2850/Genosha Burns: Resizing the People of Genosha

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Genosha Burns: Resizing the People of Genosha
Date of Scene: 09 August 2020
Location: Hammer Bay
Synopsis: The heroes restore the people from Genosha's bottles... but at what cost?
Cast of Characters: Lorna Dane, Victor Von Doom, Victor Creed, Illyana Rasputina, Jean Grey, Piotr Rasputin, Karen Starr, Julio Richter, Hank Pym, Douglas Ramsey, Vivian Vision, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Hal Jordan, Valeria Richards, Erik Lensherr

Lorna Dane has posed:
The island of Genosha had seen destruction on a level that few countries had ever seen throughout history. The cities were flattened to the ground. The people snatched away or destroyed into dust. The refugee camp which Lorna had attempted to rule over had lasted only six months and had a population smaller than many cities. However, now the bottles had been removed from the large earthen fortress that contained them. Security was at an all time high, with as many of the combatively trained mutants turning out to watch, and a great many more that just wanted to //see// the restoration of their loved ones. Many hoping, wishing, for the impossible: out of sixteen million previously... that their loved ones would have survived. The crowd numbered only in the thousands, among the ruins of the once glowing city. The giant Sentinel stood silent, reformed to mirror Magneto's features and helmet in a grave monument to the death and the memory of what had been the late King.

Lorna stood at the front of the gathering, standing in her green metal armor, her arms crossed as she watched the device and those that brought it with rapt focus. Her uniform of solid green so dark it was nearly black. If all went well? She would no longer be Queen by the time the sun finally set on the horizon.

The mission? Resize the people first, per Hank Pym's first suggestion. The buildings after they were clear.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
There is a growing sound that comes from the east. A large shape eventually breaks from the cloud cover above to reveal itself as the Flying Fortress of Victor Von Doom. It eventually slows and begins to make gentle circles overhead.

A figure leaps out of the airship and plummets towards the surface, green cloak billowing out behind him. He continues to fall and fall in a graceful dive. Then he seems to right himself and his jet-boots come alive, propelling the figure towards the gathered crowd of onlookers. He nears them and slowly makes a landing near the gatherred crowd.

Victor reaches up and pulls his hood over his armored head before crossing his arms in front of him. "Doom offers his congratulations to Queen Lorna for this triumphant day." A pause. "Your choice of armor is... pleasing. Green really is a magnificent color."

Victor Creed has posed:
The number of mutants in the security detail is heavy. Some are more subtle with their show of force; others are more apparent. Creed, oft known as Sabretooth, is one of the more directly obvious and dangerous looking ones, with his small group of clearly armed nasty buddies, as well as his own personal presence. Sabretooth is dressed for war, not for a happy return of people. If this goes sideways, he's going to eagerly make sure it's sideways AND bleeding.

Those working on 'science' are being stared at by more then just the eager crowd, but also by that defensive 'guard' of Brotherhood that won't respond well to 'mistakes'.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
How long has Illyana Rasputina been here? A question without preamble or need for significant answers. Sixteen million seized, sixteen million reasons to kneel there on a shattered concrete slab like a knight holding lengthy vigil before the dawn breaks. Heat bakes the volcanic backbone and the glittering waters of the Indian Ocean perturbed by the endless summer make it finally appropriate to wear a cropped black shirt with the vaguest callbacks to saris above, though not below. She slings her arm over her knee, fingers casually curled, the line of her back a sharp angle relative to the ground.

Victor of the Von Doom variety warrants a lift of her gaze, marking his entry to the field with eyes so pale they barely hold tinges of grey or blue. Blackberry lips twist into a smirk, but she turns her gaze right back to the devices maintained within the earthen ramparts. Not even a word and all that might be enfolded in fire, a memory alive. The uncanny stillness of the demonic sorceress belies a vibration beneath; Victor creed isn't the only one at risk of making things shine with the red smiles of death if anything slants away. Her shadow's practically a swatch of midnight, anticipating, seething with dark whispers and things that should not be lurking safely near their queen.

Jean Grey has posed:
Speaking of the more subtle security, Marvel Girl is there, wearing her green and white X-Men uniform. She's keeping the various Brotherhood and X-Men teams in communication via her telepathy, allowing for easy responses and status updates so they all know what's happening.

Really, if anything goes sideways, it's going to be the shortest amount of regrets that the perpetrators are going to have. She glances towards Doom, noting his arrival as it's impossible to miss, then she thinks over towards Colossus, << How are things on your end, Piotr? >>

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr is present for the ceremony/feat of wonder alongside the other X-Men. He has donned his usual black and grey uniform, though still in human flesh to avoid signalling trouble, though it has a new addition of a gold band on his wrist and a newly grown beard lining his jaw. He stands with the others pleased to see all those assembled, and then doom decided to make a very Doom entrance, resulting in a raised brow from Piotr, who looks to his sister, "That was unexpected, da?"

Piotr is now aware of his sister's concern, though, and stays near, but soon is distracted by a memo in his head, to which he responds, <<Things go well, kroshka, so far. But it is still early.>>

Karen Starr has posed:
    In the sky some distance above the assembled crowd of mutants and relatives stands- seemingly, though nothing is beneath her upon which TO stand- the blonde form of Power Girl.

    Her arms are folded, her expression somewhat grim. There is still yet no guarantee that this will work, even with humanity's greatest minds behind it. Further, much of that risk, of that possibility of failure, lies in other parties, who may be vestedly interested in this city remaining the way it is... Or Worse.

    To some degree, she's proven correct, as the massive vehicle splits the sky in a way that is ominously familiar to the Kryptonian. Though she has never met its owner, she still has no reason to be especially trusting of its presence, until it speaks.

    "Right." she states, offering this small sigh. "So now there's that."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio Richter has never been to Genosha before today. He tried to emigrate here when he was younger, but his legal status in other nations made it impossible. His attempts to seek refuge elsewhere only embroiled him in more trouble, and by the time he had finally freed himself of all that, well... there was no Genosha. The possibility that the genocide that ended the mutant nation could be rectified has already taken the Latino youth on X-men missions to locations across the globe, and now he's finally on the island itself.

He would much prefer not to be among any sort of honor guard, just on the ground with the rest of the crowd. However, their presence here is an official one, so he did mark the occasion by debuting an actual superhero outfit: a dark jacket with green panels and X-rings on the shoulders, over a trim charcoal bodysuit. He's visibly identifiable as an X-type by the outfit, his position near Illyana, Jean, and Piotr, and the extremely suspicious scowl he keeps shooting in Sabretooth's direction.

The arrival of various dignitaries, however impressive, is met with little response from him. He's focused on the main event: the rescue of the millions of disappeared refugee mutants.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is not one for overpowering entrances. One moment he is not there, the next a small white aircraft looking vaguely like his old Ant-Man helmet appears flying by the bottles. It rapidly flies to an open area and regains its full size. Inside are Dr. Pym and Waspette. He lands the vehicle and he and Nadia deboard, the scientist adjusting his red jumpsuit. Pym calls back to his daughter, "All right, remember where we parked. Hello everyone. I took the liberty of flying around the cities to run a few scans. I am encouraged. I believe the resizing in stages, along with the magnetic powers at our disposal here will let us succeed, without a massive fusion power system. Pym particles (thank you Janet) are ephemeral things. they seem to show up in all resizing technology, but are described as a variety of effects. It's sort of like Photons existing as waves and particles."

