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Awaiting Admittance to Monaco
Date of Scene: 10 August 2020
Location: Flatiron District
Synopsis: While waiting to get into the club monaco, a rag tag group of heroes save the day from some random thugs and a strange dude.
Cast of Characters: Greer Grant, Robert Marksman, Julie Yan, Rogue

Greer Grant has posed:
    Late monday evening.

    Statistically a slow night by any means for most clubs and bar scenes, and yet, New York is still alive and well, despite the alien invasions, the mutant race riots, the magical ice palaces, the illegally transported dinosaurs, the countless super heroes and their villains, or vice versa.

    ***** Crazy lately.

    With all this in mind, there are scores of people that are acting crazy as well, and thus, the club scene tends to be booming, such as here outside of Club Monaco.

    The entrance to the club has a few ways to get in, the faux velvet carpet leading from the doorway down the steps and onto the sidewalk where a vallet box is near by, waiting for any true celeb to come rolling up and expect VIP treatment from the very word, and the other entrance, to the left, and cordoned off with some stantion poles and a flimsy seatbelt style roping. You know the ones.

    The people in the second line are all lounging about as the club has vendors out the windows for people who are in line waiitng to get in, serving alcohol to those who are fighting to get in past the large bald bouncer at the door. A gruff cat who's not taking lip from anyone due to his 6'6" frame.

    In the line near the back, a C-List Avenger stands, tail wrapped around her waist and dangling shortly where it normally would sway and pivot boredly, Greer holds a plastic cup in one hand full of a slushy lime green drink and she seems to bounce on the pads of her feet, listening to the music thumbing mutely through the walls and blocked off bar access windows.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman has decided he needed a night out, and while his money could probably get him in that short line, he has instead took a cab here tonight, and climbing out he looks around at the line, and wonders if maybe he should have played the rich guy card. But no, he moves to find a place in the line. He looks like he maybe a replacement security guy for the doorman, and must take 80s songs to heart as he wears his sunglasses at night.

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie was HOPING she could get herself a nice night out, but it looks like the line is pretty long out tonight. She got dressed up for the night and everything! Her dress was a gift, a very pretty one no less, it's not often she gets to doll up beyond using her qipao as a 'superheroing' costume. Slurping on a smoothie, she eyes the crowd and tunes out a very bitchy would-be clubber who seems to be giving out unwanted critique of everybody's outfits tonight. "UGH, oh my god where did you get those shoes, they're so tacky! Who wears THOSE ugly clogs in this day and age?! And those tights with that dress? PUH-LEASE."

    Julie just sighs pointedly, and glares at the bottle-blonde bimbo. "Look, lady, if I wanted an opinion on how I looked, I'd ask a friend. So unless you want me to do worse than mess up your eyeliner tonight, you keep it to yourself." She says, clipped and terse as it feels like the heat seems to be increasing around Julie.

    In a surprising display of self-awareness and smarts, the woman actually takes that to heart and shuts up. She's been like this for an hour, berating everyone and Julie for their fashion sense.

    The line seems to be feeling a bit better now that someone took that bint down a peg.

Rogue has posed:
From a near by alleyway, Rogue emerges with her gloved hands inside of her jacket pockets. She's wearing her green and gold bodysuit, with the knee-high yellow boots braced around said knees with small green buckled straps. Her two-toned hair is flowing around her shoulders as she walks right out of the alley...

And beside her, is a small man, probably three feet tall. "Look, kid." The short man says to the much taller southern belle. "I had everything in order back there, ya didn't have to throw'em in the dumpster."

"I liked throwin'em in the dumpster. Besides, they had you up by your collar, your little feet were wigglin' all about." She says back at him in her thick Southern accent.

The short man smirks. "Not sayin' I'm not glad ya showed up, but you're gonna make them come at me twice as rough next time they find me."

"Give me a shout if someone roughs ya up, I'll come help ya again." Rogue responds to the short fella, as she stops at the line for the club. "This place looks boucin' t'night!"

Greer Grant has posed:
    The jeers and the boos from the crowd up in front of her cause Tigra to lift up on her toes to try and peak over the people with heels on and trying to appear taller than they are. She can't actually see what's going on, so the red head, oranged furred woman pouts her bottom lip out and then crosses her arms beneath her chest in a huff. "I want some drama." She pouts, looking back behind her, seeing Robert get in line and then... A rather hard to forget hair style that she saw on that southern sounding girl at the beach that one time she met a turtle and a bunch of oddball mutants calling themselves family and such. Fun day.

