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Unexpected Sightings
Date of Scene: 03 March 2020
Location: Central Park
Synopsis: The sight of a pegasus in Central Park brings a few people together.
Cast of Characters: Heidi Ingerdottir, Samuel Morgan, Achilles, Xiomara Rojas, Megan Gwynn

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
While not a perfect day in Central Park, the clouds have parted just enough that there's a touch of sun and there don't seem to be any rain clouds in sight. Which means, of course, that the park is full of the usual bicyclists, dog-walkers, and general lovers of the outdoors. While not packed, there's just enough to make it busy--and to be able to notice when something's a little off.

Some distance away from a large field of grass is a more secluded section of the park. A good cluster of trees obscures a small section in all directions other than a small water feature in the front. It's on the far side of the water, away from the trees, that a tiny handful of people stands, pointing and whispering in the direction of said trees.

Something about an animal being back there? Maybe something from the nearby zoo?

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    On any day where the sun is out, or when it's not absolutely pelting it down with rain, or at the very least on any day when it's possible to set foot in the park one way or the other, there are two types of people to be found: joggers and dog walkers. Right now, Sam is being the worst of both worlds, that awful amalgam, that bane of all loiterers... a jogger, with a dog. As far as he's concerned, it's a beautiful day, and a perfect time to do another mile or two of exercise while at the same time exercising the German Shepherd trotting by his side.

    His route takes him right by those trees in a few moments. Always scanning ahead (and sideways and up, just in case), the teenager notices the group from a while away and wonders what's up.

Achilles has posed:
    It may be difficult for Heidi to recognize the old Greek dude in the park today. Mostly because he is dressed differently. In an expensively tailored business suit. Not even designer label, it's totally custom. VERY VERY dark gray, with a baby blue buttondown shirt. The vest is the same gray as the coat, but has an honest to goodness watch-chain crossing over the abdomen.
    He has his hair tied back into a ponytail, and is standing in line to get a cup of coffee from a cart in the park.
    Full disclosure, he just finished a business meeting and decided to walk back to his hotel rather than taking a taxi. And the park seemed to call to his soul... so here he is.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    And Crush? Well, Crush was here to take a nap. Central park is nice. The grass is nice. And it's not like she has to worry about anything when her good friend Obelus is taking watch. As such, Crush is laid out under a tree, her head resting on a coil of chain. The chain sits not unlike a snake- albeit a snake with a girl's head on it's coils. The 'head' of the chain seems to dip and 'watch' the world. Shifting only to wake Crush when the people start to gather.

    "Wut?" Crush mumbles as she sits up, "Obelus?" she asks, the chain answering *KA-KHANG!* the sound of heavy links crunching together. "Oh, alright, I guess we should check it out. Kinda sucks to mess up my nap, though." she mumbles as she stands up.

    Obelus, that odd chain floats up behind Xiomara before wrapping around the teen protectively, mostly around her waist- but up her side and across her shoulders. Much like a very metallic snake.

    She then moves towards where those people are talking about animals that belong in zoos.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
It's soon obvious enough what creature is being concealed in the trees. While it was only quiet conversations before, several people now are startled as a mythological creature emerges from the trees. A white winged horse, a pegasus, makes its way out from the treeline in a slow trot. No one really scatters, as it doesn't seem to be coming near them, but they're certainly staring.

"Eira, stop, you're going to scare those Midgardians," Heidi directs towards the pegasus. She, too, emerges from the treeline, jogging at a quick pace to try and keep up with the creature. "And what have I said about running off?"

Achilles has posed:
    The irony is.. the Pegasus did not originate in the Norse Myths... it originated in the Greek ones that happened centuries earlier. But nobody is trying to grab glory here. In fact, Achilles has stopped trying to seek glory. He stopped that after ten years of war at Troy.
    But he turns with coffee in hand and spies the Pegasus. He splutters as he was taking a sip, but manages to barely avoid spilling it on his nice suit.
    "By Poseidon's beard.." he mutters as he starts walking towards the steed... coffee set down on a bench and pretty much forgotten. You see, Poseidon was invoked because in the myths (well, history if you ask Achilles), Poseidon was the father of the first Pegasus. He himself is a great grandson of Poseidon... his grandparents being lesser sea gods themselves. But he approaches with hand outstretched, not even realizing what he is doing.. .just striding forwards towards the animal with a boyish smile on his face.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Okay. That's not something you see every day.

    In fact, that's not something you're supposed to see, ever.

