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Hunt for Green December: ReBirth
Date of Scene: 08 August 2020
Location: Camp LeHigh, NJ.
Synopsis: The Agents of SHIELD (and friends of Banner) finally track him down and convince him not to make a terrible mistake!
Cast of Characters: Bruce Banner, Bobbi Morse, Jennifer Walters, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Natasha Romanoff, Jane Foster, Daisy Johnson
Tinyplot: Hunt for Green December

Bruce Banner has posed:
Although Doctor Banner's trail had not been too hard to follow with the resources of SHIELD at their disposal, he nevertheless had managed to stay a few steps ahead of his pursuers. Whenever they zeroed in on his location, it had been a few days, hours, or even minutes since he departed and the chase was still on. He seemed to be leading them a merry dance all around the place. A hotel room here. A break in at a pharmaceutical manufacturer there. An odd visit to the Pym residence in Cresskill.

But now he was cornered.

The facilities at Camp LeHigh were long abandoned but considered too valuable by the government and the founders of SHIELD to be demolished. So instead its an overgrown reminder of the Second World War. This is the place that recently declassified documents reveal Captain America was created, though as expected the methods used remain lost in the fog of time.

The place seems unusually quiet. The grass is overgrown, and many of the clapboard barracks buildings have broken windows or their ceilings have collapsed from winter after winter without maintenance. The only signs of life beyond the wild animals living here is the bent blades of grass leading to the entrance of a concrete bunker - as though someone recently passed through.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi is quiet on the approach to LeCamp. It's eerie to see a symbol of America left to decay, but also understandable. No, she's quiet because she's not sure what's so important that Bruce would keep on the run like this. Or why he'd even come here, of all places. It must have something to do with that shrunk city he's been hauling around.

The quinjet touches down gentle in the open quadrangle where drills were performed by soldiers for decades. A few deer scatter away in to the trees. The grass bowing to their presence as the hanger door opens up at the rear. No speeches this time, too many speeches lately.

Bobbi goes through post-flight checks and readies the jet for departure as is protocol, then leaves the cockpit to put on her Mockingbird suit. You never know with Banner, he might have started a war while they were chasing him. There is a ping on peoples devices as codes for the bunker are sent through from the Triskelion command center.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
There was no way that Jennifer Walters was going to let SHIELD track down and collect her cousin without being there herself. Not that they had any intention of stopping her from going, mind you, it's just that Jen gets very protective over Bruce. She waits while Bobbi lands the quinjet, dressed in her Avengers costume of purple and white, arms folded against the silence.

"I should go in and see if I can talk him out," She-Hulk suggests, as she walks down the ramp of the Quinjet into the warm summer air. "Sending a squad of SHIELD agents doesn't exactly set a tone for peaceful recovery, you know." There's a hint of warning in her voice, stressing the word 'peaceful.'

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The thing about letting a teenage super genius hug you is that even odds you wound up with a microscopic quantum tracker somewhere on your person, or maybe it was in the cupcakes. This is double especially true when you start sounding like you might not keep your promise to come back from whatever it is you say you must do.

As a result of that ill-fated decision during Dr. Banner's visit to the Pym Residence, or maybe he wanted her to come after him all along, there is a tiny Waspette buzzing her way into Camp LeHigh.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha is... not *remarkably* silent during the trip - it's her, after all - but distinctly stony. She doesn't like not knowing what's going on with Banner. She doesn't like not knowing where he's at. Because that means it's impossible to know if a meeting with him can be resolved with a simple conversation, or the high powered tranq-rifle she's been fiddling with since dustoff.
    Natasha's in uniform and simply loading rounds into a rifle that looks like it's too big for her; the rifle barrel propped against her shoulder. She'd prefer not to use it, but it's practical ideal compared to having to use, say, the Kryptonian and She-Hulk.
    Speaking of whom, Natasha looks at her as she speaks and says, "Want me with you? I like to think I count as a friendly face." Nothing like family, she knows, but still. Comrades and all that.

