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Popcorn and TV Time
Date of Scene: 05 August 2020
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: The X'ers fail to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Embarrassment abounds.
Cast of Characters: Bobby Drake, Lorna Dane, Henry McCoy, Warren Worthington, Stepford Cuckoos

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby sits sprawled on the couch in the rec room with a bowl of salted and buttered popcorn in his lap that is twice the size of his head, a couple of napkins tucked under it, and a bottle of coke on the small side table next to him. He flips through the movies and eventually lands on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and pops that on, because it's mindless and he needs something a little mindless right now.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was down for the mindless entertainment of a well watched movie. Genosha could wait a few hours while she sat with friends, ate her weight in popcorn and just chilled out for an evening. So she plopped down beside Bobby on the plush couch, soda in her other hand as she grabbed for a handful of popcorn and shoved it into her mouth.

"This was a good idea Bobby." She mused, and grinned at her long time friend. "Something that isn't about the world ending for a few hours is just what I needed."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I think we all need a little breather from everything going on in the world every so often," Bobby says. Humor and a little bit of relaxation is, after all, his main way of coping with just about everything. He tilts the bowl a little further in Lorna's direction so that she can reach easier and bumps shoulders with her, leaning against her a little as the movie comes on. "Even a Queen needs to watch some silly movies and eat popcorn now and then." So sayeth Bobby, at any rate.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna snorted a laugh at Bobby, "You think? I've been dealing with would be coups and duty and responsibility and diplomatic shenanigans." She took a long gulp of her soda and flashed Bobby a grin. "Also you'd laugh, but I totally asked Namor if he'd seen the Little Mermaid. He had no idea what I was talking about, however I can confirm there //are// mermaids in the ocean." She drawled, and grabbed another handful of popcorn.

The scroll of the credits started to play over the screen. Moose.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Peeking in from the hall, is Hank. "Did I hear the all too familiar sounds of the Holy Grail? Coconuts? Poor Patsy?" He grins, looking in on the rec room. He steps in fully after that, nodding to Bobby and Lorna. "Mind another audience member? I can make..." Oh, there is already popcorn! "er, funny remarks?" The Beast grins.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You did," Bobby calls out to Hank, craning his neck to look back over his shoulder. "Come on in and join us. There's popcorn!" He hefts the bowl, more than willing to share, or make more as the occasion dictates. He laughs, "Funny remarks and/or more popcorn always welcome."

He then laughs when Lorna mentions asking Namor if he's seen The Little Mermaid. "I take it they don't have Netflix down there, huh?" He leans back comfortably in the couch. "Though they did have interesting screens and stuff when we were looking over those artifacts, so maybe an undersea version of Netflix is coming soon to an Atlantis near you."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shot Bobby a grin as she munched away on the popcorn in her hand as if it was going to vanish... As if the bowl wasn't massive and enough for all of them. "No, no Netflix in Atlantis. Or internet. You know, those are serious things to consider if I spent any time down there." She mused, and paused, tilting her head.

"Think I should try to get something installed in my quarters down there?" She only partially joked, and as Hank entered she waved to the open expanse of the couch. "Hank! Join us! We just started!"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Accepting the invitation, Hank claims a seat on the couch. "Atlantis? Someone visiting Namor?" He wonders, still behind on the scuttlebutt of the various X-Folks and allies. "I don't think I've been to Atlantis. Might make it on my bucket list of places to visit, though I am not certain how well I do at swimming anymore." He grins, reaching for some popcorn. "How are you two doing?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"You'll have to petition his majesty to get the hook up down there. Add it to the terms of any ongoing negotiations with Genosha," Bobby tells her with a grin as he reaches into the bucket of popcorn and pops another handful into his mouth. "Hell yeah you should," Bobby says when she asks, even jokingly, flashing her a grin. "It was actually kind of cool to visit there, even with the whole -- you're totally our guests/captives that we totally didn't just kidnap and hold hostage -- vibe."

He grins over at Hank and says, "Yeah. A few of us all ended up down there for one reason or another. It's pretty damn cool. Poor Julio was all kinds of high, though. Apparently the mid-Atlantic ridge really fucks with his powers and makes him ten kinds of loopy. It was kind of hilarious."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna coughed as Hank asked about Atlantis and visiting Namor, she colored faintly. "I have been in ongoing discussions with Atlantis for diplomatic reasons.. But uh.. yeah.." She glanced at Bobby, and as he spoke about practically being kidnapped, her eyebrows shot upward.

"What the hell seriously? I am going to give that man a piece of my mind. He can't just go around kidnapping mutants. Ooh, and he dared to go off on me about not telling him that I was concerned about security around the Bottles. Oh no.." She shook her head, huffing a breath, and aggressively grabbing a handful of popcorn to shove into her mouth and chewed with no small amount of annoyance.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Well, that was a subject! He watches Lorna at her reaction, then looks to Bobby. "I wonder why people feel that accosting mutants, especially those associated with us, is a good idea?" He shakes his head, amused. "High? Due the the proximity of being closer to the earth's core, I wonder?" He chuckles, munching on his popcorn.

