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Go for the Eyes, Boo
Date of Scene: 28 July 2020
Location: Remy's Room
Synopsis: Remy runs in to some trouble from his gaming nights! Rogue bares witness to the madness, but also walked away with a bunch of shopping bags filled with CLOTHES, ZOMB! The Buck was stopped here though... ouch.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been wanting to spend a bit of the money that had been mined out of her work at the Diner, so she'd cornered Remy and asked him to take her out on the town for some shopping. Surely it's his favorite way to spend time, right? She'd directed him to clothing stores, three in total, and to a shoe store! But, she'd also promised to buy him dinner too, so that's a plus, right?

This is where the two of them are now, coming out of the restaurant they'd been inside of. A themed restaurant, but what the theme was was a little hard to figure out. It had an alligator's head on the wall wearing sunglasses, for example.

Outside now, though, Rogue walks along side Remy with her loose hair waving around her shoulders as she looks over and up at him. She's got a big smile on her lips. "I wasted your whooooole day, Mistah LeBeau." She says, proudly of that fact.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You say dat like I don't like watchin' you try on all dose pretty t'ings," Remy says with a laugh, adjusting his dark glasses to peer over the top of them at her, "I'm just annoyed none a' dose store clerks would let me in de change room, too, hein?"

He reaches down to pat his stomach, leaning back and exaggerating just how overstuffed he is with food.

"Plus, I'm all stuffed with food. Which makes for a happy Remy."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is reaching over with her right hand to interlace her fingers with Remy's left. She smiles up at the taller man and leans over so her covered arm presses against his. "You're a sweet talker." She tells him affectionately. "Somehow ya always know the right things t'say. That alone is a hell of'a skill, that you could probably learn how to monetize somehow online." She's grinning as they walk through the parking lot together, her eyes up on him with her white hair flowing across her face.

But as they get nearer to their car, a voice speaks out, male. "Well... there'ere he is." A man says, lounging on the hood of Remy's Porsche. He uncrosses his legs and sweeps them around to step off of the hood. "Look'it boys, just like I said. Remy LeBeau." Two more men get up out of the car, and step around the doors -- they'd broken in to it somehow -- and are now moving around it to back up their friend slipping off of the hood.

Remy would likely recognize them, from somewhere.

"Look at her..." The talkative man in the middle says, taking a drag on a cigarette. "Ain't ya gonna introduce us... Remy?" He flicks the cigarette off to the side then and glares.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Aw, y'know how it is, cher," Remy continues, giving Rogue's hand a squeeze, "I'm just tryin' to get into your - "

The voice from the car stop him short, and he immediately draws to a stop tugging Rogue's arm to stay alongside him. He adjusts his glasses, pushing them back up to keep his eyes hidden. It's then that he regards the men waiting for him, the smile disappearing from his face to be replaced by a thin frown.

"Don't t'ink she wants to meet no sore losers. You lost fair an' square, boys."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pauses where she is beside Remy and just sweeps her eyes from him over to those men addressing the Cajun. She looks confused, and concerned, with her left hand raises up to swipe her hair out of her face. Her green eyes go back to the men and she just glares at them now.

The mouthy man just puts his hands on his hips and smiles at Remy. "You cheated, Remy." He says softly. "We got it on camera proving it. Why don't ya... not upset this fine lady here, and just come with us. You can let her drive this pretty car'a yours off and pretend like she never saw any of this." He looks back to Remy then, still smiling at him. He's wearing a pair of red tinted glasses with circle lenses over his brown eyes.

"Come on then, don't make a show of things. I know you like to prance around and swing a stick about, we're not looking for a fight. We just want to talk to you, back at the club."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I cough up scarier t'ings dan you when I got a cold," Remy laughs, tilting his head back as that frown turns to a cocksure smirk, "You don't got shit on your camera, cher. 'Cept maybe a bunch a' hommes who couldn't spot a bluff if it was painted pink an' dancin' topless on the table. You want your money?"

The Cajun reaches into his coat, pulling out a quarter which he flicks through the air to land at the feet of the man doing all the talking with a tinkling sound.

"Go buy yourself somethin' nice."

Rogue has posed:
Buck, is the guy's name, Lynol Buck. He runs the club that he's claiming Remy stole from. He's no dummy either, he's seen Remy's eyes and he knows what the guy is. He's clearly seen him fight before too.

Buck looks down at the coin as it clatters to the pavement, then looks up to Remy and just smiles at him, knowingly. He raises his left hand and points at Rogue. "Anna-Marie, right. You work at that shit hole diner down off of Greymalkin. Which..." He points between the two of them. "The both'a you live at, right? School. Filled with little kids." He lowers his hand back down to his hip and just glances to his friends with a grin. "It'd be a shame if we told the authorities what's really going on there in Neverland Ranch."

His right hand comes up and he tosses something down at REMY'S feet, a business card, marked with 'Sentinel Services'. "People might be interested in coming to have a look around the inside'a that place."

Rogue narrows her eyes and just tips her chin up. "You threatenin' us, Jay Crew?" She asks. "I don't think you know what I'm capable of..."

Buck smiles at her. "Why don't you come back to my place with us, show us what you're capable of, huh, darlin?" And these words get a little chuckle out of his coherts on either sides of him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy drops down into a crouch, never letting his eyes drift from Buck. He scoops the business card up from the ground, turning it in his fingers as he looks at it curiously. His eyes flick up from it, and with one hand he tilts his glasses down to look at Lynol over the tops of them. Slowly, a devilish grin spreads across his face.

"Oh, Lynol," he laughs, no small amount of malevolence in his voice, "If you knew what I could do, boy, you wouldn't be armin' me."

