2814/Picking Up Other Pieces

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Picking Up Other Pieces
Date of Scene: 07 August 2020
Location: Temporary Lab, Bushwick, NY.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Valeria Richards, Reed Richards, Illyana Rasputina, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Hal Jordan

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor Von Doom stands before a computer terminal in which some of the known technical specifications of the alien shrinkage device have been inputted by other technitions. Scrolling through some of the known information, he continues doing so as each of the others see to their own work regarding Brianiac's device.

Coming to the end of one page of information he glances around the room and locks his attention on Richards in particular. "Anything catch your eye yet, Richards? I think replicating a lot of the different parts should be simple enough but it's the power source that I have the most concerns about. If there are any miscalculations, this thing could end up wiping out far more people than it would restore." Typically that might not be a high priority on Doom's list of priorities, but he did have promises to keep after all.

"Has anyone else made any progress?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria is... under... the device. Nimble hands poking and prodding, she's clearing out various damaged bits and chunks of... ewwww what even IS that groooossss. (Noises and mutterings to this effect are frequently heard from the tight space beneath the Brainiac array. "So uh, if we're going to feed it //stardust// has anyone considered the ramifications of the post-dimensional effect that this is gonna spit out? Because you know, I don't think baby wormholes on Manhattan are a good idea, but whatever, I'm //just a child//..." A couple of pieces of an alien metal are thrown out from underneath it. "This is entirely grody and what did they do, roll it in people goo? Uggghhhh."

Reed Richards has posed:
"I didn't even know Hank Pym had a daughter," Reed admits, brow furrowing, "I ... is he still married to Janet? I thought she was seeing Steven." He breathes out a frustrated sigh and smiles across the room to Nadia, "It's all so difficult to follow. Well, welcome to the fold, young lady. Your father is a very talented biochemist. The best in the world, by far."

He stands at a console, adjusting the controls with one hand while the other stretches several feet to mess with one on the other side of the lab. He clicks his tongue against his teeth thoughtfully.

"If we had time, we could route the power through a sub-space tunnel and siphon in energy from another dimension. I'm afraid I have to concur with Valeria - harnessing suns in the middle of a population area is unwise."

He sighs wistfully: "Still, we work with the tools we're given!"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana Rasputina is neither biochemist -- more alchemist -- or physicist -- more dimensional specialist. What she can offer for the others is a peculiar melange of technical talents and those without bounds named by science, though at least Doom in the room probably knows about what she's up to. Disintegrating bodies by an acceleration of entropy might be incredibly disturbing under the circumstances, but isolating organic matter within a certain timeframe and gently working the careful spell isn't much beyond Disney's view of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. No one sees the animated bucket or broom; the effect is the same. "They tried to inflict the most destruction they could," she says while trying to fix another of the panels soiled by... whatever livers become when run through a blender.

She gracefully avoids wrinkling her nose when banishing away bits that turn the metal at least a little cleaner. "At least it will be cleaner than trying to overlay its past appearances and functionality over the present appearance. Less interference with understanding its operation?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia has pried one of the damaged side panels off with a crowbar. The slip of a girl, clearly much stronger than she appears, as she begins to clean out the snake mutant gunk that melted into the interior components, "Ew, this is so gross!" she shakes some of the dripping green slime off of her hands and goes to find a pair of gloves.

"Most of the energy is being directed up into space and then back down again from Tony's orbital array." she comments as she rummages for some gloves, "So as long as the containment holds around the artificial star here on Earth we shouldn't be creating any wormholes, unless Tony's orbital platform implodes into one receiving the energy, which I guess could happen." she shrugs like it can't be helped.

When Dr. Richards brings her complicated family she shakes her head, Janet isn't my mom, well not like that, my mother was Maria Trovaya, Dad's first wife. She was abducted during their honeymoon and later died in captivity shortly after giving birth to me. It's um, a long story. Dad and Janet aren't together either anymore though," she pulls on the glove returning the gross goo covered open panel, "She keeps mentioning a Steve, so that seems accurate."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor considers both Valeria and Reed for along moment before nodding, "I agree." His gaze moves past the two Richards' and towards Illyana, who he watches for a few moments before nodding. "Agreed, you are doing excellent work, Magik. I am quite impressed with your skills and regret not making your acquaintance before this." He returns to his terminal and keys in a few commands to begin working on replicating a few parts that will need to be reconstructed.

