2668/The Search for Banner: Part 1

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The Search for Banner: Part 1
Date of Scene: 28 July 2020
Location: Mancester Center, Vermont, USA
Synopsis: SHIELD discovers Banner has become know as 'nekkid guy' in Manchester Center, stayed one night, bought a truck and headed out west. He appears to have a shrunken city in a bottle with him.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Thor, Hank Pym, Natasha Romanoff, Melinda May, Jane Foster

Bobbi Morse has posed:
As Brainiac's ship went down in the Atlantic, so did The Hulk. He fought his way out of the sinking battle ship and resurfaced on the island of Martha's Vineyard, landing on half of a holiday house. A SHIELD team attended the scene and determined it was The Hulk after all. He then continued his journey west and landed in Green Mountain National Forest. There a SHIELD team found the remnants of now inert Krypton, which Fitz took samples of. Power Girl refused to go near it, but low quality satellite footage detected Supergirl had been at the scene. Power Girl talked to Supergirl and confirmed that Banner, not The Hulk, walked out of the forest.

The sleepy little town of Manchester Center, Vermont is the nearest town to the spot where Banner trekked from. It's an intersection of two state highways 30, 7A. There were other towns bordering the forest and other SHIELD teams are checking them out too. This team though is lead by Agent Romanoff. Shops line the two highways that meet at a small roundabout between Main street and Depot street. Equinox Landing Field is not too far away from the main streets and is more like a playing field with a strip for light aircraft and areas for helicopters, or in this case, a quinjet to land.

Thor has posed:
    Thor, Agent of Shield, looks remarkably like Thor, Prince of Asgard. Albeit with a more Midgardian twist. He does wear the work boots he has become fond of since he came to this world, and the ever present blue jeans and hoodie. But it's the blue baseball hat that he wears that truly seals the undercover deal though it does naught to hide his ponytail, nor his features.
    In the depths of the Quinjet he takes up two of the rumble seats used for rapid-deployment personnel though one might be slightly more for his umbrella that is held under one of the seatbelt straps. Arms folded over his chest and his head tilted to the side, now and again he will glance out the window, then turn his attention back to the others.
    Yet it's clear that Thor, for now, seems to be taking his cues from Natasha. Since she is the one who is best keeping a foot in both worlds between SHIELD and the Avengers.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is sitting next to Thor and feeling crowded. What can you do? It's not worth the Pym particles. He's wearing bib overalls, a flannel shirt under a battered red denim jacket and a boonie hat pulled low as he looks at a map on his phone. "Who came up with my outfit? They take a bribe from Janet maybe? I should be wearing a tee shirt with Thunderbolkt Ross' mug on it crossed out." He returns to looking over the map.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    There's a whole wide world Banner could have visited at any speed with a change of skin tone; but one has to start somewhere, and this is the first chunk of civilization Banner could have encountered.
    Natasha prefers to keep things low key when she can, but they may have to ask some questions and assert some authority, so she's in her Shield Uniform - or her Black Widow costume depending on who you ask - as she and the crew around her fly to their destination in a Quinjet.
    When near enough to their destination, Natasha stands and moves to the center to get everyone's attention; tapping Thor on the shoulder as she passes. She grabs one of the overhanging hooks and begins to speak.
    "Everyone. Our goal is simple today. Bruce Banner - otherwise known as The Hulk - went missing some time ago, and was last spotted nearby our destination: Manchester Center, Vermont; the nearest place he could have passed through since his sighting."
    "Our job is simply to search for any sign, clue, or piece of information we can suggesting where Banner is, and where he could have gone; and establish a timeline of when he passed through, and what he did. God forbid, maybe even find the man." Natasha sighs softly. "Our newest intel suggests that he has changed back into his Human form, and shouldn't pose a danger; that said, he has recently ingested an alien material, and hit the ocean in a ship full of god knows what else from god knows what galaxies, so the rules could well have gone out the window on that front. So be ready for anything. Any questions?"

Melinda May has posed:
May's hands are confident on the controls of the 'jet. Let's face it: This is where she's best. In the cockpit. She might be able to kick ass on the ground, but she's most at home in the sky. Nevertheless, her landing is smooth and gentle, exactly as it should be. The landing field is a postage stamp, as far as she's concerned, but she's handled worse. And the Quinjet does have a sweet VTOL system, after all.

As the jet settles and she goes through the post-flight checklist, she keeps her own attention at least half on Romanoff, so she's got an ear on the last minute briefing.

She's in her uniform, since the jet is clearly SHIELD issue. So, someone might as well sport the eagle, as it were. All it really means is that she'll draw more official attention than some of the others...

Wait. Does that mean she's been volunteered as a distraction?