Jane Foster has posed:
Camp Lehigh might hold significance around Captain America, but today it simply counts as 'work' for Jane Foster. Bringing along an astrophysicist could raise questions, but her purpose has everything to do with an advanced pair of glasses, a connection to an app, and the tablet and phone in her lap giving an outstanding, finite view of traces of radiation, among other things. Used to excellent effect on Nantucket, the constantly redevised and upgraded software has a bit of an assist from other SHIELD analysts to get it to something that might pass Jemma or Fitz's muster. It'll have to be good enough.

As the Quinjet comes to its landing, she certainly isn't doing the whole SHIELD suit bit. At least not outwardly, dressed as a civilian, though the light shirt under her light jacket in kind happens to provide badging as necessary. Otherwise she's just a fellow multi-PhD holder curious about stars or questions. "I would have to agree," she nods to Jennifer, smiling warmly in that direction. "Having someone prepared to say hello and see what's happening might be beneficial in establishing a positive rapport. In light of all that's gone on, he might have concerns about his legal status at the very least. Coming as friends, not someone to arrest him... I'd like to think that putting out an olive branch will help."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Being part of Team SHIELD Daisy came along on the quinjet, black and blue along with the tall boots being the uniform of choice. She finishes strapping the tech gauntlets on her fists when they take down, a glance out of a window to the abandoned facility outside. Some worry crosses her expression, both of what they may find but also concerned for Bruce - Yet nothing they can do right now but to go forward and face it.

She makes way to the doors on the rear, a glance towards Bobbi at her silence. "Everything ok?" If there's something that Daisy knows is that Bobbi talks a lot! This doesn't seem too normal!

"How do we want to approach this?" She asks, eyes then settling on Jennifer. "All we want is for him to be safe. But understandable." Indeed they don't look like the 'peace' squad!

Bruce Banner has posed:
The Camp seems abandoned but looking closer around the area shows signs of life. Something is happening here, though exactly what is difficult to say. An orange extension cord runs several hundred feet from the slightly ajar door of the bunker to the electrical pylons that line the highway beyond the tree line. The sudden power use in an abandoned facility was part of how he'd been tracked here, though Nadia's quantum locator beacon definitely did the heavy lifting.

The door to the bunker itself leads to an elevator that appears to have fallen out of service a long time ago. It looks instead like the ladder built into the shaft has been used to descend to the bottom. A rope and pulley system has been expertly but hastily rigged to carry things from top to bottom, and there are still a few crates with the emblem of 'Roxxon Pharmaceutical' emblazoned on the side. The same plant that Banner robbed a few days earlier.

At the bottom of the dark shaft, the clattering of someone hard at work.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
"I'm just concerned is all," she says to Daisy. "Bruce has gone on the run before but this seems less like he's on the run and more like he's on a deadline. Why comes here, of all places. And now I have to send people down in to a bunker with a Hulk." She sighs and looks at the group as she steps out of the quinjet.

The second quinjet lands and more Agents of SHIELD step out. She motions to them and says, "Set up fast ascenders at the bunker entrance and prep the squeaky toy." They salute and get to work. She turns back to the group who flew with her, "Priority one, make sure Banner is healthy and safe. Priority two, that bottled city. And finally, if we get a Hulk situation, evacuate to the surface immediately, no one wins in a collapsed bunker."

The fast ascenders are for that quick evacuation, -powered ascenders for drop lines that will get an agent up that shaft in a matter of moments. The squeaky toy.. that's classified.

"Walters, Romanoff, you're on point," Bobbi says expecting they might have the best chance of getting Bruce to pay them the right kind of attention, as opposed to the Hulk kind of attention.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
She-Hulk nods to Natasha. "Yeah. Can't hurt, but I'd tuck that elephant gun away." She looks back towards the agent and grimaces. "I really don't want it to look like we're coming in for a fight. A fight would end up being messy." In more ways than one.