"Monarch to Monarch talks, Lorna?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby laughs just a little bit and says, "It was fine. He basically told Doug that he /was/ coming to Atlantis and that he and his 'entourage' had to get their things and prepare to go. Julio told me about it, and so I invited myself along to kind of keep an eye on them. We did go voluntarily, but it was definitely a demand and not a request. And we got there he did tell us that he'd let us go once we translated his tablet and fixed his scepter. It definitely had the -- you're our guests, but don't leave the castle, and I'll let you go when I'm satisfied, thing." He doesn't seem too terribly upset about the whole thing, but then, the whole trip had gone pretty smoothly all things considered.

He nudges Lorna's shoulder and chuckles. "It's okay, really. We all came out of it just fine." Then he glances over toward Hank and says, "The plate tectonics of the mid-atlantic ridge. It's very geologically active, and that totally messed with his senses."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna looked heated despite Bobby's assurances, and was distracted enough that the opening lines of the movie went by unnoticed from her. She glanced over the popcorn bowl at Hank. "Oh no, not Monarch to Monarch. This is personal. He didn't even //tell// me that he'd had mutants or anyone from the surface visiting and I stumbled upon them by accident." She huffed a breath even as Bobby nudged her shoulder.

"He's on my severely irritated list now." She grumbled, and took a sip of her soda can. "That ass. Ugh." She rolled her eyes and huffed a breath.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry McCoy listens again to the tale as regailed by Bobby. "Huh. So had you brought to him, so you could translate items? Did he happen to think to ask Doug, or did he just... snatch and ask after?" A chuckle, looking amused. "Everyone's ok, though? No one hurt?" He does seem concerned about that.

There's another glance at Lorna, trying to sort out the connection. No luck there. "Just give him a wedgie. He wears a metal belt, correct?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Doug was voluntold by him, yeah, is how I gather it," Bobby says. "That's who was there with me. Doug, Julio, Ruth, and Greer. Though I didn't really see Greer much while we were down there. It was mostly Julio and I working on the scepter, Doug translating the tablet, and Ruth eating chips to drown out the sound of the fish in her brain." He smiles a little crookedly. "Fortunately Lorna was able to help her get a little sleep." Then he assures Hank, "It was less actual snatching and more demanding with a somewhat commanding and threatening air, as I take it. I wasn't there for the initial demand. I just showed up to be there for Julio, honestly."

He chuckles at Lorna and says, "Okay, let's not get /too/ irritated with the guy. He did manage to keep us in comfortable quarters in the Palace and did let us roam around the palace freely. And we got to see Atlantis, and wander around his throne room, and he didn't hurt anybody. Everyone was fine." Then he laughs. "That ass.. those abs.." He wiggles his eyebrows. What, he's dating, but he's not dead. Who wouldn't notice?

Warren Worthington has posed:
It had been some time since Warren was last at the school. He comes waltzing into the Rec Room wearing a fancy business suit with a slight smile on his face as he catches sight of the familiar faces. "Well, I heard all the troublemakers were here. So what's happening friend-o's? And who's ass and abs are you admiring, Bobby?" Clearly he has come in at the tail end of whatever it was Bobby was talking about.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna muttered under her breath, still clearly irritated as she glanced up at the movie playing at the sound of clopping coconuts. The comment from Hank about giving Namor a wedgie earned a pursed her lips. "He can fly. Moot point." She wrinkled her nose as she shoveled more popcorn into her mouth.

Which is about when Bobby suggested she not get too irritated with the guy. And defended the King of the Sea, and waggled his eyebrows. She looked somewhat mollified. She pointed with her soda can in her grip. "Yes.. I mean, they're not bad. Distracting as hell and he knows it." She grumbled. And Warren made his grand entrance.

"Warren." She blinked. "Uhm.. King Namor.. of Atlantis...?" She colored faintly.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast looks amused at the reactions, though confused about Lorna's. A shake of his head. "Royal heiney?" The man chuckles, munching on more popcorn as the movie plays on. He's definitely relaxed, much like a cat, all but poured into his seat in blue furry liquid form. A wave is offered over to Warren. "Evening Warren. How are you doing lately?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby nods his head in Lorna's direction when she answers Warren's question for him, reaching over to grab his bottle of coke and take a sip from it. "Recently visited Atlantis at the behest of his majesty. Helped him out with an artifact that he'd found. Doug helped him translate a tablet. Couldn't help but admire his assets while there," he says with a slight shrug of his shoulders and a grin. He's only vaguely paying attention to the movie as it plays, occasionally turning his attention toward the screen to watch for a few moments. He holds out the popcorn toward Warren in case he wants some and then laughs at Hank.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"King Namor of Atlantis? Hrm, I guess there's maybe something special about a royal butt that sits on a throne all day. I've never met him but I saw a picture of him once. He has really small wings, and they look really funny." He shrugs and gives Lorna a little smile. "So how are you, Lorna? Doing well I hope."