Jane Foster has posed:
Manchester Center is sleepy, like just about everywhere in Vermont. Even Burlington hops along like a content rabbit. Jane certainly knows the area reasonably well, having no doubt made a silent footnote to check out a certain outfitter's shop or bookstore. "Assuming he needs supplies or just a bit of time to stay inside, Doctor Banner might check out either of these places," she explains, the tablet she carries marked by a few locations scattered throughout town. "Though as it is, nothing conclusively placing him here with similar thefts as seen in Nantucket. He might hold a lower profile, but places like this work face to face. Going straight in could be our best bet." It's cross-referenced against a database of marks queued up before the short flight from New York, and continually refined as more data scraped from local and regional sources offers a sort of infill.

She, unlike some, is dressed purely as a civilian. They need someone able to move in and out of Manchester, she's your gal, given the similarities between the Green Mountain and the Evergreen States are considerable. Hiking boots on, all signs of being an adventuresome tourist and go. No doubt she has her SHIELD identification on her somewhere, but her focus is on syncing into different systems.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Agent Wurst gathers up his gear and adjusts his uniform. He is an Agent and this is his first official mission. He is watching and listening intently to Natasha as he sits with seat belt set perfectly. Everything is exactly as it should be. He doesn't want to mess this up. Agent Romanoff is legendary, and so is Agent May piloting the jet. And then, there's Agent Foster and Doctor Pym and.. Thor? Yeah, not going to mess this up. Wide eyed perhaps, he pulls on his backpack and clips it in place. "Ready Agent Romanoff, how shall we proceed?"

The town is starting to wake up, there are people wandering around and visiting the coffee places and restaurants for breakfast. There's a contingent of tourism in the town, but not hugely so. Like many small towns in the USA, cars are the predominant way of getting about. There are a few security cameras dotted about, usually near the ATMs and service stations.

Thor has posed:
    As Natasha passes, Thor gives an easy smile, just a quick acknowledgment then his brow furrows as he focuses and listens to the briefing. A nod is given at the mention of what passed as well as what possible variables are at play, though he seems to look thoughtful at the declaration about Banner being primarily in his human form. That does make it easier. In some ways.
    "I shall walk the length of this town. Would you prefer I make myself visible so he might catch sight of us from afar and approach? Or would you prefer we catch sight of him and leave him unawares if such is an option?" Thor then looks to the others with his eyebrows raised as if to check if what he's asking makes suitable sense.
    Then back to Natasha as he adds, "Also is this the time when I acquire my codename?" His manner is serious.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks over at Thor, "I knew you could drop the 'thous' and 'thees' if you wanted! I haven't worn a uniform for a while anyway. I'm going to the Reluctant Panther Inn and keeping things quiet and easy. I don't know why he hasn't made contact but he may feel the need for secrecy and I don't want to upset him. I'll walk the west side and we can meet up in Ben and Jerry's. And no riding ants for me."

Hank looks at the map again.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods once to Thor and says "Try to be subtle and maintain distance, for now. If Banner wanted to see us, he likely would have called. I don't want him running OR changing if he's here; not before we're ready. We-" Natasha pauses and gives a very subtle double take as Thor asks about his code name. She blinks once. "... You're not a Shield asset. You're-"
    Natasha stops short and reconsiders. Thor is not an innocuous name. And it may be best if he doesn't feel left out. "... But don't go throwing your name around. If anyone asks, your name is..." Natasha mulls on this for a beat, "... Donald Blake."
    Why not?
    Natasha cranes her neck for a moment to look at the new guy with no readable expression on her face before nodding once. "Pair up and canvas the area. Talk to the locals. Ask around anywhere he may have tried to sleep or steal food. Be prepared to be lied to if anyone sympathized with him or aided him. Note anyone worth a second look." She says, unironically speaking as if Banner were some kind of criminal. "Agent May and I will speak to the Sheriff and get any security camera footage we can from the last few days."

Melinda May has posed:
May turns around in her seat, as the jet is finally in 'park'. She's kept up with the reports back at HQ regarding the Hulk/Banner situation, but this is her first time on the ground for it. Thus, she shuts her mouth and just listens.

As she does, she glances to the others as they speaks, but nods to Romanoff as the final assignments are made. The nice thing about it? Romanoff does the whole 'friendly' thing better than she.

Which, actually, might be kind of scary, if you stop to think about it.

Doesn't matter. Between the two of them, they'll get what they need, likely as not. Thus, May pushes out of her seat and gathers her gear, waiting for everyone else to clear out so she and Romanoff can get to work.

Jane Foster has posed:
"We're missing an opportunity with Shuri," Jane asides to Hank. "She might appreciate the humour." Two flicks of her fingertips and another app scrolls up, giving a spill of data about the local news. Another quick review of the latest dealings doesn't speak to anything more exciting than Orvis fishing lessons on Tuesdays, the potluck dinner -- bring your own locally-sourced food -- at a nearby lodge, and two complaints about the state of local trails being especially muddy, and some yahoo riding a mountain bike through it. Ah, the joys of quieter life.

