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Birthday Pryde
Date of Scene: 22 July 2020
Location: Atlantic Ocean Coastline
Synopsis: Xavier's people and Avengers gather on the beach to celebrate a birthday
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Ruth Aldine, Roberto da Costa, Ororo Munroe, Piotr Rasputin, Greer Grant, Samuel Guthrie, Clarice Ferguson, Thor, Bobby Drake, Julio Richter, Rogue, Maxwell Wave, Michelangelo, Douglas Ramsey

Kitty Pryde has posed:
This private stretch of beach is fairly isolated, requiring driving down an old dirt track that is too overgrown to be worthy of the name 'road' to reach. But once reaching a wide stretch of land that provides ample parking, there's a great view of a wide sand beach below.

Coolers of drinks have been brought in and a trio of grills are set up to keep the burgers, chicken, hot dogs, kabobs, and vegetable skewers coming. Tables are set up to hold the food as well as side dishes. Potato salad, chips, vegetable trays, pickled eggs, spinach dip and seven layer nachos can be grazed at, or plates filled with food.

There are blankets and beach chairs set out, and a few sun umbrellas for those who don't wish to get too much of the sun. A van has been pulled out onto the beach with speakers that are playing music at that perfect volume that provides a great atmosphere but doesn't drown out conversation.

Out on the fairly calm ocean, a large raft with a carpeted top is anchored that people can swim out to or sun themselves on. One of the students with helpful mutant powers has added a diving board and water slide to either side of the raft. On the beach, a number of jet skis have been rode over to the location and are pulled up onto the sand where anyone can go take them for a ride.

Kitty has been here since morning, setting up with the help of those friends who volunteered. The work was done early giving a little time for play before more people were supposed to arrive. It looks like some of that time was spent creating sand art. There is a large sand castle a half dozen feet across that resembles the buildings of Xavier's School. A second is a more crudely done depiction of a man's face. Could that be... Logan?

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Since they were supposed to meet at the beach anyways, it was no brainer that Ruth would use some odd mental tracking radar to seek out Greer, and drag her along to a beach party which may or may not be part of their departure. Did Ruth set up? Nope. She was too busy wandering the streets looking for the elusive Avenger, but followed the sounds of.. 'Hey! There's an Avenger!' and.. 'She's pretty!' from the random people who pass her by.

So that was a thing that happened and now they were here. Greer quite possibly left to her own devices while Ruth sits in the middle of the sand staring out into the ocean. A massive plate of food resting upon her jean covered legs, throw wrapped around her shoulders that carry the Yucatec style of decor, and three cans of soda pop to compliment.

Cause she always drinks the soda pop. "Hah. That's funny." Ruth says to no one in particular, looking at nothing in particular. The funny hasn't happened yet.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto was one of the volunteers to help set up, leaving his present on what would be the table for that sort of thing and doing what he can to get the place looking party like before the guests get there. When party time comes though, he's relaxing in a beach chair, barefoot and bare chested, in a pair of tan board shorts, soaking in the rays over by the Xavier's Sand Castle.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
It's always fun to set up for a celebration. Moreso when it's so very personal, that is, when it's for a loved one. Everything has to be just right; the food, the entertainment, the atmosphere. Everything needs to be right with the world, and Ororo is one of those that tries hard for that to be so, if only for a day.

While she can't claim on helping with everything, she's got her hands in the parts that might seem a little more difficult without the use of 'aids', that is, calm the wind across the ocean for a fair bit for the docks, making sure the jetskis aren't pulled from their moorings by choppy seas, making sure there's just enough surf spray coming from outcroppings of rocks. All important, and her unique version of 'decoration'. It's the little tweaks, and thankfully nothing untoward will happen further down the stream, as it were.

Ororo can be seen floating in the air above the water slide, her turquoise sundress flapping in the wind's lift, and she's calling out,

"Everything looks.. perfect."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr had joined in the setup, as his skillset included being very talented in moving heavy things from point A to point B, which in this case it saved a couple of trips as he hauled full coolers down. At this point, he's started to relax now that the party has started, the large Russian in his dark red board shorts and white t-shirt having found a spot for his own chair and a two-liter of pop resting in the sand by him, already opened.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer took very little convincing by Ruth to come with the girl to the beach. They were to be taken to the depths shortly by the king of Atlantis, or so Greer learned later. So coming to the beach made the most sense to the Avenger.

    Greer is wearing her typical black bikini with the teeth accents added in to make her look more feral and cool, but she's taking a moment before actually meeting everyone and is already in the salt water, an orange blob in the cool blue waves, and orange hair with sharp green eyes bobing just above the waves. Everyone gets to see that yes, tigers do in fact enjoy the water.

    After a few minutes the tigress exits the water and saunters up the beach, the salt water dripping off her hair and tail and all over as the fur shines in the sunlight and she curls her hands above her head to push her hair back to rest on her back. "Okay Ruth, who do I need to meet?" She asks, walking past and smacking Ruth with her wet heavy tail, expecting the girl to grab and follow quickly.

    "Any way I can help with anything?" Tigra asks finally towards the mutants as a whole.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has been here for a while putting in the work to help set things up. He has been making sure all the jet skies and such are where they can be gotten to easily. He comes out of the water, wear a pair of black shorts with a yellow stripe down the leg. He walks over to grab a chair near Sunspot. He looks around as people start showing up. "You gather wood for the bonefire later?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Roads? From where Blink comes from there is no need for roads!

And true to form Clarice is there through a portal once she figures out exactly where the party will be taking place. She is one of those volunteers, in this case bringing in the DRINKS. Juice for the young ones, some alcoholic beverages for those that want it in the form of six packs and other assorted types of drinks. And of course that some beach balls were present too. Soccer, volleyball! Diversion would be had..

And when it was time to finally relax and enjoy the fun she had changed into a dark blue bikini, purple hair free to the wind, unnatural green eyes alive as she took in all the people coming in.

"There's even jetskis..., I am going to try one of those today. Oh, yes." After all the troubles of the last few weeks she was certainly set to enjoy herself a bit without a worry crossing her mind... Hopefully.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty is sporting a colorful bikini with vibrant vertical stripes. Tanned skin reveals the girl has gotten a lot of sun in this summer between graduating college and deciding what to do with her life going forward. She pauses beside Piotr, reaching up to rest a hand on the tall Russian's shoulder. "Thanks for the help, Pete," she tells him with a smile. "Everyone," she says, flashing that smile around to all of her friends who helped with the setup.

She walks over checking on everything. She pauses next to the sand sculpture of Logan. "Kind of doesn't quite have the right fire in his eyes, does it?" she says with a small grin. She picks up a frisbee, but just carries it for the moment as she walks over to where Ruth sits. "Glad you made it, Ruth," Kitty tells her. "Anything you want from the grill? Hoping Hank makes it out and can serve as grill master again," she says.

The girl's eyes go to Greer. "Hi, I'm Kitty Pryde," she says, offering her free hand along with a warm smile of greeting. "I think we're pretty well set. Can help by just enjoying yourself," she offers.

Kitty looks over to where Roberto is settled. "Berto!" she calls out, then tosses the frisbee over, trying to get it to where he can reach it without getting up.

Thor has posed:
    Some time ago in the Avengers mansion...

    "But I get many letters,"
    << Indeed, Master Odinson. But this one is one you should pay attention to assuredly. >>
    Which had been enough to bring the Asgardian's eye to the missive that was displayed upon the kitchen table. A glance, a quirked eyebrow, then an exclamation. "Ah, Kitty's celebration. Of course." And off he went. Around the mansion, gathering this and that, changing into proper attire and once having secured a suitable party offering then it was outside and to the air...
    Which led to that beach front so decorated and adorned with the needed sand castles, blankets, beach chairs, umbrellas. All the proper accoutrement. Especially the grills. It may have taken some time, for when the tall blond man comes into view it's down the coast walking along it. Far enough off to perhaps seem like just any other beach-goer carrying a cooler over one shoulder and a pack under one arm with an umbrella as well. A bright red and white Hawaiian shirt is open along with a pair of surf shorts in a purple and yellow brilliance. His hair is tied-back into a pony tail and on his features are a pair of sunglasses which assuredly give him a hint of anonymity.
    At the rate he's strolling he'll likely make it there in five minutes or so, and might well sneak up on the party if they're not looking down the way.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby's contribution to the party is the waterslide portion of the raft. It has a ramp to climb up onto it, and then the slide is entirely made of ice. Fortunately it's a cold but short bracing ride in a wide arc dumping out into the water that laps at the bottom. He also may be periodically stopping by the coolers and the drinks to make sure that the ice in them stays frozen. He's dressed in a pair of dark blue swim trunks and has been here for a while, helping out with the setup. Now, however, it is time to relax and just enjoy the party.

Ruth Aldine has posed:

Ruth wasn't moving from her seated position. While Greer was about to walk away, Ruth did reach up to try to lightly grab her tail, attempting to halt in her steps just as Kitty approaches. "I am okay. I have food and soda but I do not think I will be drinking all of this." It was true, that was more soda than a girl could handle. And food too. As Kitty makes her introduction to Greer, she finally lets go of the tail if she had it.

"It's her birthday today." She points out to Greer. "We party for her."

And.. wait. Who has the music?! Where's the music? Can't party without music!

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer yelps and mrows at once as her tail is pulled harder than she expected and then looks over her shoulder at Ruth, curious and then her attention turns towards Kitty. "Oh! You're Kitty!" The avenger says with a wide eyed kind of smile and then she shakes from her head to her shoulders, arms and legs getting some of the ocean water off of her fur. "Sorry." Greer says before holding her hand out towards Kitty to greet. "I'm Tigra, or Greer, or usually, HEY! That lady from TV or the Avenger's posters." The woman says with a smile to Kitty before whispering, "Happy birthday, I didn't get you anything, but I totally can. Because SOMEONE didn't warn me." A look is shot towards Ruth and then back to Kitty. "Just ask. I'll do my best." Greer smiles widely.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
To see Thor's approach (all can be seen from the air!), Ororo smiles happily and eventually comes to land beside Kitty, the hint of breeze ruffling a little clothing, but settles quickly. "I have someone you must meet, if you haven't already," is given to the birthday girl, and her arm is extended to lock. "A happy addition, and one that should benefit us all." Today, with the amazing view, and tomorrow with alliances.

But, amazing view.

"Have you met--" And Greer's arrival brings the weather mutant back a space, but that smile doesn't fall at all. It's a lovely day, and there are new people. Particularly Avengers.

"Greer.. I'm Ororo. Welcome to the party."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio rode in on the back of Bobby's motorcycle, which meant showing up early to assist with the setup -- not that he minds in the slightest. As he dismounts, he gives his gracious driver a quick rub between the shoulder blades and removes his loaner helmet, leaving him wearing just an unbuttoned white shirt, a snug pair of dark green swimming trunks, and an army green duffel slung over his shoulder.

Shortly after arriving, he unzipped the duffel and retrieved a gift bag decorated with a festive pop-art beach scene, which he left in the growing pile of birthday gifts, to be opened later. The duffel bag itself he's not going to let far out of reach during the party; like Ruth and Greer, he's half-expecting to be dragged to Atlantis at any moment, and doesn't want to be stuck on the ocean floor without a toothbrush.

Prep-wise, he mostly helped out with food table setup. His mutant talents might lend themselves to sand sculpting, but the resulting tremors could have drawn more attention than anyone here wants, himself least of all. Still, he eyes the grand mansion a bit enviously as he carries a pair of drinks toward the spot where Roberto and Sam are set up and hands one to Bobby. "Enough helping other people," he tells him, mock-chiding. "Have a drink and relax."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto looks over at Sam, lifting his 500 dollar sunglasses as he regards his bestie. "Hey, we can't be greedy like that man," he says. "We did all this set up work, we need to leave a little for the rest, only way to be fair," he says before jerking his thumb back towards Piotr. "Besides, that looks more like Piotr's area of expertise, I will light the thing up for us though."

When Julio joins them, he nods that way, "See, Julio knows what's up," he says. "How goes man? And hey Bobby," he waves to his former teacher.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and nods to Julio and Bobby as well. He grins a bit and says "Just trying to make sure everything is right, Last birthday party Ah went to was Paige's, still wish could have done something bigger for her here." he admits. He looks out to the water, and changes the subject abit "How you doing Julio?

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Clarice." This the purple-haired mutant says to Greer, a faint smile resting there on her expression. Sure, it wasn't one of the regular faces she expected to be here today, having only seen it on TV. But she waved her own greeting, moving to the coolers after to get a lemonade. Great weather. It was time for a party.

Taking a good, long swig of her drink she then peeks about, pondering on where to go perch. She appears to choose the Logan sculpture, wandering over to inspect it with a critical eye.

"Is this who I think it is?" then a look around the sand. She wouldn't put it behind Logan to be prowling under the sand somewhere.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives a wave of her hand at Greer's mention of a present. "To me it's more of an excuse to get together with wonderful people, that's the best present I can have. I was going to school in the UK for the last two years, and so this is the first birthday I get to celebrate with a lot of my friends in the last couple years," she explains. "Just enjoy yourself. Really glad you could make it. And really a big fan of you Avengers," Kitty tells her.

Clarice is spotted and given an exuberant wave by Kitty. "Thanks for handling the drinks," she tells the Genoshan mutant. "We almost have some tropical warmth for you today to feel at home," she says with a grin towards Blink. "Yep," she says of the Logan sand sculpture. "Not quite sure I did his disappointed look justice though," she says with a laugh.

Sam Guthrie is the next to get a wave. "Thanks Sam, looking forward to seeing you and Roberto and Julio on those later," she says of the jet skis. "Maybe Bobby can make you guys a ramp or something?" she suggests.