    Tigra is about to raise her hand up to wave at the rogueish woman when a car flys past the line and slams on the brakes to stop, hopping the curb with the front left tire and ruin the velvet carpetting as it stops on the sidewalk.

    All four doors open and men dressed in all black with balaclavas already on step out, and as the bouncer is stepping down the stairs towards them, the first guy levels a gun towards the bouncer and motions for him to back up and away while a second, third and fourth man run past, one with two pistols in his hands, the other with a heavily modified shotgun and the last... runs up and swings from low to high, nailing the bouncer on the chin with a metal baseball bat.

    The crack and twang sound get most people's attention and a woman up front screams bloody murder before the small machine gun opens fire, not at any one person, but plants lead seeds into the walls of the club to scare everyone away due to weapons fire and scatter the crowd does from the front out and running backwards, towards our main heroes of the scene.

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie spies the roguish lady and her dimunitive companion, but her attention is stolen by the half-naked tiger lady. She swears she's seen that person around, but isn't much for following game shows and the like. Slurping her smoothie, she just keeps people watching before suddenly a vehicle hops the curb. "Whoa!"

    She drops her smoothie as she adopts a fighting stance, noticing men come out with weapons. So much for a nice night out.

    Julie doesn't hesitate as she begins to rush the four attackers, making a move towards the guy with a baseball bat. "You crashed the wrong party, my man!" She says, before delivering a fearsome leaping kick.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks over and says "Hey watch it at the crazy driver, before the car jumps the curb. The big man sighs a moment, and the darkness seems to creep over him to coat him making him look like a shadow come to life. He sees the woman jump at the guy with the bat, and figured the Avenger in front of him will be helping. He starts to head towards the door where the men with the guns went.

Rogue has posed:
Both Rogue, and her little friend, stop down the street as they see the party 'crashed' by a car and it's thugs coming out from inside it.

"Oh for god's sake." The little man beside Rogue says. "It's gonna be one of /those/ nights, huh?" He looks up at Rogue, back hands her thigh beside him. "I'm gonna split, dollface, you have fun with... that." He turns in the opposite direction of the mayhem and starts to walk on down to get far away from the fighting as he can.

Rogue, meanwhile, keeps her hands in her leather jacket pockets and watches as the fight starts to unfold... she does start to walk toward it, observing it as Julie jumps in to stop them?

"New York is nuts..." Rogue quietly mutters as she walks.

Greer Grant has posed:
    The blow to the jaw causes the bouncer to not stagger backward as much as he was lifted off his feet and flew backwards onto the ground, his shoulders clapping hard against the stairs with a painful crack, seems the gorilla man is out cold. Turning his attention to the woman chattering before attacking he lifts his back to take the brunt of her kick, though he's certainly pushed backwards and takes two steps backwards before he snaps his bat away and down, as if it was a sword and then takes a corresponding stance, inviting Julie to come at him, bro.

    Greer looks up and with people quickly taking their heels off in order to run away from the horrifying bullets and bangs, Greer can easily see something awful is happening, though what exactly she isn't super sure of.

    But the Avenger must Avenger. Avenge? Assemble.

    Greer starts to swim through the crowd of coeds and the brojocks as she wriggles her way through to get to the fight up front. Once through all the fleeing civilians, she widens her stance, hands out at her sides, claws bared and teeth exposed, Greer roars her mighty roar, causing the men entering to pause.

    The head guy looks to Greer before he lifts his mask and puts two fingers to his mouth and whistles loudly towards the car, where it lurches once in a violent shudder. A moment passes before a man that would make the bouncer look small, flexes his pecks, visible under the button up shirt he wears and a smile shows on his face. "I hoped I'd get to play."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks back for a moment at the big guy, and then back to the building, where the three guys with guns are. At the roar he will turn to Tigra, and asks "Want the big guy or the ones inside?" He figures she is the "licensed " hero here so let her take the lead. He does make sure he is between the guys with guns and as many of the innocents.... well club goers as he can.

Julie Yan has posed:
    The guy with the baseball bat is a lot more formidable a combatant than Julie expected. She tilts her head in surprise, before she pops her knuckles. "Alright then." She seems pretty adept at fighting in heels, as she begins to rush the slugger as her fists glow bright with chi and flames. She fiercely begins delivering swift punches and kicks, not quite fearing the bat's power. It's just a mass of iron, right? She's dealt with people using bats before.