As he speaks, the business card begins to glow. The kinetic energy sparking as it charges it. Satisfied, he twists his wrist and with practiced precision hurls it at Buck to explode in his face like a miniature hand grenade.

Rogue has posed:
The urge to smash the noses on each one of these guys' faces is pretty huge for Rogue, but she's doing her best not to make a scene if there's no other choice. That's something she's been working on with the other X-Men in her training, and something their leadership has been trying to instill in her - specifically - because they know about her temper. It's working, at least slowly but surely.

When Remy lights up that business card and does what he does with it, Rogue's eyes flicker in the bright light from it and she winces when it explodes!

Lynol is sent flying backward into the right headling of a nearby pickup truck! He falls to the ground in agony and starts to roll over on to his side. HIs two counterpart comrades are sent staggering backward and clutching at their faces, but the one that was on Lynol's right recovers fastest and he ROARS? He spreads his arms out and suddenly flexes his mucles, causing his body to grow 3 times larger!

He now rushes at Remy to try to punch him with a balled-up fist!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oh, hey fellas, you got secrets, too? Sorry, but we don't got enough Jesus Juice at Neverland Ranch for all of you!"

As the man grows larger, Remy reaches into his coat to produce a collapsible bo-staff from the small of his back. It may be a simple day out for them, but he never leaves home without it. It telescopes out to its full length and he plants the end in the ground, using it to leverage himself upwards to drive both feet into the giant man's chin before flipping backwards and away. A playing card slips from his sleeve and he glances up to Rogue.

"Lookit dat, cher. Guess I did have a card up my sleeve!"

Rogue has posed:
As the two preapre their fighting, Rogue is side stepping to get out of the way. The last thing she wants in this moment is to absorb whatever power that giant muscle bound man just displayed. She winces as she watches Remy nearly get hit, but manage to avoid it, only to nimbly produce his bo-staff and go up into a high kick with it. It's impressive, she doesn't have that kind of grace... especially if she didn't have Carol's powers backing her up. She'd be just as helpless of a woman as these three thugs presumed she was.

But she's not helpless, she does have those extra powers backing he rup, and as Remy moves to kick the man, she sweeps forward to crouch low behind him, and as the big muscle giant goes backward, he runs right into the Belle and falls backward over her! "Ahhhh!" The Mountain Man says!

Rogue lunges upward and sends him flying across the parking lot, slamming into the brick wall that surrounds the dumpsters, and then falling over behind it, rather than inside with the dumpsters.

Rogue bounces up and looks after him. "Damn. Missed." She says, glancing over to Remy with a smile.

Lynol, starts to sit up. "God damnit, Remy. I didn't want a fight!" He clutches his face, burned skin and maybe even damage to his eyesight! His other friend starts to help him up. "But now you got one... coming." He starts to try to back up and get away for now, a green Mercedes is parked just a few spaces down that they're headed for!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Not so fast, Buck-Buck," Remy calls out gleefully, rising from his crouch. Unable to help himself, he leans to the side and gives Rogue a swift and congratulatory pat on the behind, "I'm not lettin' you throw around threats like dat an' just walk outta here. No, no. You gonna crawl."

The playing card in Remy's hand ignites, and there's a flash of violet-white energy through the air as he heaves it in Lynol's direction. This time aimed at his legs, and this time with far more concussive force packed into it.

Rogue has posed:
A worker runs out of the back door of the restaurant, shouting wildly. "Hey! You damn kids can't be lightin' cherry bombs off back here!" But when they see that it's not children with fireworks, but infact adults, doing... very Mutant-y things, their eyes go wide and they stumble back inside.

Rogue looks to see the employee throwing the door back open to get back inside, then she looks back at Remy pursuing Buck.

The card from Remy's grasp screams through the air and detonates against Lynol's legs, sending him down to the ground and flying right into the hood of his own car! His friend is sent end over end through the air to land back near the truck of the vehicle!

Rogue, rushes toward Remy then to put her gloved hands on his side. "Come on, we gotta go. They're gonna call the cops, no question!" She urges him.

Buck, is not out cold, but he is on the ground groaning and cursing in agony.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"A second," Remy growls at Rogue, clearly wound up by the state of affairs as he darts to the head of the car and grabs the unconscious Buck by the collar of his shirt.

"You listen to me good, cher," he murmurs in the man's ear, heedless of whether or not he's conscious, "If you even look at me or my people again, I'm gonna show you what dese powers do to human flesh. You un'erstand?"

He lets Buck's head fall back to the hood with a loud 'thunk' before turning back around to Rogue and jumping into the driver's seat of the Porsche.

"C'mon, we go."

Rogue has posed:
Buck has a bloodied nose when Remy turns him around and a busted lip. He's still awake though, his glasses are long gone and he just stares up at the Cajun. He manages to -- somehow -- smile at Remy. But he doesn't verbally reply. He just gets thunked into the hood of the car and then flops onto the ground...

Rogue is skipping her way toward their Porsche and looking back toward Remy. She seems... anxious, likely wanting to get out of there, because she doesn't like talking to Cops. Once inside the car she looks back into the rear seat and frowns.

"Those creepy bastards were goin' through my clothes." She says, one gloved hand reaching to put things back into the shopping bags she had. She sighs oh-so-heavily with such such SUCH annoyance!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dey won't bother us again," Remy promises, though his face gives the impression that he's not so sure about that, "Assholes."

He turns the key in the ignition and a moment later the car stars. Remy steers out onto the street, taking off quickly but heading back towards the Mansion in a roundabout way. No sense letting anyone watching know exactly where they're going.

But then, when they arrive at the turn off, he steers the car in the opposite direction.

"Let's find a hotel or somethin' for tonight, hein?"