Ororo lands beside Kitty and the younger girl happily leans over against the African woman who has been both mother and big sister figures to Kitty in her time at Xavier's. "Oh, who's that?" Kitty asks, looking around to see who Ororo might be referring to.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"Happy birthday, Kitty," Piotr says as the guest of honor walks by and gives a smile and a nod. "Good party, so far." He takes a swig from the large bottle by his chair and overhears Berto's comments, "Firstly, Berto, I already hauled the heavy stuff down here, and secondly do I look like pack mule?" The large Russian chuckles and looks over all the guests. "Definitely a good turnout, though."

Thor has posed:
    Three minutes until the tall Asgardian comes into view, spotted easily by the gaze of an aerial Ororo but otherwise advancing with an easy gait that doesn't exactly draw the eye. Perhaps a casual glance that if it doesn't spawn a second or third he might just seem one of the tourists that are so frequent in the area these days.
    Until he draws closer, stepping past the empty lifeguard stand and his considerable height is discerned as well as the broad shoulders and strong chest. His sneakers kick up sand with each stride and as he passes by, and should eyes meet his he'll answer with an amiable smile and a nod.
    But it's when he gets closer that his rich voice is heard as he calls out cheerfully, "Congratulations on surviving another year, good Katherine!" Bombastic, larger than life, cheerful. The man known as Thor Odinson hoves into view setting the cooler down with a thump. And as easily as that, without a by your leave the Thunderer sweeps Kitty up into a quick embrace, lifting her into the air and spinning her around, then lowering her down back where she was. "Happy birthday to you!"
    But then he draws up and laughs, "Ororo, what is it you are doing here? This is a welcome turn." And with that he steps to her and draws her into a one-armed embrace, patting her shoulder gently and smiling. "Oh well met."
    "Well met indeed."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
All was satisfied, Ruth didn't really touch her food save for a little piece here and there, content to lay her plate down upon the beach to stand and usher, or try to usher, Greer around. Ruth typically avoids people, but she was feeling.. well, feeling. And as a perfect host and introduction-eeque fashion, Ruth makes her way over towards Bobby and Julio.. hoping for Greer to follow. "You have met Julio, and this is Bobby." Ruth points out.. only pausing to hear the greetings that Thor had made and..

Jaw drop.

Her mouth snaps shut, rendered silent. But she does gesture to Greer, Julio, and Bobby to say hello to each other while she waits.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Nice to meet you Ororororo-." Tigra says, frowning and blushing. She did it wrong again didn't she? "Sorry. I have trouble with names... Cat's got my tongue and all." She says, pointing a clawed finger at her mouth. Frowning she turns her attention towards Clarice and tries to smile. "Nice to meet you too Clarice." Who then wanders off to hand out with the somehow less salty version of Logan. "She's pretty." The Avenger notes aloud before turning to smile at Ororo and Kitty. "I could certainly get you to go on the 'cool secret' tour of the mansion, for sure." Tigra winks before Kitty is taken into the air by Thor.

    Looking up Tigra is ushered away but Ruth, though she keeps looking up. "That guy is a show off, and I pray he never stops showing." She smirks while following Ruth around as Tigra's eyes follow Thor back down to the beach. "Heya Thunder."

    "Hi... I'm um... I'm Greer, or Tigra, or that gameshow cat chick." She waves to Julio and Bobby...

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo puts an affectionate arm around the birthday girl, giving her a squeeze in that gently fond, endearing way. She looks ready to whisper the surprise, but it appears that she is the one who is actually surprised! She drops her hand briefly so Kitty can get that big ol' Odinson hug in as she looks on. Blue eyes gleam happily at the greeting between the Avenger and her much loved Kitty, before she too is swept with a single-handed hug.. and she squeaks.

Greer's attempt at her name gains a laugh and she cants her head as she stands beside Thor once lowered, "Then, I do also answer to 'Storm'. If it's easier for you." Kind words given.

Once offered, and Greer is pulled away, she looks back at the blonde, her expression fond and happy. "Today is a celebration." And, if the cooler is any indication, he already knows that. "Set up where you find room."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio lifts his bottle of lemon soda and taps the neck against his brow in a casual toast/salute at Roberto's greeting. "No está mal," he answers as both the Brazilian and the Kentuckian ask how he's doing. His quick smile provides a serviceable enough translation. "Haven't gotten kidnapped yet, but give it a couple of hours." What a weird thing to say.

At this point, Kitty greets them, and he waves back with his free hand. "Feliz cumpleaños!" he calls back. "I hope you like your present!" The jetskis get a thoughtful look. "I have no idea how to drive one of those without crashing it," he says, his expression breaking into a mischievous grin. "Sounds awesome." He glances over at Bobby, Roberto, and Sam. "How big do you guys want the waves?"

When Ruth brings Tigra over, he gives them both a casual wave. "Good to see you again. I remember that you're an Avenger, this time. You doing OK, Ruth?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby takes the drink that Julio hands him and laughs, "Okay, okay. Time to relax and enjoy the party." He lifts it and takes a swig from the can before saluting Roberto and Sam with it. "Hey," he says in greeting. Then to Sam he says, "Can always do something bigger for her here next year? Or just have another random party in the middle of the year for her just for the heck of it." Bobby's not one to really require a /reason/ to have a party, after all. When Kitty suggests he make a ramp he looks over at Julio and says, "See? See what a slave driver she is?" clearly kidding. "Sure, Kitty, I can set up a ramp or two if folks want."

When Ruth approaches he smiles at her and then turns to see who she is introducing. "Hi," he says to Greer. "Nice to meet you." He then gives Julio a nudge with one elbow and says, "No getting kidnapped."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde replies to Greer, "That would be wonderful. I've not really had an opportunity to see much of the place the only times I've had an opportunity to be by there." The tiger-woman is given a grateful smile and then laughs as she hears Bobby. "I forgot the whip in the car, but can get it if I need it to complete the slave-driver look."

Ruth's comment about the music was caught, and when Kitty gets a chance she says, "There's a tablet hooked up to the speakers in the van there, feel free to play whatever you guys like.

And then an Asgardian is sweeping her up into a hug and swirling Kitty in the air. She lets out a joyous laugh. "Lord Thor," she says with a bright smile. "I didn't really expect you to take the time to make it, but I'm glad you did," she says, laughing as she's set back on her feet. "Seen any good plays lately?" Kitty asks him. "Between you and Ororo, I can't imagine we need to worry about the weather today. I don't know that we have anything quite strong enough for you, but there's a container of margaritas in the one cooler," she says.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Happy birthday, Kit--" Is what Clarice is telling Kitty after a laugh about the Logan disappointed look statue. A pause as the Asgardian then dives in to pick up the birthday girl from the ground. She blinks once (the normal way!), now that was something unexpected. Storm and Thor together at a party...? It made her look up at the sky warily.. No clouds so far, good!

"Hey." she says in way of greeting to Thor and then moves on to approach that spot where the boys are flocking to. "I think that's part of the fun..." this she says to Julio. ".. Crashing them in the water." Clarice the enabler.

"And how are you guys doing? Got some beach balls around too if we want to go for a game. No cheatin' with powers though!"

A final wave is then given to Ruth, along with a friendly smile.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"That's the thing with birthdays most times, you get more chances to try again," Roberto offers philosophically to Sam. Roberto looks to Piotr and considers him, "I dunno. Let us hear you bray," Roberto jokes to the big Russian. "Kidding. Anyhow we all need to take a seat, relax," a grin tossed over to Julio. "And watch Julio wreck a waterski, and clearly the answer Julio, is as big as possible and if you crash, don't worry I'm sure someone around here has Josh on speed dail."

Waves are given to the approaching ladies, "Hey nice to meet you guys," before he nods to Bobby. "Got to agree with Bobby, Julio, no more kidnappings, that's a rule we should all live by."

Thor has posed:
    To Storm, Thor laughs and nods, "Indeed, I bring a touch of Asgardian mead. Enough for a shot perhaps for those who would consider themselves worthy." His smile slips between the two of them and then to Kitty. "Indeed, I shall endeavour to..." But his words trail off as he looks with furrowed brow at Ororo, then laughs and shakes it off.
    "Come, introduce me to your friends!" Thor says and laughs with a vibrance to the timbre. Though he turns his head to the side and gives Tigra a /look/ as he gestures with his hand to her, "And this person seems..." His brow furrows, "Somehow familiar. Tigor was it?"
    He steps close enough to rest a hand on the Feline Avenger's shoulder and smiles as he gives a fair thump-thump in greeting, "Tigra, 'tis good to see you out and about enjoying yourself." His bright blue eyes slip to Ruth and the others there, his smile is given to her, Julio, Sam, and Bobby, in turn. Though Blink gets a small double-take with eyebrow quirked. A nod is given, "Good day to you, friends of young Katherine."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Julio, and says "Ah don't know anything about crashing." He will reach for a drink, and looks to Berto "Not a word." He says smiling at his friend at the crashing comment. Yea, I figure gonna make it up for her soon, and there is still 21. " He looks over and sits up abit straighter and nods to Thor "Sir."

Julio Richter has posed:
"Oh yes, she's a total Birthdayzilla," Julio agrees with a roll of his eyes. The kidnapping directives from both Roberts also elicit a laugh. "It's OK if it's a /scheduled/ kidnapping," he points out, before raising one eyebrow at Piotr and deciding to keep that line of jokes going. "I don't think you look like a pack mule, Pedro. But de verdad...you do kind of look like you could /carry/ one."

When Blink is quick to pick up what he's putting down regarding the jetskis, he raises a fist to bump against hers. "¡Diablos si!" He takes another quick swig of his drink, eager to get through it and start wrecking watercraft.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Well, the fact that Kitty //likes// Thor goes a long way for Ororo, though she'll never say why. Not right now, not at this stage. She does laugh at the pronouncement of not needing to worry about the weather, and that?

"That is an understatement, dear Kitty," is murmured happily.

And, Blink! Ororo can almost hear the train of thought as the teleporting mutant looks at them... at the sky... and she can't help it. She chuffs a soft laugh and inclines her head once. "Nothing to worry about."

Though, mead sounds amazing, and with a sweep of her arm, Ororo gestures towards a spot where Sam and Julio and all have set up. "I can help."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Kinky," Bobby says to Kitty with a flash of a grin and a bit of a wink. "Next time, bring it," he laughs as he takes another sip from his soda. He lifts a hand to wave to Clarice as she comes over and joins them. "Good, now that everything's set up and we can all hang out and relax a bit. How're you doing?"

The stir that Thor is causing draws his attention in that direction and he grins, lifting his drink to the man in greeting as well. "Hey, welcome to the party." He shakes his head at Clarice and Julio and says, "Alright.. guess I oughta go out there and make you guys some ramps then." He finishes off his drink and sets it down, heading out toward the water where he makes quick work of creating a series of floating ramps of varying heights and likely danger levels, each one slick and made of ice, bobbing out there on the water's surface.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr snorts at Berto's comment, "Nyet, will not give you satisfaction of joke," he notes. When he looks to the others nearby though Julio's statement gets a raised brow, "Da, mule is liftable." It is more difficult in his fleshy form, but it is doable, also the age of said mule was not given and technically correct is the best kind of correct.

The joking about kidnapping causes Piotr to frown and lift his sunglasses to rub his nose in frustration, "We have had enough trouble, da? Is it too much to ask for a little peace?"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"I am okay." Ruth says to Julio. Granted, Ruth isn't packed and ready yet, and if they were to get snatched now she'd at least have her blanket to keep her warm. Clarice gets a small wave, always a fan to meet someone with cool abilities, and -right- when she was about to speak to her, Thor approaches. "Hi."

But, music! Ruth leaves the rather large gathering of greeting peoples to head towards the van, sinking down into the open seat with the door wide open, grabbing the tablet to look through the song choices.

"Uh.." Ruth wasn't that much of a media person. Or a music person. Or an anything entertainment person. But a random song was finally chosen and queued up upon the speakers, which were soon blasted for the party goers. Song choice?

(Someone pick!)

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra supports Thor's hand with little effort as she smirks up at the guy who suddenly appears at her side and she squeezes Ruth to show it's okay. "Thor, you get my name wrong again and I wont sleep on your feet again to help keep them warm in the winter..." The woman says with a squint of her eyes before she nudges him in the side with her elbow. "Heya Bobby, and Julio again looks like you're ready just in case huh?" She smirks before looking to Sam and Piotr and smiling and blushing beneath her stripes. "I'm getting a little nervous you guys." She says more to Thor and Ruth in a whisper.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Berto mimes zipping his mouth at Sam's comments before he adds to Julio's remarks to Thor. "Or throw one for a good mile," he says before offering a little clarification. "I don't think he meant the bad sort of kidnapping there Piotr."

As for water sports, as Bobby and Julio go so too does Roberto. "Come find us when you're done talking, Sam," he tells his bestie as he heads down to the water. A grin is given to Clarice, "You definitely have some good ideas."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is happy enough to make introductions. "Thor, this is Bobby Drake. And Clarice it seems like maybe you've met already? And Julio over here is going to entertain us on the jet skis. Piotr Rasputin, Pete this is Thor Odinson. And these two are Roberto and Sam," Kitty says, then says in a stage whisper, "Trouble, nothing but trouble those two," though the grin on her face makes it a fond thing.

"And Ruth is picking out music." Hotel California starts blasting through the speakers. "Big 'Eagles' fan apparently," she adds with a smile. "And you know Tigra better than I already."

After the introduction, Kitty glances over to Ororo with a curious look. Oh yes, they'll have to talk later, that look seems to say.

Kitty pats Piotr's shoulder. "There's no one I could ever hope to count on more," she says of Piotr's help in setting things up. "Whether it be mules or coolers of ice and grills, or bonfires."