Rogue has posed:
Not long after the big man gets out of the vehicle, does that very same vehicle suddenly get lifted up from it's ass-end and then tipped over on to its nose until it falls right down on to its hood.

Where the car had been, now there stands a Rogue, with her hands on her hips and her lips turned up in a smirk. "Ya'll gonna stay awhile, I'm guessin', hang out with us, spend a little time gettin' t'know one another... one on one?"

She raises her hands up to put her right fist into her left palm, and pop her knuckles with a squeeze of said fist. "Who wants t'get t'know me first?" She's staring right at the big heavy hitter fella. "How about you, Studly?"

Greer Grant has posed:
    The man with the bat smirks as he steps forward to meet Julie with a hidden smile on his face, he's obviously a martial artist, no slouch, but Julie will feel like she's getting the upper hand in no time as the man has to keep backing up and back up when suddenly he stops and turns towards the car.

    Greer takes a moment to untie her tail from around her waist, letting it unfurl around her body and then swish angrily behind her as she looks to Robert and smirks a viscious kind of smirk. "I want the bi---

    The three guys were going to just ignore Greer, Robert and Julie without worrying about the heroes when suddenly...

    The big guy looks over his shoulder, slowly turning around to face Rogue with a scowl on his face but then he twists his head, stretching his neck and reaches down to his wrists to undo his cuffs and slowly rolls them up his arms, to show off his enormous forearms. "Oh, we're definitely staying." He says, reaching into his breast pocket and pulls out a small nicotine patch and smacks it onto his inner forearm.

    "We're gonna be here a long time." He explains as his veins slowly start to pump a greenish blueish color stretching out from the patch on his arm and slowly he grows in mass.

    The man fighting Yan takes a punch to the face and the chi infused smack causes him to stumble backwards, turning in the air like a pirouetting ballerina and he hits the sidewalk.

    The men facing back to Greer see her grin as she turns her attention to them, "I want them, wanna help?" Greer asks Robert.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman nods his head a bit to this and will point a hand at the guy with the fancy shotgun. Darkness shoots out from his hand at the gun looking to knock it from his hands, maybe destroy it. He does not blast at full power not wanting to do serious damage. "Now, pointing guns at people is not a nice thing." and then to Tigra he says "Don't mind if I do."

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie deftly dodges and evades the bat-man's swings. She stops the baseball bat with a move of her arm, blocking it with her wrist. Instead of her wrist shattering from the blow, it just holds the bat back as she lays the man out with a fearsome haymaker, then an open palm strike that knocks the man away.

    "You were so close. Tsk tsk." She chides, before seeing the massive man getting even more massive. What is that, venom?

    Whatever it is, Julie begins to back up Greer. "Is that so? You're about to be disappointed." She follows that up by dashing right at the massive thug, and shoulder-checking him head-on with all her enhanced strength and speed, the kind that'd make a linebacker terrified.

Rogue has posed:
The thing that Rogue has had to deal with since absorbing Carol Davvers, is learning how to control all that power. That has been extremely useful with the Danger Room at the X-Men base. She's not out to kill anyone here, but that means she has to test her strength on these people before she knows how much she /can/ hit them. Last thing she wants to do is just punch this big guy and utterly obliterate his head from his shoulders... that wouldn't go over well.

"Cute." Rogue says to the man as he does his display. "Look at you, get'n all bigger just cause'a lil'ol me. Can't even hide your shame, can ya, sugah?" The Belle teases the man as she hovers up off of the street so that they're about the same height now.

And as Julie, and the others, deal with their fights, Rogue rushes the big man and punches him... at standard human levels (maybe a little more like a Mike Tyson-level punch), just to see what he can take!

Greer Grant has posed:
    The men facing towards Greer and Robert take a moment to square towards the heroes when the man with the shot gun finds his weapon blasted out of his hands and sent scattering to the pavement before it cracks against the bricks and the chambered round goes off from the force, splattering the wall in the direction of where the line was earlier with pellets. The blacked out man doesn't appreciate that as he rushes towards Robert with a fist cocked back like he was actually going to punch the man.

    Greer however is leaping through the air as soon as Robert agrees and she kicks the small machine gun from her criminal's hands and she rakes her claws across the man's chest, cutting his shirt open and the surface level of his skin with her razer sharp claws, snarling and growling.