"On an unrelated note we got a lot of positive attention from your people. We stopped to wave," he says the last a little embarrassed.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"...Wow." Doug says, tugging the collar of his yellow and black X-Uniform tank top. It's hot here in Genosha. And the situation's plenty tense. "Well, what's the worst that could happen. Being eaten by Sabretooth, that'd be pretty bad. Oh look, it's Doctor Doom. Quite a group. Hi Lorna. Nice cape. Doctor Pym. Uh, hi everyone. My name's Cypher. Now I'm not a physicist *per say*, but I AM good with equations, and I've been thinking about this problem. If I were to think about what Brainiac's done insofar as it relates to mathematics and physical cosmology, which is to say the programming language of the universe, it isn't so much that he's altered the mass of his abductees so much as he's kind of - played with reality's programming a bit. They're the same, but how the universe *interprets* them when they're projected into three dimensions has changed. In effect he's basically... changed the cosmological constant in regards to the people he's bottled? Basically he didn't change their mass, he hacked reality and changed the size that the universe projects them into three dimensions, the *same way* a coder would do it in a video game. In theory you could do it with a wormhole, using the Mother Box effect, nothing would stop something from being spat out of a wormhole with the universe saying 'I interpret this as bigger or smaller in relation to everything else around it.'"

"See," Doug pulls a piece of chalk out of his belt pocket and begins writing equations out on the side of a ruined building. "Assuming a positive nonzero value for the Cosmological Constant and building the equations from there..." He continues writing. "This all makes much more sense to me when I start writing it down. Sorry."

"So maybe... we could avoid the side effects... by just figuring out the line of cosmological code Brainiac changed and - changing it back. Wait, I'm sure I can come up with a better way to say that. Maybe if I do it in German..."

Vivian Vision has posed:
While her stated purpose as to be 'logistical support' for the Pym family it's clear Vivian Vision is anything but a normal assistant. After all her hair is fashionably green, her eyes a glowing gold and her skin an artificial pinkish red. It's not too much more exotic than some of the mutants but very much artificial in origin and of course she looks like she should be in High School still. No sign of a mind to the telepathic, synthetic smells to those with enhanced senses and while mostly plastic there are still a bunch of exotic metals in her. She's hardly dressed for this, hopefully monumentous, occasion though. Yellow cargo pants with pockets crammed with useful things like snacks, a green t-shirt with three yellow triangles on it and some sneakers.

She's spent pretty much all her time following her Great Grandfather Hank and Great Aunt Nadia around with quiet industriousness (even if that sometimes means flying alongside their aircraft). Taking notes, performing checks on calculations when required, looking up sources and data - pretty much every boring but helpful task that might divert a supergenius from their work. Not to mention she has an impeccable knack for topping up tea and coffee the moment before either of her relatives can be distracted by the lack of caffeine.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The Waspette follows after her father with Vivian flying just a little ways above the ground. She's wearing her Wasp armor, though the helmet is currently off. Her expression lights up when she see's Dr. Von Doom. Lorna and Illyana get big sunny smiles as well as she waves to them as well, though a wary eye is also cast to the more unpleasant looking elements of the 'security'. Still for now she hangs back a bit with Vivian, letting her father do the talking. She's never been to Genosha before, outside of the bottled version, there's just so much to see and take in.

Lorna Dane has posed:
The crowd packed in closer trying to see and hear what was going on, but none strayed too close when Doom and the Brotherhood made their various appearances. Still, they couldn't be forced away entirely either. Too many eyes, too many hopes and dreams.. Perhaps families might be yet be reunited.

Lorna glanced once toward Doctor Doom, offering a polite nod of her head. "You are too kind, thank you. The supplies have already been handled by your Doombots, I'm sure? We couldn't be prepared for an influx of people without you and Wakanda's kindness and generosity." She exhaled a breath as the various Pyms appeared in sight again. She stepped forward. "Just tell me what you need me to do, I'm here to help however, as are many people here I think." She exhaled a breath, and glanced once at Doug with a smile.

"So in theory, we'll be okay?" She asked arching a brow. A scan of the crowd followed and she floated upward to catch the various people's attention.

"We are here today to restore my father and those long since taken from us. You all have worked hard, and long to see this day. Genosha might have fallen but we have never truly died. Not so long as a single mutant continues to stand on this soil! Today, we reclaim those that were stolen from us, and mourn those we cannot bring back." She called to the crowd, before floating back down to the ground and exhaling a shaky breath. She nodded to Hank once more.

"Let us begin then.."

Victor Creed has posed:
Sabretooth seems to entirely ignore Julio, though it's the manner of a cat that's deliberately ignoring someone. He's /aware/, but is clearly busy lounging. He stretches his back, keeping track of everyone in a manner that isn't entirely apparent that he actually /is/.

When Doug comments about being eaten, though, Sabretooth does pick his teeth slowly with a talon. All of the science-chatter is entirely out of his field of ...anything, but he's also not directly attempting to /distact/ them, either. He'll let them work, while they behave.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Coming down from the sky is a now pretty familiar green light, which gives way to the Green Lantern. He's got many purposes for being here, not least of which being he's going to have to restore alien cities, and he'll probably have to do it without all of his very brilliant earth friends who are working so hard to bring a country back to life, after first bringing a city back to life.

"Here to help any way I can..."

He actually brough his recharge lantern with him this time, as, in the event they want him to do more than just keep people safe, he might need to recharge rather frequently.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom seems to sense Illyana's gaze and he turns his attention to rest his eyes squarely upon hers for a moment. He gives her a single nod of his head. The rest of the crowd gets only a cursory glance, all taken in while he seems to be searching for one face in particular. He doesn't seem to see that one face. If he could do so visibly, he'd smile. That's when he spots Pym's vehicle, and Nadia earns a nod.

When Lorna speaks to him, he gives her the smallest of formal bows. "My pleasure, Queen Lorna. The Kingdom of Latveria is always happy to provide whatever support we can to our Genoshan friends. May we speak again soon about strengthening the friendship between our two nations."

With Pym and company ready to do their thing, the benevolent monarch of Latveria moves away from them and begins to head in the direction of Illyana.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio doesn't even pretend to follow the scientific discussion. He raises his eyebrows as Doug gets immediately engaged, but not a word of what he's saying registers the slightest bit of recognition. For his part, Julio is content to let the Pyms and their great-grand-robot (another concept he won't attempt to fathom) worry about the unshrinking process, so long as they don't try anything sketchy. They're humans, so he wouldn't exactly be surprised, but Jean is handy, so any duplicitousness would surely have been picked up on the moment their helmet-ship appeared.

He crosses his arms and takes a step back as Lorna takes to the air, ready to watch history unfold and -- if necessary -- make sure everything goes smoothly. On that topic, he answers Sabretooth's oh-so-casual disinterest with no such subtlety; his lip hitches upward and he doesn't let that side of the staging area out of his sight for long. He's really hoping he doesn't have to tap into his powers, because abstaining from doing so is the only thing keeping him clear-headed this close to a relatively active volcano, but if things get rough, well... it's an option.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Speeches go smoothly and easily, the accolades bestowed in diplomatic terms acknowledged by the slightest tilt of Illyana's head. The black barbs of her peculiar headband shift, gleaming in the sun, obsidian spires sharp enough to sacrifice a heart on. Easy to mistake them for just fancy dress up clothes by a Goth; less easy to note they are, in fact, a crown. One of the younger people here, a tenured monarch all the same, she does not veer from her vigil. Sentinel on one side, a crouching blonde Russian sentry on the other. The honour guard of her X-associates is honestly much more interesting to watch than she is, condemned to a chilly calm despite the near equatorial heat. An upnod to Nadia answers that booming enthusiasm with something akin to Ozymandias' statue deciding to shift, though her cool gaze has nothing much akin to warmth. The curl of her smirk has to be enough, though.