Thor has posed:
    A chuckle is given back to Tigra and holds up a hand as if to stave off that dire future even as Ruth moves off to get the music started. He meets Sam's eyes and smiles openly, "Hello indeed Samuel, a good comrade shares that name." Then onward, "Robert of the Drakes, Clarice, a pleasure. Ah good Julio and Piotr." His eyes flit to each as they're named and a nod is offered. With most of the greetings done he draws back to look sidelong to Tigra, "Nervous, whatever for?"
    Even as he asks that he draws the cooler over and opens it with a twist of the clasp revealing within a pair of flagons that have a gold inlay upon the stoppers as well as some curious filigree that runs along the base. The first of the two is withdrawn and he twists the top causing a faint flicker of subtle eldritch energy to dissipate before he sets it out now in a place of moderate prominence for those who wish to imbibe can.
    Once that's done he slaps his hands together rubbing them for a time and then asks of Kitty and Storm, looking between them. "Now, tell me how I may be of use?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"An whole plethora of them.." Clarice murmurs about Piotr's capacity of carrying a mule, grinning easily at the Russian one, "Hey Piotr." she then says before she is fistbumping with Julio. "Damn right. We only live once, right?" she is all smiles to contrast to that time in which those actual kidnappings were happening. But catching briefly on that talk she can't help but press her lips to a thin line for a few seconds.

Berto gets a brief look from Clarice. In truth she hadn't seen him since the return from those said kidnappings, and the consequences that had been rather dire. But she nods at him. "You are looking great." she says in approval, eyes then going to Bobby. "I am glad to be here honestly. Good to relax along with some friends, or future friends." then watching the man go over start setting up some ramps. COOL powers indeed!

She looks up at the introductions, answering Kitty. "We haven't met." this about Thor. "But I am always glad to meet a fan." she says in jest, winking.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
And, 'Hotel California' comes on. The song that keeps giving!

Storm gives Kitty a glance, one honed over the years of 'we'll talk' easily conveyed. The breeze on the beach is pleasant, and the smell of spray is a delicious salt, giving that 'whole beach ambiance' a run. Bobby's aid in what will become ice-slides is given proper encouragement, and she watches with pleasure as the mutant creates. "I'll have to try that later."

Looking back at Thor as he is put through his introduction paces, her smile grows as he recalls each name, no doubt committing it to memory.

Storm watches as Thor readies the cooler and she leans sideways to whisper in the younger woman's ear, blue eyes looking out at the others around. A quick smile grows a touch broader, easily radiating across her face as she straightens once again, her tones louder and a tuch conversational, "We're here to relax. It's a day of celebration, so celebrate with us. That is our only request of you."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Not bad for a random pick.

Greer's nervousness didn't go unheard, or felt. Ruth was no empath but she understood where the woman was coming from. But it seems like a friendly gathering, Ruth was confident that Greer would work out fine. Good way to relax before playing Sebastian and going under the sea.

But, in rare form, and since birthdays only come once a year, Ruth decides to bop. Just a little sit down bop that most people do when the music gets good right out the gate.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra suddenly notices Ruth didn't hear her whisper and as such she eeps even further and backs up closer towards Thor's ribs. "Just, y'know, new place, new people..." She says before she looks up at Thor and feels a calmness. "I'm gonna, I'm gonna jump into the water again." The wet and slightly sand caked striped avenger says up to the blonde man.

    Tigra breaks away from the group and gives a wave to Ruth as she passes for some reason, still not really getting the hint as she wades into the water and dives into the water with her tail disappearing last.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio shakes his head and laughs at the mental image Piotr's answer creates: the Russian, shoulder pressing a very confused donkey, and demanding to know: "Do you even lift, tovarishch?!?" The question about the mutant school knowing peace just gets a shrug.

"If it's going to be trouble /that/ bad, Ruth will let us know, I am sure," he says, a touch wryly. Most likely in quite vivid, if slightly stilted terms. Where'd that girl go, anyway? Picking out tunes? He cups a hand over his mouth and yells, "That's so sand, Ruthie, play Despacito!"

He finishes his drink off as he waves a greeting to the rest of the Avengers delegation, then heads after the Robs to find out how to accelerate the watercraft to proper crashing velocities.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde leans closer to Ororo to hear the whisper and smiles to her after, an arm slipping about the taller woman's shoulder to give her a little side hug. "Yes," Kitty says, adding in her voice to what Storm had said. "Just have a good time. I really love getting to be around everyone again. I had good friends at school, and there was Excalibur too. But, it's just not quite the same as this group," Kitty says, flashing a fond smile around at everyone.

The earlier offer of the Agardian drink has Kitty curious. "I could stand to try a little bit, but I'm afraid I've always been a bit of a lightweight by Earth standards," she says.

She watches as Bobby heads out to make the ice ramps. "I swear I'd probably spend the first year having his power just making stuff endlessly," she says with a laugh. "Bobby is very very cool," she says. Then pauses. "Get it?" she asks, eyebrows going up to emphasize just how horrible her pun was.

"Blink, I bet you could probably do some fun things too when it comes to the water," she says, looking thoughtful. "Hey... I've always wanted to try a cliff dive. Could you give me a portal about... oh, 30 feet up? Above deep water?"

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"Lifting is one of my many talents," Piotr jokes in response to Kitty's comment and Julio's joke, "There is a small group at the school that has been dubbed the 'Swole Patrol', giving a brief chuckle before giving a wave to the newer arrivals a wave, even Clarice who he recognized from the battle on Brainiac's ship,who gets a "Hey!".

"Greetings," Piotr says from his seat in salutation before rising and making his way over to get something to eat, lifting is hard work and Colossus needs food.

Thor has posed:
    "Bah," Is the Asgardian's answer to Tigra's nervousness. Then a few more words are added. "You are amongst friends, and if something threatens our gathering assuredly we and those here can handle it."
    Wise words spoken as Thor, for perhaps the first time in his experience, pours some mead into a red solo cup... he tilts his head to the side and shoots a wry smirk towards Clarice, a smirk that eases as he murmurs, "Perchance when you have more time I can get a selfie?" He winks before he turns his attention back to that pouring.
    Once he has a drink ready for himself he advances back over toward Storm and Kitty, oblivious to whatever machinations they have put into motion. His eyebrows climb, "Are you certain?" He spares a glance for the sand castle, smiling at the corner of his mouth in amusement before he looks to them again.
    Turning from Storm to Kitty his eyebrows lift, as they ask him simply to have a good time, "Well then, that I assure you I can do." And with that he takes a sip of his drink, "Though if you care to taste the mead do so in moderation."

Bobby Drake has posed:
In the winter, finding Bobby's creations all over the place is not uncommon -- little ice sculptures litter the outside of the mansion. It's a little harder to maintain in summer, and so he'll settle for making ice ramps for the jet skis and keeping the drinks cool, and making sure that a hole doesn't melt in the middle of the waterslide causing any premature dunkings.

He flashes a grin over at Ororo, who is the one who taught him some of the control of his own weather tricks when he was younger, after all. Once his work is complete, he stands back to watch Julio give the ramps a test-ride.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will watch the others for a bit sitting back down and relaxing a moment. He looks around the gathering just taking a moment to think of all the things that has happened since he came here, and the friends and places they have seen together. He will smile down his tea and head out towards the water.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
A laugh comes easily from Clarice. "A selfie? Sure." a thumbs up from the purple haired one. Curiosity is given at this mead, she eyeing it briefly but it's not the time just yet. Taking it easy! What fun would it be to get wasted right at the start..

She was just about to go over to the water but at Kitty's request she grins. "Well, as if I could deny you anything today." a look is given to the sea, perhaps looking for a good spot, then back. "Want to swim back or a portal to return too?"

Not that she really waits for an answer, instead finding an open spot on the sand and focuses. A portal starts to open up with that characteristic 'blink', one that shows the sea far under them. For those attentive another portal has opened up about 30 feet above water some ways into the sea, and away from all the ramps and jetskis.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
All not is lost! Ruth waves to Greer as she heads back to the water, taking in the request from Julio. "OKAY." She calls back loud, thumbing her way through the tablet as she avoids the most popular version of the song, to settle for the original.

Despacito - by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

It was a good choice! The resident DJ continues to bop, her feet swinging this time in tune to the music.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins gratefully at Clarice as she creates the impromptu high-dive. "Perfect," she says. "I can get back in on my own." Kitty looks over at the Asgardian mead and says, "Let me go hop in the water and then I'll get some."

She moves to just before Blink's portal and gives everyone a wave, then dives through. Kitty comes out the other portal, arms spread in a swan dive, before putting them together overhead just in time to help break the water after the long fall into it.

A few seconds later she pops her head back up above water, wetting her hair to get it to lay flat. "Aw that's perfect!" she yells back towards the beach.

Kitty swims a few strokes and then rises out of the water like she were moving up steps. Once she's standing on top of the water she walks across the small waves at a quick pace back to beach. "I'm afraid no turning water into wine though," she tells them. After an appropriate pause. "Because, you know. That's not a Jewish thing." She winks.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio gets Roberto, who has a lot more experience with this kind of thing, to explain to him how jetskis are piloted; once he has gotten the lowdown and realizes how simple the controls are, he feels kind of stupid for asking. You turn the thing to turn; you squeeze the thing to go faster, you stop doing those things to stop doing those things.

As he strips out of his shirt and stuffs it into the bag, he hears his song come on and puts a thumbs-up high into the air, grinning over at Ruth. He only really put in the request for the meme, but as the pre-remix version comes on, he reflects that it is a nice summery beach tune.

Once he's got the jetski's deadman plug clipped to his trunks and is out on the water, he realizes that while the basics of the controls are simple, putting them into practice can be surprisingly tricky when contending with ocean-sized waves. He jets around for a while, occasionally getting tossed airborne by a wave, and is turning back to give the ramps a try, but hits the curve too fast and wipes out completely, tossed into the water while the jetski idles, bobbing innocently a few yards away.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Kitty's stated desire to 1., have a taste of the mead and 2., to get dropped from great heights gains a soft laugh from the motherly mutant. She won't tell Kitty no; too old for that. What she will say is, "Be careful and enjoy yourself." She'll be keeping an eye out to make sure she isn't needed to make a wind safety net!

Bobby's ice additions does merit a look of pride on Ororo's face. She's home, and that is exactly what is there in her heart for those gathered. Pride. She's seen (most) of them at their best, and some at their worst, and there isn't one that she doesn't care for.. and wish to see flourish.

Thor's return marks a laugh and the weather goddess is ready to make her excuses to lie in the sun. After all, it is a party, right? Then, there are the ice slides, the jet skis, and the company of friends who are family.

"I think I should like to try a small taste, Thor. May I?"

Thor has posed:
    Sidelong in Blink's direction, Thor comments idly, "That is quite an intriguing talent, well-handled." His eyebrows lift in consideration at that almost casual manifestation of a portal and its companion gateway. Shaking his head he smiles toward Storm.
    His expression shifting at first curious then accommodating, the Asgardian nods once, "Of course. Perhaps a sip." And with that he offers her his solo cup, but then laughs. "Ah, forgive me. A moment." As he says that he's already turning to acquire one from the stack, flipping it up and then reaching for the flagon again. He holds the cup out, and then pours just a trickle into the red plastic container. What might be worth of a shot or perhaps even less. Then he extends it toward her. "Enjoy."
    But once they are settled, now both standing there in the party as the youth of the world rush about and enjoy themselves, he tilts his head to the other wielder of the weather and asks her, "So how is it you know, Lady Pryde?"

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra's head bobs near Kitty's feet as the young mutant walks across the water and the tiger lady furrows her furry brow. "Whoa." Is all Tigra is able to say before she kitty-paddles her way back onto the beach and takes a moment to spalsh herself with more water to get the sand unstuck from her fur.

    Moving back towards the crowd of birthday guests, she scans around with her green eyes and spies the cooler and takes a can of beer out, before thinking better of it and grabbing a can of clear soda. They're supposed to be healthier, right?

    Another twist of her neck and shoulders like a dog or cat might and Greer flings water off of herself and is relatively dryer than she was a moment prior though, others might be covered in orange and black furs and some salty water.

    A look over to Ororo, Tigra smiles, "That Asgard stuff will **** you up FAST. Be careful." Tigra warns, maybe too late for most everyone else but not for Ororo. Moving over towards the 'adults' Tigra sits in the sand, getting more stuck to herself as she starts to gather sand into a pile to begin working on her own 'castle'

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde watches Julio's first, wild ride upon the jet ski from where she's walking back to shore across the water. "Good job!" she calls encouragingly, just before he wipes out on the ice ramp. "Ouch," she winces as she watches him fall into the water. "Well, still looked fun."

She reaches the beach again, smiling over to Bobby Drake. "Did you get something to eat yet Bobby? Have to make sure my head engineer doesn't fall over from lack of food," she tells him with a bright-eyed grin.

"So Tigra, how did you come to end up with the Avengers?" she asks the woman as Kitty moves over to make a hamburger, piling on cheese, lettuce, bacon, and then adding some bbq sauce adopt the patty. She puts it on a plate along with some pickles and carrot sticks, then pours herself a little of the Asgardian mead. She missed how much was given to Ororo, and perhaps ends up with slightly more in her cup. "Berto, are you going to try this stuff?" she asks.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Blink waits to see if anyone else wants to give it a try, grinning at the way Kitty dives into the water but then eventually winks the portals close. And then takes another swig out of her lemonade. Short-range portals, they don't hurt as much.

"Thank you." Another smile to Thor before her attention goes to Ororo with a grin. The first to try out the mead. Courageous!

At least a lot more than hers for now, continuing on with her lemonade. She glances towards the water where Julio took that dive in. "Told you it was all about the wrecking!" she calls out.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby stands on the sand, watching as Julio takes the jet ski out for a spin. He lets out a shrill whistle when he goes over a couple of impressive waves and launches into the air, chuckling when he wipes out and gets dunked into the water. "You didn't even make it to the ramp yet!" he calls out from where he stands.