She spies the electrical cable, and motions for people to follow her. On her way in she pauses to look at the crates and mutter, "What are you /doing/ here, Bruce?" before continuing to follow the cable down to the elevator shaft. She peers down it, scowling at the sounds of work down there.

"Bruce?" she calls down there, announcing her presence. "It's me. Jen. I've got Nat with me. Can we come down and talk?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The thing about overgrown places? There's lots of bugs, especially in the summer time. Nadia, the young Waspette, takes full advantage of this as she buzzes up to Jennifer's ear.

Wary of any swatting hands she might have to dodge, she raises her voice loud enough for Jen to be able to hear her, "Ms. Walters, it's me Nadia. Don't look around. I'm in your ear. I'm really worried about Dr. Banner. When he visited me something was wrong, he said there was something absolutely had to do, something he'd been putting off. When I made him promise to come back from whatever it was, he said in that way like someone who just wants you to feel better and isn't sure they actually will. This camp this is where they did Captain America's serum, something here, I think he's trying to 'Cure' himself some way and it's probably really dangerous." She is completely earnest, voice full of concern, the usual tangents about how cool this place is completely absent.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods once softly and notes, "It's long-range, anyway." It's more intended for the worst case scenario of the Hulk coming to play outside. HOPEFULLY that's the worst case scenario.
    Natasha rises and follows after Jennifer, bringing the rifle as far as the fall-back point before setting it down to rest on the ground. She peers down the shaft as well, but says nothing for now, letting Jennifer talk, and oblivious to Nadia's arrival for the moment.

Jane Foster has posed:
In a way, it makes more sense to smile; to look askance at Daisy and tap her fingertips to her brow. "We got this. Let's hope for the best and check out anything that seems out of the ordinary, then, shall we?" Jane tugs her glasses lower, looking that much more playfully academic, the sort of astrophysicist who sits in front of television cameras or podcasts and merrily goes on about the wonders of the deep cosmos and the stars. See, totally comfortable to get out of the Quinjet and check her gear over, then shoulder her bag to make this a nice walk. With a smart salute to Bobbi measured in a nod, she replies, "Understood. Banner, bottle, retreat."

In the meantime, her gaze shifts to their surroundings, taking measurements and readings from topside. Especially in terms of radiation, heat, thermal or ultraviolet, it might give them some kind of sense. Most likely Nadia's too small to hear about cure, but oh, she'd have some ideas about that.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A sharp nod is offered back to Bobbi at her response. It was a common concern afterall. And then at the directives she speaks up. "Got it." followed by a thumbs up.

With Bobbi going about ordering the other SHIELD agents around Daisy goes about checking the perimeter, moving along with Jane. While the astrophysicist checks for radiation she keeps an eye out, and also that vibrational sense she has, keeping that extra sense wary of any other intruders that may rise a tingle out of her detection powers, either through sound or motion.

Yet as they find the Roxxon crates she gestures at Jane to call her attention. "What do you make of this?" she asks, approaching and dropping down to examine what may still be left in those.

Bruce Banner has posed:
There's a long, pregnant silence after Jennifer calls down the elevator shaft. All the sound of activity ceases, and for a moment there's nothing but an eerie quiet to answer. When Banner finally speaks, his voice is worn and even without seeing him it's easy to tell he hasn't slept. Probably hasn't eaten, either.

"You need to go away, Jen," he calls back, "I'm - I've got to do this. You don't understand. I know you've got them there with you. They've been following me."

The crates by the elevator shaft contain pharmaceuticals of all sorts. A lot of long names, but for the most part they seem to be mutation inhibitors. The sort of thing that companies have been testing as a means to permanently or (in most cases) temporarily shut down mutant powers. Their efficacy is hit and miss, and Doctor Banner is no mutant.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi is not a specialist in hulk stuff, but she is a biochemist. She starts to look at the various pharmeceuticals and frowns thoughtfully as a hypothesis starts to come to mind. Some of this is very edge stuff, the kind of thing that'd put even Charles Xavier on edge.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," she murmurs to herself. For one, he's tired, for two if he's trying to fight the Hulk, the Hulk might fight back. "HQ, get me a list of common medical protocols for mutant suppressions," she says in to her comms and motions to Jennifer and Natasha, "I don't care if he doesn't want you down there, go down and be his friend. He doesn't understand his //friends// have been following him up and down the eastern seaboard. He's a bit of a blockhead sometimes, for such a genius."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
She-Hulk nods imperceptively at Nadia by her ear and whispers to her, "be on your toes." She crouches at the lip of the elevator shaft, and frowns when her cousin calls back up to her. She just looks... sad.

