265/Mischief Managed

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Mischief Managed
Date of Scene: 04 March 2020
Location: Basketball Courts
Synopsis: Rose has a message, everyone else is probably confused. Except Carson.
Cast of Characters: Rose Wilson, Carson Deschain

Rose Wilson has posed:
The night is still young, for the most part. By someone's standards at least, but by most reasonable, law-abiding citizens it is really late. Which might explain the huddle of two rather large, rather unsavory sorts that are standing in one of the shadows, holding a quiet conversation that includes such things as an exchange of goods.

Rose, neither large nor doing anything overtly illegal, is hanging out nearby, watching the pair of them from the safety of her own shadow. There is a very gentle flare of red when she lifts a cigarette up to take a drag from it.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Garbed up in his third string, mil-surplus suit, Carson is on patrol... such as it is. Alleyways are always a check-spot and he is perched above, watching Thag Bigman and Brock Chunkfist down below. Straining to listen, slowly lowering himself closer and closer, intent on finding out if he needs to be concerned about this.

Rose Wilson has posed:
It's probably concerning. What is exchanged is cash...and some kind of small object wrapped up in plastic.

Weed? Crack? Cocaine? Potentially worse...?

What it is doesn't become clear right away, but that doesn't stop Rose from moving forward towards the pair, taking one final drag from the cigarette before she flicks it towards the shoulder of Thag Bigman, where it bounces off.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Watching the inevitable turn of Thag Bigman to the butt hitting him and the girl with... One eye? Not something seen every day. Keeping an eye out, ha, below - if she's willing to throw a lit smoke at a man she's likely to be able to handle herself.

But sometimes things go wrong.

Standing up and moving closer, Carson adjusts his goggles and jumps, soaring a good twenty feet up... and then plummeting between the buildings. Gaining momentum until a person might have their bones explode... Carson just lands. No flex of his knees, no breaking cement or even dust being kicked up. All of the kinetic force soaking up into his cells and making him feel suddenly very, very, awake.

Rose Wilson has posed:
The Bigman is really not amused by this, nor is his 'friend'. But the friend just see's a girl, and doesn't seem to think that Bigman needs much help beating up a girl, so he starts to melt back into the shadows.

"I've got a message for you." Rose points out when Bigman turns towards her, and the message that she has? It isn't a cigarette to the shoulder this time. Instead it is one balled up fist swinging towards his face, which requires some movement forward and a little bit aiming upwards.

Carson, and his epic super hero landing, go unnoticed.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Hardly epic! He didn't drop to a knee. There wasn't even a loud boom or thud from the landing! It's as if there was no force to his landing at all. But Rose seems to be handling herself quite allright with Bigman.

So, clad in shades of gray urban camo, Carson steps up next to Brock Chunkfist, arms folded across his face. "Man that has to be embarrassing. She's so small compared to him. I mean if I lacked your lack of moral compass I would have turned and opened fire."

Carson doesn't even look at the man when Chunkfist turns with a jerk, glaring at him. When his mouth opens to say something threatening Carson cuts it off with a "Shh... Dude."

Brock Chunkfist, confused alley tough.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Such confusion. Bigman is getting cold-cocked by a girl he outweights by a buck fifty, and she hits //hard//. It's not a light little love punch, not even close. Rose swings, then she's pressing that attack and using the surprise to get another good hit before Bigman can react.

There is a scuffle, and then Rose has her gun out, pressed against the forehead of the thug. "I //said// I had a message for you."

Chunkfist and Carson are complications, she couldn't possibly be meaning to let everyone survive this. Could she?

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Hey! WOAH!" A gun. No complication intended to cause problems, Carson pats the shoulder of Chunkfist with enough force to hurl the man into the wall, feeling some of his stored energy draining with that expenditure - rushing towards the other pair in a burst of expended kinetic force.

"C'mon! No guns!" No hesitation, just the intention of keeping the gun off the man, or perhaps getting her to draw down on him instead.

Rose Wilson has posed:
"Rick says hi."

Whoever Rick actually is. Bigman knows. Oh, he //knows//. Judging by the expression that washes across his face he's torn between fear and anger, not just at the actions but also the words themselves. The gun is smashed against the guys head, and Rose is on the move again when Carson starts to rush towards them. He could very easily reach them, which might be why she books it now that her job is done, not sticking around to see what might happen next.

But no one got shot.