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Welcome to the X-Men, Thor!
Date of Scene: 05 August 2020
Location: Roof Tower
Synopsis: Betsy falls off a roof.
Cast of Characters: Betsy Braddock, Ororo Munroe, Thor

Betsy Braddock has posed:
A breezy summer evening in Westchester. The sun is low in the sky. The highest part of the sky is a deep azure, the horizon orange and pink heading toward purple. Betsy Braddock stands atop one of the crenelated walls, looking out at the landscape. Her hand is tight on the crennelation. She has a look of determination in her violet eyes and the faintest shimmer of violet energy surrounding her body, almost like butterfly wings.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
There's no shame in getting one's .. sealegs. Or one's sealegs back. Storm is behind her friend, a light hand placed on her shoulder for help in focusing. "Loosen your hands, your muscles are too tight," is said softly and encouragingly. "If you go up, you'll take some of my roof with you."

Looking over her shoulder towards Thor, there's a brief, warm look given to the man. What is here and before him should be self evident. Returning her attention to her friend, her words continue with, "Then Thor is going to have to help me rebuild it." What? "Or, I'll get some of the children up here.. which might be better, considering they're getting into mischief." Either way? She'll have her roof.

"Then you'll have to explain to Kurt why his roof needs repairing."

Thor has posed:
    "I'll have you know," Thor says as he stands there at the other end opposite of Storm, bracketing the good Ms. Braddock as she maintains her focus. "That mine father granted me Mjolnir because a good king not only knows how to wage war, but also to build for his people." There, he gives a single nod and tilts his head to the side.
    "But trust in yourself, Lady Braddock. It may take time, yet allow yourself the freedom to fail." Not entirely encouraging considering that failing in this might lead to a long fall and some broken bones, easy for the Asgardian to suggest learning that way.
    That said he tilts his head sidelong toward Storm, "Though, in the interest of fairness though we three all are able to perhaps overcome the bounds of gravity, we each do it... vastly differently than the other."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy *has* flown before. She just doesn't *like* to fly. Which is odd, since she's actually got a pilot's license. But phobias are like that. More to the point, the messed up crap in her head is what fuels it. And it tends to flare and recede unexpectedly.

She arches a perfectly sculpted brow at Thor's assersion. "Elizabeth," she tells him, her hand still tight on that wall. "I'm properly called Lady Elizabeth." Her nose wrinkles. "But, you should just call me Betsy. No one in America refers to me by title."

Yes. She has a title. But she still considers Lady Braddock to be her mother. And, more properly, the Lady Braddock title belongs to the wife of the heir to the estate. She's his sister, not his wife.

She glances to Storm. "I know people. I can hire contractors to fix it." Not that the Professor would likely agree. But, whatever. It's the point of pride that matters.

Nevertheless the violet haired mutant inhales a deep breath through her nose. "It's not like I haven't done this before." In combat, even. When she's not actually thinking about the 6 storey drop. Intentionally, she releases the wall, closes her eyes, and falls forward, energy shimmering around her.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo's known her long enough for 'Betsy', and as the other two speak, she raises her brows gently to nod her thanks to the Thunder god for his kind, encouraging words. Spoken with concern, certainly.

"Contractors perhaps, but would they abide Kurt watching them with those eyes of his?" It's with obvious affection that she speaks of the blue elf, though yellow, pupilless eyes are disconcerting for those who aren't used to them. Storm does take a step back as she feels Betsy's energy rise, above and beyond the initial glow of power surge. "It is not as if you have not done this before."

There is everything in the weather goddess that makes her want to set a safety net down and below so Betsy won't be harmed; a passive aid, as it were, but the other mutant has a self-preservation streak like they all do. She can prevent a plummet, and even unconsciously, it may kick in.

Instead, Ororo puts a hand out for Thor and begins to rise from her place, the wind gently blowing and lifting her from her position on the roof. Thor can probably feel it too, licking at his heels playfully. "The sun's set is lovely tonight. Betsy has the right," after a fashion, "I want to see it away from the trees."