"You know I wouldn't let them come without letting them give me a chance talk to you first," she calls down. "I just..." she pauses, wrapping her arms around herself to give comfort to the worry she feels for her cousin. "I just want to make sure you're all right. Please talk to me, Bruce. Tell me what's going on. Whatever it is you don't have to do it alone. You know that I'll always be on your side."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia remains in Jennifer's ear for the time being, she gets a bit smaller to actually step inside as she no doubt intends to accompany the more feminine hulk and Natasha if/when they venture into the depths.

"Oh one other thing," she adds as something occurs to her, "He doesn't have the city he was carrying anymore. I do, he entrusted it to me to help them. ...just like someone who didn't think he was coming back. We have to help him, we /have/ to." It's spoken with the earnest feeling of a teenager who until recently didn't really have close friends and doesn't intend to lose this one.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha furrows her brow slightly and looks to Jennifer after Bruce speaks, then looks back down the shaft. She leans forward against the entryway, bracing herself with one elbow on the wall and peering over her own horizontal arm - as if Bruce could see her - as she adds, "Bruce..." Has she ever called him Bruce before? "... You've got a really long line of people who care about you, and are too sweet or too silly to let this go. So whatever horrible, dangerous thing you're planning, you're going to have to do it while your friends are standing at ground zero." She lets that sit for a moment, and gently adds, "Can we please talk?"

Jane Foster has posed:
With the opportunity for negotiation and settlement figured out by Nadia, Natasha and Jen, it's Jane's role to slip in around Bobbi and look at a few of the boxes. "I really don't like the look of these. Put in the wrong hands, they could cause us no little trouble. Last thing we need is another event like Bushwick." A frown crosses her lips, tracing her expression into a distinct expression of worry and discontentment all the same. "Are we permitted to get these put back on a Quinjet? I don't think the doctor would like us much for it, but a loose vial of any of these on the black market..."

There isn't much more to say about that as she looks over at Daisy, trusting in her fellow Furiae to give some input.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Mutant suppressions..?" That brings a raised brow out of Daisy when Bobbi and Jane begin to look over the stuff inside the crates. Yet hers is a world of computers and hacking so her help in identifying them is mostly limited in helping get those crates prepped to be carried out.

"Yes, might as well start hauling this back to the jet." a glance given to the shaft as Nat, Jen and Nadia have moved in. "Things sound quiet right now." she adds.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"You ... can't hold yourselves to ransom like that," Bruce calls back, his voice frustrated and his tone high - a warning sign if ever there was one, "I have to do this. I can do this. I saw what he did. That memorial? I read that article. People hate the Hulk. He's dangerous. He's a nuclear bomb waiting to go off and you all know it. You have to let me - you have to let me defuse it!"

There's more rattling, more frantic movement down in the bunker as though he's trying to work faster. As though the deadline has been moved much closer with SHIELD right at his doorstep.

"Just ... let me do it, okay? The Hulk - I'll get rid of him. Completely. I can go back to just being me. Maybe I can actually do something with my life instead of running away from a god damned monster. I'm smart, Jen. Smarter than any of them give me credit for. I could change the world, Jen!"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi can hear that infliction in his voice. She is reminded of the expert opinion she got on Banner and the Hulk from Dr. Samson. They're not really the same person, may be divided? Hulk is all raw emotion, Banner is good at repressing it and she frowns a moment. "Deploy the squeak toy," she says to an agent as several other agents rush over to help Foster and Johnson with the crates. She gives a nod to Foster, "Might as well get it out of the way."