Then he notices Kitty approaching and grins over at her. "Gonna get out there on the jet skis?" he asks her before looking back toward the food. "Not yet. I suppose I should grab something. Don't worry, no danger of imminent collapse." He gives her a wink. "You want me to grab something for you?" he asks as he starts to head in that direction.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra looks up from where she was practically beating on the sand like a two year old, not really sure what she's trying to make, just wanting to make something. "Oh... Geeze." Tigra says looking over to Kitty, "Well, I was working out on the west coast until the beginning of the year, so I haven't been with the avengers officially all THAT long, but we've teamed up a few times." Tigra says, briefly recounting that she's still sort of the new girl, though she acts like she isn't much of the time.

    "What about you? You should be done with school soon yeah? What're you going to do with that... walking on water gift?" Greer asks, her toes wriggling into the sand as she bends her knees slightly and twists her waist to face Kitty more directly.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo takes Thor's cup first, that red Solo cup, and looks in it dubiously. Soon enough, however, she's rescued and the smaller portioned one is offered, and she's more than happy to pass the other back. She sniffs the slight contents, and willing to give the Thunder god the benefit of the doubt, swallows her portion before she coughs. Leaning forward, she pulls in air, a cough coming once again. "Oh dear.." and she hands the empty back.

"Kitty, be careful of the drink!" is called out with a laugh before she returns her attention to Thor.

Gesturing with a hand, she's more than happy to sit in the sand, feeling the earth beneath her. "I'm glad you're here. And, this is my family. I teach them, fight by their sides and share their happiness and sorrows." That.. should cover it, yes?

Thor has posed:
    At the coughing Thor lifts a hand to softly pat-pat-pat the X-Man's back in the futile hope that it might help. Biting his lower lip for an instant he smiles faintly in her direction and then murmurs, "Ah, perhaps I should have been more forthcoming with my words of warning."
    But once she recovers he accepts the now empty solo cup and holds it before him, still reserved as if thinking she might continue coughing even now. But then she's looking to him once again and he nods as his brow beetles slightly.
    "Ah so that means..." A glance is given Kitty's way, then to some of the others near, then back to Storm. "Well then that is a fine circumstance indeed." His smile is warm as he ponders, "So you are..." He apparently did not see her when she was floating above the water, or perhaps did not connect that moment with a latter one. "Gifted as well and join your efforts with... Katherine." He seems about to say something else, though perhaps not wishing to name the school or the like in company he is not entirely sure is on board.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde comes over to offer Clarice a high-five for making the portal for her. "Thank you," she tells the Asian girl with a grin. At Bobby's question, she look towards the jet skis and wave runners. "I think after I drink some of this I might not be fit to drive them. But if you want to take one of those two-person ones out I'll happily ride behind you and try to look all pretty," she teases.

A sip of the Asgardian mead is taken tentatively. Kitty manages to avoid coughing or clearing her throat, though the urge to do the latter is definitely there. "Piotr you should try that. Not exactly vodka," she says, as if thinking that would egg him on to try it.

A nod is given towards the question from Greer. Knowing the woman is a member of the Avengers, and has access to information about the X-men given the team's ties. "Actually I went off to college early, just finished up my degrees," she says. "I've been trying to decide whether I want to find a job somewhere, or maybe stay focused more on those other kind of endeavors. To be honest? I'm procrastinating making the decision, really," she says.

Julio Richter has posed:
As his head bobs back up out of the water, Julio spits out seawater and shakes his hair out, not wholly unlike Tigra back on the beach. With a burst of profanity en español that no one is close enough to hear, he starts freestyle-stroking back to the jetski and begins the awkward maneuver of remounting it. "It's fine! I'm fine!" he yells back to Clarice. Then, once he's back in the saddle, he hollers to Bobby, just a smidge testily: "I'm getting there! Keep your shorts on!"

Instead of cutting back on the throttle after his spill, if anything he gets more reckless with the accelerator -- as if he's trying to prove something to himself, leaning hard into curves to compensate for the G's trying to flip him outward.

After a half-minute of just messing around, he reorients on one of the ramps -- not the biggest, but big enough that he should probably be smart enough to try a different one -- and guns it. The tiny little craft picks up speed at an almost silly pace, and when the slippery ramp lifts it out of the water, the engine jerks to a whole different RPM as the water clears. Julio wasn't expecting the ramp to be quite THAT slippery, in fact, and the ski nearly slides out from under him laterally. He comes flying off the ramp's crest just shy of horizontal and speeding like a bat out of hell. He yells, thrilled or terrified -- it's not clear, even to him, which one -- and tries to wrestle the craft back under him.

As he flies through the air, adrenaline kicks his powers on, and he's suddenly trailing a comet-wake of green light. Then he sees the surface rushing back up at him, the aura sharpens to a wedge of light, and he hits the water wrapped and pierced by a thorned vine of glowing green. He hits harder than really makes sense, too -- kicking up a titanic blast of water and sinking fully out of view for a moment.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo is grateful for the *patpat*ing as air slowly triumphs over alcohol tinged atmosphere, as it were, and clearing her throat, looks to try and regain herself. Thankfully, no clouds have marred the celebration with that bit of show! (She wasn't upset, just.. more surprised than she should have been, perhaps?)

As Thor puts some of the pieces together, the darkly-skinned weather goddess pulls her feet up and shifts them to the side so she's on a side lean, looking at the blond Asgardian, watching him, watching for some reaction. When does does work it out, and the tentative pronouncement is made, she inclines her head and adds, "After a fashion, yes. And my specialty is weather." Though she has lots of other tricks up her sleeve. Lots. Reaching out to put a hand on his arm, she continues, "There are those who consider me a goddess." Half of Africa. "A Rain Queen." She looks out on the gathered, her voice soft, "Here, I am simply 'Ororo'. Storm."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You bet," Bobby tells Kitty with a grin. "Just let me know when you want to go." Then he laughs as Julio calls out back to him, "If you insist." He puts a little bit of potato salad on a plate as well as a hot dog with some ketchup and mustard and grabs another drink. Then he finds a spot on the sand to sit down to watch Julio messing around on the jet ski. He's got a fork-full of potato salad halfway to his mouth when Julio slips on the ramp and his eyes go a bit wide as the next few moments play out, including that titanic blast of water. He just stares a bit, and then he sets the plate down, abandoned on the sand for a moment as he gets up and heads toward the water to check and make sure that Julio's okay.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Hah. That was funny." Ruth says aloud, again. Whatever came to pass has actually happened and everything caught up for the young lady. And now, it was time to play more music, keeping in tune with the Latin-esque jams, kicking it up to something a little bit more recent.

Yo Perrero Sola - by Bad Bunny

Still bopping, Ruth adds to the ambiance of fun, and is quickly considering herself a very cool DJ!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The high-five is returned to Kitty, a beaming smile on Clarice's face. "Anytime." is the answer. She finishes draining the rest of her lemonade, moving to put it away and then starting to walk towards the water...

At least until she sees that Julio has crashed..., hard. Is it time for some Baywatch action..? Not that Clarice actually runs over, instead she opens up a portal and blinks up to that area of water where Julio was..

She falls down in the water with a 'pop', looking under to make sure they are fine, and helping if not.

Rogue has posed:
Not too far away, a convertable Corvette pulls up, cherry red with its top down. From inside of it, Rogue hops up out of the passenger seat in jeans shorts and a loose flowing green top that hangs off of her shoulders. With a straw cowboy hat on her head, and sunglasses over he eyes, she thanks the driver and reaches in the back to grab a few things, including a young yellow lab puppy on a leash.

Rogue turns then to wave to the driver of the classic Corvette who starts to rev the engine, soon to pull away. Taking a few steps, Rogue sets the puppy down and starts to lead him by the leash toward the party, leash in one hand and a cooler in her other.

Thor has posed:
    "Ahh," Thor says as he listens to Ororo but then she elaborates even more and his smile widens. "Indeed?" As if she were pulling his leg and tilts his head to the side, then he looks back. "Well then that would explain..." Perhaps something that was niggling at his senses each time they had met. It ends with him barking a sharp laugh of a 'HA!' as he shakes his head as if only then realizing what passed.
    "Amazing the fortuitous paths of fate that are taken here in Midgard when our like trod the land." Shaking his head he then is distracted by the rather abrupt pyrotechnics that has his eyes focusing somewhere behind Ororo.
    "Pardon I believe your comrade has..." He says naught further and instead just points in that direction.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
A young twenties guy with glowing blue eyes arrives on the birthday scene via an Uber drop-off wearing a pair of black swim trunks, a gray tank-top, and flip flops. He carries a small box gift-wrapped in a Sunday newspaper. His eyebrows raise a bit as he takes in the scene and all the other party guests. He recognizes a few from his rescue just before the Mutant Town abduction.

A little shy, Maxwell thread himself through the assembled and then wave in a moment when he can catch Kitty's attention. He points at the box then glances around looking for a stack of gifts or somewhere else save to deposit it.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's shoulders begin bobbing a bit in time to the new song. "Great job with the music, Ruth," Kitty tells her with a grin. She eats her burger, shoulders continuing the bit of dance that they can while her arms are occupied holding drink and food. Kitty takes another sip. Carefully. Which is about when Julio has the crash on the jet ski, complete with light show.

She stands up from the sand, watching with concern, but sees Clarice is already teleporting out there. "It should come back up," she says of the jet skis which float quite well, hoping Julio hangs onto it to come back up with it.

The arrival of Rogue and Maxwell catch Kitty's attention, though it's divided by her concern for Julio. She gives them both a wave to come over, and at Maxwell's gesture she motions towards a table where a few gifts have been set out. "Julio's on a jet ski," she says to them in explanation as she turns back, moving a hand to shade her eyes as she looks for signs of him making it back to the surface. There are ice ramps that are no doubt Bobby's doing out there in the area too.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Starting your life can be scary and daunting, trust me, I know, a few times, I know, but waiting for life to come to you, you may grow old and still be waiting. I don't think that's what any of us here would want. Well... maybe." She says with a motion over her thumb towards Thor. The most brash bullheaded and forward man she's ever met, of course he'd wait. He's like, 1000 years old.

    "Don't tell him I said-..." Tigra stops, turns her attention towards the waves and is on her feet quickly. The 'castle' (read: pile) of sand is stomped on as Tigra moves towards the water. Fast. She's quite quick in the soft earth as she moves into the water and dives to move towards Julio. Unaware that Clarice is already there, the woman in the black bikini is quick to action as she swims like a fish almost, the tail certainly helping in some small way, as she missles her way through the water with brute strength and purpose.

    "Everyone okay?" She asks as she nears the site of the crash.

Julio Richter has posed:
The watercraft quickly pops back into view, wobbling, riderless, just over a meter from Clarice, and only a little farther from Tigra. There are a few more seconds than are entirely reassuring before Julio himself thrashes back to the surface. He coughs out a mouthful of salt water and shakes out his head, looking dazed. He reaches an arm out to her to steady himself, but it's not the fully panicked thrashing of a drowning man, he's just freaked out.

Once he's steadily floating on his back and has coughed enough to get his voice steady again, he sourly informs his rescuers: "Mierda -- Magic rock armor and swimming do /not/ mix."

He's not injured at all, excepting his pride, which took a hard hit in front of half the school and a couple of Avengers for good measure. Muy chido, Julio. "Thanks," he tells the two women, trying to get back on the jetski to drive it back to shore. He may have done enough driving for one afternoon.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby looks instantly relieved when Julio pops back up to the surface, even if he isn't exactly in the best of moods. He lets out a breath and then rubs a little at the back of his neck. It's only then that he remembers the plate he'd left on the sand and glances back at it. Fortunately, it is still sitting where he left it, so he goes back and retrieves it, as well as his drink and flops back onto the sand with an audible sigh. It's then that he notices Rogue's arrival and lifts a hand to wave to her in greeting.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The green-light of a comet does, indeed, catch her from the corner of her eye, and instead of rising from her spot, tilts her head as she looks at the action before her on the seas. The area around Julio seems to calm slightly; there's no disturbing breeze to cause any white-caps where there had been only moments ago. There was a small grey cloud covering, as it there was a cold cell popping up, but it dissipates quickly.

"I see," is murmured. Ororo is watching intently, and as the younger man surfaces with the waverunner, a smile creases her face and looks back to the Thunderer with a contented smile.

"It may explain a great deal, yes," she says quietly. The reaction Thor does put her a lot more at ease, now that the truth has come. "When I thanked you for your kindness, I did mean it." A smile creases her face again, "I'm happy to have met you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue saunters up to the birthday girl, with a big smile on her face as her two toned hair whips around over her bare shoulders in the ocean winds. As she draws close she sets the cooler down and waves to Bobby in return, but puts her sunglasses-covered stare on Kitty. "This is you're like what, sixteenth birthday? You're growin' up so fast..." She grins and shakes her head softly. The Yellow Lab puppy, rushes at Kitty and tries to climb her shins, frantically-so! Rogue motions to him. "Jeepers here, is my touch-conduit. Any handshakes, high-fives, hugs or smooches can be delivered directly t'him." The dog's little tail is waving a mile a minute.

"I got you a present too, but I left it at the School..." Rogue says with a frown. "I came here straight from work! Changed on the way over in the back of a damn convertable, no less!" The Belle moves to sit down on the cooler she'd brought, holding the dog's leash over her knees.

Thor has posed:
    As Storm casually reaches out and manipulates those faint eddies of the wind, easing the waves for those rapid rescuers to make certain Julio is safe, Thor turns back to consider her and he tilts his head to the side with a smile. "You have a deft touch, such finesse." As she handles the weather with such casual aplomb.
    An approving nod is given as Thor smiles, though as Rogue approaches the Asgardian in the Hawaiian shirt and the jams shorts lifts a hand to offer a wave to Rogue, "Greetings!" He hollars as he lifts his red solo cup in toast to the new arrival even as he maintains his casual conversation with Storm.
    "Indeed, fortuitous I would say. I would ask the Norns if there is aught they had in mind when our paths crossed." Shaking his head, the Thunderer nods, "It has been three good meetings so far. The fourth it is said will tell us the path to be taken."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell frowns with some concern at the commotion in the water though considering that at least two Avengers are present amongst others, he decides that a rookie like himself isn't needed to save the day. He nods to Kitty and walks over to the table to deposit the gift.

