2752/Kidnapping Chaos

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Kidnapping Chaos
Date of Scene: 03 August 2020
Location: Rooftop chase
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Atlin, Achilles, Sara Pezzini

Atlin has posed:
There were some things that took planning, expert tactical recon and well-timmed maneuvers that went down to the last second to pull off. Truely the mark of professionals...and then there were the other jobs. 15 minutes ago, a car had simply screeched up to the front door of a local nightclub, several masked men having intercepted a particular group of revellers that so-happened to contain the daughter of one of the local Triad's underbosses.


A dead bodyguard and panic later, police were trying to pick up the trail of the kidnappers and dealing with the chaos of a public homicide while the masked men were hastily securing their 'safehouse' within an old apartment building. Things hadn't gone particularly well for them, but things were looking up as far as the thugs knew now that their captive was restrained and all they had to do was wait for the phonecall.

Of course, none of the men had noticed one of the club's occupants give chase, moving with inhuman speed and leaping rooftop to rooftop. Her night out of exploring more of the culture of 'Man's World' might have been ruined, but for Atlin? The evening's prospects looked far more entertaining.

Achilles has posed:
    Operation Dinner Out. A cooperative operation between the NYPD and SHIELD. Okay, so it's not anything official. Angelo and Sara were in a restaurant in the area of the club, a little Italian place she Angelo took Sara's recommendation on. It was a nice quiet dinner date with both of them off duty for the evening.
    That was before Sara's phone rang and informing her that there was an incent a quarter mile from the restaurant around the corner. A minute or two later, with the bill paid... Angelo is in nicer clothing than his black G-Man suit... he's in one of his nice tailored gray suits as he jumps in the car and starts it up, waiting for Sara to get in before putting it in gear and heading for the club... where the car rolls to a stop out front, and his SHIELD badge is hanging from his belt as he gets out of the car.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
They had gotten through the antipasti. The rest sit in carryout containers in the back seat of the car, filling the interior with their main course's rich scent. As a bonus, because of her police badge that one of the servers caught when she was fishing for her wallet and disputing who would pick up the check with Angelo, they would find dessert if the bag survives the trip.

"I should carry a cherry in my purse. Will I kvetch about this till we get there? Will I?"

Sara crosses her arms and looks down at her good shoes, considering how she will run in them as well as a short skirt. She had dressed up for this exceptional night when the two of them had schedules that synced.

"So a homicide and kidnapping in one go. A group of pacifists if I've ever heard of one." On her arm the Witchblade pulses in some sort of warning. "How are we going to trace them?"

Atlin has posed:
With ruined multiple plans for the evening in their wake, the kidnappers themselves were relatively happy with the state of the world. Lookouts posted, weapons ready and a captive restrained...and unware of the Amazon looking in on them. There wouldn't be a smashing in of walls, doors or windows to assault the place, at least not yet with an innocent at risk. The 'Daughter of War' had learned from previous experience that impulsiveness was too dangerous with hostages in the fray.

When the car pulls up to the crimescene there were already a pair of uniformed officers trying to clear and secure the scene, paramedics tending to a wounded party-goer and far too many onlookers trying to steal a glimpse of phone-camera footage of the scene itself. The pair's arrival? It's met by one of the officers, an aging man with a perfect 'in regulation' moustache opening his mouth to tell them to stay back before the badges are spotted and he lowers his hands.

"What? Were you guys right around the corner or does SHIELD monitor nightclubs now?" he speaks, clearly having spotted or perhaps focused on Angelo's open identification first. "This isn't some senator's kid or alien immigrant we're dealing with, is it?" he adds, shifting his gaze towards Sara questioningly.

Because, of course, the 'Spooks' should have all the answers!

Achilles has posed:
    "Hey, I'm just here in a support capacity." offers Angelo. He has no supernatural way to track anything like a kidnapper or whatnot. He'd need to do this the old fashioned investigatory way. Deduction, process of elimination, a process that can take days, or at best hours.
    "Detective Pezzini here is homicide, so this is -her- case. I just happened to be along for the ride so... Detective, suppose you tell me how I can assist."
    He tilts his head and pulls out his phone to place a call. "Agent Tampambulos, establish voiceprint for clearance please." A pause, and then he adds, "Can I get a report of any satellite views at my GPS location in the last thirty minutes? We have a homicide and kidnapping and it might benefit the NYPD if we had any footage."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Eyebrows hiked high to accompany her shrug, Sara flips open her badge to her fellow police officer. "Did you get a direction for the car? What are witnesses saying?" Phone out, she reports into her Precinct. While talking on the phone, the cuff of her jacket falls back to reveal a bracelet with a large red stone set into silver that catches the ambient light oddly. It pulses, an odd sense of urgency filling Sara as she pockets her phone.

"Smart thinking, Angelo. I knew you were a keeper."

