2704/Coming up for air

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Coming up for air
Date of Scene: 31 July 2020
Location: Sion - Lounge
Synopsis: Julio and Bobby share a brief, calm moment in the back room of a nightclub.
Cast of Characters: Julio Richter, Bobby Drake

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio bursts through the doorway from the dancefloor to the much quieter lounge, a sheen of sweat visible on his burnt-sienna skin. He's showing more of it than usual, too -- something about the near-week he just spent wearing nothing but swimsuits in Atlantis has left him less concerned aboout his body than usual, so he's just wearing a vest, his artfully torn 'goth night' jeans, and a pair of beat-up sneakers.

He tugs Bobby along in his wake, not wanting to let him out of his sight now that he's cogent enough to fully enjoy his company. The Latino youth flops down onto a couch by a low table, exhales for what feels (to him) like a full minute, and says, "Dios mío, I couldn't hear myself think in there. It was great!" He gives Bobby a curious look and asks, "How about you? How are you feeling?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby follows after Julio, the beat from the main floor following them, laughing and taking a deep breath of the slightly cooler air since there isn't such a press of bodies in this room. He's dressed in a pair of tight fitting black jeans and a dark blue loose fitting button down that has the top couple of buttons undone. His shoes are a pair of black suede oxfords, his hair a little bit damp. He runs his fingers through it, pushing it back from his face a bit.

He lets himself be tugged, grinning, and not showing any signs of wanting to slip away from Julio any time soon. He sinks down onto the couch next to Julio and leans against him, grinning. "I'm feeling great. Good music, good dancing, great company. I can't think of a thing to complain about."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio laughs and gives Bobby a quick kiss to the forehead. "I'm still feeling good now, but just wait for tomorrow. I'm going to be soooooo hung over," he says with a roll of his eyes. It's not an unusual sentiment in here, but he is expressing it for an unusual reason. So far, at least, he's still riding the high of the rift, but with days of it blasting his mind open, he is going to have a hell of a come-down tomorrow morning.

"And I really -- REALLY -- appreciate you putting up with me that whole time." He presses his sweat-slick forehead against Bobby's. "You should NOT have had to deal with that on your vacation, especially after, what, two dates?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby chuckles and says, "Well, not sure what you can take for a tectonic high hangover cure but uh, hydrate?" He grins, "I've heard ice and water helps." Convenient, that. He turns and presses a kiss to Julio's shoulder before resting his head against it, letting his eyes close as he lowers the temperature around them both, cooling them both off as he catches his breath. "Hopefully it won't be too bad."

He opens his eyes and tilts his head back so that he can look over at Julio again and grins crookedly. "Honestly, it was kind of cool. We got to visit a whole other kingdom. We got to fool around with ancient artifacts. We got to meet the King of Atlantis. And yeah, so you got super high and were a little loopy. You weren't crazy or scary or hurtful so it was fine." He grins. "It was kinda fun."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio slides one of his legs over Bobby's and raises an eyebrow at him. "Ice and water, huh?" He grins, well aware of the implication there. Still, he can't deny that the sudden cool-off around them is a blessing. "I'm sure it'll be fine, so long as I've got lots of ice and water," he teases.

Then Bobby comments on the trip, and he grins with enthusiasm. "Si! We went to the bottom of the ocean, Bobby! That's crazy!" He ruffles the other mutant's hair and continues, "I could have been scary. Thanks for always nagging me not to be. I was lucky I had you looking after me. You're a good guy."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby rests one of his hands on Julio's leg, giving it a little squeeze and grinning. "I'm sure you will be," he grins. The cool off is nice, and other people come to stand a little bit closer, feeling the cooler air around them, even if it's not immediately clear why there's a cool spot in that area of the room. He lets his hand slide up and down along Julio's leg lightly as they talk.

"Hey, I just wanted you to be safe, and you know, not to get murdered by the King of Atlantis for collapsing his city," Bobby grins and gives Julio a little wink. Then he says, "Hey, I'm sure you'd have done the same for me if something had happened with my powers and I was a little bit loopy."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio glances around at the little cluster of people that has formed around them, grinning. He leans toward Bobby's ear and whispers, "Guau. Everybody's jealous of us." His knee bends to squeeze Bobby's leg in response to the other man's touch.

"I would," he agrees, sitting back again. "Honestly, I know this is terrible, but I kind of /wish/ something would come up in your life that I could help you with... but you seem to have everything pretty under control." He runs a hand up the back of Bobby's neck and says, "You're too stable for me to do anything for."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby grins a little and glances around to the people. "Happens a lot at parties, and anyplace really crowded, actually." He just finds it funny at this point as people gravitate to the cool spot in the room. Tilting his head back against the back of the couch he lets his eyes close for a couple of moments.

He smiles a little crookedly and opens his eyes, looking over at Julio when he says he wishes he could do something to help him. Then a slight frown flickers across his lips. "That's not true," he says, though his eyes half lid just a little at the touch of Julio's hand up the back of his neck, distracting him for a moment. Then he says, "How about the fact that you asked me out, something I'm really not good at doing? That you make me happy? I mean.. I've got my own issues, just because you haven't tripped over them on the second date doesn't mean that I don't have them, or I won't have things that you can't help me with."

Julio Richter has posed:
"Must feel great to be so popular," Julio teases. He ruffles the back of Bobby's hair. "I'm not upset about it or anything. I'm glad for you. I just want a chance to pay you back, I guess? Asking you out doesn't count; I did that for myself."

He thinks about it for a second, basking in the cool air, and then continues, "I don't know, it's just been simple with you. I'm not used to that. I'm getting suspicious." He reaches over and tugs at the front of Bobby's shirt, as if trying to shake answers out of him. "Where are the problems! When do they start!" After a second, he reconsiders the teasing placement of his hand and just slips it inside that tantalizingly unbuttoned shirt.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Uh huh," Bobby says, and then chuckles, not even bothering to try to straighten his hair at this point, since Julio seems to enjoy ruffling it. "And hey, look, we're not keeping score here. This isn't a -- I help you, you help me, kind of situation. We're friends. We're dating. We'll be there for each other when stuff comes up. And we'll take it as it comes. But there's not some balance sheet that you need to keep track of." He gives Julio's leg a squeeze with the hand that rests on it.

He then grins and chuckles. "You want me to make it more difficult for you?" Only the top two buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned when the tugging started, but perhaps another one has come loose at this point. When Julio slips his hand under Bobby's shirt he grins, and then twists a little to shift closer and leans in to steal a kiss from Julio. "Sorry to disappoint you. No problems planned, at least not for tonight."