Next, he's doing the next most important thing: getting himself fed. He walks over to the food and begins to scavenge. Though he's a resident of the mansion, scraping together a lifestyle in Mutant Town isn't far in his memory. So while shy around all the faces, he's not bashful about putting together a plate.

His jaw working as he stuffs his face, he watches the 'rescue' of Julio unfold.

He then gazes momentarily toward Rogue and then the pooch. He reaches down and shakes its paw. "Thanks for saving me."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Clarice helps with the steadying, relieved that the man is ok. And once she notes that he is she lets out a laugh. "At least you got out of that armor fast enough." she will help him go back to the jetski if he wants, a thumbs up then given to Tigra, "Did I miss the Baywatch run..?" she teases the Avenger.

Though instead of returning to shore just yet Clarice appears content to remain out there for now. "Take care now." she says to Julio before she swims out slowly, drifting over the water as it appears it's quite the peaceful ocean out there today.. To the exception of high-speeding jetskiers.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde breathes out a sigh of relief as she sees Julio is ok. It allows her turn her attention more fully to the two new arrivals to the beach party. "Glad you both made it," Kitty tells them warmly. She'll offer Maxwell a hug of greeting. She's been in the water, but has been on the beach enough that the water has dried off her tanned skin at least.

Rogue and the puppy get a big grin. "Hello there!" Kitty says, crouching down to scoop up the touch-conduit. "Oh, he's going to get plenty of those," Kitty promises as she scritches the little puppy and rubs her face against his, probably fueling that excessive tail wagging into an even higher gear. "Glad you both made it," Kitty says warmly. "There's food and drinks and jet skis and Bobby made a water slide. Thor and Tigra are here too," she says, motioning over to where Thor is with Ororo and Tigra is out at the water. "Everyone who doesn't know him, this is Max," she says by way of introduction. "And Thor, this is Anne-Marie." She waits to introduce Tigra until the other woman is back on shore.

Julio Richter has posed:
Although it's only too fitting for a little metaphorical storm cloud to form over his head as he gets back onto the jetski, Julio finds that the actual effect is to create a steady updraft that buffets him gently upright. It takes him a few seconds to realize what's going on, but then he tosses Ororo a grateful wave of his hand.

He looks at Clarice and Greer, flashes them a sheepish smile, and then hooks a thumb over his shoulder. "Do either of you want a ride back to the beach? I think I'm done for now," he offers. Then, after a moment's reflection on his recent performance as a jetski pilot, he adds: "Um... lo entiendo if not."

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra floats well enough, offering a hand carefully to help Julio back up onto the jetski and then a look of nearly identical shades of green eyes meet as she looks at Clarice. A large smile on Tigra's face, showing off her sharp teeth before she nods enthusiastically, "You did, but it's kind of par for the course for me. There's gotta be more slow mo video's of me running to a fight or something than anyone else I can think of." She says, still treading water near Julio and Clarice.

    "Clarice, right?" Tigra asks to repeat, she needs to get names right and is working on it. "Always liked that name." The avenger notes before she leans her head back to dip it under the water to get the long red strands behind her head to at least get out of her face. A quick turn of her head towards Julio, "**** Yeah. I wanna ride, then I'll come back for you Clare." Tigra winks as she paddles over to the jetski and clambers up and holds onto Julio's waist.

Rogue has posed:
The Puppy 'Jeepers' is scooped up by Kitty, and paw-greeted by Max. He loves every second of it too and tries to lick-devour both of their faces, or any part of them that he can get his wet nose up to! Rogue smiles up at Max. "I'm glad t'see ya settlin' in with all'a this, Mistah." She tells him.

Thor's sudden appearance, and Kitty's introduction of him, makes her look over at the Hawaiian-shirt clad man. She goes mostly still as he just... stares... at him. But after a few seconds her lips turn up into a smile and she just props her chin up in her left hand's ungloved palm, while her elbow thusly rests on her knee. She softly shakes her head side to side. "Good lord." She says distractedly while just... staring... at Thor. "Get the hell right on outta here. How on Earth did somethin' like you get created, and I wasn't ever told about it..."

She glances to Kitty, Max, Jeepers and then back to Thor. "Rogue." She says in her best smiling-flirty way. "Please, call me, Rogue. Or, well, call me anything really." Now she's grinning.

She's not /daft/ to the others around though, her green eyes look to Greer, Julio, Clarice and STORM! She waves to them too. "This is quite a day at the beach, I'd say! Someone bring the booze?" She perks up, of course being only 18... she's generally always denied such treats!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
"Rogue," Ororo smiles, but laughs soon after with the antics of the puppy. "Adorable!"

She does a quick check on Julio, making sure he's fully fine; upright and jetting back to shore. Check.

The party? Everyone seems to be having fun, and the headcount is, more or less, accurate. People are eating, having fun in the surf, base jumping with Blink as the 'base', and all does truly seem well. This allows her to relax a little more, enjoying casual conversation in quiet circumstances.

"Fourth meeting is the charm?" Storm chuckles and shakes her head, her smile remaining. "It's not a secret anymore. But, I do believe in chance. There is always a reason for something. What it is may be immediately evident, or never shows itself. It is up to us to simply accept it."

Rising from her spot, Ororo has the chance to actually look 'down' at Thor for a moment, "Would you care to try the ice slide, courtesy of Bobby? He makes wonderful sculptures, and I'm sure this won't disappoint." With that, she pulls away her sundress, up and over that mane of white hair, revealing a dark colored bikini.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Go on. I will stay out here for a while longer." Clarice says to both Tigra and Julio, though as Julio then seems to doubt his own jet-driving skills she winks at him. "It's all about wrecking it until you make it perfect." she tells the man. A glance is spared to Tigra. "Don't tell me you like the name because of the movie.., that's what people always tell me. But you can also call me Blink."

She offers them a farewell wave when they get ready to go back and sets herself swimming about for a while, just enjoying it out there a bit before deciding to go back to shore. Swim or portal? That seems to be the decision for her..., hmmmm.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
It took a minute, but the playlist was easily programmable. A total of at least fifty songs were loaded up, ready to be played as soon as the current one ended. Now Ruth can do what she truly came to do. Have fun. And by fun? Asgardian mead/ale or whatever was in that pretty cask that Thor had brought.

Forever the one that people barely even notice, a quiet slip from the van has her walking along barefoot amongst the sand. Throw bundling her arms as if she were cold, picking and passing through the crowd until she reaches the beverage table. And hey! If Rogue wants a drink, who would Ruth be to deny her the chance! And since it was unattended, Ruth pours herself a bit, quite possibly half a cup. The other cup was poured for Rogue. And if no one stops her, she's heading right to the puppy accompanied woman, to hand over a drink and get some snuggles from a furry friend.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio laughs and tells Clarice, "Sounds like I'm on my way, then." Still smiling, he leans slightly to keep the watercraft steady as Tigra climbs on. Should have thought of that on the ramp, right? "You good?" he checks with her before heading back to shore. He doesn't quite drive like a granny taking a Sunday afternoon trip to church, but his turns and acceleration are definitely a lot steadier this time than before. Once they're close to land, he unclips the ignition key from his shorts and holds it up. "All yours, if you want it," he offers Greer.

Whether she's interested or not, he'll drop into the water and slosh back to shore, flopping into the sand next to Bobby. He stares at the sky for a second, then rolls onto one arm and gives Bobby a pleading, puppy-dog look to put Jeepers to shame. "Share your snacks?" he asks.

Thor has posed:
    A laugh is offered freely to Rogue, "Then that is by what I shall name you, Rogue. Hardly fitting I would say, however." His brow knits slightly at the idea of the young woman being so called.
    Espying Maxwell's approach, Thor gives him a smile as well, "Welcome, there is mead if you are so inclined and feel you may endure. I offer warning, however." His gaze slips over toward Rogue to include her in this next round of precautions. "It is strong and at most perhaps a swallow or two."
    But then his attention returns to Ororo and his smile eases with her words given, "The ice slide?" He looks off and in that direction so gestured that he perhaps misses that small moment of revelation when the dress is pulled up and free revealing Ororo in that effortless beauty of hers. And, to be fair, it does cause Thor a moment of reflection. Blinking twice as he clears his throat and renews his smile, "That could be quite enjoyable, indeed."
    And with that he will move after the flying woman as she takes to the air.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo does, indeed, lift herself gently, riding the wisp of air, though she does look down to catch Ruth's attempt at grabbing the mead and sharing. There comes a breeze, a slightly sharper one that if Ruth doesn't have a good firm hold on the cups, they may possibly be wrested from her hold. "You are not yet old enough. No. There is time enough later." If the girls continue to do so? Well...

Storm will be //disappointed.//

With that said, Ororo looks to Thor, who has also taken flight, and the ice slides are within view! So much easier to approach it from this angle!

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max gives Kitty a hug in return, not seeming to care if she's wet or not. "Thanks for inviting me. I.. uh.. I seem to be in pretty prestigious company." He offers a slightly nervous chuckle and then gazes off in the direction of Thor and Tigra.

"Never thought I'd be at a party with Avengers. I mean... wow. Kitty, please keep me from geekin' out and embarrassing myself, okay?" He's only half joking, his eyes glowing just a tad brighter in mirth before he stuffs his mouth with some of the party fare.

He nods back to Rogue and offers her a thumbs up in reply since he's busy chewing. Both his eyebrows raise at her reaction to Thor, he chuckles glad that he's not the only one a little starstruck. He blinks at the offer of mead, swallowing. "Holy shit.. I just got offered mead by Thor. This isn't real.. I must have died back in Mutant Town after all."

After he chills, he glances Ruth's direction. He offers a little wave of greeting.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra takes the key after letting go of Julio and smiles as he dives in to work his way back to shore. Tigra sits on the craft for a moment, putting the key thingy around her wrist and then taking even longer to start it BACK up. With the motor gugrling Tigra roars the machine back over to Clarice and is bumpy and revvy and totally unsure of what she's doing. Her tail is coiled close to her back, not wanting to get caught in the propeller. There isn't one, but she doesn't know that.

    Tigra nears Clarice and spins around the girl once before finally stopping and jolting to a halt with a giggle from her lips. "Oh, this is stupid fun. C'mon!" She says, extending her tail again to help Clare up onto the watermotorcycle if she wants.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde surrenders the puppy to others as they come over, passing him to Ruth after having accepted many puppy face licks from the little cutie. "He's just adorable," Kitty tells Rogue. And at Thor's comment about the name not fitting, Kitty gives a laugh. "Oh trust us, it does!" she says with a laugh.

The comment from Max gets a grin and Kitty slides an arm about his waist and side bumps him. "It's ok, you wouldn't be the first," she tells him. "And, it is pretty strong," she says, recovering her cup of the Asgardian drink and taking a sip. She's ready for the fiery liquid now, not showing as much reaction to it as the first time. Though Kitty does seem to have a bit of a permagrin going.

Kitty moves over to the table that has started collecting a few presents. She picks one up and shakes it. It's Julio's. Not any sound from it. After a moment's thought she unwraps it and removes a jacket. It's made of denim, colorful about the cuffs and colors and with a row of hearts over the chest pocket. But the back is really what makes it shine. A text bubble, situated as if the wearer is the one speaking, and a single word. JERK! Kitty sees it and covers up her face as she starts laughing. "Julio, this is from you? It's amazing," she says, though shaking her head at the memory it evokes.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The gust of wind manages to knock the cups from her hand. Gah blasted! Thankfully, no one was nearby to get rattled with the splash. If Ruth had the inclination to pout, she would, but her path continues towards the gathering and.. Puppy!


Ruth immediately sits down cross-legged, not forever consumed by it's adorableness, but damn close. She was 'aware' enough to tilt her chin towards Maxwell, and then wave in return.

"Hi. Who are you."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Here Clarice was, considering whether to teleport back out to the beach, stay a while longer, but then there's a wild Tigra approaching. In an unsteady enough jetski. A dubious brow quirks up on the purple-haired mutant and she pulls herself up to Tigra's jetski. And .., tail help? She doesn't take it, unsure on whether it's an offering of help or not. Hey, all she knows is never to pull on any cat's tail. It's a rule!

But eventually she does climb up to the jetski. "Let me guess, you are just like Julio. First timer.." Oh, great!

But she holds on. It was time for some .., 'fun' apparently! Hopefully the non-injury kinda fun!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby grins when Julio comes and plops down on the sand next to him. He doesn't even need the puppy-dog look to hold his plate out to Julio for him to take whatever he wants from it. He takes another swig from his drink and offers that as well as he relaxes on the sand, just watching everyone having a good time from where he sits, content for the moment just to enjoy some of the food. There's a glance over in Ororo's direction, and the booze, and he smiles a little amusedly.

After he hands over the food he lies back, propping himself up on his elbows as he watches Clarice and Greer out on their jetskis, keeping his eye on the ramps, perhaps, maybe considering making them a little bit less slippery if there are any mishaps.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max offers a grin back at Kitty, bumping hips back with her, and then goes about procuring his own cup of mead. Heeding the warning of the god of thunder, he tilts the cup back very slowly until he gets a couple of drops on the tongue. Tears form at the corner of his eyes as he coughs, those droplets of water sparkling like gems from the illumination of his eyes.