The joined figures on high floating over them are measured with a look. "So history turns on a pivotal axis while a gauntleted hand rests upon the wheel." Doesn't she sound so *cheery*? Put her next to Churchill and it wouldn't have been blood, sweat, and tears, but an actual demonstration of those things on the beaches already! Doom has quite the friendly reception, then.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Seemingly content for the moment to let her father take the lead here, Nadia does as teenaged girls are want to do. That is drift over to those she knows and potentially give her father a heart attack as one of those people is apparently Victor Von Doom, himself.

"Illyana!" she buzzes over to her favorite X-person and gives her a big hug, oblivious or ignoring any dangers of doing so as usual. "Hi Lorna!" she waves to the Queen of Genosha, "We're going to Science the hell out of this!" she casts a meaningful glance at Illyana, it's clearly a pun. Eventually Illyana is released and she wanders Doom-ward, "Dr. Von Doom! Did you come up with any new theories related to Brainiac's technology since we last discussed it in Bushwick?!" There are stars in her eyes, she clearly looks up to the masked and cloaked figure.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym checks his equations, looking for any kind of flaw he might have missed in the previous 96 checks. He smiles at Doug's words. "I'm all for using a cheat code if you have an easier way. I'm pretty sure all this is a clumsy work around we could avoid one day." He looks back at the equation and makes a decision. "Dr. Doom. I would appreciate you reviewing our work, particularly in the third stage of the particle reactions. It works but... I feel we're missing a more elegant solution. There may be a temporal factor we've ignored."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean flashes Nadia a friendly smile from her spot near Illyana, then glances over towards Lorna, giving her a reassuring look. << Nothing amiss so far, Lorna. You're doing great. >> And she means it, too.

She does, however, keep an eye on Doom. Sure, he has been acting the noble monarch for the moment, and hasn't betrayed Lorna yet... but that doesn't exactly mean she trusts him, either.

Karen Starr has posed:
    There's a calm, swooping descent that Karen hits as soon as Hal arrives. The two hadn't coordinated at all- hence why one of them was on time, but all the same, she was here to help.

    Now that things were getting underway, it was time for her to get into place. She lands soon after Green Lantern, but since the sun is high in the sky, her battery is going to be here for hours. Not exactly invited, her sudden presence a few feet away might be unsettling, were it not for the small amount of fame surrounding her very existence.

    "Afternoon. I don't know how much of this is going to go to plan, so if you'll have me, I'm here to help. If nothing else, I can probably make sure that the city gets -right- back where it belongs."

    With that, she extends a hand to Lorna, as well as a calm, friendly smile. Regardless of whether the woman shakes it, after her speech, Power Girl is simply... Present. Ready. Waiting.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian seems to pay little regard to the crowds or the speech. It'd be hard to tell what she was paying attention to if she didn't ever so casually keep moving to put herself vaguely inbetween the security detail and the Pyms. Not exactly giving unfriendly looks, but making it clear that she is paying attention.

"That is unexpected," she muses as Illyana greets Nadia. "The lady from the park..."

Helpfully she holographically projects or data transfers any info Hank wishes Dr. Doom to review as needed. Far more efficient than the handing over of scraps of dead tree.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Well I can see what to do but how to do it? That's where I hit my limit." Doug murmurs. "The language all makes sense to me but it would take a physicist and an engineer - or maybe a sorcerer - or maybe all of the above - to make it happen." He puts his fingers on his chin.

"All that," He says, sotto voce, "Ignoring the white elephant in the room." He continues to write, letting equations flow naturally, almost as if he doesn't know what he's going to say until he writes it down. He stops, and then says, "And since I'm not a physicist, I should defer to one." He hands the chalk back to Hank.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom is besieged by questions. Thus conversation with Illyana would have to wait.

Turning towards Nadia he says, "Nadia. I have a theory or two, yes, but I was quite content in letting you and your father showcase your expertise in such matters as I did not desire to cause any... disturbances... to Queen Lorna's triumph this day." He turns then and gestures for her to join him as he moves towards Hank Pym. "Dr. Pym. I would be glad to review your work." A pause. "Oh, I have read everything you have published, Doctor. Permit me to congratulate you on having a vastly superior intellect to that of Anthony Stark's."

He places his arms behind his back, "Now then, allow Victor von Doom to review this work and provide what suggestions he may."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr raises a brow at Doom's attention towards the X-Men; however, it appears to be short-lived as the Latverian monarch speaks to Lorna. He breathes a sigh of relief, as so far things are going well, though Hal's arrival distracts him for a moment. So far things seem to be going well and he certainly is not a scientist. The Russian does make a mental note late for a painting; however.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Victor Von Doom is a large presence, and thus beside him it may be easy to miss the slight wisp of a girl with blonde hair in a blue bodysuit made of unstable molecules with a green cloak on her shoulders. She actually peeks out behind him, and squintches her nose at most of those gathered. For the moment, though, the daughter of Reed and Sue Richards stays quiet, seeming to more observe than put in her two cents.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna flashed Power Girl a distracted smile, and took the offered hand as the Kryptonian spoke. "All are welcome if you're here to ensure all goes well. I cannot afford to turn down a hand offered in friendship today. Not with so much at stake." She murmured, and glanced once at the gathered X-men. Jean, Illyana, Piotr, Doug, Julio... they were all there and supportive through the worst of it.. and would hopefully be there to see the tides turn.

She exhaled a breath, nodding again to Doom and then to Hank and Nadia. She smiled. "Nadia, tell me we're good to go? What do you need from me? Anything?" She folded her hands together in front of her, clearly ill at ease with a nervous energy brimming to the surface.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Much transpires all around, anticipation building in a crowd as much as among the scientists, engineers, and two sorcerers responsible for a part to play. Illyana doesn't quite swat at Nadia because doing so would be a very bad idea, though it comes as close to a rigid welcome as she can think to offer under the circumstances. "We will indeed science this to Hell," she replies, and the traces of irony are thick enough to cut with a non-existent, glowing knife of pure soul energy. Shadows reel behind her. Her own is still, but the depths to levels unheard of only deepen, and help anyone who looks too close. "A time to learn, isn't it?" This, to Piotr and Jean and Julio, may not quite anticipate an answer.

Vivian is sparkly enough to catch her eye, and a nod fo recognition lies that way. Tethered in place, she slides her fingers around in a quick circle upon her thumb, charging up gods dark and bright only know what. Something being woven in the subtlest ways, anyhow, possibly fireworks given all the people gathered together. Not a sound to be heard once she goes silent in anticipation, keying off Lorna's readiness to begin.

Vivian Vision has posed:
When Vivian notices that Dr Doom has a hanger-on of his own she adds another holographic projection showing the various equations & data being reviewed for Valeria to look at. You don't bring someone to a science project in an F4 jumpsuit unless they're there to be useful after all. As well as copies of the chalk scribbled notes provided by Doug.

"To save time Mister... I am sorry I did not catch your name?" she looks at Doug. "Please just mime writing in the air and I shall transcribe it for you and distribute it to all parties involved." A slight shimmer indicating a writing 'slate' in the air he can use.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym nods and steps back, glancing at Doug's improv physics. He takes a second look. "We have to talk at some point, Doug is it?" He turns toward Vivian and looks down at his fingers, flexing them. "I can feel the Pym particles crawling over my hands, my face at this point. Listen Vivian, if this goes South... Rover has a medical kit and instructions on dealing with Resizing stress. And thank you for all your assistance. Help Nadia all you can, please. We're getting to the M. Knight Whatsisname heel turn here."