Natasha's notes are taken in kind. She manages not to break into too much of a smile when the pause for a name happens. "Did you look into my personnel files? Great physician, no spark." A rhetorical question framed in a joke will have to stand in place of a laugh, but her mood cools back down into a professional range. Nope, not allying herself with Agent Wurst there.

With a brief nod to May, she looks between both Thor and Hank, and spreads her hands. "I'll go with 'Donald,' if you are quite amenable. It keeps us out of trouble. As the police angle is covered, that leaves us with a good chance of talking to the locals."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"You wouldn't happen to be in the mood to sample some ham auld boy? It's a twofor," a young woman standing outside of The Works' Cafe near Depot st when she spies the young agent Wurst. "I'm sorry ma'am are you talking to me?" She nods her head, "Mighty curious of ya to be walkin' around here with a big eagle on yer chest. Best ham in the chester." She offers him a small bamboo stick with two bits of ham stuck on to it. He tips his cap and takes it, tasting the ham. "Thank you ma'am," then returns back to Hank, "Nice folk here, he comments."

The Sheriff's station is a small white building. It has a lockup, it has secretary, it has offices and a secure storage room for guns and evidence. The junior office acting as secretary looks up from his cross word puzzle as he sees two very official looking Agents of SHIELD wandering in. "How can I do ya for eh?," he asks with a friendly smile. A cup of coffee sitting on the desk nearby is steaming still.

The Teams:
Agents Romanoff and May at the Sheriff's Station.
Agent Foster and 'Donald Blake'.
Doctor Pym and Agent Wurst.

Thor has posed:
    At the code name there's a small chuckle.
    "Donald Blake then, aye. And of course, Jane." His lip twists up and a glance is given her way.
    Toward Hank, Thor's head bobs and then he scoffs at the comment. Gesturing with one hand at the map held by the other man he murmurs, "We shall follow the main street and see what catches the eye? Perhaps we will find him in transition for he e'er seems restless." A quirk of an eyebrow is given toward Jane to see if that seems a reasonable course of action with her. That done he furrows his brow and then pushes himself to his feet, ducking a little so as to not hit his head.
    A few steps carry him to the side where he unclicks the seat belt and then takes up his umbrella, tucking it under one arm as he begins the descent down the Quinjet's ramp, boots clinking and clanking upon the metal as he walks out and into that wonderful Summer morning in Vermont.
    A moment is taken as he considers their surroundings, the green landscape, the town so nearby. Then he gestures with the umbrella as he tells his comrades. "Everyone remember where we parked."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym deboards the jet and looks around. He pulls a handless headset on and loses focus as he taps into the minds of a number of ant colonies. "Hey folks, anyone seen this man... Well his face wouldn't be in your view but he had bare feet for a while, nothing? Okay thanks. If I still had Korr, I'd have Bruce in five minutes. That ant could find anyone. Anyway, I'm tapped into the ant network. Any tremors and I will know it. Hmm maybe we check out a mission or church doing charity work? He probably shoed up in torn purple pants and penniless." Hank tries to adjust his hat and starts walking with a shrug.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Pausing briefly at the entrance to the Sheriff's office, Natasha gives May a very serious look that is very Nat... which turns into a look that's very... not. She's not a shapeshifter or anything, but there is a complete and utter change in both expression and body language that turns her from Shield's most reliable killer and liar; to... just...
    A god damned ray of sunshine.
    There's a spring in Natasha's step as she steps into the office and smiles warmly the junior officer, clasping her hands in front of her politely and saying. "Hello! *Sorry* to bother you, but we need some help, is there any way we could talk to the Sheriff?"

Melinda May has posed:
And, see? That's why you send Romanoff and not May to sweet-talk the locals. That instant transformation. It's impressive, really. Even May will concede that.

For her part, she simply adopts a mein that is less... ice queen than normal. She can't do the total transformation the redhead can, but she can at least try to look like she doesn't have a stick shoved so far up her butt she can't bend anywhere below the neck. That, she's pretty good at.

She walks along beside Romanoff and takes a good look around the office, cataloging what's there and even going so far as to take a look out the windows to see just what sort of view the locals might have when they're not checking sport scores on their phones.

Jane Foster has posed:
"Definitely starting on the main drag."

In agreement on that, the brunette astrophysicist makes one last look around her to assure she has everything before departing.

"Manchester has plenty of hiking and trails around," Jane explains quietly to Thor once the business of departing the Quinjet follows. Her tablet ends up safely secured in her messenger bag that she scoops up, strap pulled over her shoulder. "Suppose that our friend wants to stay off the beaten path, he has plenty of places to do it. Campsites, cabins, cottages, lots of places to stay and others might have seen him. As Doctor Pym has the south end, let's keep on ahead. There's a good few restaurants up the way, and a coffeeshop is the best place to start, perhaps?"