"Oof. That's good." He then gazes down toward Ruth, coughs and then responds, "Maxwell Wave. Call me, Max. Friend of Kitty's.. Disciple of McCoy. Guest of the school. What's your name?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, seated on the cooler on the beach with her sunglasses on and straw cowboy hat shielding her eyes from the sun, looks up to see the mead offered and then Ruth's approach being stopped by the lovely Stormy, this makes her grin at the interaction between the two. "You're my savior for the day, anyhow, Ruthie." She says to her, even if the drink was swiped away or denied it's delivery!

When Ruth sits down, the Yellow Lab pup rushes toward her to try to puppy-tackle her!

"Remy brought this lil'fella inta my life a couple weeks ago. Been keepin' him locked up in my room ever since, so he can get used'ta my tyrannical authority." She explains with a little grin.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "OF course, I've never been wealthy enough to jetski." Tigra explains and revs the engine on accident causing the thing to lurch forward and she giggles again, "Okay, maybe ... maybe you should drive." Tigra says with a look over her shoulder to Clarice and offers the handles towards the mutant. "I'm awful at this sort of thing." The orange striped woman offers, though she can't help but wanna gas the machine more.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio takes a swig of the offered drink, then perks up as he hears his name called. With a taco scammed from Bobby's plate held in one hand, he twists around in the sand to get a look at what Kitty's holding up, then nods and grins. "Si -- That one's from me." He seems especially pleased at her nostalgic expression as she sees the jacket's back. "That moment is pretty much legendary," he tells her. "I heard all about it from some of the others in the Academy." After a happy second, seeing that the gift made a good impression, he turns back around to relax in the sand and wait for his ship to come in.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth was a savior this day. It was a feeling that made her all proud, even though the frightening Ororo had her powerful say. "Okay, Max. Friend of Kitty. Disciple of McCoy. Guest of the school. I am Ruth." That was Ruth's attempt at a joke, and she smiles a little, not trying at all to beat back the attacks of the Lab. "This little fellow will save your life." Ruth says to Rogue. And it's true! "But tonight he will take you from a deep sleep because he has to pee."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
The offer to take the reins brings a laugh out of Clarice. "And here I was thinking we were going to live dangerously." she gestures. "Go ahead and drive..., I have done it a few times." the joys of having lived on a tropical island.

Yet as she is the benevolent kind of mutant she offers some guidance. "Just try and give it just a little whiff on the handle until you get the hang of it."

One of her hands -does- hold tight to the jetski though, ready for a mishap. It was always hard those first few times. Julio was a testament to it.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty takes another drink of the mead, though she nearly has it go down the wrong pipe as she observes Maxwell's reaction to the strong drink. He wasn't there to see her struggling to not cough audibly when she first tried it. "Good stuff, isn't it?" she says with a grin. There's just a little more sway to Kitty as she stands there than there normally is. Though it's time to the music, so it might just be a reaction to the beat.

Kitty looks over at the puttering jet ski. "Bobby, did you want to go give one of your ramps a go?" she asks him, reaching over with a foot to gently nudge him where he sits in the sand. Her own food is finished off. The red Solo cup of mead is much lower than it was before, though some left still.

"Remy did good then," Kitty tells Rogue of the puppy. "Oh, and Greer, Tigra... this is Rogue," she offers now that the feline-woman is back on shore where that particular introduction can be made.

Michelangelo has posed:
"...duuuuuuude." The low-pitched drawl is made from a certain humanoid hiding like some creeper in the shrubbery in the space behind the beach. Having coincidentally been in the area for a pizza run pick-up, the green, glowy-light-show that Julio performed had caught his eye. Aliens, perhaps? Bad guys hatching a nefarious plot? It had to be either one of those two options, meaning he just had to at least suss it out. Imagine his surprise when he stumbles across a beach party, filled with athletically toned guys and equally fit gals, all in beach attire. Some on the sand, others in the water. Maybe this was where they were filming the new Baywatch movie? And... was... was that Thor? "...//awesome//... These are my people..."

Wearing some street clothes in an attempt to stay under cover at a glance, the orange-themed turtle stumbles over the ridge and jogs down onto the beach proper. Some black sweats can be seen on his legs, with a bright orange stripe along the sides. A somewhat torn hoodie can be seen over his large torso, the hood drawn up over his head. Lastly? Orange-tinted sunglasses over his eyes. On his back is a large, square looking backpack.

"Guys, guys!" He offers to anyone that will listen. "I can totally be in this movie too! Let me be an extra! I have all this pizza I can trade if you let me in." As he unslings the backpack and lets it down onto the ground, Michelangelo reveals that his backpack is some sort of portable... one-of-a-kind pizza-oven-backpack, designed to keep the contents within piping hot. Given how much his family consumes, there are at least a dozen pies stacked within, the smell of which now beginning to drift across the sands. Pizza goes well with drink, right? And beaches?

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra looks at Clarice and then wiggles her eyebrows and before looking forward she starts to move the craft with a twist of her wrist. "Woooo!" The orange woman hollars as she pushes the two of them across the water. "This is awesome." Thankfully her hair is still wet enough to not be whipping Clarice in the face as Tigra takes the jetski in a lazy kind of circle, chopping at the waves and bouncing heavily before she looks at one of the jumps and decides against it, instead she slowly and lazily brings them back to shore.

    Turning it off Tigra leaves the key hanging on the handles, "Drinks?" She asks, offering to help Clarice off and back onto the beach though at least shin deep in the water. When Tigra stops and lifts her chin and takes a wiff of the air. "Something's different." The tiger-woman notes as she bends into a hunch and starts to lope towards the group. "Smells like a pizza... turtle." Tigra says as she walks past the group and ... growls faintly at the puppy, but it's so cute, so it's only a faint growl as she keeps looking for the new smell.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max offers a genuine laugh at Ruth's humor and then nods, "Nice to meet you." Kitty gets a sheepish grin of mild embarrassment in regards to how he's handling the liquor. He pats his chest and nods. "Yea, really good."

Max crunches into a taco, looking to get more food on his stomach to hopefully soften the effects of the liquor. When he lays eyes on Michelangelo, he immediately questions if he's already suffering from alcohol poisoning, and just maybe, he was some kind of hallucination. He doesn't stare or gawk though. Having a pair of 'everglowing eyes' has taught him a lot of empathy for those obviously more then human.

He looks to those around him offers a little, "Huh. Definitely haven't met that guy before."

His gaze then follows Tigra as she walks by. He makes a 'wow' face as the another Avenger is just... right there. He crunches into his taco again, keeping his mouth busy.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Honestly, Clarice was expecting a crash of some sort..., eventually. But Tigra appears to have good control and so when they reach the shore she grins. "You are a natural." a hop out of the jetski and she is finally touching firm ground with her feet. A brief wiggle of her toes on the sand and she moves in. Some new faces had arrived!

The smile is evident in the young woman's expression when she takes note of both Max and Rogue. "Hey guys, good to see you here." she points with her thumb back to the water. "Though I think you guys just missed Tigra's baywatch moment.." a shame!

Eyes are turned over towards the cute puppy and Ruth nearby and -finally- she is able to find a moment to address the other mutant. "Hey, I am Clarice." she tells the party DJ.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Sure, let's give it a go," Bobby grins at Kitty. He leaves the food and drink with Julio and gets to his feet, moving over in the direction of the jetski. He hops into the water and then pulled himself up onto it, holding out a hand to Kitty to invite her to join him. Once she's settled onto the jetski, he starts off slow, getting a feel for the controls. And then they're off. He takes off in a wide arc around the platform with the slide on it, and makes his way over to one of the smaller ramps. "Hold on!" he calls out. He hits the ramp and it launches them into the air at a low height, skimming the surface of the waves and then dipping back down on the other side with a splash. "Wooo!"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
When informed of the beach party Doug's response was 'I have to work - I'll be there late' - But he's finally shown up. A giant turtle walking on his hind legs in disguise comes walking by, he doesn't even seem to pay it any mind - but he does set down a shopping bag with some tissue paper hiding the contents nearby.

"Nice turnout." Doug says, before he goes to find himself a drink.

"Oh cool. ...Anchovies, pineapple, and roma tomatoes." Doug says, lifting a slice of pizza off of Michelangelo. "...A turtle who's also a pizza gourmet. New York." He takes a bite. "Pretty good, though--"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go up to the surfer-guy in the rather concealing / covering clothing expressing his desire to be in this movie. She reaches up to lower her aviator sunglasses down to the tip of her nose and peer out beneath the brim of her straw hat to eyeball him with her green hued gaze. She grins at what she sees.

"You some kinda lost'n'confused Pizza Delivery man, Fella?" She asks him in her thick southern drawl.

Jeepers, the Yellow Lab at the end of the leash that Rogue is holding from her perch on a white and blue cooler, lunges at Mikey! But in a happy way! He's trying to get to the Incognito Turtle Man to greet him!

BUT, the puppy is distracted by Greer and turns to bark at her! High pitched puppy-barks!

Rogue glances in the direction of Bobby as he and Kitty head for his slides. "You're an artist with those things, Drake!" She calls out after him.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins as Doug arrives. She moves over to give her old friend a hug if he allows. She's got on a very happy face, wearing a bikini and with damp hair as if she's been in the water recently enough to still be wet, but out on the beach long enough for it to have evaporated off the rest of her skin. "Glad you made it!" she tells him."

Kitty looks up as she hears Michelangelo as he approaches the beach. Her head tilts a little to the side in a curious look.

She moves over nearer to the clothing-wearing turtle. "Hey, didn't expect anyone out this way," she says. She gapes at the contents of the pack. "Especially with pizza. There isn't a fraternity house somewhere going to come want to kick our butts for taking their pizza, is there?"

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell offers Clarice a slight nod as he swallows his mouthful of taco, being near Ruth and the puppy at the time. His gaze does occasionally glance back in Mikey's direction, Max seeing more than most with his unique senses. He knows the normal forces that pull at a human. The hidden shell had a heft to it that dulled the effect of any disguise.

He looks back to Clarice, "You opened the portal to Genosha during my rescue. Wanted to say thanks for helpin' those mutants get another chance and to escape all that rage and hate. Heck, you got them out of there before the big shrink down. So, yea. Thanks again."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug points to the bag. "I got you a gift. Not that any of us have time for that kind of thing, but hey. 40th anniversary." He shrugs, and holds his slice up in the air as Kitty hugs him, and then says, "It is a keen turnout though. I think I saw Thor flying overhead on my way here? Good on ya. Sorry I've been out of touch - possessed and all that. I'm fine - it's fine - but there's a line forming behind me, so." He wanders off to kibitz in the crowd.

Michelangelo has posed:
Mikey's attention drifts across the scene. At one point he can see Tigra stalking across the beach like some sort of predator. Another glance reveals Bobby doing JUMPS on jet-skis. His baby blues may have even caught sight of a puppy as well. All that's missing is the ball pit. Before he knows it, Doug has already officially made the transaction that gives the turtle permission to linger. At least in his own mind. "Nice choice, my dude. Actually, I didn't make these. I can slip you the number who did if you're keen, though. But you're right, hm?" Another look goes out to the scene in its entirety: "New York."

Rogue's direct question earns a smooth chuckle, before he crouches down to welcome the attacking pup with open arms! "OhmyGodthisisjustthebestdayEVERRRRRR!" Giving him a ruffle, the ninja in disguise stands back up. "But na, I'm no delivery guy." Pause. "That's a pretty sick accent. Also, nice glasses. Straight fire, girl." Mikey adjusts his own sunglasses. They aren't aviators, but they're not far from them style-wise.

"So I'm guessing this //isn't// a movie set." The declaration is made as Kitty approaches, perhaps upon realisation that there are no cameras. This is a legitimate party of some sort. Kitty's question earns a mischievous chuckle, as if he's not entirely sure how to answer. "With any luck you won't have a bunch of angry turtles chasing after you all. But hey, don't you fret. These are mine to give. I was on my way back home when I saw this green light. Thought it may've been aliens or something. Came to suss it out." With the box of pizzas now on the ground, Mikey extends a fist to bump Kitty's own. "I'm Mikey."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Least I could do." Clarice says with a nod towards Maxwell. "I am glad I could be of help. Enjoying the party?" a look around, then to the mead table. "There's .., asgardian mead I think. You guys should take advantage of it." she suggests with a knowing wink. Of course that she still has to actually have a drink of it. Details! She is just the enabler apparently.

But that new arrival doesn't exactly go unperceived, even if a bit later as she was just getting out of the water. She peeks towards Mikey.

"Aliens? What gave you that idea?!" says the purple-haired, unnaturally green eyed mutant.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes a moment to stand up and open the cooler she'd brought to pull out an ice tea bottle from it. "Awww, thank ya, Sugah." She says back to Mikey when he compliments her accent. All the while, Jeepers the Puppy, has re-engaged with the Turtle's very on-point expression of Jeeps' current feelings toward this very fine day! The puppy is a wiggle machine of excited emotions for the Pizza Turtle!

"That's Jeepers." Rogue says, taking her seat again and opening her bottle up. "He's gonna wake me up at night when he has t'pee for the fifthe time in an hour." She sips her tea after opening it up and smiles toward the others. She offers Doug a wave. "Douglas. Good t'see ya." She looks to Clarice again and smiles at her. "Aliens, it's always aliens when there's no other reasonable explanation. That's just how the world works...""

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra's nose leads her towards Mikey where she stops in front of the 'man' and puts her hands on her hips towards him before looking towards Kitty, "He one of yours?" The Avenger asks, before it seems cool with everyone else that he's here. Stepping up closer to Mikey she whispers a few words towards the dude in a half shell before leaning back and then turning around towards the other new-commers where she realizes the dog is close so she bends at her knees and rests on the balls of her feet.