    Julie's first target hits the ground and seems to be done for but he's slowly pushing himself up off the sidewalk, very dizzy and unfocused.

    The brute of a man that's still growing and slowly the veins on his arm pulse out, buldging wider and wider and even showing on his skin, as he bulks up and even the sounds of his bones stretching and poping can be heard as he takes the punch from Rogue and the bash of Julie against his back. The two blows at the same time cause him to twist in the air and fall onto his back, causing the ground beneath him to crack. A moment passes as things fall silent and he slowly groans before he spits out a mouthful of blood and a tooth. "Not bad." He groans as he slowly gets to his feet. The spot on his face where he was punched now replaced with a fist sized spot of skin suddenly missing and replaced with something metalic. "Lets try that again." He says, smashing his fists together and pumping them down quickly, still looking mostly at Rogue.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will let the guy connect with the punch, it might not be the smartest thing, but considering the other guy is their muscle, and this one had a fancy gun, he suspects he can take the punch without an issue. He will reach for the man's hand and moves to twist it behind his back, and get the man up on his tip toes. "Now that's not very nice." He tells the man and makes the mistake of looking away to make sure none were hurt when the shotgun went off.

Julie Yan has posed:
    The brute suddenly shows his true colors, as Julie notices he's got metallic skin where flesh used to be. "...okay." She nods to Rogue, before motioning for the X-Man to take the low road while she goes high. With tactics out of the way, she kicks her shoes off and leaps at the massive man.

    She delivers a fearsome sweeping kick in the air, aiming to knock the brute's head sidelong as she lets out a fearsome shrieking kiai.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the big beastly man go down, then rise back up and have a metal pot hole where she'd punched him. She narrows her eyes at him then. "So you're like Pete... cept bigger'n'uglier." Not quite, but the comparison is valid!

The Belle's eyes glance over the big Beast, to see Julie whose motioning to her to take that low approach... which she registers. But the big man is taking a step AT HER, so Rogue is quick to comply and respond by diving low and going right for the man's ankles.

"Have another seat, Big Ben!" She quips as she swoops through the air in front of him, to try and do as Julie wished of her!

Greer Grant has posed:
    Robert's easily got the man who tried to punch him, what was he thinking but he tires to throw an elbow up and into Robert's head to try and get out of the sticky situation, as he's going to struggle to free himself.

    Greer's opponent has severe cuts to his chest and is paw at himself to try and make the almost burning pain of cat scratch fever abate with no luck. The Avenger steps forward and picks up both guns and holds onto them before she turns and brings the top part of her foot against her opponent's jaw, snaping his neck hard and putting him to sleep. "Nighty night." She whispers in his ear before moving to Robert with the guns and a smile on her face. "We make a great---"

    The man charging Rogue is acting foolish, ignoring Julie as he is caught in the broad of his neck with a powerful kick, and the incredible speed of Rogue catching his ankles at the same time, pulls his trunks out from under him and his upper half spinning with amazing speed. The dude crashes into the ground hard, tearing his shirt more and the calfs of his pants errupt and his feet explode out of his shoes, metal fleshing being exposed as the fight drags on more and more. "You two are going to be a pain in the *** aren't you?" He says as he seems to be getting faster and faster at his recovery, already pushing himself up to stand up once again.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will get elbowed again, and he sighs "Yea, we do." Robert will bring his other hand to a sharp chop on the man, using his medical knowledge to hit him where it will knock him out with the least lasting damage. He turns to look at the other two, and seeing the muscle sprouting robotic parts. He will concentrate using his x-ray vision to check out the thug, see if the man is man at all or pure robot, and any weaknesses in his construction.

Julie Yan has posed:
    "You're damn right!" Julie says, running along the titan's arm as she gracefully dashes in to deliver a dropkick to his face, putting her strength and chi into it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sweeps back up and hovers in the air as Julie movies in to chi-blast the big man. She grins at this display. "I like your moxy." She says to Julie, whilst flying over toward her. She hovers above the big man and points down at him. "You'n your friends needta think twice about attackin' folks like this. It ain't gonna go well for ya, with us around here." She points then out to the west. "Ya better be wise and stay the hell down too, or I'm gonna pick you up and take ya out t'the Hudson for a dip. Watch your big ass have'ta dog paddle all the way back t'shore."

Rogue glances back over her shoulder to check on the rest of the nightclub, and this large monsters friends...