He turns to Beast then and nods, "Stuff is going well man. I got some new things in the works, even started a new media company because I wanna push back on all the anti-mutant bullshit that is streaming over the waves from other networks. Plan on highlighting a lot of mutant stories from all walks of life, show people that we're every bit the same as them and there's no need for their bigoted world views. Oh, also Alison and I are going to start living together, which is pretty cool. Between her, the Professor and you, you three have all made me a better person."

Then he nods at Bobby, "That sounds neat. I've never been, don't even know if I would though. I think I might be a bit scared not to be able to have the sky above me." He leans forward and grabs a handful of popcorn since it's been offered.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna looked sad and plaintiff as Bobby shifted the popcorn bowl out toward Warren and beyond her reach unless she wanted to sit up. She waited for it to be returned to the easily accessible position and she promptly grabbed another handful. She was munching away on it, when Warren made a comment about Namor sitting on a throne all day. "He does not. And don't judge others by their wing size Warren." She shot back, and wrinkled her nose as she took a sip of her soda.

A pause, and she colored faintly. "I'm managing." She mumbled, and glanced briefly at the movie that she was definitely not paying close attention to at this point. Not as Warren spoke of starting up a media company and moving in with Alison.

"I'm glad that you're doing something worthwhile, I always knew you would." She offered softly, and glanced back at him.

Henry McCoy has posed:
By his body language, anyone who knows Hank knows he is blushing at the compliments from Warren. "Thanks, Warren. I aim to help where I can. Congratulations about finding a place together." The man looks around the mansion. "I... I think I am looking for a place as well. Carrie mentioned finding an apartment or some such, to move out of our respective manors." He murmurs. Shaking it off, he grins. "Let me know if you need any scientific muttering people to show up on your advertisments." A wink.

"I've always wondered what gave him the power of flight - seeing as he's ocean born." He hrms, scratching at his chin and allowing Lorna first dibs at the popcorn.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Well, you've definitely got hotter wings," Bobby says to Warren with a grin as he takes another sip from his coke. He grins a little when Warren mentions Alison again and he says, "That's pretty cool. Glad to hear that you guys are doing well." He then nods and says, "I mean, I felt right at home there but then.. water's my element. Part of why I went, to kind of be there for those whose element it wasn't."

The popcorn bowl is shifted back toward Lorna soon enough so that those plaintive eyes don't melt him into a puddle of regret. That would just be messy. Then he grins over at Hank and says, "Yeah? That's cool. Glad to hear that things are going well with you guys, too. You guys got an eye on anywhere in particular?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren flashes Lorna a quick grin as he finishes his mouthful of popcorn. "Hey, I'm not judging him based on his wing size. All I'm saying is that I can't fathom how things like that work. I mean, I get how mine work..." He trails off and shakes his head. "I don't know, maybe it's the winged mutant version of comparing sizes, I just can't help it." He smiles. "Thanks! There's a lot of work to be done, and hey, who knows... maybe I'll throw my name in the hat and run for Mayor of New York City some day. Try and make some real progress for mutant rights in this country."

He takes a few steps over towards Beast and pats his friends shoulder. "You're a good friend, Hank, and you know you'll be the first person I turn to in any matter that has to do with science." He smiles and takes a step back to look at the movie for a moment. "If you need some real estate advice, maybe reach out to Emma or Alison. I know both of them were looking for possible summer homes in the area, maybe they can offer some ideas? Either way, I think it's awesome that you and Carrie are working out. I hope you two find a lot of happiness with each other."

"Aww, thanks Bobby." He says as Bobby compliments his wings before waggling his brows once or twice. "They -do- have their uses at times. Sounds like it was a nice trip though. Do you think there will be more opportunities for Xavier's folks to go? I might be curious to see what it's like if I can get over the being underwater part."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna sipped at her soda, arching a green eyebrow upward as she listened to Warren talking about wing comparisons and the alike. "You know, the guy does rule seventy percent of the planet technically, right?" She murmured, and took another sip. A smile was passed to Bobby as he passed her the popcorn and she happily continued to binge on the salt and buttery snack.

"And hey, New York City would be lucky to have you." She murmured, and smiled some of her annoyance vanishing. "I told you to do that." She added, and glanced toward Hank. "That's great! Are you planning to stay close by?" She shrugged at the question on how Namor's ankle wings worked for flight.. Her sister could do magic and was a mutant.. powers didn't always make sense.

"I can put in a good word for you, I know Gabby wanted to visit." She murmured, her voice soft.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry thought on that, canting his head. "Close, in New York. Somewhere between here and Gotham, I would think. She wants to be close to her family." The man chuckles, shrugging. "Like I want to be close to mine." Of course, he means the X-folks! A grin to Warren, and a nod. "Yeah, thanks for getting me off my tookas to ask her out." A wry grin. "I'd say it worked out very well." Pleased as punch.