    Letting the dog sniff her clawed fingers she gives the creature a soft ruffle of his ears with a smirk before she stands up, "Stay cute forever kit." Tigra teases the dog before looking back to Max and Rogue and the crew before she pauses and looks around. "Where did I leave my soda..." A wave of her hand and she figures she'll solve that mystery next. The dripping wet tiger approaches Max first as Mikey seems to be flirting with Rogue, no need to get in the way of love. "Heya, I was nervous early, but I'm Tigra. Who're you?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde bumps Mikey's fist back. "Not a movie set. I'm Kitty," she tells him. "It's a little birthday celebration, but mostly just meant to be a fun time, so come in, enjoy yourself," she tells him. She doesn't try to offer explanation for the ice ramps out in the ocean, or the ice slide on the floating raft. Though with two Avengers and Max's glowing eyes, plus the green light show from Julio earlier, those probably don't really stand out as being infeasible.

Kitty waves Mikey over to the tables. "Help yourself to food," she says. She stops at the table that has the presents where Doug set down the bag. She picks it up and gives it a tiny shake, hearing just a bit of rattle from it. "Doug always gets the best stuff," she says, pulling the colored paper off the top to check the bag's contents.

She pulls out a Gundam model. Char's Zaku. The sight of it makes Kitty give a great big grin. "I don't have this one yet," she says, which of course her old pal would know. "Thank you Doug!" she says brightly, setting it back into the bag and putting it over with the jacket from Julio.

Kitty looks to see how Greer and Clarice are doing and finds them back now. She wanders over that way, recapturing her red Solo cup with the Asgardian mead in it. She takes another sip. "Woah," she murmurs under her breath.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell holds up his cup of mead and nods to Clarice, "Yep, just gettin' started though."

He takes another sip from his cup his eyes widening over the brim as he notices Tigra approaching him. He coughs again, somewhat in awkwardness and somewhat in the strength of the mead. He pats his chest and swallows, setting his plate. "Max.. Maxwell Wave. Friend of Kitty's. Guest at the school."

The illumination of his gaze shifts from a sky blue to a seaform green, maybe as a strange response to the alcohol. He muses, "So uh.. I guess Kitty has all kinds of friends. Known her long?"

He then looks toward the Birthday girl and raises his cup in her direction as she wanders back over. "My gift.. will.. uh.. take just a little bit of explanation. So let me know when you are opening it."

Michelangelo has posed:
"I dunno." Michelangelo replies to Clarice with an earnest shrug and a grin. "Why not? Green lights normally means aliens. Haven't you seen Independence Day? They were all about those green lights. Besides, with all the stuff that's been goin' down recently, more aliens wouldn't surprise." Crouching once more to engage Jeepers, Mikey gives the pup a three fingered pat. "Aw, you can't help peeing five times an hour, can you man? Naw you can't. Don't worry. Sometimes I pee five times an hour too." Oy vey. Standing back up to distribute the delectable pizzas so others can munch on them at a whim, the turtle clears his throat. "So, uh, who ARE you guys, anyway? It's like I've walked into some sort of Spring Break movie."

Tigra's arrival earns a look UP, given she is so much taller than him! He gulps a bit, clearly a bit intimidated. Fortunately he seems to escape her wrath, a slow sigh escaping his lips.

"Awesome to meet ya, Kitty. Get out of here, it's someone's birthday?! Who's birthday is it?!" An eager glance around is made as he tries to isolate the birthday person! Someone with a party hat on, perhaps. "I can totally sing the song if someone wants me to. I don't mind." Slowly yet surely he saunters over to the food table, eyeballing the options.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Right? It's like, where's everyone's imagination...." A roll of her eyes given as Clarice looks at Rogue. But she's grinning, tone mostly in jest. And with the acceptance of Mikey to join up things appear to be back to normal. "Awfully big clothes to be wearing on a beach though.." she tells the incognito turtle.

But it's when she notes that both Kitty and Max already got their mead that she looks alarmed. "I better get my share before you guys just drink it all." she mutters. She takes a step towards the table, making sure to get a little bit inside her cup. Just a bit, really.

"Hey, Doug." She greets the other newcomer before she swiftly looks back to Mikey.

"Fine, you got me there.. I wouldn't mind some aliens if they came with a Will Smith attached too." don't get her started with movies!

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Red Comet," Doug says, "It's classic." He puts his hands on his hips, and looks out toward the ocean. "I'd take a swim, but I didn't bring my bathing suit." He shrugs, once, and then tilts his head at Michelangelo. "We're uh--" He thinks about that, his eyes rolling upward.

"...A Cosplay appreciation society? Watashitachiha supahiro to shite doresuappu suru no ga sukidesu."

Bobby Drake has posed:
After the ride out on the jetski, Bobby eventually makes his way back to shore and collapses on the sand somewhere near Julio, just enjoying the party and getting to spend some time out in the sun enjoying himself along with the others. His own gift is left with the others for Kitty for her to open up later. Only when things wind down does he eventually head out when Julio's ready to go.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra smirks a coy smirk to Max as he coughs up some of the hardest liquor, period. "Nice to meet you Max, um, Kitty, I've known her about... thirty minutes? Yeah, thirty." Tigra motions with her still very wet hair towards Ruth, "I'm with her, and even her I don't know THAT well." Tigra says with a shrug of those fuzzy shoulders and a small smile before she cants her head. "School? What school are you talking about?" Doesn't sound too famliiar with any special school.

    Tigra hears movie talk but doesn't interject, she doesn't want to be rude. No instead she keeps her attention on Max, "So, the glowing eyes, do they... just... glow?" Yeah, smooth small talk Stripes. Smooth. "Y'all don't drink too much... I don't want to have to bury everyone's lunches in the sand... again." Again? She's had to do that before? Maybe it was an Avenger's party gone poorly?

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers is dramatically unsure of who to pay the bulk of his attention too, Greer or Mikey! But since Greer is a filthy cat, he primarily chooses the incognito Turtle! He lunges from one ot the other, but eventually just falls over and rolls on to his back to pant, pant, pant, tongue lulling out of his mouth.

"We're celebratin' Kitty's birthday, and we're... uh... we're from a bordin' school, that if ya even remotely try'n explain out loud, it just sounds creepier'n creepier. So, yeah, it's a school, in an old mansion, that is filled with kids and.. Okay, I'm gonna stop. Enough said!" Another sip of her tea is taken then and she smiles as she sits up to adjust her hat on her head. "Nice sunglasses yourself too, I dig the orange lenses." Rogue glances then to Tigra, eyeballing her for a moment. An Avenger, like that handosme Thor... A her bonafied 'super hero'. The kinda stuff she's been trying to get in on.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde picks up another present, this one happens to be Max's. She tells Mikey, "My birthday actually. Happy 19th. Still a teen, but finally an adult. Mostly," she says with a wry grin. She moves over to Max's side, motioning with the present so he knows she is opening it. She leans over to whisper something to him really quietly, a movement of the present making it seem likely she's saying something about his gift.

She opens it up then and pulls out a perfectly spherical globe of what looks like glass. She holds it up to the sunlight, and then looks at how it scatters the light, and focuses some of it on the sand beneath her.

It only takes Kitty a second or two for a look to register as if something clicked. "Thank you Max. That's really awesome," she tells him, leaning up to brush a kiss to the taller boy's cheek. "I can guess what you went through to make it," she says to him warmly.

The young woman looks back to Mikey and nods at Doug's explanation. "And what about yourself?" she asks as she gestures towards Mikey. If anyone else wants to see the perfect glass sphere, she shows it around.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max's eyes widen a bit at the question. He shakes his head then sorta nods, "Well, yea. They just glow. Honestly, not exactly sure the connection to my mutation. I've heard some speculation about exotic matter having a unique reaction to my environment that manifests in a harmless glow."

He shrugs then assumes she's at least somewhat curious about his powers. He holds up his cup and abruptly, it begins to float in the air like it's in zero-g. "I control and perceive forces. The control part having a pretty short range. Lots of little tricks about it, but that's the short version."

Max stifles a burp with a beat on his chest. It's clearly the result of the mead being a bit strong on his stomach. "Yeaaa.. I'm definitely.. going to.. umm.. Take it slower on that. Yeouch."

He glances over toward Kitty after the kiss to the cheek and blushes a little bit. "Thought you might think that's cool. It's -perfectly- round. A perfect sphere based on every instrument and method of measurement I can discern. I know you are a big enough nerd to appreciate that." He winks at her.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Yeah, it's a security thing." Mikey replies honestly to Clarice. "It's a long story, man. Maybe can tell you later. But need the clothes on for now." A grimace flashes across his face, but it's gone as a slice of pizza is picked up. His brothers aren't likely to forgive him for this pizza betrayal any time soon! So may as well enjoy this moment while it lasts. "Right? Will Smith is the man. One of my brothers thinks Goldblum carries that movie, but I say no way Jose."

Doug's Japanese earns a curious head tilt, but he doesn't say anything in return. Coincidentally enough, Michelangelo is fluent in the language.

"School, huh? Awesome. And Kitty, it's YOUR birthday?" Rogue gave it away first, but she just confirms it. "Dude! Why didn't you say anything?" Feeling in his pockets for a gift to give the host that let him in, Michelangelo chews on his lip as he feels some mild anxiety swell within.

"Oh!" The compliment he gets from Rogue sparks an idea in his head, his three-fingered green hand snapping as a result. Reaching up to take off his sunglasses and subsequently revealing the baby blues behind, he offers the quite-fashionable orange-tinted specs to Kitty. "Here. Happy Birthday, dude. Thanks for letting me in." Unlike the rest of his clothes, the sunglasses actually look reasonably high-end. And not broken, to boot.

"Not much to say about me, really. Home schooled, so I miss out on all this stuff. This is just like the movies, though. Plus a puppy." Rogue is given a thumbs up. "You guys live in a mansion? Me and my bros are in the sewer, deep underground."

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra keeps chatting with Max, "Okay, that's cool... So you could like, make yourself fly, yeah?" The tigress asks, but suddenly doesn't expect and answer as Kitty shows up and then shows off the gift that Max made for her. And here Tigra is, showing up uninvited and offering a tour of HER home. Lame.

    Tigra slowly turns and moves back a few feet to where Thor and Ororo had been lounging in the sun and where she had started building a sandcastle not long ago.

    "Hey my drink." Tigra celebrates with herself as she hops a last step to pick up her can of clear soda and opens it. No booze for her, not when she's the 'adult' around. Gotta be the responsible one since Thor and Ororo are off, sliding like teenagers too. "So what's your name?" Tigra asks, stepping up to Mikey again and Rogue, bending down once more to let Jeepers come at her and bite her hands if he so wants while she talks to the two.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Juuuust a tiny sip. That's how much Clarice gets out of that glass of mead. It makes her go from grimacing to them letting out a 'Wow', shaking her head a touch to herself. Well, that certainly hits the spot!

"Goldblum can go back to being the Fly for all I care." She says back to Mikey, but she smiles at turtle even if finding it awfully odd that the man continues fully dressed in a beach, that raised brow saying just that. But no judging out of her, nope.

She grins at that perfectly glass sphere then, taking a curious peek at it. "Beautiful." she says in approval, resting one hip against the food table for support. What, that mead is strong!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde has a big smile as Max comments on the creation of it. "see, I love that you know it's fine to call me a nerd," she says with a laugh. Knowing his power, she had definitely jumped ahead to the conclusion on the gift. Kitty nods towards Greer. "He's made me fly before," she comments to Tigra before Mikey's comments draw her attention back that way.

The Jewish girl's expression softens quite a bit. There are some present, like Ororo, who could probably guess Kitty's memories of the Morlocks have been triggered there. "Shouldn't have to live underground," she comments to Mikey sympathetically. "We're about as nonjudgmental of a group as you'll find, so, don't worry about appearances or the like with us," she tells him.

Kitty motions to the table of food. "If the pizzas were for them, can also take some of the food back with you if they'd like it," she offers.

And then he's gifting her his glasses. "Oh, Mikey, thanks, you really don't need to though. The biggest gift to me is just having a bunch of friends, and some new ones, around to celebrate with," she tells him. The sunglasses are held where he can take them back if he likes, though they aren't forced on him either.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Tigra gets an answer from Max despite the attention from the birthday girl. She was an avenger after all. "Yea, that's one application."

He looks down at his cup then grins a bit at Kitty. "There's a Nerd t-shirt in the mail too. I was gonna wrap the sphere in it, but it got delayed."

Max seems a bit pleased that his gift is well-received. He brings his cup to his lips, not really paying attention, and takes a larger drink then he should. His eyes widen, and he coughs again. He sets the cup on the table and shoos at it. "Oookay. Not drinking... any... more of that."

With a brief application of his power, he falls side-ways in apparent slow motion until he's laying out on the sand. He even bounces a little bit and then normal gravity kicks back in.

Michelangelo has posed:
"No way man, you keep them. Seriously." Michelangelo insists on Kitty keeping the sunglasses. Though they aren't nearly as impressive as the sphere presented just before, they're still something. "Just make sure to wear them around inside all the time so you look like a real badass, hm? Heh heh." Taking this as a moment to reflect on his circumstances, the turtle shrugs. "Well, we make do. Living in the sewers isn't all bad. We got this cool lair-chic thing going on. Bunch of old couches. Some old TVs, lightning internet. But I'm happy to hear you guys aren't all judgy." Clarice gets a bit more attention then, casting a curious look at her. No better evidence of the lack of judgment than Clarice looking to just be herself. "Preach to me, girl." He responds to the clear-mutant. "Goldblum can ride straight back to Jurassic Park, know what I'm sayin'?"

"You really think it's okay if I take leftovers back to my bros? Honestly, they'll be stoked. Well... maybe. Hey, since you guys have been so welcoming to me, if you're ever in Brooklyn, feel free to hit me up. I can give you guys a local tour and best pizza places to hit up."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde doesn't push the issue with Mikey, keeping the sunglasses and slipping them onto her face. "How do I look?" she asks, striking a pose in her bikini and sunglasses like she were on the cover of Vogue.