"Richards, I must say, I'm rather surprised that you've kept up with other people's personal lives." It's an idle jab at his own rival but it's only a momentary one. "Ms. Pym, or is it Dr. Pym? Either way, it is my experience that Stark's technology cannot be trusted, it would be better if either myself or Richards were the one to devise something to hold that kind of energy, but again, I have reservations about doing it around a major metropolitan area. Or even in a populated country, at least when it comes to testing such a device."

He brings a gauntleted hand up to his mask and considers. "This Justice League is setting up some moon base, if news reports are to believe. Perhaps they will let us test out containment systems on the moon."

He types a few more commands into the console.

"Also, Ms. Pym, I would be in favor of you becoming friends with my goddaughter."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria appreciates Illyana's help in getting rid of the gross goo as she continues to dig it out. "I mean, it only makes sense to get this out of the city before turning it back on again. And besides, who needs to reinvent the wheel? We can just put a dimensional portal straight from a star's core into the reactor. Why make extra work? Think smarter, not harder." If 'borrowing' a star's core for a bit causes problems for some other solar system, Valeria seems to really not care.

Reed Richards has posed:
"See, honey?" Reed calls to Valeria, "Even Victor agrees you should be friends with Nadia."

There's a sense of beaming pride from Reed at the new social connections being formed, completely oblivious to any teenage disapproval or embarrassment he may be causing. He continues to look at the console, pausing to tap the side of it thoughtfully.

"We can work this out," he insists, folding his arms across his chest and stroking his bearded chin thoughtfully, "I think we can use this to create a containment field."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Not the first time I considered it. Deneb or Vega are good candidates. Stable, large, distant." The Summer Triangle may never be the same. Illyana speaks with a certain distant ease as she flicks her fingers along the still damaged panel, checking its secure fit to the rest of the metal body. A bit of a wiggle proves concerning. Something else to be pointed out, something else to be questioned.

Of course, she's probably not serious about Deneb. Right? Her inspection carries her around to what probably served as a platform of some kind, and she holds her hand up against it. A smooth gesture brings a twist that superimposes a gleaming facade over the dulled, darkened metal. Memories of time and place seep up to the sorceress with the ice-bright eyes. "What is the probability of it not working?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Portals into the heart of a star! Nadia looks between Valeria and Illyana and nods her head several times, "That's a brilliant idea Val! I hadn't really considered it, Astrophysics isn't quite my specialty. Sometimes I chat with Dr. Foster about them though, she's really nice. Oh Illyana! I got to study a portal when I returned Genosha to Lorna, the instrument readings really neat! Can you really open portals all the way to stars?!" Anything to keep her distracted from the goo covered twisted pieces of alien metal she is now pulling out of the machine again.

"I guess technically it would be Ms." she replies to Victor's question, "Though it is a bit complicated, see I don't really have a last name because I grew up in a secret soviet assassin school after my mother died. That is until I escaped anyway, the legal issues are still being sorted out. Technically I'm sort of stateless. They did train me in their Advanced Sciences Program but I don't think that actually counts as a doctorate?"

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern...arriving a little late, was the unfortunate recipient of battery to the face when the last one exploded. Just as well it exploded in space, the ring had a heck of a time keeping him alive after that. Anything that massive in blast radius...yes, well. Good thing it was in space. Plenty of room for booms up there.

"I have to agree with let's not test batteries anywhere populated. The last one blew up in my face. That hurt."

Reed Richards has posed:
"Don't worry, Nadia," Reed says cheerily from his console, "Victor never got his doctorate either. You can take an honorary epithet."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor cannot help but look over at Valeria with some measure of pride at the bold words coming out of her mouth. Truly she would make an excellent ruler of Latveria some day. Some day after Doom had become ruler of the world, of course. He glances over at Reed and nods, "True, that has potential, and Magik's ability to portal directly will be very useful." He punches in some numbers as he does some calculations. He frowns, though it only shows in his eyes through his mask. "Hrm, the chance of failure is still a little higher than I'd like to see. There might be a few other options though..." He punches a few more keys on the console.

