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Mystic Pizza
Date of Scene: 31 July 2020
Location: Ami's Pizza
Synopsis: Just a quiet night eating pizza and playing pool
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Illyana Rasputina, Tabitha Smith

James Proudstar has posed:
Just another Thursday Night in Brooklyn finds a trio of adventurers from upstate at the popular local pizza joint, Ami's Pizza. While there are often a good many drawbacks to superhuman hearing, one bonus is occasionally catching snippets of other people raving about places and experiences they've enjoyed, whether food-oriented or otherwise. Jimmy may have no intention to be voyeuristic about his mutant abilities but that doesn't mean he won't enjoy the advantages when they come! And thus they have found their way to this particular place, raved about by one student or another, or perhaps several.

Pizza has been consumed (in mass quantities in Jimmy's case), beverages have been drunk, and now the trio finds themselves the current occupants of the pool table in the arcade in the back. Jimmy is presently racking up while Illyana and Tabitha select their cues.

"I can play the winner." He notes, tucking the triangle-shaped rack back under the table and grinning towards the two.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The best things about pizza: cheap, filling, tasty. Nothing to be complaining about there, though the Demon Queen of Limbo rarely worries about a lack of food or a lack of money. Not entirely legit-got money, but when you have a literal plane ready to provide a larder of preassembled meals complete with demonically sealed plates and drinks, does it matter?

On the other hand, demons don't really understand the balance of tangy sauce and zesty spices. Neither does Piotr, really. Therefore Ami's riffs on amis, because French friends come as a folie-a-trois. Err, a me--- no, a group. Just don't ask. It's an apt name and an apt place, which legitimately explains why Illyana walked rather than stalked in, and gave the place a lingering once over rather than her customary three. Now she is left to consider cues and balls, a task at which she's rather frighteningly suited for. "Is that not supposed to be the other way around? We play--" Ah, there's another round of drinks coming by. Nothing illegal yet, but she nose-wrinkles as the breadsticks are diminished. That won't do, so another order of those are set in.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You both are going to cheat." Tabby is under no delusions that with this pair, she's at the gross disadvantage. No super human skills, no magic. And blowing up the pool table is probably a bad idea.

The cue is picked up, and she moves to go grab the cue ball, slapping it down at one end of the table, "You settin' them up?" Maybe she's a secret pool shark.

James Proudstar has posed:
"I've got it..." Jimmy does indeed take care of the setup, stepping back away from the table and snatching one of the last of the first batch of breadsticks to munchupon. Though given his size nobody really needs to ask "where does it all go?"

"Don't think I can particularly cheat at this one. I did OK but not great in Geometry." He grins, "Besides I've gotta feeling you might've played this game before."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"I am faithful," Illyana replies in a flat deadpan as she searches for the useless blue chalk square used to anoint the tip of the cue. She has no reason to grind it into the discoloured end except everyone does this, and therefore needs to be performed for the show of it. No flourishes or spins of the pointy wooden stick considering she knows how to fight with the thing in a satisfactory way, if not quite to Remy levels. She smirks at Tabby, leaning over the battered old table, eyeing up one of the pockets that's cracked and beaten by many a bad shot. "Da."

Okay, no cheating. Jimmy putting away more breadsticks is understood while she goes to feed the machine a few coins and encourage it to spit out the stripes and solids, all of which need to be plopped inside the frame tossed onto the felt. It's sort of careless, hinting maybe, you know, pool wasn't something her demonic overlord thought to teach her in. But she can arrange a triangle full of numbers in order, right. "Da, watch her whip both of us."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You sayin' that I've maybe been to a few bars, played a bit of pool now and again?" Tabby wonders, idly rolling the cue ball back and forth as she leans her hip against the table. Then she flashes James a smile, "I mean, maybe I have, Jimmy baby. You nervous?"

She then moves over to grab her coke while Illy gets things set up, lifting it so that she can tuck the straw into her mouth, murmuring to Jimmy, "Pay attention to the asses when we play. That's how to tell who is good."

Pro tip: It's not.

James Proudstar has posed:
"I mean I was probably gonna be doing that anyway, but thanks for the tip." Jimmy notes with more than a note of mischief to his grin. He'll play winner, indeed. As for Nervous, he simply gives a shrug and a grin, "We haven't placed any bets yet. What would I have to be nervous about beyond some bruises on my pride?"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Is that the reason for the shorts and some Seventies band t-shirt? Probably. The back of it is a spiderweb of split straps, anyway. Illyana taps her toe against the ground, sketching a path around the pool table and rests her hip against it, watching Tabitha and Jimmy with the arrogant insouciance before returning her focus once more to the task at hand.

"Go ahead, da?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Of course." Tabby replies, both to Jimmy and to Illy before she sets her coke down. Then she heads towards the table, lifting the pool cue up, bending over to line up a shot. The cue ball is shifted just slightly, then she aims and takes the shot.

James Proudstar has posed:
Exactly as advertised, Jimmy is unabashed about enjoying the view. He plucks up the iced tea he'd been drinking and sips from it, catching Illyana's eye and smiling towards her as the balls scatter across the table. Is he even paying attention to whether anything's getting pocketed? Doesn't seem like it.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Not about to demand success or not, Illyana waits until the crack of the cue and the break of the nearly arranged triangle. Does Tabby sink all the balls she sets out to strike? Maybe! Maybe not, but she too appreciates the view from the side, and there's only one way for her to appreciate how it goes.