The place in question very well counts as special: Mother Myrick's Confectionary. Forget just coffee, something like hot fudge, mini lemon lulu cakes, and sinfully delicious raspberry almond tarts count as a good reason to go research. Possibly it's an excuse for the pair of Asgardians (one vaguely honorary and the real thing) to have a snack. That ride wasn't even with peanuts or a soda. With a bit of a bounce in her step, she blithely glides in, either letting Thor follow or hold the door. "Hello hello! I -hope- this is the place my friend got those cakes from," she tells the tall blond. Then her attention is on whomever is at the counter and unoccupied, because she awaits her turn in line like a good patron and not an annoying New Yorker or worse. "It smells amazing in here." When their chance comes... cue up the Prince of Asgard to do what he does best. Aside from the long list of other things.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"Shrf, there's some outertowners here to see ya." The Junior office says as he looks Natasha over with a returned smile. He sips his coffee without looking, perhaps some show of coordination or may be she just brightened up his morning a little more.
"Isn that so eh? Well show 'em on in."
"Doorn' the left."

The Sheriff is slowly going bald, his hat sitting on his desk and a newspaper in front of him. There's an older computer barely hanging on to the very edge of the desk. It's clear he doesn't want or like to use the thing. His badge indicates his name is Chad Schmidt. Wearing a white shirt, black tie, he smiles as he sees the two SHIELD agents entering his office. "Take a seat," he says offering and folds his newspaper away. "What kenido ya for ladies?," he says as he notices the uniforms they're wearing, wondering if this is some kind of joke. The view outside of the sheriff's office of Bennington County is of a carpark, trees, green lawns, and north main street.

The ant colonies stretch for miles and miles and they let Hank know that there _was_ a big thing over in the forest way off yonder, but not here in the town. There was a guy without shoes recently, wandering down Depot st toward the round about.. that last part, 'directionality' is something Hank has to figure out in his own head and the map he has with him. "Where do the ants say we should go Doctor Pym?," Agent Wurst asks.

Mother Myrick's Confectionary's air is brisk with sweetness. The display is filled with delectable treats and baked goods. There are a few people sitting around sipping coffee and eating pastries. Behind the counter is a young man and says, "Howsit, what can I get forya?"

Thor has posed:
    Once they're on the road, Thor smiles happily as he stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jeans and enjoys that leisurely stroll down the side street. The trees are beautiful, and that small two-lane roadway leading into the town has only the occasional truck that rambles up or down its length. At times he'll return a wave if it's offered but his attention is mainly on Jane.
    "Indeed, perhaps what we are most likely to find here is other people who have made contact with him, less likely the man himself."
    A few more strides. Then Jane offers her insight as to where to go his eyebrows raise. "Any of those would be suitable. I missed Jarvis' breakfast this morn."
    That having been said he walks with her down the way and takes the turn and in they walk to that small family-owned shop of Mother Myrick's.
    "Yes, Hello!" Thor adds his voice to Jane's. "It does smell amazing, 'tis true. I am Donald Blake, this is my comrade the good lady Jane. We would indulge in your finest comestibles. Price is no object."
    He stands there and smiles, then perhaps shoots a look over at Jane and smiles at her just as openly before looking back to the young man behind the counter. "And perhaps some coffee."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha seems to perk up when she hears the Sheriff's shouted permission, and looks to the deputy. "Thank you~" she says merrily with a little two-fingered salute from her browm casting a pleased look to May, before stepping into the Sheriff's office; where she takes a seat and crosses her legs at the knee.
    "Hello! Thank you so much for seeing us. We represent the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division?" She sorta wobbles her head with an apologetic, oddly cute little cringe of a grin and says "SHIELD." as she slides her badge onto the edge of the Sheriff's desk closest to her. "And we were hoping you could help us. We have reason to believe a Person of Interest-" she carefully doesn't say 'may be dwelling in' and goes with "-has passed through this town recently? And we'd like to review the last few days of security footage to see if we can spot him."

Melinda May has posed:
Satisfied the locals probably 'ain't seen jack', as might possibly be heard in their vernacular, May allows the very outer corners of her lips to tip into a faint smile. One of those classically polite things, rather than the warm sunshine the Widow positively radiates.

Mainly, she just doesn't want to look like a threat. Maybe, if they're lucky, the man will be so smitten with the redhead, he won't even register the Asian woman... or, at the very least, he'll be chauvinistic enough not to consider either of them a threat.

Wait. Is she actually hoping for chauvinism?

God, she's been in this game way too long.

Rather than complicate Romanoff's life by trying to make nice with the man, she just stands back and tries to look techie. Maybe, instead of chauvinism, she can get him to go with the whole Asian nerd stereotype instead.

Jane Foster has posed:
Nothing is quite so charming as a small town bakery, especially one featuring a wholesome menu of sweets and the drinks to go with those sweets. Jane drifts in towards the case with slightly less enthusiasm than Thor, but only somewhat. A survey of the morning's freshest offerings in all their crumbly, berry or lemony goodness deserves all the focus a SHIELD agent can provide. "We can't begin the day on an empty stomach," she concurs, almost grave with recognition of that fact.

