort out a room for you Garth. Good to have you back!"

Garth has posed:
Garth raises a hand at the departing Donna, "See you soon. Make sure there's a window so I can see the ocean, at least," he says. He probably will sleep underwater most of the time, simply for hydration purposes, but it doesn't hurt to have a view. He's gone inland before but it always feels a bit weird.

He considers Kate's question, "Potentially, but I'd have to do some research. Projectile weapons in Atlantis are a bit different and I'm not sure how long they'd hold up. In the moment, I certainly could, but something that would stick might be...prohibitive in terms of the materials used. Anything I enchant has to be able to hold up and conduct magickal energies. Not everything does," he says.

"And yes, in a sense. My early childhood was somewhat...wild. I was left to die because of my purple eyes. They're related to an obscure prophecy that my parents and other members of their subset of Atlaneteans believed in. They thought I would bring the end of the world. But I survived long enough for the wizard Atlan and Aquaman to find me..."

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara looks up at the sun for a moment and says, "Ah. Well time for me to go do things in my other life. You know, secret identities and all that." She smiles and looks more relaxed than when she arrived earlier, thankfully having forgotten the horrifying sight of Bruce Banner's butt, or the long lecture she got from the DEO about flying too fast through American airspace. She lifts up and hovers off the ground a little, floating backwards toward the edge. "Be fantastic and enjoy the meteorite." With that, she turns and flies away.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oh. Wow, that's super lame. Dick move on their part." This is Cassie's summary of Garth's unfortunate childhood, and while a little... well, blunt, and maybe lacking in more careful nuance, she does seem pretty genuinely appalled by his treatment. "But... Super parents, am I right?" She doesn't explain that one, so the new-old guy might not get how it applies to her, but there will *always* be time for bitching about jerk superdads.

"Seeya," she calls after Kara, which apparently leaves her steward of the space rock for the time being. It's starting to cool off, so she's not quite so impatient with the back-and-forth. "Oh, it's not THAT heavy," she tells Kate. "Like, probably not much more than a hundred pounds?" Which presumably makes the whole thing a little less impressive a feat, but then again, even Cassie is treating it like it basically were a basketball... not a nearly solid iron basketball. "I guess we can put this in the common room and see if anyone wants to, I don't know, poke it for space reasons." Among all the aliens and space-y folk, she is decidedly the opposite, so it holds no special fascination for her, evidently.

"I'm sure you could do something with the bow, or it's something to think about," she also muses. "Amazon craftsmanship is all at least a little magic, but they don't really... no one carries around flaming swords or anything. Well, not that I saw."

Kian has posed:
    Kían jerks like he was poked with a pin and stares at Garth when he explains about his childhood -- but he does not ask.  There's just no way to, in any way that can make sense to the birdman.
    Instead, he latches onto one of Donna's parting comments: "I have an American accent?"
    Well, he probably does -- although he certainly has an Akiár accent on top of that.  Sometimes an R gets trilled, sometimes an S gets half-chirped.
    And something Garth says gets his attention, too.  "My powers involve energy, Garth.  Maybe I can help you study those?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks after Donna with a smile, she is clearly just teasing and isn't worried about her stomping off which is clearly all mock huff. She shifts her footing and gives Kara a wave and calls after her "See you soon busy one."

Which is when she turns her attention back to Garth. "First off ... what Cassie said. Mega-Dick move... a-holes all the way around that. I'm glad you made it through then and a Wizard and Aquaman found you."

There is a pause "Am I the only one who had a really mundane childhood?"

Then she continues to Garth "Well the WonderBow is made out of pretty stern stuff.... I wouldn't want to see it destroyed with some rogue enchantment but I bet is any bow could handle it it could. Also well maybe we should just research arrows then .. just in case." yeah she doesn't want to ruin it. "Maybe we could get some Kian feathers for magic arrows." also yeah she is teasing, she knows he is sensitive about his feathers.

"Amazonians should totally have flaming swords to go with their magic lassos... I still need to show you my new Bow.. also if that isn't spitting out radiation I'll have to try to lift it later when it is totally cool....." she really does still need to show Cass her exciting new toy.

"You kind of have an American accent Kian.. it may be the spell."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Flaming swords would be cool! But no, I had a mostly mundane childhood," Cassie answers Kate, though she seems to think about it for a moment. "Single mom and archeological digs aside. It's just no one bothered to tell me about the divine gigolo in the equation until my ass had grown up." Oh well. There's other things to worry about. Like:

"Oh huh, radiation. I didn't even think of that." Always a reassuring thing to hear! "But I'm sure Vic's got... warning sensors or something, right?" She is 'sure' in the sense that she has watched a lot of Space Trek, and Cyborg is sort of a walking sci-fi show, and therefore, she has assumed he would obviously have such things! Which means she's not actually very sure, so much as she's pulling that out of her butt. "I dunno. I'll drop it off in his lab, and if nothing starts beeping, it should be fine later?"

It seems like she plans to do that now, hefting the chunk up and peering at it, as if she thinks she might... see the radiation or something? She's not Kara, so she can't. She gives it another toss, and turns for the elevator. "You sound fine, Kian, I wouldn't get self conscious about it."

Kian has posed:
    Kían takes another look at the meteorite.  "If it's radioactive, it's subtle enough I can't sense it," he says a little absently.  "I don't think I would worry about it.  Well, I wouldn't worry about it *much*, anyway."
    He grins at Kate.  "No, my childhood was perfectly normal too," Kían says.  "It's my adulthood that got weird.  well, I guess I should say my childhood was normal for an Akiár.  My adulthood," he continues, with a rolling of the eyes, "is weird by anyone's standards...."