    Once the Pegasus trots out of the trees, Sam starts to slow down to a walk, and approaches with a look of youthful curiosity. Granted, he's already writing a message on his phone to send off to a certain agency should this turn a bit /too/ public, but he doesn't need his hands to do that, so he just appears to be very interested in what is, for all intents and purposes, a splendid winged horse. Followed by what must be, by dint of pure mythological deduction, a Valkyrie. Either someone was going to have a very bad day, or Asgard was getting a bit more open with its presence on Earth.

    "Have a mind of their own, don't they?" the teenager smiles, and gives a quick wink down to his own companion, Bear, to make sure the Shepherd knows he wasn't included in that statement. "Beautiful. Seventeen hands?"

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "It's just a horse with wings, Obelus." Crush begins, eyebrows narrowing as two others start to walk towards the winged horse. Well, when in Rome or maybe Athens, in Achilles' case. That, and she can't really help but feel a sense of awe- it's not a normal creature, is it?

    "Hands? Dude, it's a horse, it doesn't have any hands." Crush says over towards Samuel, shaking her head, "It's got hooves- four of'em, see? Right there, plain as the wings on it's back."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"Careful," Heidi calls loudly. "She tends to bite if she doesn't recognize you. She's not as people-friendly as I'd like right now, though I suppose it's expected for a war horse." She strides forward, catching up with the pegasus who comes to a halt noticing others slowly approaching. She turns her attention towards the one who seemed to know about horses. Samuel is given an appraising look. "You are familiar, yes? Just a hair shy of seventeen. And she /certainly/ has a mind of her own.

Eira seems a bit antsy from the way she moves, but at the very least she hasn't bolted and remains within Heidi's close reach.

Achilles has posed:
    Someone who has spent time around horses.. a LOT of time. But there is very little that Achilles hasn't spent a -lot- of time doing.... let's be honest. Anyhow, he keeps approaching slowly. Hand outstretched. "Shhh... aren't you beautiful?" he asks. "I had no idea that Pegasi still lived.." He glances over towards Heidi briefly and lifts his brows, "Odd... Asgard?" he asks. "Not Olympus?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn was enjoying a nice casual stroll through the park (that totally didn't involve getting stuck in trees for once!) when she had to stop an take a double take. "Heeeey, is that a pegasus!? Eeeek!" she squeals, quickenning her pace to see the pretty horsie. "Wow...Sooo pretty.." she gushes.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    A friendly smile appears on Sam's face, head tilted slightly to the side. He has his hands clearly visible, coming to a stop just outside of bite and kick range. War horse... that makes sense. "I've been around horses. And I figured she was just about the same height as me. May I ask, what's her name? I'm Sam, and this marvelous specimen of canine..." Bear gives a happy 'whurf' rather than a full out bark, clearly having some experience with horses himself "... is Bear."

    Achilles gets an odd look for a moment. Still lived? That... implies a great many things.

    Finally, Sam smiles to Xiomara "The height of a horse is measured in hands, from hoof to withers... the shoulder. Seventeen hands is just about five feet and eight inches."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    Crush keeps her distance from the horse- and the woman who apparently owns the horse. She's really not entirely sure she trusts a horse, in particularly one with wings. She's never seen a real horse before anyways- so that she's suddenly being introduced to one with wings is sort of a hard step into the unknown.

    "Why would you measure an animal in hands?" Crush asks, shaking her head, "Doesn't make any sense. Why not just use normal measurements like inches or somethin?" she shakes her head. The Chain she wears continues to 'watch' the crowd- seemingly on guard duty.

    Crush turns when she hears Megan's voice, "Oh, hey Megan." she offers to the other teen. "Good to see you again."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"Surprisingly, she's better around animals than she is around people," Heidi laughs, though she does sound serious shortly after. "Do approach with caution, I do not know how easily Midgardian's bones snap under an Asgardian horse's bite. There's always time to find out." The last part sounds like it's supposed to be a joke. She peers at Achilles. "Indeed, Asgard. I've been working with them for... hundreds of years now. Probably nearer to a thousand."

She nods at Sam. "I am Heidi, daughter of Inger, of Asgard. This is Eira, who is a little less trained than I'd like her to be, but I thought a little test out here was in order. If I'm to be on Midgard any amount of time, I need her to be unafraid when it comes to the differences here."