The friendly young man receives an affable smile from her when she straightens up, tucking a wave of her dark hair behind her ear. "Actually, you might be able to help us out with that. I heard you had the best lemon cakes around. Only fair to pay back an act of kindness with the mini lemon lulus, right?" Her smile crinkles up. "A friend of ours might have dropped by to pick some up, but we're not sure. I would love this to be a surprise. Could you help us out?"

With a tip of her head to Thor and a widening, ease grin, she says, "He's a gentleman a couple inches taller than me, brown hair, with a fairly lanky build. Looks like a professor who escaped a few lectures and needs a big cup of coffee. If he's come by in the past few days, we would be grateful to know."

Thor has posed:
    While Jane offers a description that is flattering, Thor's is perhaps not quite as subtle in the offering. "He stands about so high," He extends a hand to the side, "Seems to be squinting often. Does not seem comfortable in his own body. Often moves in strange ways and speaks to himself at times. As well as answers."
    There's a beat as he looks toward Jane as if trying to consider something else to add then recalls. "Oh his clothes might be torn as well."
    There, assuredly that will crack the case.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym shakes his head, damping down the contact to talk to the mammal err Agent Wurst. "They said there was a big thing in the forest that's gone now, and there /was/ a barefoot man wandering down Depot Street towards the roundabout. I wonder if there's anyplace he could grab some food, maybe Aunt Bea left a pie in the window? Listen, Agent Wurst, Bruce doesn't like military, they keep shooting at him. So let me go in and talk to him. I have some history with the guy and we're both scientists with heavy issues. We'll take him somewhere for a bite and try to talk him into taking a Seconal or at least a cup of cocoa. Stay back and try to be less military. I'll tell him you're my ride." One of the things people fail to recognize is Bruce Banner has been on the run many times, is a genius with street smarts, and given a heads up, Inspector Javert would have a hard time finding the guy in a phone kiosk with the lights out. Hank can respect that.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"Fancy speak. Ahm good at guessing accents me cous'n Keen says. Dontcha tell me now Mr. Blake," the young man says to Thor as he talks. "English? aincha." He taps the tip of his nose, "I got the earyahear. Best delectables coming up. Here for the hikinorthefashin?," he asks as he puts together an ensemble and coffee for the pair.

As Jane describes Banner though his grin grows a little wider, "Ohyah, the nekid guy. Everyones been talkin' 'bout the nekid guy. My cousin' Keen, he did sell his old pickup with the wobbly axel down by Northshur Booksn' stuff, at the roundabout, can't miss it."

The Sheriff glances over to the badge and then puts on his glasses. He takes out his notepad and writes down the identification number on it, since names are not used on SHIELD badges. "Well," he says and turns to his computer and with index fingers only starts to type the number he just wrote down in to the computer to make sure she's legit. It comes up with an okay. He turns back around and smiles to the pair, taking his glasses back off. Things move slowly in Vermont, including the Sheriff.

"I reckon this is a first for the 'chester center," he says and stands up, leaning over his desk and offering a hand to each of the agents. "Tell me all about this person you be lookin' for and we'll get right on that forya. Is this person a danger?," the Sheriff asks.

Agent Wurst listens to Hanks explanation and the nods his head slowly, "Yes Sir Dr. Pym, as you like." He carefully stuffs his Hulk playing card back in to his pants pocket thinking may be this isn't the time to discuss potentially getting it signed.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha smiles patiently even as things move at what feels like a glacial pace for someone used to a bit more... urgency in given tasks. "Oh..." Natasha grins, "It's not such a big deal~" She says as she shakes his hand. Internally she sighs slightly, having hoped for a bit more blind obediance and footage, and a bit less rational questioning, but you don't always get what you want. As she reaches into her pocket for a photograph, she answers the question about the danger he poses with a gentle "Oh... mostly to himself, I imagine." She places the photograph of Banner - a considerably more flattering one than probably suits him right now - on the desk and says. "This is Doctor Bruce Banner. He's gone missing recently, and we have reason to believe he likely passed through this town"

Melinda May has posed:
Oh, May doesn't disagree. These guys move slower than... what's the best local vernacular? Molasses in January? Whatever. She's seen dead guys move faster.

But, if Widow can hold her patience, so can May. She cocks a hip to one side, just because she's shifting her weight. But, she resists the urge to cross her arms over her chest as she'd dearly like to. It... cuts off energy, or so she's heard. She wants to at least attempt to look like she's open, if not friendly.

Jane Foster has posed:
"Hiking and the stargazing," Jane tells the helpful employee boxing up the little lemon cakes and whatever else pleases her companion's palate. "You have the clearest skies up this way, so easy to track the planets and the stars with just a telescope." That more than likely outs her entirely, possibly leaving a stardust trail for others to follow or the gossips to wag tongues over rather than Doctor Banner, nekkie man.