He takes a few steps away and resizes a piece of equipment looking very like the portal he built recently, regarding it with mixed emotions. "Queen Lorna... make sure the particle flow is contained. You're crucial to this. Here's the deal... I am arguably the biggest sink of these particles on Earth, with my daughter a close second. I normally have limits on how much I can draw at a time. These magnetic devices will supersede that limit. Essentially I'm the generator with Nadia regulating the amounts and amperage."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria gives Nadia a little wave, but otherwise doesn't interrupt what she's doing, though she does peer in fascination at Dr. Pym as he explains the plan. She then peers at the holographic projection of the chalk notes, and with a fingertip, she begins correcting several of them idly and without saying anything.


Hal Jordan has posed:
Once Hank describes what he and Nadia are going to have to do...the Lantern adds, "Is there anything you want me to do with the device? The last time, I had to fly an exploding battery into space, but hopefully that doesn't happen again." And that battery explosion was NOT good for the Lantern's health! Still, better him than civilians.

The Lantern still stands around nearby the device, on the assumption that things might go haywire again, requiring an immediate response from him. Worse, there's even MORE lives at stake this time...a whole country instead of a single city. Still, he's ready for this.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Goddaughter, let us speak of Christmas. I was thinking that I could have some Doombots smash that flying bathtub that Richards calls the 'fantasticar' so you never have to ride in it again. Would that be an acceptable gift for you? Or how about a flying fortress of your own?" Victor's voice is slightly doting as he reviews equations and other bits of data on the holographic display provided by Vivian.

"Oh that is an excellent correction, Valeria." He says, complimenting her even as he makes a few corrections of his own.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"Cypher when we're doing this sort of thing, please." Doug says, before he glances at Vivian and then says, "...Sure!" he draws in the air with a neat hand, gesticulating out the advanced chain of language he's producing, elaborating on itself. He glances at Valeria, and then calmly adjusts for her corrections, changing his language to suit. "I was narrating metaphysical mathematics with the wrong accent." He muses. "It happens."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia gives Illyana a look of slight concern at the greater tenseness than usual, though she smiles brightly at her, "Yeah!"

She also looks quite happy when Dr. Doom agrees to review the work, "We can all do it together!" Another bright smile. The next thing you know she'll be spouting some line about the power of friendship.

Speaking of friendship, Valeria gets a hug! Nadia almost skips over to the other girl and goes to wrap her arms around her. "Valeria! You're here!" She seems quite happy about this fact, moreso than usual, which is a lot.

Lorna's questions finally bring her back to the reality of the situation at hand and her promise to help. She takes a deep breath, she has work to do.

Nadia then produces from, somewhere, a pair of high tech looking gauntlets and offering them to Lorna, "Here Lorna, these should help you specifically target Pym Particles for magnetic containment into a viable stream, and potentially interface with the machine directly should it become overburdened or our power calculations be off." She glances up at the arrival of the Green Lantern, "We're not using that device this time, well not yet. Possibly to move the actual bits of city back into place but not for the people. So hopefully no micro super novas in space." She gives him a thumbs up, "Also I would really love to study how your ring works sometime...."

Julio Richter has posed:
There's only so much glaring at Sabretooth one man can do, and between that tension and the general anxiety of thousands of lives hanging in the balance, Julio is feeling profoundly restless. "OK, so, how much math do we still have to do?" he asks the science team in his accented voice, shifting his weight back and forth impatiently. "People are going to get cranky if something doesn't happen soon." There is, indeed, a rustle of agitation running through certain segments of the crowd as the mutants wait to see whether their fellows will be released.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr looks to Illyana and nods, "Da, seems there is much to be learned here. I will admit I am not entirely certain what, but it will certainly be worth noting in the history books, da?" He frowns as there is a scientific discussion going on nearby, he raises a brow, though soon returning his attention to the bottles, genuinely curious about their status before looking to Jean, "Should certainly be exciting."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna exhaled a breath, a degree in geophysics might allow her to understand the general jargon of most academic papers in her field.. but resizing and Pym particles were an entirely different matter. She nodded once to Hank Pym, her expression grim. "You want me to act as the circuit breaker, to maintain the charge of the particles and ensure that they don't flip or overwhelm the system rather than power it?" She asked, arching a brow upward to be certain, entirely certain, that she was correct in her assumption. She couldn't afford to risk otherwise.

She paused as Nadia approached with the gaunlets, and she slipped her hands into the cool embrace of the electronic contraptions. Doubtlessly her father wouldn't be pleased.. but it was all in an effort to ensure his return.. and she'd do it. A nod followed as she exhaled a breath. "Alright. Thank you Nadia, I'll do my best." She murmured, a small glance spared toward Julio and she glanced back.

"Let's roll."

Victor Creed has posed:
"Now that we've gotten the hugs out of the way, and arranged play-dates for later," drolls Sabretooth from the side, "Is someone going to start this?" He slinks towards Doom, with a quiet comment of, "Going to lead this?"

Because poking the biggest egomaniac in the room might get something moving, for the impatient Sabretooth that doesn't follow any of the physics-nerd-ness. Besides. Risks are fine, right?

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Doctor Pym I have read those instructions a thousand times since you landed," Vivian assures with the tone of a bored teenager. "And I feel Janet would need to bring up just how terrible an idea this is. So please allow me to raise it on her behalf. If it helps I can simulate her voice with a degree of accuracy a Human can't detect..."

The holographic displays adjust slightly to allow everyone to see changes made in real time. As well as some of her own thoughts. She's not a specialist in science but she can crunch staggeringly large amounts of data in the blink of an eye.

"Cypher. Yes, I shall keep that in mind for the future. Thank you for your aid in this work."

She also creates an extra large holographic display by Lorna & Nadia along with time-stamped logs of every change made. Just to help them get upto speed if they decide they would like to take a look.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria returns Nadia's hug tightly and murmurs, "Gogogo and science! You'll do GREAT!" Then Sabretooth makes his commentary and she sniffs at Sabretooth, then asides to her godfather, "VALERIA is displeased with this giant furry man, Godfather. Stupid thugs have no place where SCIENCE is being done." She huffs and straightens her shoulders to make her green Latverian style cape wiggle in the breeze.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Green Lantern nods. "Right. Let me put a bubble up in case anything goes wrong with the particles. I'll put up some life support too, in case something goes wrong with the resizing of people."

What does life support mean? Well, it means Green Lantern basically filtered all of Earth's pollution out of the air, creating an exceeding pure and natural environment...for now. Sadly, that won't last any longer than his bubble does, but it does make things a little more welcoming for suddenly resized people.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Something catches Victor's attention briefly, and then he looks behind him for one moment, nods and then begins a handfull of small gestures with his right hand. Perhaps giving something of a response. He only distractedly nods at Sabretooth and then Valeria. "Yes, yes, do not antagonize the giant man, Valeria. He is capable of tearing people limb from limb. You should see some of the videos that have been posted on the Street Fights reddit. Doombots have been sending me the highlights, a very impressive fighter that man." He stops what he was doing and looks around at Valeria and Sabretooth, nods, then calls out.


Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym steps into the ring. He looks at Green Lantern and Power Girl and says, "Given the way these things usually go... I'm quite sure both of you will prove very useful in various ways. We may have people suffering from Growth Stress and shock who will need transport and we may need our power supplies augmented. Thank you for the corrections. The insights.