"True, quite a bit of our world is covered by the ocean. Does his rule extend to large inland lakes? Are there more than one King below? Like, the other seas or oceans - do they have lords as well?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"So what sorts of things are you going to be hosting on your new Media network?" Bobby asks Warren curiously, laughing a little at the eyebrow waggle. "Maybe? I mean, we were brought there because he needed us to help him with something. Not sure how he feels about other visitors, but it couldn't hurt to ask?" Then he grins at Lorna and says, "Yeah, and he definitely won't let you forget that, either." Not that it seems to intimidate or bother him at all. He found the whole experience fun.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"We'll see. It's not just my decision to make, Alison will be a big part in making that decision too." Warren says, nodding to Lorna, deciding to drop the wing comparisons for the moment. "Glad to hear that, and I'm sure you two can both find a place. Hey, maybe in the city? With the hyperloop, Carrie can get to Gotham really quickly, and you'll still be relatively close... oh, OH. Maybe I can see if the building I live in has any spaces open for rent. Then we can hang out and stuff."

He slides over to a seat and plops himself down on it. "Well, there's going to be news shows, but I want to include mutant reporters and mutant anchors, so people can see the news through the eyes of mutants and not just regular humans. Online, I want to get podcasts and blogs going where mutants of all walks of life can talk about their experiences in life. The goal being that as people listen and watch as we show them who we are, it softens a lot of the bigotry out there and makes mutants more accepted by society."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shrugged once as settled back beside Bobby, picking at the popcorn now as she slowed her devouring of. "I dunno Hank about inland lakes or anything. I'd have to ask. But yeah, Atlantis has different tribes and populations. Different cultures too from what I understand. I'm hoping to get to spend more time and study the different factions. It's fascinating. I wonder if it mimics mutant society's structure based on powers and those with visible mutations." She smiled and glanced back at Bobby briefly.

"I have quarters there, so I mean, I might be able to bring someone with me at least a few times. Plus Clarice can portal in and out. So there's that." She mused, and sipped at her soda. "Should still ask though..." She mused.

A glance was returned to Warren then, the movie clearly long since abandoned for nothing more than background noise. "You should definitely have interviews with kids, parents, and family members too. It'll help with the sympathetic aspect."

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a nod from Hank to Warren, grinning. "I think that'd be awesome, if your building has space." Henry comments. "I'll check with Carrie to see if she has any objections." He reaches for another handfull of popcorn, the Grail still being sought on the screen.

"Quarters? Very nice! I'd be interested in seeing it, as I mentioned - if he has the inclination to allow such." A wry grin.

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
Enter the Cuckoos, walking in V formation in synchronized swaying step, their motions as identical as their faces. Also, their outfits: they're all dressed in tennis skirts and polo shirts, and indeed might have been out having a game until it got too dark to continue. There's enough of them that they can play doubles with a referee 'alone.' Very convenient! But it means for once they look just a little less than totally, one-hundred percent perfect, with the sweat from playing and at least a few strands out of place in their typical perfect hairdoos.

Sophie, as ever, is at the lead of the formation, the point of the spear.

For now, she speaks for the group as well, as the rest share any thoughts in silence. "Oh. The room is occupied. Will we be an intrusion?" However, there's a slight variation in the perfect facade as one (any guesses?) breaks from the pack and starts for the fridge. All other four turn to look at her, and she shrugs. "I'm thirsty. I'm going to get drinks."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby listens with interest as Warren talks about the things that he hopes to do with his new Media network, occasionally grabbing some of the popcorn out of the bowl and popping it into his mouth as he listens. The movie, Monty Python's Holy Grail, continues on in the background, periodically watched between bouts of conversation. He smiles over at Lorna and says "I'd like to go back down sometime, too, and spend some time down there learning a little bit more about the place and its people. It's really pretty fascinating." Then he grins a little crookedly and says, "I guess I'm fortunate that the guy I'm dating already lives in the same place. Makes it pretty convenient." He glances over as the Cuckoos come in to the rec room and he says, "We're talking and watching a movie. Feel free to grab some seats. There's popcorn.. though.. we may need to make some more." He laughs, as the bowl has become seriously depleted at this point.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren raises an eyebrow. "Oh, quarters in Atlantis? Spending a lot of time under the sea, Lorna?" A thought comes to him and he giggles, literally giggles and then begins to bang his hands on his knees in a steady rhythm as he begins singing:

"The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin' for?

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter..."

He trails off and blinks. "Oh, I see why Alison keeps telling me Disney songs are kind of dirty. She had to point out why the Magic Carpet Ride song from Aladdin was filthy after all." He nods at Hank and then turns as the Cuckoos arrive. "Uh, hello there. Yeah, there's plenty of room so no worries, you're not intruding on anything." He settles back in the chair and looks over at Bobby. "You two both seemed really happy at that Dungeon party the other day, I hope things work out with you both, man."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna reached up to scratch the back of her neck slightly as Hank mentioned wanting to visit Atlantis too. "I'll see if Namor is okay with more surface-dwellers visiting..." She murmured, and cleared her throat as she looked to Bobby. A look of appreciation following just how nonchalant he was being, and she bumped him lightly with her shoulder. She was sinking herself, but with the conversation about various partners floating about the room...