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Great work." Tigra says to Robert while stepping over towards the bouncer and setting the guns down between his legs and curling his legs around them, bending at the knee for safe keeping before she turns her attention towards the big guy and the two girls going to work on his big dumb ... metal ass?

    The graceful, stunning kick to the man from Julie causes the man to snap backwards at the waist as he was still getting up and he bounces off the sidewalk, awfully close to bashing the back of his head against the now upside down car.

    From what Robert can tell, the xray vision, he's still man, at least where the skin hasn't been replaced by metal, which seems to be only happening due to trauma... Everywhere the girls or the earth has hit this man has become, metallic.

    Still on the ground while Rogue tries to lecture him, the man reaches up when she looks away and grabs Rogue's boot at the ankle and with a powerful swing, he aim to slam the x-man into the ground like a caveman would as he also climbs back to his feet using the woman as a means to push deeper into the ground to pick himself up and then tries to drag her through the concrete and throw her into the brick wall of the club he was attacking in the first place.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman hmms and studies the man a bit and says "Interesting, .." He will call out "Ladies, he is not metalic till he is damaged, so restraint maybe better than just pummeling." He will walk over to pull the front bumper off the goons' car. "Maybe wrap him in this?"

Julie Yan has posed:
    "God, what's it take to put you down?" Julie says in exasperation, as she lands to the ground. Robert points this out, and she nods. Producing her scarf, she begins to snare the massive thug with her scarf like a lasso, before reeling him in for a knockout uppercut strike, aiming for the jaw.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is grabbed and slammed on the ground, she rolls over on to her back though, as he starts to drag her toward the wall, but just before he can throw her AT that wall - like was his plan - she leans forward and lifts his pantleg up, to slip a hand underneath it and wrap her hand around his ankle...

She'd taken her glove off while she was being drug, and now she's wrapping her bare naked fingers around his leg, while looking up at him. "Lets see how this does it then, if you only benefit from punches... maybe we need a softer touch t'take you down..."

Greer Grant has posed:
    The man lets go of Rogue's ankle expecting to throw her hard into the wall and yet, his jaw gets slammed shut by Julie's kick. The force goes up his chin, through his teeth and then reverberates down his skull after reaching the top and his skin bursts away from his metal inner frame like paper mache. He falls backwards down onto his back again and grumbles and groans though the life force drain upon him from Rogue is sapping at his very will and life. He can't get up while Rogue's touching him.

    Greer takes a moment to step forward, frowning, looking at the situation and she looks over to see the bouncer getting to and she tries to help him to his feet, "Here, c'mon, lets get you inside, and hopefully, the cops and others are on their way to get these people out of here." She says, motioning for the people watching inside to come out and let her use a phone at least.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will bring the bumper over and reaches down to wrap it around the man, and grabbing the other to put around his legs to tie him up a bit while Rogue has him down "I think that should do it, if not dropping in the river maybe best bet." he says of Rogue's earlier plan

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie's just glad the guy didn't fall on top of her. She's not sure she'd be able to move this dude at all. She winces as he hits the ground, feeling that impact rumble through the floor. Grabbing her shoes, she dons them again, and sighs. "Dammit, ruined my tights." She says, mourning the holes in her pantyhose.

    Shaking her head, she dusts her hands off. "So, guess that's that?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the big man fall down beside her. She leans over on her side and just grins at it, her hair all in disarray around her shoulders, looking wild and crazy as she sits up then and just leans on her bare hand now resting on the ground beside the man's leg. "Asleep before the fun even started. Typical man." She quietly says, her gaze going up to Julie then, who gets a simple nod. "Ya still look great, Missy, and thanks for the help." A glance then to Robert... and Rogue looks back to the big guy.

"Nah, I don't wanna kill him. He's just gonna be asleep for awhile. What we need--" She grunts as she leaps up to her feet then and pulls her glove out of her pocket of her jacket. "--is the damn Cops and their containment folks t'show up." She starts to look around then. "Anybody called the cops yet?" She calls out, her eyes searching!

Greer Grant has posed:
    Greer steps back outside and holds up her hands. "Cops on the way with assistance. Everything should be good." The avenger says with a breath of relief that the situation is over. The woman saunters closer to the group, spying the three other guys still in a daze, and motions, "Should probably round them up too..." The Avenger notes, kicking the metal back away towards Robert and smirking.