Jean Grey will probably find his thoughts racing. Time to show what he's got. Not to prove himself. Not anymore. He put that pride behind himself. It led to court martial, divorce, disgrace. No, Hank, do this to pay forward all the help people gave you, the forgiveness. Do it for them and all these tiny people, bit not yourself.

Show them all Nadia was right about you and give her something to say when some moron mentions that damned robot you built.

A holo field warns anyone not to approach and he flails as static charges which particles from him, he shuts his eyes, grits his teeth and bites off a scream. "Keep going!"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug says, under his breath, "Cypher is also displeased with the giant furry man. Putting it scientifically, he is 'absolutum est douche sacci'." He says this without looking up. He steps back, and shades his eyes with a techno-organic hand, as he watches. "Wow."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean glances over towards Hank, and smiles faintly, thinking at him, << You can do it. >> Just a small positive thought of affirmation, to give him a bit of help. Not that he probably needs it, but she's more focused on making sure no aliens (aside from those invited), robots (ditto), or Acolytes crash the party. That is why she's here, after all.

Well, and prepare for all contingencies. No matter how far-fetched.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria gives Sabretooth a far more interested look when it's mentioned he can rip people apart. She tilts her head, as if weighing this fact, and then cuts her expression over towards the unshrinkening, or embiggening, both technical terms.

Julio Richter has posed:
Doom's response is... not quite what Julio was expecting, but after a second to consider, he answers it with an amiable shrug. Enthusiastic, maybe. High-volume, sure. But it gets things going. Moments later, Lorna and the elder Pym are creating one hell of a light show, and he shields his eyes and draws closer to the X-contingent. He's not sure what's happening on a scientific level, but he understands the goal.

He also was raised Catholic enough to get the gist of Doug's Latin, and he gives the other mutant a good-natured snerk. At least he's not the only one.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna sank into the magnetic fields, deep within them, she couldn't help but to do so. To see the way the charged particles of electrons and protons danced upon the electrostatic and magnetic fields about the technology. The way that the currents moved about Hank Pym, or the bottles. She could sense them, see without seeing. Green power lit up her gaze and her hands as she directed them, like a conductor giving a nudge to a musical or orchestra. It was a rapid movement, powerful and wild, and she did what she could to ensure it stayed the course.

Even as she blocked out everything else beyond her, she stretched her senses, pulling hard on her ties to the Earth's magnetic fields and the iron core at the heart of it all. One hand shot upward and the one downward, a balance of currents as she shoved everything she hand to ensure the return of her people, of her family. She would go beyond her limits and more if she had to.. It was her duty, her responsibility, and if it was the last act she performed as Queen of Genosha..? She was okay with that too.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym feels pain a hundred times worse than when he became Goliath, then when he first shrank and became that man in the ant hill. Hearing Jean's voice he clings to it desperately. His hands feel like they are coming apart. His mind is a whirlwind. A roaring torrent and then a quiet numbness.

He feels the forces of the universe flow through him. He guides them, shapes them. At that moment he feels like a god. No not a god... a sage.

"Oh come on, Henry... a god?" Maria shakes her head at him. "You're just having a manic phase Hank. More of your bullshit," Janet van Dyne snaps, hands on her hips. Ultron laughs... mainly for effect. "Has been. You'll kill everyone," Whirlwind mutters.

"They hate us, they'll never forgive us. Bottom line," says Yellowjacket.

Hank embraces the pain. External pain never compares to the ghosts in your mind.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia studies the holographic displays of calculations and equations. She pulls out a small ultra-thin tablet computer from, somewhere, and begins making notes with Valeria's corrections of the equation data. There are people she might get annoyed at for openly correcting her father's work like that, other than herself, Valeria is clearly not one of them.

She walks over to the larger device and mock glares at it for a moment, "I swear Dad if this opens a portal to that Parallel Earth and we have to fight that evil Other You again... just kidding, that's why I'm here to help you. And Viv," Vivian gets a hug too, "The best Great Niece ever. And Dr. Von Doom, and Valeria, and Illyana, and Lorna we can do it! But seriously it would be really bad if that portal opens again. Though who knows what Genosha in that world is like..."

"Okay! I'm going to go into the city and make sure there are no problems on that end and the receiver for the beam that will link to the resizing gateway is okay!" And just like that she's seemingly vanished flying over to and inside of the first Genosha bottle.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Amidst the flares of light, the rushing electricity, and the green, alien glow of the shielding it would be easy to miss the swirling vortices of light and matter churning within the bottled remnants of Genosha. There comes a 'pop' coupled with the tinkling of glass as the bottles bursts outwards, scattering fine granules of glass on the dirt. No longer contained, the light stretches skyward and the air itself rushes by as the sudden presence of new matter where there was none before forces it outwards.

In the great space stand a crowd of people, thousands of them. Citizens of Genosha. They are ragged and worn, smeared with blood and dirt. Their eyes wide. They talk noisily amongst themselves in a dozen languages, looking around at the sudden change in their environment. Those nearer to Sabretooth and his motley crew edge away warily, while those near the green light barrier touch it with curious hands.

From amongst the people, sequestered within the heart of the crowd, there is a flash of white-blue light. A man ascends skyward, pausing to float above the crowd. The raiment he wears is familiar, but different. Darker colors, no longer the regal purples and reds. Instead, blue and grey. Beneath the visor of his helmet his eyes glow a pitiless blue, and his hands clench as fists at either side.

The enlargement equipment itself begins to tremble, as though clutched by some unseen force. It rattles noisily, and high above the man's eyes continue to glow.

Magneto lives.


Vivian Vision has posed:
"Ripping people apart is hardly something to boast about," Vivian notes with dis-interest. "Historically the feat could be achieved with two horses and a little rope. Doing it by hand just creates unnecessary mess." Even as Hank starts up his light show the teenage Synthezoid doesn't step back. Her hair doesn't even seem to rustle in the breeze. Even the hug finds her as unmoving as a statue.

While the process is underway I would request everyone avoids causing any distractions." She looks pointedly at Sabretooth. "Interferance could prove terminal."

It's not entirely clear if she was suggesting the process might be dangerous or if that was some kind of emotionless machine threat. Perhaps she's multi-tasking and it's both. Yay for efficiency!

Moments later when the people of Genosha revert to normal size she remains as impassive and dis-interested as she was to begin with. She's probably too busy hogging all the wifi..

Lorna Dane has posed:
The energies became a torrent, and exploded out over her senses and she cried out in pain as the gauntlets Nadia had given her quickly became super heated with the force of the magnetic energies pouring into them. The power was as strong as a star, crushing the very matter that seized the one of the universes' forces and remade it anew. She fell to her knees, shaking and struggling to maintain the connections, to keep the flow of power where it needed to go.

Which exactly when the loud chime of her father's presence bathed the world in another lodestar. His connection knocked her breathless, a southern pole to her northerly polarity. A breathless sort of desperation pushed her to stumble to stand, "Father!" She shouted, her gazed locked onto his figure even if she didn't see him through such means. It was in the twist of the electromagnetic fields that they alone shared.... and all the nameless masses beyond were ignored as she dropped the searingly hot gauntlets and reached upward to the sky in a pleading manner.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The benefit to being breathtakingly still and quiet, there are other ways to occupy one's time. Illyana shifts to the cleansed air around her, pupils contracted to mere pricks of shadow surrounded in Baikal lake-ice. Another of those faint gestures, articulated as little better than rolling her wrist, hangs a spell in the air over her head. It's nothing other than a rising ember in the realms arcane, prepared to burst in a torrential downpouring of light.