She grins and says, "Thank you, Mikey, these are very nice. They'll always remind me of making a new friend," she tells him. She holds up a finger to wait and goes over to a bag, pulling out her phone and bringing it back. She sets up a contact for Mikey and gives the phone to him to put his number in.

She turns back, watching as Max makes the slow fall to the sand and chuckling. She motions towards him as she looks towards Tigra. "See. Floating," she confirms. Kitty picks back up her own Solo cup and takes a sip. Each sip is probably like doing two shots of something strong. "I might be doing the same if a little less gently," she says with a laugh and a look at the cup.

Kitty motions Mikey towards the table. "We have more food than we need. Load up," she confirms.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Taking a moment to ignore Jeepers, Tigra frees her hands to open her drink and takes a sip before lowering her hands, one with can, the other letting and encouraging the dog to play maul her all the wants. She's tough. "Brooklyn huh? I'm up there all the time." Tigra remarks towards Mikey, "You can't be too far from the Avenger's mansion, I'll be sure to swing by with some itallian, for sure." Tigra says as she fully sits all the way down on the sand, uncaring about how much will stick to her still damp fur.

    Looking at the downed Max, Tigra lifts one eyebrow and then the other eyebrow towards Kitty, "Birthday girl, go big or go home. Take a sip. It'll be a blast, even if you don't remember it." Tigra winks from her seat with a yellow dog chewing on her fingers.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"And then get eaten by the t-rex." A classic. Clarice does laugh though, shaking her head a bit to herself. Mmmm, it was indeed a good mead. Another tentative sip. Uff, better not to abuse.

"You do realize we need to take a group selfie, Kitty, right?" A nod towards her. "Specially with those sunglasses on." apparently they have wide approval from the gathered mutants!

"And ok, that's a cool power.." she says about Max's power. "I can already see all the lazyness potential..." fine, she is tipsy.

"But great to meet you." She says to the turtle. "I am Clarice."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max offers a thumbs up to Clarice from his spot on the sand and whistles at Kitty as she poses with the sunglasses.  "Wow.. this stuff is unreal. It needs a better label... Like with the proof or something."

His head spinning a bit, he coos and feels the warmth. "Okay, definitely laying here for a bit."

Mikey gets similar thumbs up as Clarice as the comment about being not being judgy. The illumination of his eyes going through a few rapid color shifts before settling back on blue. He chuckles, "Don't judge lest you be judged, man. Or well.. I certainly get it."

Michelangelo has posed:
Michelangelo makes a square with his fingers by joining four together, two on each hand. The mock 'frame' is made as he lines Kitty posing up in front of him. "I'll say just one thing dude: don't let your Mom see you like that." As he exchanges digits with the birthday girl, getting out his own phone (one of those cool expanding shell-phones), he nods in confirmation at the leftovers for food. "Awesome."

Shutting the phone, Mikey pivots. "Clarice, huh? Great to meet you too. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Pause. "We're totally vibin' on the same waves. Not many other people can relate to Will Smith totally crushing that movie, while at the same time kicking Goldy out of it." Like Kitty before her, the turtle offers a three-fingered fist to bump in introductions. Max's eyeflash is seen as well, met with just a smile in return.

"Wait, what?" Tigra's comment cause his eyes to widen significantly. "We're THAT close to Avengers mansion? I had no idea! That's awesome! Man, wait till I tell Leo and Donny... they'll flip." Mikey waves a hand. "Hey, uh, you don't think //I// could join the Avengers, do you? Is it like a college application? Do I have to sit a test or something?"

Greer Grant has posed:
    "I think Tony or Hank or someone tried to get the proof down... I think they said it was like a hypothetical number or something like that. I remember they would say it was 'I' or some dumb thing like that. I didn't get it." Tigra explains to Max as she looks up to Mikey, and then back down to the dog and then looks towards Kitty and all. "I'll take your photo for sure if you want a group pic." The tall redhead says with a kindly smile from her seat near Rogue and Mikey, she's not really that close with anyone nor is she really a 'mutant' like everyone else here. "Clarice, your power is super cool and lazy too though, don't be jelly cutie."

    Tigra then glances back to Mikey and winks, "Yeah, you gotta be like, a super geni-" Then she snorts, "No you don't gotta be a genius, I'm on the stinking team. I don't know. I'd have to get you to meet the other team members and then we kinda go from there. It's not as formal as everyone makes it out to be. At least not for us cool cats like Thor and me."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Yea, we all cool here." Clarice says to Mikey, a nod of reassurance. "Specially that guy there." she pointing with her thumb behind her towards the water where Bobby is hanging by. "Specially that one." the coolest of them all!

And she surely fistbumps with Mikey, a grin, then she goes over to fetch her phone so they can do the number-exchange-ritual-thing. "There we go."

A look is given to Tigra then. "So, honorary Avengers everyone..? For the afternoon at least." she says amusedly. Though the talk about her power makes her gasp. "My power is really not lazy at all. No idea where you got that idea from."

Michelangelo has posed:
"Seriously?" Michelangelo gapes, seemingly in awe at the notion of joining such a legendary team of heroes. "I can meet the other team members, totally. You know where I am, so if you get some time and they get some time, let's organise something." Seemingly beaming with excitement now, the turtle hops from one foot to the other. Meanwhile he starts to pack up some of the leftovers into that portable-oven-backpack. "I don't know what some of these foods are, but I don't even care!" A hearty laugh escapes his lips as he chews on some more pizza and other foods.

"Are you allowed to tell what your power is, Clarice?" The question posed is done with a mouth half full of foodstuffs. "Is it the green eyes?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde made a trip over to the van parked on the beach, supplying the music that Ruth set in the playlist through a pair of large speakers setting in the back of the van. She adjusts the volume slightly to aid conversation and returns. There's a little sway to her walk, a result of the Asgardian mead rather than an attempt to be sashaying. The occasional need to adjust her balance makes that part clear.

"Best birthday ever," she comments, plopping down into the sand as he had foretold would happen. "Yes. Pictures. We need pictures!" she announces in agreement with Clarice. "Lots of pictures. Because I have a feeling some of us may not remember this later. Like... me..."

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Clare, I'm certain you're the only person here, or most anywhere who could make me look like a fool without moving." The black striped woman says as she rolls onto her back to look up at the blue sky and stretches her hands above her head.

    Turning her sand caked head towards Mikey, "I mean yeah, I think I can arrange a meeting, for sure. It's up to you to impress them. Y'know?" The Avenger smirks as she laces her fingers behind her head and closes her eyes, trusting these people fully for the first time as she takes a moment to feel the world around her. Tigra raises her hand with the palm flat, "I'll do the pics if you just gimme a phone or something."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Oh, don't worry." Doug says, having materialized from the crowd... somewhere. "Some of us are stone sober. So uh, Michelangelo--" He inquires, curiously, "You said you live in the sewer under New York? That's -- interesting. I've heard accounts of cryptids... the Alligator-Man, the Rat that walks like a man - but I always assumed those were just Morlock sightings."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Yes." Clarice says in response to Mikey. "It's the eyes. Photographic memory, all these eyes land on I memorize. How do you think I know all this about movies, uh?" She tells the greenie with a laugh, but then she shakes her head. A secret? Not exactly. "But no, not that. What I can do is teleport." she explains with a shrug. Not that she goes into the details of it. But there it is.

"Tigra is offering, so lets get those pics started mmm? For posterity." She says in agreement with Kitty. Pics needed to be had!

"What about what you do, mmm? Any powers?" She mostly likely thinking Mikey is a mutant. Well, in a way.

"I think that not even drunk I'd dare to try and make you look like a fool you know?" This she says to Tigra.

Michelangelo has posed:
"I can totally impress the Avengers." Michelangelo boasts with an air of confidence, though does idly wonder how he would do such. "How many other turtles are on the roster? Surely has to be not a lot, right?" Doug's question earns a nod in response. "Totally. And hey man, call me Mikey. Only Father calls me Michelangelo. It's funny you bring up the Rat that walks like a man, actually, cause that describes Dad really well." Pause. "...damn. I've got to stop spilling family secrets. Uh, this is all hush-hush, right? I can trust you guys? My family has had some trouble with bad guys hunting for us. The Foot. The Hand. Other body appendages, probably." A hand is waved rather dismissively again.

"Photographic memory, huh? Awesome. And... I dunno! I thought you just binged them over and over like I do. Heh. Wait, what? Teleport?" Mikey blinks, trying to process such a power. "...awesome." Sidling up to the group in order to pose with the group for a picture, Michelangelo considers how to answer Clarice. "I'm a turtle, so I got a big shell and can swim really well, but me and my brothers are pretty awesome ninjas." That sounds... bizarre when it's said so matter-of-factly. "Seriously. That's why my street disguise is so good."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde offers her camera back up after unlocking it and switching it over camera mode. "Too bad we didn't get Julio on the jet ski," she says with a lazy, somewhat drunken grin. Kitty climbs back to her feet, and one of her eyebrows goes up a bit at what Mikey has to say.

"So you and your dad have similar mutations? Your brothers too?" she asks. Then a bit of a frown forms across her face, which it soom becomes apparent has to do with them being hunted.

"Why are they after you? Does it have to do with shipments of some sort?" she asks, perhaps curiously pointed. Her head tilts just a little bit, giving Mikey a better look. She holds up a hand off to the side but head high. "Let's see a kick," she tells him as she gives him the target that most people would lack the flexibility to reach.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "I don't think you'd dare, but you COULD. That's what I'm getting at." Tigra says, laying her hand on the beach and rolling to look towards Clarice with a playful wink. "You're much too smart for that." Tigra is almost Cheetah at this point she's so covered in sand on her back and sides and head.

    "I think it's in my teeth." Greer complains, sticking her odd tongue out and trying to get the grains out and failing. "I might need some of that booze..." She says, trying her sprite but not finding success in cleaning her mouth. She steps over towards Kitty to take the phone and exclude herself from the photo, cause she's so kind like that. "Hey, I got an idea, Clarice, give me a portal like, a few feet up over there." This isn't her first photo shoot it seems but it is her first with a teleporter.

    "Hey, kicks later, pics now!" Tigra says, trying to round the group up quickly so they can get this part done and she can get some drink to get her mouth clean.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is on the beach playing frisbee with Jeepers who's running around on the sand and running AWAY from the tide when it wahses up across the wet sandy shore! The dog drops the frisbee when it spots a crab trying to hide in the sand, which means it's barkbarkbarkbarkbark time! Reaching up to hold on to her hat, so the wind doesn't take it, Rogue walks over to the pup to pick him up to spare the crab from his puppy-wrath. She starts to walk back toward the others, raising her bottle up to take another sip from it's half-emptied source.

Michelangelo has posed:
"I guess?" Mikey replies to Kitty with a shrug. "To be honest I never really kept up to date with how and why. All I know is we used to be turtles. Then we got hit with some sort of mutagen, then when we grew up we transformed into yours truly." The revelation that he is in fact NOT human, or rather, never was, is made rather casually. The continual line of questions seems to make him a little uneasy, his body shifting a bit as he digs his toes into the sand. It's hard to not answer a young woman wearing a bikini and great sunglasses, though. Sunglasses tinted with his favourite colour, to boot! "I dunno all the deets, Kitty. All I know is the that the bad guys want our blood. Probably does all sorts of different trippy things." The invitation to kick Kitty's hand earns a healthy smile, but Greer interrupts. "Maybe later, hm? I don't wana kick the birthday girl."

Posing for the photo, Mikey throws a loose 'shakas' with his hand as he smiles widely. He does take a damn good photo.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"I also know that you speak Japanese, since you understood what I said earlier." Doug says. "We're... pretty good at keeping secrets, in the broad sense. You've got nothing to fear from us." He says, as he puts his hands behind his back.

He tilts his head. "So... I have to ask, Mikey. How did you guys come into being? I've -- encountered animal mutates before, but I have to level with you, they were *way less* advanced than you."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Oookkk, a portal? Clarice looks to doubt this will work well but ..., she may as well oblige. So she opens up a portal near where they are and one above them. Pic from above kinda thing? Suits her?

She moves to gather up with the rest of them so they can get a nice group photo going.

Michelangelo has posed:
"That question is like asking why Will Smith kicks ass in movies, bruz." Mikey replies to Doug in a rather philosophical manner. "Or why cheese is on pizza. No-body knooowssss." Mikey waves his hand at that last part, really ramming home the mystery part of it. "And yeah, I speak Japanese. Father really drilled it into us growing up while teaching us ninjutsu. It was this whole thing. Anyway, if you're really curious about that stuff, you should speak to my brother Donny. He's the real brains of the group. He's the one that designed that cool backpack-pizza-oven." The turtle points to the backpack he brought.

"Uh, am I allowed to visit your school to hang out or anything? I can bring my brothers along if you guys wanted to mee them. If it's a school that is friendly towards mutants, I think they might be interested in visiting. Some of them need to learn to make new friends." The turtle winces. "One especially."

Michelangelo's eyes nearly pop out when he sees that portal. "PORTAL!" He hollers, pointing at it.

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer gets set up and aims the camera into the portal so that the angle will look like it's from high and everyone's chin looks amazing! Greer waits that extra moment to give Rogue time to get into position with her dog, as well as the stragglers and lazy beach bums too. Everyone's in it except the Avengress.


    "Awesome you guys." Tigra says and stops, before she stepped into the portal and hurt herself, she goes around and holds out the phone for Kitty. "Happy birthday again, and really, I'll get you a tour and maybe some concert tickets, I did the same thing for Tony's, I can do it for you too for sure." Not that Kitty would like Tenacious D tickets, but we'll see.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Hm. Makes sense." Doug doesn't pry any further, instead dutifully posing for the photo. At the inquiry, Doug looks over at Kitty and raises his eyebrows, before he glances at Rogue - he puts his hands behind his back again.