2811/Don't Judge Me

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Don't Judge Me
Date of Scene: 06 August 2020
Location: Mel's Roadside Diner
Synopsis: Mystique judges Rogue.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Raven Darkholme

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gotten a summer job over a month ago. She wanted something that would get her out of Xavier's now that she'd graduated from high school, and wanted something that would 'build character'. It's possible that she had a conversation with one of those do-gooder adults at that school, who helped guide her toward this 'career choice'.

She'd accepted the first job she was offered, at Mel's Diner, doing a food delivery to their new retro drive-in setup. Being that it was on roller skates... Rogue saw it as a way to further practice her flight power on a fine-tuning level, because, well, she definitely had no idea how to roller skate!

She didn't tell the boss of this place that though, she knew her flight power would get her along just fine... just liked she'd used it on the skateboard, yeah?

So here she's been, for a little over a month, skating her way back and forth between the diner and the cars that pull up under the awning. Wearing a pink 50s-style waitress uniform and everything... Though she added white elbow-length gloves to the otherwise pink and white outfit.

She's skating her way between cars right now, delivering a tray of food to one of the driver-side windows!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    A typical night for the very wanted mutant terrorist/undercover senator and even more aliases, Mystique finds herself in an ancient brown Cadillac. Long as any car she's ever seen, Mystique knew exactly what she had to do when the opportunity to borrow the car from the owner in order to go do some rather mundane reconnaissance as she learned of her adopted daughters newest occupation.

    The land yacht pulls into the shop and into an open spot under the awning with what seems like half the car still sticking out into the street, but it's really only the truck and it wobbles on the suspension as it comes to a stop. Her order placed, the woman with the largest curler hair from the early 90's, the woman looking like Peggy Bundy, smiles and clacks her gum in her mouth and then her nails against the dashboard with her wrist resting on the huge brown wheel. The woman smiles as she spies Rogue coming closer to the car. "Ya take card 'ere?" The woman asks in a thick midwestern accent and a big smile with her hoop earings swaying from her motions. "My old man doesn't know I'm out and I wanna treat myself something nice. Y'know dahlin'?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is skating her way past the front of 'Mystiques' car when the woman inside said brown tanker calls out to her. This causes Rogue to tip her foot back so the rubber brake on the back of her boot skids her to a quick stop. She turns then to face the woman, staring at her through the windshield of the big honkin' vehicle, then points at the menu board beside her.

"There's a card slot under the board. Once ya place your order, ya can just slide the card through that and it'll charge ya, Sugah." She replies in her own very thick accent, the voice Mystique is all too familiar with from the girl she helped raise.

With that said, Rogue smiles and then starts to skate back toward the diner once more...

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Mystique's Peggy-sona blinks at Rogue and then looks at the board, "Whoa, fancy." She says with a wave of her fingers bending at the palm as Rogue goes skating off. She pushes the button and places her order and puts in a request for the girl with the white bangs to come deliver the double large mega shakes and burgers.

    She plays flirty with the order taker and then even with the other cars around her, and one person who honks at the large old 70's Caddy to scoot forward so he can drive past. A quick gesture is throws out the window, showing off the animal skin print tight shirt and the turquoise bangles on her wrists. Mystique is so living this late 80's kind of life persona and really pulling it off. She could be Katy Segal if she wasn't careful.

    "Oh mah gawd. You're so good at that." Mystique says, leaning out the window and giving Rogue a show of her watching the teen skate like that.

Rogue has posed:
For Rogue, being flirted with in this job, has become a nearly-every-car kind of day. She's used to it. She'd give a glance back to the woman in the Caddy and then disappear back inside the restaurant.

It'd take a few minutes, but eventually the glass door would swing back open and she'd start roller skating her way back outside, rolling down the little incline in front of the entrance and starting across the concrete pathway that had been designed to be nice and smooth for this very purpose.

Rogue sweeps her way around the front of the Caddy and rolls up to the side of it to stand just behind the driver's side door mirror.

"Here ya go, Missy." The Belle tells Katty Segal inside the car. She moves to set the tray down on the car's window, locking it into place. "Ya stickin' around t'eat here, or ya gonna head out? I can take the tray if you're gonna hit the road again."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Katyique's voice changes faintly as Rogue gets close enough to hear in a whisper, "What're you doing here?" The woman asks before talking loudly as she had been the whole time, "Ah'm gonna be eatin' here o'course, fresh wide air'n'such." The woman says with a smirk as she takes her enormous shake and reaches to the middle of the dashboard and pulls out a flimsy looking cup holder to rest the heavy drink in that. The plastic can be seen groaning the weight of the drink as she reaches for the next and just puts it down on the white bench seat.