Particles flashing and accelerating around Hank don't make this less needful. When she draws a line with her fingertip the next time, molecules react and take on a phoresphorescent blue shade, the burning emblems warping to an impression of will. Pressing her palm into the emptiness forms a bow shock, the mystic effect of a magnetosphere colliding with the ambient molecules in her vicinity. No plasma here, no interpersonal wind of Pym particles, hopefully. Once invoked, the spell goes invisible, nothing to see unless the danger strafes their way. The folding shield arcs back from that point of impact, shrouding her brother, Jean, Julio, the long column of humanity at a distance.

Welcome, Magneto, and the doom of explosions returned.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
With the exploding of the bottles Nadia reappears not looking terribly thrilled, why can't these things ever go like they're supposed to, the perfectionist in her is quite vexed by it all. "Okay that wasn't supposed to happen, the receiver dish got dented," she casts a look at the crowd of resized Genoshans, "And the warping caused flux in the energy stream, but good news it seems to have worked. Bad news this is going to seriously complicate putting back the missing chunks of the city. I'm not even sure it is possible now without containment."

It is comical how oblivious she is to the figure floating in the sky until she finally follows where everyone else is looking and looks up herself, "Hi, Lorna's Dad!"

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
As the light dies down, Doug lowers his hand, very slowly. He looks up at Magneto, and then at the others, and then he rolls his shoulders and walks away toward the assembled group. He keeps his thoughts to himself, though he can't hide them from Jean.

(This is it. This is the moment where he comes back in triumph and acts like the King of all Mutants and makes *everything worse* and we get blamed for it. Hail, Magneto Rex, he should've been kept tiny so he could be the Imperator of the fishbowl with the little castle and the treasure chest in it. We would've *all been better off*.)

But his expression stays smooth and schooled as he picks up a bottle of water hidden behind some rubble and takes a long pull off of it.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
When Lorna calls out to Magneto, the trembling machinery suddenly stills as though whatever was grasping it had suddenly let go. The glow in his eyes fades, though his cape continues to churn behind him in the wind. The electromagnetic fields running through the place were no longer alight, no longer being drawn towards him to do his bidding. Instead there's an eerie sort of peace as he descends, landing almost soundlessly on the rubble before Lorna.

Nadia's greeting earns a look from the Master of Magnetism, grey-blue eyes staring imperiously out from behind his helmet's visor. He nods his head a fraction of an inch in greeting, though he says nothing before turning his attention back to the Queen Regent of Genosha.

"You've done this?" he asks, looking towards the machines and the gathered scientists, "The faithful regent, ensuring my return?"

He looks around, raising his voice to be better heard: "You lead this gathering?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym feels his godhood ebb, trickle away. The pain fades much more slowly and he falls to his knees, shaken. He opens his eyes to the noise of Magneto's arrival and slowly starts to get back to his feet. He fails the first time, grits his teeth and tries again. "It's not how many times you fall. It's how many times you get back up." He peers around and tries to focus his eyes, "Give me a few minutes and we can... start on the buildings..." He rubs at his eyes and wobbles.

Hal Jordan has posed:
Well. With that many languages being spoken, Green Lantern becomes infinitely more useful with his handy dandy universal translator ring.

"People of Genosha, we're working on restoring your country. We have supplies for you to relax with while we finish undoing Brainiac's deeds." Green Lantern isn't sure what the explosions meant, but at least it doesn't look like anyone got further injured.

"...Exactly how much containment are you going to need, Nadia? You've got us from the Justice League, your fellow scientists...and I'm pretty sure some of the Genoshans themselves can lend a hand if you tell them what needs doing." Mutants have so many different powers that it was more a matter of finding the right one to ask than wondering if any of them could do it.

Looking up to Magneto, "We're not exactly done restoring your country, your majesty, we've got more to do...but pretty much everyone came together to get this done for you."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Victor von Doom witnesses the rebirth of the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto, and in response to this day, to Lorna's day, to a day all mutants can celebrate, should celebrate... he remains mostly quiet and observes. The only word to escape him is: "Interesting."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean gives Doug a disdainful look, and shakes her head very slightly in his direction. She personally looks ambivalent about Magneto's return, but... well, she stays in the background, content to have the X-Men be mostly unnoticed for the moment.

Because, well, if she had a nickel for every misunderstanding the Magneto and X-Men have had? She could probably buy a small island and turn it into a mutant sanctuary.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision finally shifts from her near immobile state, looking down and fetching... a thermos? Which she opens and begins pouring a cup of hot tea. There are also some asprins on the off chance Doctor Pym needs or wants them.

Silently she takes a step nearer and makes them available. She also offers a steadying hand if needed. It wouldn't do for everyones confidence if the scientists began collapsing now would it?

Lorna Dane has posed:
Tears stung her eyes and made her breathing sound plugged as she sniffled, reaching out with her powers to twist them through Magneto's own. It was a greeting that no others could replicate, proof that she was real as he was standing before her. It lasted only a minute before she nodded, and her father landed before the gathering. "I-I tried.." She exhaled a shaky breath and waved scorched hand about her. The gauntlets Nadia had worked so very hard on smoldered on the ground. It would be hard to use again for a repeat performance.

She struggled for a long moment, as tears trickled down her cheeks openly. She sniffled again, and without further preamble, bolted forward to try to wrap her arms around her father. And promptly broke down into sob quite openly.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria looks over all the calculations, frowning. Magento's appearance is a mere curiosity, this is a scientific oddity and thus drawing of her attention more. Why did the bottles burst? Why was the city itself unable to be restored? Where were the calculations in error?

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"It is unnecessary," Magneto announces, turning his cold stare to the Green Lantern, "Genosha is an island stolen from thieves and butchers. Slave-masters and tyrants. We had thought to make a mutant homeland here, amongst the ashes of those who would persecute us, but it is clear to me now that Genosha cannot be the home that mutantkind deserves. It can only be the blood-soaked reminder of human ignorance and barbarity."

"Leave this place, my people," he calls out over the din, once more rocketing skyward and drawing Lorna with him, "Those of you who have remained faithful will join me in our new home. Those of you who have not? Scatter to the winds. Seek your place cowering at the boots of the human oppressor if you think that will save you, but know your hour will come when the Master of Magnetism will draw you up from the mire and imbue you with purpose brilliant and unparalleled."

There's a sudden surge as the very ground beneath the gathered crowd's feet begins to shake. Cracks appear, quickly forming into great crevices as chunks of rubble, scrap, and the very island itself begin to ascend into the air. As the debris rises into the air it begins to swirl about, reshaping itself at the subatomic level as it comes together to form something new. A great citadel over a mile across and almost as tall, suspended in the air above what was once Hammer Bay.

Lorna Dane has posed:
The swift movement upward earned a sound of shock and stunned silence from the younger magnokinetic as she stared out and downard at the massive crowds that stretched out before her. She floated on the ebbing flow of her father's own powers. Her own a muted polarity in comparison. Exhausted. Tired.

Her green eyed gaze shot back to her father, and she reached out toward his arm with both hands. "Father. No. Please. No." Tears stung her eyes, her lips parting in shock and stunned disbelief.