"You're lucky you both live in the same country." She drawled, and smiled, "I am glad you're happy though." She glanced back at Warren as he raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, quarters in Atlantis. It was part of the treaty between Atlantis and Genosha if you must know. He's establishing an Embassy and I wanted to learn more about Atlantis." She shot back, and then Warren was singing Under The Sea. She coughed under her breath.

"He hasn't seen The Little Mermaid, and I asked, and yes mermaids are real, Warren." She glanced at the near demolished bowl of popcorn just as the Cuckoos entered. She blinked, and shrugged, gesturing at the TV screen that continued to play the very badly ignored Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. "We're low on popcorn."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry snerks at the singing, happily amused. "Yes, well. I have heard that Carrie's brothers sing Beauty and the Beast to her often enough..." The man shakes his head. "I met Bruce and he mentioned being a fan of musicals and theaters. I think I heard Carrie groan, good-naturedly of course." There's a happy chuckle at that.

He nods to Lorna after that. "Embassies... yes. That's a unique position to be in. Very exciting, I am sure. Are you the first embassy to be proposed in Atlantis?" He wonders. As the Stepford Cuckoos arrive, he offers a wave to them. "Come on in! Just chatting and marginally watching a movie."

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
The rogue Cuckoo (if you guessed Esme, you'd be right!) raids the fridge, and eventually, the others join to help her make the process more efficient, passing bottles back between them until the whole group is stocked (Emse goes for some kind of sport drink stuff, evidently mindful of her electrolyes, or whatever). They're back in sync by the time they open them and take a drink, and then stand and watch everyone else for a few silent moments. It is just a little eerie, and there's a sense of them 'studying' normal behavior. Whether they're /just/ doing it visually, is anyone's guess.

"Very well. We will join in the group entertainment." With the fact of the movie brought up, their heads all angle toward the screen, and tilt slightly, the no doubt absurdist imagery certainly holding very little meaning for them. "We have not seen it either." Nor the Disney references, apparently. Although they can follow the commentary apparently: "The song you have performed is a form of sexual innuendo?" A few of their heads turn, and -not- synchronously, with pairs glancing back and forth in what appears some mild confusion. One blushes. Esme smirks. Sophie rolls her eyes. "Enough. Do you require assistance with the popcorn to accomodate the increase? It seems we outnumber you."

All of them have a little smile at that. But Sophie is also the one to breach a more relevant topic that seems to be under discussion, focusing on Lorna. "Why are you dwelling under the sea? It seems inconvenient."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake wriggles his way out of the couch, passing the torch of popcorn bowl holder to Lorna as he says, "I'll make some more popcorn. Here, finish that off." Meaning whoever's left behind on the couch in general. "Keep my spot warm for me." He rolls his eyes a little at Warren and his singing, shaking his head. But on the topic of Julio he smiles a little crookedly and rubs at the back of his head with one hand. "Yeah.. we are. I'm still surprised he asked me out," he grins. "But I'm really glad he did." There's the very faintest of blushes that touches the tips of his ears, and then he's bustling off to see about making some more popcorn for the group, shaking his head at the Cuckoos when they offer to help. "Nah, I've got it. Make yourselves comfortable. I'll be right back."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"There's probably a long list of movies he hasn't seen if he hasn't seen standard classic Disney movies. You should probably start making a list and then make him watch them with you. Who knows how often he gets to immerse himself in surface culture after all." Certainly Warren does not. Glancing over at Beast he nods, "There's lots of good musicals that aren't the whole Beauty and the Beast thing, and hey, if you guys live in the city you can go to some Broadway shows a lot more often."

The Cuckoo's question makes Warren blush just a little and he nods, "Yeah, something like that. There's a bit of innuendo in a few of those songs. My girlfriend has had to open my eyes to it because I always had it in my head that Disney movies were wholesome and stuff." He quickly looks past them and to Bobby and nods, "I am really happy for you both, actually for everyone really. So much has happened but still so much love is going around. It's awesome to see."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna blinked as Bobby utterly //abandoned// her to get more popcorn supply for their decidedly derailed movie night plans. She shot him a piteous look as he got up. But all the same, it was for a good reason.. More popcorn. Even as the five blondes turned a question regarding why she'd spend time in Atlantis.

Something she'd tried to just explain but well..

Much like Bobby and his blush, she colored, and found her soda interesting as she took a sip. "Uhm... diplomatic ..things.." She mumbled, and it was obviously not just that. A glance was spared to Hank as he asked if she were the first embassy ties to the underwater kingdom.

"I don't ... really know.. and I can't breathe underwater either so I can't really explore to see easily. But I haven't heard of other countries even trying to form political ties to Atlantis." She shrugged. Her focus shifted back to Warren briefly, and she shifted against the plushness of the couch.