From the other quinjet comes a new SHIELD drone. It has tiny little jets on all its sides as well as the rotors. It's fast, very fast. Mounted on it, a fully automatic... BB gun. It flies up out of the quinjet and starts to circle in the air, bringing up telemetry for the pilot holding a tablet... it's just in case they need to distract a Hulk. Just in case.

"It sounds like he's getting a bit manic," she mentions, "no time table ever needs to be this rushed. Try and convince him we're here for him and he should take his time and get this right, if he's going to do it. He has a lot of friends who are knowledgeable in the field that are willing to work with him on this."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
The furrow lines in Jennifer's brow grow deeper as Bruce goes on and on in his manic state. She gives Natasha a little nod and calls down, "I'm coming down, Bruce." Firmly, but not unkindly. With that she just slips off the side of the ledge of the shaft and falls nimbly to her feet.

"Look, I know you're hurting," she says, as she takes in her surroundings and situation. She walks steadily and confidently towards her cousin as she speaks. "Please listen to me. You're pushing yourself too hard. There's a lot of very, very smart people who can help you do this. There's no need to shut them out.... Shut /me/ out." she adds a little bit quieter.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia braces for impact as suddenly the ear she has been riding in is in freefall, thankfully at her tiny size her density is greatly increased so the impact is easy to shake off.

Once she has recovered from the initial impact a very teeny tiny head peeks out of Jennifer's ear taking stock of their new surroundings.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's expression goes blank briefly as alarm becomes her brain's priority when she hears the changes in Banner's voice. She steps aside as Jennifer drops down and frowns. This is very rapidly looking like a situation she SHOULDN'T be at ground zero for, but... oh well, in for a penny. Natasha briefly peers behind her at the others, before she steps forward, using the line from one of the fast ascenders to zipline herself to the bottom and following after Jennifer.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It seems like Daisy spoke too soon! Clearly things took a non-quiet turn. It does make the SHIELD agent pause when she hears those words from down below in the shaft though, similar to what she has faced in the past when her powers first manifested, uncontrollable. She considered herself a monster back then. "He will need to trust his family, that they have his back." Family that had become SHIELD in her case. Though her voice doesn't really carry down there, tone quiet but particularly hopeful.

She resumes her work, picking up some of the crates to put on the outside to get carried into the quinjet. These clearly could not remain in here.

A brief look is given towards the "squeak toy", a glance in Bobbi's direction afterwards. "Really hoping we won't need that."

Bruce Banner has posed:
"They don't want me to fix it," Bruce snaps, turning around suddenly as Jennifer and Natasha descend the elevator shaft and arrive at the entrance to his makeshift lab, "They want the Hulk! They want weapons. That's why they're here. They're recovering a weapon so they can use it against the next alien or monster or interdimensional tyrant that decides to bully the Earth. But nobody should have that weapon. It's not worth the pain and destruction."

The laboratory itself is actually quite a marvel considering the limited resources that Banner has to work with. The heavy machinery dates back to the 1940s, the same equipment used to create Captain America! There's also a laptop that Bruce has wired into it all, casting a blue glow over the dim room. A number of vials contain what looks like a bubbling mixture, and the Vita-Ray chamber is already humming as it sucks in the power being funneled to it.

"Just go away. Go away! If you make him come out, he'll ... he'll destroy it all!"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi ordered Natasha and Jennifer down there. Never ask someone else to do what you're not willing to do yourself. And so the Mockingbird takes an ascender and descends in to the bunker too. "Hey Bruce," she says. "We don't want a weapon, we want a friend. Remember, how you helped save all those children on that school bus? That wasn't a weapon, or a monster, that was the compassionate and smart guy I know."

She has her weapons, but she's not holding any of them - she knows that wouldn't be of any use against a Hulk if he decided to show himself. This is an intervention. She hates that word. "What we see right now is our friend, crying out for help. I don't think I've ever seen you this distraught before. Just know that - everything is going to be okay, no matter how the day ends, we will still be here for you."