"What are you doing? Our people need Genosha. I did everything for our people! I tried my best... what are you doing?" She whispered in a hushed tone, distress clearly written on her features as she stared at the rumbling ground below as she sensed exactly what her father was doing as a massive part of the earth lifted up into the air under his direction.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom places his arms behind his back and witnesses the rising of this citadel. He remains unphased as the great work of Magneto is made manifest. Instead, he tilts his head slightly in a way that indicates interest. "Impressive. Never let it be said that Victor von Doom doesn't appreciate a good citadel. It is almost as glorious as Castle Von Doom. -Almost-." He glances over towards Valeria and holds out a hand. "Come Valeria, we should probably make our exit and allow for whatever family drama to occur to do so without our observation."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Hers single statement drops from Illyana in Magneto's wake. One word, and for her, that's pushing just how much she might be willing to speak. The broken isle wavers in the convictions of the Atlantic Ocean. Water to fill the cracks, the raging shadows being pulled into architectural forms. An expression of power and wonder, perhaps, something admirable.

She draws a blade from the aether, its clarion call a silent testament as its fire unweaves in an unearthly shade of gold bordering on white. Blackness spirals out from the hilt, frozen in place. "A new home."

Shadows clutch closer to her black soles, ichorous in writhing around her boots like cats demanding their dinner, albeit in more tidal shapes blending into one another. A thin lens rips the fabric of space, sketched in a circle around her, superimposing her in two places at once. Genosha. Limbo. "Brother. Marvel Girl. My favourite earth-bender." Time to go.

They have three seconds. On the fourth, she's gone.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio was shielding his eyes as the lightshow began, but from behind his arm he laughs triumphantly at Magneto's grand entrance. You've got to say this for the X-men: there is diversity of opinion within the group. Although he has gotten less militant about it in recent months, Julio still tilts strongly toward the 'stick it to the human oppressor' end of the political spectrum superior, and he grins up enthusiastically at the reunion between Lorna and her father.

Then the man of the hour himself starts talking, and Julio is reminded in short order of some of the misgivings Lorna shared with him about her family legacy. His sense of victory is shaken even more as the master of Magnetism starts yanking pieces of the crust up into the air. Without even thinking, Julio taps into the seismic spirit of the island, his entire body lighting up with a shifting, boosted green aura. He can't do anything to fight the island being pulled apart, but he can at least counteract those leaping tremors before someone gets crushed, and he does so: the ground continues to quaver, but is mostly stilled. The effect is eerie in itself: Magneto is tearing the ground up nearby, but the footing here is weirdly still.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug looks up, and takes a step back, throwing his hand over his eyes, as the city rises up. He backs away, step by step, as the city rises up out of the ground. "Holy cats!" he says, to himself.

He can't help but stare - some things just have to be beheld, even if you are against them.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia doesn't look away from Magneto, there's no fear in her face. Perhaps it is because she knows so little of his reputation, perhaps it is a strange sort of familiarity from Lorna's stories about him. Something does cause her to take a half step back though, like even if she isn't concious of fear her body is subconciously reacting to his imposing presence.

Letting Lorna have her moment she flies over to her own father helping Hank up to his feet.

When Hal asks about containment she shakes her head, "The bottles exploded Mr. Lantern," She gestures to the bits of shrunken Genosha strewn across the ground, unless you have a way of putting exploded tiny Genosha bits back together like the world's most complicated three dimensional jigsaw puzzle, I'm not sure it's possible."

When Magneto starts to do his thing Nadia makes an annoyed face, "Oh Lorna's Dad could just destroy everything, anyway." She looks in Lorna's direction and the annoyance turns to anger and she looks like she's about to fly up and give Magneto a piece of her mind about how he is treating his daughter!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean nods over at Julio, sensing what he's doing and approving of that, as she launches herself into the air, telekinetically flying up and around to hover near Magneto and Lorna. She frowns very slightly, "So if not Genosha, then where?"

She doesn't bother telepathically contacting Magneto, since he has that helmet on. But she does sound a little surprised. Not so much at him being alive, but at the change of plans. "Lorna did well in holding things together in your absence, after all." One eyebrow arches, as she waits patiently for his answer.

Vivian Vision has posed:
The last holographic screen, which Valeria was typing away on, blinks with a notification advising the data will be delivered to the Baxter Building for her later perusal. Then vanishes as Magneto raises a citadel out from the ground.

Vivian drops the thermos and tea, a crime she knows, and moves to shoo Doctor Pym & Aunt Nadia towards their aircraft. She doesn't quite pick them both up and run, but it may well come to that if they start getting distracted trying to 'fix' things.

"I shall upload these events for the Avengers. Would you like me to send SHIELD a copy as well?" she resists the urge to play the 'I told you this was a terrible idea' clip. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Victor Creed has posed:
While previously observant of the events, Sabretooth has... entirely vanished off into the crowd somewhere, like the ghost of murder he often is. Like a rat getting off a ship?

Things are as they should be; no need to stick around..... they'll all see the future of Genosha soon enough. Sabretooth is just going to do it from a better distance.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
The debris continues to swirl in the air, reforming itself easily as though it were some colossal jigsaw coming together piece by piece. Though mostly formed, there are still smaller amendments being done. One hand extends before him, holding the great structure aloft with mere thought.

"Doctor Grey," he answers, recognizing Jean's voice before he turns to look at her. There's something of a wry smile on his face when he speaks, reciting - paraphrasing - something he read somewhere once upon a time: "Mutant is my name, and Terra is my nation. Deep space is my dwelling place, the stars our destination."

His attention turns back to Lorna, regarding her in silence before he speaks again.

"You are commended for your work, but I am doing what must be done," Magneto says to Lorna, his tone sharp and his will unbroken by her cries, "I will no longer enshrine myself here as overseer of a haven for the happy few, daughter. Genosha was a kingdom."

Slowly his eyes turn from the Citadel to meet Lorna's, cold but alive with purpose.

"This will be my empire."

Hal Jordan has posed:
This...doesn't make the least bit of sense. Sure, humanity hasn't been very good to mutant kind, but...most of those gathered here to get Genosha out of Brainiac's bottle.

Green Lantern has much to do, as anyone who was in danger from such a massive thing being ripped into the sky. However, he's also willing to try to reason with the man whose people they just aided.

"Now wait a minute, your majesty. The scientists who came up with the device to free you are human. Many of the people who gathered here to watch this are human. And while I wear a ring made more than a billion light years away, under it I'm human too. Do not be so quick to throw away the country you founded just because an alien being tried to exploit your people. And really, Brainiac came here to exploit your people in paerticular. Whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to go, consider there are aliens out there that are a bigger threat to your people than humanity could ever be. I'm not convinced Brainiac is completely dead, either. He could come back."

"To take on things like Brainiac...clearly, you can't do it alone, or you wouldn't have ended up in the bottle to begin with. You need to link hands with us...with the Justice League, Avengers, X-men, the rest of the planet's guardians...we need to do this together. Humans, Mutants, Metahumans, straight up Aliens. All of those things make Earth their home."

Even if it doesn't work, at least Green Lantern is up there in the sky, speaking of teamwork.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor can overlook some small insults, sometimes. He can overlook someone complimenting Reed Richards, sometimes. But one thing he cannot overlook is someone making claims as to the ownership of Earth. Kicking his rocket boots into action, the Latverian dictator lifts himself slightly off of the ground, his arms crossing before him as he looks straight at Magneto. "Point of personal privilege, Magneto. This world is Doom's to rule. Mutants will be treated as equals in Doom's kingdom, but Earth belongs to Victor von Doom!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria gives the proceedings a dim view, and makes a little disappointed chuffing noise as the screen she was working on pops out of use. She nods to Vivian. "Thanks," she notes quickly. Then she steps back beside her godfather. "I suggest we vacate, Godfather. Magneto wasn't known for a stable mental state prior to being bottled, and it may be for the best to let him work out his aggression before making any overtures." Her tone is a bit cold and uncaring about... well, anyone else that might be swept up in that 'aggression'. "The others here can largely remove themselves should they choose... and I want to look at the data and figure out who the idiot was that broke this." There's a snippy, bratty tone there. Also, Godfather... Valeria has no powers, which is a minor bit of reminder in all this.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia looks at Vivian, looks at her father, looks at Magneto and his rapidly forming citadel, looks at Lorna. There was a moment when she was about to fly up and try to give Magneto a stern talking to, but things have progressed beyond that moment, spiraling out of control one might say.