Atlin has posed:
SHIELD resources are a hell of a thing, to have a satellite on call to track suspects is quite the resource, and some quick questioning by Sara and the uniformed detectives had a description of the vehicle to work with. Sure enough, the high-tech system is quick to work back and flag the vehicle...but right as the data is being sent back to Angelo? One of the officers who'd moved over to his patrol car speaks up, flagging Sara down.

"Detective! I got a woman 6 blocks over who just called 911, says she saw a bunch of folks with guns entering the house across the street...and some crazy woman on her roof with a bow and arrow."

Criminals and Amazons both are no match for the observation of a local 'Neighbourhood watch!'

Achilles has posed:
    Six blocks. Much closer than that, and they might as well go on foot. But six blocks... Angelo jumps into his simple unmarked car and says, "Let's go then."
    Once inside, he starts it up and lifts his nose, "God that food smells good." he mutters.
    Just as Sara gets in, he shifts into gear and takes off in the indicated direction. He -would- turn on his own built in flashers in the grill but he doesn't want to give himself away to the folks. He heads for the location of the person who phoned in the 911 call... stopping out front, "So, do we gear up mundanelY? Or just go in? I mean, guns or blades?" he asks Sara as he gets out.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"I have my gun," Sara answers, flipping back her jacket so he can see the holster. "Yeah, I carry it all the time now. I thought you knew. But, you know..." She holds up her arm, "We're not happy. Get ready, Angelo. This might be less than mundane."

She reaches over to squeeze his upper arm reassuringly then gets out of the car without looking up at the building. Talking across the roof of the car,"Let's see if we can approach the building like we belong here or do you want to go the back way?"

Atlin has posed:
Path around the back, slip in unnoticed and get close? It's a good plan. And apparently Sara wasn't the only one to think of it, something made plainly obvious when they round the corner.

Dressed in simple jeans and a sports jacket she'd been lent to try and 'blend in' a little better than she had in her armor, the tanned blonde woman might have actually looked fairly normal...if it wasn't for the large quiver of arrows slung at her hip and the bow to match in one hand.

Apparently not having noticed the pair immediately, Atlin reaches out, a loud impact offered as the lock simply snaps and the door swings inwards. Not one of the kidnappers, but clearly not just some resident who forgot her key either!

Achilles has posed:
    Reaching into the front seat, Angelo pops the concealed ICER pistol out of its hidey hole and checks the magazine and chamber.
    That done, he straightens up and asks, "Split up or... ." He shrugs and when he hears the cracking door, he curses and says, "Or that." He turns and starts to sprint towards the building... a sword in left hand and pistol in right hand.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
So much for secrecy, Sara sprints behind Angelo across the street and into the alley where a door still swings from the impact of it being forcibly opened. The Witchblade flows unnaturally into plates of metal that crawls up her arm under her suit jacket, and down her fingers, forming a knight's gauntlet made from some gargoyle's nightmare.

Skidding to a stop, she is about to pull out her badge when she notices the bow. There is nothing about the bow that the blonde woman wields that speaks: kidnapper. On the contrary. "Police," she exclaims with a note of frustration through gritted teeth. In a low intense voice. "I'm not here to stop you." Making a world of assumptions, the detective says that less out of conviction but out of experience with people who have super powers. "Without making a song and dance out of it, would you mind telling me who the hell you are? Are you headed up there, too?" Sara approaches the doorway ready to push the bow wielder aside.

Atlin has posed:
A sudden figures coming towards you with a sword where Atlin was from was generally a sign you were about to be set upon by raiders...or one of your sisters wished to engage in friendly combat...or flirtation. Amazons were a strange lot. The new arrivals have the mystery blonde spinning on her heel, nocking an arrow smoothly on the weapon that looked to be shaped from some strangely flexible metal allow. Nothing loosed, but clearly caution was evident...right up until the partially armored Sara announces herself as Police, immediately earning a relaxation of the bowstring.

"Ah, one of the 'protectors'," she speaks, accent carried on her words as clear as her confusion. "Song and...I'm no minstrel," Atlin begins, apparently not one for that particular idiom either. "A woman was abducted by masked brigands...and she is somewhere in this building. I intended to rescue her..."

The trailing off made it rather clear, even as she did indeed step aside to let Sara through...she didn't really have too much more of a plan beyond 'try to be quiet' till she reached the hideout. After that? Probably improvise.

Achilles has posed:
    If Atlin is old enough, she might have a weird thought that this guy with a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other might look similar to someone who killed an Amazonian princess back in the Trojan war. But that was over three thousand years ago. MEmories may mutate in that time.
    But his handgun comes up in a trained shooting stance, and he waits to let Sara do the talking and take the lead here. He doesn't even speak... at least not until Atlin responds to Sara. "It's okay Detective. She is an Amazon." he says, recognizing the accent. Not to mention the weaponry and stance. "She is on our side, and it might be smart to keep a blunt instrument in our holster." he adds subtly to Sara. Then he states, "I'll take point." As if it's a rehearsed thing before he boldly strides through the front door and sweeps the room with his nonlethal sidearm... braced over the wrist of his sword arm. That sword is a Xiphos, a short Greek sword -also- dating back to the Trojan War.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"You'll take point, will you?" For all of a second, Sara wants to roll her eyes at Angelo and his male prerogative until she remembers what he is capable of doing. She steps aside making an exaggerated gesture of after you with a sweep of her gauntleted hand. Eyebrows high, Sara swiftly examines the woman identified as an Amazon.