Nadia's response to him does catch him a bit off-guard and he actually lets out a laugh. "If you want to become a citizen of Latveria, I can always use more scientifically minded people at the Univeristy of Doomstadt. Given your desire to have Doom's autograph earlier, it speaks highly of you and how you'll do as a citizen. We give everyone a salary, health care, retirement funds, and a house. Please give it some consideration." Once done he looks to Green Lantern. "You, Green Light Man. Can you act as a high level power source by any chance?"

His mood sours, considerably, at Richards' comment. "I did all of the work necessary to earn one, there was just one little bump in the road, -Richards-."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria is actually quiet now, doing some mental calculations and possibly determining which star to siphon from.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Da." That's the most boring reply -ever- to the coolest of questions. Apparently 'space' is a relative question where Illyana is involved, not out to shine super-bright. She closes her fingers and opens them again. "We could ask it how it was meant to be. How it looked. Failing all else, the source can be provide instruction."

She doesn't go further, considering most of the individuals in the room do not need the additions from the blonde Russian. Actually pulling in a star's energies is left to the experts, she on the other hand can do handwaving juju.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia finishes getting most of the broken tech bits out of her opened panel and begins blasting the green goo out with some sort of compressed air emitter like a dustbuster in reverse or one of those compressed air cans for cleaning keyboards on an industrial scale, goo flying this way and that while the panel starts to look more like a panel again. "We don't really need it to be here anymore anyway, it was mainly here because Bushwick is here, but Genosha isn't here. Moving everything to the Moon could work. We were using Tony's orbital platform because it's what was available at the time. A Moonbase raises a lot of new and interesting possibilities.

Nadia looks genuinely intrigued by Doom's offer, America has been making her jump through all sorts of hoops to gain citizenship but here it is just offered to her, just like that. "I should probably discuss it with my father Dr. Von Doom, but is Dual citizenship possible?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Doom would prefer that all citizens of Latveria remain citizens of that nation only, but in the interests of forming a deeper relationship with Dr. Pym to expand his own knowledge of Pym Particles, Doom may consider creating a dual citizenship program for scientifically gifted individuals." Victor says this in a very calm and precise manner as he goes over some more calculations. "Richards, I believe that I have found a few solutions. I am sending them to your screen now. There are still one or two minor things to factor in, but I think the basis for the science that we need to accomplish this is there in front of us."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria gives Nadia a grin from where she's doing her calculations. "Godfather can be reasonable!" she chirps merrily. "Sometimes," she adds. Then she's focused again, frowning as she intercepts the data meant for her father. "Mm. No no, not this, that's going to cause a massive explosion that will completely burn up all carbon-based life in the area." She frowns further, lost in thought as she adds her own calculations in, removing a couple of equations her Godfather had put in and replacing them.

"Just don't let some idiot tweak these," she snorts, the new calculations on Reed's screen now.

Reed Richards has posed:
"These look workable," Reed answers, clearly distracted by the torrent of information currently pouring across his screen as he taps keys rapidly to add to it. He nods his head at Valeria's additions, making a few of his own (but making certain not to interfere with anything his daughter has written).

"If the machinery works fine and they can solve the power issue, then this should work. Returning the people and the buildings separately."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Once Nadia has finished air blasting all of the melted mutant goo out of interior of the machine through her access point and removing the last of the obviously broken components, she seems to disappear for a minute or two. In reality a tiny wasp is making a quick pass through the interior of the machine where a regular sized human could never fit looking for further damage.

"Oh he might very much like that Dr. Von Doom! I will be sure to mention your offer to him." she says once she has reappeared at her full size again.

The machine is given one more appraising look. "There are several damaged or broken components that replacements will need to be synthesized for, but I think this is in much better shape for the time being and hopefully we have something more viable for Genosha going forward."

Nadia smiles brightly at everyone. She seems quite pleased with the progress, the teamwork, and the new SCIENCE! Friends!