With a little finger-wiggle, she takes a coffee and that bag. "Thank you." Brown eyes widen, a blink graceful as they come. It takes her a moment to register and react, inside of her cheek bitten lightly to keep from breaking into an astonished grin. "The naked man? Oh no, that's just something. What happened?"

She turns to Thor, the look going a bit worried. "I know just where the bookstore is. Up the road a couple of streets, it shouldn't take us too long to walk there. Keen might be just the person to talk to. If he has a truck..."

The rest goes unsaid. Wheels give mobility and less Naked Man stories in a small town, forever embellished like a big fish story, but worse. Once they get outside, some degree of swift texting to May and Natasha give them the heads up about Doctor Banner, sans clothes, a subject of civic gossip.

Thor has posed:
    Looking to the young man, Thor blinks a few times and then nods emphatically, "English, indeed." A look to Jane as if she might want to advise him to cite some other answer but then he looks back to the young man behind the counter. "Keen? At Mr. Booksen's Stuff? I see."
    Then to Jane his eyebrows lift and then resolve into understanding. "Ah, a book store. Of course." His head bobs twice as he then takes up the cups of coffee in their cardboard containers and smiles. "Thank you, good sir. You enjoy my thanks." And that said he will offer payment as he places his Avengers Card on the table with its Stark Industries Backing as well as the name, 'Thor' in prominence there.
    Once it's run he will beat a hasty retreat to catch up with Jane.
    "Naked Man indeed."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym checks the Reluctant Panther Inn. Closed at this hour. He looks around the back for anything a guy on the run could use. An unsecured door perhaps? A cardboard condo? He frowns at Agent Wurst. The two plod on to the Kimpton Taconic where the Scientific Adventurer approaches the desk and shows a picture of Dr. Banner. "Hi, I'm looking for a friend of mine, said he was spending a few days in the countryside and such. Well he wanted to get away and forgot his meds. If he doesn't get it he gets a little antsy and sumps at shadows. He wanted to be left alone and I hate to bug him but he's likely to just try to tough it out. Did he come this way? Shorter than me, brown hair, a little threadbare maybe? Goes by the name Bruce."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The Sheriff puts his glasses back on and takes a look at the photo. With all seriousness, somehow, he sits back and says. "Ayup, that's the guy who wandered in to town topless, torn up pants barely staying on, barefeet. Talk o' the town that one, was goin' by the name Raymond. Stayin up at old Sutton's Place on School street, Frank Sutton proprietor; 'least he was though. Nearly scared the kindfolk half to death when he walked in t' Equinox Shoppin Center. I don't know as to his where-abouts but you're welcome to check the footage for you-selves. Jimmy, log these lovely Agents from SHIELD in to the server."

The Sheriff, contrary to stereotypes about the accent and the state, seems to be quite a switched on man. The junior office calls back, "Shrf you got it, rightnaway." He gets up and walks over to a more modern looking computer and types his password in and pulls up two seats. "All here ma'ams," he says and returns to his crossword puzzle, just leaving the computer logged in for them to do as they wish.

There's footage of Banner at Western Union in the Equinox center with a large globe like thing behind him. It looks as though he withdrew money. There is footage of him from a service station across the road of the FatFace Manchester clothing store, carrying a large globe like thing in his arms. When he exits this store not too long later he's wearing clothes.

"Oh stargazin' that's a funone," the young man says to Jane and then accepts the card to swipe, then stares at it.. then back to Thor.. then back to the card. "You be havin a lovely time here then Hammerman."

The bookstore is named "Northshire Bookstore". It is very central to the town and Edward Keen runs it. There's a sign in the window that says "Truck for sale $1300, bad axel though, sorry." The book store itself is a delight, two story tall walls of shelves with ladders. An assortment of preloved books is on display on a table near the front door. Edward is sitting behind the counter reading a book on trailer maintenance.

The lady at the Taconic shakes her head to Hank and says, "Oohnoo I'm so sorry I haven't seen this man. I do hope you find him though, not having the meds is a terrible thing." She looks to him with sad eyes that she couldn't help. "May be he went to the Museum of Fly Fishing," Agent Wurst suggests to Hank, "Though if he was headed down depot street. I think we may be far too south, even the Museum would be far too south." He checks the messages, "Agent Foster got a hit, apparently he's known locally as the naked guy and he went to a bookstore at the roundabout north from here Dr Pym."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha idly touches her ear as Jane updates them, casting a brief look to May and replying with a soft - and unusually kind sounding - "I see. Thank you. Keep me updated." Almost like there's a smile in her voice. Weird.
    Natasha adopts a look of kind-hearted concern for her fellow man as the Sheriff speaks, nodding slowly. She thanks the pair for the security access and review the fottage as quickly as she responsibly can, frowning gently as she scribbles furiously on a notepad as her eyes dart around soaking up ever detail she can.
    When she finished, she briefly closes her eyes and lets out a soft sigh before she puts her Sugary 'Nice Nat' game face back on. "Sheriff, thank you so much, this has been a tremendous help. I'll be sure to contact you if there's anything else." She says with a friendly smile that's turned to Melinda. "May?" She prompts, as it seems she wants to leave.