Yes, Bobbi was taught to be a hostage negotiator, it's a tactic for sure, but like how she handles both friend and foe, she always leads with as much truth as is relevant and in this case it's all very relevant.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
She-Hulk's brows furrow into anger, getting sucked into it from her cousin. "Is that what you think of me, too, Bruce? That I want you because you could be a /weapon/?" Her fists clench by her sides. "I would /never/ let them use you as a lab rat. I would /never/ let them see you only as a weapon. They would have to come through /me/ first."

Jennifer becomes aware of her own anger and closes her eyes, and unclenches her fists in a very visible effort to keep her emotions under control. Breathe in, breathe out. Decision time. "Bruce. How much longer do you need?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
While this exchange is happening, a teeny tiny Waspette flits out of Jennifer's ear and over towards the lab equipment Bruce has been using. She gives the various apparatuses a flyby before buzzing over to the labtop to see what's on its screen. Those bright screens just draw all sorts of bugs, don't they?

It's not that there aren't things she wants to say, there are. So many, in fact. And it's not the looming spectre of endless lectures, those are nigh inevitable with the way things are going. In Nadia's mind though, there are few bonds more important than family, and so she leaves it to Jennifer for now.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha closes her eyes briefly, a look of concern coming to her face. He may not be entirely wrong - not about everyone, at least - but... Natasha takes some issue with what Bruce said.
    "... People want weapons they can *control*, Bruce. Some idiot out there somewhere may lick their chops when they see you, but if you think the brass at Shield wouldn't sleep better at night if you didn't change, you're not paying attention."
    Natasha takes a deep breath. This is gonna call on some slightly rusty skills. "But I AM paying attention. Half my job is risk assessment. And you know what I've noticed, Bruce? Structural damage, wounded enemies, crushed robots, and NOTHING else. I haven't seen the Hulk hurt a single person that Bruce Banner wouldn't want to hurt, or who couldn't take the hit. You threw a tantrum that did less damage than a wild Mjolnir swing, and you felt so bad about it you *ran off* before you even turned back to normal."
    "... I haven't seen the Hulk do anything Bruce wouldn't do on his worst day, and as ugly as that may look... I'd take ten of those over anything we've fought."
    She's exaggerating slightly. But only slightly.
    Gesturing to Jennifer, she says, "Look at your cousin. She doesn't have anything you don't have, and she's just... Jennifer. Turned up to eleven. What if... that's all the Hulk is, Bruce? What if this is what you *can* be?" Natasha smiles gently, "... Give yourself a chance, Bruce. Please. I don't think you have to run nearly as far as you think."
    With Jennifer's question, though, Nat steps back and watches Bruce carefully.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With Bobbi making her way down that shaft means that Daisy stops with the crate hauling and returns close to it. Not that she actually goes down there but with a senior officer close to the point of danger she will make sure to close by as well.

She casts a look down the dark hole and then back out, keeping an attentive eye on the perimeter.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"You don't know," Bruce shouts, and in that shout a change is evident. His flesh takes on a green tinge, his neck thickens, the veins stand out against the skin and his eyes flash a sinister emerald. He takes a deep breath, his coloration returning to normal but it's clear he's balancing on the precipice right now.

"If you were my friends," he says to Natasha, his tone low, "I wouldn't be living like a prisoner in that place. People would ask me for help ... not just outsource it to me until Tony Stark's available to do the heavy lifting." The latter is said to Bobbi, his brow furrowed.

"I'm doing this. You can either let me, or you can try to stop me and regret it."

That said, he picks up a hose connected to the chemical concoction and hooks it up to the chamber. He moves purposefully towards the chamber's entrance now, moving to step into the clattery old piece of 1940s science fiction technology if not stopped.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi looks at the assortment of equipment he's set up, the vitaray chamber, all the cables and peers over to Jennifer. "Walters, is this safe?" She frowns a touch, "Bruce this looks really dangerous and I don't want you hurting yourself." She pauses and lifts a finger, "And why the hell would I call Tony Stark to do something that requires actual brains. You and Nadia made a fantastic team."