"Uhm...yeah... there wasn't much for phone reception at the bottom of the sea either.. So I dunno about steaming things..."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Sitting up to make sure there is plenty of room, Henry finishes off the popcorn he had in hand. A chuckle to Warren. "We went and saw Hamilton." The man explains. "I am quite the fan of musical theater. I would love to audition for a role some time." A wistful sigh. "The drama, the music, the dancing... it's quite the wonderful spectacle."

He grins to Lorna, nodding. "You bring them diplomacy and a hope for better internet." A wink.

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"Thank you," they /all/ tell Bobby in chorus.

"We can sense considerable happiness and fulfillment," Sophie agrees, as Warren comments on just how much love threre is 'going around.' "You have all successfully acquired mates." And she does say all, although /most/ of them are discussing it quite openly. "It is an important pursuit for most humans, and occupies an inordinate portion of their thoughts." They certainly would know. However, the amount of squirming Lorna seems to be doing does have sort of the opposite of the intended effect, drawing more of their attention and curiousity more than shrinking away from it.

"Why do you experience embarassment rather than contentment?"

"Because she doesn't want everyone to know, dummy," snarks one who hasn't spoken yet, and Esme laughs. The blushing one (Celeste!) is still doing it, and perhaps moreso by the moment, weirdly kind of echoing Lorna's behavior and body language.

"Come, we're supposed to sit." Although THAT ends up being a bit of a production too, considering how many of them are, and slightly different preferences. Celeste ends up further from the others, Esme apparently wants to sit close to Warren. The rest more or less settle as they're able between those extremes. "A musical?" wonders the final Cuckoo to display some individuality. "We enjoy music."

"/Some music/," Sophie corrects.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake catches that look from Lorna and shakes his head, grinning. "I'm coming baaack. And with more popcorn," he points out. Not to mention he's standing right /there/ within earshot as he makes another couple of batches, filling yet more bowls to bring back to the livingroom along with buttering and salting and the like, listening to the conversation from where he stands but, for the time being, not contributing much to it other than grinning a bit at the Disney innuendo and Hank's desire to perform in a musical, clearly thinking that'd be cool to see. Bobby can't help but laugh a little at Sophie's proclamation of their proclivities for spending a lot of time thinking about acquiring mates. Though he does shoot them a look when they start talking outloud about Lorna's discomfort, giving a little shake of his head, but it's too late. Tooooo late. He brings the bowls of popcorn over and pushes two in their direction before climbing back into his spot next to Lorna, dumping the remainder of their bowl on top of the fresh popcorn so there's only one bowl again.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"You can always download stuff from Netflix on your phone to watch." Warren offers Lorna, helpfully. "I don't know about other services yet, haven't really tried." He's about to say something to Hank about musicals but the words that tumple out of Sophie's mouth catches him completely off-guard and he turns and stares at her.

"Whaaaaaaaaat? Mates? Um, I can't speak to anyone else, but I'm not trying to make any baby Warrens or anything like that! She's my girlfriend, and yeah maybe I'd go as far as say significant other but using the word mate is a very strong word that has implications. Especially seeing that I'm no where near ready to be anything like a dad yet." He looks at Hank, to see if his friend can maybe talk about this more intelligently.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna pouted at Bobby as he got up to handle the very serious job of getting more popcorn. She looked at the bottom bits of the bowl, and made to grab a single piece and run it along the bottom of the bowl, catching all the salt and butter that was left there. A glance was spared to Hank, "I dunno, it could be a cultural exchange that way.. I guess. Give me a list of the best movies to show someone that's never seen them." She mused.

Which is promptly when the Cuckoos cut right to the heart of the matter and promptly send the green haired woman into a flush that bordered on red. She sank deeply into the sofa, drawing her legs up.

She glanced up only as Bobby approached, and she promptly hid her head against his shoulder. With a muttered, 'thanks', following.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast nods to the Stepford Cuckoos, smiling. "Indeed. Musical theater, specifically. So many wonderful showtunes." He chuckles, stretching out a bit once everyone is settled. "There's just something about it all." He motions with his hand, at a loss for words on that. At the mention of mates, he blinks. "Well, uh... I mean, I don't think anyone here is trying to procreate immediately. We're people who live rather dangerous lives. It's a big risk to have children to tend to."

Yep. No real help from Hank on that. Especially with the blush he's likely sporting.

Glancing over to Bobby and Lorna, he pauses. Oh. OH! He smiles to Lorna. "I have a few movies that should be watched by everyone, in my opinion." He nods. "I'll make a list."

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"Apologies," Sophie offers Warren. "Our knowledge on this topic is mostly academic."

"/Unfortunately/," adds Esme.

"'Partners.' 'Girl- or boy-friends.' 'Lovers.' These are better terms for casual, non-procreative sexual partnerships." It sounds like they're taking notes. Research? Danger, danger. "And we regret embarassing you," she likewise informs Lorna, in what seems a diplomatic overture of some sort. Fortunately, now there's popcorn, so that's at least a bit of a distraction. If only a bit. As a group, they -can- eat and talk at the same time!