Achilles has posed:
    "Huh." is the totally eloquent reply from Achilles. He stops approaching and nods his head. "Eira. Such a beautiful name for such a majestic creature. The first pegasi, I am sure you realize, was created from the blood of the gorgon Medusa. Poseidon helped to tame the creature." he says softly, as if reciting known history. But then he grins sheepishly and shrugs his shoulders, "Or so the stories say." he adds, lying badly in claiming it's just a story.
    He reaches a hand up and rubs the back of his neck. "Oh hello there. The ultra polite Valkyrie, yes?" he asks as he recognizes Heidi, his attention focusing on her fully for the first time.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn beams at Crush. "Hiii! How you been? I still have your flask, I'll give it back in a sec.." right now, she's totally obsessed with the pretty horsie with the wings. "Oooh, is she yours? From Midgard? Like, like, the place where Valkyrie come from? Oooo are you a Valkyrie? That's sooo coooll.." she gushes some more. Ooh, so she's from Asgard then, so cool! "What's the horsey's name? I've never ridden a horse before but it looks soo much fun!"

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "I am son of none, but it is an honor to meet you, Heidi, Ingersdottir. And you, Eira." Sam seems utterly genuine about all of that, which may seem odd to people who have met him several times before. Candor is not normally his thing. "It's certainly a week for notable meetings, isn't it?" This he directs more at Xiomara, complete with a wink. That's twice now he's run into the rock fan teenager.

    Achilles, once again, gets a look. And this time there's more effort in it, as certain features start to become almost familiar. No, are familiar. That attempted heist in Metropolis... "I'm sure we've met before, sir. Or, at least, there is someone in Metropolis that might be your twin."

    Bear looks between everyone and bonks his head in the side of Sam's leg, giving a significant look. The teenager looks down, follows that glance, and sheepishly adds. "Hi Megan. Been a while, hasn't it?"

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Yeah. I got more, they're not hard to find." Crush says over to Megan- taking a step back so the shorter teen can go all horse-girl on the poor winged horse. Sam's wink in her direction only gets a stare.

    A long and clearly unimpressed stare from the very obviously not 100% human teen.

    Crush takes a half step back- but watches Megan closely as she approaches the horse. "Careful, Megan. Just cuz you both got wings don't mean you're like soul-sisters or somethin'." she teases. "Anyways, story is she might bite."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"Interesting history. Was that within the last millenia or before that?" Heidi raises an eyebrow at the story. "I've not heard such Midgardian tales." She chuckles. "I am honored you've given me the moniker of polite, but I am not a Valkyrie yet. That is a title bestowed upon someone, it has to be earned, but I have worked hundreds of years for it. It may be only a matter of one honorable battle left for me to achieve it."

She peeks over at Megan. "Midgard is where you are now, Asgard is..." She raises a hand up towards the sky. "... that direction." She gives Megan a very serious look. "If you would like to touch Eira, stand where she can see where you are at all times. Be gentle." One hand goes to rest on Eira's neck, keeping a careful and watchful gaze upon the creature near her.

She gives a look to Sam at his mention of being 'son of none', but she doesn't pry. "It is an honor. But I would say that all meetings are notable meetings, no matter how small they might be."

Achilles has posed:
    "Oh yes, well before that. The stories that come out of Greece are maybe... three plus thousand years old." states Achilles before he nods to Heidi, "And I have no doubt that you -will- earn such a title in time." he adds before turning his head to Samuel with a sheepish shrug, "I and my company are based out of Metropolis. I just maintain a secondary office in New York City. So yes... you were there for the Star Labs energy weapon attempted theft... the one where that insane girl made it even more chaotic with her bazooka?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
"Eira. What a pretty name! Hi, Eira! You're a good horsey aren't you?" she reaches out a hand to the pegasus and nods to Heidi, doing her best to move slowly and stepping in front of where horsey can see her.

Megan does looks around, noting other familiar faces, waving at Bear and Samuel, and Achilles too. "Ooh, I know you guys!" she makes a face, "No tree jokes, either, okay?" because she totally didnt get stuck in a tree again today!

"Heey, I've been okay, you know, met some interesting people who might be able to teach me some magic..Who knows? And a girl who's a bit like me perhaps..A fellow Fae maybe? How've you been?"

Turning back to Heidi she nods. "Ooh, this is Midgar? That's a pretty name..Sooo is Asgard far away? Does that make you an alien? Can I ride your horsey? She's soo cute!" too many questions..

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    An unimpressed stare. It's a while since he had one of those. And Sam responds by just keeping up the smile. "Very true. But not all meetings are with a pegasus, a visitor from Asgard, or the appearance of an extradimensional entity."