She glances over to Natasha. This seems like a narrow set of conditions for a win here. It works, yay. It doesn't work - hulk. We stop him - hulk. We convince him to stop - anger - hulk. Pulling the plug would be easy, but she'd rather get an assessment before she ruins this friendship for good. "Walters, is it going to work?"

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Now that Jennifer has managed to cool herself down she gives Bobbi a hopeless shrug. "I'm just a lawyer, Agent Morse. I'm the /wrong/ person to ask if this is gonna work." She thinks a moment, "But if you ask me if I trust Bruce knowing what he's doing, I'd say yes. Give him a chance."

Her next thoughts echoes Bobbi's almost exactly. "Best case scenario, he manages to do it. Worst case he hulks out." No. Worst case is that Bruce kills himself but she's not going to vocalize that out loud. "Just.... stay behind me just in case. I can take a lot more punishment than you can."

In sotto voice she asks Nadia, "Do you have any idea what he's doing?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
It's the bit about asking Tony Stark instead of Bruce that pushes the tiny teenager beyond her ability to keep quiet and science on. In the blink of an eye there is a full size Waspette standing next to the laptop computer in Bruce's lab and pulling off her helmet.

"I didn't want Tony Stark's help restoring Bushwick! I wanted you! But you were gone!" There are tears forming at the corners of her eyes. "I don't want a weapon, I want my friend back! The one who brought me cup noodle when I was all alone! The one who I fixed that bus with! The one who told me to look deep inside that I wasn't a monster! The one who entrusted that alien city to me to fix and said he believed in me, that I could change the world! THAT is who I want! I want /you/ Dr. Banner!"

She gestures emphatically at the laptop screen, "You. Are. Going. To. Kill. Yourself. With. This!" her voice is somewhere between concern, sadness, betrayal, and fury, "I looked at your data, this isn't going to work! Not alone! Let us help you! Let me help you! Let's change the world TOGETHER!"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha actually manages to look disappointed at Bruce's conclusion before she wrangles herself back under control. She pivots in place to look back at Jennifer, asking, "If you want to gamble with the worst case scenario, we should have brought more guys." She murmurs, a hint of dejection in her voice, before she turns back to Bruce. "Bruce...! ... I'm sorry we made you feel that way. We never wanteDYAAH!" Natasha lurchs away and puts her hands up as a Red Room trainee just MATERIALIZES in the space nearby, which is how most of her nightmares start. She stares at her, wide-eyed, but gradually manages to tear herself away long enough to see how Bruce reacts.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A more impulsive Daisy, or one that hadn't felt in the flesh the consequences of what uncontrollable powers can do might had jumped into that shaft the moment she heard those last words from Bruce. Yet she had also learned to trust these last years, in Bobbi and the others, and so she kept above even if she does lean closer to the hole, prepared to act at a moment's notice if required, or if backup is called from Bobbi..

But now what she could do was trust that they had this, even if it made her tense up in anticipation on what a wrong move could bring in.. She gestures behind her to the Agents nearby. "Open the perimeter a bit further. If Bruce comes with us he won't be wanting to see all these people hanging close by." attention then returning to the source of the sound underneath. A brow arches at the new voice.. A young voice too. She reaches up to the comms and asks Bobbi quietly. "Let me know if you need backup."

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce startles at Nadia's sudden appearance, his brow furrowing when she speaks. He doesn't move away from the Vita-Ray chamber, instead standing with one foot inside and his hand clasping the door. He's breathing heavily, his eyes wide behind the thick lenses of his glasses. That faint green color rises in his pigmentation for a moment. His eyes move from Nadia, to Natasha, to Jennifer, to Bobbi.

He turns his head, looking back at the machine. There's possibility there. Should he even believe Nadia? He was so sure the calculations were correct. What did she even know about this?