"I play the piano," the music-fan in their number explains, apparently happy to avoid the line of conversation her other sisters seem so /disturbingly/ focused on in favor of something a little more appropriate. "And classical is our favorite. But we think some of those shows have good music as well. Many of the great modern composers work in that genre."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby doesn't seem concerned about the use of the word mate at all, grinning a little at Warren's near-panic however. Of course, there's definitely no concern about babies resulting from his relationship with Julio, so there's that. He does NOT jump in on that part of the discussion, leaving that to Warren and Hank. Instead, he wraps an arm around Lorna's shoulder as she buries her head against his, offering what small shelter he can. At least she can kind of hide behind the popcorn bowl? It's sort of like a shield. Sortof. He grins over at Hank though when he talks about showtunes and movies that should be watched. "Yeah? I'd like to see the list that you come up with. And showtunes are fun. I like broadway shows, though I haven't been to any in a long time. Those tickets are crazy expensive," and Bobby's kind of on a ramen budget. "I'd like to hear you play sometime," Bobby says, on the topic of piano. Yes, piano, showtunes, musicals and movies are all excellent topics.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Ah ha ha, yeah, those are all words you can use. I guess they are all fine." Warren runs a hand through his hair and laughs a little nervously. "So um, yeah, I can also make a list of some movies to help Hank out. Hudson Hawk is a movie that everyone should see at least once in their life. And Die Hard. Oh, and Shawshank Redemption. The end of that movie makes me cry, the bromance really hits me right in the feels." He pats his chest and smiles. He looks over at Bobby and Lorna for a moment, then says, "Bobby, when you and Julio want to have a special weekend, let me know. I can get you tickets for whatever you want. My treat for two friends."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Bobby was her best friend at that moment and she'd go to her grave saying that happily. The cat was proverbially out of the cat. Telepaths. No privacy with them. Not that she had been doing that great a job either, but hey... there was overt and then just saying it out loud.

Her frame shifted as she peeked a glance at the others, at least for the most part everyone else was discomfited with the term 'mates'. "It might help if you try to show the surface world not sucking horribly..." She offered softly, and shifted to grab a fist full of popcorn.

"And I have to convince Namor to sit down and watch a movie. Which honestly might be difficult in and of itself..." She added, glancing at Bobby as her embarrassment slowly faded and she flashed him a grateful smile. She glanced briefly at the Cuckoos, blinking at the varying responses and the apology.

"Uhm.. it's okay..."

Henry McCoy has posed:
It appears to be about that time for Henry. He slowly gets to his feet, stretching again. "Hudson Hawk is amazing... singing, terrible plot, funny actors." A grin. "That should be on the list. As for the surface world... sucking. I am sure they have their troubles below too. We just have a different sort, due to all sorts of factors." A slight shrug. "But I don't go for the Earth is terrible movies, myself." Glancing over to Cuckoo who mentioned piano playing, he beams. "I'd love to hear you play some time." The man offers.

One more stretch, and the Beast offers a wave. "I need to get back to some research... it was lovely chatting with you all, catching up, and having Monty Python as background noise." A wink. "Be safe all!" He comments, heading out of the room.

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"I practice every day," Mindee (that's her name, don't wear it out!) informs Bobby, seeming quite happy that anyone would be interested. "If you want to stop by and listen, I don't mind." And it's definitely a bit of a break from the hive-mind here, a firm establishment of a personal hobby that none of the others share or even claim involvement in. They might even leave her alone to do it!

"She's very good," Sophie confirms, rather than contradicting any of this, although it's not long before she seems to assert herself over things again. Here, though, something shows through her 'leadership' of the group more than that firmness, but a certain moral center as well. "No, it was a breach of privacy. It was not intentional, but nonetheless, we are at fault. I am at fault. And we apologize. However," and here she smiles a bit. "I do not believe you have any cause for embarassment. We sense no negative judgment of your behavior."

Since the /safe/ topic has moved on to 'representative cinema of the surface world,' they are all a bit at loss, but are more than willing to theorize. "Perhaps something demonstrating the greatest features of the surface, beautiful terrain or..." "...exquisite works of art..." "...biographies of famous individuals..." Basically they all have bits and pieces to chime in with.