    It's as if he's only just now recognised Achilles, or from what particular incident. But he's still in public, so the bit of, pardon the pun, greek theater is necessary "That's where I've seen you before, sir. We were both watching that, I think. From the sidelines." Not, as might otherwise be claimed, running over thugs with a car, or shooting them at close range, or stabbing them with a spear. None of those things. Watching. From the sidelines. Like innocent bystanders. "Might I ask, what company do you own, sir?" Because he has an idea that he might know.

    "Been okay, Megan. One day at a time, you know how it is."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "So. What, you ride this horse into battle or somethin?" Crush asks next, attention on Heidi. "And then you become a.. whuddya call it- Val-carry?" she continues to ask- perhaps not the most educated person among this particular group.

    Obelus, that thinking, feeling bit of unbreakable chain rises up a little further- links sliding along Crush's skin before it comes to rest partially on her head. One triangular shaped link facing forward as if the bit of chain was getting a better look at both the horse and Heidi- before it's attention turns towards Megan, and then to Samuel and Achilles. Is that chain judging these people? It may very well be the case.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"Well, I have only personally been alive about half of that time, so I cannot tell you from firsthand experience the origins," Heidi says, the smile on her face remaining cheerful, perhaps a touch mischivious. "I am honored to have such faith placed on me." Her attention swings back to Megan, keeping an eye on Eira as she's approached. "It would be complicated for me to explain the Nine Realms, but Midgard is one, as you see here, and Asgard is another, far away."

She glances between Megan and Xio before she continues. "You don't ride a winged horse into battle to become a Valkyrie, you fight in battle to earn the title of Valkyrie and the right to ride such a steed. Valkyries are the mightest of female warriors, able to wield weapons while flying and are considered some of the most powerful warriors that Asgard has." She pats Eira's neck again. "Eira here, will be mine officially once I have the honor of being a Valkyrie."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn hasn't forgotten about Crush's flask and she smiles, pulling it out of her jacket, handing it to her, but being careful not to let Eira have any. Horsey might not like alcoh--errr innocent fruit juice! She grins as Crush, "Heey, I tried my own special recipe too, hope you like it!" she grins and winks impishly at her.

She peers curiously at Achilles, "Yeaah, what kinda company you work for? Like, Greek theatre or something? That's cool, I did a term paper on the Illiad not long ago.." looking back to Heidi, her eyes are wide with wonder. "Woow, nine realms? where are they? can you fly there on horsie? Oooh, is it really hard to become a Valkyrie?" well duh, most likely, "That sounds kinda scary.."

Achilles has posed:
    Inclining his head, Achilles states, "From what I understood, the Valkyrior were more than -merely- fearsome warriors, but those who would escort the souls of the valiant dead to either Valhalla or Folksvang." he says with a shrug.
    But then he looks to Samuel and then Megan before smirking and shaking his head, "I just have a love of history. I actually own a company named Myrmidon Personal Security. We train and assign the best bodyguards to those who need them." he states, like a walking advertisement for the company.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Ah, what a coincidence." There is no such animal "I think your company is doing the security for a gig for one of my friends. I told him he didn't have to worry about a thing when he told me you were providing the security team." A blatant lie. But Sam smile when he says it, and mentally connects a few dots. "Now I can tell him I met the CEO. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that."

    Bear bonks him on the leg again, and this time Sam looks down with a shrug. You smell like you are lying, human. Why do you lie? Friendly humans everywhere! Look, big winged dog too!

    Of course the sentient chain gets a bit of a look, and the teenager doesn't seem to be entirely happy about being near it. It looks too... alive. And he can't sense the damned thing.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "So, is you just like borrowing her right now or somethin?" Crush wonders next of Heidi. Crush reaches up to scratch Obelus' 'chin'. The Chain gives a shiver- metal clinking against metal.

    "Thanks, Megan." Crush says, taking her flask back. She opens it up and takes a long pull- it's a rather large flask. The kind that could keep a party going on it's own. After her drink, she slides it back into her jacket- some pocket inside easily keeping the large flask.

    "Bodyguards, huh?" Crush asks, "How's that work with all them meta-humans?" she wonders, "Like, I mean, seems like if peoples want you to die these days they just hire big bads who are super strong." she continues, frowning a bit.

    "Ever since Superman died, it been like that. Lots of big, strong bad people thinkin' they're the strongest around. Ain't right. Always someone strong out there, though, not sure how you can protect against them. You don't look that strong." she says over to Achilles in a rather teenish attitude.