She knew enough. A deep breath escapes him. His shoulders sag and he steps away from the chamber, turning back around to face the group. He trudges over towards Bobbi and, with a sigh, lifts both hands as though expecting to be handcuffed.

A glance is paid over his shoulder to Jen and Nadia: "I'm sorry."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
When Nadia appears suddenly her ICER is drawn in a flash. But she recognises her pretty quickly and puts it away. If brow furrows could have brow furrows, then the stare of annoyance at Nadia has even more of those than that. Variables! now she's starting to wonder just what kind of technology they might need in the field to make sure a mini-person isn't sneaking about. Not to mention giving Natasha a small heart attack.

Though, Bobbi lets out an audible sigh of relief when Bruce decides to step away.Sshe taps on comms in reply to Daisy's query, "I think we might be good here Agent." As Bruce approaches with arms out, her brain doesn't immediately jump to 'surrender'. After all, as far as she's aware he hasn't broken any laws. Though, where he got all this equipment and pharmaceuticals from she has no idea.

So she gives him a hug, "Bruce." She has no words, then releases him and steps back. "Dr. Morse insists, more hugs, stat." -- and on her comms, "Johnson make the area welcoming."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
When Bruce turns away from the machine, Jennifer lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding. Bobbi manages to beat her to getting to her cousin, but when it's her turn she gathers him up in her arms and squeezes him. (But not too hard.) "Oh thank God," she breathes. "You had me so worried."

She takes a step back when she realizes that she's probably smothering her poor cousin, and to give Nat and Nadia a chance to get their hugs in too.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"You promised." Nadia's words have the tone of a teenager who is used to adults not keeping promises, but this time she was really hoping. "Did you even eat those cupcakes I gave you?" She asks striding forward but whatever anger at his actions she might be feeling it dissipates into relief and tears as she gets close enough to wrap him in a hug of her own, "Don't ever scare me like that again! If you want a cure, we'll find a cure, we'll find a way, you don't have to do this alone!" she gives him a tight squeeze wiping her tears on his shoulder, before stepping back again so that the hug parade can continue.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha affects a warm smile and, despite her nature, decides this is probably a necessary time to give Bruce a brief hug and a squeeze, as she says, "Just glad you're safe." Though she does step back and murmur into the comlink. "That's not a euphamism, for the record. *Actual* safe feelings."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Already on it." Daisy replies to Bobbi's request. She had asked for that perimeter opening, but as things appear to be headed to a good resolution she steps back from the shaft to step out. She gestures again, calling a couple of the Agents.

"Bring the Agents back into the Quinjet, no guns visible."

Eyes then fall on the "squeak gun" guy. "You can put that away too." the agents begin to scramble out, soon enough leaving the place clear. She does remain nearby though, waiting. No guns on her, just those gloves.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The sudden onslaught of hugs seems strange for him, and he definitely doesn't know how to deal with it. He just kind of lets his hands hang at his sides, looking around awkwardly as he's hugged, hugged, and hugged again. The hug from Natasha prompts him to clear his throat audibly, stepping away from the group and - did he just bow? Okay, so social interaction is not his strong suit.

"I did eat them," he tells Nadia, his tone apologetic as he points to an empty zip-loc bag smeared with chocolate icing on one of the desks, "I told you I would."

"So," he begins, looking from Jennifer to Bobbi, "I guess we're going back now?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi smiles to Bruce and folds her arms, "Well. What say I get my crew to gather up all this stuff and move it to a proper lab for you to work on it. No time pressures, grab whoever you need and trust. When you're certain, //certain//, you have this figured out.. I'm not going to get in your way." She motions to the exit, "You look absolutely exhausted. Have you ever heard of sleep, it's this brand new product rated by the FDA as safe for consumers. I've heard good reviews. Oh, also, you never finished your sentence from the hanger at JFK." That was over a week ago, she's been thinking about it ever since before Brainiac's final battle.