Despite Vivian's urging, Nadia passes her father's arm to the Synthezoid, "Viv, get my Dad out of here, I can't leave Lorna like this." Sure, she just met her recently, but friendship is a funny thing like that, especially for someone who grew up not being allowed to have any friends, and she's not leaving her with things in this state.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug puts his hand to his mouth as he descends a piece of stable rubble. "LORNA!" He calls. "YOU'RE SPENT. GET THE #!$* OUT OF THERE BEFORE A FIGHT STARTS. OVER HERE-" He waves his arm. And what exactly is he going to do to protect the once-regent? Take a lump of concrete to the face? Still, he means well-- they can put 'he tried' on his tombstone.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna could feel it, every scrap of metal from the ruins, the refugee camp, the iron particles that made up the bulk of Genosha's soil deposits.. all of it she could feel her father manipulate to his desires. She could sense each block, each portion, and each particle as the remains of the city from the past were utterly destroyed and promptly ignored by their King. Her eyebrows sharply pinched together and she dropped her hands away from Magneto.

She shook her head, a slow measure of denial as she stared in abject distress. Everything she'd worked for in the past six months smashed as surely as the bottles below. Her alliances. Her trade deals. The prefabricated houses. The clean ups. The memorials. All of it... useless. As surely destroyed now as the remains of Hammer Bay beneath them. Her lower lips trembled and exhaled a shaky breath.

"I can't--" She shook her head again, floating a measure back as Jean flew upward. She sniffled hard, and exhaled a shaky breath. She felt the remains of her powers slip through her fingers as her father seized on the electromagnetic currents between them, boosting not only his own powers.. but zapping her own in the process.

A small no, followed, as she felt her control slipping through her fingers in mounting horror.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"Have things changed that much during my incarceration, Green Lantern, that the Justice League now dictate the affairs of a sovereign nation? Do as you will with this island. Rebuild it, carve it up, sink it into the sea. The die is cast. Humans make Earth a home for humans. Like seeks only like. Preach tolerance, but grim reality proves you wrong."

He waves a hand dismissively, floating away from the gathering.

The Citadel complete, Magneto now ascends towards it. He keeps Lorna within the grasp of his powers, drawing her with him. At the same time, dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of recently restored Genoshans begin to ascend as well. Within moments they have entered the Citadel, which hovers ominously there for a moment.

And then it ascends, upwards and ever upwards. Into the sky, beyond the clouds, through the vault of heaven ... to the stars.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian gives Nadia a look. A very emphatic look that uses every microexpression possible to show just how unhappy she is with this state of affairs. Then picks Hank up and carries him to the aircraft. "Aunt Nadia bring your friend if you want, but you should really avoid staying here. Keeping in mind that I have only just begun learning how to fly this vehicle and while I am an exceptionally quick study I am not sure aviation is a subject I am comfortable learning in minutes...."

Regardless of what Nadia's answer is the synthezoid will do her utmost to get her charge out. Even if it does mean crashing a plane or two. Doctor Pym thankfully has excellent insurance..

Victor Von Doom has posed:
If it were any other place, or any other day. Victor might be willing to throw down with Magneto right then and there. Especially being ignored. But Valeria's voice reaches him.


The living embodiement of his triumph over Reed Richards. The second most valuable human being on this planet (second to himself, of course). Victor's eyes stare daggers into the forms of Magneto and that of the citadel, but he reigns in his anger with a supreme force of will. "MAGNETO, OUR BUSINESS IS NOT CONCLUDED, THIS I SWEAR TO YOU AS A VON DOOM."

Lowering himself back down to the ground he takes Valeria gently by the hand. "Come Goddaughter, my patience for this fool and the petty offenses he offers me are nearing an end, and I will not put you in danger."

With a wave of a gauntleted hand he teleports himself and Valeria back onto his Flying Fortress, and then commands the Doombot there to return them to Four Freedoms Plaza.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia watches Magneto ascend into the sky with Lorna looking positively stricken. She wants to help her but she isn't sure what she can do, after all he /is/ her father, but is the way he is treating her and everything she has done really okay. Her mind is racing, but it's clear from the expression on her face this isn't over yet, even if she has slipped away for now.

Nadia finally turns back to join Vivian again, "Don't worry, I learned how to drive a flying car in Getaway Driving class." she sounds serious, her demeanor at the moment isn't exactly jovial after watching her friend get snatched away. "Let's go. We need to get Dad to safety and I have Science to do."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug stares at the receding dot in the sky, and then says, "That's it then? You HYPOCRITE! Ir're a kllh aoyf ale fun ??aundz! ir hert mikh? ir're a kllh aoyf deyn mentshn!" He says, at the now empty sky. "It's not about mutants at all. It's about *you*, and it's always been about *you*, and it's *only about you*. I can see right THROUGH you, you helmet-headed hypocrite!"

He skids down and off the ruins, and trots over to Julio and takes him by the arm, gently. "Lo hiciste bien, Julio. Déjalo ir y vámonos de aquí. Si?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean blinks as Lorna is taken away with Magneto, as well as a good chunk of Genosha in the process. She looks somewhat shocked, but she doesn't make a move yet, mainly because... well, she knows her limits. And with Magneto wearing that thrice-cursed helmet, she can't telepathically go at him. And her telekinesis is pretty paltry compared to his magnetic control.

Well, unless she has the Cosmic Bird on her side. Which right now, no such luck.

She frowns slightly, thinking to the other X-Men, << I... admit, I wasn't expecting this. >> What she was expecting, she's not sure, but it certainly wasn't /this/.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Throughout all of this, Power Girl has been oddly silent. Though few present know all that much about her, that she has not done, and will not do, anything about what's happening is telling. Even as the massive rock forms, Karen does not look helpless.

    Instead, when all is said and done, and Magneto begins to rise, Karen takes her first few steps forward, her head craning to look at the asteroid. Now, clearly, isn't the time to intervene. Breaking Magneto's concentration, starting a fight- Karen knows the repercussions would be severe.

    "Roll out the red carpet." she calls, "I'll be by once it's in geosynchronous."

    Whether Magneto can hear her- and whether he cares- is another thing entirely.

Hal Jordan has posed:
"...Where did I say I was dictating affairs? I just wanted him to WORK with us for once. ...I failed, but I really did want him to work with us at least once. Still...if he's going into space, that's my jurisdiction. I'll have to have another chat with him later about just what being in space means for him and his people."

Well, he's going to have to bring this up at the next meeting on the new watchtower. "Maybe if Superman were here, he'd have been more convincing. Come on, Power Girl, we definitely know the next topic for the League meeting."

But then...Green Lantern realizes Magneto didn't take EVERY single mutant with him. Just one percent. "Well. He might've left, but we still need to help the mutants he left behind...which is a lot of them, come to think of it. We'll need to get rebuilding anyway. Alright guys. He bit the hand that feeds him, but there's still close to 99,000 people here to help. Let's get moving with the emergency supplies and..." wait a minute, Magneto took all the supplies, "He left 99000 people here to starve? Geez. Alright, Power Girl, we've gotta get more supplies and fly them in a hurry. These people need food and shelter on the double."