As with Bobby, the whole chrous acknowledges Hank's departure: "Goodbye."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Shawshank Redemption is such a great movie," Bobby agrees with Warren. Then he looks a little bit surprised and says, "Oh.. uh.. Thanks, Warren. That's really nice of you." Not that he's surprised by Warren being nice. He just wasn't expecting that opportunity. He smiles over at Lorna and gives her shoulders a little squeeze. Then he tries to picture convincing Namor to sit down and watch a movie and he says, "That could be the challenge in and of itself. Though, let's maybe yeah, sprinkle a few films in that are a little more heartwarming and a little less -- the surface world is all about a hail of bullets and prison." He smiles a little crookedly. He then lifts a hand to wave to Hank as he heads off to do some more research, "Always good to see you. Good luck with your research." Then he nods over to Mindee and grins. "Sure, I'd like that. I've got no musical talent whatsoever, but I do really like listening to others who do."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren settles in his seat and watches Hank depart for a moment before looking back towards the others. "I don't know that the surface is that bad. Yeah we've had our issues in the past, but we always seem to overcome things. Besides, have Namor meet the Professor. If anyone exhibits the best in what the surface has to offer? It's Charles Xavier." He nods and smiles at Bobby and then settles his gaze upon the Cuckoos. "I'm glad to hear that there's no judgment. None should be given. Everyone has to live their lives, and dating, romance and sex are a big part of those things. You just caught Hank and I off-guard with the whole 'mates' thing is all. I'm certainly not embarrassed about my own romantic history. I just... thinking about kids feels weird is all."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna offers Hank a goodbye wave with her free hand, the other occupied with popcorn as she continued to pick at it. Her lips pursed together briefly as Sophie apologized, and she shifted on the couched. A glance was spared for Bobby and then back to the blondes. "I'm in a different position than any of the guys here. Considering I'm the one that would be getting pregnant on that end." She muttered, wrinkling her nose.

"Also I am Queen of an island nation and my relations with a King from a foreign country are //already// public gossip between his ministers and my own." Her cheeks burned hotly as she spoke. "Really hoped to keep things here somewhat normal." She added, glancing briefly at Warren and then back at Bobby.

"He thinks surface people are horrible in the same way my father thinks humans are horrible. And to be fair, I've seen enough of what the oceans are going through to say he's not entirely wrong. Something heart-warming is probably a better idea..Yeah.. and like you said. it's gonna be hard enough to get him to watch anything."

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"We understand," they, or again Sophie-as-spokeswoman inform Warren. And whether they fully understand or not, presumably they can 'get' the vibes coming off everyone, and that must include the reactions to their own behavior. Celeste is still nearly as bad off as Lorna, embarassment wise! Indeed, there is another round of curious glances amidst their own circle when she elaborates on some of the additional reasons for her greater embarassment. The internal debate goes on in the mental realm for a few moments.

"Ah, you have political concerns as well. And feel responsible for your people. Worried that any negative judgments placed on you might befall them, or that your mistakes could cause them suffering." Whether she is deducing this or flat out reading it, or a little of both? Who knows. "That is a noble position," Sophie concludes, approvingly.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Charles is definitely a good person to meet. I was more just thinking that if we show him a bunch of movies that just depict a lot of violence and explosions, it's sort of a flat one-aspected view of the surface. Yeah, we have a lot of crime and bad stuff that happens here but there's a lot of beauty too." He nods in the Cuckoos direction to some of the things that they mentioned such as beautiful vistas, artwork, maybe biographies of interesting people. "A variety's a good thing." He grins.

Then he smiles a little over at Lorna in understanding. They've had more than a few conversations about the balance between being a Queen and still getting to have a little bit of a life of her own. "Yes, normal, hence the popcorn and the movies." He grins a little crookedly.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I didn't do anything!" Warren says, holding his hands up as Lorna looks his way. "My lips are zipped and uh, all that noise. Not that I quite get what is being inferred here or anything." He slowly gets to his feet. "I should probably be heading out myself. It was good seeing all of you again, feels like it's been too long, even if it was the other day for you, Bobby." He grins. "If anyone needs me for anything, please don't hestitate to call or whatever. I'm always happy to drop what I'm doing to spend some time with you all." He bows his head to everyone. "You all have a great evening and enjoy the rest of that popcorn." Then he heads out.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna sighed heavily as the Cuckoos continued down the very true lines of thought she'd had concerning it all. But she only settled more firmly back into the couch as she leaned back. She waved a hand as if to acknowledge it all, and to move on. It was ... too much.

Her gaze swung back to Bobby at the continued commentary about asking Xavier to meet with Namor, and she made a face. "That... is on par with almost asking Namor to meet my dad, you get that right?" The Professor had seen her at her worst, and had been a secondary father figure for herself and more than a few of the X-men.

She sighed again, grabbing another handful of popcorn. "Guess I'll have to deal with that eventually anyways..." She grumbled, and as Warren got up she laughed and shook her head.

"Bye Warren.."

Stepford Cuckoos has posed:
"It is admirable. We should look to you for example." Uh. Well, that escalated quickly! This also may be much more Sophie talking than the collective, as their self-appointed leader discovers, and rather intently seizes on, this sense of noblesse oblige in Lorna. Emse, predictably, is having none of it, taking her own turn at doing some eye-rolling, and turning a glance (and presumably some unspoken conversation) toward Phoebe. At least when the hive turns on itself, they can't embarass anyone else!

However, they unite on a single point, once more in unison: "Professor Xavier is a great individual." It sounds almost strangely automatic, but perhaps there's no surprise they would find admiration for such a powerful telepath.

"Apologies, but we must also depart before the conclusion of the strange film," they say, gesturing to indicate whatever hijinx Arthur and his lot are up to. "We have studies and exercises to complete before bed time." Being a bunch of perfected human clones takes a lot of energy and beauty sleep, apparently. "Thank you again, for sharing your entertainments and thoughts. They were beneficial."