    Crush can't help but remember playing with her parents- pretending to be Superman as a kid. TO make all the hurt go away and save the world... it made sense then.

    Crush just looks up from her thought. "So, what sorta battle you hopin' for? I know a few places where people can fight for money, that the sorta thing you're lookin' for?"

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi doesn't seem annoyed by Megan's questions, instead seeming to enjoy being able to explain things. "As I said, it would be a little long of a story to explain the nine realms, but perhaps at some point I'll sit and tell it." Eira gets a firm pat on the neck and a stroke in a soothing, comforting motion. "Being a Valkyrie is being acknowledged as one of the greatest most elite warriors. I have spent hundreds of years training. Training, and raising these beauties." She does give Achilles a very clear 'I'm trying to figure you out' look. "Only the strongest warriors are rewarded by an escort by the Valkyries into Valhalla."

She looks towards Xio. "Borrowing's the wrong word for it. I train her, as I train all of the winged horses for the Valkyrie. I am merely trying to give her a little exposure to life on Midgard. If I find it strange and confusing, I figure she'll need a little adjustment too." The mention of a battle does get her to tilt her head. "Ah, it is not fighting for sport. It is more that I need to prove myself in something a little more noble. Sport is merely training, and quite enjoyable."

Achilles has posed:
    Now semi-clamming up, Achilles gives Heidi a knowing smile before shrugging and turning to regard the man who asked about his business.
    "Well." he begins, going into CEO mode, "The best bodyguards are not there to fight. They are there to be alert and aware of trouble before the trouble turns into danger. And to steer their clients away from it. So we prize judgement, focus, and the ability to respond to perceived problems before they evolve. That is how it works in a day of superhumans. But in the end, I would not discriminate. Human or Superhuman alike would be welcome in the company."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn ooohs, "Security? Oh..." well that's not as cool as theatre, and he probably totally told her that before but her brain is a basket case. She peers curiously at Crush's chain thinger, arching a brow, "Ooh what's that..?"

Looking back at Heidi, she nods and smiles "That would be cool...Waaait, hundreds of years? How old are you, exactly?" she quirks a curious brow, "Ooh, so do you have more winged horsies? Can I have one? Pretty please?" and she looks up at her with those cutesy eyes, wings fluttering excitedly, enough so that they poke through her thin jacket. - Oops!

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Everyone has a weakness." Sam mentions to Crush. There are ways to kill practically anyone, although he doesn't mention that he has seen, studied and even developed methods of killing quite a variety of metahumans, including several very specific targets. That was his previous life. The other part seems to get more attention.

    "Oh, where are those fights? I could always use a bit more money." A certain news story has just popped up on his phone, filtered from the feed by his own filters. But it looks like he's going to need money. And quite a bit of it.

    Megan's question earns yet another smile, and Sam shrugs over to Heidi. "I guess you get that question a lot."

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Oh yeah, I love the fights I get into! It's a great way to make money." Crush says with a wicked, toothy grin- her pointed canines speaking of something other than human. It might seem an odd thing for a teen girl to say- she can't be older than sixteen. "That's why I'm called Crush. I crush all the opposition." she explains, "And I like to crush stuff." Still grinning.

    "Guess that makes sense." Crush then offers to Achilles. "That's what Obelus does for me. She's real smart and pretty much always on alert. Knows when trouble is comin'." Crush puts a thumb up towards the Chain sitting on her head. The chain that seems to be facing Achilles and sizing him up.

    "Oh? This is Obelus. She's my oldest friend." Crush offers to Megan. "She's a good friend, pretty funny."

    Crush looks at Sam. "I don't think they'd take you. Don't look strong enough." she states plainly.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi smirks in Achilles direction, and as he turns his attention away she turns her to Megan again. "I'm afraid I cannot give one to you, but maybe in another couple hundred years if you prove yourself an avid warriors it might be considered. I myself have been training for a long time." She does have to think a moment when asked her age. "Ah, I do remember being told Midgardians had a very different lifespan. I am sure a hundred years must seem like a very long time to you." She smoothly escapes saying exactly how old she is.