Thor has posed:
    At the correction offered Thor actually takes the moment to look across the way behind Elizabeth's back and raises his eyebrows while the corners of his mouth lower in a restrained smile, as if to say, 'Well hello, Mrs. Fancy Pants.' But his grin returns to the fore as he turns his head back, "Of course, Betsy."
    But when the moment of decision comes he steps forward and sets his boot upon the edge of one of the pieces of stonework, as if ready to propel himself forward. Yet he waits, head tilted to the side as he considers her form and determination.
    Another glance is given to Storm before he adds, "Of course. Done this before, nothing to worry about." So supportive.
    Then as Ororo begins to lift his eyes flit to her and he smiles a little but lifts his hand up a touch as if to hold off for the moment. "Certainly, in a moment..." Perhaps thinking he could be better of aid if he were to jump from here...
    But then Betsy is already leaping.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The wind rushes by Betsy's body, streaming her hair back from her head. She feels the ground approaching, but the strength of her TK is enough to bouy her up. She rises skyward before she passes the 3rd floor windows and only opens her eyes as she arcs upward over the trees. Really, it's the looking *down* that's the problem. Not the rising up. And, you know, she's fine when she's got a solid building under her, too.

Ninjas can't be afraid of heights, damn it!

Looking up at the white points of lights that are only *just* beginning to peek out of a darkening sky above the brilliance of the sunset, she sets a course back toward where Ororo begins to rise, glancing briefly at the compassionate Asgardian as she does. A small, tight smile sits on her lips.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo knows Betsy can do it; all she needs is support and a small network of flyers upon which to focus once in the air. But, it's true. Looking //down// can be dibilitating until one changes the mindset. For her, the world is a beautiful place from above. There are no mutants, no normals; just cars traveling, lights on buildings blinking, and the stars above.

Ororo smiles back at Thor, and when he moves to take flight from the building, she's already taking to the air slowly but surely in a collected flight.

Once above the building by about 50 feet, she stops in the air to watch that which happens below her. "She'll be fine," is murmured to Thor, certainly he can hear her!

Now hovering, she'll make herself a place where Betsy can come to.. and hover with her, and should Thor join her, hover with them.

"Let it pass through you, Betsy. Breathe."

Thor has posed:
    "Excellent work, bravo." Thor says in response to Elizabeth's success. He leans forward enough to keep track of Betsy's flight and once she begins to rise he'll even clap his hands together several times to signal that approval. "Well done, indeed."
    That said he pushes away from the rooftop and hurls himself into the air, extending a hand out behind him and off of the table within where he left his umbrella, the slim black foul weather protection leaps through the open glass door and slices through the air... into his hand with a faint /whom/ as a silvery flame slashes over it, revealing its shape to be the great hammer now in his hand.
    It seems to snare him out of the air and pull him up higher than them both then hovers there. Not as elegant as Storm when she takes flight, nor even as gentle as Elizabeth's effort. Yet he manages all the same.
    "Such fun."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Elizabeth accepts the praise, but... yes. She's done this before. She just doesn't *enjoy* doing it. But, then, she hasn't Storm's composure and inner peace. No one has ever accused Elizabeth Braddock as being a paragon of peace and virtue.

More often, she's being accused of being a right bloody bitch.

Still, the Englishwoman is *trying* to make some sort of peace with her powers. "Breathing isn't my problem, Ororo," she says, trying not to sound at as tart as she feels. "Falling isn't even the problem. It's the abrupt landing at the end that bothers me."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm hovers, and with her innate abilities //and// lots of practice, she makes it look effortless. Still, any breeze that tries to make it through is gently nudged, changing weather patterns for that particular area. Of course, she's also learned that a little check can be catastrophic down the line, so she really tries not to disrupt too much.

But flying is freedom for her. Everyone is different, of course.

At Betsy's brief lament, Storm returns helpfully with, "We won't let you take that particular step." First step is a doozy? "And we're not here with cards to judge your landings."

Blue eyes drift towards Thor, having to lift them in order to find the Avenger. His hammer. Another smile graces her lips and she laughs softly. Everyone is different. "A hammer of war and peace," Ororo observes. "Useful thing."