"Angelo's good for taking point. I'm Pezzini. You're not supposed to be here but we'll figure something out. What's your name? So I don't have to yell: hey you." If the blonde woman's accent identifies her as an Amazon and known to Angelo, Sara's accent would pin point her as being a New Yorker with a good ration of Brooklyn in the music of her words.

Atlin has posed:
Atlin was old...but not that old. The Battle of Troy had been before her time, but that didn't mean she hadn't been taught of it. Of course, the Xiphos was an equally eye-catching feature, not merely for the woman's love of weaponry. It, combined with his immediate identification of her was rather curious, although the barb of 'blunt instrument' did have those eyes narrowing. Questions, and likely returned insults could wait. For now? The Amazon simply frowns as the man passes her by and instead looks back towards Sara.

"I would prefer to go first but...I have been asked to listen to the 'Police' when I can," a slight note of frustration might -just- creep in, but the blonde continues with her introduction. "I am Atlin of Bana Mighdal," she offers, a nod of her head given. "And the men we seek are the next floor up, the northwest corner of the building. I saw as much before they covered the windows."

Well, at least the group didn't need to try and clear an entire appartment block!

Achilles has posed:
    And away we go. The first floor appears clear, and Angelo moves through with a practiced ease. He pies the room and moves towards the stairs. As he reaches the bottomn of the stairs, he aims upwards and takes three bullets to the chest. "Damnit." he mutters. "I like this suit." And then as the gunman thinks he has killed his target, Angelo surges up those stairs, knocking the guy out with the dendrotoxin in the ICER pistol...
    And reaching the top of the stairs, he dives into a position of cover to make everyone target him.... trying to give an opening to the women following behind him. He'll pop up and take a couple pot shots to insure they are focused on him. Sure.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"Jeeeez," Sara mutters as she ducks to the side, pressing herself against the grimy wall of the stairwell. Her gun has a more lethal technology than Angelo's and she is loathe to use it right now for fear of involving the hostage. Below them, out in the street, the scream of police sirens announce the arrival of reinforcements.

"You hear that outside," she calls up. "This is the police. You are surrounded and you have one chance to come out of this in one piece. Throw your guns out and then come out with your hands up." Sara doesn't believe her own words but feels obligated to give the warning.

Atlin has posed:
It was inevitable the cops would show up behind the pair. SHIELD or no, a single detective and 'G-Man' weren't exactly going to be the standard response to what essentially amounted to armed hostage takers. Then there was gunfire ringing out and Angelo was hit...and not dead. The thug would have more chance to ponder the strangeness of that, but only after he woke up. Atlin on the other hand? She had a moment to blink questioningly, but any questions she might have offered are suddenly drowned up by several handguns being emptied down the stairwell towards Sara's call.

These weren't professionals, they were thugs hired for a job...and now they were panicing.

Pulling herself back from the onslaught of bullets for a bare moment, Atlin's eyes narrowed as she lifted her bow, loosing an arrow that not only collided with the barrel of the weapon she'd aimed for, but outright shattered the metal (and the bones of several fingers) from the sheer impact.

Five men, one hostage and apparently, the only path upwards was now filled with gunfire. Things had gone to hell rather quickly...but at least it hadn't been entirely Atlin's fault this time!

Achilles has posed:
    Okay, so he got upstairs and forgot to tell anyone what his plan was. Angelo looks at the stairs and sighs. They didn't know what he had planned... and that makes it more difficult.
    "The lady's telling the truth. Drop your weapons and this will go a lot better for you." But then.... he closes his eyes and dismisses the sword.
    When he stands up, his large bronze shield is held before him, absorbing bullet impacts. But then.. he decides to go for a win - win scenario. "Detective! Now!" he calls out towards the stairs, hoping to get them to think folks are coming up that way now. Maybe they are, maybe they're not. But then he vaults over the sofa he was concealing himself behind, and charges into the shooters. He is not about strategy, but he -is- about tactical plans. He has only ever done one thing well... fight like a warrior.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"Atlin, that was fine shooting. Can you do it again and give me cover? I'm going to go in behind Angelo's shield. I have one, too, of sorts." She holds up her gauntleted hand which oddly has not produced its namesake Witchblade. At the moment, the idiocy of mankind makes her want to spit fire like a dragon. Looking at her own armored hand oddly, she pauses an instant before saying, "You good with that?"