Melinda May has posed:
May scans the footage over Widow's shoulders. A second pair of eyes never hurts. She doesn't touch her ear at the updates; doesn't need to respond. But she hears it. When Romanoff glances to her, she gives a professional smile and nods to the Sheriff -- even going so far as to offer a casual salute to him for his aid. Such as it was.

She then gestures to Romanoff to precede her out the door. Don't worry. She'll be right behind. Give the word, and she'll have the jet fired up ready to go.

Jane Foster has posed:
Northshire Bookstore is one of those adorable places with yet more coffee, scrumptious treats, and a list of events they present every season. A sort of place to sing to Jane's soul, most definitely. The charming white building with a wraparound porch in front of the traffic circle takes next to no effort for her to find, given all roads lead to gifts and volumes galore. On a pretty summer morning, the gentle walk into the center of town comes almost easily. Good company and a perfect cup of coffee make it seem less SHIELD mission, more casual stroll, except it's anything but.

They don't take long to get there, naturally. Bypassing the different creameries, outlet shops and more, she thumbs through her phone for the maps application again. "If we strike out here, across the street is the local magazine. If anyone is going to know about Banner, they might have a lead." Two taps and a link springs open, revealing a photograph of the 'Tri-State Superheroes.' Prominently on display... some of the Justice League or Avengers are there. Really! Some friendly cosplayers, and a mention of a children's hospital meeting. Life is -strange-. "I bet they might notice something."

She hands her phone to Thor to admire his teammates, anyway. "Aren't their costumes great? Alas, no Banner in that article, but still."

That said, she heads inside, looking around at the bookshop. Then Edward, their mark. "Excuse me, sir?" Thor's up. Master spy and all.

Not smiling from ear to ear, nope.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    When she's outside the building, Natasha's little mask of kindness disappears, and her voice returns to the soft, even, accentless one they might be familiar with as she speaks over the communicator "Everyone. We have a lead on Bannet at Sutton's Place. I want everyone who doesn't have anything pressing over there immediately."

Thor has posed:
    "That would be a wise choice if this location does not hold the information we require." Thor's eyes slip to the side, noting the local magazine and nodding again. But then the small display upon Jane's cellphone causes him to smile a little as he accepts the phone for a moment then hands it back to her. "It seems they might well."
    Walking into the bookstore just a step behind Jane, Thor lets his gaze wander the place and smiles to himself. Only for Jane to advance and offer the first greeting, then she seems to defer to him. Which he recognizes the favor with a short sharp nod.
    To the man behind the counter, "Greetings, I am Donald Blake. Doctor." He gestures to the side to indicate Jane there and offers, "This is the Lady Jane and we are come to seek Keen, owner of vehicle and knowledge, shattered axle as well. We would seek words with thee."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym frowns at the news. "A bookstore. Strange. banner reads text books with a print run of a few dozen that cost $500 a piece. What could he be looking for in a quaint local bookstore? Curioser and curioser."

He turns to the lady with the sad concerned eyes. "Thank you ma'am. Yes it is very bad to be off your medication, but I am pretty sure I'll find him eventually. There's that about him. He always turns up one way or another."

He turns back to Wurst, "We better get out of here and head to this book store. That might be important. I hope he just didn't want a Sudoku book. Silly puzzle."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Edward Keen lowers his book and smiles to the pair. He stands up and says, "How do ya. Welcome to my Bookstore." At the mention of the truck though he says, "Oooh nooo, so sorry auld boy, I've already dun sold it, just the other day. Darn did I leave the sign up" He is older than the younger man they met at the confectionary store, in his mid thirties. He goes to the window and takes down his sign. "Sorry to getcha hopes up there, you seem like lovely couple too. There's a car dealership just over the hedges eh. But please stay, have some coffee and buy a book. You're most welcome."

Agent Wurst nods his head to Dr. Pym and they make their way toward the book shop, "Dr. Pym, Agent Romanoff says we should go to Sutton's Place. It's not too far from the bookstore. Should we got there instead?"

Melinda May has posed:
As Romanoff goes to report in, May finds herself heading down to Sutton Place to speak with its proprietor. Yeah. This should be fun. Nevertheless, this actually isn't her first foray into the world of diplomatic negotiation. Surprising as that may seem.

She enters the Sutton's Place and pauses inside the door for a moment to get the lay of the land. Then, she makes her way towards a counter, looking for someone who can perhaps be of assistance.