    She looks towards Rogue and Julie, "You two kicked all kinds of ass. Making me feel like the odd one out..." Tigra shrugs and then picks up the guns the bouncer left on the ground and moves them to rest in the car, on the upside down hood, making sure the cops will find everything in one nice little pile before she turns to Rogue, "What did you do to him?"

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will move to put the three in a nice back to back circle and with a bit of creative bending has metal wrapped around them so they can't get out easily or run off. He then comes back over listening to the ladies. "Looks like clubbing is out at least here."

Julie Yan has posed:
    Julie beams at that compliment, and blows Rogue a kiss. "Thanks. You okay? Dude was slamming you around like a ragdoll." She asks in concern, grabbing a seat. She sees the X symbol on Rogue's outfit, and perks. "Wait, you're one of the X-Men, right? That uniform looks familiar. I'm Julie." She smiles, bobbing her head. "Nice meeting you all, all things considered. I guess we all gotta be on the watch for bad guys at any moment, huh?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is standing there wiggling her hand back into her glove until it's on nice and tight again. She looks over to Greer and grins at her. "I know you, you're that Avenger. You were there at the Dino Disaster the other day... Nice t'see ya again." She glances back down at the man she'd knocked out on the ground. "I absorbed him. Skin on skin with me, and you'll end up inside'a me. Least, your mind and some elements'a your physical body will anyhow. Him? Well... I got all kinda memories outta him just now. He is a bad bad boy..." She shakes her head and clucks her tongue inside her mouth.

Her eyes dart to Robert who gets a grin. "Thanks for your support. Don't think I was out for a clubbin' experience t'night anyhow."

At Julie, Rogue is made to look down at the (X) on her chest, then bounces her gaze back up to the woman. "We don't talk about fight club." She says with a grin to her. "I'm good though, that beef-casarol was only flirtin' with me, at best. Don't think he really had the power t'even make a dent in this." She drops her hands back down toher hips and puts the bulk of her lithe weight on to her left foot now. "You're a good fighter though, girl."

Greer Grant has posed:
    "At the beach party for your friend too. Name's Tigra." Tigra says towards Rogue as she smiles broadly at the young heroine and then turns to Julie, "You really did kick some major ass, and I was just gonna let the hair-girl here kick his butt for me. Not many people can just causally flip a car over." The Avenger smirks.

    Turning her attention back to Robert the Avenger says with a kindly smile as she steps up to the shadow wielder, "That was awesome of you too... you'll have to forgive me though... I for certain think clubbing is off my menu tonight..." Tigra then perks up and looks over back to where the line was mere moments ago and finds what she's looking for quickly and her mood sours. "Spilt my drink." She pouts and starts to turn to leave as the sounds of the sirens get closer and closer.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman nods a bit and says "Well, I think I am going to grab food over at a diner down the road a bit, if any of you want to come late dinner is on me." He will tell them, and will wait a moment to see if anyone else wants to go before heading off.

Julie Yan has posed:
    "THanks, girls. Really." Julie bows her head, beginning to leave. "Tigra and Rogue, right?" She pauses, then blows the girls a kiss. "I'm also Firehawk, if you're ever in my neck of the woods, don't hesitate to say hi. I'm happy to help if people have trouble." She offers, then grins at Robert. "Hey, since this place got trashed I might as well stop somewhere, why not?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins to Greer's words, and nods once at her. "Tigra, that's right. One'a them Avengers. Quite a group they got there, wouldn't mind workin' my way inta it someday." She holds her smile for a moment. "That beach day was a hoot, need t'do more'a those sorta things. Don't get t'see the open waters on a nice sandy shore nearly enough..."

To Robert, Rogue grins. "Think I better be flyin' home myself. I got t'get up early for work." Yep, she has a normal job too! yay!

Rogue drops her hands from her hips then and lifts up off the ground, to Julie she returns the blown-kiss gesture. "Stay hot, Firehawk." She sasses the girl before she starts to float up into the sky, like a biiiird!

Greer Grant has posed:
    Tigra smiles and waves at the group of heroes and heroines before she tucks her thumbs into the strings of her bikini and wriggles herself comfortable before she continues to move down the sidewalk. "I better head on back too, I might have to do another stupid interview on that stupid show." Tigra reports before giving a wink towards Julie, or Robert, or maybe Rogue, who knows, but she turns and marches away. Tigra gives a kind wave to one of the arriving officers, and a point over her shoulder towards the bumperly tied up crooks and would be thugs, as she keeps walking past and back to her life.