She chuckles. "Usually I don't get people asking for them, as they are not often /on/ Midgard. I am not surprised that people are so distracted by Eira, seeing as I do not believe there are similar creatues here any longer." Her attention turns over to Crush. "It does sound like you would do well in a brawl. It would be interesting to watch, at the very least."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding slowly, Achilles glances to the chain and shrugs. He doesn't seem to react in a disbelieving way. But then again, in his life he saw a princess who gave birth to a Minotaur because that princess -loved- Poseidon's sacred bull... a little too much. Ew! Plus.. he knows Hephaestus.... sentient magical chains would be a walk in the park for the god of the forge.
    "Well, good to meet you both." he says before looking back to Heidi and just falling quiet to observe.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn pouts a bit, although she kinda knew she'd say no anyways. "Awwe...I dont think I'll live that long..I mean, to faeries live that long? I dunno..Never met another one before.." she smiles, "Oooh, could you train me? I'd love to learn how to fight better.." she nods to Achilles, "Well that kinda makes sense. It's better to learn how to avoid a fight and keep the peace, then just train to be super strong and stuff, right? I mean, I'm always getting into trouble, but not so great at getting out of trouble.."

To Crush she arches a curious brow, "Obelus? It..She has a name? That's cool..Is err..Obelus sentient or something? What's she think of me?"

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    This time, Sam practically grins towards Xiomara. "I know, right? That's why I'd clean up until people got wise. Strictly unarmed, I figure? That limits options but I'm not complaining." He's either very stupid, or not nearly as helpless as he seems. But for now, it appears, he lets the topic drop. Fight clubs... why hadn't he thought of that?

    "I've got to go, have to finish another two miles before I'm done. Good meeting you all." And with that, Sam takes to his heels, jogging away, followed a moment later by Bear, who gives a last glance and 'whurf' towards Eira.

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    "Brawls are a heck of a lotta fun. Kinda gets my blood up just talkin' about'em." Crush admits with another wide grin. "Almost makes me wanna get into one now." The half-Czarnian admits, before her red eyes slide over towards Megan. "I dunno." she replies, "Obelus, what you think of Megan?" she asks of the chain.

    "Yeah, but with people like me there, you'd get your ass handed to you, dude." Crush notes over to Samuel. "They ain't interested unless you can really throw your weight around." she explains, "It ain't fun for them unless it's like titans fightin' in the cage." And then Samuel is on his way.

    Obelus unwinds some from Crush's body, still touching the paper-white skinned teen as she explores this new person, Megan. *KA-CHANG!* Obelus speaks! "Obelus says she likes your wings." she offers over to Megan, even as the chain curls up again around Xiomara's waist.

Achilles has posed:
    Narrowing his eyes, Achilles mutters a bit before he can really stop himself, "I used to fight for fun and glory in my younger days. Best lesson anyone can learn is that fighting is never glorious. Unless you are fighting for others, for a cause... but not just for the sake of fighting." he offers before he shrugs his shoulders and gestures out of the park. "My lady. I will hope to run into you again in the future." he says to Heidi.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"To be honest, I'm not sure how well Midgardians fight. I have seen a few prime examples, but I believe they are the exception and not the rule. It is difficult to gage if I would be able to teach you anything particularly useful," Heidi offers Megan a warm smile however. "I am pretty good at teaching people to let loose and enjoy themselves, however. That's a good skill to learn." She nods in Achilles' direction. "And I will hope to run into you as well, friend."

But Eira seems a bit antsy, so Heidi reaches up and swings herself onto the pegasus' back. "Whoa there," she directs the horse in a soft tone, steadying her. "Eira should be returned to Asgard for a well earned rest and an apple. It was a pleasure meeting you all." The pegasus makes a snort of agreement, it seems. "I am sure we will all meet again."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks at Crush's chain, eyes widenning as it seems to move of its own accord. "Wow..That's really awesome! Thanks!" she grins at the chain, "You're pretty cool too, so is your friend Crush!" she peers curiously at Achilles as he says that, nodding slowly, "You're right, I guess fighting is best when used for self defense.." Megs doesn't look like a very strong fighter though. She almost looks delicate even. However, her phone rings then and she realizes she is late for curfew. "Eeps! I'm sorry, I gotta go, nice meeting you all again, and you too, Heidi!" she smiles and waves to them all before she leaps into the sky and flutters away..

Xiomara Rojas has posed:
    Crush just nods, "Alright." she offers to both Megan and Heidi. "Come on, Obelus." she offers to the chain as she turns and takes a few steps. "Let's go get ice cream or somethin'." and then three, four steps later she's leaping into the air- a truly impressive leap that has her clearing even the tallest buildings nearby. Disappearing across the skyline.