Thor has posed:
    In return for Keen's words, Thor replies. "Alas, we have already acquired coffee, though you have our thanks for the offer." The tall man in the hoodie and blue jeans looks a little pensive for a moment before he tilts his head in Jane's direction.
    But then he looks back and uncurls a hand as he gestures to the proprietor, "We heard tell when we visited the lovely bakery some small distance back," A hand gestures behind him, then he tilts his head. "You had occasion to encounter the Naked Man known in these parts? What passed during that occasion?"
    That said he advances and knowing full well that artisans and merchants are often more inclined to offer their knowledge if your purchase from them he will pick up the first large used book on a tray near him and set it on the counter for purchase.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The entry way of Sutton's Place has a sign in book. There's a narrow staircase leading upstairs, and a narrow hallway leading deeper in to the building. To the right is a lounge room. There's no fire going at this time of the year, but there is a fire place. A small little bell jingles when the door is opened and from the kitchen a head peeks out. An older man with a white moustache, he steps out while wearing an apron that he wipes his hands on.

"Well hello there," he says as he approaches May and offers his hand, "I'm Frank, welcome to my place. Are you looking for a room?" He has a welcoming smile. He looks over May's uniform, then sees one more person entering the area, another in a SHIELD uniform, Agent Wurst. "Oh my. Seems we got a little log jam here. I got some rooms for all of you though, $110 a night."

Edward chuckles, "OH yah he was wearing clothes though, I heard about him being all nekkid too. Sold him my truck, cash, he put his model city in it and drove off. Not too sure where though. Friendly boy, seemed mighty distracting of something though."

Melinda May has posed:
May looks over her shoulder as Wurst comes in. She makes a gesture with her head, indicating he should stay back so they don't overwhelm the poor proprietor. Then, she does something Wurst will likely be talking about in the locker room for *days*.

She smiles. And it doesn't suck.

It's not necessarily the warmest smile, but it's polite and professional and nothing that the man should take amiss. She approaches the counter and, for the first time since the jet touched down, she speaks. "Hello. I'm Agent May. This is Agent Wurst. We're with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division." The smile turns apologetic. Almost Coulson-like. (Shhhhh!) "But, you can call us SHIELD. Are you Mr. Sutton? We're looking for Fred Sutton. We just need to ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
He looks surprised at the very long title for the agency and says, "Oh my I don't think I've heard of you before, but okay. Sure, what would you like to know? I do group discounts for law enforcement types."

Thor has posed:
    "Curious!" Thor says as he strokes his beard with thumb and forefinger, actually managing to look reflective and thoughtful in that moment. He glances toward Jane and flares a hand slightly as if to signal that he has not too much beyond that to go on. Then he turns back.
    "You would not perchance have any idea which direction he set out upon or which road he began his journey on?" A glance is given sidelong toward the window and the outside of the book store before he looks back.
    "I believe he may well be a comrade of mine." And then he fishes into his pocket again to produce that card and sets it down on top of the book. Stark did tell him to use it for all purchases, after all.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Edward thinks for a moment, not even looking at the card. He snaps his fingers, "Oh shoot ya know he did say he was going to get a meal at ye olde tavern. But he don't say where he was beddin' the night, haven't seen him since though, may be he left town already."

Melinda May has posed:
May's smile remains polite, but it takes on a more serious cast. "Unfortunately, we're not here to rent rooms, Mr. Sutton." A beat. "Not *today*, but if we do ever need any in this area, I will be certain to let my superiors know."

Wow. She's being... totally not May-like. You'd think she'd been hanging with Romanoff or something.

As it is, she produces a picture of Banner and lays it on the counter. "We're looking for this man." She holds up a forestalling hand, adding, "he's not anyone we think you need to worry about, but we do need to find him as soon as we can. Have you seen him? We're told he may have stayed with you."

Thor has posed:
    "Excellent," Thor nods to the man and then turns to Jane as she most likely calls in their newly discovered information. That done he smiles to him, pays for his book... and then is on his way!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Sutton looks at the photo and then nods his head, "Ah yes, Raymond Gamma. Stayed here over night and drove off in the morning. Stayed up all night watching tv. Kept my misses up, she was not happy. He didn't even stay for breakfast, which was something he'd paid for. Just took his big dome thing back to his truck and took off up the 30."

Agent Wurst checks his map, the 30 heads north then west and he shows this to May.

Melinda May has posed:
May glances to the map Wurst offers, and then nods to the younger agent. "Thank you, Mr. Sutton. We appreciate your cooperation, today." She starts to turn to leave. Then, she pauses, looks back at the man and says, "You have a nice day now, sir."

Yep. It's a *cough* banner day for Agent Wurst. May just might have to have a little chat with the lad on the way back to the 'jet. About things like 'mission confidentiality'... so to speak.

Nevertheless, they have their lead. So, she's quick to exit the place, touching her ear piece as she goes.

"Romanoff? We've got a lead on Banner. Northwest on 30. I'll get the 'jet primed."

Because really? She's had enough talking for one day.