    "I heard you got a job but I had to see it for myself. What are you doing Anna Marie..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are down messing with her notepad that she takes down special requests on, shoving it away into one of the pockets on the front of her dress. She looks up when she hears the woman's voice change to one she's all too familiar with. This causes the young Anna-Marie's expression to shift from that friendly-expression-given-to-strangers, to one of oh-I-know-who-this-is-ugh...

She exhales sharply there-after. "I'm workin', what does it look like?" Rogue sasses Mystique. Motioning with her left hand back toward the restaurant. "I wanted money, so I got a job. Ya know, the responsible thing t'do."

She then motions TO Mystique. "What are YOU doin' here? Ya show up in the most random'a damn places, ya know that? Why are ya hidin' like this? Ya look ridiculous." The 18 year old sends her green eyes over the length of the big boat of a car that Raven is driven...

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Of course I look ridiculous. That's the point of hiding. Some of us are wanted by your little friends at that school and by the whole damn world." Mystique says, as she takes the burger off the tray and sets it next to the other drink that will for sure spill as soon as the Caddy starts to depart from port.

    "We both know you could do ANYTHING you want, and that was." Mystique's voice drops even lower, "That was before the Carol thing, and I've apologized for that, but Destiny knew you needed those powers, I don't know why, she did, she's gone, but we both know, you spending time as a car hop is a waste of everyone's time and sacrifices. Even." Low again. "Even Carol's." Mystique says as she then switches back to the loud voice.

    "Oh my did you call me sugah, oh I love that. I'm gonna steal that darlin'. It's way too cute."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just puts her right gloved hand on to her hip and stares at the woman in the car as she prattles on. She stares at her now like a teenager stares at their parent, imagine that.

"Stealin's all you know." Rogue says right after Mystique tells her she's going to steal the 'sugah' moniker from her.

"Destiny says I was supposed t'have the powers? Well then Destiny could, shoulda, woulda predicted I'd be 'wastin' my time at a car hop too. Unless she was a god damn fraud, like one'a them late night Mama Juju Psychics on the television."

"What I'm doin' here, is what all 'well adjusted' folks should do. And that's work hard for a livin'." Which Mystique can probably translate into being something she picked up at 'that school'.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    A heavy roll of those brown eyes as Mystique shakes her head, "You're not even skating, you're flying. You think that Carol or your friend Charles or James would be happy to see you rolling around, faking that you can skate for quarters and dollar bills?" Mystique does pull out a roll of bills from under the seat and hands out a five dollar bill towards Rogue, leaving it on the tray that she pats twice to signal that the money is for sure for Rogue.

    "You're incredible Anna, but you're not thinking. You're letting others think for you. Don't listen to me, don't listen to Destiny, don't listen to Erik, Charles, James, any of them. You can do INCREDIBLE things, you can change the world, ruin it, repair it, rescue it, and you're here, faking being normal." Mystique clicks her tongue once, falling back into her false character, "Thanks for the talk, sugah, now take that money, it's yours, I don't wantcha goin' hungry." The woman winks, one yellow eye showing and hinting that she's watching.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches and listens, her eyes going down to the bill that Mystique pats onto the tray, then going up to the woman's 'brown' eyes in front of inside of the Caddy. Rogue responds to this by reaching into the front pocket of her dress and pulling out a rolled up wad of cash. "I make bank on tips here. Cause'a my charmin personality."

She slips the money back into her dress and then reaches out to take the tray since Mystique had picked up all of her food off of it anyway. "I also fought a dinosaur in Manhattan like a week ago, guess ya missed that Twitter update, huh? Week before that, I helped fight off a killer frost butterfly from that damn Ice Castle that built up south'a the city. Missed that too? Like two months ago I fought off robots that captured Tony Stark."

She tips her chin up at Mystique. "I'm doin' stuff with Carol's powers. I'm makin' them my own. At my pace. Will I ever be a 'household name?' hell if I know!" She shakes her head then. "But I'm doin' it on my time, my terms. This is just for fun."

She turns to start to move back to skate around the front of Mystique's car again, likely cause she knows she's on a watch to keep working after all!